Low Approval Ratings for Trump, House Votes on Obamacare Repeal, Paul Ryan Dabs: P.M. Links


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    1. Rude, Fist. Only his wife is allowed to call him that.

      1. I don’t think his wife is married to him, just The Hair.

        1. No, no, no, The Hair has all the mistresses.

          1. The Hair would never sully itself with carnal pursuits.

    2. He’s fucking with us. If we call him on one minute then we look petty but it will only encourage him to see how far he can stretch things.

      1. I thought he said time stamps of 4:31 get more traffic.

        1. Ah, but what was the timestamp on *that* comment?

        2. To be sure, Robby says a lot of things.

        3. Yes, Chipper, he said that. And you believed him. Me, not so much.

          I gently asked him for a source and I don’t think he replied.

          1. IOW, fukin wit us.

        4. He actually said “tramp stamps.”

          1. Trump stamps?

            /here all week

      2. To be sure, Rico is definitely trolling us now.

    3. Hello.

      Just for your enjoyment. Levant on Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle. What winners we have in power:


      Not generally a Levant guy myself but appreciate him trolling and sticking it to the HRC, the PC crap narrative and just having the balls to give us a different perspective instead of the usual go around of CBC, The National Post and The Globe & Mail; and to a lesser extent the Toronto Star and Sun.

      1. I was stunned that Freeland got what was, in effect, a promotion. Talk about failing upwards!

        1. Me too. She’s impossible to listen to. Watch her in the clip. Try not to cringe or face palm.

          1. Watch her in the clip.

            Pass. I’d rather be hung by my eyelids and beaten until I blinked.

        2. I can’t think of a person more suited to a Zoolander cabinet. Not even Naomi Klein.

      2. The bit on the Minnesota Somali Muslims is something else. I’ve that to Pope and Tundra.

      3. Levant can be as much as a dumbass as he wants and I’ll still respect him for this moment.

        1. Yep. I was only surprised that more people didn’t do pushback on the HRCs. First time I ever donated to Ezra’s funding pledge-drives.

        2. I know. That was as close to telling the government to suck his dick and then fuck off as any citizen can get.

          Love it.

      4. Wait, he wasn’t jailed indefinitely?

        1. Nope. In fact, things started to turn around for him after that.

    4. Woah! What?! What?! Alt text!? Who is this and what have you done with Robby?

      1. That right there…worth the extra time.

    5. That’s an unflattering picture of Trump.

  1. President-Elect Donald Trump has very low approval ratings.

    That’s definitely fake news.

    1. I suspect Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his approval ratings. Most CEOs learn early on that being an unloved bastard is just the cost of effectively running an enterprise. Almost the exact opposite of most politicians, who crave approval.

      1. If he’s only concerned about one term, and he isn’t worried about the media, why would he care at all about approval?

        1. Precisely. Imagine the terrifying (or wonderful, depending on your perspective) things a President could do if he wasn’t being led around by the nose via approval ratings.

          1. I had hoped that Rand Paul would fill that role, only as a libertarian.

            1. Oh, he will

      2. Trump isn’t a CEO though, he’s an actor who plays a CEO on TV. Of course he cares.

    2. Considering that half the voters voted against Trump and half of them voted against Hillary, it’s kinda surprising he has any approval ratings at all since nobody even voted for him.

      1. You’re forgetting all the people who didn’t vote at all

    3. Who collects the “approval ratings” anyway?

      The same people who called the election 90%+ for Clinton?

      1. The same people who called the election 90%+ for Clinton?

        I keep thinking this so I’ll poop it out here: Who’s to say that those people were wrong? They didn’t say she had a 100% chance of winning.

        Anyway, I hope polling keeps getting worse and people keep believing it anyway. I like surprises.

        1. Given how pissed they were that Silver gave Trump a 35% chance of winning, I’d say they deserve to be called wrong. By their own rules.

          1. Exactly silver was one that was actually close to correct (missed some big states though) but percentage wise was very close and obviously gave trump 35%

            Huffpo 98% chance lol

          2. Who is they here? Gallup (who did the approval ratings survey) wasn’t attacking Nate Silver. In general, it wasn’t pollsters who were doing it, it was liberal pundits who thought Silver was playing up a horse race narrative and that other models of the polls (not polls themselves) that had Hillary with a 90%+ chance of winning were more accurate.

            At the end of the day, the polls only got the national popular vote margin wrong by about 1 point (the RCP average had Clinton up slightly more than 3 points and she won by 2). They were off by quite a bit more, however, in key states in the Midwest, which led to a Trump upset by narrowly winning states where he was down 3-6 points or so (PA, MI, and WI in particular) plus Florida (which was accurately perceived as a tossup based on the polls).

            1. You must be a joy at parties

              1. I am joyed when I pole Millennials.

            2. Cali, i strongly suggest going forward you choose a topic other than “polling” to posture authoritatively about.

            3. Getting the popular vote right within 1% isn’t much of a feat though considering most presidential elections are within a few percent of 50/50 anyway

    4. Brought to you by the same people who told us he was going to lose the election in a landslide.

      1. By all means let them keep telling themselves this tripe. The longer and deeped they slip into delusion, the bigger the landslide Trump will get in 2020. If Trump does nothing else right, he seems set to shatter the establishments in both parties. Then, jsut maybe, in 2024, we’ll be offered someone worth voting FOR.

        Probably not, but hey, listen to ’em squeal!

  2. Ex-Breitbart writers think Breitbart sold out, and are working on creating an even more avowedly pro-Trump advocacy organization.

    Wait, what?

      1. They already have the hats, so the uniforms are the next logical step.


    2. I’m just going to assume they’re of the opinion that Trump has been manipulated by the (((Establishment))) into softening up some of his hardline positions and their “pro-Trump advocacy” amounts to “Let Donald Be Donald“, as opposed to Breitbart where they cheer Trump no matter what, even when he’s obviously doing and saying things that aren’t Trumptastic.

      I’m also just going to assume that *** is the secret decoder ring cipher for “White Supremecist”.

      {{{***}}} would be the nod-and-a-wink identifier for White Supremacists who know how to spell White Supremacist.

    3. Breitbart insists on spitting. Everyone knows a truly pro-trump news organization would swallow.

  3. “Pelosi, House Democrats push FBI to investigate Trump-Russia ties”
    “”The FBI should be investigating this charge, because what is it that the Russians know or have about that communication during the campaign that increases their leverage over this new administration?” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said after a closed-door briefing with the country’s top spy chiefs Friday morning.”

    When all you have is innuendo, why not run with it? Go ahead, hag, convince several million others that you’re an incompetent POS.

    1. Go ahead, hag, convince several million others that you’re an incompetent POS.

      Your use of the past tense is interesting.

    2. She did that yesterday with her Obamacare interview. There wasn’t enough “you have to pass it to find out what’s in it”.

      1. Was there enough botox-fueled wide-eyedness?

        1. That’s not botox so much as untreated crazy.

          1. She rides to the capital building with her head out the window. And she flies home to SF the same way. Biplane, no goggles.

          2. Botox has to be involved, though. Isn’t she like 900 years old?

            1. She took the Jaunt without sevoflurane. That’s how old she is.

              1. That story creeeeeped me out when I was a youth.

            2. I’d think $120 million* could buy you better botox than that.

              * Up from $100 million since a few months ago.

