Trump Calls CNN Fake News, Rex Tillerson Says Islam a 'Great Religion', Hollywood Says Goodbye to Obama: P.M. Links


  • CNN

    Donald Trump called CNN "fake news" in his first press conference since last July.

  • At his confirmation hearing for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson called Islam a "great religion."
  • Hollywood says goodbye to Barack Obama.
  • Dylann Roof was formally sentenced to death.
  • Taiwan responds to China sending a carrier into the Taiwan Strait.
  • Facebook launches its journalism project.

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  1. Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” in his first press conference since last July.

    Urine big trouble, CNN!

    1. *Shakes Fist at Ed
      Et tu, Ed?

      1. Put down Fist, bacon-magic. You’ll throw out your back.

        1. I’m a biggun, Fist is only large on the interwebz.

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    2. Hello.

      “Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” in his first press conference since last July.”

      Well, they started.

    3. Careful, Fist. Urethra you sow.

      1. You’re number one in my book.

        1. I see what you did there.

          I shower you with… praise!

          1. You two must be kidney.

            Seriously, I applaud you both!

      1. Yeah, I was also thinking of that incident this morning.

        1. I only come out at night now, mostly.

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      1. My firsties keep going from blad to bladder.

  2. Hollywood says goodbye to Barack Obama.

    Barry on Netflix looks awesome to be honest.

    1. You know who else has a great speculative biopic on Netflix?

      1. Queen Elizabeth II?

      2. Luke Cage?

    2. Did they give him a cape, bow and kneel and then walk gingerly backwards with their heads bowed?

      Fucken idiots.

      1. It looks more like an Indie flick period piece about like the dopest black guy you’ve ever seen. Like laid back, headphones on, smokin’ a joint while getting sucked off cool.

        1. The Barry trailer

          Some of you might throw up in your mouths.

          1. Sketches in progdom.

            1. So, BO was secretly Super-Fly?

              Ron O’Neal as the older BO.

          2. Do they include the fictional girlfriend he invented in Dreams From My Father?

            1. No sure, but he’s clearly slamming some kind of ass in that movie.

              1. Reggie Love?

    3. Barry on anything not in the government looks awesome to be honest.

  3. At his confirmation hearing for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson called Islam a “great religion.”

    Were his fingers crossed?

    1. “‘Great’ meaning large or immense, we use it in the pejorative sense!”

    2. More proof of crypto-nationalist, white power supporters in the Trump administration.

    3. Um…

      1. unusually or comparatively large in size or dimensions
      2. etc

      It’s the first one!

      1. There is everything wrong with that religion, more so than most.

        Let us not be collectivists and insist that there is everything wrong with every believer in that religion. From a philosophical standpoint, I encourage people not to become bitter like Papaya to the point where they no longer see individuals but only a collective which is entirely shamed and tainted by some of its adherents. It’s un-libertarian.

        That said, don’t get the impression that I think we should let them all into our country either. The inscription at Ellis Island reads:

        “Give me your tired, your poor,
        Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
        The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
        Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
        I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door.”

        There is nothing there that says “Give me those who will never acclimate to the culture, your seekers of welfare, your enemies of freedom who seek to undermine the liberties of others who came before or seek to come.”

        It is perfectly reasonable to reject some for the benefit of all.

        1. Fuck you. That’s not my position.

          1. And after slamming me, you advocate my position… huh?

            1. Did you ever consider the fact that other people are going to make up their minds about what you say and it might be different than whatever it is going on in your head, but never making it out in how you communicate with others?

              From my perspective you hate Muslims almost universally. Whenever you have anything good at all to say about any of them, it’s always begrudgingly. Then it’s right back to the attacks, the constant focus on terrorism, the overall negative and snide attitude. And you take that attitude even now, further reinforcing my belief that I’ve got you pegged pretty well.

              I’m not an unreasonable person. If you want to change my opinion about you, change your interactions with others here. That doesn’t mean hedge like Soave all the time. Try a little more to focus on individuals than groups. That’s who we all are. Every single person. Engage with what is wrong with beliefs, not the people who hold them.

              Of course, there’s no reason for you to care about what I think. Just suppose for a moment that I’m not the only one, because among the others there may be some whose opinions you do value and are too polite to engage you about it.

              And despite it all, I do like you and value what you have to say here much of the time. I just think you become really myopic with regards to this topic and it comes out all wrong. If it seemed otherwise, I apologize.

              1. Part of the problem is a simplistic formulation of “individuals vs. groups.” That is indeed a good distinction, that functions well when the group is non-ideological. Thus it is stupid to have blanket condemnations of men, women, whites, blacks, the French, whatever.

                However, it makes more sense to make blanket judgments of Christians, Muslims, Communists, Nazis, libertarians, statists, etc. Those groups are defined by belief systems, not skin color or place of residence. One can rationally and fairly can make collective judgments about belief systems. You could say I am judging individuals on what they believe. That’s not “collectivizing.” So I don’t see the problem with condemning both the ideology and the real-world manifestations of it: the people professing it. Is disliking “statists” bad? Am I improperly “collectivizing” by doing so? If not, why is disliking Muslims bad? They are a form of statist.

                If you have beefs with Communism or Naziism (and I assume you do), it’s silly to get into hairsplitting and pointless wastes of time, by claiming that each Communist or Nazi must be judged individually. Now, one may be a nice neighbor, but on an ideological level, so what?

                Obviously there are degrees and exceptions and wiggle-room, too much to fit in here. But I think it’s clear that Islam is the greatest threat to liberty today, and for the foreseeable future. And pretty much every individual Muslim is part of that problem, to one degree or another.

