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Censorship: UC-Davis Student Protesters Shut Down Milo Yiannopoulos

Here we go again.


Mark Reinstein/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Milo Yiannopoulos, the alt-right-friendly media figure and Breitbart tech editor who is permanently banned from Twitter, was scheduled to speak at the University of California-Davis on Friday, but student-protesters mobbed the scene, forcing event organizers to cancel his appearance.

Given the unruly state of the protesters, university officials informed Yiannopoulos's hosts, the Davis College Republicans, that they could no longer guarantee anyone's safety. This prompted the CRs to cancel the event before Yiannopoulos had a chance to speak.

Martin Shkreli was supposed to speak as well, but because of the actions of irate students, his lecture did not take place, either.

The university initially remained committed to letting the event go forward, despite the administration's fervent opposition to Yiannopoulos's message. But fights broke out, according to local news reporters. Someone even poured hot coffee on a photojournalist.

Yiannopoulos next heads to UC-Berkeley, where the CRs insist that his show must go on.

It remains the case that the students who shut down Yiannopoulos at campus after campus are playing directly into his hands. By proving him right about the college left's intolerance, students ensure that Yiannopoulos will be able to continue promoting his agenda and claiming the mantle of free speech martyr. He will arrange more speaking tours, make more media appearances, and sell more books. The outrage that follows him wherever he goes is beneficial to him.

Liberal students should try a different tactic: silence, rather than silencing. Yiannopoulos believes that all publicity is good publicity, and craves the attention. Don't give it to him. If you hate him, just ignore him.

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Campus Free Speech

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102 responses to “Censorship: UC-Davis Student Protesters Shut Down Milo Yiannopoulos

  1. Everybody Wang Chung tonite.

  2. It’s homophobia, loud and clear. Nothing changed since the Left murdered Pim Fortuyn.

  3. I love this “no fascism” meme with the left now. Isn’t suppressing speech like pillar one of totalitarian control?

    1. It’s almost as if the left have no idea what fascism means. Ditto freedom….

      1. “the left have no idea what fascism means”

        They must wear the special sunglasses when they look in the mirror.

      2. Oh, the Liberal establishment knows what it means. They’ve just been damn careful not to let that knowledge taint the students.

        1. Silence? If I remain silent, how will anyone know how virtuous and progressive i am? It’s Saturday, and i won’t be getting a date based on my looks.

      3. And no idea what irony means, either.

    2. Fascist and far right (and for that matter, conservative) basically means anything the left doesn’t like.

      Never mind that fascism was basically a 3rd way socialism between communism and laiz faire capitalism as amply demonstrated in that ode to fascism, Metropolis.

      1. I describe it as socialism with a dash of corporatism and a heaping of nationalism and authoritarianism.

        1. I think that is how Mussolini described it.

      2. Whereas socialism is basically an authoritarian central government telling industry what to produce, how much to produce, and what they can charge for it, while rounding up, killing, imprisoning, and/or expelling dissenters, and tightly controlling the media and propaganda, fascism is an authoritarian central government telling industry what to produce, how much to produce, and what they can charge for it, while rounding up, killing, imprisoning, and/or expelling dissenters, and tightly controlling the media and propaganda. Huge difference.

      3. There are a lot of people on the left with different levels of discernment and precision. Lumping them all together, you have made the same error you accuse them of. Congratulations or something!

    3. Milo’s blather gets out all over the place. But he’s not using my doorstep.

      I suspect that most of the protesters’ medium of protest was more speech. Tearing down barricades? What, are the righties trying to make their own safe spaces now while whining about it from the left?

  4. While some students who oppose his message may choose to attend so that they can organize effectively in their opposition, other students may choose not to attend in order to avoid being triggered or exposed to unnecessary threat by his offensive message..

    Hey Robby, you could be the UC Davis Chancellor.

    1. I love how this one little guy can shut down entire liberal campuses just with his mouth.

      1. So they stop talking when Milo starts sucking?

        1. I think they stop talking when they start sucking off Milo.

  5. Fascists don’t protest by being silent….

  6. But doesn’t this same stuff happen when pretty much any Republican or right leaning person tries to speak on a campus? (Well, presumably tech schools and religious schools are the exception)

    To the point where they just never bother even trying anymore. Which is what Milo basically is doing, he’s one of the few that continue to try to speak.