    3. Wouldn’t it be great if the investigation turned up that Russia has all of Hilliary’s e-mails and was prepared to leverage the shit out of her had she been elected?

      1. Like the recounts. Backfire. These people are constantly getting caught trying to pass the big lie, then the next day pretending it never happened, that they still have credibility and then try to pass another one. It is incredible to watch.

        1. It’s hysterical to watch. I haven’t had this much fun since gandpa sat on a porcupine.

    4. Pelosi on the bed rubbing herself. “You have to pass your dick in my vagina to know what’s in it.”

      1. I imagine it sounds like “screech screech screech.”

        1. What does? Be more specific.

          1. paging sugarfree

    5. Lying liars urge FBI to investigate their lie? This doesnt seem very bright.

      1. Who said they were bright? Other than themselves.

  4. Ex-Breitbart writers think Breitbart sold out, and are working on creating an even more avowedly pro-Trump advocacy organization.

    More avowedly pro-Trump than Breitbart? I’m guessing they’ll have to hire Hannity.

    1. Just ask Sean Hannity. I spoke to Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity can tell you. Sean Hannity was there.

      1. “And you’re no Sean Hannity.”

      1. OMG, that was awesome. There is no way Hannity has a legit BJJ brown belt. Brown belts don’t talk like that.

        1. He could! He also conceal carries a .45. Then again, guys from strong island usually tend to exhibit some false bravado.

          1. I know carrying is all about personal preference. (“The best gun to carry is the one you’ll actually carry!”)

            But anyone who carries .45 or .50 earns a stern look of derision from me, personally. I prefer 9mm because I’d rather have an extra round (or two…or three).

            1. Tell that to the gun store owner in GA who took out a robber with his .45.

              (Note: I usually carry a .380 or 9mm)

            2. Fnx-45 tactical.

        2. I define training hard in BJJ at least three classes per week, two hours per class. So let’s be generous and say four to six hours per week of training.

          If your teacher is legit, to go white-blue-purple-brown would take longer than Hannity has been doing it, unless you are a prodigy and impress the shit out of your teacher. Which, no, because legit BJJ black belts are tough to impress. BJJ has a very informal evaluation system, and your teacher is pretty much God when it comes to promoting you. The good ones take it seriously, and never promote anybody unless they earn it.

          BJJ brown belts are badass. Hell, legit purple belts are badass enough to destroy people. Hannity is not one.

          1. Hannity is not one.

            You can tell by the way he parts his hair.

      2. OMG that is funny. Did I hear right in that he said he has been doing it for a couple of years? If so that is a joke. If you haven’t done it for at least 10 or 20 years at his age, he ain’t shit and shouldn’t be talking about it. If he sticks with it another decade I’ll maybe give props. And the bruises he showed on his fist? They are in the wrong place, ie they should be on the first 2 knuckles if you are doing it right. On the last two (which he shows close up) if you are a doofus…..

        1. I spent 6 years in MA classes. I did quite well and learned a lot. Then I grew up.

          *I learned that the best way to keep from getting your ass kicked it to stay out of fights.

          1. Fumio: What is the purpose of matching?
            Shen: The object of matching is to beat your opponent!
            Fumio: Wrong, the best way to beat your opponent is with a gun.

  5. Rep. John Lewis says Trump is not a legitimate president.

    Of course not, he’s not until the inauguration.

    1. I have never, ever seen a president-elect treated as a sitting president before. Except maybe Reagan, but that was only the Iranians.

      1. We had a president elect treated as president just four years ago.

        1. It’s like this never happened in 2008….

  6. Robby Soave: no better friend, no worse enemy.

  7. Paul Ryan knows what dabbing is, apparently.

    If that kid wanted to see the back of a hand, Ryan had one to show him!

    1. I didn’t know Paul Ryan digital audio broadcasts.

      1. I was getting ready to ask what kind of nail does he uses in his rig.

    2. This is not the kind of dabbing I thought they were talking about…

      1. +1 Blowtorch

  8. “Rep. John Lewis says Trump is not a legitimate president.”

    Elections have consequences.

  9. President-Elect Donald Trump has very low approval ratings.

    Just like every president ever?

    1. And he’s not even president yet!

    2. Most people love Obama like Robby does. The polls say so, and the polls are never ever wrong.

      1. Shut the fuck up, Weigel.

      2. idk, everyone under 40 adores him where I live. He’s off limits. It’s like criticizing the Dalai Lama

  10. Some Republican members of Congress say reining in OCR is a top priority.

    Optical character recognition never works right, anyway.

    1. That was my take on the matter too.

    2. It’s much better than it used to be. I’m fairly certain Adobe employs the blackest majicks to do theirs.

    3. You ain’t down with the OCR?

  11. Rep. John Lewis says Trump is not a legitimate president.

    As he has yet to be sworn in, this is true.

    1. He’s a bastard?

  12. The House of Representatives has voted to repeal Obamacare.

    That’s a first.

  13. “Rep. John Lewis says Trump is not a legitimate president.”

    He had a chance to make this case in Congress during the count of the electoral votes. He needed only a single Senator to back him up, but no Senator backed him.

    1. I mean, he only needed one Senator in order to start a debate.

    2. “Rep. John Lewis is a sore loser. Sad!”

  14. Some Republican members of Congress say reining in OCR is a top priority.

    Well, admittedly optical character recognition often sucks, but doesn’t congress have better things to do?

      1. OCR’d: Oanml1

        1. “We can always clean it up manually.”

  15. The Preposterous Success Story of America’s Pillow King

    Great story full of a lot of interesting stuff.

    When Lindell imagined his perfect pillow, it was micro-adjustable but would keep its shape all night. He bought every variety of foam and then asked his two sons to sit on the deck of the house with him and tear the foam into different-size pieces that they’d stuff into prototypes for testing. Day after day they did this, until Lindell settled on a mix of three sizes of foam?a pebble, a dime, and a quarter, roughly. When he stuffed just the right amount of that mixture into a case and shmushed it around to the shape he wanted, it held that shape. It was perfect.

    Sitting on the deck with his sons and ripping the foam by hand wasn’t a scalable model. He needed a machine to do the tearing. He tried everything, including a wood chipper.

    “This is my head of IT, Jennifer Pauly,” Lindell says, as a young woman pops in. “She’s a good example of me taking my employees and knowing their skills. I have a house painter in charge of all my maintenance at the factory. Jennifer is self-taught. Did you ever go to school for IT?”

    “I took some Microsoft classes, but that’s basically it,” she says. “I knew how to run a spreadsheet, and that’s why he trusted me with data.”

    1. Last year he opened a second factory, saw sales rise from $115 million to $280 million, and almost tripled his workforce, to 1,500. To date he’s sold more than 26 million pillows at $45 and up, a huge number of them directly to consumers who call and order by phone after seeing or hearing one of his inescapable TV and radio ads.

      The story is impossible to confirm; Ty isn’t reachable for comment. But it’s become part of Lindell’s legend, and it will be a pivotal moment in the autobiography he’ll self-publish later this year. He and a friend, actor Stephen Baldwin, plan to turn the book into a movie as part of their new venture, producing inspirational Christian films “that aren’t cheesy,” Lindell says.

