Cop Gives Man a $128 Ticket for Starting Car, Leaving It Running in His Own Driveway

How else are you supposed to warm up your car during winter in Michigan?


In Roseville, Michigan, it's a crime to start your car and leave it running in your own driveway, according to the police.

Nick Taylor received a $128 ticket for leaving his car running in order to warm it up—even though that's something absolutely everyone in Michigan does during winter. (As a former Michigander, I speak from personal experience.)

Taylor posted a picture of the ticket on Facebook. The ticket describes Taylor's car as "unattended."

"Let's all take a moment to thank officer dipshit K. Keary for wasting the taxpayer's money and giving me a ticket for warming up my car in my own damn driveway," wrote Taylor.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin told Fox-8 News that leaving the keys in the ignition was a "public safety issue."

But it's unavoidable. It's freezing cold in Michigan during the winter. According to Thrillist, Michigan actually has the second most miserable winter of all states in the country, surpassing even Alaska. (Only Minnesota was worse, in the editors' views.) There's no way to get around the a.m. pre-work/school ritual of heading out into the driveway, starting the car, and fleeing back inside the house momentarily.

Taylor should fight this. What right to the cops have to tell a man he can't try to warm up his car on his own property?

NEXT: Is it time to hold police officers accountable for constitutional violations?

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  1. Health and Safety Officer Glampers will be over shortly to correct this issue.

  2. Can you demand a jury trial for an infraction?

    I doubt you would find 12 Michiganders who would convict.

    1. I doubt you’d find one…other than this cop and his boss.

      1. And technically, they didn’t convict, they just issued a $128 citation for the price of a piece of paper.

        If the tit-for-tat was hauling the guy off for an overnight in lockup, showing up in court, etc. I doubt the law would ever get enforced bet the law would be enforced much less frequently and much more pedantically.

  3. Michigan actually has the second most miserable winter of all states in the country, surpassing even Alaska. (Only Minnesota was worse, in the editors’ views.

    Uffda! Doncha know those hot-dot lovin nerds from Minnie and Paul will brag about their winter status?

    1. Before I weigh in, I want to know what metrics were used to determine “Miserable Winteredness”

      1. And so began an intense period of research and debate, factoring in everything from weather patterns, average temperatures, and how effective and quickly their department of transportation clears highways, to interviews with locals and the historical success rates of their winter-season sports teams. This is one of those things where you probably actually want to finish last.

        Anyway, feel free to tell us all the ways our list is invalid in the comments. We’ll just be over here looking cool as hell in our winter hats.

        So, subjective weighing.


        1. Are you suggesting there is an objective way to determine this?

          1. Of course.

            But whether it’s feasible to carry out the measurements required is another matter.

            1. What measurements would be required?

          2. Are you suggesting there is an objective way to determine this?


          3. The end of the Vikings season always makes our winters seem more miserable. That is how we juke the misery index of winter numbers.

            1. Round these parts the misery index is computed as the playoff hopes of the Detroit Red Wings (P), minus average amount of snow on the ground squared (S), multiplied by the average shitiness of roads (R, 1-5 with 1 being God like perfection) roads. So we get…

              0 – 12.25 x 5 = -61.25

              Damn this place sucks…

              And fuck Ken Holland and the Illitch family. When your GM’s contract is up and Steve Yzerman says he wants to be GM you fucking hire Steve Yzerman.

              1. I was going to say something about the Lions, but I realize that would just be piling on.

            2. Wait till one of those stadium panels falls on you. Then you’ll really be miserable.

        2. Well, Alaska does plow their roads quickly. You don’t want to be on the side of the road when a plow passes at 50mph.

      2. Central New York winters – just because of the incredible amount of lake effect snow – are no picnic.

        1. Oh sure, try to make me nostalgic.

        2. It sometimes rains in SF in the winter.

          1. Is that the one day of rain per year?

        3. I survived the Blizzard of ’77.

      3. North Dakota was unavailable for comment.

        1. If anyone there they would be happy to comment.

          Or I guess if anyone was there who wasn’t too busy chopping up their ex-cabin mates for food they’d be happy to comment.