  7. “…alt-right friendly…”

    That link takes us to an article about Trump supporting college students. Just like bigfoot, photos of the alt-right are always fuzzy and you cant make them out.

    1. If anybody wants photos of the Alt Right they can just turn up at the next NPI conference.

        1. Papers, please, doesn’t ring a bell?

          1. It sounds better in the original German. “Ihre Papiere, bitte.”

  8. Wait…UC Davis’ campus cops suddenly can’t handle some student protesters?

    What happened to the massive police deployment to clear the quad of those Occupy demonstrators?

    What about Pepper-Spray Cop? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you…

    1. It occurs to me that if we maybe had a few more UC David Pepper Spray Incidents, it might have a calming effect on the left-wing idiot students.

      As it is, the university administration’s grovelling apology probably contributed to a campus Ferguson Effect, whose benefits we’re enjoying today.

  9. Fuck those fascist shit-heads, and fuck their heckler’s veto. Yeah Trump is the fascist, give me a fucking break.

    Please tell me exactly how those little fucks differ from the brownshirts

    1. “Please tell me exactly how those little fucks differ from the brownshirts”

      The brownshirts were less likely to retreat in the face of resistance – not that the wimpy campus administrators will ever test that proposition.

    2. Better dressed?

      1. Well, Hugo Boss did design some of their uniforms, so…

    3. The brownshirts had better fashion sense.

  10. “If you hate him, just ignore him.”

    I’m trying to remember why I’m supposed to hate him, other than the difficulty spelling his name.

    Apart from that, what makes him worse than other campus political speakers?

    1. Authoritarians rarely find humor in irreverence. They like bowed heads and bended knees.

      1. Of course, Milo does, too. [rim shot]

        1. [rim shot]


    2. Listening to opposing viewpoints to gain some perspective? That sounds like part of a liberal education, which is not at all what college is about, shitlord. Better to ignore what one hates.

      Robby has spoken.

      1. Disagreement is aggression. They’ve established that already.

      2. That would imply that he has a perspective, instead of just spewing whatever idiocy he thinks will gain him the most notoriety.

        1. So the hecklers are just keeping out the competition.

  11. . . . forcing event organizers to cancel his appearance.

    No. Event organizers *chose* to cancel his appearance. Don’t let them off the hook.

    1. “Force” – yet another word that has had its meaning changed right before our eyes.

    2. I agree. The College Republican showed a remarkable lack of legal knowledge and/or fortitude to cave into the police saying that they would be personally held responsible if someone got hurt due to them holding there event. If the police realistically thought there was a threat to public safety in holding the event, they should have shutdown the event themselves. Making such a statement is a basic intimidation tactic. Too bad the College Republicans caved in. Now it is their fault, rather than anybody else’s.

  12. If Trump really does cut the balls off of the OCR it would go a long way towards driving this behavior back under the rock it crawled out from under. The howls and shrieks will be wonderful to behold.

    1. …so would about 1000 expulsions. When I was young and dumb, I couldn’t imagine getting away with the crap these people pull.

      Of course, they get away with it because the administrators want them to succeed.

      1. Those brains didn’t wash themselves.

        1. I would imagine the hardcore nuts come into college with the attitudes already established. The problem starts in elementary school, where I’ve see curricula that lists “diversity” as a primary government function.

          1. My kid’s elementary school has a social justice coordinator.

  13. It remains the case that the students who shut down Yiannopoulos at campus after campus are playing directly into his hands.

    It is time we start identifying these students by their proper name: The Committee to Re-elect Donald Trump.

  14. Maybe the campus cops should contract out to the Ohio national guard – – – – – – – –

    1. Tin soldiers and Trump is coming
      Four dead in front of Milo

    2. I doubt that their marksmanship is any better today than it was back then.

  15. A very virtuous post.

  16. I wonder what Shkreli had to offer Davis College Republicans.

  17. At this point, what is Yiannopoulos’ message other than that colleges and universities are under the control of intolerant, totalitarian, leftists? If that’s the case, I fully support that agenda and the “mantle of free speech martyr” is fully deserved.