                1. You have a point. But most people are ‘born into’ the religion of their family and are steeped in it from birth. They don’t necessarily choose to go along with every facet, and may selectively believe. Do you think most Catholics believe in virgin births, walks on lakes, and bodily assumptions? But they may find solace in the virtues and ethics, so don’t leave. Muslims ain’t terribly different in my experience.

                  Political economic philosophies are different, largely chosen as adults. So f those commies, socialists, statists with a broken bottle!!

                  1. True, BigT, I didn’t have the space or time to get into the religion difference. However, born into it or not, an individual has to accept some responsibility for what he believes.

                    There’s the additional factor that Islam prescribes punishment for leaving the religion. On the one hand, that may excuse an individual in (say) Saudi Arabia for not leaving it, but that should not apply to Muslims living in the West. (Or if it does not, because of family/social pressure, what does that say? Nothing good about Islam!) “Sure, I’m a Nazi, but it would be really risky and socially awkward for me to leave the Party. But I don’t kill any Jews personally, so I don’t think you should collectivize me.”

                    I think it’s fair to say that anyone who supports [ideology X] in general has to take some blame for the general characteristics of [ideology X]. Communism, Nazism, Islam: all are distinctly violent, anti-liberty beliefs. Anyone who is a member of any of them is wimping out if they try to make excuses based on their otherwise laudable characteristics. The nice Russian lady who joined the Communist Party, or who was “born into it,” is still collaborating against liberty, whether she was a guard at a GULAG or not. If she’s still a Communist, I don’t want her moving here.

                2. Papaya, it is NOT stupid to have blanket condemnation of the French. JFC. Are you some kind of monster?

      2. I think “great religion” should be interpreted in that first sense. Same with “great presidents”, etc.

        They aren’t great because they are very good, but great because they are powerful and influential. By that standard, Islam is undoubtedly one of the world’s great religions.

        1. They’re Grrrrr-eat!


        2. Yes, that is the point a lot of us are making. Dude says a few words, media twist it up, it goes viral… hm, I wonder what we’re calling that now.

    4. 2, 4 6, 8, Homer’s crime was really great!

      Great meaning large or immense, we use it in the pejorative sense!

      1. Maybe he actually said ‘Grate Religion’.

        It chops you into many fine pieces?

        1. “Islam, it’s gr-r-r-r-eat!”

          /Rex the Tiger

        2. Maybe he meant to say ,”I took a great dump today.” You never know.

  4. Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” in his first press conference since last July.

    CNN thinks he’s a fake President, so tit-for-tat.

    1. He already made it clear that they’re going to be denied access to the White House. If they’re going to report on the administration, they’re going to have to hit the bricks and do it the old-fashioned way, and they think that’s unfair. I don’t think Trump is the kind of guy to give in to their whining either. In fact, it will just encourage him to exclude them and justify his reasoning for doing so. I can’t say I’d blame him. The Presidency is accountable to the people, of that there is no doubt. But it is not accountable to the press. The press is not “the people” no matte how they spin their “need” for access.

      CNN could seek to reconcile this. First off, they could stop reporting every steaming pile of crap that ends up flaming in a bag on their doorstep. Have some goddamned standards and integrity. Second, they could hire some reporters who will give the administration a fair shake. Not sycophants, but actual journalists who care that they get their reporting right and leave the value judgments to the pundits and the people.

      1. Nope.

        Expect CNN to double down and act “the opposition” for the next 4 to 8 years.

        It’s pretty much every crusading journalist’s wet dream.

        1. I said they could. Not that I think they would. They already picked their Hill(ary) to die on.

        2. They could act as the opposition without being complete retards. In theory.

        3. So you’re saying that could possibly be Anderson Cooper’s wet dream? I’m not even gay and that’s hot.

  5. Judicial Watch says that the Ft Lauderdale Airport shooter was a convert to Islam, took a Islamic name, downloaded terrorist propaganda and recorded Islamic music

    This must be Fake News since the real media would already have made this common knowledge…..ning-army/

    1. I attribute the shooting to the guy being crazy as a runover dog.

      1. Hey! Allah accepts him anyway.

        1. No, Allah does not like dogs.

      2. I think the line between “crazy as a runover dog” and “jihadi terrorist” is mighty fine, indeed.

        1. It’s more a big overlap in the Venn diagram.

        2. In this case (and many others, I’m sure) the former would appear to be the cause of the latter.

          I think you can probably divide most Islamic terrorists into two categories. Complete nuts who would probably have done something with or without Islam and more thoughtful and committed true believers.

    2. “Oh, Judicial Watch. Those nuts that are so obsessed with Hillary.”

      1. Judicial Watch is fake news because they don’t fall in line with the Progressive Narrative.

        1. Consensus news!

    3. Nothing to see here, people … move along.

  6. Dylann Roof was formally sentenced to death.

    Tie a noose and make it tight;
    A feast for crow come tonight!

    1. A Feast for Crows kinda sucked, to be honest.

      1. You shut your mouth! George R. R. “choo choo hat” Martin is the JRR Tolkien of ‘Murica.

        1. That’s either an insult of Tolkien or an insult of America.

          1. Yes. I actually do like Tolkien, Martin and America.

          2. Tolkien could never spend six paragraphs describing a meal with such intensity that you thought he was masturbating.

            1. Oh, he could. With the language that would leave Martin looking as puzzled as a dog seeing it’s reflection.

              He wouldn’t because he was both a scholar and a gentleman.

            2. Yes he could…in English,Elvish (both kinds), Entish and even Black Speech.

              1. “What’s happening, my Hobbits?”

