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Updated! Hey, Here's That Obviously Fake 'Dossier' Claiming Trump Is Into Golden Showers!

In an age of forced transparency, we like to watch, right? But even Buzzfeed says its big scoop is bullshit.


Updated (9:12 P.M. ET), and more: Scroll down for updates on possible source for the material.

If you've ever wondered why the news media is treated with derision and distrust, today is your lucky day.

Buzzfeed has published a "dossier" of unclear provenance that says President-elect Donald Trump is a pervert who is being blackmailed by Russian agents who have compromising material about his sexual kinks.

Sensational, provocative, insane, scatological (urological?), incredible—the dossier is all that and more. Read about how Trump supposedly insisted on staying in a hotel room used by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and hired prostitutes to urinate on the bed. Yes, it's that level of report.

And it's all horseshit, if you believe Buzzfeed's own intro to the material, which stresses that we're talking about "explosive — but unverified — allegations." Worse still from a journalistic perspective is this sort of phony-baloney gesture that insulates the publisher evens as it distances any truth claims:

Now BuzzFeed News is publishing the full document so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government.

I like Wikileaks and other forms of forced transparency, but we shouldn't confuse what Buzzfeed is up to here with that, or with journalism. There's no reason to believe that the material is in any way accurate or meaningful, other than as opposition research that circulated among various government agencies and media outlets, all of whom passed on it because it reeks not of urine but of falsity. Here's what Buzzfeed honcho Ben Smith tweeted about this all:

There is serious reason to doubt the allegations. You got that? But let's publish them anyway because, WTF, who doesn't want to read them? The press works better when it verifies information and brings it to the public's attention, and lets us plebes make of it what we will. In this case, all we have is a document that may or may not be "real" or a fake.

Remember all the serioso discussions of fake news and how Trump and his deplorables were ruining everything good and clean-smelling in America? Well, the one thing you can say this time around is: Don't blame the billionaire. Yes, he can and should be more voluntarily transparent. But media and journalism, like politics, have become tribal and ritualistic, arenas of something far worse than epistemic closure. Yesterday, I noted that serious liberals sick of ever-expanding presidential overreach need to join with libertarians and conservatives to create a world in which the executive branch isn't all-powerful. We need to do something similar in media discourse, too, and not simply go back and forth from right to left with hysterical and fabulistic attacks on real and imagined enemies. At least, we need to do better if we want to be a semi-serious people.

More here.

Update: Some folks on Twitter are claiming that the dossier is actually a prank pulled by 4Chan and /pol/ posters at the expense of GOP operative Rick Wilson and other folks in the media. Wilson tweets:

And here's a link to CNN's report on the dossier story. "At this point, CNN is not reporting on details of the memos, as it has not independently corroborated the specific allegations."

More Update (Jan. 11, 3:45PM): Read Jesse Walker's take on why the Buzzfeed bombshell was both flimsy and newsworthy.

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  1. Yeah, now there’s some news we all care about.

    How about this? Mr President, I don’t give a fucking rat’s arse about how much of a perv you are, I don’t even care if you’re German! Just pull the Constitution out of the toilet and stop pissing on it, and you can do whatever else you want with piss!

    1. Wait until the tape appears where Trump tosses babies into industrial blenders!

      1. Anything but a wood-chipper is un-American.

    2. Why on earth should the “constitution” matter at this point? BuzzFeed’s deceitful, have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too justification should be criminalized. What Americans really need is authority and entertainment, and the incoming (indeed, perhaps the first) leader of this great nation provides an unpresidented abundance of both. Suggesting that outfits like BuzzFeed should be allowed to smear such an extraordinary figure is like suggesting that New York prosecutors foolishly pivot from jailing one of the nation’s leading criminal Trolls and “parodists” merely because of the “First Amendment dissent” of a single, isolated judge. As everyone knows, “neither good faith nor truth is a defense,” according to the Manhattan criminal court judge herself who was selected by the prosecutors to oversee that case, so clearly we need to silence all such subversives at once, including the lying editors of BuzzFeed. See the documentation at:

    3. Get the feeling Hillary or her people are behind this? Or her husband? Because I’ll bet Billy boy is getting an earful and is being blamed for her not winning, and he’ll do just about anything to shut her up. Just let go, Hillary, just let go and walk away with some grace and dignity.

  2. “There is serious reason to doubt the allegations.”

    TDS sufferers will read sentence as meaningless gibberish and claim the report is the truth.

    1. Brought to you today by the letter PIZZAGATE.

      1. SugarFree Knows!

    2. TDS fuckwads are actually making me more and more sympathetic for Donald Fucking Trump. Golden showers? Asinine.

    3. I’m seeing a fair amount of that on Derpbook. The Hillary Worshipers are that pathetically desperate.

  3. And to think, Buzzfeed was such a highly respected organization before this.

    1. fucking seriously.

      people were so ready to be like, “hey i have some friends who work there, they’re not so bad, they ran a few decent stories, and as long as you don’t mind the occasional Lena Dunham editorial… why, they’re no different than…..”

      (click WOW/LOL/WTF/FAIL/OMG)

  4. The hat enjoyed being peed on but the hair did not.

    Donald watched them both–one happy, one upset–as the four Russian girls squatted to urinate on them. A fifth girl rubbed Donald bald head with her ponderous breasts, occasionally enveloping his head on both sides, making him go deaf as supple boobmeat filled his ears. It wasn’t an act on the hotel menu but rather something she had come up with herself. Donald planned on tipping her well.

    “Now on each other!” Donald ordered, yelling so he could hear himself. The hissing streams of warm gold splashed against legs, still managing to spatter all over the hat and the hair. The hair groaned.

    “Why does he have to include us?” the hair asked the hat.

    “Because he loves us,” the hat replied. “HE LOVES US!”

    1. So, what you’re saying is that Buzzfeed’s source is plagiarizing from your website?

    2. Your mind is a strange and scary place.

      We should print anthologies of your writings and hide them in various university libraries. It’d completely fix their safe-zone problem.

    3. I’m old as hell with no musical ability whatsoever. But as god is my witness, in the years I have left in life, I’m buying a guitar, spending my life savings on lessons, and will scour the earth for like-minded individuals so that one day, god willing, I can form a band called, “Supple Boobmeat.”

      1. I am honored.

      2. May I recommend something from Guitar Hero or Rock Band franchise to fulfill your dream at least virtually?

      3. Make sure to scrawl “THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS” over the guitar front.

      4. May I suggest you get your name changed to “Hip Nips”, and then your band can be known as…

        “Hip Nips and the Supple Boobmeats”! (And yeah, man, BANG on those drums!))