    1. He frequently includes commentary on how tolerant he is because of the number of black penises he’s had in his ass…so there’s that.

      1. To be fair, he’s probably trying to freak out the SJWs more than he’s trying to freak out the normals.

  18. You need a tag for “heckler’s veto.”

  19. I’m not a big Milo fan but I might just pick up his book as a finger in the eye to these people. Say what you want about the guy, he makes the right enemies.

  20. It would be entertaining to see the fireworks if every campus Republican club, YAF, YFL and SFL chapter announced Milos was coming to their campus. Expose the fascist brownshirts on everyone’s campus.

    1. I would love to see the hilarity ensuing if about a dozen or so campuses around the nation all booked him into the same time slot.

  21. Damned violent Trump supporters!

  22. It’s not just about their idiotic ideology, it’s about how stupid they are.

    Those protesting morons are too stupid to stand back and laugh like I do about the fact that this non-American who constantly brags about how many black dicks he’s sucked has become a favorite and leading media voice for nationalist trumptards everywhere.

    That battle is sadder than Special Ed Fight Club, and it happens routinely on college campuses no less.

    1. Cripple fight!!!

  23. Progs celebrating diversity.

  24. The government passing laws preventing private citizens from speaking: censorship

    A bunch of whiny college students convincing their nanny-ish college admins that letting an asshole like Yiannopoulos speak will hurt their feelings: not censorship

    1. The government failing to protect dissenters from violent suppression: Censorship and denial of equal protection of the law.


    2. Nope. It’s censorship. They are censoring him, by definition.

    3. Interesting, what dicktionary did you grab that from?

    4. I actually had a discussion about this very thing with a libertarianish friend of mine. I fell on your side of the argument until I went and actually Googled the definition. I learned that day that censorship doesn’t require the government. So, in short, yes. This is censorship.

      1. Even if censorship can only be properly attributed to the government, remember that UC-Davis is a public institution and that its failure to protect a speaker from violence based on his views is a form of indirect censorship.

        For the record, I agree with John that censorship can be attributed to private actors and private colleges should be condemned when they engage in it.

        1. Censorship may sometimes be a good thing, like when a free-market oriented magazine chooses to censor statist articles, or when, let’s say, a Catholic University decides not to sponsor and highlight speakers who oppose the Church’s teachings.

          But censorship can be a bad thing if it’s delegated to mobs or if it’s directed against dissenters at a state institution. Or at a private institution which subscribes to the secular ideal of academic freedom and markets itself on that basis.

      2. People seem to conflate the 1A protection of free speech from government interference with all forms of censorship. Anybody can be a censor. It’s much better to be censored locally by an organization than universally by a government, but it’s still censorship.

        1. ^this. Just as people get confused about the fact that the 1A prevents the government, not private citizens, from interfering with speech, people also get confused about the meaning of the word “censorship”.

    5. Yes it is. Do yourself a favor and look up “heckler’s veto”. If you are going to defend this, be honest and defend it.

    6. No, this confuses “first amendment freedom of speech” which relates to government restricting speech, and censorship which is a more general term, like discrimination, which can have a neutral type and an unwanted form: (“I discriminate between the peanut M and plain ones”) or the more usual ‘discrimination on the basis of racial difference in hiring”). Censorship is similar. State actors doing both – discriminating and censoring – are worse, because of the power of the state – but that doesn’t make it good when non-state actors do these things. (assuming UC Davis is a non-state actor, which isn’t that clear)

      Brainwashed students and cowardly college admins who prevented Milo from speaking and who prevented others from hearing other opinions is censorship. They are literally censoring Milo’s speech, so that no one can hear it.

      Besides, a small violent minority deciding who is allowed to speak strikes me not just as censorship, but tyrannical, and should be pushed back no matter what they espouse.

      1. University of California, Davis. It’s a public school, so for 1A purposes it should be considered a state actor. I’m not sure that public universities are always held to the same standard as non-academic government bodies, though.

  25. The sad thing is that Trump will inevitably do stuff which, as a Good Citizen, I should oppose.

    It won’t be a pleasant experience, being on the same side as the Howling Mobs of Love and Tolerance, but logically the retardation of these mobs doesn’t mean that Trump is going to be right all the time.