              2. Also, Old Norse, Old English, Middle English, Classical Icelandic and Medieval Welsh.

        2. Is the R.R. for rail road?

      2. Most GRRM books do.


        1. Blood and ashes, that series did indeed take forever.

        2. That better be sarcasm.

          [pulls braid, crosses arms under breasts, and sniffs in contempt]

          1. *tears flow as he stands to clap*

      3. AFFC is the weakest book. Luckily there was a bounceback for ADWD.

        And hopefully when Winds of Winter is released in 2186, it will be just as good.

        1. That fat lazy fuck will never finish the series, will he?

          1. No. He’s going to die before that.

            George R. R. Martin is so fat, bitch broke his leg and gravy poured out.

            1. He’s so fat, his blood sugar level is “syrupy”.

              1. He’s so fat, people passing through Santa Fe have to make wedding contracts to secure passage across his Twins.

          2. It will be finished when J.J. Abrams finishes the first movie for GOT.

          3. I’m sure he’ll get around to it eventually. Probably about a week after the the last neutron in the galaxy decomposed.

          4. He never wanted to. He’s an anti-social nerd that grew up getting shit on by jocks. The whole point of the series was to write a fantasy book where the main character, who was formed as a traditional type-A main character, would shockingly die at the end.

            He had no idea the book series would be such a hit YEARS later. There was no end game. He is a one trick pony. The show did it BETTER!

            This guy used to write Wildcards which is the novelization of a comic book story. Fat, hateful, nerd.

            1. He is a one trick pony. The show did it BETTER!

              Meh, I only watched until the end of Season 2, but their conversion plan seems to be “throw out any well written subtlety or ambiguity from the books, add more tits and violence.” It’s possible to do both.

              And apparently they shit all over Stannis the Mannis’ character, which is UNACCEPTABLE.

              1. Adding tits and violence is never wrong.

              2. Stannis is an impostor and unfit to sit on the iron throne. He lost his claim when he allowed himeslf to be humiliated by Tyrion and Tywin at the Battle of the Blackwater. The one true Queen of Westeros is Daenerys Targaryen, the Unburnt, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

                1. And she-devil in bed.

                  1. For Game of Thrones fans I offer this little side project

                    I like Coldplay and Musicals in general. So while it is pretty funny, some of you may hate it out of the gates. For fans of the TV show.

                    1. The graph is over-my-head, rework the sentence into proper English so I can see.

                    2. I like Coldplay…

                      Dead. to. me.

                    3. What Bobarian said. Coldplay! Jeeezo.

                    4. Better.

                2. In my CK2 experience, putting the inbred mad woman on the throne with a Martial of 2 and an Intrigue of 1 is only amusing for a couple months. Then the problems start. Might as well go for the Honest, Just, Dull guy with the 22 Martial.

                3. Which explains why Daeny did FA in bumfukistan with her slave friends for 3 seasons rather than get her ass to Kings Landing.

          5. Never ever.

        2. I can’t even remember which book is which. It all seemed about the same to me.

          I should have waited until it was finished to read it.

      4. Absolutely. I don’t know if Martin’s editor died or something, but he needs a new one.

        1. That was painfully clear when the parts excised by an editor were published, for some baffling reason, as the 4th novel.

          1. when the parts excised by an editor were published, for some baffling reason…

            Srsly, SF?

            1. Oh, I know. I still think that the 4th book should have been thrown in the trash.

  7. Identity Of “Former Intelligence Officer” Who Prepared The Trump Dossier, Has Been Revealed…..n-revealed

    1. “”””and before readers google him, beware, there is a male gay porn star with the same name, who may or may not be into “golden showers.””””

      At least they warned us.

      1. Maybe he’s both.

    2. and before readers google him, beware, there is a male gay porn star with the same name, who may or may not be into “golden showers.”

      Now there’s an important warning.

      1. It wasn’t a warning, it was an endorsement.

    3. Was it Captain (Acting Major) William Martin, of the Royal Marines?

      1. I thought he was the guy that went around telling people to stop it, this is getting too silly.

  8. Of course it’s a great religion. That has nothing to do with being good, it means it is huge. And it is, with a billion members.

    1. So Allahu akbar means “God is a fatty”?

      1. “Girthy” is the preferred translation, I think. Although I guess you can say “thicc” in modern vernacular.

        1. A houri is a most beautiful young woman with a transparent body. The marrow of her bones is visible like the interior lines of pearls and rubies. She looks like red wine in a white glass. She is of white color, and free from the routine physical disabilities of an ordinary woman such as menstruation, menopause, urinal and offal discharge, child bearing and the related pollution. A houri is a girl of tender age, having large breasts which are round (pointed), and not inclined to dangle. Houris dwell in palaces of splendid surroundings.
          ??Al-Tirmidhi, Jami` at-Tirmidhi

          1. Oh my.

            Can I turn this into a Vivid script?

          2. And that, kids, is how you properly build a religion. Had he had the foresight to approve wine and pork, Islam would have been unstoppable.

            1. Here’s the thing. Faithful women get converted into houri upon death.

              That’s what Islamic heaven is for women. An eternity of being an immortal, giant-titted transparent-skined sex slave.

              1. Daaaang? This is who all the Terrorists are dying for? It’s a nice fiction I suppose, I thought it was a grip of virgins though?

                1. If Allah can turn them transparent, he can turn them back into virgins.

              2. It’s an upgrade from being a mortal, saggy titted, burka clad sex slave on Earth.

          3. Sounds like someone had a vision of fuckbots in 2027.

      2. +1 Hotei Snackbar.

