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How Trump's Refugee Order Is Playing out in the World

Matt Welch talks with Borzou Daragahi and Pejman Yousefzadeh on SiriusXM Insight's The Dean Obeidallah Show 12-1 ET


Today at noon ET I am once again guest-hosting The Dean Obeidallah Show on SiriusXM Insight, channel 121. As befits a Muslim-hosted show, we are going to be talking about the executive-order controversy, first with BuzzFeed Mideast correspondent Borzou Daragahi, then with political commentator Pejman Yousefzadeh. Please call the program any time at 1-877-974-7487.


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    1. So the strategy is to flood with articles and when the commentariat protests, shove the articles that contain the blasphemous commentary down.

      It’s all gonads and strife on Reason now.

      1. Reason is becoming the wokest website on the internet. Not so libertarian anymore, but woke as hell.

        1. ? Can you feeeeel the wooooke tonight? ?

  1. NEEDZ MOAR TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!

    Jesus, reason has absolutely lost its fucking collective mind….

    Fuck you guys, this is why I didn’t donate this year. FUCK, at least NRO is actively fighting 1A lawsuit against Michael Mann….

    1. Okay, listen, this is the topic of the day, and there are plenty of contributors who all have notions to expound on it. Granted, they are mostly all the same notions, but still. More speech is always better than less, unless it’s Meryl Streep.

    2. Maybe you could partake of the articles on Medicaid fraud, or Amherst Title IX craziness, or Colorado regulation of pot, instead? Also posted on the front page within the last several hours.

    3. Since you are so apoplectic, here is yet another take on this, by Luke Rudkowski.

    4. I will say this: watching the Professional Fake Libertarians become completely unhinged over the last three months has been way more entertaining than watching them mostly suck Block Yomomma’s cock over the previous eight years. Pass the popcorn.

      1. “Stay Woke”

        New Reason masthead

  2. …first with BuzzFeed Mideast correspondent Borzou Daragahi, then with political commentator Pejman Yousefzadeh.

    I think the topic is a fantastic idea, but I don’t know who this Daragahi or Yousefzadeh are. And, frankly, they sound made up.

  3. Feels > reals.
    Feels > reals.
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    Feels > reals.

  4. Reason is now reduced to yelling at all four walls in a padded room. You morons are expending all your outrage and when Trump really goes off the rails your cries will be unheard.

    1. when Trump really goes off the rails your cries will be unheard.

      In fairness, it’s hard to hear anybody’s cries when they’re in a secret prison somewhere and their computers and servers have all been shut down and confiscated by government agents.

  5. I don’t know about the world, but back on the home front, it’s resulted in a lot of pants-wetting. And it’s also interesting to me that my understanding of the policy is that it’s a temporary freeze while the policies for admission are reviewed, not a permanent ban.

    1. That really sucks, man. Pissed pants and they froze up? At this rate they’re never going to dry out.

  6. I mean jesus fucking christ, it’s been a weel and a half. Only 200+ more, maybe 400+ more. Calm the fuck down.

    I have no idea how any of my proggy friends are going to have any mental sanity left. Most have lost it I know but some are still not completly unhinged

    1. And, hilariously, it is exactly what Trump wants.

      Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

      Everyone is going to be too worn in the Shikha Dalmia style self-masturbatory screeching out to call it when an actual wolf worth screaming about arrives.

      1. *worn out

        1. I bet she is

          1. She never will be. Check out her Twitter.

            She’s the Energizer battery of bile, and that drumbeat she’s joined in on is going to be the drums of civil war we’ll be hearing.

            Nobody can ever have reasonable disagreement again. Only divisiveness.

            This is Obama’s legacy; the whirlwind being reaped after what was sown.

  7. BuzzFeed Mideast correspondent Borzou Daragahi, then with political commentator Pejman Yousefzadeh.

    In Crusty’s America these two would be rounded up and brought into fenced-in safe spaces, because if there is one thing I am afraid of it’s people with strange, Muslimy fakenewsian names.