      5. And I’ll start a “Supple Boobmeat” tribute band named “Ponderous Breasts”

    4. I think we need to pull this guy’s Sapphic Erotica subscription.

  5. The strangest part of this though, is Buzzfeed is the kind of organization that would defend a pedophile’s right to be a pedophile, just as long as they didn’t fuck any unconsenting kids.

    So shouldn’t they then be supporting Trump’s sexual preferences as well? He likes getting pissed on? Give him a medal!

    1. Er, doesn’t that apply to Reason? They just had an article defending a woman who had sex with her friend’s 14 year old son

      1. I’m not quite sure that you fully comprehended the article.

        They were defending that the woman not be branded a sex offender and punished for life for a mistake in her teens.

        1. And it wasn’t her friends 14 y/o son, it was her 31 y/o roommate’s friend’s 14 y/o son. Who got the two of them drunk and proceeded to watch.

          But other than that, he totally got the facts straight .

        2. You mean a mistake she made as an 19 year old ADULT.

          1. He said “a mistake she made in her teens.” 19 falls into that category.

  6. we need to if we want to be a semi-serious people.

    Why so semi-serious?

    1. Let’s put a grin on that face!

  7. I’ll wait to see how the rest of the media cover this bullshit before I get too worked up. Buzfeed is a known shit site that’s read largely by drooling morons so I’d expect this of them. With that said, it is as rotten as it gets and it doesn’t do the already beclowned media (or likely the libel laws) any favors.

    1. Tapper did a whole story about it on CNN which was……..disappointing, to put it mildly.

      1. Disappointed as in uninteresting or did they take it seriously?

        1. “Disappointing”

          1. Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him

            It’s more of a story behind the story, but disappointing in that they are running with it sort of like Buzzpuke -“we are just reporting the news, you decide” kind of thing without any kind of serious vetting as to why.

  8. Just watched this Sargon video about Pepe the Frog, and this comment, pinned by Sargon, sums up Hillary Clinton’s campaign better than anything else could:

    HRC declared war on a cartoon frog on the internet… and she lost.?

    1. “HRC declared war on a cartoon frog on the internet… and she lost.”

      Couldn’t beat Trump, couldn’t beat a goddam cartoon frog.

    2. No swooping in, I’m trying to reDENNIS these folks. Also, Sargon is one of the few things on YouTube worth watching.

      1. He could have a massive dong and a wad of hundreds; I’m over his schtick.

      2. A dissection of Sargon’s Marxism:

  9. Congrats on urine-auguration, Donald!

    1. I worked for a court reporter computer translation company. Shorthand syllables to English via lookup dictionary, no grammar or anything fancy. If the translator had to choose between two matches covering the next three syllables, it chose two-one over one-two, just because.

      One of our customers was kind of lazy and sloppy, didn’t proof read the translated output very much. The judge had said “I want your input on this problem.” The computer had to choose between “your input” and “urine put” and it chose badly. The judge was not amused.

      I suspect it would have made your choice there too, if the syllables had allowed it.

  10. This election season has destroyed the concept of parody, but the bright-side is that this latest public, DC journalist to DC journalist handjob will further push snarky media and their Twitter sycophants into a maze of pointless irrelevancy.

    By the way, thanks for not covering a jug-eared douchebag unilaterally murder-drone brown people for eight years!

    1. murder-droning. You don’t self-edit when you’re rolling, people.

    2. It is almost like they’re trying to sabotage themselves isn’t it?

  11. Re the update: that was some ferocious reporting you and your people did, Ben. Ferocious.

    1. He learned it from Dan Rather.

    2. Do you know the kind of moral courage it takes to write stories critical of Trump in the circles Ben Smith resides?

      1. As brave as Streep pandering to the Golden Globes about how much she hates Trump Too?

        How these people can live with such bravery is mind boggling.

  12. Donald Trump eats da poo-poo.
    /crazy African preacher

  13. 15 Things Asians Hate About White Hookers Pissing on Trump.

    1. That one trick that Donald Trump uses that white hookers don’t want you to know about.

    2. Which Hooker’s Urine Are You? Take Our Quiz.

      1. I got high progesterone pregnant hooker…

        1. That’s the Year of The Tiger of hooker urine.

          1. Risin’ up, back on the street
            Did my time, took my chances
            Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet
            Just a woman and her will to survive

            So many times, it happens too fast
            You trade your passion for money
            Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
            You must fight just to keep them alive

            It’s the piss of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight
            Risin’ up to the challenge of our rival
            And the last known survivor stalks her prey in the night
            And she’s showerin’ us all with the piss of the tiger

            1. *single tear rolls down cheek*

              No words.

          2. 2017 Year of the Cock. How fitting is that?

            1. It’s my year, bitch!

              *crows obnoxiously*

              1. It’s OUR time now, MFers. *Gets back to hand washing wife’s undies*

                  1. You’re one cycle too high, FM. I was already wearing parachute pants by ’81.

                    1. Jesus, how many of us were born in ’69?

                    2. *Raises hand* But don’t call me Jesus

                1. As if that wasn’t all a clever ploy just to sniff them.

                  1. My wife caught me masterbating once, but it was to our wedding pictures so she let it slide.

                2. *Gets back to hand washing wife’s undies*

                  Me too! My pair only cost $14, and boy were they worth it.

  14. “We have serious reason to doubt this and we can’t confirm it” is another way of saying its not true. The only thing that makes me sad about this rather than just amused is that Gary Kasparov, a no kidding genius, maybe the best chess player who ever lived and a man I have always respected, is flogging this bullshit as true. Very sad to see someone I once respected as much as Kasparov sink to such a low level.

    1. The SF Chron is in full innuendo mode, with a large helping of partisan bullshit:

      “A classified report delivered to President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump last week included a section summarizing allegations that Russian intelligence services have compromising material and information on Trump’s personal life and finances, U.S. officials said.
      A senior U.S. official with access to the document said that the allegations were presented at least in part to underscore that Russia had embarrassing information on both major candidates, but only released material that might harm Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton – a reflection of Russian motivation that bolstered U.S. spy agencies’ conclusion that Moscow sought to help Trump win.”…..848959.php

      The comments are, well, laughable:
      “Holy Hell. This is blowing up. Trump’s in damage control. The fact is Russia’s got America by the (orange) balls now. It’s up to republicans in the Senate to save our country from a hostile foreign power….wait….did I just say it’s up to republicans to save our country? Great. We’re screwed.”

      1. Russia has all of this “dirt” on Trump that Buzzfeed just released. If your blackmail material goes public, it is no longer blackmail material. These people are so fucking stupid it boggles the mind.

        1. “Russia has all of this “dirt” on Trump that Buzzfeed just released.”

          An anonymous source is claiming Buzzfeed hacked Putin’s private server!