      Today, Lindell is a devout Christian and prays constantly. He wears a large silver cross around his neck, and his office is filled with Christian iconography, as well as Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band tour posters. Back then he was an opportunist, praying to God only when things were dire: “I said, ‘God, what do I do here?’?” The day after he closed the kiosk, he got a call from one of the few customers, who declared, “This pillow changed my life!”

      And a bunch of stuff about crack and businessing.

      1. This story popped up in your daily search for woodchipper stories didn’t it?

    2. Wait until Fedgov comes after for them for not having their email secure.

    3. America’s Pillow King is my nickname with the ladies.

      1. Not the Pillow-Biter King?

        1. That’s with the dudes…

      2. Because you sleep through it?

      3. I thought Longtorso was the Pillow King.

      4. A little on the chunky side, hmm?

    4. Any mention of his fraudulent “get two pillows for the priced of one […that’s been jacked up]” promotions?

      1. Yes. But read the whole thing. It’s worth it.

        1. Interesting. I didn’t know about the coke habit. Damn, if I had known I could build a multi-million dollar business out of it, I wouldn’t have dropped my own habit.

          But the buy-one-get-one thing was not reported the way I heard it – which was, you could buy one at $50 or whatever, or two at something like $70.

    5. Whenever I see him on that commercial of his I think “folksy Jesse Ventura” and anyone starting a band can feel free to use that for the name. You’re welcome

      1. That damn commercial came on three times – two different versions – just while I was reading the article.

    6. Not even owning a TV, I didn’t know about this guy until the holidays a couple weeks ago. Good story, though the mustache makes me think he wants to be associated with this.

      He quit everything?alcohol, powdered cocaine, and crack?after one final party on Jan. 16, 2009, and presides over an empire that’s still growing precipitously.

      Must’ve been one hell of a party.

  16. The House of Representatives has voted to repeal Obamacare.

    Some semi-insider info I heard yesterday indicated that as many as 5 Repub Senators will refuse to vote for repeal unless there is a comprehensive replacement.

    If so, the Republican Senate is poised to save ObamaCare, both (a) making it permanent, as I don’t think there will ever be another opportunity to do more than tinker around the edges, and (b) making it bi-partisan.

    And people wonder why I’m not a Republican.

    1. Suderman breathes a sigh of relief.

    2. Allow me to bitch about Reason on this. They’d had months now since Trump won to dust off their health care articles of the last few decades and assemble them into a cover story. Call it: “The Doable Libertarian-Flavored Obamacare Replacement.” Don’t make it perfect, just make it passable by the GOP.

      But n-o-o-o-o-o, everyone would rather bitch about all the terrible things Trump said, or might do, instead of taking advantage of the change and chaos in DC to actually make a proposal for a step towards a more free-market healthcare system….

      1. >Implying Republicans or Trump care about the propositions of a Libertarian magazine.
        >Implying ObamaCare should be replaced with different laws.
        >Implying Libertarians have any sort of political clout enabling them to take advantage of change and chaos.

        And then at myself:
        >Implying that 4chan style replies are acceptable in the Reason comment section

        1. 1. Ideas can come from anywhere. Reason has the widest circulation of any libertarian magazine, I believe. Some Congresscritters read it.

          2. In some cases, yes. In other cases, deregulation.

          3. What “clout” did the socialists use to slowly take over the Democratic Party? You have zero clout if you don’t try for clout.

  17. Jane Fonda’s visit, a gift that keeps on giving:

    Fort McMurray First Nation distances itself from Jane Fonda’s oilsands tour

    Fort McMurray No. 468 First Nation is distancing itself from Jane Fonda’s tour of the oilsands and from one of its members who endorses the Hollywood actress’s message.
    Chief executive Brad Callihoo said the Cree and Dene band government could not build homes and other infrastructure in the community if it weren’t for oilsands development.
    “We can’t do that with government funding,” he said. “That’s done because we do world class work for the industry up here.”

    1. She’s even lost the Commie Premier of Alberta

      “I would suggest if someone was going to come to Alberta … [and] fly over a city that is going through a significant economic downturn, that’s just been through the largest natural disaster in the history of Canada, and then lecture them about where they should get jobs elsewhere, first of all, that’s super tone deaf,” Notley said.
      “But secondly, I would suggest that dining out on your celebrity is something that one ought to also pair with knowledge and research. She failed to do that.”

      Notley said Fonda’s visit earned more media attention than it deserved, given the fact the Oscar-winning actress and long-time activist made it “very clear she did not know what she was talking about.”

    2. Jane Fonda doesn’t give a shit about that crap. What she cares about is….actually I don’t know and don’t give a shit.

      /throws leotards at Fonda.

      1. I will never really forgive her for sitting in that North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun and acting like a kid on a fun amusement park ride. It’s one thing to oppose a war, but it’s quite another to support the enemy.

        1. ^This.

          Fuck. Her.

          She is a reminder that retarded, evil lefties were always as retarded and evil as they are today.

          1. So, I knew a guy who worked for Ted and Jane, and would spend time with them socially. He also sold Jane pot. Very good pot that he grew in New Mexico.
            The story I heard is that Jane has found Jesus, and had changed her mind on a lot of things, becoming more conservative, and that that was part of what caused her and Ted to split.
            I believe she also apologized for the Vietnam thing years ago.

          2. I always wonder what in the world Henry did to deserve two brats like Jane and Peter.

    3. What’s the deal with No. 468?

      1. Quick Google search says it’s their Band Number.

        A Band is typically, but not always, composed of a single community. Many bands, especially in British Columbia, control multiple Indian reserves, that is, multiple parcels of land. Although bands currently have considerable control over their reserve land, strictly speaking neither the band itself nor its members owns the land. Rather, the land is held in trust for the band by the Crown.[4]

        The term band is historically related to the anthropological term band society, but as a legal and administrative unit the band need not correspond to a band in this sense. Some bands draw their members from two or more ethnic groups due to the disruption of traditional ways by colonization and/or the administrative convenience of Canada, or by consensual alliances between such groups, some pre-dating the Indian Act.

    4. First Nations, provided they/their leaders think they’re getting a good deal, generally don’t care about the ‘environmental effects’ anymore than the average person. It’s the other environmentalists that project their noble savage imagery onto them.

      1. I also love how First Nations – including the Cree – don’t acknowledge Quebec or even give them the time of day where their stupid crap about independence is concerned. In Quebec, First Nations HAVE to be served in English and it drives the nationalist mad.

      2. Somewhere, an Italian man cries.

        1. Italians fought a different battle agains the nationalists in the form of the St. Leonard Riots. And won.

          Long story short; we (including most communities) get to choose if our kids can go to French or English schools. French Quebecers do not.


          Civil liberties. Pft.

          1. Yeah, Rufus. Believe me, I’m more than familiar with Quebecois stupidity. But I was actually talking about this guy.

  18. For those curious from the AM lynx I ended up with Caol Ila, a great choice I sort of forgot existed.

    All Manhattans should be made with rye, if you’re worried about getting ones with bourbon start ordering rye manhattans. You sound like a dick, but you get your drink made correctly.

    Since you all did so well at picking out scotch, I thought I’d ask the Reasontariat for suggestions on free video editing software for windows. I’m not doing anything complicated, just putting a bunch of clips of client testimonies together for my firm.

