LGBT Activists Hold Dance Party Protest Outside Mike Pence's Home

Revelers object to the vice president-elect's position on gay and trans issues.


Ludovic Bertron / Wikimedia Commons

Biodegradable glitter and pop music filled the typically quiet Chevy Chase neighborhood of northwest Washington, D.C., as protesters danced the night away on Wednesday, the Associated Press reports. The party, organized by LGBT activist groups Disrupt J20 and WERK for Peace, drew a crowd of over a hundred people to protest Vice President-elect Mike Pence's positions on LGBT issues.

"The homo/transphobic Mike Pence has graciously invited us to shake our booties and bodies in front of/around his house in Chevy Chase," reads the Queer Dance Party Facebook event page. "We plan on leaving behind [biodegradable] glitter and rainbow paraphinalia* that he can NEVER forget."

The protesters met up at the Friendship Heights metro station around 6 p.m. and marched to the Chevy Chase neighborhood, where they partied for a few hours before dispersing around 8:30 p.m. Although the D.C. Police and the Secret Service were on hand, the demonstration was peaceful overall, according to reports. Whether the party had any effect on Pence is less clear, since he was attending an inaugural fundraising dinner at the National Portrait Gallery at the time.

"We had a dance protest in response to the bigotry and hate that Mike Pence purports through his policies and actions," Firas Nasr, the founding organizer of WERK for Peace, told Fox5. "We had hundreds of people come out to assert our bodies and space and state that we are here, we are queer and we will dance."

Two years ago, the then–Indiana governor caused controversy by signing a state-level Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, which critics feared would allow businesses to discriminate against members of the LGBT community. Although the law was revised by legislators before it was enacted to clarify that businesses would not be able to use it to justify discrimination, Pence is seen by many as on the wrong side of LGBT rights. Critics have also accused Pence of supporting conversion therapy, or counseling aimed at changing a person's sexual orientation, but the vice president-elect's actual position on the controversial practice is unclear.

Disrupt J20 also plans to protest and disrupt the inauguration tomorrow. Donald Trump has been described by Log Cabin Republicans President Gregory T. Angelo as "the most gay-friendly Republican nominee for president ever," but activist groups fear the president-elect will be a threat to LGBT rights, in part because Trump's positions on those issues aren't clear-cut. While he has expressed support for traditional marriage in the past (most notably in a 2000 interview with The Advocate), he also expressed sympathy for the LGBT community after the Orlando nightclub shooting and promised to protect LGBT Americans.

*Misspelling and brackets in original post.

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  1. Who would have thought gays and lesbians would be dancing in the streets before Trump’s inauguration?

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          1. Nothing a doctor loves more than doing his job for free on the internet.

            1. Nothing a doctor loves more than doing his job for free on the internet.

              Depends on who asks, Brother X.-) If I like you, yes, I will help you if I can (i.e. withing scope of practice or relevant opinion). If you are shreek, for example, you might as well throw yourself down a flight of stairs, because that’s what I will tell you to do.

              Also, I prefer pro bono or the explicit, “Free of Charge,” as opposed to, “Free.” That one is a bona fide Berserk Button.

            2. That’s why he should do a really bad job until people stop asking.

          2. No, I haven’t received anything from an, “Evan,” though there *is* someone to whom I need to respond, though they explicitly said they weren’t soliciting a, “telemedicine,” session.

            Thank you for reminding me, Playa. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s POV) family and paying customers get my and Dr. ZG’s attention first. As it should be, and my son is battling Gripp (technically, The Flu, but more like, The Crud, i.e. stubborn URI). Fortunately, the twins appear to be OK so far.

            1. a, “telemedicine,” session

              I think they can get one of those from a webcam girl for about $2.00/minute.

              1. I think they can get one of those from a webcam girl for about $2.00/minute.

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                When I pointed out to Dr. ZG that her SkypeDoc sessions with patients was, strictly speaking, no different from a Webcam Girl, she at first laughed and shook her head. Then though about it some more.

                Then I got couch duty for a couple of days. *grins*

                1. Sorry to laugh at you Doc, but that’s funny.

                  1. Sorry to laugh at you Doc, but that’s funny.

                    The Make Up Sex with so, so very very worth it….*wiggles eyebrows*

            2. He has a bit of doctor phobia. He’s a good guy; we’ve talked a bit off-board.

              1. He’s a good guy; we’ve talked a bit off-board.

                Ah, yes, I remember this fellow from years ago here, he had question about his hips back then. Tell him to email me with a “throwaway” if he has any privacy concerns.