    Keep America Safe.

    1. I know, right? There is no way that some guy named “Borzou” is an actual journalist. Everyone knows that real journalists are named “Dan” or “Steve” or “Tom” or some Real Murican name. He is probably some sleeper cell terrorist. Better keep an eye on him.

      1. “Buzzfeed” is a way bigger problem than anything related to his name in terms of journalistic qualifications.

        1. Good idea. Better throw everyone from Buzzfeed into the camps as well.

          1. I don’t believe “be a bigger and dumber ass” to be a profoundly sound tactic.

    2. Crusty, I am outraged! You don’t treat people that way!

      If they don’t change their name to something trustworthy, then you round them up, you monster!

  8. Let me guess, when it comes to Trump and the Executive Order Pretty Much Anything He Does Borzou Daragahi and Pejman Yousefzadeh don’t like it!

    What do I win?

    1. Why would you assume such a thing?

      Let me guess, it’s because of their Muslimy names, right?

      1. No, I know both of them from their writings. Pej has been around in the blogosphere for a while and Borzou has written for the majors for years.

        They are both leftists and will reflexively hate whatever Donald is doing. Pej likes to call Donald “der Furrhair”.

        SO EDGY.

        1. Boy, Cytotoxic chemjeff just had you pegged as a racist, didn’t he?

          1. It’s a fair assumption when dealing with the unhinged Trumpkins around here.

            1. It’s a fair assumption that people who disagree with you are racists?

              One does not have to be an “unhinged Trumpkin” to disagree with people calling Trump a Nazi.

              1. Nope, not what I said.

                It’s a fair assumption that your typical Trumpkin would regard someone with a Muslimy name to be knee-jerk opposed to Trump without regards to what that person actually believes.

                After all these are the same people who cheered on Trump when he wanted a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the country, refugees or not, US citizens or not, regardless of nationality.

                I have read enough of the pro-Trump websites out there to know that a great many of them don’t even regard Islam as a legitimate religion and have no qualms about oppressing Muslims, spying on them, denying them fundamental liberty to practice their religion.

                So it stands as no great surprise that your typical Trumpkin would prejudge anyone with a Muslimy name as being a member of the “other tribe”.

                Now, maybe that is not true about you. And if it is not, then I apologize.

                1. It’s not true about me.

                  I would like to ask you though, since we’re talking Islam- Should the US be allowed to turn away refugees who believe in things like Female Genital Mutilation or throwing gays off buildings? Or ones that plan on setting up Shariah courts in defiance of US Law?

                  Is there or should there be a litmus test of assimilation for immigrants, be they refugees or immigrants?

                  1. If they *believe* in those things? No, I don’t think that alone should be disqualification for entry.

                    If they *have actually done* those things? Yes, I think that could disqualify, since those things would be illegal under our laws.

                2. “I have read enough of the anti-Trump websites out there to know that a great many of them don’t even regard whites as legitimate people

                  Two can play that game.

            2. I think in the “unhinged” department, proggies are shitting their pants over Trump’s refugee EO far more than Trumpkins are shitting their pants over refugees.

              1. In all fairness, America has been one big pair of shit britches over the past 8+ years…hell 12+, probably.

  9. I don’t even LIKE the fucking EO. It was poorly written and in any case I am firmly against government by executive fiat. Is it really that goddamned crucial that it be talked about endlessly? It’ll be over in a couple of months regardless for crissakes.

    1. The topic of the day will change tonight when the SCOTUS nominee is announced. If everyone is tired of the EO then just tune out until then.

    2. Feels > reals.
      Squeals and emotional appeals.
      Wheels and deals.
      Snowflake raw nerves touched, never heals.
      Overt burst activity, possibly conceals.
      Hearts burst, brain keels.
      Idiocy triumphs reason in all the newsreels.

      1. ‘Member when we used to (rightly) mock “what about the children?” arguments as being logically fallacious? I ‘member.

