Tom Price Confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services

Georgia congressman confirmed 52-47.



The Senate voted tonight to confirm Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) as Secretary of Health and Human Services by a party line vote of 52-47. Price previously passed the Senate Finance Committee by an 11-0 vote with all Democratic members of the committee boycotting the vote. Democrats ran the 30-hour clock out on Price's nomination before the vote, pushing it back to nearly two in the morning.

Tom Price, Shikha Dalmia wrote when he was first nominated, "has clear ideas about health care reform that may well cure some of the worst aspects of Obamacare." He was the author of the Empowering Patients First Act, a 250-page Affordable Care Act repeal bill.

Republicans spent the last six years holding numerous votes on repealing Obamacare, and various members of Congress have plans of their own, in addition to Price himself. The Republican-held Congress hasn't voted to repeal Obamacare since Donald Trump entered the White House, although the president signed an executive order suspending fees and penalties associated with the law. With a Health and Human Services secretary in place, there are few excuses left to delay the work of crafting legislation to dismantle Obamacare, although the effort will have to be driven by Congress.

The Senate is now voting to advance the nomination of Steve Mnuchin for treasury secretary.

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  1. Everything is so contentious right now. Trump is no Ronald Reagan, but it feels like it did during the Reagan administration, when every single decision or act was so contentious.

    I wish it had been like that during the Bush the Lesser and Obama administrations. That was probably too much to hope for during the Bush administration, given the aftermath of 9/11, and for Obama, 1) when the economy was in shambles and 2) considering that he was the first minority president.

    Things were contentious during the Reagan administration, but the country was still solidly behind him. I bet the country hasn’t been this divided since Vietnam and Nixon.

    Oh well, I’m sure all sides will throw more kerosene on the fire tomorrow. Always something to look forward to. I’m not sure what would surprise me anymore.

    This morning, I found out that the First Lady is suing a newspaper for claiming she used to be a hooker. Maybe tomorrow Trump will crotch grab the Japanese Prime Minister’s wife or something.

  2. party line vote of 52-47

    It will be interesting to see a final tally on how Party Line the Dems have gone on Trump nominees.

    Price seems like a guy who would have gotten 90+ senate confirmation votes in the past. He’s an actual physician.

    Aren’t the Progs supposed to swoon over candidates with the right technocratic expertise?

  3. Hmm? Can’t be pure party-line, since the Republicans only have 51 Senators now. Manchin, I assume?

    1. Nope, his twitter said he voted no. Huh. Actually 51-48?

      1. The new senator for Alabama i think (i think) was sworn in to make 52. So maybe the 47 is wrong?

    1. Justice Department *attorneys*

  4. Democrats ran the 30-hour clock out on Price’s nomination before the vote

    Something something obstructionist. But I have it on good authority that it is ok when Team Blue does it.

    Also, I wonder if the D’s have considered that constantly making themselves look like asses (pun intended) may backfire just like the identity politiking of the last election.

    1. Just a pointless spiteful gesture given that they didn’t have the votes to accomplish anything.

      Sort of like the repeal attempts Republicans suddenly stopped doing once they had the power to pass them. Hopefully Price took advantage of that 30 hour break by preparing to get shit done.

  5. although the president signed an executive order suspending fees and penalties associated with the law.

    Question for any if you with more understanding of this. Did Trump EO away the mandate penalty? I’m real curious about that. A good friend of mine’s wife didn’t carry insurance last year and he is prepared to take the penalty. However, if the mandate has been waived by trump (I don’t even know if that’s legal) that would be a big deal.

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