                1. It is done.

    1. Out of curiosity, who thinks the dancers were doing something to help change Pence’s opinions and who thinks they were helping to reinforce his opinions?

  2. but activist groups fear the president-elect will be a threat to LGBT rights

    It’s because he has that scary R after his name, you see.

    1. Obama was a crusader for gay marriage… eventually!

      1. Right after everyone else in the democrat party!

        1. And a number of state courts, and a solid majority of the population!

    2. Little known fact, it was actually Adolph Hitle(r).

    3. and perhaps a law for religious conscience something or another?

    1. No booty, no peace!

    2. *waits impatiently for HM*

      1. #waitswithSwiss

  3. paraphinalia

    Uh. Is this spelled wrong on purpose?

    1. Seems a little …. waxy?

      1. A tallow comment, to be sure…

    2. Asterisk added. But people, click the link?it was misspelled in the original!

      1. Wait, we read the article, now you want us to click the links too? Yeah right.

  4. So, what are everyone’s predictions for the inauguration demonstrations? Large, medium, or underwhelming? Peaceful, property damage, or riots with arson, and maybe a death toll? The only thing I am sure of is that they will make Trump look good by comparison.

    1. I just bet some at lunch there would be at least 10 deaths.. coworker took the under

      1. Did you agree on which fake news outlet provides the number you’ll use?

      2. I’ll say zero deaths. A little fist-pumping and some shouts, but nothing major.

        Now the women’s march, on the other hand, will see any number of females crushed by their larger sisters.

        1. Depends on how they count deaths. Do heart attacks count if they probably were going to happen anyway?

          Fun fact: a good chunk of the death toll from the 1993 Northridge Earthquake was old people having heart attacks.

          1. Interesting. I didn’t know this about the Northridge earthquake.

          2. Do heart attacks count if they probably were going to happen anyway?

            Yes, as what counts is not only, “When the infarction takes place,” but also, “Where.” The mitigating factor here is also, “What kind,” since all CA’s have not all the same contributing factors nor same result, i.e. the difference b’twixt a “mild” heart attack and even pronounced angina, vs. sudden cardiac arrest.

            Case in point, deaths on the OR table never happens. Oh yes, the patient could technically die on the table, but as long as there is (depending on the locale, but this is generally universal) at least one heartbeat per minute, yep, you have a pulse, even if I am using a defibrillator once a minute whilst taking you to the ER/ED to then have you properly pronounced dead when defib is withdrawn there.

            1. All 3 of my living grandparents at the time were in Northridge. My one of my Grandpa’s neighbors had a heart attack at some point, but wasn’t discovered for a few days. They had no idea when it took place, but he’s still counted in the death toll for the earthquake.

    2. I bet we’ll see some minor rioting like after the election in some cities. DC will be solid police, so I doubt there will be too much excitement there.

      1. Good call. I’d like to piggyback on your prediction: There will be some rioting in latino immigrant neighborhoods in at least 3 major cities in the US. I’m going to go with LA, Chicago, and… possibly somewhere in the Bay Area.

        1. I would not think Chicago so much as LA and the Bay area.

          I would if the Starbucks smashers will b e out in Portland or Seattle or Oakland?

          1. *wonder if* not “would”

      2. Oh, and our wonderful public high schools will let the kids out to protest.

        1. And they’d actually go? When I was in high school I’d head home and play videogames or something.

    3. All of the property damage will be peaceful, or isolated events that reflect poorly on all the other property damage.

    4. Underwhelming, with a heavy dose of hurt feelings.

    5. *approaches bettor window*,

      Inauguration, D.C.


      Minor mayhem.

      *slaps down $20 bill*

    6. I’m betting on 3 arms scratched and 1 leg bitten.

    7. Medium on size, large on derp and underwhelming for anyone not already participating.

      1. “So we have a medium protest…a large order of derp and a side of underwhelming….that’ll be $6.37 please”

        *opens register*

        1. You forgot my strawberry milkshake! [starts to roll up newspaper]

  5. These people are twerking on strangers’ cars on live television. They are not scared of anything. They just want attention. They make me embarrassed to be gay.