    I don’t comment much, but you lot are fantastic.

    1. Glad to hear it. I got turned onto Caol Ila by Sullum, believe it or not.

    2. . . . you lot are fantastic.

      We know, we know. 😉

    3. I don’t comment much, but you lot are fantastic.


      1. And this is why I keep clicking your links you sick bastard.

      2. This seems an appropriate response.

        1. I’m guessing the long shots are NOT Linda.

    4. you lot are fantastic

      [citation needed]

      1. I refer you to writings of one SugarFree. And after I’ve had many, many more drinks, Agile Cyborg

      2. *takes Citizen X to the reprogramming shed*

    5. Rittenhouse Rye is amazing for the price.

      1. I usually buy Jefferson, but I go through a fifth like once per quarter.

        1. I usually make Manhattans for people I don’t like very much.

          1. I tend to give those people the college bartending treatment: pick 2 ingredients, I’m not putting in more effort than that.

            1. “Creme de Coconut and Gin. You choose wrong, Jimmy.”

              1. Cassis and Soju, your move

                1. Creme de Menthe and Tequila

            2. Absinthe and Mickeys.

      2. Yeah, for the money Rittenhouse is really good, though I end up with Michter’s fairly often. I also went through a bottle of 13 year old Lock, Stock & Barrel far too quickly – I don’t care that it’s Canadian and somewhat marketing-heavy, that was goddamn delicious.

      3. Heaven Hill makes good products. The Heaven Hill 6 year bottled in bond bourbon is a great bang for the buck, but I only seem to be able to find it in Kentucky or Indiana.

        1. Is this different than horse heaven hills?

          1. Heaven Hill. Distillery in Bardstown, KY. Good stuff.

      4. God I don’t even want to tell you guys how much of a cheap drunk I am. I usually try to play it off saying ‘I don’t need to pay extra for poison that’s going to taste shitty either way.’

        But the quips just mask the reality…

        Here’s to you the bottom shelf bastards! Here’s to the: Ancient Age, Evan Williams, Ten High, and Black Velvet drinkers!

        1. I have VOB and Banker’s Club sitting out right now; although I don’t normally have those until my 2nd or 3rd glass.

        2. My bar is Svedka, Evan Williams, New Amsterdam, and Sailor Jerry. Hangovers are a thing.

      5. It’s my choice when it’s in stock.

    6. Thanks, DG!

    7. I thought I’d ask the Reasontariat for suggestions on free video editing software for windows

      VSDC Free Video Editor isn’t bad for simple projects. For more advanced video editing functionality and compositing, well, expect to shell out some cash.

      1. I’m just putting a bunch of 30 second clips together into one long video, that sounds like it’ll work fine. Thanks doc

        1. I’ll look for your compilation on pornhub.

          1. Cumpilation, do I have to do Crusty’s job?

            Anyways, I’ll be the one in a blackfaced Nixon mask

      2. “…expect to shell out some cash.”
        Or learn to “liberate” what you need. Information wants to be free, doncha know?

  19. President-Elect Donald Trump has very low approval ratings.

    Ahem. Very low *approval-elect* ratings.

  20. It’s a sad day for pop culture when Paul Ryan is more with “it” than I am.

    1. I used to be with it, but then they changed what *it* was. Now what I’m with isn’t *it*, and what’s *it* seems weird and scary to me.

      1. It’ll happen to you!

        1. No way, man. I’m gonna keep on rocking forever!

      2. No! It’s the children who are wrong!

        1. The little bastards!

    2. Ryan is not. Dabbing is so 2015.

      You have the Juju on that Beat, yo.

  21. The motor is sputtering and all the mechanics under the hood have been arguing over what exactly the problem is and how to fix it, they’ve each taken turns trying their own suggested fixes and nothing seems to have worked. But you’ve still got that one guy over there, the one guy who’s been insisting all along the way to fix it is to whack the fuck out of the battery with this big goddamn sledgehammer. And people keep seeing the failure of the mechanics to fix the motor and they’re starting to think it couldn’t hurt to let that guy with the sledgehammer have a try. It’s not like whacking the fuck out of the battery with a big goddamn sledgehammer could make things any worse, could it? Let’s watch the video and see what happens next. The results probably won’t surprise you.

    -Jerryskids 1/13/2016

    This comment is one of my favorites ever written here. Kind of prescient, no? In one week we will have our very own whackjob with a sledgehammer!

    1. I’m not sure if I should be proud of that or not, but I’m glad you liked it.

      Although, I am thinking that no matter what, Trump may be good for at least one thing – heck, if Trump can get elected why not a libertarian next time? Maybe “the audacity of hope” might better apply to Trump than Obama.

    2. Uh…I have actually gotten various machines to start working by whacking the shit out of them. It is what I usually try first.

    3. After 8 years of “narcissist with a pen” I’m willing to give “whackjob with a hammer” a go at it

      1. Euphemism?

  22. As my buddies at Chapo Trap House put it:

    “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks” – Louisa May Alcott

  23. Romans Used to Ward Off Sickness with Flying Penis Amulets

    Centuries ago, before modern medicine, in a time when humans fought disease and sickness in more, uh, mystical ways, ancient Romans centered on a solution that today might get you reported, or at least looked at askance: amulets for you and your children shaped like giant penises. The amulets?and also, frequently, wind chimes?were shaped like a fascinum, or a divine penis, to ward off disease and the evil eye.

    But they were used for more than that, too, as ancient Roman boys also wore the amulets, called bullae, to indicate their social status (like whether they were slaves or free boys), while young girls had a similar counterpart. In order to increase the efficacy of a bulla or another adornment, such as a kid’s ring, they were crafted into the shape of, or adorned with, giant penises.

    “The sexual energy of the phallus was tied directly to its power in reproduction,” according to classicist Anthony Philip Corbeill. The fertile power of a phallus, it was thought, would keep them safe.

    1. The fertile power of a phallus, it was thought, would keep them safe.

      Until STEVE SMITH showed up.

      1. As long as you pay with cash, grass or ass STEVE SMITH will make you his tributary without question.

    2. But how do you feel the castration of the Herms in 415BC?

    3. In HS, some friends and I would draw winged penises all over each other’s homework/car windows etc.

      We called it ‘Pegasus’ and gave it a smiley face and legs.

    1. Why would they? The airlines are the ones with the money.

      1. Beaten up, then?

    2. it looks like a wasted opportunity to grope some stewardess tittie.

  24. Masshole Lt Governor Apologizes for “Paahkan His Caah in a Spaht fa Retaahds

    “ARNSTABLE, Mass. (AP) ? The Massachusetts State Police driver who chauffeured the lieutenant governor to Cape Cod is apologizing for parking in a spot reserved for the disabled.

    A reporter for the Cape Cod Times photographed the black Ford Explorer in the space outside an office building in Hyannis on Thursday. There was no disabled parking placard or license plate visible on the vehicle.

    Republican Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito was on the Cape to attend several events.

    State police spokesman David Procopio tells the newspaper the trooper made an honest mistake and has apologized for unknowingly violating a “cardinal rule.”

    This never happened when the Democrats were in chaaage.