          1. A guy who says he is MI6 gave them a secret report. That is called layers and layers of fact checking bitch.

        2. They’re just masturbating to the (zero percent) possibility of the election being cancelled and Clinton and/or Sanders being installed.

          1. It could happen! C’mon! Let’s go protest downtown in a city that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary.

          2. Is getting pissed on by Russian hookers a bar to the presidency? Which part of the Constitution is that in?

    2. Gary Kasparov, a no kidding genius, maybe the best chess player who ever lived and a man I have always respected, is flogging this bullshit as true.

      Me too (about Kasparov). The concept that ‘there’s a thin line between genius and insanity’ may be legitimate. He’s not the first world-class chess player to go bat-shit insane.

      I’ve played tournament chess in the past (not at professional level, I’m a mid-level amateur), and I know a couple of Grandmaster-level players very well. One of them is quite normal, while the other one is so socially incompetent that he would be sleeping in a box without the kindness of others. I don’t know what causes it, but it’s more common that you’d think for people who are that intelligent.

      1. It takes a special kind of genius to be a grand master. Everyone thinks chess is this logical game for engineer types. Since you have played competitively, I don’t need to tell you that real geniuses at the game are artists who can see patterns and think ahead in ways mere mortals cannot. I think that is often not conducive to a stable mind.

        1. real geniuses at the game are artists

          I was always the “good student” at school and I absolutely suck as chess. Have zero interest in it, in fact. Meanwhile I always got creamed by kids you would never suspect.

          1. My teenage son started beating me a month after he learned to play (at about 11 years old). Kid actually trash-talks during the game. “Oh, man, you really suck. I’m not going to beat you. Yet. I’m going to take every one of your pieces, and THEN mate you, just so you’ll know how badly you suck.”

            If I last 15 moves, it’s a personal triumph.

      2. Tesla spent his finals days broke, feeding pigeons, so there you go.

        1. “I hear he blew all his money on Russian hookers.”

          /Thomas Edison

        2. Read up on Oliver Heaviside if you’re into stories of impoverished underappreciated geniuses.

          1. I have to finish “Ulysses” first. Jesus that book is a slog.

            1. One of my university professors wrote an authoritative biography on him. If you go for it, get a used copy rather than the new. Not because this isn’t a good book, but because $41 is a bit outrageous unless you’re really into impoverished underappreciated genius biographies.

              1. That was a great book. Loved it.

                1. Pick up Nahin’s History of sqrt (-1): An Imaginary Tale for some lulz.

                  1. On it, thanks!

              2. When were you a Wildcat, Pompey?

                I have Nahin’s Time Travel book from the Ben Bova Writing Sci-Fi series.

                1. B.S. ’04, M.S. ’08. Got my employer to cover most of the fees and the thesis costs of the latter.

    3. “Gary Kasparov, a no kidding genius, maybe the best chess player who ever lived ”

      Um…Bobby Fisher.

    4. Well, Kasparov really, really hates Putin, so it makes sense he’d be vulnerable to TDS.

      More generally, though, if I learned anything from reading a Bobby Fischer biography recently, it’s that world-class chess players are often really fucked up in the head. Fischer himself was a loon (and viciously anti-Semitic), as was Morphy; Alekhine was a Nazi sympathizer; and many of the great Soviet masters were more enthusiastic in their support of totalitarian Communism than you’d like.

  15. Anyone listening to his farewell speech?

    Was curious if it’s as nauseating and insufferable as I think it would be.

    I was flipping channels and saw’ what Americans need to something, something slavery’.

    Not sure what he wants from ‘white America’ at this point.

    1. 300 years of white slavery?

    2. “Anyone listening to his farewell speech?”

      Rainy as hell here; listening to the rain beat on the windows.

    3. I would rather listen to a thousand nails on a thousand chalkboards for eternity.

    4. The racist, white people on Twitter decided to make a big deal out of Urinegate, so no one is watching.

      1. That is kind of funny.

      2. That son of a bitch Trump can’t let Obama have the stage even for his farewell speech.

        1. It’s like rain on your wedding day.

    5. We’re doing something far more intellectual- watching the last two episodes from Season 11 of It’s Always Sunny.

      1. You also have Netflix! I thought I was the only one!

        1. Now we have a sad because we cooked through S11 and have to wait another year for a new one.

          1. Well they just started a new season last week. So you could always watch that one episode. Or you could use filez to get it. But you shouldn’t, because that would be wrong.

    6. nope but I tried out the Twitter feed #farewellobama or something hoping it would be funny but wound up feeling sick.

      Apparently the last eight years have been full of accomplishments that I was distinctly unaware of. They have yet to be listed, just referred to.

    7. Flipping through, as well. He said something about we all should work together and not alienate those who are or think different than we do. I’m sure he was talking about LGBT or non-white races not all the white trash, redneck, ignorant, hillbilly, bigot, racist, Republican, Trump supporters.

  16. I’m sure you’ll be surprised, but DU is treating this as gospel.

    Too lazy to link, but I’m sure you can find it.

  17. Apparently Hitler was into Ckeveland Steamers, so Trump isn’t Hitler. Thank god for that.


    This guy’s tears and butthurt are especially sweet.

    I don’t know whether there’s still time for negotiations. But the day after the election I wrote my Marine neighbor to offer my somber congratulations: “I hope your guy is as good as you think he is,” I said. He recently surprised me by telling me he thinks Edward Snowden is a hero, not a traitor, an attitude I never would’ve expected from him. And my Texan friend just emailed me words to the effect of: “Screw Trump. But screw Hillary too.” This seemed like a false equivalency, but I let it go and accepted the conciliatory gesture. Such are the thin fingerholds we have to cling to as we contemplate the daunting ascent, by excruciating inches, up the sheer thousand-foot face of our incomprehension.

    He is just so important. His is fighting the good fight because someone has too. What a narcissistic, ignorant asshole.

    1. *skims article*

      What an asshole.

      1. That really sums it up. He doesn’t give a single fact or concrete example of what he means. The article is just a long diatribe about how self important and narrowminded this guy is.

    2. But John, sometime in the future, we’ll THANK him!
      Or something…

    3. I recently sent a text to the former woman, letting her know I wasn’t going to meet her for dinner while she was in town because I considered her vote for Trump unconscionable. I didn’t feel I could politely ignore this vote, as though it had been for any ordinary callous avaricious Republican. But, having inflicted the negligible penalty of my absence on her, I didn’t feel just or vindicated; instead I just felt like a heel.

      Yeah, because you’re not just a heel, you’re an cunt.

      “Hey, why don’t I feel good after being a whiny bitchy little cunt? I wanted to feel good after being a whiny bitchy little cunt!”