    1. Have you entirely missed all the pride parades?

      1. Apparently for cbk this is more of a gay walk of shame

  6. Everything and everyone is a threat to LGBT rights, because LGBT rights, like the ever-expanding acronym itself, are infinite and boundless. Any attempt to circumscribe them, like asserting the countervailing rights of others, is an attempt to string up gays.

    1. Why do you want to circumcise them, hater?

      1. Would “circumscribe” be removing the foreskin of a writer?

        1. That or a clerk. A cleric proper, well, that’s a spicy meatball given….

    2. So don’t insist that you have rights that require countervailing those of gays. It really isn’t zero-sum, the politicians just want us to think that so the stupidest people in the country get riled up enough to vote with their lizard brains.

      1. I know, that’s how Obama was elected. When he couldn’t run again, many blacks stayed home rather than choose between two white people they didn’t like.

      2. THANK YOU. LGBT rights aren’t boundless and infinite, they’re the same as the rights everybody else has because they’re normal-ass people yet we somehow just figured out they could legally get married and have survivor benefits and all those boundless, infinite, unreasonable things like a minute ago. Still working on the whole ‘not getting fired just for the fact of your spouse’s particular genitals’ thing.

        I don’t know what rights I have that step on LGBT people’s rights. Can’t think of the last time a gay person infringed on my freedoms. I suspect that people who can’t exist without making sure other people uphold their personal preferences in their own lives, are just trying to cry loud enough at the dinner table to make sure nobody else is allowed to eat turnips in front of them,.

  7. If Joe Biden didn’t manage to impose a culture of improper touching upon the country, I don’t think Mike Pence is going to be able to reinstate sodomy law.

    1. Hey, pussy grabbing is a thing now, isn’t it?

      1. Biden is more of a thigh man, it seems.

        1. I thought his MO was more the shoulder rub, while smelling their hair.

          1. That was Bush’s bag, at least with Merkel.

  8. Alt-text used for the purpose alt-text was originally intended?!

    *checks byline*

    Ah, the new intern. Welcome to H&R, Marchello. Consider avoiding the comments, for your own mental well-being.

    1. Someone with the same name gave an interview online. Would it be creepy to link to it?

      1. Probably yes. OK, then, I’ll just say I wanted to know if the intern was a she-Lindsay or a Lindsay Graham style Lindsay. She’s the former.

        1. Angling for that Alabama Bathroom gig aren’t you?

            1. Wait, now I get it.

              Ha ha, I guess.

    2. Alt-text used for the purpose alt-text was originally intended?!

      *checks byline*

      Ah, the new intern.

      I was similarly puzzled by Reason’s publishing an article about Trump’s Right Hand, a traditional member of team red, that was so decently balanced.

      I mean giving Pence the same benefit of the doubt about religious conservatism and conversion therapy that we grant to frauds, libelists, and rapists?!? What is this magazine coming to?

      I, for one, wish the intern the best of luck in what seems like it may be a… conflicted environment.

  9. But they didn’t have the balls to march on Obama’s home when he didn’t support gay marriage, right?

    Disingenuous assholes.

    1. That is what the “D” stands for, isn’t it?

      1. Oh, the gays love them some (D), It Is Known.

        1. The male gays do, anyway.

      2. I thought the “R” stood for RACIST and the “D” stood for DOUCHEBAG.

          1. CORRECT!

            or maybe Retards and Derpists?

    2. The only reason we have gay marriage is because of activists pressuring Democratic politicians to get on board.

  10. “We plan on leaving behind [biodegradable] glitter and rainbow paraphinalia that he can NEVER forget.”

    That’ll show him.

    1. So they’re gifting him colorful sex toys? How neighborly!

      1. “How neighborly!”

        Must be a very interesting HOA…

    2. Seriously. They would attract more flies with honey than shit biodegradable glitter. Or maybe not.

      1. But why would they want to attract flies?

    3. If leaving a lasting impression is the goal, of course you want your glitter to biodegrade.

  11. “Whether the party had any effect on Pence is less clear”

    It was never intended to influence Pence or bring him around. It was a tantrum, and probably had the opposite effect.

    1. +1 Hamilton intermission

    2. It was a tantrum, and probably had the opposite effect.

      If not on him, I know that even people who had ‘Hillary’ signs in their yard wouldn’t appreciate a full on gay pride parade in our neighborhood at 18:00.

