What You Should Know About Neil Gorsuch, Trump Reelection Groups Raised Millions in December, CNN Editor Sues Over Immigration Order: A.M. Links


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  1. More like Gor-such-a-fascist.

        1. Dammit, Mort.


        1. It is a cut n’ paste loop!

          1. No, a loop would be Gor-such-a-ManBearPig.

    1. “It will be seen that, as used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless. In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print. I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox-hunting, bull-?ghting, the 1922 Committee, the 1941 Committee, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley’s broadcasts, Youth Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else?But Fascism is also a political and economic system. Why, then, cannot we have a clear and generally accepted definition of it? Alas! We shall not get one?not yet, anyway. To say why would take too long, but basically it is because it is impossible to define Fascism satisfactorily without making admissions which neither the Fascists themselves, nor the Conservatives, nor Socialists of any colour, are willing to make. All one can do for the moment is to use the word with a certain amount of circumspection and not, as is usually done, degrade it to the level of a swearword.”
      -George Orwell

      1. Fascism you, motherfascismer.

        1. I think “motherfascist” will do really

      2. Social Credit *was* championed by the blackshirts/BUF who actually were fascists in the Mussolini mold, so it does apply there

          1. Damn you PUPB!- I have a Dummy Underground account that has 9 posts under the same name I use here- but I so want to post that there…

      3. People think that the “punch a Nazi” thing is just a meme making the rounds. No, the commies are actually pushing for violence towards “fascists.” I read several full-throated calls to violently attack people the other night (I fell down an Internet rabbit hole).

        Here is an example of the kind of material they’re sharing to justify it.

        It would not come as a surprise to any of you that many of the communists are calling for people to join BLM, where a significant number of them already are. We know that well enough because of their web pages appearing to contain many Marxist planks.

        It’s ugly, violent radicalism being spread. The enemies of freedom are already here and, like AmSoc, they think this is an inflection point where “history is on our side.”

        1. And, yes, I considered the possibility that the people pushing for violence are false-flagging these people to get them to engage in dangerous behavior so that they slip up and get eliminated. That hardly matters because the material itself has that subtle persuasiveness that all the best propaganda does. It builds off of ideas they already like and from people who say the things they like.

      4. Why, then, cannot we have a clear and generally accepted definition of it?

        Alexander Raven Thomson defines fascism in The Coming Corporate State.

        I’ve read it and, damn, do their ideas sound like Democratic ideas.

        Even Bernie Sanders has adopted them.

    2. Gore-sucks

    3. I bet Jesse Greenberg went on to a successful career in art…nope. Sales guy at IBM.

      The racket that is higher education in this country is insane.

      1. But…he studied what he wanted and then found a real-world job?

        1. After getting another degree four years later, apparently.

        2. Yup, it sure worked out fine for Mr. Greenberg.

      2. Yeah, none of those other 2 guys appeared to do F.A. at school.

      3. To the tune of “Singing in the Rain”:

        Selling I. B. M., we’re selling I. B. M.,
        What a glorious feeling, the world is our friend,
        We’re Watson’s great crew, we’re loyal and true;
        We’re proud of our job and we never feel blue.
        We sell our whole line, we’re there every time,
        To chase away gloom with our products so fine,
        We’re always in trim, we work with a vim,
        We’re selling, just selling, I. B. M.

    4. Hello.

      Such polemic high school quotes. Mine was: Where’s the beef?

      1. Mine was a Duran Duran lyric.

        1. Wallace Stephens. Which the teacher who sponsored the yearbook tried to block because she didn’t know The Emperor of Ice Cream was in our fucking English anthology.

      2. Hey Rufus…

        My last year in High School was 1981-82. We had a “senior class” meeting to decide on a “theme” for the prom.

        I had the pleasure of watching my friend stand up and do a perfect Spicoli imitation, “Hey bud, let’s party!” Then he actually took his shoe off, pounded it on his head, and said, “I’m so wasted!” (from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” for all the yoots out there).

        We ended up with “The Long and Winding Road”…

  2. Good point by Kevin Williamson at NRO:

    It gets very weird: Whatever else can be said of him, Donald Trump is more pro-gay than was Barack Obama when he was elected (Obama, remember, opposed gay marriage, based on, in his words, what “my faith tells me.”) But Democrat-affiliated gay groups denounce him as a monster even though he is closer to their position on gay-rights issues than any other man elected president has been. The streets are full of people protesting Trump’s attempt to restrict the travel of certain foreigners wishing to visit the United States ? but these same people could not be moved when Barack Obama proposed stripping U.S. citizens of their constitutional rights with no trial, charge, or due process, and restricting their travel as part of a secret military-intelligence process. They cheered it, in fact, and said those who opposed this insane plan were soft on terrorism. President Obama went as far as ordering the assassination of U.S. citizens, and the Left became very angry with Chick-fil-A.

    Perhaps our Democratic friends will pardon us if we do not take too seriously their insistence that Gorsuch is an “extremist.”

    1. The Dems are hypocrites, the Reps are hypocrites, we’re all hypocrites. Except me, I’m awesome.

      1. “I’m the humblest person on the planet.”

        1. “I have many, many fine qualities. The most prominent? My modesty.”

    2. Dont forget their no fly no buy policy….(just ignore during bush it was islamophobia for no fly)

    3. One reason why I like having a Repub as President is that news outlets and the whiniest of protesters start paying attention to an individual’s rights again.

      1. A (progressive) friend of mine I was speaking to the other day swore it will stick this time, even when a Democrat is elected President.

        I really wanted to laugh in his face, but didn’t think it would accomplish anything.

        1. Sure it would have. Laughter is the best medicine.

        2. One less idiot to hang out with?

        3. Sure…it may stick. But I know it will stick if a Repub is king.

        4. Hell, I laughed even if it wasn’t in his face.

        5. Exactly. They are hypocrites, and that’s the truth. Wait and see, is all I have to say. Personal freedoms and rights will go out the window when it’s their guy (or gal) infringing on it.

        6. I would have asked “Really? Even if it guarantees *Prog issue of choice he has spoken about before* goes through?”

          Then be entertained while they struggle.

    4. Oh, they cover the whole ‘Obama was against gay marriage before he was for it’ argument with “well he didn’t really mean it, he was just saying that so the homophobes would vote for him! Isn’t it great that a politician will lie to your face about his convictions to achieve power?”

      1. “Greater good, ends justify the means, etc. etc.”

      2. No, no. He CHANGED and EVOLVED. That shows how compassionate and intelligent he is.

        Ellen said so as she thanked him.

        Then they wonder why we laugh at them.

    5. I’ve thought about this a lot. I am not nor will ever be a Republican but why do the Progressives get under my skin so much more lately? Yes, hypocrisy runs rampant on both sides. Somehow though the Progressives agenda strikes me as more authoritarian all the way down the line. If I do agree to pay for something that want they equate that to taking it away. I keep thinking I should have more common ground with that side but it never seems to last. Maybe it is just me. Republicans are better/ more narrow in their authoritarian ways and it just doesn’t register as well?

      1. I’m the same way. I’m fully aware of the stupid hypocrisy on the right, but the smug self-righteousness of the left is just so much worse to me. I think it’s because they are in our face all the time about it, since they generally control all entertainment and pop culture in the country.

      2. This is probably because Republicans have never embraced the total state the way the Democrats have (the strain of Republicanism dominant today traces its roots to the anti-New Deal and anti-Great Society wing of the party). From a libertarian perspective Republicans do have quite a lot of authoritarian positions, but most of these are either positions on which the Democrats agree (surveillance state, most of the drug war, etc.) or positions they have recently retreated from (such as the culture war, which the liberals have resoundingly won, for good or ill). Thus, the biggest contrast you see between the two, the focus of most of the arguments fought in the media, is on areas wherein the Democrats tend more to side with authoritarianism (taxes, free speech, guns, the regulatory state – the only major issue on which I can see libertarians finding the Dems less authoritarian is on immigration), which is why I bet Progressives get under your skin more.

        1. Good points CBK and G. Thanks.
          my sentence above SHOULD have read (where is the damn edit button) ” If I don’t agree to pay for something that they want….”

    6. Perhaps Kevin Williamson can suck dick in hell forever because he

      1. Don’t leave us hanging.

        1. I assume it has something to do with his ‘fuck poor white people, they had it comin’ article.

          1. Yeah. People from shitty, one-horse towns don’t like it when you point out that the consequences of living in shitty one-horse towns are the cross that residents of shitty one-horse towns have to bear. It’s not my responsibility to make your ghost town a more attractive place to live any more than it’s my responsibility to clean up Camden or Atlantic City.