      4. not all Minnie’s are happy about it


    2. You’re darn tootin they will jump all over my “hot-dot” mistake.

      1. I don’t particular care for hot dish, and the only people I know who talk like that are elderly ladies.

        1. Something something edit button.

        2. After you finish a spirited skijor competition you suck down a pop or two and dig into a nice, warm hot-dish.

      2. Yeah, Dot isn’t a good norweigian name, so Hot Dot is totally inappropriate. More like Hot Lena.

    3. Both cities have similar laws on the books.
      I always wondered what they’d do with remote start. The vehicle is running, locked, with no keys in it. My current Subaru also has a lockout that kills the engine if the brake pedal is depressed without the key inserted and turned to the ‘run’ position.
      I’m MI, I may wind up finding out.

      Mr. Garrison had it right — fuck them to death.

      1. Remote start is okay because the car is locked. Meaning, the officer walked up to the car, saw that it was unlocked, and then wrote the ticket.

        1. unlocked and keys on car.

          I can remote start my car and then unlock it so the kids can get in. but you can’t drive away in it.

        2. Why would that matter? It’s still his car, on his property.

          1. I was merely restating what the town’s police chief stated.

        3. If the officer walked up to the car, wouldn’t that mean he left his patrol car with the engine running, unattended?

          1. ^^This x 1,000. I’ve often wondered if I could make myself stupid enough to hop in an idling, unattended cop car while said cop is nowhere in sight and/or in line for doughnuts, and take off like a bat out of hell. Partly just to teach the fuzz a lesson, partly for the thrill, and partly because I bet you could liberate a shit-ton of really cool stuff out of the trunk (including full-auto AR’s). I’m sure they’re lo-jacked, but you’d only need to go a mile or so…just far enough away the cop would have no idea where his car went before you bailed and ran.

            In the meantime, I content myself by posting photos and videos of idling, unattended cop cars, especially when they’re parked on sidewalks in front of grocery stores, or in handicapped parking spots. Sometimes I even email them to my local PD’s tip-line to report the scofflaw. Funny, never get a response.

            1. It worked out pretty well in Varsity Blues.

            2. I would do the same if i ever saw that but if i see a cop/car i ghost. Been trolled one too many times by police to even chance it. I even have this magical white privilege thing i am told and i get trolled by cops :/

        4. Unless the car was built in the 80s or earlier, how would he tell it was locked? Did he open the car? Is that OK without a warrant?

    4. Did anyone see how cold it got here in Southwest Florida the last few days? We don’t even get a mention?

      1. I would check the forecast, but then I am sure I would have the unavoidable urge to throat punch you.

      2. I feel for you, it got down into the mid-50s the other day here in Texas.

      3. 37 yesterday morning in Tampa

        1. Get your skates ready.
          We will go from 9 to 64 within a couple days.

      4. Here in Northwest arkansas, it’s currently 70 degrees. 5 days ago it got down to 2 with a high of 15. Go figure that.

      5. I damn near got frostbite here in Ft Myers. It almost hit 40 a couple of nights ago.

    5. I thought Michigan was miserable all year. Winter just makes it vile.

    6. Fucking winter weather sucks. I had two days of sub-32 lows this week and now I have to break the shorts out to play golf today as it approaches 80. It’s like a concentration camp here having to keep two wardrobes at the ready from Dec-Feb.

      1. Why two wardrobes? You just put a hoodie over your t-shirt and shorts. If it’s really cold, change the flip flops out for sneakers. I had a client who just moved from Colorado and showed up in corduroys, a wool sweater and a vest for an indoor dog training class. She was confused why everyone else was wearing work out clothes.

  4. I got a ticket once for left turn during a two hour evening commute period during which signs prohibited left turns, presumably to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

    What pissed me off most about it was the damned cop had been behind me the whole time, watching my left turn blinker, and even laughed and said it was a safe left turn, didn’t impede traffic flow.

    If cops were truly concerned about the intentions of laws, my cop would have said something over his bullhorn, and this cop would have knocked on the front door. Both cases are proof of cop mendacity.

    1. “Fuck you, we’ve got quotas to meet.”


      1. It’s not a quota, it’s a metric.

    2. What metric can you possibly use to show that you’re encouraging voluntary compliance by informing citizens of the law? I don’t know, but it’s a hell of a lot harder to measure than tickets issued.

