Donald Trump

Donald Trump vs. the Deep State: Matt Welch on Tonight's Kennedy

Analyzing the president-elect's unusual conflicts before Inauguration Day, on 8 p.m. ET on Fox Business Network


Two babes, two dudes. ||| Andrew Heaton
Andrew Heaton

On tonight's Kennedy (Fox Business Network 8 p.m. ET, with a repeat at midnight), I am sitting on the Party Panel along with lefty raconteur Nomiki Konst and righty nightmare-fuel Gavin McInnes, talking mostly about controversies surrounding America's new president-elect—his war of words with Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), his testy relationship with a hyperventilating press, the silly campus politics surrounding his name, and his remarkable open conflict with the CIA and intelligence community. Are we seeing a Deep State revolt even before Inauguration Day? Maybe!

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  1. Speaking of TheYoungTurks, Matt, I’ve been getting a lot of Jimmy Dore videos in my youtube feed and he’s been ripping the Democrats and Hillary Clinton a new one on an hourly basis.

    For the uninitiated, I believe Jimmy Dore is a generally progressive guy who leans Bernie Sanders. Say what you will, he understands the anatomy of the Hillary Clinton loss.

  2. Just when do we get to call a regime illegitimate?

    1. When people have endured many abuses, for a long time?

    2. Apparently these days, when it’s not leftist.

      Or Islamic.

  3. Matt Welch roots for the Deep State!

    Hell, that’s not news.

  4. Matt, do not ingest any pills Gavin gives you. Safety first.

    OT: CNN 1, Trump O

    Don’t cheat on your PhD dissertation, people. Well, you can cheat on it, but you will get caught 16 years later if you try to join a Republican administration. Also, if you are incredibly attractive I’m sure you’ll get some conservative work somewhere.

    1. Trump “O”, not Trump 0?

      Let me show you my O face.

    2. Plagiarism kept Biden from running for President but these days it didn’t keep him from being Vice President. (take this out) _presidential_campaign,_1988

      I don’t HTML so just delete the blank space or google it yourself if you are interested.

      1. I was interested until you told me how much work it would be.

        1. Darn fast fingers.

      2. “Plagiarize! Get a Holiday named for you!”

  5. controversies surrounding America’s new president-elect?his war of words with Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), his testy relationship with a hyperventilating press, the silly campus politics surrounding his name, and his remarkable open conflict with the CIA and intelligence community.

    Those aren’t “controversies”. It’s all one thing – criticize Trump and he gets on Twitter and calls you a stinky doo-doohead. Not only sad and pathetic, but fast getting boring and predictable. Yawn.

    1. “Reason” commenter Jerryskids is a stinky doodoo-head. Sad!

      1. Yet in no manner controversial or pathetic, correct?

    2. I find the prospect of the pretentious White House Press Corps being reduced to covering Trump’s doo-doo head tweets–because he won’t waste his time talking to them–to be unequivocally hilarious.

      1. The entire press seems to have already decided that its primary role now is to report on, overanalyze and speculate wildly about his tweets. That’s a pretty funny job description for a ‘profession’ that really believes in its own importance.

        1. He’s only held one press conference since July. They have nothing else to do!

          The White House Press Corps still has to file a story every night.

          They were nothing but cheerleaders for Obama for eight years, now they think Trump is going to feed himself to them–just because?

          They’re all gonna get fired. They have nothing to do but sit around all day waiting for Trump to tweet something. The White House Press Corps covers Trump’s tweets–because that’s all they have to cover.

          They’re going to lose their jobs–because of their bias–and it’s gonna be hilarious when they do.

          1. Meh… Obama doesn’t do press conferences either. The press corps gets briefings from the White House Press Secretary. That’s what they do. They go to the press briefing every day, and they get talking points from the Press Secretary, and they ask him questions that he goes and finds out answers to.

            Access to the president has been pretty much 100% scripted since Clinton took office. The press secretary comes out and tells everyone which guys are going to get questions, in which order and what the questions are about. It is all scripted and pre-arranged. If they want to get called on, they play along.

            C-SPAN is a great resource for seeing how the sausage is made. The cameras will often go live wile the event is being organized, so you can listen in over the open mic and hear a bit of what goes on. Of course, they are more cooperative for Democrats, but they were pretty cooperative for Bush most of the time too.

        2. Stephen Bannon, who built Breitbart online from scratch and got Trump elected without hardly spending any money on TV adverting, doesn’t need the White House Press Corps for anything.

          1. TV adverting ?

            I like it.

