Vaping Is Not a Gateway to Smoking, New Study Shows

Crack downs on vaping often use the idea of it being a gateway as justification.


Vapers at the Virginia Commonwealth University were 3.4 times as likely to be smoking cigarettes a year later as young adults who were vape-free, according to the first-ever longitudinal study examining the progression of college students from vaping to smoking.

Researchers followed 3,757 freshmen for one year to discover if e-cigarette use at the baseline was associated with a progression from not smoking to trying a cigarette or currently using cigarettes at the follow-up.

The study, according to one the most die-hard e-cigarette opponents in the public health lobby today—Dr. Stanton Glantz—is yet another confirmation of the so-called 'gateway' effect of vaping. "The evidence just keeps piling up," proclaims Glantz.

The findings lead the study's authors to conclude that "limiting young adults' access to these products may be beneficial." In plain English, more age restrictions, vaping bans, and higher taxes are just the ticket.

But far from being the smoking gun finally proving e-cigarettes are a gateway to their tobacco-filled rivals, the study itself finds there is still absolutely no evidence of a gateway effect from vaping to regular cigarette use.

Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor in the department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, points out the study's most relevant finding, totally ignored by Glantz:

"Current e-cigarette users at baseline were no more likely to progress to current smoking than young adults who were not using e-cigarettes."

So students who were vapers at the beginning were no more likely to become regular smokers than those who didn't use e-cigarettes at all.

"What this means is that all we know for sure about the young people who Dr. Glantz would have us believe have become smokers because of e-cigarettes is that they have at least once tried a cigarette, but that they have not smoked a cigarette in the past 30 days," writes Siegel. "So all these kids who Dr. Glantz would have us believe have been addicted to cancer sticks because of e-cigarettes are actually not current smokers."

The conclusion of the study's abstract also leaves out the finding that current vapers were no more likely than non-vapers to start smoking. Yet the authors arrive at the view that limiting young adults' access to e-cigarettes may be beneficial, despite failing to produce any evidence of a net public health harm from young people vaping.

Out of a sample of 3,757 students just six transitioned from vaping to smoking. But before anti-e-cig enthusiasts jump on this statistically insignificant number, Siegel points out that another 20 students who had used cigarettes at the baseline stopped smoking and were exclusively using e-cigarettes at the follow-up. A further 45 students who were dual users at the beginning were only vaping by the end.

Despite the very best attempts of Glantz and Co to push the 'gateway' narrative, reality is just not playing ball.

"For nearly a decade, anti-harm-reduction activists have been claiming that e-cigarette use would inevitably lead young people to become smokers," says Gregory Conley, President of the American Vaping Association. "The data is proving them wrong. As this study shows, young e-cigarette users may experiment with smoking, but that does not mean that these users are actually becoming smokers."

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    1. She spooky.

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      Looks like some kind of goth thing (or whatever the kids call it these days).

      1. I think that bold red lip became popular back when Scarlet Johansson was playing the ingenue.

        1. I thought it looked a bit too dark for that.

      2. “Looks like some kind of goth thing (or whatever the kids call it these days).”


  2. The obvious question: Will Trump and the Republicans be better or worse on this issue?

  3. Everybody I’ve ever met who vaped was using at as gateway from smoking to not smoking…

  4. I’m trying to quit right now, cold turkey, and I’m in full-on “I want to murder something” mode today.

    1. It’s an oral fixation you have; I suggest cocksucking to ease the really nasty cravings. If none are handy, and you have too many ribs or aren’t a circus freak, well, I suggest popsicles, lollipops, and peppermints to help with the urges and cravings (most of them are psychiatric & behavioural moreso than actual nicotinic receptor addiction – though that is a demonstrable phenomenon)..

      Your bestest buddies are a woman with a clean, inviting Lotus of Pulchritude, and nicotine gum, if you are doing this sans Wellbutrin or Chantix. Weight training can help was well as a distraction remedy.

      (I have been a recovering smoker for a number of years, over four, actually. Cold turkey also).

    2. I know this kid who starting vaping in high school and then by college he was smoking and then he quit after a long struggle and during that time he became a successful addictions researcher where he discovered the importance of preventing kids from making the same dangerous mistakes as he once did, and then one day he died from an accidental overdose of alcohol and oxy after his latest paper received some pointed questions during peer review.

      Don’t vape, kids.

    3. Drink instead. Worked for me.

      1. Come on. There’s no comparison. Alcohol is like liquid joy. Tobacco is a means to work more efficiently, rather like a backbrace or an oxygen hat or something.

    4. Gum, exercise and candy. I quit cold turkey after two packs a day, and while the headaches and cravings were rough, the worst part was the constipation. It did not improve my mood.

    5. Its odd. I smoked for probably 5 or 6 years, call it a pack a day. I decided to quit, stopped buying cigarettes, bummed a few, and then I was done. Didn’t really experience cravings, etc.

      1. I’ve stopped smoking for various reasons (none of them having to do with a real intent to stop smoking permanently) over the years, and there’s never been anything that could be described as a craving. The only ill effect was a kind of dreamy weirdness to the surroundings for a few days. I think the “oh it’s so hard to quit smoking, I’m an addict!” thing is bullcrap. Talk to some of these jerks. I bet you my life they also believe that sometimes their actions are “out of control” and that sometimes some entity other than themselves makes choices for them (there’s a million obnoxious ways people commonly describe this state, but that’s what it comes down to, that some entity other than the person gets to take over choices from time to time). It’s like people who say they aren’t really gay they were just drunk. I’ve abruptly went from heavy intake of caffeine and also of alcohol to none at all for a month or so a number of times as well. No cravings. And never once in my life have I ever experienced any entity other than myself being in control of my choices.