    1. Or maybe the trooper was making a subtle comment on the LG.

    2. There now seem to be an incredible oversupply of those spaces. There are always empty ones, even in full lots. And it’s now a thing in SF to get a placard and use it to take up a metered space all day, without paying.

    3. She loses points for not taking the bullet. Gutless.

  25. Trump Meets With Game Show Host Steve Harvey to Discuss Ways to Help Inner City Blacks

    And in a single move Trump has now officially exceeded Obama’s own efforts in that regard.

    1. “Show meeeee…………………Uncle Tom!”

    2. Trump Meets With Game Show Host Steve Harvey to Discuss Ways to Help Inner City Blacks

      Does the answer involve lots of penis jokes?

      1. Trump is forming his own TV network and Steve Harvey will be announcing all the election results.

    3. Ha! Steve Harvey being racist is the topic of today’s (racist) Taiwanese Animated News clip.

  26. The SJWs are circulating warnings on FB about how James O’Keefe, described as a “domestic terrorist,” is planning to disrupt the Jan 20 Protests in DC by tricking poor innocent people into saying outrageous things on tape.

    “Copy and paste this so it gets more circulation, do not share.” IOW, this comes from some disreputable lefty site they are too embarrased to mention.

    1. Yeah, I had a dustup about that. I pointed out that O’Keefe was almost certainly running another sting operation like he often does, not running a false-flag operation meant to actually produce violence.

      Which, as we all know and will soon be proved again, the left is perfectly capable of creating without outside influence.

    2. I’m sure Top Reason Journalist will be there to expose him! Again!

      He’s bringing a Great Dane* for the unmasking scene this time.

      *Olgier, if you must know

  27. Eddie bait from The Spectator: Why more and more priests can’t stand Pope Francis

    It’s not hard to detect a Latin American flavour to the deal-making and settling of scores that has become blatant over the past year. Most Catholic bishops had thought Francis was a plain-spoken and perhaps touchingly naive reformer. Instead, they are confronted by a pope who is simultaneously combative, charming, bad-tempered, idealistic and vengeful.

    Does that remind you of anyone? The Trump-Francis analogy has been doing the rounds in Rome for months, and not just among the Pope’s opponents.

    1. Some people don’t like their Jesus-spittle flecked with socialism.

    2. Aaaand yet another example among billions about why and how left-wingers are awful human beings.

      1. #WittenbergThesis, #StaytheFuckOutofPrague, #HusslinHussites

      2. The Papal Conclave Should Be Abolished
        — Slate

      3. Coptic or Orthodox?

    3. Just set up an Antipope already. I mean, make Francis an Antipope and set up a proper Pope. That’s how that works.

      1. Benedict in Avignon today! Benedict in Rome tomorrow!

        *calls levy, borrows from Jews, hires mercs*

    4. simultaneously combative, charming, bad-tempered, idealistic and vengeful

      This sounds like Obama to me.

      1. Same. Trump has no charm. He may have grit. He may have wit. But he certainly has no charm.

      2. Sounds like every caudillo ever, to me.

    5. Because he is a fuckin’ commie that goes around spouting lefty talking points? I saw where he even jumped on the ‘fake news’ wagon.

  28. Get Dat Money

    US Mint Finally Puts a Black Woman on a Coin

    Something about ‘lady liberty’, which sounds to me like some character they just made up. You can’t blackify “The Statue of Liberty” any more than you could Michaelangelo’s David, but whatever. This is still a historic day for… something. Coin collectors? You got me.

    *i wonder if this means Sacagawea got booted to make room for the newest Victim Class coin?

      1. I went along with a friend once who was trying to pay a parking ticket in pennies. It ended screaming public servants and multiple sheriff’s deputies.

    1. She looks mad. Why you mad, baby?

    2. Can’t tell if joking.

      1. Joking? I feel like “the Sag” was never given a chance to really catch on. I was hoping she’d be a permanent fixture, and soon we’d be able to flip gold coins to people like the way aristocrats did in the middle ages.

          1. Shame, getting rid of $1 and $2 bill worked well up here. As did ditching the penny.

            1. What they should do is ditch the penny, promote the $1 coin (without the penny the $1 coin can be easily used in cash registers, though vending machines will need a rework), and then reintroduce the $500 bill to account for the inflation that has occurred since it’s retirement (a 1969 $100 bill had an inflation-adjusted value of $650 when the $500 was officially retired, so it’s time to bring it back).

          2. That and they made them almost three same size as the quarter, stupid idjuts

            1. Originally they were going to be (IIRC) 11-sided, but they decided that was too expensive. Then, instead of giving it a distinct smooth edge, like a nickel, they gave it a rolled edge, like a quarter. Which was incredibly stupid, considering how close they are in size.

        1. “The Sag”
          Because she didn’t wear the oppressive Western patriarchal breast shackles you call a bra? Ugh I just can’t even

          1. My buddy up in Buffalo told me that’s what they called them. “Sags”

            I think that city was a test market for them, and they were widely available there for a number of years. I asked him if he used them in strip clubs. (he visited them frequently) i can’t remember what he said. we were drunk at the time. I still think that’s probably one big downside of them. You can’t slip them inside a g-string. Or, maybe you can, its just not the best look.

    3. Oh for fuck’s sake. If they wanted a black woman on a coin there are a few real ones to choose from so why pull this dumb shit? They aren’t even re-writing history. They are just telling a lie. Any fool can look at the statue and see it isnt a black woman.

      1. That’s what I couldn’t tell if he was joking about. The Statue of Liberty was a single artist’s depiction of the much older virtue-as-envisioned-as-classical-goddess. This isn’t a representation of the statue it’s a representation of “woman generically personifying a virtue as was the fashion at one point in US history.” See also “Justice” the blind woman with scales.

      2. What’s the lie? “Lady Liberty” does not refer to the statue situated on the island between NY and NJ.

        The 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin is the first in a series of 24-karat gold coins that will feature designs which depict an allegorical Liberty in a variety of contemporary forms-including designs representing Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Indian-Americans among others-to reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the United States

        It’s great. Liberty is for everyone.

    4. I so want a (Frederick) Douglass Dollar.

      Not because he was black, but he was such an essential American.

      1. Plus, he’s like one of the best people to come out of Maryland. I’ve read speeches of his that give me chills. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to listen to the guy talk.

  29. The cool thing about being home sick is getting to read the Commentariat real time.

    I post twice a year, maybe, but I love lynx chat.

    1. You post twice a year, but I cherish it each and every time.

      Thanks, Don!

      1. Apparently Friday the 13 + full moon turns you into Evil Crusty Juggler.

        Trim that goatee ya bum!

        1. Evil Crusty looks and acts like a Victorian gentleman caller.

      2. I expected burned retinas from that link….sorry I doubted you.

    2. I trust you’re feeling Betty better!

  30. You’d think we could get at least one Trump link?

  31. I Know Why The Public-School Student Derps

    PERKASIE, Pa. (AP) ? A Pennsylvania high school is apologizing after students were given a math homework assignment that asked which family member had sexually assaulted a girl.

    The assignment focused on Maya Angelou and her autobiography “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” It provided an algebra formula that asked: “Angelou was sexually abused by her mother’s ___ at age 8, which shaped her career choices and motivation for writing.” Pennridge High School students needed to solve the formula before deciding whether the answer was boyfriend, brother or father.