            1. They hardly spent money on any advertising.

              According to Bloomberg:


              Trump raised about $340 million including his own money.

              The Hillary Clinton campaign raised $1.2 billion.

              Meanwhile, Hillary had the endorsements and open support of the entire press.

              Trump had nothing but condemnation from the same bunch.

              Overcoming that deficit, Bannon is a genius and it doesn’t matter what the White House Press Corps. says about Trump. They couldn’t hardly be any more hostile to Trump than they were.

              Listening to the press threaten Trump with bad exposure would be like listening to Al Qaeda or ISIS threaten us with terrorism–it’s not like they’ve been holding back. The White House Press Corps has been on jihad against Trump for more than a year! They’re already doing everything they can to hurt him. If they aren’t successful, it isn’t because they aren’t trying. They’re just failing despite trying their hardest.

              Trump probably has nothing to lose by revoking their White House security passes.

              1. Or just, as has been discussed, moving press briefings to a much bigger room and opening it up to a lot of other outlets. Forcing the NY Times and WaPo to rub elbows with Breitbart and a bunch of right-wing bloggers would really get their goat.

          2. I wonder if Stephen Bannon is related to Jonny Quest’s Race Bannon?

            It would help to explain the choice of Pence for V.P.

      2. When I first heard that they were thinking of moving the press core, I was hoping he would tell them they would have to have press conferences, and do their work on the front lawn on folding tables. Rain or shine. Dress appropriately.

        1. To avoid being thought dumber than I already am, I do know how to spell corps, but I think of the majority of the press as the part of an apple that is discarded.

          1. There’s an old putdown that plays on your core-corps homophone:

            I heard your sister is rotten to the corps…….but great to the infantry.

      3. I plan on getting all future news from those Taiwan Animator guys.

  6. Let’s go, Caps!

    1. WHERE?


      1. Deep into the playoffs.

        That’s as specific as I can get.

      2. Now that Dallas has been embarrassed, there’s little else left for a heterosexual DC native to root for.

        And has there ever been a bad game between the Caps and the Penguins since the Ovechkin era?

        I guess Fast n’ Loud is back on tonight, I guess Aaron’s gone now? He just couldn’t take it anymore?

        Heterosexual DC natives need more chicks on that show, and less “Wooooooo!”

          1. They’re people from the Virginia and Maryland suburbs who prefer the company of the opposite sex.

            It’s not that hard to follow, really. They also like the Redskins and the Caps.

              1. Caps were up 3-0.

                Pens had to start a fight to show the crowd they weren’t just giving up.

                Crosby is a douche.

                1. Damn, I missed a Sabres win. Who knows when that will happen again.

                  1. I think Holtby just gave up five goals in about five minutes.

                    1. Caps/Pens is always a slobber-knocker.

                    2. Caps score!


                    3. Incidentally, the score is now 7-7, which is 49-49 in football years.

                      One of the best games I’ve ever seen.

                      If you’ve never watched hockey before, this would be a game to get you on board.

                      It’s on NBC sports nationally . . . when you’re done watching Matt on Kennedy.

                      Matt’s great, but they need more chicks on that show, too.

                    4. Hockey, like soccer, doesn’t need to be high-scoring to be exciting.

                      (The best soccer game all last year had only one goal: the first leg of the CL semifinal between Atl?tico Madrid and Bayern M?nchen.)

    1. Hmph, when they said “winter training” and “irking Russia” I was hoping for something more like this.

      1. Shitfuck Obama just has to clog the toilet before he leaves office. It’s as though he is purposely creating problems for the next President to have to deal with.

        It’s not even for party reasons either, it’s purely progressive post colonial bullshit ideology.

      1. So the spectre of American military might keeping Russia off your front porch is the US not being involved in the region? Just because we don’t have a massive amount of troops in a base doesn’t mean we aren’t projecting power and protecting their territory.

    2. “For the first four weeks they will have basic winter training, learn how to cope with skis and to survive in the Arctic environment,” said Rune Haarstad, a Home Guard spokesman. “It has nothing to do with Russia or the current situation.”

      Six months? That is some kind of hazard training.

    1. She was just getting going, so I wondered how far I could push this. What about Obamacare?


      “Don’t get me started. My premiums are through the roof. I can’t afford it. Because I drive all day and night making money, I’m not poor enough to get any subsidies. So this year I’m going to have to pay $750 on my tax return because I can’t afford to buy insurance. But I can’t afford the health care either! And have you seen those deductibles? If anything should happen to you, you go bankrupt. I’ll tell you who benefitted from Obamacare. Not the poor. It’s the insurance companies and the government.”