  9. Hollywood says goodbye to Barack Obama.

    And hello to post-post-racial America.

    1. So… does this mean we are racists now or what?

      1. *consults CBC*

        Yes, you are all racists. It is known.

        1. Danke mein schwarz.

      2. Libertarians have always been racist. Especially when they advocate for smaller government so less people (primarily black men) go to prison or get killed because of drugs or cigarettes or whatever the fuck the government wants to make illegal. Or something like that.

        (Who wants to bet that somebody “smuggling soda in from the suburbs” gets shot in Philly at some point?)

        1. Clubbed or electrocuted is more Philly. Just sayin’

          1. Nah. “More Philly” is when the police firebomb the perp’s house from a helicopter.

            1. None more Philly.

            2. Helicopter Murder drone… This is the 21st century, you luddite!

        2. Also when we want the government to stop blowing up Middle Easterners who do not represent a direct threat to American security. It’s because we’re just so racist.

    2. Yeah – He did say that post-racial talk ‘never realistic’. In other words, race-baiting got the Democrats this far, they aren’t switching horses now.

    3. Never change, Guardian, never change. Their headline about O’s farewell speech:

      “Barack Obama lifts America one last time in emotional farewell”

      1. Instead of the national anthem to close out broadcasts they’re gonna put up a picture of Obama. Or worse. Like replaying his speech indefinitely.

        1. Obama gave an ipod full of his speeches to the Queen of England back in ’09. I hear she listens to it every single time she visits the loo.

  10. Nice alt-text.

    1. I blame Robby.

    2. Ed gets a free pass on account of all the fabulous alt-texts in the past.

      1. Huh, now it’s there. Ed Houdini.

    3. I chortled.

  11. Tillerson called Islam a “great religion.”

    “As a matter of fact, Islam akbar!”

    1. Great religion you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.

  12. Facebook launches its journalism project.

    Codename: Project Fake News

  13. Dylann Roof was formally sentenced to death.

    He’ll meet the rebel flag in the sweet by-and-by.

    1. That Roof boy’s got himself in a whole heap o’ trouble

      *Dixie horn plays*

      1. I read this as Waylon Jennings as a transitional VO from a The Dukes of Hazzard episode.

        1. The Dukes of Hazzard was possibly one of the most libertarian shows network tv ever put on.

  14. Taiwan responds to China sending a carrier into the Taiwan Strait.

    By building an even cheaper carrier!

  15. At his confirmation hearing for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson called Islam a “great religion.”

    Top 5 at least. Though there are some plucky dead ones that I’ve always been fond of.

    1. His actual quotation was, “some of my best corporate partners were Islamic.”


        1. Saudi Aramco, the corporate arm of the Saudi monarchy.

          1. The House of Saud ain’t people, either.

            1. That’s raciss, yo.

            2. Wait till the House of Saud insults Trump:

              “Their oil is low quality and they cover their women out of shame. Sad Arabia!”

  16. PM Zoolander rearranged his cabinet and promoted a new foreign minister (she wrote two books, one of which is called Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else). As our Beloved State Broadcaster analyzes, this is all to put Russia on notice:

    Chrystia Freeland, who is now Canada’s top diplomat, is one of the prominent names sanctioned by Russia.

    And a spokeswoman for that country’s foreign ministry hinted on Wednesday that removing her from the blacklist would depend on the Trudeau government taking action.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had brushed aside concerns after his new foreign minister was sworn in, pointing to her success in finalizing a free trade deal with Europe.

    “As for how she gets along with Russia, well, she speaks fluent Russian,” Trudeau said.

    Whoever posted the article deserves a cookie for the picture of Putin immediately following that Zoolanderism.

    1. He gave it to that empty headed clown?

      What happened to the limp Dion? Not that I care. I thought his appointment was silly.

      And why is JT a LIBERAL party member?!’Splain JT m’boy.

      1. What happened to the limp Dion?

        Shunted off to be ambassador to EU.

        And why is JT a LIBERAL party member?!

        Clearly for the pussy.

      2. What happened to the limp Dion?

        Where does her heart beat now?

      3. Because Wilfred Laurier was the best damn Prime Minister we ever had, Paul Martin was the best damn Finance Minister we ever had (low bar), and I’m part of the small minority of pragmatic Libs who wanted the pull the party away from the Left after the shitshows of Dion and Iggy, but apparently everyone else wants to double down on the stupid.

        Also the pussy.

        Note that I didn’t vote for Trudeau, because I’m both a terrible party member and not a moron.

        1. I didn’t leave the Liberal party, it left me.

          Fuck ’em.

          1. Who the fuck else am I going to join, the Tories? Bloody fools that obsess over the wrong issues and can’t even follow through on basic, good election promises like Senate reform. The NDP? Degenerate Christian socialists and college kids. The Libertarians? Didn’t even know how to make a good website for years and screwed Southern over for idiotic reasons. I’m stuck here, waiting for opportunities for reform and/or sabotage.

        2. JT…John Titor….Justin Trudeau…


          1. Funny story, I met him once, before he was party leader when I was living in Ottawa. This was after his stupid “I’ll become a separatist” and calling that guy a piece of shit statements, but before the praising Chinese autocracy one.

            Anyway I was walking out of this building on Bank St., holding door open, when suddenly this little kid shoves past my legs and out ahead of me. I hear “Sorry, you know how it is with kids” behind me and I turn around and it’s fucking Zoolander. And he gives me the douchest smile, one of those celebrity “you know who I am” smiles. So I feigned ignorance and said “Actually, that’s usually the result of bad parenting.” turned around and left.

            One day I will claim his Firstborn for that insult.