      1. But his COURAGE in telling her she was wrong/racist/redneck!
        Don’t you understand?

        1. Say what you will about Buddhist monks, they have the decency to light themselves on fire in protest, and they don’t even claim COURAGE!

      2. If you feel like a heel after you do something, that is usually because you were an asshole.

      3. This guy’s gay, right?

        I mean, squandering the chance for break-up sex over a stupid vote?

        What a fucking homo.

        1. Come on progressives, if you want the best hate fuck of your life right now, get a Trump supporter.

        2. I think every male major media reporter is gay and not in a “I just like guys and don’t like girls” good way. In a fucked up self hating repressed way. They are all fucked up self loathing awful people, every one of them.

      4. A vote cast for Trump is kind of like a murder…

        Okay then.

        1. I prefer to think of it as an abortion of Clinton’s political career, and it’s my body, my vote.

          1. I am laughing so hard my cat is staring at me in alarm. TY.

    4. “This seemed like a false equivalency, but I let it go and accepted the conciliatory gesture. ”

      How is it a FE?

      1. The answer is always because reasons or feelz.

    5. his problem is that he never substantiates why or how voting for trump or trump being president = bad. You kind of have to start with the assumption that it is.

      Fast forward 4 years in democrat-mind-land where police are literally searching door to door for trans people to bayonet in the street and muslims to pull out to the town square to publicly draw and quarter then yes you can start an article with that assumption.

      The guy hasn’t even started the job yet.

  19. Eight years to come up with payback for the “born in Kenya” meme and this is the best they could come up with? C’mon – Jon Stewart’s writers could have cooked up something better than this with about 4 hours leadtime, this sounds like some crap Jimmy Fallon’s people would have found snickerable.

  20. Let me get this straight. Gawker got iced because they fucked with Thiel and he found a way to fund a legitimate legal challenge that ended up in a court case that destroyed them.

    Then Buzzfeed provokes Trump in a similar way, who is connected to Thiel and is almost certainly aware of what happened in that case. They already know Trump is famously thin-skinned. They already know he wants to “open up libel laws” (not going to change). They already know he sues publishers. Sooner or later, Buzzfeed is going to fuck up badly and end up in a courtroom and I can only wonder how insane the press is going to be when it’s revealed that Trump (or maybe Thiel again) funded the stone that slew another Goliath.

    How fucking stupid can people be?

    1. They are that stupid. And their lawyers must be having a stroke right now. They admitted up front that they can’t confirm any of this and think it is probably false. That is called actual malice.

      1. Excellent comment John. Buzzfeed stating the information is “unverified” is obviously their weaseling out of claiming it’s true, but then when they say they want Americans to make up their own minds, I think you’re right. Buzzfeed is showing actual malice to Trump.

        They should verify the information by contacting everyone involved, including the person who typed it up. Otherwise, one can just write up some made up trash about someone, send it to a media outlet, who can then claim they received a document, but can’t verify it, and publish it. Thus ruining someone’s reputation for a long time.

    2. Speaking truth to power is dangerous but sometimes it pays off. Speaking obvious untruth to power is just stupid.

    3. And then Buzzfeed management will crucify themselves declaring how awful it is that Trump is destroying the free press and their poor little blog.

      1. Come down. Get off your fuckin’ cross. We need the fuckin’ space… to nail the next fool martyr.

    4. They can be pretty stupid. The phrase “BenSmithing” has entered the right-wing lexicon over the last few years to refer to this sort of ridiculous ‘news’ story. The fact that certain people have given it a name means that it’s not extraordinarily uncommon.

  21. we shouldn’t confuse what Buzzfeed is up to here with that, or with journalism

    But its totally cool for Robby to still use them as a primary-source, right?

    1. The Roughriders split into The Roughriders and The Rough Riders. It’s time for a Buzz Feed. Totally different.

      1. I’m confused. what happened to my favorite brand of condom again?

        1. what happened to my favorite brand of condom again?

          They took sheepskin off the markets because you can still get the aids, so it’s back to goat bladders for you.

          1. (sheepskin)

            thanks for giving me flashbacks to that one time. ugh. like formaldehyde.

        2. Hey Gilmore,
          I totally didn’t get that shout out to you in the fifth column because they were all talking over each other. Something about fashion?

          Can you elucidate?

          1. when The Independents was on the air, i would write a brief critique of everyone’s TV-attire for each show. Mostly just to make fun of matt, but i would include the other hosts (and guests) as well.

            it started off as a mild joke, then sort of got more extreme/faux-serious/absurd as it went on. It became a formulaic type thing. I would praise Kmele, bash matt, then say something catty about Kennedy. I think matt told me they would read them out loud for giggles. it was ‘a thing’.

            1. Ah, thanks.

              I’m not a guy into clothes. I mostly look like I just mugged a hobo for his outfit, but Kmele can dress.

              I can’t imagine an outfit that matt would not wear like a dork.

              1. I can’t imagine an outfit that matt would not wear like a dork.

                As was once said in a monty python film, “he got better”

        3. Haven’t you heard they improved the formula from 320 grit sandpaper to shark skin?

    2. At least they didn’t report that the Russians are hacking into Vermont’s power structure.

      1. You’re right; they’re a responsible news source!

      2. They’re taking turns. You might call it “Russian Roulette.”

        Oh, shit. I see Swiss Servator coming now. *prepares to dodge eye lasers*

        1. *narrows gaze, quite intensely*

  22. Meanwhile, over on 4Chan, they’re rolling on the floor laughing at the idiots running this bit of fanfic as a news story.


  23. “At this point, CNN is not reporting on details of the memos, as it has not independently corroborated the specific allegations.”


    “we’ll pass on this one, guys. We’ve got our batch of bullshit for next week”

  24. This story would make more sense if it were Melania pissing on the bed. But I have trouble believing that trump is going to fck up a hotel room just because Obama stayed there. I seriously doubt he gives two fucks about Obama and I strongly suspect Trump has more respect for hotel rooms.

    Melania can piss on me any day. Ditto Ivanka. Prolly Ivana but I haven’t seen a recent picture.

    1. The story doesn’t exactly reek of plausibility.

      1. When you’ve lost Buzzfeed, you’ve lost middle America.

    2. Melania has big league piss. Her lady lemonade is classy. The best.

    3. Hell, I almost think if this were true, that Trump would own it. Meekness and shame doesn’t seem to be in his repertoire.

    4. And the Secret Service allowed the President and his wife to sleep in a hotel room that they knew was bugged ?

      And the Trump was put in this same room so he could defile the bed and he had hookers pissing on him when it was common knowledge the room was bugged ?

      OK. I believe it now.