      1. It’s the insurance companies

        Who have been bailing out of the marketplace like it’s the damn Hindenberg.

        I think insurance companies thought this would work out well for them. I wonder if any Big Insurance brass ever asked any of their fucking actuaries whether it was going to work out well.

        1. I knew “health insurance” was disconnected from reality when I found out that vaping gets you the same punishment as smoking.

        2. I think they were betting on being TBTF and getting government handouts – oops – Transition Corridor Payments.

    2. Or, “I got my ass handed to me today”.

      1. Yeah, it sounds totally made up.

          1. OK, I can believe the experience happened but not that she spoke in such a reader-friendly way (people don’t talk like that) or that the author somehow remembered word-for-word what she said.

            I.e. it reads as somewhat fictionalized.

            PS. That website is really annoying.

            1. i haven’t read the thing yet.

              the reason i’d guess it were at least mostly true is that Tucker has zero need to try and pretend that Trump supporters are more-diverse than they are. He’s not a Trumpkin. He’s not even a media-guy, really. So there’s nothing gained from narrative-pumping.

            2. so i just read the thing, and i agree he probably ‘transliterated’ the conversation (preserved the meaning, but discarded the actual words the woman said.) which makes sense given he wasn’t going into a cab ride expecting to conduct an interview.

    3. How did he not get his ass kicked with that bow tie?

    4. I tried linking to that – I’m glad *someone* got a response.

      Yes, it’s the “I talked to a cab driver” type of article – journalists have been known to make up this stuff, but I hope this would be above such fabrication.

      1. I think Jeff Tucker’s one righteous dude, but I’m With Rhywun.

        1. Moar like Jeffrey Cucker, amirite?

          Dude’s fallen hard from when he used to be head ghostwriter of the proto-alt-right Ron Paul newsletters.

          1. Like you are one to talk about falling hard; coming home drunk, running around, slipping on chicken poop, and falling onto your erect penis.

  7. Is it too soon to break my new year’s resolution to not blame office staff and fire them for my bad day?

    1. By asking that question here, Denver J, I think that you take the very large risk of not asking individuals who might have sympathy for the would-be unemployed office staff.

      Wait… You already knew where you poised your question, didn’t you?

      Farewell and ado, Denver J’s office staff.

      1. Farewell without ado.

      2. Look, I’m smoking pot and haven’t fired a subcontractor since. OK? But it snowed today and i needed temps with shovels. I finally got them, at 10:30. 10:30? Jesus Tap Dancing Christ, what difference, at this point, does it make?

        1. I have magnanimously learned that I do not have the authority to fire office staff. Therefore, I am generously not going to fire any of them.

        2. If you wait a couple days it will mostly be melted off anyway.

    2. I resolved years ago to never start with a new year’s resolution until February. 30 days to pay FTW.

    3. Never too soon to fire office staff!

  8. “Deep state” is January’s version of December’s “Swamp”

    1. Miss February is “Established procedure.”

      1. the March Centerfold will be = “former NATO allies”

  9. No PM links today? Just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean that Robbie and pals should be slacking too.

    Speaking of Kennedys, can we pile the whole Kennedy clan into a barge and sink it off the coast? Especially Carolyn Kennedy?

    1. Isn’t it a travesty how Trump won’t give all these politically-appointed ambassadors a few more months of office?

    2. It’s a holiday. White sale day. The banks and schools are closed. And you want PM links.

      1. White sale day? OMG.

  10. Heeeeere’s…. Kennedy!

  11. Donald Trump goes for single-payer health insurance?

    Ha! Who could have seen that coming!

    1. I think it’s hilarious. I’ve been saying for weeks that he should pimp single-payer healthcare just to get the progs hyperventilating about why it won’t work.

      Next thing you know, he’ll be talking about reducing America’s nuclear arsenal, and college campuses nationwide will hold protests arguing that he’s putting the country at risk of an ICBM strike.

  12. lol, so the mayor of Los Angeles just said he would love to get the infrastructure spending that Trump was promising, but of course he’s not going to allow the deportation of anybody for any reason (exaggerating only slightly). Right, Eric, I’m sure Trump is gonna get right on sending the city money so you can spend it on not following immigration law, Trump’s super reasonable like that.

    1. Makes you wonder how California’s economy would hold up if Trump turned off the federal money spigot.

    2. My guess is that they’re hoping to be able to pull off a coup in court. “The administration can’t suspend our free shit regardless of whether we obey the law because reasons”.