        3. Because Wilfred Laurier was the best damn Prime Minister we ever had…

          Where’s the love for Mackenzie King and Louis St. Laurent? To me the Grits started to the left with Pearson. But the serious shift started with Trudeau pere who (along with JFK) perhaps presaged Obama as the rockstar politician with the slim executive portfolio and the fat cult of personality.

          IMO, Mackenzie King should be remembered as the PM who ended the Tories’ imitation of the New Deal in Canad thereby lessening the impact of the depression there.

    2. Putin is gonna make her run out and cry and want to be with her family.

    3. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had brushed aside concerns after his new foreign minister was sworn in, pointing to her success in finalizing a free trade deal with Europe.

      This is the same woman who started crying on live television because that trade deal was almost canned.

      1. And then she got the deal! Crafty!

        1. As Dylan sang, “she negotiates, just like a wooman……”

      2. That was perhaps the most embarrassing moment for a Canadian politicians I ever saw.

        It was horrible.

    4. Random question for the Canadians here: do you have a site where you go to read libertarian takes on Canuck issues?

      I’ll brave the conventional sites for the news, but the editorials tend to be rather lacking.

      1. Nope. Only libertarian take on anything I get is from Reason. Luckily, that’s enough, as there’s exactly zero chance of any libertarian idea ever penetrating any of layers of government, so the lack of libertarian analysis is utterly irrelevant.

        1. That’s my conclusion too, but it would still be nice to run across some contrarian coverage that isn’t Rebel. They spend a lot of time shilling for the Tories, and I’m not particularly fond of those either.

          I poke around Mises Canada once in a while but it’s not very active and doesn’t cover current events.

          1. Just take care you don’t go poking around Misses Canada, if you know what’s good for you.

      2. used to be good, but it seems they have suspended activities.

        1. Yes. And sounds like for good according to a communication I got out of them.

          Too bad.

  17. Taiwan responds to China sending a carrier into the Taiwan Strait.

    “Staaaph guys!”

  18. Facebook launches its journalism project.

    U.S. Farmville Report.

  19. Facebook launches its journalism project

    If ever there were a sentence that needed scare quotes it’s this one.

    Facebook launches its “journalism” project.

    1. Everyone wants a piece of the fake news money.

    2. Yeah, I’m not excited about that.

    3. There should be scare quotes around every word in that sentence but ‘its’.

  20. “At his confirmation hearing for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson called Islam a “great religion.””

    1.7 billion followers?

    Yeah, it’s a great religion, whether we like it or not.

    Why is this noteworthy?

    1. Because he is now an ass kissing, power drunk politician.

    2. I dunno, but it’s WaPo so I refuse to find out.

    3. Because Trump is such a virulent, strident, unapologetic racist, his nominee for SoS isn’t calling it a batshit murder cult for dirt people like he’s supposed to.

    1. Fuck Jane Fonda. She is not worthy of blasting anyone. Even the White Walkers’ leader.

    2. Dammit, America, you are supposed to keep her away from other nations! Build the goddamn wall already


      “When I heard that your prime minister, the shining hope at the … Paris climate talks, who talked so beautifully about needing to meet the requirements of the climate treaty, and respect and hold to the treaties with the Indigenous people, and so forth ? such a heroic stance he took there,” Fonda said. “And yet he has betrayed every one of the things that he committed to in Paris.

      “I guess the lesson is we shouldn’t be fooled by good-looking liberals, no matter how well spoken they are. What a disappointment.”

      Kinda hilarious.

      1. I love when they eat their own.

      2. Only an idiot like Fonda would consider Zoolander “well spoken”. He’d fit in with a Grade 8 speech performance.

    3. “When I heard that your prime minister, the shining hope at the … Paris climate talks,”

      Shut up you cunt. Shining hope…fuck you. The last thing Canada needs is your commentary given your disgraceful past.

    4. ‘We shouldn’t be fooled by good-looking liberals’: Jane Fonda blasts Trudeau

      ….Wait a second…

      …wasn’t that *exactly* her thing for many years? e.g. going to vietnam? i guess that’s your point. goddamn these people have no self awareness.

      1. She’s thinking more in the present.

        1. “We should be fooled by liberals who used to look good!”

      2. “We shouldn’t get fooled by good-looking liberals now,” Fonda explained, referring to her long-expired hotness, “but it was totes okay back in the 70’s”

        1. For her age, she’s still hot. It’s only fair to grade on that curve.

      3. Hot liberal women don’t know that people only listen to them because they’re hot. If they had enough humility or common sense to realize it they probably wouldn’t be liberal.

    5. After the international climate talks in Paris in late 2015, Fonda said she had high hopes that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government would follow through on commitments made there.

      So Trudeau can be compared to Obama.

      1. He’s a dumber, less accomplished Obama.

  21. Good riddance Brak O.

    unfortunately, your moronic mentally challenged policies will be with us for the rest of our lives.

    1. Like I asked this morning: Instead of Barack Obama having been elected, I wish that other candidate named Barack Obama had been elected in 2008. Sure, I disagreed with him on a lot of things, but he had some really positive ideas on dismantling the surveillance state, on war, and on the drug war.

      1. Would have been nice in 2000 too.

  22. Company recalls boots when customer finds swastikas on the soles

    The Reddit user was shocked when he wore his new pair of Polar Fox boots and discovered they left swastika-shaped footprints on the floor.

    “There was an angle I didn’t get to see when ordering my new work boots,” he wrote.

    His photo of the footprints has been seen more than 2 million times. It kicked up a flurry of Nazi jokes on Amazon, where California-based Conal International Trading Inc. sells the boot.