            If you don’t like your ghetto then you should work to clean it up yourself or move somewhere a bit nicer.

      2. ooh mad libs

        …because he _ate your sister out while you watched?_

        1. Damn, LH!!! You really escalated that quickly!!

          1. apologies – running on illness and lack of sleep.

      3. … dared oppose Daddy.

        1. Mailed that one in man.

          1. I know. Not enough caffeine yet.

      4. has great temporomandibular joint control?

  3. 283) Would I have supported the Nazis in 1933, or at least not opposed them? I’m really wondering now. Because while I think Trump is overreaching with his immigration and refugee executive orders, and unnecessarily disrupting lots of people’s lives?I can’t help but think the opposition in this country is overreacting to the point of hysteria. At this point all I see is a country lawfully, if heavy-handedly, controlling its border and a few people inconvenienced, not a human rights fiasco.

    Is this how the Nazis came in?because the Social Democrats were so shrill and ridiculous? Did the average citizen look and find Hitler to simply be the more reasonable option? “Sure the yellow stars are terrible, but did you hear what Hillary said?”

    I mean, if Trump is a dictator-in-waiting, I want to oppose him, I don’t want to be a willing executioner. But the other side is acting like they’re stopping people from going to the gas chamber, and I haven’t even seen a Reichstag fire yet, you know?

    1. Every Republican ever is literally Hitler. This is known.

    2. The reason the Holocaust happened wasn’t because Germans were overwhelming anti-Semitic it was because they were overwhelmingly indifferent to anti-Semitism.

      You should reevaluate your priorities if you’re more bothered by smug left-wing preening than irrational fear-mongering. The former is annoying at worst, the latter actually impacts people’s lives.

      1. You sound like you have TDS.

      2. What if the left wing is also mongering irrational fear?

        1. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that supporting actual Nazis would still not be justified. Fortunately, neither Trump nor the Republicans in general are Nazis.

          1. I was responding to this:

            You should reevaluate your priorities if you’re more bothered by smug left-wing preening than irrational fear-mongering. The former is annoying at worst, the latter actually impacts people’s lives.

            1. Fuckin nazi commie squirrelz

          2. I was responding to this:

            You should reevaluate your priorities if you’re more bothered by smug left-wing preening than irrational fear-mongering. The former is annoying at worst, the latter actually impacts people’s lives.

            1. Right, but in context… Nazis.

              1. But what if the left are the nazis?!? Staging this fear mongering, then they get swept into power, then they lock up all the deplorables, ship Christians off to camps, take away their voting rights, and establish their one world government!?!?

            2. Well aside from some sporadic incidences of violence or property destruction the left wing tantrums aren’t actually negatively impacting people’s lives.

              Trump’s EO has separated families and put a lot of people through the legal wringer of having to find lawyers and deal with DHS. That doesn’t make him Hitler but it’s an injustice if people with green cards that are productive members of society are being harassed by the government because of their country of origin.

              1. Unless you’re a baker, florist, or pizza shop owner. Then the left will fuck your shit up real good.

              2. Well aside from some sporadic incidences of violence or property destruction the left wing tantrums aren’t actually negatively impacting people’s lives.

                Do… do you actually read what you write? I mean, to the point of comprehension?

                That’s like saying “Oh Jonestown was a GREAT place to live if you ignored all the bodies!”

              3. aren’t actually negatively impacting people’s lives

                Well, I’m not sure that’s true, but mostly you’re talking about the left currently not having power.

                They have the will, in spades, their way is just currently obstructed.

                1. aren’t actually negatively impacting people’s lives

                  Try selling loosies in New York City.

    3. The violence on the streets helped the Nazis too. Luckily that’s not happening here and, yes, sarcasm.

      1. The Great Depression, the high debt-to-asset ratios of German businesses, and double-digit unemployment rates didn’t hurt, either. But it wasn’t until the Reichstag Fire and the Enabling Laws that were justified by it that the Nazis went from thugs with good publicity to people with the power to execute their enemies at will.

        1. Didn’t help that German culture had celebrated militarism and authoritarianism or that the country sat on a large open plain surrounded by hostile states. That place was a perfect laboratory for the birth of a monster.

          1. In contrast, America is a place founded by smugglers and rebels and cowboys. The culture isn’t as independence-oriented as it once was, but the ideals, I think, are still there.

            1. I have a theory on this: We, as Americans, are all taught the American version of the Revolutionary war, which is that a group of oppressed farmers and shopkeepers managed to fight off the most powerful and well funded military the earth had ever seen, and then went on to form the most ass kicking country ever invented. You basically cannot hear that and NOT feel good about your country as a child. By the very virtue of our history, we are taught to be fighters. As long as American history is taught in elementary school, we will never lose that independent spirit.

              1. We were BORN IN BLOOD, which sounds pretty cool to any impressionable young mind.

              2. Fighters, sure, but heroes, not goose-stepping cannon fodder.

            2. Try taking away someone’s car here.

    4. Fascism, Marxism, Communism (and socialism of the 20th century) are all off-shoots that arose after the death of liberalism. So yes.

      It is true socialists fought fascists but it was within the liberal framework. It wasn’t a right v. left thing.

    5. JATNAS, dude, it ain’t you – it’s them. They are pants-shitting hysterical children engaged in a tantrum. A tantrum – it should be remembered – that they cautioned every Trump voter against engaging in when their candidate would inevitably lose. But he didn’t lose – and now they are exposed for their hypocrisy to a level that can only be described as “pornographic” in its extremity.
      I am fairly certain the vast majority of the reason commentariat would oppose AT THE FIRST SIGN an actual turn towards a dictatorial, totalitarian American society were it to appear. And I am certain a lot of us would oppose it through force of arms, were that called for (original amsoc excepted – he would cheer it on).
      But that ain’t happening.
      A better question to ask yourself: How would you have reacted to the internment of American citizens under FDR?

    6. With the Nazis the greater concern was more ‘street Communism’. The Nazis sold the hell out of themselves when it came to being the ‘safer option’ over the left-wing violence going on in Germany. For example, a proto-Hitler Youth was killed and the Nazis propagandized the hell out of it.

      People tend prioritize being safe, and then worry about the details afterwards. If there’s a continued escalation of violent protests, riots, etc. moderates and the right will flock to Trump’s side.

      1. With the Nazis the greater concern was more ‘street Communism’

        … which is ironic because “street communism” is what the Nazis were all about in the early days.

        1. Socialists fighting Communists,

    7. So here’s a couple key points from the Nazi party platform that are seemingly absent from Trump’s:

      3. We demand land and soil (Colonies) to feed our People and settle our excess population.

      4. Only Nationals (Volksgenossen) can be Citizens of the State. Only persons of German blood can be Nationals, regardless of religious affiliation. No Jew can therefore be a German National.

      13. We demand the nationalization of all enterprises (already) converted into corporations (trusts).

      18. We demand ruthless battle against those who harm the common good by their activities. Persons committing base crimes against the People, usurers, profiteers, etc., are to be punished by death without regard to religion or race.

      1. our excess population

        This has always made me chuckle given that today’s Germans are far more numerous and packed in to lesser territory than they could have ever imagined then. Lebensraum my ass.

        1. Yes, but the volkish ideal included large farming families, and Germans were encouraged to multiply like rabbits to fill up the new territory they were about to capture, spread the master race and continue to fuel the war machine.

          1. Oh sure, but the country was well into industrialization already – most of them weren’t buying that nonsense, well, not without being clubbed over the head with it.

      2. Stop ruining the narrative.

      3. 3. We demand land and soil (Colonies) to feed our People and settle our excess population

        Already happened. No need to do it again. Americans “won” the West by killing, raping, pillaging, converting, destroying, infecting, modernizing, helping – an inspiration to Nazis and Hitler. I do believe Hitler cited American western expansion as a blueprint for his expansionary goals.

        1. It was the style at the time.

      4. Given how freakin’ huge the US currently is, and how much empty space we have, it’s hard to imagine any politician in the present calling for more living space.

        1. I dunno, if we conquered down to Panama and up to Canada, we’d basically be immune to land attack. We could just fund a kickass Navy and Airforce and disband the army other than some small forces in Panama and Alaska. We’d also be able to lock down immigration as we saw fit, though of course Mexicans and Central Americans would have already become citizens.