    Screenshots of the homework posted by news organizations showed the subsequent question reads: “Trying to support her son as a single mother, she worked as a pimp, prostitute and ___.” Another formula must be solved to determine if the answer was bookie, drug dealer or nightclub dancer.

    1. Obama had 30 bombs carried by 22 drones that was an average of 120 miles from the nearest Doctors Without Borders hospital….

      1. No, they would definitely be learning something of value with that formula.

    1. The award is presented annually to performers who have made lasting and impressive contributions to the world of entertainment.

      As opposed to “lasting and unimpressive”?

      1. That award is won every year by Rob Schneider.

  32. And from the BBC, Support for EU freedom of movement rules ‘eroding’

    One of the most senior Dutch government ministers has said a fundamental EU principle, freedom of movement, needs to be radically reformed.
    Deputy prime minister Lodewijk Asscher said support was falling across Europe over the way it has been implemented.
    Free movement, which allows any citizen of an EU country to work anywhere across the bloc, had led to wages being undercut and jobs lost, he said.

    Note: he’s from Labour Party, not one of Wilders’ boys.

    Another Al Q “leader” killed

    surely now they’re done for good.

    1. “Local sources noted he was also a leader of the forces opposing the Saudis, which the State Department said was a big coincidence.”

      1. Yeah, exactly. Basically, if we want to legally assassinate anyone, anywhere, for any reason? we can basically assert they were a secret Al Q commander.

  34. Breakfast with the Tories: Maxime Bernier, the smooth libertarian

    He’s libertarian, to the extent that it’s possible to be a libertarian and seek high office in a country that was built on protectionism and entitlement and government being the answer to everything.

    Protectionism, yes… but entitlement and government being the answer to everything in early Canadian history? Uh… debatable.

    Anyways, this Bernier guy sounds pretty decent from this little blurb. As decent as it gets around here anyways.

    1. Yeh, he’s not bad.

      It’s a start.

    2. If you’re the CBC and think the country was founded in the 1960s, sure. If not there’s actually a great deal of Canadian rural history that is almost bloody anarchist.

      “Hey Jacques, quit being loud at night.”
      “What are you going to do about it?”
      “Ostracize you in a town of sixty in the middle of nowhere.”

  35. TW: Ta-Nehisi CoatesMy President Was Black
    A history of the first African American White House?and of what came next

    Whiteness in America is a different symbol?a badge of advantage. In a country of professed meritocratic competition, this badge has long ensured an unerring privilege, represented in a 220-year monopoly on the highest office in the land. For some not-insubstantial sector of the country, the elevation of Barack Obama communicated that the power of the badge had diminished. For eight long years, the badge-holders watched him. They saw footage of the president throwing bounce passes and shooting jumpers. They saw him enter a locker room, give a businesslike handshake to a white staffer, and then greet Kevin Durant with something more soulful.

    White people are such squares! Furthermore, how dare they, as society that at one time was +90% white, have a long history of whites dominating the country’s leadership. RACISTSSSSSSSSSS

    1. Oh fuck off.

    2. Ta-Neshi is such a good little house slave for whit progressive. All he does is humiliate and beclown himself for their pleasure.

    3. Obama is black? One drop rule, huh Coates?

      1. In this excessively long article he also listed some anecdotes where he established that blacks refusing to patronize white owned businesses or refusing to deal with white salespersons is perfectly fine because white people have proven themselves so predatory. Of course if the roles were reversed, Tahiti Coat would be the first to call for sit-ins and Selma style protests et cetera. This guy might be one of least self-aware race baiters to ever master the craft.

  36. Getting an eyeful! Whitney Cummings flashes crowd at Knicks game as she pulls up sweater for Jumbotron cam

    As the Madison Square Garden Jumbotron camera focused in on her sitting courtside, the 34-year-old pulled up her sweater and revealed her nude-colored bra to everyone in the arena.

    I would expect nothing less from the creator of a long-running television program.

    Bonus: cheah!

    1. “34”-year-old

      1. I have no idea why anyone finds her or her show(s?) amusing, but she is a pretty gal. Not the classiest, but a pretty gal.

        1. Some, and I do mean some, of her stand up is pretty funny.

        2. From that pic, I think she has a sure way of transitioning into a “serious actress” by signing up for a Hillary biopic.

    2. These are the people who think they are the enlightened ones, and our betters, right? *sigh*

      The Aristocrats!

  37. my buddies at Chapo Trap House

    Robby is also president of the Lil Yachty fan-club.

  38. The first season of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events hit Netflix today. Apparently, this production has received critical acclaim.

    Yeah, it’s based on a series of children’s books, but it’s dark, ironic, and treats children as if they were people, like Lenore Skenazy might see them . . . instead of like fragile vases from the Ming dynasty.

    It’s like Monty Python for kids in some ways–Look, their parents were killed in the first ten minutes! LOL. I thought they were fun to read anyway.

    You know who else wrote books for children?

    1. I thought the oil was surprisingly good.

      1. oil -> film

        I have no idea how that happened.

        *** gets coffee ***

        1. I like the film, too!

          I thought it was great.

          I don’t know why it wasn’t as big as Harry Potter, but I guess it’s about that wide eyed optimism.

          Snicket’s world is dark and dangerous, but it isn’t just about good guys and bad guys and believing in yourself.

    2. Well, Hitler in the alternative reality where he has a beard but no mustache. Oddly, he doesn’t illustrate the books in that universe–Albert Einstein does.

      1. I was going for Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, or maybe Robert Louis Stevenson.

      2. This better not be a fucking spoiler. I haven’t gotten around to season 2 of Man In the High Castle yet.

    3. Lemony Snicket’

      the last time i heard his name, he was making racist jokes about how black people like watermelon

      I personally think it was hilarious meta-joke, but as they say about comedy… tragedy + timing. he only got the first part.

      1. And I said, “You have to put that in a book.” And she said, “You put it in a book.” And I said, “I’m only writing a book about a black girl who’s allergic to watermelon if I get a blurb from you, Cornell West, Toni Morrison, and Barack Obama saying ‘This guy’s OK. This guy’s fine.'”

        The joke was about the political correctness of the award.

        Gawker painting everything racist is so 2014.

        Trump was elected President despite bragging about pussy grabbing.

        Sessions will be confirmed despite saying that he thought the Klan was okay–until he found out they smoked pot.

        The PC Scare is winding down. It’s just that not all the SJWs have caught on yet.

        The racists aren’t everywhere. The homophobes aren’t hiding under the bed. We’re not in Oz anymore.

      2. Ironically, he did this at the NBAs.

    4. On Friday 13th? Had to be deliberate, right?

  39. Texas teacher, 24, who admitted to having sex repeatedly with her 13-year-old student and got pregnant with his child is sentenced to 10 years

    Prosecutors said in court that Vera acted deceptively and had the boy and his father stay at her home while pretending to date the father. They said Vera’s daughter sometimes called the victim ‘dad’ and knew about their relationship.

    Vera’s defense attorney called as a witness a therapist, who said Vera had grown up witnessing domestic violence and had a strong need for love, as well as a ‘big heart’.

    ‘I think she was driven by being in love with him,’ mental health professional Karen Lawson told the court.