    “Good for marching into Poland but not so good for much else,” joked one reviewer.

    “They weren’t the reich size,” snarked another.

    1. Fake, I assume?

      1. I don’t think so. That’s a link to the product on Amazon, and you can see pictures of the sole there. Looks like an mirrored swastika to me.

        1. The sole looks less like a swastika than the moisture-imprint does. I can see this slipping past marketing.

          1. FFS, it’s just a grippy shape. And the lines aren’t even straight. I guess we should be glad the Nazis didn’t choose the “circle” as their logo, or life would start to get uncomfortable.

    2. Some people would find that kinky.

    3. You can just walk diagonally to show your love of Buddhism.

    4. My wife had a pair of Reebok socks that, when she put them on, stretched out and made their logo look like a swastika.

      1. She sounds fat.

        1. Hardly.

  23. I’ve been calling Trump a buffoon for over a year now, yet the main stream media is desperately trying to get me to like him. Here is what ABC is saying about his press conference today:

    “Fake news” is what Trump labeled the unsubstantiated information about him that circulated widely this week after being included in an intelligence briefing. It’s also the term he used to describe news outlets that reported on that information on Tuesday. The label has been most commonly associated with efforts to influence politics through deliberate falsehoods that go viral. But Trump and his team are twisting that meaning.…..d=44712085

    1. Have you looked at the NYT’s site today? They seem to be committed to renting out more space at their building.

    2. “unsubstantiated information about him that circulated widely”
      “deliberate falsehoods that go viral”

      Yeah, totally different things there. LOL do they even read what they write anymore?

      1. LOL do they even read what they write anymore?

        It’s too dark with their heads inside their asses for them to read anything.

      2. What do you mean, ‘anymore’?

    3. I’m old enough to remember when “unsubstantiated information” wasn’t considered news.

    4. Yes, we published lies but HE HAS NO RIGHT TO CALL US FAKE NEWS!

      1. Exactly!!! Trump is twisting the meaning, not just applying it to the fools who invented it

  24. So Hillary actually did become bathed in the Light of God when she accepted the nomination?

  25. Sup, bitchez!

    I’m relishing in the joy of more proggie tears as Trump calls the Clinton News Network “fake news”.

    This guy doesn’t give a f*** about anything. The media deserves it.

    1. ^Exactly

    2. I really don’t want to have to be on his side for anything but the ongoing meltdown since November has been great.

      When he talked about whether or not he would accept the election results and electoral fraud during his campaign it baited the hook beautifully. I’m not going full on Scott Adams but I’m willing to accept he was confident in his chances and predicted exactly what would happen both before and after the election. Watching the Dems and the media fall over themselves to act like absolute morons has been fascinating.

  26. Germany Sets Plan to Rein In Extremists

    In a surprising policy turnabout, Germany’s interior and justice ministers have mandated that residents on Germany’s version of the “No-Fly List” wear yellow cresceFAKE NEWS!

    1. By reining in, Germany means giving jihadis more welfare checks they can use to rent trucks and run people over.

    2. I keep waiting for someone to ban “rein in” as meaning “treat like animals”.

    3. When they say extremist, they mean native Germans.

  27. I saw a little tidbit of Tillerson’s hearing earlier. The exchange obviously had something to do with Putin’s crimes against humanity. Tillerson’s reply made it plain he thought the question was a stupid question, asked by a stupid person. It was amusing.

    1. This is why I would never be confirmed.

      1. Oh, I couldn’t get elected dog catcher. Thank god.

      2. “Let me answer that question by posing another.”

    2. It’s a pretty smooth, but lengthy, confirmation. The candidate is at ease and comfortable.

    3. Lil’ Marco asked the Q

  28. Hollywood says goodbye to Barack Obama.

    Let’s see…

    Hollywood got on its collective knees, blew Obama’s messianic dick, and swallowed whatever he gave them?

  29. I like how the commentators on NPR this morning noted (with a certain tone of horror) that Trump hasn’t given a press conference since July– and then went on to note that since then “he’s won an election”.

    I’ve never been more curious to know what inner thoughts were rattling around in their brains when that was uttered. I just wonder if for a fleeting moment, they felt their own irrelevance.

    1. If I remember, Hillary didn’t do a press conference for a really freakin’ long time after she announced her campaign.

      I’m sure NPR was too busy to notice that.

      1. I remember that as well, and I recall some suggestion in the spheres about her strategy was that she could only hurt Herself by talking. This of course was before she knew she’d be facing Trump in the general.

  30. ?Facebook launches its journalism project.

    I’m just glad we can finally stop hearing all these fake stories criticizing Hillary and focus on real journalism like Trump’s Election Stole My Desire to Look for a Partner and AP’s fact-check of whether or not Meryl Streep is overrated.

  31. Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” in his first press conference since last July.

    This is why he won.

    1. Yep. If he does nothing but this for 4 years, he’s an improvement on Obama and Clinton.

      1. From what i can tell, i don’t think what they mean as a “theatrical western” is necessarily a ‘musical’.

        but its sort of a western-ish thing.

  32. Facebook launches its journalism project.

    Not a media company!

    1. Just wait until progtards start demanding that Facebook be regulated like a public utility.

      It will happen sooner or later.

        1. See also: Let’s Nationalize Facebook and the Wikipedia entry on social media as a public utility

          Call it the rule 34 for progressive derp.