  12. I get that RFRAs have become ‘scary boogeymen’, due to complete ignorance on the part of these activists and an accommodating media that loves stupid narratives, but President Obama voted for a RFRA in Illinois when he was in the state legislature. The ACLU once was the main driver of RFRA legislation at the federal level, before it became totally ‘uncool’ and they adapted accordingly. Hell, even Gary ‘religion is a black hole, because it’s cool to say that now’ Johnson doesn’t even understand what the legislation does, as evidenced by his moronic quotes (let’s also not forget that the dingbat supported a burka ban before everyone just shook their head at his stupidity).

    You don’t gain liberty by stealing it from others.

    1. Gays used to want liberty. When they did, they got very little respect from politicians. As soon as enough loudmouths turned “gay rights’ into just another type of “free shit” entitlements and special accomodations, then politicians and their media minions couldn’t stop fawning over them.

    2. I’ll believe that we have any kind of religious freedom when my hookers and blow religion gets the recognition and legal accommodation it deserves.

  13. protesters danced the night away on Wednesday

    The protesters met up at the Friendship Heights metro station around 6 p.m. and marched to the Chevy Chase neighborhood, where they partied for a few hours before dispersing around 8:30 p.m.

    Um, you might want to check the definitions of “danced the night away” and “a few hours”.

    And go ask Ed for some alt-text lessons!


  14. I think of LGBT activists themselves as biodegradable glitter.

  15. We had a dance protest

    No, fuckwad, you had a dance party. Calling it a protest to make yourselves feel all justicey ain’t gonna have quite the effect you think it will.

  16. Amazing the lack of class and sense of entitlement people have. It’s one thing to protest in normal public spaces but to march onto a man’s home? Is there no common decency anymore? Obama likes to stick his big fat nose on local issues and talk about civil this and that so why doesn’t he remind these people this is not a good idea? Will they do this for four years? These are probably the same people who would demand ‘free speech zones’ and ‘safe spaces’ but feel entitled to march on to a private home thus trampling on his privacy. There’s a lot of background noise here distracting me so forgive if the flow comes out a little disjointed.

    1. This sort of shit is what “No Trespassing” signs and shotguns are for.

  17. I bet Pence’s stance on gay issues will have as much impact on Trump as Cheney’s support for same-sex marriage had on Bush.

    1. *turns on “applause” sign*

      1. I think he meant the other Bush.

  18. When I want to get through to a religious conservative, my go-to move is behaving like a queen, throwing glitter, and dancing to C&C Music Factory in his front yard.

    1. According to instapundit, the party lasted a half hour. So much for the myth of gays knowing how to throw a good party.

    2. C&C Music Factory?

      Somebody sounds too old to be standing on someone else’s lawn.

      1. David Cole died of AIDS-related spinal meningitis, actually. I can’t find anything that either confirms or denies him being either homo- or bi-sexual. Granted, AIDS and HIV are not “Gay Diseases” but at the time he died, and his being 32 at the time, did fall within the And The Band Played On…. fervor at the time.

        Now Haddaway, that’s some GTFOML territory….

        1. C&C was prominently featured in one of the greatest episodes of the Simpsons ever. The one with the gay steel mill.

  19. If Pence changed his bad views what rights would the STRINGOFLETTERSCROWD finally be able to take advantage of that they’re currently being denied?

    1. Maybe the rights to demand that the mom grocer without an in-house bakery also be forced to bake them a wedding cake.

  20. Biodegradable glitter

    Oh thank god.

    1. It’s still littering. My poop is biodegradable. Does that mean it’s ok to shit on his lawn?

  21. Whether the party had any effect on Pence is less clear

    Was genuinely surprised when i checked the byline and it wasn’t Robby.

    1. I noticed that, too. It’s a pestilence, and it’s spreading like Winston’s Mom’s cottaged cheese white thighs.

  22. It is funny that these people think Pence much less anyone else gives a shit that they are gay. What is the point of doing this unless you think that Pence cares that there are gay people out there and is somehow made unhappy by their appearance?

    The people who threw this party are more angry that no one gives a shit about their sexual choices and won’t pay attention to them than anything else.

    1. The only reason anyone knows who Mike Pence is is because he won the prize for passing the most hateful antigay laws in the country. So he does seem to care about gay people.

