Brickbat: Under Pressure


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Bay County, Michigan, sheriff's deputy Adam Brown has been charged with careless discharge of a firearm and tampering with evidence. Brown, a school resource officer, used a force machine in the robotics lab of the school he worked in to test the trigger pull on his personal firearm. He fired a bullet through drywall into a classroom, striking a teacher. Brown did not admit he fired the gun to school staff, causing the school to go into lock down. Staff gave Brown the bullet, but he tossed it into a grassy area covered by leaves.

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  1. The gun was released on its own recognizance.

    1. The bullet was released without even a warning.

      1. Well that seals it for me. If a seasoned law enforcement veteran can’t control his gun how are the rest of us expected to do the same? Apparently this gun had a long history of minor assaults, was a racist, and was defended in court multiple times by the NRA.

  2. “Arndt spoke with Brown, who was “extremely emotional and explained that he had been in contact with his union representative who had advised him not to provide a statement. He did say, ‘It was a total accident.'”…

    “Brown is represented by attorney Christopher Tomasi, with the Police Officers Association of Michigan.”

    Remind me why public-sector unions are tolerated?

    1. Because they can really turn out the votes (for or against) specific candidates. Only politicians can get rid of them, and only at great risk to their own careers. But the true nature of these unions is obscure enough that the rest of society will never band together against them.

  3. The projectile entered a classroom containing about 30 students, traveled toward the ceiling, scraped a tile, proceeded to hit a cement wall, ricocheted off it, careened across the room, and struck teacher Brenda Amthor in the neck.

    Euphemism of the year award.

    1. That was one magic bullet. Fitting that he tried to hide it on a grassy knoll.

  4. 51 years old, 20 years on the force and his best idea for disappearing some evidence is to chuck it into a field? That’s some nice work there, Lou.

    1. You really wonder how many other people this genius has accidentally shot over the years.

    2. Not surprising, considering the most heinous of crimes they get; are boat thefts from drunken teens, during the summer months, or drunken brawls over who really drilled the fishing hole in the ice, during the winter months.

      1. Let’s not forget either. That school resource officers, are not the sharpest tools in the shed, where even a desk position is too complicated for them. They are the officers the precincts can’t fire because of the police unions.

    3. They must have given him a defective government badge. It didn’t turn him into a gun expert.

  5. Charged doesn’t mean convicted, and a conviction doesn’t guarantee punishment.

  6. He fired a bullet through drywall into a classroom, striking a teacher.

    All in all, they could have used another brick in that wall.

    1. We don’t need your cute quotation.

      1. We don’t need your thread control.

        1. :applause:

        2. No euphemisms in the chat room.

          1. Hey, copper! Leave those kids alone!

    2. Clearly our public schools need additional infrastructure funding to keep our teachers safe!

  7. 1. Thugs gotta thug.

    2. The force machine in the robotics lab is what is known as an attractive nuisance. The school district is liable for the consequences of an obviously foreseeable hazardous condition which could lure a child or mentally-limited adult – the sheriff’s deputy being a slam-dunk case – into harm or into producing harm to others.

  8. What a winner.

  9. careless discharge of a firearm causing less than $50 in damage, a 90-day misdemeanor.

    Lucked out!

    1. Wonder what would happen to anyone else who put a bullet in a teacher, assuming that possession of the gun was legal in the school? Don’t think the penalty would be in “days.”

  10. How this guy managed to not shoot himself or someone else until now is mystifying.

  11. ‘sus Christ…


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