    8. I don’t remember Trump’s supporters literally beating non-Trump supporters en masse, or destroying the businesses of non-Trump supporters. Nor is his philosophy (such as one might exist) that Muslim refugees or illegal immigrants are subhuman. These are important distinctions to me. Those sort of philosophies and actions are still much more likely to be expounded and defended by progressives.

      1. And to focus on this “sub-human” topic – it seems to me that the progressives’ view of “bitter clingers” is much closer to some sort of “lower order” which can and should be marginalized than Trump’s view of illegals and/or muslims is.

        The left wants to focus and de-humanize other Americans who have incorrect thoughts while Trump and his supporters want to better control the movement in and out of the country of humans who don’t share our citizenship.

        Not that I agree with his ideas or actions (building a wall will work because ladders don’t exist in Mexico!) but at least he doesn’t exude that sense of moral superiority that I see dripping off the average prog.

        1. Indeed. The rhetoric of the respectable left is veering closer to reading people out of society (“bitter clingers”, “deplorables”, “irredeemable”), than anything coming out of the respectable right (disregarding fringe nutters because they are, well, fringe nutters).

        2. Back when Bush was President and the Iraq conflict was not going well, the majority of the anti-Muslim racism I heard expressed actually came from lefties. I recall hearing the sentiment “how could that idiot think those evil bloodthirsty savages could ever want a democratic government” repeatedly from the left.

    9. Many good comments, particularly “indifference to anti-semitism.”

      JATNAS, I see what you’re trying to do, but consider this – you, as an early twenty first century American are incapable of capturing the exact mindset of that 1933 German – his experiences, his world knowledge, his ingrained prejudices. And, most importantly, you know how the decisions made by that 1933 German played out in history.

      Which is not to say that it’s a bad question, only one with lots of unknowables. The future is indeed frightening.

      1. You also didn’t see half the men in your father’s generation get killed or maimed at the hands of British and French forces in WWI. Tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

        1. Yes, but rumor is when his soccer team lost the tournament, he didn’t even get a medal or a coupon for pizza or anything.

        2. Your father’s generation? You or your older cousins.

    10. You are assuming that leftists don’t like Hitler because he’s a dictator. They just don’t like that he turned against their Top Man Stalin

      1. Ridiculous

        1. It really had a lot to do with it; the left was A-OK with fascists while they allied with the communists and cribbed a lot of what they offered into contemporary liberalism. The mainstream left began to abandon them when they started WWII, and the hard left abandoned them after Barbarossa. The holocaust proved that this to be a smart move.

    11. I think that Trump is deranged enough mentally that he could turn into some sort of despot. I put the odds at 5%. Bannon doesn’t seem very stable in that department either. Having two men with questionable sanity orchestrating the country is interesting.

    12. No? The extremism of the left surely helped things along, since people wanted to someone to defend the middle from revolutionary violence. But the brownshirts were bullies and terrorists from the very beginning, even before they had the state backing them up; Trump just winds the left up and lets them humiliate themselves. Trump is a master baiter, not a master hater.

      1. Where muh euphemisms gone?

    13. Eh, most of us would probably not offer as much opposition as we’d like to think. Especially in the latter years of Nazi reign, there actually were small groups of protesters in Germany, but the government executed them very, very quickly.

    14. Is this how the Nazis came in?because the Social Democrats were so shrill and ridiculous?

      Well, the Nazis had what became the Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD)? then there was Kraft durch Freude (5 DM a week you must save if you want to drive your own car!) and Schoenheit der Arbeit (who doesn’t like a renovated workplace?).

  4. “President Donald Trump’s reelection efforts are off to a strong start financially,” reports Politico.


    1. I’m more inclined to think once he gets his Supreme Court nominee confirmed, we can get rid of him. Though, maybe better to wait until Kennedy retires first.

      1. But I like her show!

      2. Say hello to the Secret Service for us.

      3. JATNAS!!! RBG is old – she may need to be replaced soon. Kennedy, yes, wants to retire, but Breyer is OLD too, and he will need a solid replacement. Obama was smart in his nominees – all fairly young women. They, like RBG, will be with us a loooooooong time.

      1. *realizes is still in limo, grabs fire extinguisher and sprays wildly in every direction*

        1. *it’s a CO2 extinguisher, diesof exphixia*

    2. Maybe the left is trying to torture us into submission – “Here, have the goddamn presidency; just leave us alone.”

  5. The Food and Drug Administration is considering allowing pharmaceutical companies to advertise drugs for “off-label” uses

    Great, this means that they can sell drugs unauthorized by the FDA since any use, at that point, is off-label!

  6. “A group of current and former workers in the Alaska sex trade are asking lawmakers for more protection?protection from police.”

    Now that’s how you write a movie tag line

    1. “In a world where…”

    2. My solution? Send Jack Taggart to straighten out the situation.

      You’d think they would be happy that there are any women in Alaska.

      1. … well, unless they’re gay and don’t like the competition for lonely dudes…

  7. “A group of current and former workers in the Alaska sex trade are asking lawmakers for more protection?protection from police.”

    So in other words, they’re asking lawmakers to become pimps.

    1. A pimp’s love is a special kind of love, not like a square’s love.

    2. Are Alaskan legislators’ pimp hands strong?

      1. “Bitch, you know i don’t want to hurt you. But i gots to get my money so i can get this bill passed.”

    3. It’s hard out here for a pimp.

      No, seriously. It is. It’s subzero temps, blizzard-like conditions and bear attacks!

  8. CNN editor, Iraqi national, and permanent legal U.S. resident Mohammed Tawfeeq has filed a lawsuit challenging Trump’s executive order on immigration after Tawfeeq was detained at Atlanta’s airport Sunday.

    More like Clinton News Network editor, am I right?

    1. If Mr. Tawfeeq had his due process violated and his rights abrogated due to Trump’s poorly worded executive order, and decides to seek justice in the courts, it must only be because he is in the service of Hillary! Amirite? Oh and with a name like Mohammed, he’s probably a terrorist anyway. Better to keep him out, or better yet, lock him up in chains.

      1. Dude, deep breath and sarcasm meter recalibration.

        You keep coming across as so humorless, it might stick…

        1. There is nothing funny about First of Etiquette.

        2. He didn’t even think to smear the chains with pork grease. Amateur hour.

        3. chemjeff’s a bit of a dick…

          1. In CJ’s defense, my commentary does tend to be bitingly devastating.

            1. ^This is how you do classy. Fist, are you from the South?

              1. We can do class north of the Mason-Dixon. (Discounting Philadelphia, of course.)

            2. He totally destroyed your casual snark.

          2. Yeah, off to reasonable with him. Can’t believe I let him stick around this long.

    2. If the EO is functionally no longer permitting the detention of permanent residents, does he have standing? What exactly would the court do for a remedy? “You have to stop… oh, you already did.”

  9. The Food and Drug Administration is considering allowing pharmaceutical companies to advertise drugs for “off-label” uses

    “You can get *high* on this shit!”

    1. “Crushing and bumping is not the recommended way to take this drug, but you know, if you need a quick hit works.”

    2. “Adderall may improve your ability to study or concentrate for long stretches at a time. However, if you don’t need to concentrate and take it, you may find yourself pacing the house and unable to bingewatch Netflix.”

  10. A 10-month Police Commission investigation into the Los Angeles jail-cell death of Wakiesha Wilson found Los Angeles Police Department officers weren’t “substantially involved” in Wilson’s death.

    Does this mean they were kinda sorta involved?

    1. So, she just had a heart attack or stroke or something?

      1. That was possibly more substantially involved in said incident.

        1. The act of her dying led to her death.

        2. Her heart just up and decided to stop for reasons completely unrelated to her alleged ill-treatment by our Heroes in Blue(tm).

  11. The Food and Drug Administration is considering allowing pharmaceutical companies to advertise drugs for “off-label” uses (those the FDA hasn’t approved the drug to be used for).

    Having suddenly discovered the First Amendment. Allowing people to use drugs that way, however…

  12. Thanks a lot, Trump: Woman says she was thrown off Spirit Airlines because of her large cleavage

    An unidentified woman says that while she was sitting on the tarmac in New Orleans on a Spirit Airlines flight to Fort Lauderdale, a flight attendant told her to ‘cover up.’

