Queen Mary University Students Want to Ban Newspapers in the Name of 'Diversity and Inclusivity'

Tabloids say mean things. We can't have that.


Cliff Hide/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Either I'm really wrong about the definitions of diversity and inclusivity, or Queen Mary University (QMUL) students are.

Recently, the Student Union at Queen Mary—a public research university in London—approved a motion to prohibit the sales of tabloid newspapers on campus. The Sun, Daily Mail, and Express contain viewpoints that are "hateful" toward refugees, immigrants, and other marginalized groups, and therefore, no one should be able to read them.

"The Union should continue to stand by its mission, vision and values such as 'diversity and inclusivity,'" the motion states, according to The Tab.

Confused as to how diversity is well-served by reducing the number of acceptable publications on campus? Me too.

The motion does not carry actual weight: university officials would have to agree to enforce it. Nor does it stop students from bringing copies of the verboten papers onto campus. The motion is merely "a commercial boycott that will ensure the Union does not profit from the sale of these newspapers."

Queen Mary's Student Union is not the first to take this step. City University's Student Union recently approved a similar ban on tabloids.

Dissident QMUL student Emily Dinsmore described the Student Union representatives as "medieval cardinals" in an article for Spiked:

The council meeting had a staggering turnout of 25 student representatives. Complete with jazz hands to replace clapping – clapping can trigger distress, apparently – the gathering voted 13-3 in favour of the proposed motion to ban the sale of papers that contain 'hateful discourse'. The other council members awkwardly chose to abstain from the vote. Cowards.

The representatives claimed that, as the elected spokespeople for QMUL students, they have a mandate to ban the sale of tabloids. One assured us that this motion is 'supported by an array of migrant-solidarity, refugee-action and international student groups'. Notably, however, not a single one of these talked-up minority groups turned up to defend the motion.

The idea that diversity and inclusivity are promoted when alternative points of view are silenced is positively Orwellian. How far college campuses have fallen: they are supposed to be places where bright minds gather to consider new information and gain insight. Instead, they are bastions of censorship—censorship committed in the name of protecting the vulnerable and marginalized.

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  1. You know, when your university has both “queen” and “mary” in its name, you really should be working overtime to project Limey toughness to the rest of the world. Stiff upper lip, then.

    1. There were two Queen Marys, both fairly tough. I’m guessing they’re named after Mary II (1689-1694), the “Mary” in “William and Mary.”

      Oh, and the William in William and Mary wasn’t gay, though he may have been bi-curious.

      1. Key quote: “But I’ve never seen any hard evidence.”

  2. Just let these worthless losers eat themselves.
    For those of us smart enough to educate our children that schools/professors are Marxists factories, our kids will get through and get into the real working world so much easier.

  3. Get your hate speech of this campus!

    1. off* dammit

  4. Loyal Moronicans shouldn’t read!

  5. RE: Queen Mary University Students Want to Ban Newspapers in the Name of ‘Diversity and Inclusivity’
    Tabloids say mean things. We can’t have that.

    Ask me again why my ancestors left there.

  6. I don’t understand what’s going on with that sign, btw. She’s zero pounds in debt? Is this a boast? Can you even put scare quotes in a hashtag? Pearls and black fingernail polish? Come on.

    1. Pearls and black fingernail polish? Come on.

      Zombie fashion


    2. Haven’t you even been to a Cure concert?

      1. Those are pearls, not rosary beads. Sheesh.

    3. I didn’t even know that Teresa May is still in college!

    4. I thought xe was bragging about not being in debt.

      I think xe put the scare quotes in the wrong place – should be around “education”.

      1. No, no… That thing is a xit, Counselor. And xit’s signage should read, “0 quid for my education,” THEN, “In debt,” basically bitching xit has no money and is debt for xit’s college education.

        Of course, if xit had been honest, it would have read, “0 Quid. ‘Indebted?’ For my education?”

      2. So: “xit” = person wearing pearls and a dress who looks like a dude with two black eyes?

        1. It’s the bob that clinches the, “xit,” designation. That and that lovely shade of charity shoppe plaid on the overcoat.

    5. She wants us to go into debt to pay for her education.

  7. I’m not sure why they felt the need to do this. From what I’ve seen of public education institutions, few of the students are able to read anyway.

  8. LOL, you’re an idiot if you thing progs have any belief in the tolerance and diversity as rational people would describe them.

    To them, Diversity = Different groups of people believing the same thing. Tolerance = Not tolerating intolerance, and not tolerating opposing viewpoints. There is only one correct viewpoint, and all others are bad.

    But you know this already, so why do you keep feigning ignorance?

  9. I’m all for banning of The S*n on general principle. 28 years since their lies about Hillsborough and they’re still boycotted in Liverpool. Fuck them.

    But really:

    I’m all for a voluntary boycott of anything. If these students don’t want to read those papers, fine by me. If private sellers don’t want to sell them, fine by me.

    But to completely ban something from campus is ludicrous. If you read The S*n in Liverpool you’re going to get a nasty look or two, but even there nobody’s calling for it to be outright banned.

    1. Plus what is “hateful discourse”, anyways? Some’d say The Times and The Guardian are hateful towards anyone who doesn’t support Labour and who isn’t against Brexit.

      1. Plus what is “hateful discourse”, anyways?

        The same people who determine what is officially *racist*, *sexist*, *bigoted*, *[insert grievance here]-phobic*, and pretty much everything else decided for you as officially, demonstrably bad, icky, and otherwise foul. Essentially, this definition will be determined for you by anyone who is not you, since you are not qualified to render an opinion due to a lack of demonstrable grievance credibility.

        The Slimes, The Fraudian, The Daily FAIL!, and even The Slum and UK Telegrifter are still head and shoulders above most USA publications.

      2. Plus what is “hateful discourse”, anyways?

        Anything that advocates self-reliance and self-discipline, among other things.

      3. I think it’s some sort of thick discharge.

    2. Speaking of Hillsborough: BBC radio did a special on it after the verdict came out last year. I haven’t listened to it as yet but their specials tend to be pretty good: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03sf7ps

      Or, look for “5 Live Sports Specials” on iTunes.

  10. I’m still getting my head around the fact that people in the UK still buy newspapers.

    1. Birdcage liners, and fish & chips wrap. Oh and Page 3, for when one is one the go….

  11. Complete with jazz hands to replace clapping

    I wonder how many different gender buttons they’re sporting – pikers.

  12. British SJWs think that condemning ISIS is Islamophobic and unacceptable. They make our snowflakes look sane.

  13. To be honest, I understand those students very well. Today’s mass media often contain quite hateful and doubtful material and I can understand that students don’t want any of that on their campuses. I understand that mass media have to be free and express their thoughts but on the other hand, editors should understand that what their writing has an affect on youth. By the way, students can take advantage of Briton Writers reviews reviews and it can help a lot in their studying and career.

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