    3. 20 years ago I was about to turn left out of a parking lot where I hadn’t noticed a “No Left Turn” warning. Before I could complete the turn I suddenly heard a cop on the bullhorn behind me going “Don’t turn left! Don’t turn left! I’ll have to give you a ticket!” So I turned right and waved thanks at him. Shocked me even then.

      1. We have a fake no right turn side at a commuter lot. It was put up by the transit organization to please the local community that didn’t want the traffic. The sign doesn’t comply with state law so it is just a suggestion.

    4. I have a tendency to ignore a red light at a left turn on green only arrow.

      If I can see the oncoming lane has no cars I tend to go even though the light is red.

      There just ain’t no good reason to sit and wait when there’s a quarter mile of visibly clear road before the next oncoming car. Yes, the indicator is there and probably necessary for 5PM on weekdays. On a Saturday at 7AM though all its doing is slowing people down.

      1. ^This

        I do this all the time and my wife hates it. My kids think it was super funny. The boys will always start singing “breaking the law” from Judas Priest when I do it.

        1. The boys will always start singing “breaking the law” from Judas Priest Bevis and Butthead when I do it.


        2. Wife: “It says no turn on red.”

          Me: “It’s supposed to say, ‘No, Turn on Red.’ They forgot the comma.”

          1. Wife: “Sigh, I knew what I was getting into when I married a grammar nazi.”

      2. Neat. You’re a dangerous driver. Get the fuck off my roads.

        1. Where is the danger, exactly?

          1. Not obeying the rules. If everyone started thinking for themselves, chaos would rule!

        2. Hardly

          Search, Evaluate, Execute
          The key to safe driving.

          Search: Are there any cars coming?
          Evaluate: No cars visible for a quarter mile and the speed limit is 45 so easily 15+ seconds to clear the intersection. Could almost get out and push it safely with that much time.
          Execute: Go.

          1. This. Though you should add 15 MPH to the limit when making the calculation.

            1. I did

              quarter mile is 15 seconds at 60 and 20 seconds at 45

  5. Pretty sure idling is illegal in many places. Shouldn’t be but it is.

    1. It’s illegal in Aspen and surrounding towns to leave your car idle for more than 5 minutes. It’s not a safety issue, it’s for the environment.

    2. This is a cost thing. Saves on having to find stolen cars. Not a great law, but I can’t say it’d be my first priority if declared Lord Libertopia.

  6. Every cop leaves his car running unattended. Every. Cop.

    1. It’s different for The King’s Men.

  7. What do you want to bet that the cop left his car running when he got out to give the ticket?

    Just like the cop in Phoenix who got his truck stolen by the naked woman last week. Talk about public safety hazards . . . .

    1. Dammit, Fist!

      *shakes, err, fist at Fist*

      1. Well, then, instead of copying me, why don’t you address whether there is actually anything on the books in Michigan to outlaw leaving the keys in an unattended vehicle on private property. Or the efficacy of allowing your local police chief define the law.

        1. Well there’s this:

          A person shall not allow a motor vehicle to stand on a highway unattended without engaging
          the parking brake or placing the vehicle in park and stopping the motor of the vehicle. If the vehicle is
          standing upon a grade, the front wheels of the vehicle shall be turned to the curb or side of the highway.

          Which doesn’t apply here.

          And this:

          Leaving a vehicle unattended on any street or any other place without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition and removing the ignition key. This provision does not apply to a vehicle that was manufactured with an ignition system that does not have a key and that is incapable of being locked.

          Which does seem to apply, if “any other place” includes your own driveway. Of course, what counts as “unattended” is subject to interpretation. In plain view from the house, perhaps? What if its in your garage, with the door open?

          Sorry no linkee. Squirrel rejection syndrome.

          1. Also seems to be illegal to leave your keys in the ignition. Which may be ill advised, but still, the only justification I can think of for that is to make cops’ jobs easier. Or possibly some kind of “for your own good” nannyism.