    She said she wrapped herself in a coat, but the attendants still weren’t satisfied, and when a female stranger came to her defense, both of them were tossed off the plane on January 30.

    At least two passengers took to Facebook and said that two attendants approached the woman and said ‘her bosom was too exposed.’

    As the woman sat weeping, another woman who apparently stepped in to defend her was also kicked off.

    ‘[The second woman] didn’t think it was very fair or right,’ said the woman.

    The War on Women has gone a step too far.

    1. Given Spirit Airlines advertising, I doubt this is true. Probably would have charged her extra for her large rack.

      1. Or charged the nearby passengers an “amenity charge.”

    2. You call *that* “cleavage”?!

    3. ‘her bosom was too exposed.’

      I’m sorry, I understand each of those words individually, but the combination seems like gibberish to me.

      1. The airline said the woman was intoxicated and causing problems and passengers were complaining.
        The woman admits she had a beer before boarding but said she was far from drunk.

        They certainly weren’t complaining about her rack.

        1. They were afraid they might shift during flight.

          1. Well done, Libertarian. Well done.

    4. Clearly we need common sense cleavage regulation.

      1. NOBODY NEEDS A PAIR OF DD’s!!!!

    5. This is the worst porn storyline I’ve ever heard of.

      1. No, no… this is just the set-up. A kindly baggage handler offers to take them back to his oddly underfurnished apartment for the night so they can wait for the next flight. A little wine, a little Viagara, and dem tittays start flailin’.

        1. The other woman who got kicked off comes too, right??

          1. What you did there, I saw it.

    6. ‘Nobody was taken off a plane because of cleavage,’ said spokesman Paul Berry. ‘People are taken off planes because of behavior.’

      Sounds about right.

      1. Like the Daily Mail would run with a headline that described what actually happened.

    7. Yeah… I’m going with the airline on this one. Although the attendant did get catty.

    8. Why didn’t they just set drinks on it?

  13. Worst click-bait ever from Reason’s ad server?

    You may like:

    “After Losing 150 Pounds Honey Boo Boo’s Mom Looks Gorgeous”

    It’s under a picture of Honey Boo Boo’s Mom when . . . she wasn’t gorgeous.

    I couldn’t resist. I clicked it.

    I didn’t see a picture of Honey Boo Boo’s Mom anywhere. Not even from when she was fat.

    It was just click-bait.

    Can you believe that!?

    1. You clicked. Someone got their ad revenue.

      Fool you. AdBlock is your friend.

      1. Well, Reason got a piece of the revenue. WIN!

    2. There ought to be a law!

    3. I’m shocked Ken.




  14. March for Science

    colonization, racism, immigration, native rights, sexism, ableism, queer-, trans-, intersex-phobia, & econ justice are scientific issues

    1. Of course they are!

      Don’t you believe in science?

      Well DON’T YOU?!

    2. That proves they do not know the meaning of the word ‘science’ or ‘scientific’.

      1. Why are you so anti-science, UCS?

    3. So socialism mixed in with identity politics

      1. Isn’t Marxism the ur-identity from which all identity grievance springs?

    4. Every year they toss a new word into the salad.

      1. And like most salads with too many ingredients, it tends to make me nauseous.

      2. Smother the word salad with bleu cheese to make it palatable!

    5. In the same way eugenics was scientific, sure. I.E. Shitbags projecting their political and social views onto science.

      1. I’m very afraid for the well-being of science. I don’t it can survive the rapeing the left has done to it.

      2. Eugenics was far more of a science than all that nonsense. At least breeding for improvement of stock is observable and repeatable in working and companion animals.

        1. Sure, I’m more talking about the ‘black people are obviously inferior so let’s get the sterilization going’ aspect of eugenics.

          1. Science used for evil is still science! Science!

            Any, I used to work the night shift at my student work job in the periodicals department back before online pornography and so I would roam the quiet stacks looking for things to read. I got into thumbing through the Eugenics Review from the mid-20s.

            Much like prize hog and heifers, county and state fairs used to also award ribbons to Mr. and Miss Eugenics, the painfully white people judged to be the most suited to breed superior human stock.

            1. That is nauseating, but good to know. Thanks.

            2. I got into thumbing through the Eugenics Review from the mid-20s.

              And thus was a new star hoist unto the firmament.

            3. The movie Homo Sapiens 1900 goes over some of the lesser known aspects of eugenics.

              One interesting thing is the connection between nudism and eugenics. German nudists advocated nudism so that you could see if a person was more fit for eugenics.

    6. Yeah, I’ve been chronicalling their flailing for days here. Did they manage to set a date yet?

      It took exactly five minutes for them to get co-opted by the intersectionalists.

      1. “It took exactly five minutes for them to get co-opted by the intersectionalists.”

        >Implying it wasn’t run by intersectionalists from the getgo

  15. Friend emails turns out Neil Gorsuch was in her class at Columbia, here are yearbook photos

    Anna Merlan?

  16. No links about the police beatdown of sloopy’s mom and their attempts to cover it up?

    Do we need to post heartbreaking pix of little Reason crying that you hate her grandma?

    1. I do hope someone put some effort into that. Would it kill one of them to get off outrage Twitter for a few minutes to read a few stories and make a few calls? Get it together, Gillespie.

      1. The response sloopy got from Reason (the magazine) was a big yawn. If his mom had been an LGBT Syrian refugee, now that would be a different story. Apparently police abuse, cover-ups, and corruption are no longer noteworthy in the world of libertarians.

        Either that or they’re still pissed at him for his criticisms of the shitty journalism of Lenore.

        1. It is disappointing, and it’s not like they have to send Soave down there with a notebook to investigate everything. A few phone calls and a blog post do not seem like a big deal.

          If they don’t post something about Sloopys mother within a few days, I say we all start emailing Gillespie and Welch and whomever else.

          “You write a story that was written by someone else about two college students kind of fucking, but you can’t write about a longtime supporter’s mother being tossed around by a cop?”

          1. Soave’s hair would never survive that humidity.

    2. They don’t have any problem using her as a fundraising prop….


    3. White grandma getting her skull thumped by cops isn’t as big a click-driver as 18 posts about Trump and refugees.

      Robby’s hair isn’t going to product itself.

    4. We should know they don’t give a damn about the commentariat and that it buys us nothing. Hell, we can’t even get a freaking edit button.

      1. I’m starting to think we’re not as appreciated as we think we are.


    5. Yep. Because the local paper didn’t do a big enough writeup, they would have to do too much work on their own.

      1. Not very nice. But funny. And true.

      2. But you can do a lot of that work via telephone. And news organizations (which Reason is only partially one of) used to employ stringers – reporters not on regular payroll who would cover local (to the reporter) news on behalf of the organization as needed. IOW, Reason could perhaps pay one of the local reporters to do any legwork that required onsite presence.

    6. Cliffs? Missed this, been super busy.

      1. Sloopy’s mom is an RN. Her husband is a coach for a high school basketball team. During a game, one of his players had a severe asthma attack and collapsed near the sideline. Because of her duty to act (she’s considered a first responder in these situations), she rushed to the student’s aid while EMS was called. The referee refused to pause the game so that the kid could be treated and EMTs could get access to him. Acting in the interest of her patient (a responder’s first duty), she got in the ref’s face about pausing the game. The police (who were at the game in full military gear) grabbed her, slammed her to the floor, and beat her. She was then arrested, charged with disorderly conduct, and held in jail overnight. Their public statements, run by the local paper without comment or rebuttal, were that procedures were followed, officer safety, the usual.

        The high school team members sent her flowers and a really touching note. Great kids.

        1. Thanks

        2. WTF. Sloopy, I hope your mom is OK. If the family needs help with expenses (medical or legal) please let us know. And I do hope that Reason reaches out to you.

          This is just terrible.

          Also, I hope the family of the collapsed student sues the fuck out of the PD for endangering their kid by attacking the person who was treating their son.

          1. Also, I hope the family of the collapsed student sues the fuck out of the PD for endangering their kid by attacking the person who was treating their son.

            Qualified Immunity. Because FYTW.

          2. The referee refused to pause the game

            Bury this guy too – WTF

        3. That sounds like an interesting story that Reason’s readers would want. Get on it, Reason! Sorry to hear about this, Sloopy.

    7. I missed what happened. It would be nice if a certain magazine did a write up on it. You know the only magazine that I read.