      1. Yes, all part of Putin’s grand master plan to install Trump as POTUS two years later!

  25. I won’t believe it until the orange faced big haired Greek dude on Ancient Aliens tells me it’s true.

    1. Fuck it, why not? He’s as trustworthy as anyone else in the media these days.

  26. President Bush will leave office as one of the most unpopular departing presidents in history, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll showing Mr. Bush’s final approval rating at 22 percent.

    Seventy-three percent say they disapprove of the way Mr. Bush has handled his job as president over the last eight years.

    Mr. Bush’s final approval rating is the lowest final rating for an outgoing president since Gallup began asking about presidential approval more than 70 years ago.

    The rating is far below the final ratings of recent two-term presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, who both ended their terms with a 68 percent approval rating, according to CBS News polling.

    1. I’m surprised you could type that out after masturbating for 30 minutes straight!

    2. turd, maybe you ought to post that for Bush fans.
      In case you don’t remember, he was considered the worst by most here. Until we ended up with a slimy POS even worse than him and you.
      Fuck off.

    3. Oh THERE’S that Dubya article I washould subconsciously pining to read all day.

  27. Acquaintances FB statuses from the Obama Speech:

    “This president is brilliant, decent, kind and wise… a blessing on him.”

    “Obama got me cryin right now.”

    “I wished he had another term.”

    I am not making this shit up guys. I’m tempted to write, “I bet those kids in the Middle East who got murder dromed will miss him too.

    1. Codepink is already gearing up to rediscover foreign wars/overseas contingencies etc. Wonder if Cindy Sheehan will emerge from her cocoon?

      1. Oh, right. Emerging after years of hibernation into years of irrelevance.

      2. I remember vaguely hearing something about Sheehan still doing her thing when Obama got elected, but with zero support from all the people who used her during Bush years. Can’t be arsed to verify, because if Real Serious Journalists don’t need to , fuck it.

        1. Most of my friends who were anti-war during the G.W. Bush years were either silent these past 8 years or cheered the wars that were happening.

          It must be nice to discard your principles when it’s convenient.

          1. Serious question: what do you say to them when they start protesting wars again? On the one hand, we want the Forever Wars to end. On the other, we know that they’re amoral Team hacks and agreeing just encourages them.

            Gripping hand, we’re all fucked.

            1. There’s really nothing you can say to them.

              1. Oh, you can say plenty. Just none of it gets through.

            2. Call them Rip Van Winkle jr.

        2. Here’s the Newsbusters story on one of those incidents. Sadly, the audio link is no longer working but I do remember hearing it when the story first came out.

          1. You look at somebody like that and you think here’s somebody who’s just trying to find some meaning in her son’s death. And you have to be sympathetic to her. Anybody who has given a son to this country has made an enormous sacrifice, and you have to be sympathetic. But enough already.

            Good One-Natured God! That’s just so…callously horrible. And she means well, is the worst part.

        3. “I remember vaguely hearing something about Sheehan still doing her thing when Obama got elected, but with zero support from all the people who used her during Bush years.”

          I did research it at the time, and you are exactly correct. She, at least, tried to hold Obo to the same standards and got the ‘whadarya, some kind of Nazi?’ treatment.
          She faded after that and while I despise her using a dead son for personal gain, I can’t beat on her for trying to do the same when Obo took office and she was deserted by so-called allies.

    2. Do it, just make sure to have some cheese to calm the New White Man down.

      1. Sigh….tempted.

        I don’t get why I am so angry at this sycophantic behavior. They are praising a man who killed families in the Middle East via droning, prosecuted whistleblowers and journalists, expanded (with the help of Congress) the NSA’s surveillance power bringing us closer to a police state, and ramped up the Drug War.

        It’s sad that people would trade away their’s and other’s freedom to feel safe and to win political points.

        1. Because they’re empty headed, Ed. They just want to be moved by emotions; not reason.

        2. Their freedom is secured by theft, uh, I mean common sense economic policy. My positive right has a right to your negative right.

        3. Clearly you hate him because you’re a racist.

        4. Your friend described him as brilliant and wise?
          Did you ask if she also thinks he is smart and intelligent?

          Do it now if you haven’t yet.

    3. Not a scandal to be found.

      1. “I found out when I read the newspaper”


    4. If I were Obama, I would hate my supporters more than my enemies. How could you not hold these people in contempt?

    5. After that lame apology for his racist religious leader, the SF Chron was filled with adoring blurbs; social signaling about an acceptably intelligent (lefty) black guy is like pop-corn to those folks.

    6. *tears* “Contributing to that horrible quagmire in Libya was a masterstroke. Genius.”

  28. Well, I’d say something about how the media continues to completely delegitimize itself, but it’s Buzzfeed. You have to be a very special kind of person to take Buzzfeed seriously as a news outlet.

    1. See my link to the Chron above and the commenters peeing their pants in their fantasy:
      AND SUNLIGHT WILL AGAIN BLESS OUR PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Yesterday, I noted that serious liberals sick of ever-expanding presidential overreach need to join with libertarians

    and let me guess =

    there was an immediate, unanimous chorus of agreement from all the serious liberal journalists on twitter = “YOU’RE RIGHT, NICK! WE *DO* NEED TO FINALLY EMBRACE LIBERTARIANS!!”

    right? It much have been so heartwarming. I bet that’s exactly what happened. I guess they’re just waiting for all the stragglers to chime in before they publish their list of signatories to the joint-memo on how they are going to be reliable allies in defense of civil….

    …. (sigh)….

    …sorry, now i need a drink. the brief moment of funny is over, and now the crushing depression hits.

    1. He’ll drag that Liberaltarian Alliance into existence if he has to live for five hundred years, GILMORE! Stop harshing his dream!

      1. One of the upshots of Trump winning is liberals pretend to be Nick’s friends again.

    2. A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.

      Somehow Nick and Robby get outsmarted by the dead Greek every time.

  30. Get the words “urinate” “Russians” “hooker” and “Trump” to float around in people’s heads. It’s not that difficult to figure out these scumbags. Problem for them is that many people are overloaded with this BS and are ignoring even legitimate criticism of Trump.

  31. Hey John, I found a car that’s perfect for you!…..ces/46819/

    1. You are a monster Warren. I mean a real monster for linking to that.

      1. But it has a garden!

        1. I do like radishes…or should I go with the bonsai tree? This car is stressing me out.
          /curls up with coloring books

        2. Rinspeed has fun with the figurative “oasis,” too. “Urban gardening on wheels as a new trend? A little bit out there? Maybe. But as always, the creation of Swiss mobility innovator Frank M. Rinderknecht is an oasis for inspiration in the otherwise rather expansive automotive wasteland,” it writes in its press release.