    2. I don’t know. I wasn’t there and don’t assume facts to suit my narrative.

  8. I once got a ticket for speeding in a school zone at 2am. The judge threw it out but I still had court fees.

    1. Musta been special students at that school.

      1. Maybe it was a bar tending school?

    2. School zones are active at 2 AM? What jurisdiction is that?

      1. In my area if the lights are blinking on the school zone speed limit sign no matter the time of day, you have to obey or get a ticket. Many times they malfunction and go all the time but they also blink during weekends, holidays, summers and early dismissal days when they don’t blink during the kids actually get out but much later.

  9. You forgot to mention the public response by police to this man… “Drop Dead”.
    Furthermore, it’s important to highlight that if the police thought this was a public safety issue, leaving a ticket on his car did not remove the purported safety issue. As usual, this is nothing but an extortion tactic.

    1. I’m guessing the guy might have some history with this cop.

      1. What makes you say that?

  10. On Thursday, an angry Taylor took to Facebook about the incident.

    “Let’s all take a moment to thank officer dip**** K. Keary for wasting the taxpayer’s money and giving me a ticket for warming up my car in my own driveway,” the post read.

    “Unattended car?” Taylor said. “I’ve done this every day for seven years. Every person warms up their car. We live in Michigan.”

    Someone’s about to get slapped with a $318,976 fine. Plus interest.

  11. With the confirmation hearings starting, it seems to me that over the next 4 years the things that I want the Democrats to obstruct successfully, they won’t (see Sessions today), and the things I want them to fail at, they’re going to succeed.

    1. Well, that certainly SOUNDS like the Democrats…….

    2. Convince Palin’s Buttplug to root for the things that you don’t like, and the contrary will surely come to pass.

      ::does hand motions with a crystal ball ? la David Bowie in Labyrinth::

  12. Let’s all take a moment to thank officer dipshit K. Keary for wasting the taxpayer’s money

    He’s not wasting taxpayer money. He’s DOING HIS JOB!

    His job, of course, is raising revenue. Pay or die, motherfucker.

    1. Let’s all take a moment to thank officer dipshit K. Keary for wasting the taxpayer’s money

      Spending 90 seconds and extorting $128…sounds like this guy is generating money to me.

  13. Holy crap, read the comments on his Facebook page. I keep forgetting how many people have no concept of individual liberty. This country’s education system is collectively in a sorry shape.

    1. But leave your car running increases the chance it gets stolen, thus increasing all of our insurance rates! And think of the carbon emissions!

      1. IN NJ we had a big alert a few weeks ago when a mother left her car running with little kids in it in Patterson! Of course it was stolen, then ditched a few miles down the road when the guy realized he was committing an unintended kidnapping.

        1. In Paterson even if you shut it off and lock it you’re lucky if they don’t steal the fucking wheels, or break in and steal everything else, too.

          1. In Paterson, that’s just the way things go.

        2. So the child served their purpose?

      2. Worse, it puts cops in the position of investigating crimes. Or at least, the pretense of doing so. And the paperwork they have to file when you report your car stolen doesn’t come with any money. attached The ticket not only involves little real investigate work but it even pays for itself and then some!

    2. I dunno about Michigan, but the rest of the great lakes states don’t seem like bastions of individual liberty to me.

    3. What if somebody had stolen his car and used it to rob a bank?

      1. And then use that money to buy narcotics and sell them on the playground for a profit, and then turn around and send those proceeds to ISIS to come to Michigan and blow up all the drug-addled kids? All because this asshole doesn’t want to fuck up his engine.

        1. He got the ticket for LEAVING THE CAR UNATTENDED, not for merely idling it.

          1. Oh, you’ve been serious this whole time. I thought you were doing a bit.

            1. I thought for a while now that he was Tulpa. Good to have confirmation.

              1. Yes. Or it’s Bo. Either way, it should be ignored.

                1. No, it’s Tulpa. Take a look.

                  1. No, it’s Tulpa. Take a look.


                    1. SugarFree is Tulpa?

                      The worlds are colliding!

                    2. YOU BETTER NOT

                      I don’t, it’s just that particularly stupid things people say stick in my mind. The car nonsense triggered a memory.

                  2. +1 resident Tulpa research-librarian

                  3. Man, those are some awesome memory powers there SF.

              2. Agreed.

      2. What if somebody had stolen his car and used it to rob a bank?

        Then what if the bank robber got hit by a bus?