          1. On that wiki entry, the “counterarguments” couldn’t be more obviously written by an advocate of that regulation. Half the text of one section of counterarguments is clearly devoted to debunking counterarguments. Oh wikipedia…

  33. Welcome To Trump’s America

    “Also = Bald Eagles are delicious, and should be available in restaurants”

    1. It’s better than watching windmill-blenders chop up bald eagles as they fly through them, no?

    2. Meh, they don’t taste as good as spotted owls.

  34. Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” in his first press conference since last July.

    At least he’s not making Wolf cry too often.

    1. Snuck that one right under Swiss’s radar, didn’t you?

      1. *** runs away giggling ***

  35. It struck me that even the fake “Russian hooker Obama bed-pee” story holds an incredibly inflated regard for the Left’s Messiah. If you heard that an enemy of yours did something like that to a bed you slept in once, and never would again, would you even care? The only people who could be expected to care about that would be people who hold the ‘victim’ as a (literal) holy man – an object of adulation and veneration – e.g, Obama and his cult.

    1. What if Obama wants revenge, and takes a dump inside one of the desk drawers in the Oval Office?

      1. I’m sure he’s already done that.

    2. Soon online:
      Kleenex used by Obama himself!!1

      1. * goes to Amazon to order eBay for dummies.

      2. Obama panty vending machines

  36. ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival Gets Premiere Date on Showtime

    At TCA, Nevins revealed that he’s screened all 18 hours of the “Twin Peaks” revival, alongside Lynch who brought donuts and coffee for the screening. The executive teased that the new version of “Twin Peaks” is the “pure heroin vision of David Lynch, and I am very excited to be putting that out.”

    1. Wasn’t the murder of Laura Palmer solved?

      1. Yes.

        I cannot wait for this new series.

    2. Just don’t do an ‘Eraserhead’ revival.

    3. the “pure heroin vision of David Lynch

      i’ve seen David Lynch at his WTF-Lynchyest, and i’m pretty sure this is not that.

    4. Awesome. Peak television.

  37. Today, I quit my job. It is probably mixed bag, but I had to.

    Not sure why I’m sharing that, but it feels good to say out loud.

    1. The best year of my life was when I was unemployed. The. Best.

      1. It felt really good this afternoon. I think there will be some different stress in the next week, but overall I feel a lot better.

        1. I don’t know what your financial situation is, so I get that being unemployed can look stressful– especially if you suffer from low self-esteem like all [more] people should.

      2. I was unemployed for half of 2014. In a way it was ok, but it mostly sucked ass. I had no idea if I’d ever get a job again so that was stressful and I was living very frugally on savings with no income. I couldn’t do anything fun since that would involve spending money. I’m trying to imagine how it went for you so that it would be the best year of your life.

        1. I’m trying to imagine how it went for you so that it would be the best year of your life.

          Capital consumption.

        2. I’m fortunate to be financially secure*

          *that’s the short, glib way of saying it. The longer version is that I had a significant sum of cash (liquid) saved and so when I left, I knew I could survive ~1 yr without having to dip into savings– savings as I define it. I did get a severance for 12 weeks when I left which is close to 3 months, and after that unemployment kicked in.

          Back in the mid 2000 after my divorce I was flat-fucking broke and learned to live well within my means– and after I came out of that in 2010 or so, my daily spending levels really never went back up. So living on unemployment wages was pretty breezy.

          And I’m exaggerating slightly- in the 10th month of unemployment, I got a temp contract gig which held me over for the subsequent couple months. Almost exactly 1 yr after I left the previous job, I got hired on at another firm and the week before my first paycheck came in, I actually had to dip into honest-to-god savings to make my mortgage.

          I could have survived much longer, but then I’d have been earnestly dipping into savings and then I’d have started getting nervous and cranky. Even though I’d have been “fine” I would have seen my retirement lifestyle belt tightening before my very eyes.

    2. Good luck on your next adventure!

        1. Do something you’ve always wanted to do before getting a new job.

    3. Do what you have to. Do what you can.

    4. GL Doom! There is always more work out there!

      I haven’t quit my job just went back onto anti-depressants instead. Ha, be thankful you don’t have that crutch.

      1. I was complaining a month ago and my friend just laid it out so clearly. It was toxic, and the tension was starting to stay with me far too long. The weekends didn’t bring me back anymore.

        Hey, it keeps you going. Nothing wrong with it.

        1. No matter how much money you make, a toxic workplace is not worth it. You made the right choice.

          1. It fucks with your health. Trust me. That’s why I left my previous job.

            1. I quit a toxic workplace once – after 15 years & at the height of the shit economy a few years ago – and then begged for my job back on the last day of my two weeks. I’m glad I did because the cause of it all left not long after and it’s been fine since.

              1. Ah, by “toxic workplace” you really meant “toxic coworker”. I feel you.

                1. Yes. Fortunately it was just the one. But boy was he a piece of work.

    5. Good luck. Don’t sit on your ass too long. Enjoy the time you do have.

      1. I don’t have much of a window timewise to move on, but i was losing my mind. This week might be relaxing, then back at ‘er.

        1. No! Take a trip or something. Take at least a month off, unless you are seriously strapped financially.

          1. A trip is a good idea. I could go more than a week, but im also looking at our next apartment and will need some proof of employment sooner than later.

        2. Only relegate yourself to spending 5-6 hours a day watching pornography, because spending more time than that will be accompanied by negative results.

          1. “Gotta get those numbers up”

          2. He gets a government job?

          3. What are you Amish?

          4. accompanied by negative results.

            Blisters and blurred vision.

    6. Did you say, ‘I QUIT and no one likes your jokes! Or your tuna casserole! And I slept with your wife!’

      1. No, I always wanted to have a blow up like that, but it was sudden and my boss was taken aback. It was probably the best way to suddenly quit. I would have preferred the few weeks notice, but a person who left there recently was black balled in that time frame.