  10. Who cares about what a bunch of foreigners think?

    If they cared about these refugees they would take them into their own countries

    1. Oh, Canada…

  11. Show in the constitution where it requires any fucks be given about anything outside our borders

    1. Come on! It’s right there with the unlimited immigration and the welfare for all section. You cold-bloods are so far-sighted.

    2. I know, right?
      The Constitution is the sum total of everything that everyone ought to care about.

      1. Governmentally, yes.

        1. And the refugee program is a government program

        2. But Tulpa’s feeeeelzzzzz…

  12. How Trump’s Refugee Order Is Playing out in the World

    I’m quite certain the opinions of those from Nepal and Burkina Faso will be addressed.

    1. I know, right?
      Who gives a shit what those goddamn furriners think.
      They can all go to hell while we relax and watch our NASCAR.

      1. He who fights with stupid should be careful lest he thereby become stupid.

        1. That was Tulpa, the warning is way too late.

      2. Entertaining their opinion is not nearly the same as cajoling them above ourselves- which is exactly the altruistic sickness that infects those with scaled vision who ingratiate themselves blindly to those adhering to tenants fomented by draconian world religions.

      3. Silly person, NASCAR does not start until the middle of February

  13. How Trump’s Refugee Order Is Playing out in the World

    *Lights the Citizen-of-the-World Cosmos signal flare*

  14. When the elite nation and its screeching belly-button ogling ilk get THIS pissed over issues that directly and violently affect millions of everyday Americans then home base has a rock solid opportunity to thrive.

    Outside of Trump excess there exists practically zero inertia to apply common sense, yet tactical, strategies to mitigate another Eagles of Death or Charlie Hebdo.

    The flocking alarm over Trump’s effort to quickly illustrate American worry toward underground Islamic terror through a snappy EO is the same festering zeitgeist that infects the TMZ crowd in their vapid rush to recoil over adulterous situations unfurled between big-screen communists who matter as much as lint.

    1. Where is Sally Struthers to remind us of the plight of Africa now in our time of need? Where is the ASPCA to remind us of the suffering of animals? Where is Team America: World Police to remind us that maybe it’s racist for a bunch of white people to think they can spread democracy and liberate the world? It is all the fault of white people who don’t care enough. Racist white people who only deliver bombs and murder drones and suffering and never relief. None of this happened in the last eight years. We had a cool black President, not a racist white one.

      The world is full of suffering. Oh, won’t anyone think of the children. No, not those. These ones. Right now we’re focusing on these children. Those other children are not the subject of debate. Fuck those children, and fuck you for reminding me they exist and are impoverished and suffering while we try to focus your attention on these ones. All your emotions are belong to us. Your brains have no chance to survive. Make your time. Move zig. For great justice, take off every media zig.

      1. Emotional states are powdered society boxed for ideo-mixology.


  15. File under: Colour Me Shocked, Some Bloodthirsty Leftists. Love the psychopath screaming at the unconscious Trumpkin. We swear we only want civil discourse and dialogue!

    1. It was only a Nazi punched. It was only a Nazi knocked out on the ground. Yeah! Fuck that Nazi! Freedom of speech is meaningless if you’re out punching Nazis!

      In a week:

      Oh no! Not like this! Oh, the humanity? Our peaceful protesters got shot! What kind of sick Nazi fuck would arm himself against our peaceful protesting! We did nothing to provoke this! Disarm everyone! We need martial law! Round up the Nazis and put them all in jail! This violence must end!

      And the cops just stand by and watch violent “protests”. The cycle is looking far too much like a prelude civil war for my tastes. Stay safe out there, folks.

  16. “How Trump’s Refugee Order Is Playing out in the World”

    I don’t give a fuck. I don’t remember this kinds of pants shitting when the right people (Carter and Clinton) did it. This is anti-Trumpism, that is all. The rest of the world can line up and take turns kissing my ass, and that holds true for what they think about any election of policy of my country.

  17. How Trump’s Refugee Order Is Playing out in the World

    How about you tell me again why I should give a flying fuck?

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