        1. They get an an unwanted pregnancy!


      3. And what if that car could be driven across state lines? It wouldn’t have to actually cross state lines, but it could affect other cars that are driving across state lines. Sounds like we need a federal law against idling an unattended car!

        Or hell, the car was produced in interstate commerce, so that’s probably good enough. Throw on a flash suppressor or a collapsible stock, and you can ban the damn thing entirely!

    4. This country’s education system is collectively is doing exactly what it was set up to do.

  14. I don’t really care what other people do – and certainly don’t want univited cops on my property.

    But I don’t warm up my cars either (generally just drive out of the garage and keep going). It really isn’t good for a modern fuel-injected car.


    1. LMAO. You must be in the south.

      It’s not about warming up the engine, it’s about making the interior of the car warm enough to support life.

      1. I live in NJ and it was 5 this morning. I just can’t be bothered. I also put my cars in the garage – not a bunch of shit I don’t use. I make fun of my neighbors with a 3-car garage and no cars parked inside ever because they filled it up with worthless shit.

        1. I have a two-car garage. I hate using it in winter because of the mess it makes but these days I have little choice; except I haven’t done it the past couple of weeks. The problem with my garage is that it’s long and narrow so I have to park the cars behind one another and that’s a bitch to move around guessing who is going when and where and it’s usually up to me to move them around.

          The house we plan to build this year will have a more normal set up.

          1. You don’t have a two-car garage. You have a tunnel for vehicles.

        2. I filled my garage with stuff I do use for my cabinetmaking sideline. It would be nice to have a garage to park in for the winter, but I gave up on that years ago. Until I can make enough money to build a real shop.

    2. I like how that headline and first half of the article says it’s bad to warm up your car, without any qualifications, then completely contradicts itself at the end by saying that below 20 you should let it warm up for 1-2 minutes and below zero you should give it 5.

      Richard Backus advises, “If it’s below zero [Fahrenheit] outside, it would be a good idea to give the engine five minutes, or a little less, before you drive off into the frozen wilderness.” If it’s around ten or twenty degrees Fahrenheit, just a minute or two is plenty of time to let the oil circulate, and then you can safely hit the road.

      1. Modern cars you really don’t want to let it warm up at idle.
        Cold engines run with a rich fuel mixture that can wash the residual oil off the cylinder walls causing premature wear.

        Idling takes a lot longer to warm up so it will keep running rich longer.

        Just get in and go within a minute. You’ll get the engine warm in 2 to 5 minutes. Just don’t hit the throttle hard till it does warm up.

        1. It’s like modern cars don’t know what its own engine temperature is at any given moment.

      2. And spring for the heated seats ya chiselers.

        1. Lookit Mr. Rockefeller here with his heated seats.

        2. They are nice, but the heated steering wheel is the real prize.

          1. Cooling seats in the summer is the real shit.

          2. I can live without heated seats – it feels like having an ‘accident’ in a wetsuit (DAMHIKT), but yeah, steering wheel is the real prize.

        3. I hate heated seats. They feel like a wet diaper.

          Heated steering wheel OTOH, that’s the bee’s knees.

          1. I have more problems with the steering wheel getting too hot to touch in summer than getting cold in winter.

        4. None in the back seat for the dog. Gotta warm the whole cabin before she gets in or she’ll just stand and look miserable.

          1. Tell the bitch to toughen up.

        5. I’m sure the heated seats are an option on your typical under-$30k car.

        6. The only reason I have a red car is because it was the only one on the lot with a seat warmer. I use it anytime the temp drops below 70*.

    3. I don’t really care what other people do


    4. If only engine oil were the only lubcricant under the hood.

  15. Would anyone care to speculate on the outcome, had he stepped out onto his front porch, pistol in hand, and said, “Hey asshole; get the fuck away from my car.”?

    1. 38 shots and no one hit?

        1. That’s an interesting scenario. What if the car was attended by a guard dog?

    2. The car would have been running for a while longer.

  16. What right to the cops have to tell a man he can’t try to warm up his car on his own property?

    The cops aren’t the ones telling him this, the elected legislature is. In this case, the law is intended to prevent auto thefts. Having lived in the Upper South, where noone has a snow scraper so they just run their cars until the defroster melts the ice off the windshield, I can tell you that it’s Christmas for car thieves. They just sit outside apartment parking lots and take their pick.