          I know that some people see trends before they become popular. Having said that, I really don’t see ‘urban gardening on wheels’ as getting any traction at all. I can think of a million things more useful to put there. Most notably: nothing. Put nothing there. Make it storage.

          1. You could grow “tomatoes”. Or as we call it here when we talk to the guy at the garden center “marijuana”.

  32. This is so beautiful, so perfect, that it makes me wish I wasn’t an atheist. For truly only a loving God would bless us with stupidity so pure, so dazzling and promising of great harvest of derp so magnificent we will call 2016 “The Year of Boring”!

  33. Obama: Trump says he wants to make America great again. But he forgets not only did I make it greater than it’s ever been, I saved America too!

    1. Delusional to the last.

      OT: Have you ever made your own Limoncello? My crazy Italian(-American) hubby made a batch over the holidays, and it is absolutely killer. Everclear, Vodka, and a crap-ton of lemon zest in a jar for 3 weeks, then carefully filtered.

      1. My wife makes it. Killer. Absolutely killer. I love that shit.

        1. Italian liquors are fantastic. If you haven’t, try some good grappa sometime.

          1. I worked part time in Italy when I was in the wine business, so I have some experience there. Ditto with the French equivalent, marc.

            Caffe corretto is the greatest breakfast drink in the world.

            1. Where in Italy? In my opinion, pound for pound, Italy and France still make the best wine. They have the soil and the technique down to an art and science.

              1. My office was right outside of Venice, a town called San Dona di Piave. Spent most of my fun time in Alba and Torino.

            2. Your correttl is with…? Sambuca?

              1. corretto.

                1. Espresso plus grappa.

                  1. Of course.

                    I also find myself enjoying California and German wines quite a bit. The odd Portuguese bottle too.

                    Niagara and Washington wines have also pleased me.

                    I’m rambling.

            3. I went to school close to where my Italian grandparents lived. At some point they were given an espresso machine as a gift. They enjoyed a few caff? correttos, and then had me secretly purchase them more Sambuca when they ran out.

              At some point my grandmother told me it was her little secret.


          2. I’m a sucker for Galliano. I could drink that every day.

      2. My parent’s neighbor makes limoncello – and other similar liquers – year round. He brought them 100 proof melon concoction that was delicious.

        1. ooh, the melon concoctions sounds intriguing!

          1. There was little to no alcohol burn. It was too good.

        2. My parent’s neighbor makes

          ..over $7000 on the internet! I dint belive it until he showed me the check and his new Yugo.

          1. The link doesn’t work

            1. Neither does my parent’s neighbor.

              1. Neither does the new Yugo.

              2. Yeah, but she makes $9600 an hour from welfare!

      3. No I haven’t. I know people make their own maybe one day I’ll get around to learning.

        John. Try Averna. My favorite. There’s also Vecchio Amaro del Capo (which is an herbal based liquor from Calabria). As well as the old classic Sambuca but I like S. Black.

        Then, of course, in the bitter family there’s Campari and Aperol.

        Italy has so many types.

        1. I have an extensive collection of amari; always looking to add to it and will note down this Calabrese concoction to find later sometime. Been drinking Cynar a lot recently for digestive. Check out this weird stuff called Cardamaro if you haven’t before.

          1. Haven’t and noted. Thanks.

            Heh. Had Cynar last week.

            Do you drink the soda bitters like Strappj? Love those. Amber, red, white. Chinotto?

            1. I tried to develop a taste for Fernet Branca and couldn’t. Smells and tastes like alcoholic armpit.

            2. I’m not usually big on soda but i had pellegrino chinotto before and I liked it. Thanks for the tip, a bitter soda would be nice with panino.

              I know definitively that the Cardamaro is carried by the NH liquor monopoly, mostly in the south, but I’d bet my left nut yoy could find it if you look hard enough/ask a purveyor in your go-to Little Italy.

              And speaking of weird shit, my mentor on this kind of thing gave me this bottle of Millefiori Cucchi “tree branch” liquor. Had? Gives me the weirdest sensation when imbibing. I’m going to definitely bring a case of it back from Italy on the plane if we ever visit.

              Renegade mentions Fernet Branca below, well there’s a hipster distillery down in the old port Portland, ME that makes their own Fernet Menthe.


              1. Cent’anni.

        2. I love Campari on the rocks as an aperitif before a seafood dinner. It’s kind of a ritual now.

          1. You sound like my BIL. He loves that before any meal.

        3. one of my neighbors is always traveling to the Republic of Georgia. He brings back this Georgian stuff called ChaCha. It is some powerful stuff, but wonderful.

          1. Arak from Lebanon or Israel.

            You’re welcome.

      4. I’ve done that a few times. I always felt like it’s not “real” limoncello, because it’s so simple and ghetto, but it would turn out damn good anyway.

        1. The hubby is a third gen Italian immigrant, descended from a bootlegging grampa who owned a bunch of stills in Illinois, but the hubby doesn’t distill his own.

          I, on the other hand, maintain a batch of living fruity hootch for making Amish “Friendship Cake”. Yum.

  34. “Buzzfeed has published a “dossier” of unclear provenance that says President-elect Donald Trump is a pervert”

    Not that it matters, since the documents are fake, but what kind of stuff is so bad that Reason would call it perverted?

  35. Will Facebook crack down on Buzzfeed?

    I. Wonder.

    /strokes chin.

    1. “Will Facebook crack down on Buzzfeed?”

      Paging Swiss!

    2. Facebook needs to be regulated.

      Here’s a jewel from the piece:

      “Politicians on Facebook might quietly rejoice in the sweet revenge of the social network kneecapping the fourth estate by eating traditional media’s lunch; they shouldn’t though, because they too will be disintermediated in an ill-informed democracy weakened by social media giants that kill jobs and pay little or no taxes, and don’t contribute to the local economy.”

      1. Lotta words there but not sure if they form a cogent point.

  36. I just came from my parent’s place where, unfortunately, they were reading and discussing this thing like it was the Pentagon Papers.

    I thought it was difficult biting my tongue in college. But at some point I may have to slap my mother and tell her to stop caring about who is in the oval office, even for just a day.

    1. What point exactly did they expect to make with this? Trump is no socon (grab ’em by the pussy) so if it were true, what does it prove exactly? That Trump can be petty? If that’s news to you, you haven’t been paying attention.

      1. And if the danger is that Russia was going to blackmail Trump with this info, well… thanks, Buzzfeed! You’ve just saved the Trump administration!

  37. Worst hangover I ever had was from this stuff. I think it stopped my balding, though.

    1. “OMG it affected my vision, I can’t read!”

      1. You’ll just have to drink the bottle to find out what’s in it.

        1. The last time I fell for that, I woke up naked in an alley.

          And my health insurance was screwed up.