  13. Matt’s getup =

    light grey suit jacket, lilac shirt, sky blue tie, and charcoal(? i hope) trousers.

    My impression is that the “Suit?/Not-suit?”-choice was never decisively made. And when you’re in that ‘neither-fish-nor-fowl’ no-man’s land, … well, that’s how the whole “waterboarding isn’t really torture” thing happened.

    if it were a full suit (iow, his pants matched), i’d say the shirt/tie was a tad goofy.

    Light grey suits tend to work best with 1 strong color contrast, not 2. so if you wear a blue shirt, you’d wear either a navy tie, and a pink or purple shirt would require something either consonant (pinkish or purple tie), or neutral (like a grey/charcoal tie, like this)

    I think the grey/pink/blue thing can work… but it would need to be a suit in the first place, and really is more of a spring ‘social event’ type look.

    but its not a suit. so…. i guess its less-goofy, but still mild-headache-inducing. too much going on.

    i think its time to acquire a few sport-coats for these ‘in-between’ days.

    1. also = it could be one of those things that black people can do that white people can’t probably shouldn’t

    2. and charcoal(? i hope) trousers.

      They were black, because he hates you.

      i think its time to acquire a few sport-coats for these ‘in-between’ days.

      The Fifth Column listeners should sponsor a “Kmele takes Matt to Brooks Brothers when they have a 2 for 1 sale” trip. Moynihan can narrate, but only if he is on his way to getting wicked pissed.

      1. I thought that Gilmore meant that he wasn’t sure whether or not Matt was actually wearing pants.

        1. I thought that Gilmore meant that he wasn’t sure whether or not Matt was actually wearing pants.

          I don’t think Matt would culturally appropriate Crusty’s daily wardrobe choices.

      2. They were black, because he hates you.

        Oh well. I try.

        The Fifth Column listeners should sponsor a “Kmele takes Matt to Brooks Brothers when they have a 2 for 1 sale”

        agreed, but i think it would be better as a chaplinesque silent film, or maybe a humorous photo montage

        the post-holiday sales there are usually pretty damn good. surely over now, or at least picked-clean.

    3. I can’t imagine being a television personality and having to “dress up”. I hate dressing up, and I only do it for weddings and funerals.

    4. Matt Welch’s attire = Torture

      *nods approvingly*

  14. Buck Sexton = suffers from Benjamin Button disease


    1. My guess: he is the man formally known as James Jesus Angleton.

      1. was that the Good Shepherd guy?

        1. ah

          The 2006 film The Good Shepherd is loosely based on Angleton’s life and his role in the formation of the CIA.[21]

          i thought it was a book first. huh.

  15. The Women’s March on Washington has become about one topic. It’s like things are finally back to normal.


    1. isn’t this the “other” women’s march on DC? i thought the Pussy-hats were post-menopausal, and so the whole Gagortion-debate was moot

    2. “Many pro-life women felt just as outraged as pro-choice women about Donald Trump’s conduct and comments”

      …so they’re going to join a bunch of demonstrators who are personally devastated that Hillary lost?

      1. This is where social issues become funny. They’re designed (mostly by accident) to evenly divide the country 50/50. Are you a feminist? Well, you’re probably also into abortion! But there are plenty of people who don’t see those two as following from one another.

        What’s their place at an event that claims to speak for all women

        That’s a stupid-ass thing to do. Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.

        1. The march in SF featured “Enough Gun Violence” signs, as if Obo and DiFi haven’t been the greatest gun sales-folks in history:

        2. Bear in mind, as I’ve said before, guns are a social issue.

          So are drugs.

          1. I mean, they’re either social issues or they’re not, I’m not interested in the “oh, they’re social issues when the other guy does it, when *we* do it it’s just plain old justice” approach.

    3. I enjoyed Charlie Cookie’s tweet:

      [London, 1939]
      “We need everything we can throw at the Nazis. This is existential.”
      “Yes, sir.”
      “But make sure we’re intersectional.”

    4. Fucking awsome. Needs more confusion.

  16. the Marines will take part in the Joint Viking exercises

    1. As an actual viking, I’m offended by modern day Norwegians.

      1. I hope its not like, Brevik-offended

      2. You know who else had conflicted feelings about the Norwegians?

        1. Begins with a Q…
          Naah: Churchill!

          1. Quisenberry?

        2. Garrison Keillor?

        3. Oscar II?

        4. Charles XIII?

        5. The new arrivals to the country who have to take a class paid for by taxpayers to learn that a woman/girl in a short skirt is not asking to be bent over and raped?