    Also, the low on January 5 (date of ticket) was 12 degrees F. That’s not even that cold (and that’s the LOW temperature, it was probably higher at the time of this incident)

    1. That sounds like a discussion for him to have with his insurance company. Not with a cop.

      1. There is no need for discussion. He broke the law.

        The community is allowing him to use a potentially lethal and useful-for-crime machine on their roads in exchange for playing by their rules. If he doesn’t like that agreement, he’s got two feet.

        1. For purposes of my own sanity, I’m assuming this is satire.

          1. Whatever you need to help you sleep at night.

            1. Go away, Tulpa.

              1. Useful for crime machines are dangerous.

        2. So did your fucking hero Hillary. FOAD.

        3. Except that the car was on his property. How do you know he uses it to drive on public roads? Maybe he just does a lap or two around his house once in a while because the dog likes it?

    2. Easier than outlawing motor vehicle theft, I suppose.

      1. Motor vehicle theft is against the law. For whatever reason, criminals don’t seem to care, so we have to take measures to prevent it from being easy.

        1. The old stop-criminals-by-creating-different-criminals approach.

          1. He’s not a criminal, he’s a normally law-abiding citizen who did something stupid that unintentionally aids criminals.

            1. Go away, Tulpa.

            2. So we should send Preet after you?

            3. So should it then also be illegal to leave a nice grill on the porch where it might be stolen? Or leave your front door unlocked for more than 5 minutes? Where does it end? Are you really that stupid?

              1. Are you really that stupid?

                Yes. Yes, he is.

  17. Nick Taylor received a $128 ticket for leaving his car running in order to warm it up

    tsk tsk

    1. Just because you can remove words from a sentence and not change its meaning does not mean the initial construction was invalid.

      1. Omit needless verbiage.

        1. How do you feel about “a high rate of speed”?

          1. Eschew prolix verbosity.

          2. Rate of speed is acceleration

            Rate is change of a quantity with respect to another quantity’s change. Speed change per second is acceleration.

  18. (As a former Michigander, I speak from personal experience.)

    That card has been revoked.

    1. Yes, there was a thread yesterday which documented in detail that revocation.

  19. In California it is a $10,000.00 fine if you leave diesel equipment idiling for more than 5 minutes

  20. Michigan actually has the second most miserable winter of all states in the country, surpassing even Alaska

    Well that’s a big ole pile of bullshit. I mean I love winter, I don’t find it miserable but of the conditions that most people find miserable, it’s Alaska by a fucking light year. Having a spent a winter in Alaska and having friends in Alaska bitching about their long winter of perpetual night, I say you Michigan pussies need to grow a pair.

    1. According to Thrillist

      Never trust a Soave article’s sources.

  21. I leave my car running for 15-20 minutes in the dead of winter all the time. You can’t start and go in -20-25-30 degree weather. The gas is molasses and you’re going to crack your fucken engine.

    Keary was being a pure fucken asshole.

    1. Then sit in the car while warming up, tough guy.

      1. Well that’s just retarded.

      2. Back in the day it’s WHAT WE DID!

        True story. I wasn’t there but it’s classic. A couple of my buddies were being driven to school back in high school by one of the fathers; a chain smoking, hard drinking truck driver (who recited Sicilian poetry to himself at night – it was a thing of weird beauty. Anyway….). There was an inch of ice on the wind shield when they jumped into the frozen car in the back. The father hops in with nothing but a K-way type jacket with cigarette dangling from his lips. Starts the car, and a scratches a tiny hole with his finger just enough to see….out of one eye, reverses and leaves.

        They laughed nervously.

      3. But the guy up thread about 2-5 minutes is right. You could go in let it warm up for five minutes and not rev the engine and go. I prefer, in my delicate and fragile state, to go in warm. Pft.

    2. Isn’t this what engine block heaters are for?

  22. I don’t mind winter too much, but we lived in upstate NY when I was in high school, and it could be pretty goddam miserable out there waiting for the school bus in the morning. As for Alaska, I couldn’t do it because of the lack of sun.