    2. What in the fuck?

  38. If the memo does actually turn out to be a 4Chan fabrication, it will be the triumph of the trolls. We will all have to take a bow.

    1. Universe is not that well organized, sadly.

  39. BTW, there are plans afoot for the new USS Obama, but it has to be done correctly to reflect the man’s concerns for humanity, his desire to help the common man, his hope for peace:…..ajaxhist=0

    1. Oh, and his demands that the wind is always to his back!

      1. That’d be just like him, steaming backwards or sideways, never forwards.

    2. +18 holes

  40. You know, you can say what you like about JFK, at least he didn’t give a long, boring goodbye speech.

      1. What, too soon?

    1. Well, his reappearance speech is fairly short.

  41. So late night joke fodder aside isn’t this a giant so-what? It’s great to see progs suddenly turn into puritans over alleged piss-play between consenting adults.

    1. Usually the progs say “we’re not condemning alternate lifestyles, we’re exposing right-wing hypocrisy.”

      It gives them an angle to be as outraged an Puritanical as they like.

    2. It’s not our standard that we’re holding him to. That would be going way to easy on him.

    3. I think it’s significant if this stuff originated from our intelligence services–and they’re basically engaging in a dirty tricks campaign.

      The WSJ story I linked below suggests that the intelligence agencies have been sitting on this stuff for months. Specifically the part where it reads, “including a claim Russia has material that could be used to blackmail Mr. Trump”.

      Maybe they were holding it back because it didn’t look like Hillary didn’t need it to win.

      I don’t know.

      I just know that I don’t trust our intelligence services anymore. They seem to be all about noble lies. I don’t disbelieve something the FBI says just because the FBI says it, but I don’t believe it just because the FBI said it either.

      If there were a terrorist attack tomorrow, and the FBI blamed it on ISIS, I’d want to see some kind of independent confirmation. I think that’s a big deal.

    4. “So late night joke fodder aside isn’t this a giant so-what? It’s great to see progs suddenly turn into puritans over alleged piss-play between consenting adults.”

      It would be to those (most of us) who don’t give a hoot, but the intent is to claim info of value to *most voters* was withheld, thereby making the election invalid.
      Last-minute straw-grasping from sophists on the left.

  42. The Wall Street Journal is reporting some of the same stuff, but they’re suggesting that the source is the FBI.

    “U.S. intelligence agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have spent months trying to substantiate explosive claims, compiled by a former Western intelligence official, that Russian government operatives engaged in an extensive conspiracy with advisers to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and employees of his company, people familiar with the matter said.

    The unverified allegations?including a claim Russia has material that could be used to blackmail Mr. Trump?were deemed sufficiently significant by senior intelligence officials to summarize them in a two-page addendum to the classified briefing President-elect Trump received last Friday about Russian efforts to influence the U.S. presidential campaign, the people said.

    “Spy Agencies Investigating Claims Trump Advisers Worked With Russian Agents”…..1484101731

    1. I neither believe nor disbelieve any of this, but I note that this is the same FBI whose director supposedly determined that there was insufficient evidence that Hillary Clinton was using an insecure server for classified communications.

      In recent days, Trump has publicly accused our intelligence services of becoming highly politicized and said he had a plan to reorganize them and bring them to heel, and I suspect this is both a reaction to Trump’s statements and further evidence that our intelligence services have become highly politicized.

      The only thing that might be worse than Buzzfeed getting shit like this from 4chan is if this stuff ultimately originated from the FBI. Think about it. What if 4chan’s work and the FBI’s work are virtually indistinguishable? Is the FBI just doing it for the Lulz?

      1. It seems just as likely, if not more so, that if anyone is threatening to blackmail Trump, it’s the intelligence services. I’m just going off of historical precedent and my awareness of the lengths the state (and it’s statists) will go in order to not shrink or reform itself.

        1. They certainly have motive.

          “WASHINGTON?President-elect Donald Trump, a harsh critic of U.S. intelligence agencies, is working with advisers on a plan that would restructure and pare back the nation’s top spy agency, people familiar with the planning said.

          The move is prompted by his belief that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has become bloated and politicized, these people said”

          —-Wall Street Journal, January 4, 2016

          “Donald Trump Plans Revamp of Top U.S. Spy Agency”


          So, yeah, last week, it came out that Trump was planning to reorganize our spy agencies, and the article goes on to say that he plans to strip them of their desk jobs in Washington DC and make them go out into foreign countries to collect intelligence . . .

          Now, suddenly, the intelligence services are leaking every shitty thing they can find about Trump.

          If they hate Trump that much, then he must be doing something right.

          1. When Trump first mentioned this, I’m certain the clandestine services took it as a threat. One doesn’t need to be very imaginative to imagine the ways that high ranking elements within those agencies would choose to react to an existential threat. One doesn’t even need to believe in feckless government to find plausibility in that, it’s what those institutions are known for.

            1. Which federal agency leaked investigative files on a politician that tried to reign them in? I remember the official who sent the most incriminating emails had been given the job because he was so much more honorable than his fired predecessor.

    2. Credited to WaPo:
      “A senior U.S. official with access to the document said that the allegations were presented at least in part to underscore that Russia appeared to have collected embarrassing information on both major candidates, but only released material that might harm Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton – a reflection of Russian motivation that bolstered U.S. spy agencies’ conclusion that Moscow sought to help Trump win.”…..848959.php

      So we’re still in demississippi?
      FFS, YOU LOST, assholes. Siddown, shuddup, and fuck off.

      1. DEMS AND MEDIA: “The Russians didn’t share the dirt they had on Trump! That means the public never got to hear the scandalous allegations against him!”

      2. Moscow sought to help Trump win.”

        which is exactly the same as actually doing so, natch

        1. Anyone who imagines other nations are not constantly trying to break into other nations’ comm is a fool, regardless of whether the specific nation is currently considered an ally; gentlemen DO read other gentlemen’s mail, to coin a phrase.
          Similary, anyone who assumes the content of the hag’s server *didn’t* end up in world-wide gov’t intel files an hour after that stupid shit put it on line is equally a fool.

  43. Anyone familiar with The Guardian’s take on it?

  44. So that guy who wrote that essay above about loving America but hating Americans? He’s a semi-obscure cartoonist turned essayist named Tim Kreider. I wrote him a letter once because I liked his cartoons (the non-political ones can be really funny). He wrote me back with a letter with lots of cool doodles. Later I donated $100 bucks to him on PayPal. For some reason, he thought ads are the devil, even though that would have been the most logical way to make money from his cartoons.

    Here some of my favorite cartoons from him.

    1. here are, that is.

      This is my all-time favorite.

    2. Jesus, that science cartoon. I guess he was the original Loves Science!!! guy.

      List of things The Scientists are rioting about is funny if you think about CAGW though.