  26. “Liberal students should try a different tactic: silence”

    But silence doesn’t make for a good selfie op. What’s the point of a Millenial protest is you can’t virtue signal what a righteous radical you are?

  27. Why were you working so late, Robby? You could lose your coif, you know.

    1. He can’t be lazy, he has to compete with his evil clone, Nicholas Pell.

  28. It remains the case that the students who shut down Yiannopoulos at campus after campus are playing directly into his hands. By proving him right about the college left’s intolerance, students ensure that Yiannopoulos will be able to continue promoting his agenda and claiming the mantle of free speech martyr. He will arrange more speaking tours, make more media appearances, and sell more books. The outrage that follows hin wherever he goes is beneficial to him.

    And if it didn’t play into his hands, you would be okay with it? If not, then why make this point at all? When jerks on the right do things, do you make a point of saying how this plays into the left’s hands?

    This is fascism Robby. But you can’t help but sympathize with it and excuse it.

    1. Robbie’s objections to SJW activism always seem tactical, don’t they.

  29. Was there last night. Many more pro Milo people than protestors. Protestors tore down barricades and swarmed the cops who got backed up against the building. Since they couldn’t guarantee safety they cancelled the event. Milo and Martin went to a hotel bar in downtown Sacramento after. I was one of the first to arrive on scene and got to talk with them cordially before the crowds showed up. They were both genuinely polite and kind in person, whatever one might think of their political and business actions.

  30. Time to just start suing these Left-wing protesters. Heckler’s veto is not free speech (it’s not protected).

    Shit like this makes me glad Trump won

    1. How is it that tearing down barricades and going after cops doesn’t result in arrests and/or disciplinary action?

      1. Because California?
        /lives there

        1. I have friends who are campus cops and went to academy w/a few- the admin micromanages them
          And when it comes to enforcing the law/protecting people (Milo) or doing the bidding of these scumbag criminal enabling admins – they do what the admins allow them to do

          I would LOATHE being a cop on these campuses.

          In Chicago Milo was blatantly assaulted by these fucking scumbags and they took over the stage and admins prevented campus cops OR Chicago PD from doing anything

          Perverse incentives rule – these campus scumbags are rewarded for violating others rights so they keep doing it

          It’s a travesty and Robby’s constant ‘yea but’ apologies for these scumbags is tiring , as well as his virtue signaling criticism of Milos message which he feels the need to insert to make sure he’s on the ‘good’ side

  31. The problem is the administration at the schools like UC-Davis. If they simply say before that any student caught preventing or attempting to prevent an invited guest speaking will be rounded up and immediately expelled, they the problem goes away. But, as long as their are no consequences for these actions, it amounts to tacit approval for their antics.

  32. And this bullshit about canceling because they can’t assure ‘safety’?

    It’s horseshit

    Warn the violators if they don’t stop blocking the entrance – they will be arrested

    And carry through with it

    The whole point of civil disobedience involving lawbreaking is to get arrested

    These unamerican SJW fucktards are being rewarded and Milos free speech rights are being violated on a public campus

    The DUTY of the admin is to let the police protect Milos rights and enforce the law against those that are attempting to interfere with his right to speak and with audience members right to attend the event

    Somebody blocks your entrance – push them the duck out of the way- you KNOW 99% of these criminals are skinny fat nerds

  33. OSU, student protesters told that they were scaring the staff and if any were still in the lobby in the morning they would be expelled. They were gone.

    1. When I went to UC in the 80’s (and I did a few protests) that’s how it worked

      They let you make your point – then you were issued order to disperse or stop blocking and if you persisted – arrest

      It works

  34. In the days of Marx and Nietzsche , progressive universities put revolting undergrads in student jails til they cooled off and apologized.

    1. Or fought it out with a duel.

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  36. This is the guy who says that if you are against people acting like macho idiots, you are against men. I fail to see why conservatives aren’t protesting him more assiduously than liberals.

    1. Because the fact of the matter is that the liberals have vastly overplayed their hand and people will now accept ANY voice against them, even if that voice is deeply flawed itself. For further insight, please google the 2016 United States presidential election, specifically Donald Trump.

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