    1. Syracuse, New York gets more snow than any other city of (I think) 50k+ (or maybe it was 100k+) population in the US. Syracuse winters were fun. My first winter up there we lived in an apartment in the hills south and west of the city. One of my neighbors was an unofficial weather spotter for the NWS. He measured about 250 inches of snow that winter. Fun times.

    2. Upstate NY gets a lot of snow, but is not that cold compared to the Midwest.

        1. Yeah? It is killing me!

    1. She looks mixed-race to me, which makes it even more hilarious.

    2. “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

      1. “I stand proudly behind those wildly hypocritical comments I made then hastily deleted after it became clear that my hypocritical jackassery could impact my career and ability to virtue signal. Nothing to hide!”

  23. The old stop-criminals-by-creating-different-criminals approach.

    Increase municipal revenue with this one simple trick!

  24. One of my neighbors was an unofficial weather spotter for the NWS. He measured about 250 inches of snow that winter. Fun times.

    We were in the Adirondacks, so no lake effect, but we found it immensely amusing to see the news clips from places like Buffalo of people on their roofs with snowblowers, trying to get four feet of snow cleared off before the house collapsed.

    1. Buffalo gets the higher individual snows. In Syracuse it’s just constant. The biggest single storm snowfall we got that winter was like 2 feet. But it was snowing nearly every day from mid-November to late March.

    2. They shouldn’t insulate so well, then the snow would just slide right off!

    3. My inlaws all live north of Boston. When they got their record winter two years ago, the pictures were amazing. My wife’s cousins had pictures of their front door completely covered with snow. The drifts went up to their roofs and beyond.

      1. One of my sisters lives between Worcester and Boston. She texted my other sister (who lives just east of Dallas) a photo of the 35″ snowfall. Dallas sister texted back with a shot of a bank clock/thermometer showing 79 degrees.

      2. That was a good winter. A couple of years before that we got like 3 feet in one storm. I think the biggest since 1978. The drifts were awesome. I had to take the window out of the storm door to get out of the house in the morning. And then my snow blower sucked some snow into the engine and broke itself.

      3. That very same winter, Buffalo got Boston’s total amount for the winter in one month. Bostonians are just snow wimps.

    4. Areas outside of Truckee had some 800+ inches of snow on the ground a few years ago. Truckee scoffs at your pathetic 250 inches.

    5. How many of you people are from the Central New York region too?

      1. Western NY- Buffalo and North Tonanwanda.

  25. Fun weather trivia; the snowest world capital is Ottawa, Ontario. It averages something like ten feet of snow per winter which is more than places like Stockholm or Moscow.

    1. A city in CANADA gets ten FEET of snow per winter?

  26. Americans talking about snow and cold temperatures.

    Welcome to hell. I used to live in one of the green bands, now I live in a light blue one.

    1. I don’t really see the point of bragging about living in very cold places. It just make people wonder, “uh, why?”

      1. It builds character.

        Everyone likes to brag about the hardships they endure. “Walk to school, uphill both ways” and all that.

  27. Areas outside of Truckee had some 800+ inches of snow on the ground a few years ago. Truckee scoffs at your pathetic 250 inches.

    The first time I went through Truckee, it took me a few minutes to flash on why the old houses have a door at attic level, with no stairs.

    1. The western slope of the Sierra Nevadas is on average the most snow bound place on earth. When they were building the transcontinental railroad they built entire towns for Chinese laborers underneath the snows.

      I sat next to a woman on an airplane a while back who had moved out to Tahoo with her boyfriend. The first two winters they had been in a drought and got something like 2 feet of snow. Her boyfriend kept telling her that was not normal. This winter they had already gotten five feet before Christmas. And that was looking like an average year again.

  28. The worst part about snow is that it sends legions of old people down here to Arizona from the Midwest. It’s like Grey Dawn every day.

    1. They’re eating the hard candies that young Americans are unwilling to eat.

      1. And someone needs to keep people employed at all you-can-eat buffets.

  29. You don’t see it as much these days because cars work better than they used to. But when I was younger it was common to see people leave their cars running while doing quick errands around town and you still see it often enough on cold days.

