Brickbat: A Beautiful Wall


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In Arizona, Boulder Creek High School principal Lauren Sheahan and assistant principal Jay Kopas have been placed on administrative leave while the district investigates a Donald Trump parody video the two made for staff members. In the video, the two star as Trump and adviser Kellyanne Conway with Trump promising to build a wall to keep "those moron parents and weak and loser students out."

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  1. Oh, I have had it, I have had it with this school, Skinner! The low test scores, class after class of ugly, ugly children!

  2. The pair says the 7-minute satirical skit was meant only for staff members, who would understand this to be an inside joke.

    Pretty sure you'd get fired from most jobs if they found out you made a video calling your boss a "moron" and your customers "losers" and your only defense is, "Well, I didn't want you to see it."

  3. How can we expect students to understand the possible consequences of making physical records of questionable acts if their educators don't even understand it?

    It is seldom a good idea to exist solely in an echo chamber, especially if you're a public servant and if you tend to make physical records of your antics inside the bubble. Contempt for opposing viewpoints is not a quality you generally look for in school officials.

    1. Yeah, not the smartest move, especially the work related filming.

  4. Here ya go mammals cuz I've got shit to do durin the morning Lynx

    Brits cannot leave the EU fast enough, RTFA for more

    1. Interesting, a bit of an overreaction by the EU judges to be sure.

      1. "to be sure."


        1. You got soaved.

    2. finally a tax on wheels...on to the feet and hands...soon all modes of transport will be taxed of fines and levies will be imposed


    3. "A 2009 EU law makes automobile insurance compulsory. It was applied to the case Damijan Vnuk v. Zavarovalnica Triglav, in which Vnuk, a Slovenian, fell off a ladder after a tractor backed into it. The tractor, of course, was not insured and Vnuk had 15,944 euros (US $16,990) worth of medical bills that needed to be paid. The EU judges insisted that vehicles of any type, running or not, would have to be insured to prevent a similar incident from happening in the future."

      This is written as if they ruled that a tractor can no longer bump into a ladder (the "incident"). Sounds exactly like EU that the U.S. operates under and which is located in Washington, DC. Statists think that they can legislate risk out of life . . . what could go wrong?

      1. I tell you what could go right. The insurance companies could make out like bandits.

  5. Even if this was only an innocent attempt at humor, and even if the makers of the video love and respect every single student and every single parent, the lack of judgement (aka common sense) evidenced by creating something like this is grounds for serious punishment all by itself. IOW, what were they thinking???

    1. thinking? what is this "thinking" word you keep using? sooo last century, man. Also reference famous line from Star trek...Brain, brain, what is brain?

  6. Comments don't seem to be working on the top post.

    some readers have criticized me for being too Panglossian

    Is this why the comments are disabled? Because you whiny-ass bastards keep bitching about the quality of the writing with such well-reasoned arguments and witty rejoinders as "Your a idoit" and "you suck" ? Or is this the first post after Reason has swapped over to a new commenting system and somebody doesn't yet know the magic words to open the commenting portal?

    1. I just wanted to say "I knew it was a Tupy article by the first four words in the headline"

      1. Yeah, that seems... odd.

        When she said this:

        Paradoxically, by doing less, Reagan...

        I knew that the premises were going to be bullshit. Did she really not notice the expansion of government size, cost, and power under Reagan?

        1. Tupy is a he.

      2. Tupyfied...

    2. We refuse to be foiled. We can just comment here.

      1. We are not a democracy despite Obumbles many proclamations that we are.

      2. We are the only country in the world that I am aware of that recognizes inalienable rights. I will take that over democracy, thank you very much.

      3. Our dropping on that index appears to be based on the proper and legal election of Donald Trump which is given away by the subtitle 'Revenge of the Deplorables'. Imagine that.

      1. Don't forget that hopeful uptick in the number of people who trust the government to "do the right thing". That growing number of people who trust the government may be a reflection of the government doing the right thing or it could be a reflection of how hopeless the idea is of trying to get people to realize the government is not your friend and not your savior. As a libertarian, I'm cheered somewhat by the high number of people who don't trust the government.

        1. A healthy distrust of government was a founding principle of this nation and of the Constitution. Skepticism of government was viewed as the norm. Not a bad thing. People understood that government is force. Nothing else. And that force is not something to be trusted.

          Then something changed. Not exactly sure what it was. Manifest Destiny and the end of the Frontier? No where left to escape? I dunno.

          1. Teddy Roosevelt and the beginnings of the American Empire.

          2. Then something changed.

            Government schooling.

        2. Distrust in government is a net positive when the government is as powerful as ours.

  7. It's a war I tell ya. A war! Hide the womens and chillens, or they're gonna get raped and moida'd!!

  8. People are starting to realize that they don't want to send money to the feds to: (1) deprive sanctuary cities of funds (2) deny public education and (3) pump out manic hysteria about 'terrists gonna getcha!'

  9. People no longer want to pay the feds to threaten to kill them. Imagine that.

  10. Trump wants to ban Muslims and bomb them at the same time - to incite violence to use as a pretext to nuke them to disrupt supplies to boost the price of oil for Tillerson's interests in US and Russia. He also wants to squander billions on a wall to use as a pretext to hold millions of illegals indefinitely as a filip to the private prison industry. Fortunately people are starting to take a stand against the sick, sadistic fantasies of their frumpled uncle Trumpkins. And about time. Trump's schemes will backfire bigly. America embraces and protects its vulnerable minorities and other countries will be inspired to do the same. Welcome to Dajjal's Libertarian Utopia. I will call it, "New Somalia". Make yourselves comfortable, we might be here a while.... ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I can't remember the last time I saw that much stupid crammed into one short paragraph. That was some very fine work. If I was wearing a hat I would take it off to you.

    2. Pro tip: when trying to troll a thread, space out your bullshit statements so that it doesn't look like you're spamming up the place. Oh, and source some authentic tinfoil for your hat.

      1. Well you didn't threaten to kill me, or threaten that others will kill me. Keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. As they say in Texas, son, you aren't worth killing.

  11. some readers have criticized me for being too Panglossian

    [citation needed]

  12. Funny thing is, all the schools around here have fences around them. Of course that as much to keep the kids locked in as to keep the pedophiles out.

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