        6. Steven Van Zandt?

    1. Which one, Crusty?

      1. Why can’t they be the other kind of mermaid, with the fish part on the top and the lady part on the bottom?

      2. The one that is part whale.

    2. I posted yesterday that the next protected class after all the 56 genders have their day will be people who believe themselves to be animals like horses or dogs, and no response, perhaps none of you wanted to believe it. But I’ve seen so many articles about people like these mermaids, who ‘truly’ consider themselves to be other species. Just wait, it’s coming. Or are you a hater?

      1. I don’t know whether these articles are trolling us or not. I mean, it’s just so fucking stupid it can’t be real.

      2. I think you are correct. The SJW tide is peaking, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more room for absurdities as it crashes.

        We should start writing jokes and memes based on that. I just finished Lenny Bruce’s autobiography, and I’m ready to start poking cultural absurdities like he did.

        But without the needle drugs.

        1. Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

      3. I recently saw one remade chart of gender symbols, with the labels “Male” and “Female,” and all the rest being “Mentally Ill.”

      4. “I’ve seen so many articles about people like these mermaids, who ‘truly’ consider themselves to be other species. ”

        OK. We all consider you an ass. Happy?

        1. Only if I get to call you “T-Bone”.

      5. C. Anacreon|1.16.17 @ 10:51PM|#
        “I posted yesterday that the next protected class after all the 56 genders have their day will be people who believe themselves to be animals like horses or dogs, and no response, perhaps none of you wanted to believe it.”

        Suffice to say, in a very racially-mixed cocktail party, celebrating the opening of the then-new Oakland Museum, I ended up in a discussion with a Cal prof (anthropology, I think; didn’t get a name).
        He asked ‘to which group/race I identified?’. I said ‘none’. He said ‘you better pick one’.
        This was late ’60s; prescient. Really sorry I lost his name,
        I’ll still take ‘none of the above’.

        1. He asked ‘to which group/race I identified?’.

          “Human. You?”

      6. There are fucking “Unicorns” in the UK. I fucking shit you not.

    3. So, plump women and a gay guy.

      1. Sounds like the “Cosplay” community. Minus the one reasonably hot chick who knows how to rock some cleavage and a bare midriff.

        I did enjoy the reporting – “there is a growing community”… 4. Ya found four. That barely qualifies as a community.

        We’ve got tons of weirdo dress-up communities… Civil War reenactment folk, Renaissance Festival folk, DnD folk, Cosplay folk of various stripes… These people can’t even muster the numbers of furries and pony-girls. “Growing community” is a stretch.

        And “identify” is a pretty strong word if you play with your toy tail as infrequently as these folk do. If it were a daily thing, they’d be much stronger swimmers.

        Still, I’m in the “if that’s your thing, then have at it!” category. The costumes are impressive and it looks like they are having a great time.

        Just leave off the credulous reporting next time. “Growing community”…. if you are going to claim that, you’d have to report on how many folk are a part of the community. Even if only half would go on TV, 8 isn’t all that many in a city the size of Seattle.

    4. I applaud her. If she can make a living selling silicone human size fish tails to other humans for any reason and make a living, good for her. If she even makes it a, “thing” even better. It is just an opening to my still in the works start up of making silicone human sized penis costumes and developing a community of people who tell everyone else to fuck off. #BeADick

    5. “smells like fish”

    1. *thunderous applause*

    2. I’m only halfway through the season, asshole.

    1. Why wasn’t that black bitch put down?

  17. “Warriors’ Curry wearing special Obama shoes, Green honoring MLK Day”…..861192.php

    At least the name’s on the bottom so he can walk on it all day.

    1. Oh, and is the team going to demand equal representation of the races?
      Just asking, since the blacks in hoops seem to be oppressed…

  18. “PBS’ ‘The Story of China’ Is ‘People’s History’ of World Superpower”
    “What I liked about the selection of material in the series is that it really brings out the voices of the people,” Tsui said. “It’s the people’s history. It’s not just rulers, dynastic histories, but also what the Chinese think about their history, their stories, their families.”…..861283.php

    Which is sorta like proving Russian Roulette isn’t dangerous; interview the survivors. I’ll be curious how they get the 50-75M victims of Mao’s polices to add their stories.
    Guessing a white-wash.