  30. Michigander

    Do they have some cute nickname, like “Wombats” or “Hoosiers”? because that sounds like a duck.

    1. We call ’em shit-weasels.

    2. What’s good for the Michigoose…

      1. I see what you done did thar

  31. Seriously dude? I believe in personal freedom. But if the keys were in the ignition, I have to assume the door was NOT locked. That makes it a safety hazard in my opinion.

    1. 1. Safety hazard to who? A trespasser? It was in the dudes driveway
      2. Why would you “have to assume the door was NOT locked?” Do you only have one key for your vehicle? Most people have multiple copies.

    2. “I believe in personal freedom, but…”

      Congratulations, you don’t actually believe in personal freedom. Don’t try to qualify something and then directly contradict it.

    3. I know, right? Who would ever trust an emergency brake to ever work?

  32. It’s illegal in Columbus, Ohio (maybe all Ohio?) as well, yes including in your driveway, although I’ve never heard of it being enforced. Insurance company backed legislation?

    1. A friend of mine was ticketed in Ohio for this very crime a month ago. She fought it and the judge dismissed it because he himself drove a car with remote start that he warmed up in his driveway every cold morning.

  33. that’s illegal here, too. It’s because that’s how cars get stolen. You don’t want your car stolen, do you?

    1. RCW 46.61.600
      Unattended motor vehicle.
      (1) No person driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition, removing the key and effectively setting the brake thereon and, when standing upon any perceptible grade, turning the front wheels to the curb or side of the highway.

    2. Wonder how long before they outlaw remote start.

    3. I’ll bet there are one or two dozen cars stolen like this every decade.

  34. Damn. I just want to thank all in the peanut gallery for the laughs I had this morning. A lot of people (you know who you are) have their A game going today.

  35. Insurance company backed legislation?

    Big Remote Start.

  36. “Big Brother” is getting out of hand!

  37. I’m so tired of all you global-warming deniers. Doesn’t ANYONE realize that since 2003, the earth’s temperature has risen over 20 degrees, just like the U.N. said? It’s so damned warm that starting your car in a Michigan winter to run the A/C would make more sense. Just ask 98% of all scientists (who presumably are neither Yoopers nor trolls)..

  38. Tangent to the ticket is that unless the car has a carb, idling to “warm it up” more than a minute or so is a) a waste of gas, b) not that effective and c) possible harmful to the engine.

    1. C? A car idling is harmful to the engine?

      Beyond that, they aren’t so much warming up the car’s engine, they ware warming up the interior. Unless the car has an electric heater, it relies on the cooling system to heat the car and that can take a few minutes to get warm enough to do so

  39. This is apparently also the case here in St. Louis (or maybe it was Illinois).

    There were several people who were warming up their cars and had them stolen. The police came and got the report of the stolen car, then gave the person a ticket for leaving their car unattended while it was running.

    1. This is the outrageous part of the story, that the cops are trying to stop the possibility of crime instead of actual crime.

      So what if I made it easier on the thief? It’s still my property and the thief is the one who violated it.

      1. Clearly, by the way you were dressed, you were asking for it.

  40. Time to camp outside police homes and see if they warm up their cars “unattended”.

  41. Most of you are blaming the wrong person/people. The policeman is just following the law passed by proclamation, several years ago by Obama–I say proclamation because he bypassed congress. It was to cut down on CO2 emissions because of the greenhouse effect and “global warming.”
    The (federal) law states that at no time can a vehicle be idle for more than 5-minutes–even an 18-wheeler which takes up to 15-minutes to warm to proper operating temperatures or in the middle of winter.
    So rant and rave because I agree with your evaluation of the stupidity of this law but direct that anger toward the proper place. Obama and his overreaching politics. Not a man simply doing his job!

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  42. i bet the cops leave their cars running to warm them up

    1. They leave them running because they’re instructed to.

      Besides, they are the exception to any rules. Speed limits, use of cell phones while driving, use of force, ad naseum.

  43. I applaud the LEO for reminding so many people with one ticket that irresponsible behavior can have serious consequences. Millions of people now realize while its usually OK there are risks-especially around kids and the liquor store..

  44. Not unheard of. No surprise here.

    As always, it’s for the environment, the children, the elderly and the disabled.


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