      Isn’t this post of why people form relationships. So that we can have extra weight when trying to protect ourselves. My friend is the son in law of the local Masonic leaders. When a jeweler screwed him over, it happened to be the same jeweler who the mains got all their stuff from. Well let’s just say that they lost more than my friends business.

    8. When are you fools going to realize that Reason.com doesn’t give a shit about police violence against citizens except as a propaganda tool to push The Narrative

      Sloopy’s mom is an inherently privileged white devil in their world view, doing an inherently white privileged thing (tending to an injured kid) hence the story will be ignored.


      1. Justice for Sloopy*!!!

        *Well, his mom, anyway!

    10. It shocks me that Reason isn’t picking up on this story.

      I mean, police abuse is right in their wheelhouse. Throw in some local-rag copsuckers and an asthmatic child and suddenly Reason’s not DTF anymore? What gives?

      1. Reason isn’t some rag you can booty call at your convenience. Reason is a proud, strong mag!

        1. Hey, I’ve texted Reason plenty at 2 am after the bars shut down, and I always get an invite.


    11. Thanks you guys. Her lawyer said media would be a good thing. He wants this to be public tomshame these fuckers. Especially since in the next town over, two women walked out on the court to complain about bad calls the next night…and the cops there calmly and courteously escorted them out of the gym and told them to go home.

      But yeah, this is the kind of shit that used to get at least a story a day. And we’d get an extra-strong nut punch on Friday. These days it seems outrage is reserved for immigrants representing a small %age of the global population having their process for entering our country inconvenienced for 90 days.

      It’s doubly irritating since police abuse has been one of the biggest issues I’ve supported Reason on and sent leads about too many times to count. It’s not as if I showed up over the weekend and begged as an unknown for their help.

      1. But you guys in the commentariat have all been great. I appreciate your support more than you’ll ever know.

        1. Sorry to hear about it, sloop.

          And shame on Reason for not running a story or two on it.

          Let us know if we can help.

  17. Thanks a lot, Trump! Guinness to open brewery in Baltimore County

    The maker of the famed Guinness stout said Tuesday it wants to build a brewery and taproom at its former whiskey bottling plant near Relay in southern Baltimore County, reviving the site with the brand’s first U.S. brewery in more than 60 years.

    Diageo tentatively plans to makeover the hulking former Seagram’s buildings on Washington Boulevard as not only a brewery but as a tourism destination like its original St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin, Ireland.

    The brewery would focus on new beers for the U.S. market while the brand’s classic Irish dry stout would continue to be made in Dublin.

    Beer will save this nation.

    1. “The Beer That Saved Balmer?”

    2. Will this be near where the old Carling Brewery (“Mabel, Mabel, Black Label!”) used to stand?

      1. No, Guiness will be Southwest of the city.

        1. I thought that’s where Carling was. Around exit 9 or 10 on the Beltway.

    3. I would be so down with that – I would visit it every week!!

    4. “Nasty Boh”

  18. Porn stars ‘can’t compete’ with holograph hottie

    A new report says sexxx-rated sirens like Nina Hartley, Riley Reid and Joanna Angel will soon be replaced by the holographs as cost-cutting hits the porn industry.

    “A human won’t be able to compete in this world,” Dr. Ian Pearson, who wrote the report about the adult entertainment business’ future, told the Daily Star.

    “A studio will be able to hire a porn actor for a thousand dollars or just rent the software and create one for less.”

    He added: “Brothels, for example, will still use humans; there is a connection and even some emotion in that setting. But we don’t need human porn stars.”

    1. “Brothels, for example, will still use humans; there is a connection and even some emotion in that setting.

      Some emotion? The prosties exude much sorrow when I finally decide to leave them. Tears are powerful.

      But we don’t need human porn stars.”

      Calm down, Krieger.

    2. I’ll have to see some movies to compare for myself, but I’m not so impressed by CGI as to think there won’t be a place for human actors. I am on record here of preferring the 1970s classic porns over more recent fare. Of course, some may not share my high standards in adult movies….

    3. But we don’t need human porn stars.

      Excellent news for Warty’s career.


    4. “We don’t need human politicians.”

      1. Hologram Tupac for President!

    5. sexxx-rated sirens like Nina Hartley

      Isn’t she about 90? Do the holograms also have removable false teeth?

    6. “So what do you do for a living?”

      “I spend hours making fake semen spray all over a fake woman’s face with CGI.”

      1. You know they’d say “I make special effects for movies”.

        1. “Oh, which movies?”

          “Umm…SciFi Facials VI, Holographic Humpin’ III and 3D DD’s”

      2. You may laugh, but the physics of things like fluids and fabrics are a bitch to animate. With fluids you have the additional problem of reflectivity and translucence.

        1. Which is why the guy who made the software to allow the artists like our fictional dialogue participant to set up the scenes made huge buckets of cash.

    7. I think CGI will catch on because of the potential to engineer celebrity look-alikes and put them in porn. Imagine Scarlett Johanssen or Jennifer Lawrence or Jessica Chastain doing hardcore.

      1. A whole new world of lawsuits for IP lawyers!

        1. And likeness rights.

      2. Now imagine them getting it good and hard from CGI The Donald.

        1. Oh my god

    8. related question: why do so many porn stars have bruises on their legs?

      1. Aggressive grabbing. I’m told.

  19. Moose breaks into family home and poops all over their basement

    A mature female moose, aka a cow moose, fell through a well window into a family home in Hailey, Idaho on Sunday and refused to leave, leaving little presents in the form of moose poop all over the family’s finished basement.

    According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, officers attempted to herd the moose up the basement stairs and out of the home, but she was having none of it and charged the officers “several times.” Finally, another officer was called in at 3 a.m. and the animal was sedated and carried out of the front door with “all hands on deck.”

    The Department of Fish and Game say the animal, “woke up in the snow covered street, groggy and confused, but free.”

    Free to gambol?

    1. “If You Give A Moose An Ex-Lax Muffin”

      1. Yet another excuse to post this.

        1. *Presses horn rimmed eyeglasses up on nose*

          You know that violates the NAP, don’t you?

    2. But what happened to Squirrel?

      1. Putin. Polonium. It’s best we don’t discuss it further.

    3. the animal, “woke up in the snow covered street, groggy and confused, but free.”

      Kind of a bro move for a cow moose, no?

    4. “The Department of Fish and Game say the animal, ‘woke up in the snow covered street, groggy and confused, but free.'”

      Wait, they dumped the heavy, sedated mega-fauna into the STREET?? On a snowy night??

  20. Suspicious? Jogger wearing only shoes found near Microsoft at 3:30 a.m.

    About 3:30 a.m. Friday, a Redmond police officer saw the illuminated, naked buttocks of a jogger near the Microsoft campus.

    The jogger was near 15320 N.E. 40 S. and was wearing only black sneakers.

    Officers worried about the effects of the cold weather and put him in the patrol car.

    Police said he told officers that “he was trying to build up his immune system to fight the cold weather.”

    1. Why did they stop natural selection from cleaning the gene pool a little?

    2. ” illuminated naked buttocks”

      Playing Lollapalooza this year?

    3. was wearing only black sneakers.

      Should have worn white sneakers, bro.

    4. Not even a jock? It must have been cold.

    5. he told officers that “he was trying to build up his immune system to fight the cold weather.”


      1. Lock up the climate denier.

        1. *rises to begin thunderous ovation*

    6. Needs sneakier sneakers.

  21. Cops: Woman Stabbed Beau Over Threesome
    Victim declined romp with his galpal and her female friend

    As detailed in a police report, Gillard told cops that she wanted to invite her new female acquaintance over for a threesome, which she and the victim “have always talked about doing.” But, Gillard added, her boyfriend “did not want to have a threesome because he wasn’t feeling well.”

    The couple–who have dated, on and off, since 2008–began quarreling after the threesome proposal was rejected by the victim. A verbal argument between the pair eventually turned physical, investigators allege.

    As first reported in Today’s News-Herald, as the dispute escalated, Gillard allegedly stabbed the victim several times in the arm and abdomen with a pair of scissors. The man, cops say, suffered only minor lacerations during the January 12 fracas.

    1. She’s got an, um, interestingly asymmetrical skull.

      1. *awaiting Crusty’s judgment*

        1. I’ll save you some time: “Would.”

          1. She also copped to drinking prior to the domestic confrontation, saying that she consumed two shots of peppermint schnapps and a Budweiser Straw-Ber-Rita beer

            I think not.