    3. Those are some seriously awful cartoons.

  45. In other news, BLACKHAWKS WIN!!

    1. What’s that? Some kind of sportsball thing?


  46. PUTIN: [Watching American media] Yes, I did that, heh heh, I remember doing that…wait, that doesn’t sound familiar [takes out phone]…did you set Trump up with hookers for blackmail purposes? You didn’t? Then you’re fired! [hangs up]”

  47. I was never a Trump supporter before he was elected.

    I used to come on here and call his wife “Melanoma” every day.

    If the election was a referendum on elitism, and the elitists lost, I was happy about that. I wasn’t happy that Trump won otherwise–although I was happy that Hillary Clinton lost.

    Given the elitists’ reaction to losing, though, I’m getting happier and happier about Trump winning all the time.

    Drain the swamp!

    1. I’ve mentioned several times now that the left is doing its damndest to make me wish I had voted for the guy.
      The left here (turd, Tony, commie-kid) are bad enough, but the main-stream is still acting like some kid who didn’t get his fave toy for Christmas!

    2. I remember reading in one of Kissinger’s memoirs that he was shocked when he became Sec State to find out that he couldn’t drain the swamp of entrenched unelected unaccountable bureaucrats. By law (or union regs or whatever) he could only fire/hire people 2-3 levels below him as Department head. He described how the low level people would just ignore, delay, or throw away directives from above that they didn’t personally agree with.

      Regardless of what you think of Kissinger, his memoirs are useful to understanding what goes right and what goes wrong in American gov’t.

      Also, public sector unions SUCK.

  48. OT

    Been listening to a lot of extremely popular songs lately as a kind of experiment. I’ve noticed that the most popular songs tend to be the most moderate: moderate tempo, moderate volume, moderate changes in pitch, etc.

    It’s sort of like how the mating of many animals follows stabilizing selection. The individuals with the most average features are the most attractive. Back in the days of phrenology, there was an attempt to draw the face of a typical criminal based on combining the features of actual criminals. The sketch turned out to be surprisingly handsome.

    Composite lady faces are hawt as well.

    1. It turns out Darwin was the first to discover this- he superimposed portraits of his family on top of each other.


    2. My generation will be able to say “Get off my lawn!” by cranking Outshined at the whippersnappers.

      1. Hmm, this will be my song when I’m old and gray and reminiscing about long lost belt onions:

        1. I have personal and objective reasons for despising Pearl Jam. Even when I put those aside, PJ still sucks.

      2. Ugh. They were like Herman’s Hermits to Pearl Jame’s Beatles

  49. U.S. intelligence agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have spent months trying to substantiate explosive claims, compiled by a former Western intelligence official, that Russian government operatives engaged in an extensive conspiracy with advisers to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and employees of his company…

    The unverified allegations?including a claim Russia has material that could be used to blackmail Mr. Trump?were deemed sufficiently significant by senior intelligence officials to summarize them in a two-page addendum to the classified briefing President-elect Trump received last Friday a…

    This is a fucking self-reinforcing prophecy.

    A “former intel official” – say, some deeply compromised scumbag like Mike Morrell – puts together gigantic pile of bullshit and circulates to all his inside-agency pals.

    Pals say, ‘well what if this goes to the press; gee, we better warn the Boss’

    Pals warn boss; former official then leaks stuff to press, says, “The Boss was briefed about it!!” – as though that lends it credibility.

    maybe even get OTHER former-officials to back up the ‘seriousness’


    en,” former CIA Director Michael Hayden said of the decision to inform Mr. Trump. “But if we had this data, others may have had this data too. And regardless of truth or falsity, I can see why they thought the president-elect should know.”

  50. “…former CIA Director Michael Hayden said of the decision to inform Mr. Trump. “But if we had this data, others may have had this data too. And regardless of truth or falsity, I can see why they thought the president-elect should know.”

    I can see that the option of pointing out that it’s total bullshit never occurred to the guy. Wonder why that might be?

    1. His statement may have been edited, you know.

  51. I am reminded of a bit from the Unbearable Lightness of Being. In the early days of communism, if the regime wanted to discredit someone, they would accuse them of treason or something similarly serious. Later, they learned it was easier and more effective to blackmail them with more ordinary accusations- addiction, adultery, perversion, etc.

  52. the term that came to mind for the “explosive substance-less bullshit emanating from the intelligence agencies/press” =

    Swamp Gas

  53. Seems like this might be payback from the intelligence agencies for Trump doubting them publicly.

    1. If it really is them behind this, I don’t see how they’re going to come out on top. They’re stuffing their credibility ever deeper into the toilet with this crap.


    Actual malice in United States law is a condition required to establish libel against public officials or public figures and is defined as “knowledge that the information was false” or that it was published “with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.” Reckless disregard does not encompass mere neglect in following professional standards of fact checking. The publisher must entertain actual doubt as to the statement’s truth.

    Not very smart, Buzzfeed.

  55. Publishing unverified information that impugns a public figure and saying something like “true or false? YOU decide!” sure sounds unethical – if not bordering (gasp) libel.

    Gawker says hi.

  56. LOL, this is what Putin has on Trump? Fuck, Trump is the kind of guy to brag about stuff like this. How the hell could you blackmail Trump with this?

    Look, lefties: if you’re going to make up shit in your last-ditch efforts to put Queen Hillary on the throne, at least spend five minutes thinking up something believable.

  57. By making up such deranged garbage that no one will believe any allegation against Trump, the media is basically rendering any blackmail material Russia might have completely useless. They’re sacrificing their credibility for love of country, and for that we should thank them.

  58. Remember how Colbert talked about “Truthyness”? How the Republicans were inventing their own reality?

    That’s what the Democrats are now doing. They want this story to be true, and so it is true. It’s truthy.

  59. CNN and Buzzfeed are no more worth reading/viewing than the Enquirer. I don’t waste my time on either.

  60. I’ve wondered if 4chan wasn’t a major conduit for Putin’s trolls. Seems I might be onto something.…..wer-story/…..story.html

    Wilson is backing out of the claim, says the rumor had been around for 18 months maybe (which is what I’d been hearing) and the timeline is all off. Oh, and the Brit Intel guy stands by his story.

    The truth will out.

  61. It gets even better.

    David Corn wrote what appears to be the original version of this story for Mother Jones and published in October, 2016. Perez Hilton pimped it in December. (link to Mother Jones story is in there)

  62. People stupid enough to expect the truth from looters–whether of the national Go-Pee or soviet Dem variety–get what they deserve. Looters believe it is OK to take by force what ain’t theirs. That is dishonesty. Lying is dishonesty, and guess what? A is A. Looters are dishonest.

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