    Lawson painted Vera as a responsible person, who had worked jobs since the age of 14, bought her first home at 21, and put herself through college, KHOU wrote.


    Bonus: caption the photo

    “Do you have to use so many cuss words?”

    1. Vera’s defense attorney called as a witness a therapist, who said Vera had grown up witnessing domestic violence and had a strong need for love, as well as a ‘big heart’.

      Men accused of rape should try that.

    2. These stories always make me sad because idk about anyone else but when I was a teenager, banging a teacher, was the ultimate dream.

      1. Same here. Most of my teachers were unattractive, and the attractive ones weren’t very.

    3. “remember when mustaches were cool?”

    4. “Prison doctors will treat your diabeetus”

    5. If I try to run, the walrus behind me will attack.

  40. Thank you all for the warm welcome yesterday! Today’s Daily Derp from the world of (Young Adult*) Authors: “So are we gonna talk about the eugenicist ideology behind the commodification of healthcare or nah

    This is a lengthy thread of derp. Note that she cannot even celebrate the cover reveal for her book (this is something that’s become a big deal in publishing over the past several years) because “capitalism is murdering people who can’t afford healthcare”

    *it looks like, now that I look at her website, this author actually doesn’t write YA. It was RTed by one of my fellow YA writers, though. Apparently this variety of derp (and annoying Tumblr dialect) isn’t limited to just one genre.

      1. “Louisa ?@LouisatheLast 22h22 hours ago
        Terrorists are rare. The latter are my neighbors.”


        ” Louisa ?@LouisatheLast 22h22 hours ago
        At this point the average Republican is a much bigger threat to my life and health.”


      2. I’m not sure how she can mistake my complete indifference for aggression.

        1. Not caring is assault!

      3. One is improving the human gene pool, the other just wants you to pay for your own medical care.

      4. Louisa
        Intersectional feminist, cis lesbian, designer, race traitor, obesity glorifier.

        I think it is fairly obvious that this is a broken person.

        1. White, fat lesbian? There’s only like three of those, right? So unique.

          1. Designer. Unpossible.

        2. No, that’s a parody account. has to be.

    1. Writer, reader, shrill feminist harpy

      Least she’s honest.

      She is aware that healthcare is just as ‘commodified’ in public systems right? Up here in Canada and over in Britain there’s constant debate about costs, labour shortages, equipment and infrastructure, etc. Right now there’s a big discussion over high drug prices. Also, the guy who founded public healthcare here was actually a eugenicist. So is rationing health services in public systems eugenicist as well?

      1. It’s cost-centric and not patient-centric; which the Americans do far better than we do.

      2. or…

        Without capitalism she wouldn’t have to worry about whether she’s the ‘victim of commodified healthcare’, because they would only be able to put a leech on her while she died slowly and painfully.

        I’m getting over the schadenboner and starting to be pissed off by these people

        1. Oh, they are just getting cranked up. The lies and deception will soon be turned up to 11.

          1. Yeah, I know. For the next four years, every single little thing is going to be full thermonuclear war with these people.

            It feels like the first stages of the Derpocalypse.

    2. She does realize eugenics is a progressive idea, right?

      1. I am sure she does not.

      2. Nonsense! Progressives are here for minorities! The minimum wage, for example, was designed to…oh wait

    3. Good lord, this is worse than the dregs Derpertologist trawls from Everyday Feminism!

    4. Here’s one self-described prog sf writer who-sort of-gets it. It’s kind of smug (the title is “Why Conservatives Are a Necessary Component of a Vital Society”) and has historical omissions and inaccuracies. But, he also writes:

      I don’t think liberals like me can be trusted to run the country alone?I think we tend to be defensive about our institutions, just as conservatives are defensive about theirs. I think we need that pressure, that push-back, to moderate us. When we are inspired by what we believe is right, we’ll push back on their push-back. Hence we supported the successful effort to legalize gay marriage despite Republican opposition. But on other issues, the conservatives hold a mirror up, a special lens, and challenge us to look into the mirror and through the glass…and see things as they do. Sometimes we see they’re right, or partly right. And we eventually modify our position. Because the dynamics of debate leads to new ideas, to insights.


      1. Then there’s the question of democracy?America is not made up of liberals, though there are a lot of them, and a lot of moderate Democrats. There are also a good many conservatives, and we liberals fall into some kind of argumentative quivering mass, chasing our tales with political correctness arguments, without conservatives to help us focus on what matters.

        1. chasing our tales

          No shit. It wastes our time as well.

  41. Well, this could get fun.

    Speculation that the Democrat connected research firm (with former Brit spooks) that cooked up the fake hit piece on Trump was paid by… Jeb!


    1. So that’s where all of Jeb!’s campaign money went.

      1. If true, he’s a real American hero. He invested in a blockbuster more entertaining than anything Michael Bay has done since The Rock.

        1. Jeb spilled the same blood in the same mud!

      2. I seam to recall one of the wiki leak dumps had information implicating coordination between Jeb pacs and Hillary pacs.

  42. Obama and Bush had high approval ratings coming in and look what we got.

  43. “President-Elect Donald Trump has very low approval ratings.”

    Obviously, people are really upset about his stance on . . .

    I got nothin’.

    The man hasn’t even been inaugurated yet. Whatever people are objecting to, it certainly isn’t about his performance as President.

    I guess they’re upset about his tweets?

    Obama has killed even more civilians over the last few days with drone strikes.


    1. He’ll have these low poll numbers for 4 years – right up until he wins reelection in a landslide.

      Somebody tell me why I’m supposed to take these things seriously?

      1. If Trump makes it through the first 100 days in office, doesn’t rape anybody, and his poll numbers still don’t rise–there’s something going on with the polling.

        People know you’re not supposed to like Donald Trump like they know you’re not supposed to be a homophobe, and that doesn’t have anything to do with anything he’s done.

        If someone calls people up and asks them how they feel about gay marriage–and they’re the kind of people who care enough about what anonymous strangers think to waste their time answering some pollsters’ questions–they’re probably disproportionately also the kind of people who tell anonymous strangers what they think the strangers want to hear.

  44. The thing about progs is they like to talk a good game about diversity and such….but i don’t see the walk. I think it is more about enhancing their reps and convincing themselves of their superiority. Which i dont actually know many progs so are they really more people with low self esteem? The things they support are superficial and they seem fake

  45. re: “Maxime Bernier, the smooth libertarian

    “‘I’m a libertarian,’ he says, ‘but I’m reasonable'”


    thanks for throwing us under the bus, there, “Maxime”.

    1. Well, to be fair, it could mean “I’m neither wanted for murder, nor have I ever stripped on stage for political reasons.”

      1. touche

        but its never a good thing when your political brand requires caveats, “IM NOT LIKE THE REST OF THOSE FREAKS”

        1. Welcome to Canada. There’s a reason I never discuss my political beliefs with anyone I haven’t known for years, and only if other people can’t overhear.

          1. That’s only because 20% of your politics is libertarian, and the other 80% is conspiracy theories about how the Turk is putting mind control serum in the drinking water and training Neo-Janissaries.

            1. Nah, The Turk was well beaten by Attaturk and transformed into a normal nation. But I’m keeping an eye on Erdogan, looks like he wants to fuck that up.