        Back in the day at my high school pizza job, a guy quit at like 630. He got really angry and threw his hat on the ground at our boss and stormed off yelling.
        I was a little scared.

        1. He started hysterically hurling hot pizzas around like frisbees.

        2. I had a job once where at the end of the day when I was walking to my car, I actually physically felt better the further away from the building I got. I didn’t quit because I had two little kids and a wife who didn’t work, but I ended up getting laid off and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Life is too short for bullshit.

          1. Yeah, there was this feeling of dread when a few specific cars were in the lot when I drove in. I kept going for a while, but it wasn’t getting better. If I had a family, the decision would have been much harder.

            1. Good for you, these things always work out for the best.

          2. I’ve had a job like that. Sometimes you have to hit a career rock bottom to motivate you to change

          3. I don’t feel better until I hit the freeway, but damn, does that comment ever hit close to home.

          4. I think it’s a blessing to get a fired/layed off/have your company go under at least once in your life when you are still kind of young, but have a wife and kids. It is scary. But it teaches you that the fear is actually worse than the event itself. Just get another job, after fucking off for a while.

        3. I went through a bout of under/unemployment in 2011. I picked up a part time job a seasonal outdoor ice-skating rink as a rink guard for about 9 dollars an hour. One day a bunch of families were using folding chairs as a walker to help their little ones skate as a arrived to work. Not a minute into my shift my asshat manager wanted me to remove take the dozen or so folding chairs from the families and tell them it is against the rules. I suggested that this occured before my arrival and that he should show me how to tactfully deal with it and I would help him. He fumed and told me to home. I told him that I didn’t take this job so I could make small children cry and you will never see me here again.

          Quitting a shit job like that felt really good. I was hired within 48 hours as a fulltime ski instructor with employee housing in a slopeside trailer park. It was a weird winter for me. After two stints of other work I became gainfully employed going on four years and I’m starting to itch for something different. So I fully understand.

          Good luck man!

          1. Thanks waffles. A ski resort year is a real change of pace huh?
            Glad it worked for you in the end

    7. You never know what will happen.

      I went through a similar thing a few years back. At first I was feeling great, then I started freaking out. About a week after I quit my job, I was hanging out with some friends and I ran into an old coworker I hadn’t seen in years. We got to talking, and he told me that his office was hiring. Wiithin a month I had a much better job that paid almost twice as much as what I was making before.

      So good luck.

    8. “Today, I quit my job. It is probably mixed bag, but I had to”

      I hope you had another one already lined up.

      It’s much easier to get a better job when you have one than if you don’t.

      When swinging through the jungle of life never let go one one vine until you have a firm grasp on the next. ( I think women learn this in the arena of love at an early age)

      1. When I left after 21 years with Big Oil I left a 3×4 ft Jolly Roger flag in my window overlooking the corporate campus. I became a folk hero to many.

    9. I’ve been fired, well, more than twice, and resigned without a new gig at least once. Always wound up better off, really. Be optimistic.

  38. If you heard that an enemy of yours did something like that to a bed you slept in once, and never would again, would you even care?

    I don’t get it. That makes the flaming-bag-of-dogshit-on-the-front-porch trick look like the height of sophistication.

    What’s the point of “punking” somebody if they never even know about it?

    1. “That’s the joke!”

  39. Today, I quit my job.

    Good for you. now go accomplish something.

    1. Looks like there are a of couple job openings at Microsoft.…..-ptsd.html

  40. Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” in his first press conference since last July.

    CNN: Certainly Not News

    1. I remember when everyone referred to it as the Clinton News Network when slick Willie ran things.

  41. It’s a pretty smooth, but lengthy, confirmation. The candidate is at ease and comfortable.

    I don’t see any of those nitwits generating enough wattage to ruffle Tillerson’s feathers. Dealing with the Senate probably qualifies as the special olympics of negotiation for that guy.

    1. Smooth and lengthy.

  42. Anyone have any experience using a “Batch Rename Utility” in Windows for lots of files?

    *if not that particular thing, any other similar app/utility…

    I need to reformat the name structure for about… oh, 1500 files or so. wondering if anyone has ever had to do anything similar.

    1. Have your orphans do it during their sleep time.

    2. This is a perfect excuse to learn perl.

      Back everything up first.

      1. Or Powershell. But if you’re not into programming, any of the utilities such as the one you linked will get the job done. I can’t speak to specific tools because the ones I know best are on Mac.

        +1 on the backup

        1. Powershell?

          You mean that FANCY/COZY BEAR piece of tradecraft???

          Seriously, though…Powershell?

    3. PowerShell was good enough for me. But this article mentions another tool: AdvancedRenamer.

      1. Thanks

        Now if i could only figure out how to unfuck my itunes library.

    4. Use cygwin and mv?

    1. Not their best.

  43. Drove to Pittsburgh today for an all day meeting tomorrow. I’m almost certain that this meeting won’t accomplish anything and that I spent 5 hours in a smelly rental car for no good reason.

    Also, the first rental car I drove off in today, I broke the stick that controls the windshield wipers right off. Clearly lifting weights is paying off– no Hyundai Elantra plastic parts are a match for me.

      1. The replacement car after I broke the Elantra was a Nissan Sentra with 40k miles on it. I think I did hit it’s top speed of ~85 mph or so.

    1. But you got to go to Pittsburgh!

      1. I’ve been before — Pittsburgh is a great city… in the summer.

  44. Facebook launches its journalism project.

    It dabbled in fake news and now wants to go pro.

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