School Choice

Nick Gillespie Talks School Choice, Radical Autonomy, and Small "L" Libertarianism

StartEDup podcast covers "where educators, innovators, and entrepreneurs connect."


Yes, it's National School Choice Week and, as it happens, I recently recorded a podcast with Don Wettrick, a public-school teacher based in Indiana and the voice behind StartEDup, a weekly interview program that covers "where educators, innovators, and entrepreneurs connect." It's a wide-ranging conversation about the need for more variety in educational options for all kids, and more variety in life in general. We also get talking about what it means to be a small "L' libertarian at a time when traditional conservatives and liberals are doubling and tripling down on the very madness that has left their ranks depleted.

It's a rollicking, fun conversation, and you can listen along simply by clicking below:

Full website is here.

National School Choice Week, an annual event promoting the ability of parents and students to have greater options in K-12 education, runs from January 22 through January 28. Over 21,000 events involving almost 17,000 schools from all 50 states will take place over the coming days. Go here to get more information about events and data about how increasing school choice—charters, vouchers, educational savings accounts, and more—is one of the best ways to improve education for all Americans.

As a proud media sponsor of National School Choice Week, Reason will be publishing daily articles, podcasts, videos, interviews, and other coverage exploring the ways in which education is being radically altered and made better by letting more people have more choices when it comes to learning. For a constantly updated list of stories, go to Reason's archive page on "school choice."