              Also, keep in mind always – Emperor of Mankind rises in Anatolia and unfurls the banner of two-headed eagle. We should be always ready!

              1. Yeah, like twenty-seven millennia from now, and unlike Bailey I’m not guessing I’ll live that long. My soul will already be the Chaos Gods’…I’m personally hoping for Khorne or Tzeentch.

                1. I’ve pledged my soul to Hall & Oates.

                2. Blood for the Blood God!

                  1. Corn in the Stool for the Corn-in-the-Stool God!

                3. Even now, Sithrak oils the spit!

                  1. Many Shubs and Zuuls knew what it was to roast in the depths of a Sloar that day I can tell you

        2. Ideologues are not seen positively in Canadian politics, everyone wants someone with some vague principles they’re willing to compromise in favour of ‘good government’, which always means more government.

        3. It says something terrible about our political system that people like Chuck Schumer, John McCain, and the like are thought of as non-freaks.

    2. How come the statists never say anything like that?

      I think the government should use the police to harass millions of innocent people every year, subjecting them to searches, arrest, and imprisonment, because of their favorite intoxicant–not that this policy has done much of anything to combat the drug trade, decrease the availability of drugs to children, or had any other measurable societal benefit . . .
      . . . but I’m “reasonable”.

    3. Bernier wants an end to what he calls “corporate welfare,” his term for governments using tax money to pick winners, such as Bombardier and General Motors, and letting losers struggle with market forces.

      I’m hearing that the left is now against government picking winners and losers.

    4. Bernier avoids the term “two-tier,” but that’s what he’s proposing. He wants private delivery, but stresses his support for keeping universal health insurance: “I’m a libertarian, but I’m reasonable.”

      In this context, that’s a fair statement.

      Look, you’re a politician in Canada, talking about reforming the healthcare system. No one dares reform it all the way. It’s fucking Canada.

    5. “The supply management boards?” asks Bernier.

      How is Canada not Venezuela yet?

      1. Oh it gets worse. (Hover over Canada and the US, and then say “Thanks, Obama!”)

        1. The UK, where you can go to jail for hurting people’s feelings, is freer than the US.

          Got it.

  46. From The Spectator, quoting tomorrow’s Grauniad: Leak suggests EU will seek ‘special’ deal to access the City post-Brexit

    The Guardian has a very significant story on its front page tomorrow. It has obtained notes of a meeting that Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, had with senior MEPs this week. These notes show that Barnier told them that he wanted a ‘special’ deal that would guarantee access for the EU firms and countries to the City of London’s financial markets.

    If true, HA!

    1. Weren’t they going to shun Britain lol?

  47. Off to staycation without the kids for the weekend. Time to eat rich food and drink too much. See you all Monday

    1. Godspeed!

    2. Satyricon?

      Never seen ’em live.

      Should be a good show if you’re into that kinda thing.


  48. “Top Republican leaders are also saying they plan to move to replace Obamacare along the same track, but they are still struggling to come up with the details on how it will work”.

    You have to repeal the bill so that you can find out what is in it.


    1. I give you people gold.

      1. It was B material. You need to work on your delivery.

      2. That routine is six years old!

  49. I’ll come back to “Chapo Trap House” as soon as they hit puberty and their voices change.

  50. I came across this article via Facebook, written by everyone’s favorite possibly-white black activist. I obviously agree with him that the bill is ridiculous, but maybe he and other people in the social justice crowd should reevaluate their own position on speech codes on college campuses in light of this. I doubt they will though.


    1. If by “possibly” you mean documented fact. Though as I recall his story is that his mom cuckolded his father that is listed on the ole birth certificate.

    2. This was inevitable. Once you start thought policing it is just a matter of time before someone starts thought policing you. The authoritarians never think the iron fist they love so much will hit them, just the other guy.

      1. All of this is completely and utterly disgusting. That an aloof lawmaker wants to actually oversee and monitor individual activities and events to prohibit students and staff from discussing economic and skin privilege in this country is not just petty, it’s deeply problematic. What is his aim here?

        He’s not mad that free speech rights would be violated, he’s mad that his supposedly morally superior speech is in the cross-hairs. His objections are arbitrary and I feel exactly zero sympathy for his position. It’s only by coincidence that I would also be opposing this bill.

  51. It’s so sad, we all wait for the Links and we lavish it with attention but by tomorrow this thread will be discarded and as unwanted as one of Crusty’s used up love socks.

    1. It’s not nice to talk about Winston’s mom like that

  52. Buzzfeed: I got Botox in my vagina

    Next up, their thoughts on the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

    1. I hope it works out for her.

      1. That’s not bad for an infomercial but it needs moar “Lara and her dilator set” action.

        1. + gopro

    2. When will this scourge of high-wasted pants end???

      1. I thought it ended in 1991. Where the hell did she get those?

    3. the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

      … in her vagina?

        1. I always get a kick out of the surrogate.

        2. The penis does not care about race, creed and color

          True that. If only a penis ruled the world and not politicians who are dicks.

    1. Damn, Lena Dunham is looking old these days and I didn’t even know she’s a nurse. I guess the TDS finally got the best of her. At least she did keep her promise to move to Canada.

  53. Paybacks a bitch


  54. “President-Elect Donald Trump has very low approval ratings.”

    For what? Tweeting? I mean, he’s not even president yet. Bad for him not being the first black president. Then he could royally fuck up everything he touches for the next 8 years and still have great approval ratings.

    1. Bad for him not being the first black president. Then he could royally fuck up everything he touches for the next 8 years and still have great approval ratings.

      Hope and change. Everything that endeared him to the public was ethereal and vapid, something that no one can really put their finger on but could only explain in terms of noble sounding emotions. Strip away all of the mystique and what is there to like?

      I keep hearing people say that he is a good orator, so I guess you can still be a good orator even when the content of your speeches are nothing but poorly thought out emotional cues and sanctimony.

  55. Radley Balko: Prog or cuck?

    I know, too easy: PROG

    1. Was it Suderman that made that same claim? It’s getting difficult to decide who the worst is. Fuckin’ progs. Their heads may be full of scrambled shit but they make up for it with dishonesty.

    1. I can’t remember James ever being quite so oblivious about it.

  56. Wait, what? Court Says Tossing A Flashbang Grenade Into A Room With A Toddler Is ‘Unreasonable’ Police Behavior

    Since when is arresting some druggie by rolling up in a Bearcat with a dozen SWAT officers, knocking the door down and flashbanging a room you can’t see into “unreasonable” just because the cops offered no evidence to support their assertion that this guy was known to be a bad hombre and they failed to arrest him when they saw him strolling outside to take out the trash and therefore didn’t even need a no-knock warrant to start with? I mean, nobody “needs” a no-knock warrant execution where you get to LARP that scene from the Matrix where the Agents take down Morpheus – but it’s fun as hell, ain’t it? Is it so unreasonable to think that cops might want to have some fun?

    1. It took a fucking appeals court to determine that conducting a military assault on someone suspected of being involved with drugs. Seriously?

    2. Thanks for that link! I wound up going down a rabbit hole from there on techdirt.com and fourthamendment.com.

      Surprisingly good outcome for this state, what with the “methidemic”. We do have a high freedom rating from Cato, maybe it will start seeping into the drug war as police restraint.

      1. SF’ed the links, sorry.

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