            1. Oh, THAT’S where the line is?

            2. After reading that, one can only imagine what the other woman must have looked like.

      2. And there’s *something* about her right eye.

        1. Besides the fact that it’s several inches lower than, and nearly perpendicular to, her left?

          1. She still looks better than back in her Goonies cameo.

      3. Plagiocephaly?

      4. Found myself leaning to the right as I looked at her.

    2. “who have dated, on and off”

      I’m guessing their status is more “off” at present…

  22. “President Donald Trump’s reelection efforts are off to a strong start financially,” reports Politico.

    Yes, let’s get the 2020 campaign season started already.

    1. It’s about time.

    2. It seems crazy to be donating money to this cause already. Even if you’re a big Trump supporter, don’t you want to see what he does first? Or make sure he doesn’t have a heart attack in 2018?

      1. Eight years is a bit of a meme. The left keeps telling each other “We only have four more years of this. We can make it through. Stay strong.” And then someone responds “8” and they lose their shit. Apparently they want their memes and dreams to be reality.

      2. On the other hand, given the raving batshit insanity of Democrats these days, I can understand getting a head start on keeping their next nominee from getting anywhere near the levers of power.

  23. “CNN editor, Iraqi national, and permanent legal U.S. resident Mohammed Tawfeeq has filed a lawsuit challenging Trump’s executive order on immigration after Tawfeeq was detained at Atlanta’s airport Sunday.”

    It’s quickly gong to become a point of honesty to differentiate between those who are opposing Trump’s executive order on the basis of denying green card holders their due process rights and those who are opposing Trump’s ability to suspend asylum seekers from resettling within the U.S. from certain countries.

    Denying green card holders their due process rights is obviously wrong and unconstitutional.

    The whole order isn’t wrong because that part of it is wrong.

    1. I thought they revised that part of the order? Mootness is still a judicial doctrine, yes?

      1. They stayed it. This guy was almost certainly detained on Sunday before they stayed it.

        Anyway, the point is that just because someone supports not settling refugees within our borders doesn’t mean they support denying green card holders their due process rights–but there will be journalists who try to divide people that way.

        They can’t draw a line through the middle of me.

        I support the argument that asylums seekers from certain countries represent too much of a security risk to resettle between our borders, and I oppose denying current green card holders their due process rights.

  24. A barb at Germany puts Trump administration on collision course with EU

    A sharp shift in tone toward Germany, casting the euro as fuel for that country’s massive trade surplus, has raised concerns that the U.S. president’s trade-centric world view may see the euro not as a geopolitical plus, but as another needless bit of multilateralism.

    While Trump has refrained from commenting directly on the euro, he praised Britain’s decision to exit the European Union as a “great thing” and predicted that others would leave the bloc as the result of an influx of refugees.

    In comments published in the European press on Tuesday, Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro said the “grossly undervalued” euro served as a currency for Germany alone, allowing the country to “exploit” the United States and others.

    On Capitol Hill, Treasury Secretary-designate Steven Mnuchin softened the traditional U.S. “strong dollar” mantra, suggesting that the dollar’s current strength may be working against what has become perhaps the administration’s central economic priority: reviving U.S. manufacturing and exports.

    1. You know who else saw Germany as the primary European power?

      1. A whole shitload of Holy Roman Emperors?

      2. Ima go with, the Vichy government.

    2. ” may see the euro not as a geopolitical plus, but as another needless bit of multilateralism”


  25. Tom Steyer realize people don’t care about climate change, plans to change group to throwing shit at the wall

    The billionaire will expand the focus of his environmental political advocacy group, NextGen Climate Action, to fund initiatives and candidates with an eye to issues well beyond the realm of climate change, Steyer said in an interview on Tuesday.

    The 59-year-old Steyer, a San Francisco hedge fund manager and possible contender for next year’s California governor’s race, said he made the decision to broaden his reach in response to Trump and to a legislative agenda he described as “deplorable” and “a barrage against the basic fabric of American society.”

    The exact contours of NextGen’s transition, Steyer said, will be determined by what he hears in response to a video he released Tuesday to solicit ideas from activists like the millions who attended marches over inauguration weekend. “We want to know what matters most to you, and what should be done,” he says in the clip.

    1. These, Tom, are the Causeheads. They find a world-threatening issue and stick with it for about a week.

    2. But I thought climate change was a mortal threat to mankind and the most important issue of our time? Not true anymore?

      1. We have always been at war with Eastasia, JATNAS.

    3. How is that progs like him are the ones that get to determine what is the basic fabric of American society?

      A clue people don’t care about climate change == washington not going for carbon tax that was revenue neutral (now knowing government revenue neutral = bait n switch). The greens opposed it cause it was revenue neutral which raises red flags as the money funneling to them is what is important.

    4. Are we ready for a Republican dynasty?

      1. Ivanka, First of Her Name, Empress of the Americas and Its Collected Territories.

        Once Liz dies I’m in.

        1. Ivanka the Great Breasted, first in a long line of well endowed monarchs.

  26. Pelosi links all Left Attacks against Gorsuch

    PELOSI: “It is a hostile appointment. Lovely family, I’m sure. As far as your family is concerned. If you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine or in any other way, interact with the courts, this is a very bad decision. Not committed to Supreme Court precedence.”

    1. Pelosi is profoundly stupid. I’ve never heard her utter a simple straight forward complete sentence.

      1. It’s incredible. Any random video of her illustrates this in spades.

        1. Googled Pelosi in Spades. Got me to Stormfront.

          1. Heh. Just try googling “Pelosi in chains”.

          2. You could try “Spades in Pelosi”, if that’s more your bag.

    2. It looks like they had that made up assuming William Pryor (who is pretty awful) would be nominated, and when he wasn’t they decided to just cut and paste.

    3. Did she have a stroke or something? That reads like this chick sounds.

      1. Botox overdose leading to rictus.

        1. It’s just about time to binge on 30 Rock. In front of a roaring fire in a condo in Colorado.

    4. Not committed to Supreme Court precedence.

      I would have loved to have been the interviewer at that moment.

      “So you’re saying that you would have upheld Dred Scott?”

      1. “Are you implying that if a Federal Court finds for the ACLU against Trump detaining green card holders, that Supreme Court should vacate that decision out of respect for Korematus v US?

      2. Not committed to precedence is a feature, not a bug.

    5. That’s scary, I do at least one of those things now.

    6. Lovely family, I’m sure.

      Doesn’t that just charm your socks off?

    7. Didn’t she vote to put him on the Court of Appeals?

  27. He’s a Harvard Law man.

    Good enough for government work.

  28. Did Wetton’s death get covered yesterday?

    To many prog rock musicians dying these days.

    1. Well, in the heat of the moment, news of his death was obscured by the single most pressing issue of our lifetimes: a three month halt of immigration and refugees from seven countries.

      1. Really, an Asia reference?

        With all of KC to work with?

        1. I’m not a prog rock guy. Never listened to King Crimson. Asia is the only reference I have at the ready.

          1. +1 child of the eighties

      2. Really, an Asia reference?

        With all of KC to work with?

        1. How about a squirrelz reference?

          1. The smile has left their eyes.

        2. Don’t cry about it. Only time will tell if his reference holds up.

    2. That’s something they would never do in the heat of the moment.

      1. Only time will tell

        1. I guess he is no longer the Sole Survivor.

  29. The Un-American Canard

    Trump also has temporarily suspended the U.S. refugee program and capped it at 50,000 refugees. This is in the same ballpark as the figure for admittances from the past five years or so, when the number of refugees was typically between 50,000 and 70,000 a year. If we are using an overall level of refugees to judge our American-ness, 1976, 1977, 1978, 2002, 2003, 2006, and 2007 must have been woefully un-American years, because the number of refugees was less than 50,000 in each of them.

    All of this said, the critics are right to sense something different in President Trump. He is going to put much more emphasis on the integrity of our borders and less on humanitarian considerations than his predecessors. This is a direct challenge to the lazy cosmopolitanism that assumes the only correct answer in immigration policy is always “more” and never “less.”

  30. Thousands of protesters gather outside Chuck Schumer’s apartment

    Phoebe Damrosch, 38, of Brooklyn, cited Schumer’s headline-grabbing tears during a recent news conference on Trump’s immigration ban as she voiced her concern Tuesday night.

    “His tears know what’s right,” the mother of three said, while carrying a sign with a pack of Kleenex tissues attached that said: “It takes a real man to cry and lead.”