      1. So, tbise laws are the tallest midget, then?

  23. danced the night away on Wednesday, the Associated Press reports. The party, organized by LGBT activist groups Disrupt J20 and WERK for Peace, drew a crowd of over a hundred people

    Wait… a second. Wait a second. They drew a crowd of literally tens of people, and this is national news?

    1. Ten people cranked a boom box and danced and threw glitter in the street for a half hour. It was a big fucking deal Paul.

    2. You think people actually go out and do journalism?

    3. The media loves to over-report left-wing demonstrations and under-report right-wing ones.

  24. This whole thing is totally indicative of serious, substantive people, and it will undoubtedly be successful in changing Mike Pence’s mind.

    1. It also indicates that gays are very sensitive to stereotypes and are careful not to live up to stereotypes of gays. No one would ever thing gays would protest by having a dance party. Completely out of character for them.

      1. I would throw a dance protest, but only because I think people would concede if it means I stop dancing.

      2. To be fair, this is a rather small number of people who decided to do this protest.

  25. And then Pence came home and wondered why there was glitter all over his street. That was probably the extent of the thought he gave it. I hope they had a good time at least, even if they probably bothered the shit out of his neighbors.

    1. “Hmm… Looks like they have unicorns here. I wonder what a good caliber for unicorn defense is…”

  26. Look, if you aren’t a solid socialist then you are a bigot. It is as simple as that.

    *pay no attention to the socialists monstrous history of rounding up and murdering queers by the hundreds of thousands*

    1. That wasn’t real socialism.

  27. The protesters are assholes. They are invading a quiet neighborhood, bothering many people. They are blocking public streets. Their protests are not “peaceful”.

    The press, including Reason, lets them off the hook by calling their protests “peaceful”. Evidently the only thing that makes something not peaceful is bodily harm or property destruction. Disturbing the peace, trespassing, or blocking rights of way are not peaceful. Those actions violate the rights of others and are crimes.

    1. They may be assholes, but as far as I can see, they were peaceful. Peaceful as opposed to violent. Blocking a street may interfere with others’ lawful business, and may be illegal, but it is not an act of violence.

      Under your definition, there has never in the history of the world been a peaceful protest.

      1. Yeah, I suppose there are nuances to the word peaceful. But the metric I use is: did the behavior violate someone else’s rights? If so, my presumption is that that behavior is not peaceful.

        But you make me think: is taking someone’s money by fraud at the bank peaceful, while taking their money at gunpoint not peaceful? I find that to be an interesting question.

        1. This is a libertarian site and you’re straining to find nuance in whether it’s OK to peaceably assemble to protest the vice president?

          1. Tony, how can you miss the point so completely? My whole argument is that violating laws like blocking rights of way and disturbing the peace cannot be a peaceful assembly.

            I’m not debating “whether it’s OK to peaceably assemble to protest the vice president”, because, well, of-fucking-course it is! I’m debating whether this assembly was “peaceful”.

            1. But why? Not enough protesters in jails for your taste?

              1. Because it was disruptive, not merely expressive?

        2. is taking someone’s money by fraud at the bank peaceful, while taking their money at gunpoint not peaceful?

          I would say yes, that is the right distinction. It seems like you are trying to equate peaceful with moral, or something along those lines. But I don’t think being peaceful necessarily means that you are in the right. Peaceful actions can violate others’ rights. And violent actions can be morally justified in many cases.

          1. And my problem is that things like this fall smack dab in the middle of the grey area. They are active intrusions – blocking roads, disturbing the peace.

      2. I would like to know if they got a permit to use the roadway – most cities have ordinances for this, allowing a balance of the needs of demonstrators and paraders, and the needs of motorists to use what is, after all, a motorway.

        And some cities ban residential picketing. I don’t know if Washington DC is one of these cities.

        1. I think that’s basically what it comes down to — if you’re just spontaneously assembling under the first amendment, then you have to do so in a manner that doesn’t prevent the normal use of public property. It’s the difference between carrying a sign and smacking people in the face with it. If you have a permit from the city to shut a road down, then it’s all good (assuming the city controls the road in question).

    2. Lick that Republican boot.

      1. Tony, I’m licking Republican boot? What does “Republican” have to do with anything?

        You think it’s ok to be a group of unruly people blocking public streets and disturbing a neighborhood of people just trying to have a nice evening? That makes them assholes in my book, whether they are LGBTWTF or The Society of Young Republican Ass Kissers.

