What a Relief, Republican Reps Can Retreat to Their 'Safe Spaces'



Two California Republicans took matters into their own hands, taking down a painting they found offensive.

Steven Greenhut writes:

Conservatives love to mock liberal college students who clamor for "safe spaces," where they can hide from ideas that run contrary to their politically correct sensibilities. Yes, these kids need to grow up and learn how to make a counterargument, rather than call on the authorities to censor views they don't like, even though most of them are 19 or 20 years old and probably have never been taught any better.

Yet a brouhaha in Washington, D.C., shows that some of the nation's most fragile "snowflakes" are Republican congressmen, including California Republicans Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Rep. Duncan Hunter. These grown men, and some others, were so offended by a Missouri student's painting that they recently pulled it off the wall in a U.S. Capitol tunnel, where various works are displayed, and demanded the architect of the Capitol permanently ban the offensive object.