Brickbat: Hunting Them Down


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Domonique Yatsko, 9, was so proud when she killed her first deer in Ohio, her family had a photo of her with the eight-point buck put on a sweatshirt. But when she wore the shirt to school, she says one of her teachers "yelled at" her, told her killing animals was "not what we do" and demanded she take the shirt off. But Superintendent Catherine Aukerman says the teacher merely told her the shirt was upsetting other students and asked her to take it off. Aukerman says the girl was mistaken if she thought the teacher yelled at her.

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  1. Well “we” don’t kill animals. I’d think you anarchists would appreciate a good old fashioned lesson in individualism.

    Also youth-gun week is BS, half these kids are just there so dad can get some extra/early hunting in. (SLD-property rights, kings deer,etc,etc)

    1. Yeah, some dads take advantage of those youth hunts, but a lot more don’t.

      I’ve brought out a few of my sons’ friends. Their parents didn’t hunt at all. We had a good time, but none of them ever took to it and loved it.

      We’ve got to do something to get more kids hunting and fishing or those sports will die off very soon.

  2. She was not being yelled at.

    She was being educated.

  3. I’m staggered. The parents had to hoof it down to school, make their point and even then the school didn’t have the hart to buck the system. Doh!

    1. Racking up the points in the pun game, ain’t ya?

      1. It’s the perk of having a blaze orange handle.

        1. I thought we were supposed to be blind to such things.

        2. I’m handle color-blind. Blue and orange are all the same to me. Aside from the fact that people with blue handles are the worst people.

    2. Your trying too hard deer.

      1. If you don’t try, you can’t learn.

        (Try to find that one.)

        1. (It’s cute how you think we’d bother)

        2. Your ahead of the herd ,like always ,Fist.

        3. way to buck the trend.

  4. I have some sympathy for the kids upset by seeing a classmate proud of killing an eight-point buck, though. Those things taste terrible. For good eating, you want to kill little baby does. Who the hell’s teaching this kid how to find food?

    1. Pappy got an elk one year. Momma had to make that nasty meat into edible vittles for months until the freezer was empty. Even the crock pot couldn’t git rid of the gaminess. Killin’ elk just for the god awful sound they make is justifiable.

      1. I think your pappy must have shot his pack mule by accident and tried to pass it off as elk straffin.

        Elk, IMHO, is a very tasty meat. I’d take it any time.

        1. Everyday, all that winter. It was good the first few weeks, but by March I remember just staring at my plate thinking Ugh.

          1. My father and I both hunted and fished a lot. We ate a lot of game and fish every week.

            In fact, my sister and I would joke when we got hamburger or something else from the store about how excited we were to have “human food.”

            I get you. My mother and my sister (during different years) both won a moose license in the lottery and after a whole winter/spring/summer of that it does get old.

            *My father is still convinced that the Minnesoda DNR gives women moose licenses without having to be in the lottery because of political correctness.

          2. Everyday, all that winter. It was good the first few weeks, but by March I remember just staring at my plat thinking Ugh.

            So, the problem wasn’t the gamey meat. If it had been ribeyes, caviar, and foie gras every single day, by the end you’d be craving anything else, such as mac and cheese.

        2. Elk is pretty good. My wife hates game meat, I’m not a huge fan of deer but I eat it if I’ve got it. She will make Moroccan dishes using the elk in a tagine and it works well, mist taste like camel.

  5. If a nine-year-old girl bagged an eight-point buck in Ohio, it was almost surely shot at a game farm where kids blast away at close range at farm raised deer that are penned or even tethered. So, yeah, “that’s not what we do”. (That would explain the tee shirt, too?they make and sell those while you wait at the deer farm.)

    1. Eh, it’s not like hunting deer in the wild takes a lot of skill. You just wait in an area where deer appear and shoot them.

      Hell, a lot of hunters will put out food or salt someplace before hand so they know exactly where a deer will show up.

      1. Given how rampant the infestation of this pest species is, you don’t even need to go to the wild to find them.

        1. I saw about ten out in the open in a field close to a fairly populated area a few weeks ago. Hunters are clearly slacking around here.

          1. Hunters can’t hunt near homes. Typically there’s a safety zone, and the faggots will call the cops if they see anyone with a rifle.

            1. Yeah, only a faggot would complain about shotgun slugs flying across his yard.

    2. I really hope you are wrong. I drive by some Wisconsin deer farms on my way salmon fishing and wonder who would pay to go do that. I worry that that rot might cross the river and come to Minnesoda.

      Speaking of Wisconsin. Even if she did shoot a tethered deer, it is more sporting than these Wisconsin (and I guess a Minnesodan) idiots:…..404501656/

      Arguing over who has rights to a giant buck left as road kill.

      1. Seriously? Even if they claimed the carcass, they don’t get credit for the kill.

      2. Drivers who kill deer with their vehicles in Wisconsin are allowed to keep them.

        I did not know that. And I lived in Wisconsin for a number of years. Pretty sure that’s rare.

    3. If a nine-year-old girl bagged an eight-point buck in Ohio, it was almost surely shot at a game farm

      Actually, that’s highly unlikely. Those things are expensive as hell, and there’s innumerable stories of young kids shooting deer.

  6. Aukerman says the girl was mistaken if she thought the teacher yelled at her.

    As much as the school was mistaken if they thought killing animals is not what we do.

    1. My wife hasn’t killed a chicken in years and only killed a pig once. She has a recent squirrel kill, but it was ruled a suicide.

  7. We need more male teachers. Ones who aren’t betas.

    1. Nope. No way would I teach again.

    2. One of my sons had a teacher who loved goose hunting. He even had a mounted Canada goose in his classroom.

      During parent teacher meetings, though, it came out that he must be the worse hunter ever. He was very excited that he had shot two geese the year before. I’m not a big waterfowl guy myself, but fuck, if I wanted to I could spend a weekend in western Minnesoda simply road hunting and shoot more than that.

      Or if I really liked hunting them, I’d buy a NDak license and shoot the fucking shit out of them on public land.

  8. Knowing the moonbat population of the public school system, my bet is she was yelled at.

  9. “Domonique”? And she’s white? What a country.

    1. An old co worker once told me he was going white tail hunting over the weekend. I said man is it even in season? He looked at me with a blank stare and explained that he was going to the bar. *ooooohhhhhhhh I get it*

  10. told her killing animals was “not what we do”

    Yes, it is. And we eat them bc they are tasty and nutritious.

    1. I shot a hamburger last night. Why can’t we just shoot them instead of cute animals like deer?

  11. That blows me away that happened in rural Ohio, where a good bit of the population takes off work the first day of deer season. At some point those kids are going to see a carcass in the back of a pickup truck so the sweatshirt seems like a good way to ease them into it. When I sa kid you couldn’t go out for pizza during deer season with setting at least one pickup truck in the parking lot with a deer in the back. Most likely the hunters would have guns with them in the restaurant. No one thought anything of it. If course we weren’t pussies back then.

  12. one of her teachers “yelled at” her, told her killing animals was “not what we do”

    “We” do if the deer supports Trump.

  13. Buck off, teach.

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