        1. I think you’d have a completely different opinion if it were teabaggers outside Obama’s house.

          1. Tony, I would have thought we’d had enough sporadic interaction that you would know not to lazily place one of your “other” templates on me like that. You looked at your collection of easy templates and picked “teabagger”. Very disappointing.

            And no, my opinion would not be different.

            1. Perhaps, but this remains a forum for libertarians, not law-and-order conservatives, so I will continue under the presumption that I’m sticking to the house ideology better than most, despite my poor receptions.

          2. Unfalsifiable accusations are the best accusations.

    3. Free, I have seen a number of protests recently categorized as “peaceful” that did, indeed, involve property destruction and threats of personal violence, if not actual violence.

      I think the way you determine if a protest is peaceful is whether it supports a proggy cause. Hell, even the Standing Rock protests, which have involved actual hippy IEDs, are often referred to as “peaceful” or “mostly peaceful”. To me, adding a little violence to a protest is like adding a little shit to ice cream – just like the end product isn’t mostly ice cream, but shit, the protest isn’t mostly peaceful, its violent.

      1. Right, can you imagine the howling from the press if this was a group of [non-prog people*] doing this in some other neighborhood?

        *I actually couldn’t think of what group might do this bullshit that isn’t proggy.

        1. Except for anti-abortion protests, I can’t think of much non-leftist protesting that goes on (at least in the US) that is as obnoxious and confrontational as almost all leftist/prog protesting is.

          1. That is a great example – pro-life protesters. If there were a bunch of them in the streets, say, outside the house of a judge, and they were praying, or loudly chanting, or singing, I don’t think they would be handled with such kid gloves by the press. I don’t think the press would go out of their way to describe it as peaceful.

        2. A congregation from a revivalist church, perhaps?

      2. Whereas Occupy Shack was reported on as a borderline terrorist operation.

  28. Wow, there was a gay dance party outside Pence’s residence! Well, shit fire…I guess we have to cancel the election results and make Hillary president!

  29. There’s a form glitter that eventually goes away?

  30. Mike Pence [looks out window]: Look what the homosexuals have done to me.
    Donald Trump: You can’t just comb that out?

  31. Too bad Spence wasn’t home, or if he was, he should have thrown some beer in a cooler and gone out to help the party along.

    “Hey, I think its awesome you’re celebrating the inauguration. I wasn’t expecting this, so all I have is a couple of sixpacks, but help yourself, and God bless!”

    1. That would be the best move ever. +1000 troll points

  32. RE: LGBT Activists Hold Dance Party Protest Outside Mike Pence’s Home
    Revelers object to the vice president-elect’s position on gay and trans issues.

    Gee…if only Lawrence Welch was alive to see this.
    I’m sure he’d fire up his accordion in no time.

      1. My bad.
        I meant Lawrence Welk.
        Please forgive me.
        I haven’t had enough scotch in me.

  33. 40% of gay marriage supporters are progressive and culture warriors. The other 20% are more libertarian leaning or believes in constitutional rights of citizens – which goes beyond just gay marriage.

    And of the 40-45% who are still opposed to gay marriage out of religious teachings, half belongs to the democrat party.

    Gays make a lot of noise in politics and they’re all over TV. But they’re not as big as they think. These gays dancing at Mike Pence’s house wouldn’t pull this sort of stunt in front of a mosque where the imam preaches death against gays, for obvious reasons. They’re just part of the punk leftards who protest endlessly against groups of people who actually tolerate dissenting views and won’t urge violence against them.

    You’re attracted to people of the same sex. That’s all you are. You live marvelously comfortable lives in the greatest country on earth while Jews, Christians and non American gays are targeted all over the world. You acting like asshats is what got Trump elected.

    1. They’re just part of the punk leftards who protest endlessly against groups of people who actually tolerate dissenting views and won’t urge violence against them.

      And *then* turn around and say “Quit bullying us!” or “Somebody’s gotta protect us/our ‘rights’/accommodations!”

  34. “Trump’s positions on those issues aren’t clear-cut. While he has expressed support for traditional marriage in the past … he also expressed sympathy for the LGBT community after the Orlando nightclub shooting and promised to protect LGBT Americans.”

    It still just tickles me that people are trying to report on stuff this guy -says- and piece together a cohesive platform out of it. He’s the Nostradamus of compulsive self-aggrandizers. He just says stuff.

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