    6. In the service I would smoke when we were in the field. OK, not so much smoke as have a pack on me so that when the salty gunny allowed all the smokers to take a break, I could participate. I never had any issues stopping once I was back in the barracks.

      Over the last 5 years or so, I have vaped a few times. Mostly when I was working long hours on boring projects. It was a way to get a minor buzz out in the cube farm. Again, I never had any problems stopping once things got exciting again.

      On the other hand, I have been sober for 4 days and it is killing me.

  5. It was for me. I had quit for four years when my sister in law gave me one of those Blue things. I puffed on it, got a nicotine rush, and then bang I was hooked again. I vaped for a year or so but ended up going back to cigarettes. Quit last month (three years later) with the help of Chantix. Not going to do that again.

    1. Nicotine is a rough drug to quit. I quit smoking over 10 years ago and I still chew one piece of nicotine gum per day. If I was to use a delivery system that simulated actual smoking I’m pretty sure I’d be doing the cigarettes again.

    2. I would guess that that is a lot less likely to happen to people who never smoked tobacco.

      1. I dunno. Nicotine is a bitch.

        1. A cruel, heartless one at that. And never seems to fully stay gone, either. I still chew plastic pen caps whilst at the office, passively & unconsciously, to this day.

          The biggest determinant for ease of both nicotine addiction is age, specifically how developed the brain is at the time external nicotine is introduced in to the body. That the most telltale on both ease of being dependent on it (psych and physical), and (relative) ease of permanent W/D.

          The later one starts, the much easier it is to quit permanently, or the be the, “social smoker,” the person who only smokes once or twice a year, and usually when drinking, or the occasional, “Once in a Blue Moon,” cigar at party or somesuch.

        2. It sure is. People will get plenty addicted to vaping nicotine. I just don’t think many will make the switch to smoking. Unless of course the government bans vaping or makes it too expensive.

          Maybe that’s the plan. get a new generation hooked, then take away their safer option. Gotta keep that tobacco tax money rolling in.

  6. Vaping is a gateway to disobeying. That’s all you need to know.

    1. That’s basically what they’re driving at. None too subtly, either.

      The study, according to one the most die-hard e-cigarette opponents in the public health lobby today?Dr. Stanton Glantz?is yet another confirmation of the so-called ‘gateway’ effect of vaping. “The evidence just keeps piling up,” proclaims Glantz.

      You know, I could believe that people accustomed to using a slim tube, placed in the mouth and inhaled for nicotine delivery, would place a different slim tube for nicotine delivery in their mouths and try that too.

      And then I think the biggest portion goes, “*hack* Eww. And it causes cancer? Not even if it came in blueberry flavor, man.”

      That “even once” instances get included in studies does not sound to mine ears like science. We’re clever monkeys, we’ll try anything once, especially if it looks familiar. This tells us little. But then I’m not a sciencing sciencer, maybe there’s a devastatingly factual argument for doing so that doesn’t boil down to government funding.

  7. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a gateway to cigarettes or not, it looks like smoking so it needs to be banned or at least severely discouraged. Anyone who disagrees is a hater of all things good and decent.

    1. It also has the potential to eat into Big Tobacco’s profits. And if they ain’t making $$, then they won’t be able to pay out on those juicy settlements that they made with those state AG’s.

      What are states going to do if they don’t have that slush fund money coming in? Pay for shit out of the general fund? Fuck that might mean they have to raise taxes.

      Also, what would happen to all the smug fuckers who are making those Truth ads? They might have to get real jobs where they couldn’t scare you off of smokes by telling you it will kill your cat with 2nd hand smoke.

      1. Then how do you explain Smoking Cat?

  8. I approve of Godshall’s Boogie Nights ensemble.

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    1. singer The Weekend has ruined weekends, discuss.

      1. Your mom has ruined the concept of moms.

  10. My family was ritualistically raped and murdered by a roving band of vapors. Ban vaping to save families!

  11. What’s the big deal for libertarians about vaping, anyway? Other than that vaping is something government doesn’t want people to do, I mean.

    1. Vaping is something government doesn’t want people to do. Our libertarian moments are thin on the ground.

    2. “Government gets in the way of people making personal decisions.”

      Does that phrasing make it clearer?

    3. What’s the big deal for libertarians about vaping, anyway? Other than that vaping is something government doesn’t want people to do, I mean.

      I mean like do you own and control your own body or do you think the government has the authority to own and control your body? Did you know eating a lot of donuts is bad for you? All the fat and sugar man. You are not authorized to eat more than 2 donuts a week. For your own good. We’ll get to the cheeseburgers and fries next.

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  13. Let’s be sure to point out that not all vapers are using nicotine.
    Like guns, it LOOKS dangerous to the nannies, so out it goes.
    Science be damned.

  14. That’s just crazy talk

  15. Anti vaping laws are un Constitutional and communist inspired.

  16. Hey, the tobacco companies paid GOOD MONEY for the FDA. If they can’t get anti-competitive protection out of the deal, what did they spend all that money for?

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  18. Same old story here of progs cherry-picking data to fit their hypothesis, but hey-vaping is keeping the crusty old fart Stan Glantz out of retirement, so he should be happy.

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