    Dara Barr, a 40-year-old acupuncturist from the East Village, told The Post she felt it was time for Schumer to crack the whip on the Democratic caucus ? so she brought a black leather whip from home to shake like a pom-pom.

    “I’m trying to whip Chuck Schumer into shape so he can whip those ‘no’ votes,” Barr said.

    1. “It takes a real man to cry and lead.”

      Something about that sentence just makes me furious.

      1. You can’t make this shit up….

      2. So she obviously is a big fan of SecDef Mattis?

        “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all”

      3. Reminds me of Qarth in Game of Thrones. A culture that embraces openly weeping to such an extent that people just essentially use it as a way to virtue signal about how they really care.

      4. Reminds me of Qarth in Game of Thrones. A culture that embraces openly weeping to such an extent that people just essentially use it as a way to virtue signal about how they really care.

    2. I’m trying to whip Chuck Schumer

      Requesting mind bleach: stat

    3. Man oh man.

    4. So she was a big fan of Boehner?

    5. Jesus… they’re protesting at his house because he’s not enough of a leftist lunatic?

  31. So brave!

    How do you spell protest on a beach in Maine? R-E-S-I-S-T

    2017 is only a month old, but it’s already seen its share of protests all over the world: on the streets, in public squares, in airports.

    But Maine may be the only place where a day of protest meant a day at the beach.

    A group of friends got together early Sunday morning at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park along the Maine coast. But they weren’t there to frolic in the sand.

    The group wrote the word “RESIST” in enormous letters in the sand at low tide, then took pictures before the ocean rose again and washed it away a couple of hours later.

    1. You know, I think my strongest reaction to the protests is that a lot of people need a fucking hobby. They have wayyyyy too much free time on their hands.

      1. I remember a pro-China legislator said that about protestors in Hong Kong and they excoriated her for it. I remembered that quote when I was watching the coverage of these ridiculous “protests” here and thought “Maybe that chick was on to something…”

    2. Someone writes a word in the sand on the beach and it’s worthy of a CNN article? Christ. Now I want an article for the time when I was in 8th grade and some friends of mine and I won a middle school sand sculpture contest (we made Sonic the Hedgehog! Colored with Kool Aid!) and won $25 gift certificates to a CD store. We even wrote “Sonic” in big letters.

    3. Almost as brave as a cabinet secretary resigning in protest a week before she was due to step down anyway.

    4. They made their priest align with the ultimate symbol of futility (fighting a rising tide)? Call me crazy but that don’t make sense.

    5. Heh. A morning’s worth of work washed away within a few hours. Doesn’t that just capture the general tenor of these things.

    6. The group wrote the word “RESIST” in enormous letters in the sand at low tide, then took pictures before the ocean rose again and washed it away a couple of hours later.

      A sad and futile gesture, and a perfect metaphor for the greater movement.

  32. Where there is one positive:

    Vox: Cancel the Oscars
    Trump’s immigration order has grave implications for an industry built by immigrants and refugees.

    President Donald Trump’s new immigration order ? the one many have labeled a “Muslim ban” because it temporarily bars entry to the US for natives of seven Muslim-majority countries ? stops people associated with various Oscar-nominated films from attending the 2017 Academy Awards. That’s just one reason the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should cancel its annual ceremony and instead announce the winners via press release.

    By default, the order prevents Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, who is nominated for Foreign Language Film for The Salesman, and the subjects of Documentary Short nominee The White Helmets, who are Syrian volunteer rescue workers, from traveling to America for the awards ? though the White House suggested to People magazine it might provide waivers for those affected by the order to attend the ceremony.

    1. As Edward Longshanks said, you have to find the good in any situation.

      1. I thought he said “We have reserves”.

        1. Who is this person who speaks to me as though I needed his advice?

          1. Look, if you didn’t come here for unsolicited advice and snark, you came her eunder false pretenses.

            1. I’m here for the chicks.

              1. I’m so so sorry.

              2. Recently hatched fowl are on aisle seven. I’m afraid there are no women here.

            2. Oh cmon, you know that’s another Longshanks quote!

    2. “The whole thing is a goddamn meat parade. I don’t want any part of it.”

      -George C. Scott on the Oscars, and why he refused his win. Won anyway, demanded they donate his Oscar to the Patton Museum. They didn’t.

    3. Cancel the Oscars

      Gay men and the other 0.000001% of male choreographers hit hardest.

    4. I thought they were going to engineer a more woke Oscars this year? Someone needs to brush up on their intersectionality.

  33. Nice yearbook quote there, you douche.

    1. Christ, what an asshole.

      1. Good name for a yearbook quote. *Catholic school grad*

    1. Note to self: kill myself if ever diagnosed with “Locked-In Syndrome”.

  34. Byron York: Dems escalate anti-Trump offensive

    Democrats aren’t just venting. Their actions, taken together, have a number of strategic intentions. The first is to distract, and do whatever damage it can, to the Trump administration as it tries to get on its feet. Second is to constrain the White House and create a sense among voters and potential Trump supporters that enacting the president’s agenda will come at an enormous cost in peace and public safety. On Tuesday night, for example, news broke that Trump will not visit Harley Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee Thursday, as planned, because the company feared protests.

    A third purpose is to keep the Trump administration weak; the longer the Justice Department has no attorney general, for example, the less able it will be to defend the many Trump initiatives that will come under legal challenge.

    1. The first is to distract, and do whatever damage it can, to the Trump administration as it tries to get on its feet.

      So much for “obstructionism” being a bad thing.

    2. Oh so distracting from actually important things Trump is doing is part of the strategy? It doesn’t seem to be stopping him. It sounds much more like flailing lunacy than a coherent strategy.

      Why, in the US, is the opposition party always so shitty at opposing the important shit.

      1. Because the opposition party doesn’t give a shit about most of the things it claims to.

    3. create a sense among voters and potential Trump supporters that enacting the president’s agenda will come at an enormous cost in peace and public safety

      “We are going to smash the hell out of downtown Portland.”

      1. I didn’t see that. I do not like labeling political opponent’s as terrorists, because the left used that tactic so much, but that tip toes pretty much on the line of terrorism. Such thought has no place in a free society.

        1. Oh this is a Bryon York article. Nevermind.

        2. I’m poking fun at lefty “resistance” mainly meaning property damage in lefty strongholds.

    4. the longer the Justice Department has no attorney general, for example, the less able it will be to defend the many Trump initiatives that will come under legal challenge

      But the actual defense, as in defending against lawsuits in court, is done by the Solicitor General not the Attorney General. The AG prosecutes but does not defend.

  35. Is Groovus around? Paging Dr. Groovus. Just wanted to check in now that Puty is invading his country again. Hope all is well.

        1. So a continuation of the fight already underway and not the mass mobilization I pictured from the phrasing of the original comment. Okay.

          1. The article did say heavy artillery was appearing in Donetsk. That heavy artillery could only come from one place…

            1. Russian Artillery in East Ukraine is not a new development.

            2. It also talked about escalations of violence and a sharp rise in deaths and other casualties over the weekend. I can’t help how UCS interprets comments.

              I’m just concerned for Groovus and his family, as things seemed to have settled down a bit for a while there, and now seem to be heating up.

              1. I thought they were in Odessa? Which may be far from any “action” (not sure).

            3. Red States that don’t have the common-sense gun control regulations of the Blue States?

  36. Gorsuch, the nominee for a stolen seat

    The seat Judge Gorsuch hopes to sit in should have been filled, months ago, by Merrick Garland, the chief judge of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, whom President Barack Obama nominated to the court last March. Judge Garland, a former federal prosecutor and 20-year veteran of the nation’s most important federal appeals court, is both more moderate and more qualified than Judge Gorsuch.

    That meant nothing to Senate Republicans, who abused their power as the majority party and, within hours of Justice Scalia’s death, shut down the confirmation process for the remainder of Mr. Obama’s presidency.

    1. Nuclear option here we come.

      1. No need. Just hand Chuck the microphone and say “If you want to filibuster, keep talking.” Then turn off the cameras so he loses his motivation.

    2. Does the NYT understand the Senate has to confirm in order for Garland to take a seat?

    3. shut down the confirmation process

      Well they could have just said “no”, instead. Also, nobody stopped the President from asking the Senate for advice on who to nominate. That is part of the Senate’s role of “advice and consent”.