    1. I’m sure “the people” were totally free to say what’s on their mind.

      1. maybe they could interview one of the 50+ million killed by the state

      2. Many others have been there by now and it was a thrill to be cruising down the Yangtze given what I’d found out about the place earlier.
        But there was no real doubt concerning the ‘freedom’ of the population or the ‘guests’: ‘Don’t take pictures of the Army personnel’, ‘Don’t mention tanks in Tiananmen Square’, ‘Don’t ask about the displaced people for the 3-Gorges Dam’.
        We were there when those in Tibet were giving the Han Chinese hell, and that’s not a clear issue, but as soon as “Tibet” was spoken on the CNN Asia feed (or whatever it was), there were ‘technical difficulties’ and we lost the signal. Can’t remember the name of the lefty NYT columnist who lionizes the Chi Coms, but he obviously loves control of the population by Top Men.
        In defense of the population, they have taken the limited financial freedoms granted them and run with them. But sometimes it’s hard to separate the entrepreneurs from the cronies; my company has had limited success in dealings with the suppliers there.

    2. Wouldn’t that be a yellow-wash…?

    1. Its official = LGBTQF

  19. Anyone have any advice re: the Microsoft Surface Book vs MS Surface Pro 3/4 vs lenovo yoga 910 ‘s HP Spectre x360?

    I am looking for something that I can draw on that feels the same or similar to drawing on paper. The Surface book did exactly what I needed, but it is expensive for a laptop.

    1. “I am looking for something that I can draw on that feels the same or similar to drawing on paper.”

      Is this free-hand drawing or drafting?

      1. Free-hand drawing, doodling, sketching. That sort of thing.

        1. Cant help ya there. I’ve gotten used to “paint’ for ‘way more than it was intended to do, but sketching isn’t what it can do.

  20. OFFS:
    “Republican says with Trump ‘impeachment needs to be on the table'”
    “So it raised a few eyebrows when Calabresi told a law school audience in San Francisco that when it comes to Donald Trump, “impeachment needs to be on the table.”…..861130.php

    Among those who think the Chron is a newspaper it might. To the rest of us, It’s not; the Chron is a rag to keep the coffee drips off the table and give me comics and ‘features’.

  21. late night links for night owls and left coasters

    Russia may ban smoking

    It could become completely illegal to smoke cigarettes in Russia.

    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports that the The Russian Health Ministry proposed banning cigarette smoking for anyone born after 2014, even after they turn 18. That’s the legal age to smoke in Russia.

    1. Will they ban squatting and Adidas gear next?

      1. Meanwhile, some rays of hope on alcohol policy. Wiki sez:

        Putin planned to lower taxes on alcohol in an effort to curb the use of unsafe alcohol substitutes, requiring officials to present a plan by 31 March 2017.[13] Criticism of the plan was leveled by four experts from Moscow’s Higher School of Economics; they hold that cheaper alcohol will lead to higher levels of alcoholism and alcohol-related mortality.

    2. The average Russian lifespan has risen since the 1990s… but at that time, it was so abysmally low it was… embarrassing, really. Here = see how it crashed after the fall of the Soviet state? (or rather – the lies of the soviet state were exposed)

      men died in their 50s. it was unheard of for a modern country. and while its “gotten better”, they’re still in the 60s now.

      and consider that “official stats” are padded. its a major drain on their economy. they drink and smoke themselves to death by their late 50s.

      i visited moscow for 4 days about 10 years ago with a beer company that was expanding its operations there. what i learned = ‘beer is a drink for girls and children’.

      1. ‘beer is a drink for girls and children’

        Odd. I thought imperial stouts were brewed just for the czars.

        “Imperial stout, also known as Russian imperial stout or imperial Russian stout, is a strong dark beer or stout in the style that was brewed in the 18th century by Thrale’s brewery in London for export to the court of Catherine II of Russia.”

        Oh. It was for a German woman.

    1. He and I shared a friend…Tom…..

  22. I’m sure Obo knows all about 3D printing and beryllium:

    “2 Bay Area scientists lauded by President Obama for their work”
    “In one of his waning acts in office, President Obama bestowed on two Bay Area scientists the federal government’s highest honor for certain early-career researchers.
    A materials engineer with expertise in 3D printing, Eric Duoss, and a physicist who has experimented with little-understood materials like beryllium, Jonathan Belof, were both recipients of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, according to the White House press office.”…..861547.php
    Both associated with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Duoss and Belof were honored with the award last week, officials said. Both men have received grants from the Department of Energy for their work.
    Established by President Bill Clinton in 1996,”

    Hey, gimme something that the Chron will feature, stat!

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