      1. I thought the left is all about getting consent.

    4. I thought they just weren’t going to show up like they did in Wisconsin. I can’t keep track of all the hysteria.

    5. On Hate Radio yesterday, the theme was, “The only acceptable nomination by Trump would be Merrick Garland.”

    6. That meant nothing to Senate Republicans, who abused their power as the majority party

      So…. Isn’t that how democracy works. He in majority rules. I mean don’t we hear elections have consequences? And completely steamrolling the legislative branch when you hold the executive means that they might be a little hostile back.

      Now if you were originally no fan of majority rule them I can get this. But something tells me that this author doesn’t give a shit about individual rights especially when the Dems hold all the power.

      1. Also Two frightening aspects of recent political news. 1. The left seeking to make every action by the right appear and be considered illegitimate (Trump’s election, now the nomination is for a stolen seat). I know that some Republicans did the same to Obama when he was elected is part of politics, but this seems excessive. 2. How the news is focused on all the lawmaking the president has been doing when the lawmaking should be in the legislatures hands.

      2. Of course not. When Dems hold the power, minority Republicans are branded as “obstructionists.” Being partisan means never having to be consistent.

  37. A bear’s place is in the woods, not the classroom

    But I do like the idea of wildlife fences around schools, especially where wildlife might be worrisome. In the township of Banff, Alberta, within the boundaries of Banff National Park, wildlife fences keep elk from chasing after school kids.

    And I think perhaps it’s time we considered wildlife fences around our neck of the woods. There are plenty of potentially dangerous animals around here, and we definitely don’t want them threatening our children.

    For example, take Green Mountain Elementary, out by my old stomping grounds at Lake Slymington. There’s plenty of wildlife around there, including killer raccoons, skunks and seagulls.

    Just imagine what might happen if a wild killer raccoon got loose at Green Mountain. It wouldn’t take a killer raccoon long to figure out the code to the refrigerator lock or hack the computer system.

    1. A couple of years ago there was a hilarious/sad story of a bunch of B.C. pot growers who were using bears to defend their field. They were feeding them a mixture of dog food and pot so apparently the bears were mellow as hell.

      The RCMP had them all put down when they busted the place for being too domesticated.

    2. The raccoons in my neighborhood are only killers if you push them. Pay the raccoongeld and they will mostly leave you in peace.

  38. My reasonable filter has been getting a heavy workout these days! Whew!

    1. Was it the airline cleavage story? I’m sorry. I will never post anything like that again.

      1. Airlines & cleavage? Scrolling…

    2. Euphemisms!

  39. Watercooler comments this morning about Gorsuch:
    Clintonites: “Probably a secret Klansman and child pornographer, beats his wife and mocks transgendered persons.”
    Trumpists: “Second coming of James Madison, will restore the 1787 constitution, and resolve the ‘natural born citizen’ issue.”
    Me: I’ll wait for reason to sort through all of his 700 opinions and let the commentariat tell me what to think.

    1. Reason commentariat: “Shit, balls, Star Trek reference, motherfuck.”

      1. You left off the three thousand comment abortion side thread.

        1. Why can’t we agree to disagree?!?!?

          1. On the internet? Are you insane? I think that causes rifts in the space-time continuum.

      2. “…deep dish pizza, artisanal mayonnaise…”

    2. Not worth soiling trousers over in terms of judicial record.

    3. Commentators: He has a troublesome stance on deep dish pizza.

      1. AFAICT that’s every stance on deep dish pizza.

    4. Irrelevant, but you will hear a lot about it: his mother was at some point the head of the EPA and lost her job for covering up toxic waste (I think – feel free to google details). She gave us the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and was spared prosecution.

      Also, I think intelligent, libertarian-minded lawyers like Alan Gura and Ken White have a good opinion of him, which is a good sign.

      1. The same EPA who gifted us the Tang-hued River and was A-Okay with Flint’s municipal water?

  40. Speaking of airlines, Schumer sez “there oughta be a law” against cheapo economy class tickets that don’t allow passengers to use the overhead bins.

    Why does Schumer hate poor people? Why does Schumer think poor people shouldn’t be allowed to travel by airplane? Oh. That’s right. He’s an elitist scum who doesn’t want riffraff disturbing the friendly skies.

    1. Fuckin Schumer.

      He and his unfunny niece need to STFU.

  41. My questions for Gorsuch:

    Have you ever defended anyone accused of a crime, in court?

    Do you agree with Justice Roberts that your job is not to protect the American people from their poor political choices?

    What is your feeling regarding deference to the legislative branch; do you believe the Constitution outweighs fleeting popular sentiment?

    1. “What do you think the phrase ‘shall make no law’ means?”

      1. And “shall not be infringed”.

    2. Do you agree with Justice Roberts that your job is not to protect the American people from their poor political choices?

      I agree with that statement, but he horribly misused it when he said it.

  42. ARRRGGGHHH!!! There’s an immigration related bullet point in my morning links. Quick… cancel my $5 donation to the Reason Foundation because they don’t concentrate on all the good that Trump is doing. They’re going to cancel 2 regulations for every 1 that are enacted. TRUMP signed an EO so it’s going to happen.

  43. Schumer sez “there oughta be a law” against cheapo economy class tickets that don’t allow passengers to use the overhead bins.

    Why does Schumer hate poor people?

    There are a lot of people who think Alfred Kahn was one of history’s worst villains.

    1. Schumer thinks there should be a law about EVERYTHING.


    1. Are you living off of food stamps?

  44. Why is Lord H’s posts showing as white space? Did he mention gamboling or something?

    1. Hey, now I white spaced myself.

      1. “That” word is in the base reasonable blacklist.

        1. Ah – didn’t know that. I use fascr.

          1. You use fascism? I knew you were a secret Trump lover. You dirty Trump lover.

        2. You are NOT free to gambol.

          1. I don’t get the point of that filter.

            Individual words are not ‘triggering’.

            1. It was to block White Indian, who had literally hundreds of handles but a linguistic tic about that word.

              1. What’s the story behind the name? Another bizarre racialist variant?

                1. He was an anarcho-primivatist who wanted everyone to go back to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, which he refused to acknowledge would result in the death of billions.

                  I have to disagree with Tonio that WI was also rather/Mary Stack. I dug up dozens of other websites he had trolled and been banned from and found his personal blog with his actual name, Jason G(something).

                  Seriously deranged individual. He would post hundreds and hundreds of time in a single thread and was probably the main cause (with rather/Mary Stack) for the decision to implement registration.

                  1. Great. And they found a reason to boot me off TWICE.

                    1. They actually banned him multiple times, but he would get a new handle and masked his IP.

                  2. I yield to Sug on this point. I misremembered. Sorry, everyone.

                    1. It was a common theory. You might have just missed my investigations in the massive flood of bullshit WI was putting out.

                      For the people not there: He would cut and paste entire 300 post threads and post them in a single comment. And then do it again and again.

              2. But, I don’t even use reasonable. What is that white space? Oh… I need to clean my screen after porn surfing.

                1. Reasonable leaves a space for the blocked post, but the words and handle are whited out.

                  Reasonable is for Chrome and fascr runs on Firefox. There is nothing built for Safari or Explorer (that I know of.)

            2. I suspect it was placed there when White Indian (aka Mary Stack) was shitting all over every thread. Every WI post would end with “Officer am a free to [g-word] across the plains.”

    2. Works for me. And I can see you.

      Did you mute me? *runs off crying*

      1. There goes my hero. *Whips bolas at back of LH’s knees*

  45. You ever really, really want to tell someone some news they would find interesting, but they’re dead?

    I want to tell my ex that Graham Watson is retiring.

    YO! Leo! Graham Watson is retiring!

    Oddly unsatisfying.

  46. Why can’t we agree to disagree?!?!?

    *loads duelling pistol*

    1. So be it… Shall we meet at dawn?

    2. Do it Andrew Jackson style and let the other guy shoot first. Then gun him down in cold blood with his bullet lodged 5cm from your heart.

      1. Smartly club him to death with the butt of your pistol.

  47. The registration of Trump’s re-election campaign sets the stage for a crackdown on (faux) non-profits opposing him on overtly partisan grounds. An interesting tactical move. It will be even more interesting to see what he does with it – could be nothing, or it could be a real blow against the tranzi/proggy community.

    What he really needs to do, IMO, is sic the Justice Department on the violent protests, to unearth who is organizing and funding them. That doesn’t raise 1A concerns, in my book. Because violent protests are not protected by the 1A.

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