Intelligence Report on Russian Hacking Finally Released, Trump Officially Wins Electoral College: P.M. Links



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    1. Hello.

      “The U.S. intelligence report on the alleged hack has been released. You can now read it for yourself.”

      /scratches back of head.

      Isn’t that, like, kinda, you know, your or a journalist’s job?

      Just asking for a friend.

      1. Why should I trust some journo to do my civic duty for me, even one with hair as nice as Robbo’s?

        1. They might have a journalism degree from Columbia?

        2. /Enters Bosley office.

          Rufus (slams down picture of Robby): I want HIS hair.
          Bosley: I…see…

          1. Science can’t yet match God’s artistry.

            1. Dudes, you kill me with this. It’s good but it’s not that Damn good!

              1. Blasphemy, hairetic!

                1. I have better hair than Robby. Even post-gym, pre-shower.

                  That’s right! I said that!

                2. Tho hairetic is pretty good. Full marks.

      2. This is preferable to Walter Cronkite telling me exactly what I should think about it.

        1. Or Chris Cuomo insisting that it’s illegal for us non-media folks to read it, so we should just accept that it says what he tells us it says.

      3. Rico hasn’t bothered reading it yet, is what that means.

        1. ^^THIS^^

          1. It’s called happy hour, and my man has cocktails to down.

            1. Shots. Why bother with dilution?

      4. Quote from the report:

        RT’s reports often characterize the United States as a “surveillance state” and allege widespread infringements of civil liberties, police brutality, and drone use (RT, 24, 28 October, 1-10 November).

        Imagine that! What horrible propaganda! The US is nothing like that!

        (sounds more like Reason….)

        1. LOL RT might be only a couple degrees away from infowars but that all seems spot on

          1. You son of a bitch!

            How dare you aggress against any of these lovely, pure, moe bishojo?

            I swear on all of the O-kami of Yamato that if you lay a finger on any of these princesses that I will fuck you up.

    2. Circles around in running.

    3. And vice versa.

  1. It’s official: Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote.


    1. Let the pussy-grabbing begin!

    2. I thought I heard wailing and gnashing of teeth.

      1. And the garments! Don’t forget the rending.

        1. Rending?? I thought it was renting. Oh well, the Elvis costume goes back to the shop!

          1. Unless you’ve banged the missus in it, whilst singing Viva Las Vegas, you need to extend the rendal.

            1. It’s her turn to wear it tonight, then back to the shop.

              1. I’m not judging, here. OK, a little.



      1. Don’t you mean hate-fuck the crime out of our minority of choice?

        1. Crime-fuck the minority out any hate?

          1. It’s all allowed in Donald Trump’s America!

      2. I got my Irish-stomping boots ready!

        1. It’s the Jacobins I’m after. They’re still a minority, right?

          1. Any Lithuanians in my area best watch out

          2. I’m going after the Romans. Because what have they ever done for us!

  2. Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote.

    Despite the lamentations of our women.

    1. Now I know why the firsters do not like Robbo.

      1. With him, the trains run when they run.

        1. +1 kuru kuru fruit sushi

        2. With Winston the train’s run on his mom.

          1. ^Good one.

        1. Your mother’s next.

  3. You can now read it for yourself.

    Trump was trying to buy yellow cake after all!

    1. Spoiler alert: Ned Stark dies.

      1. X, you motherfucker! (I almost stopped reading the series when I got to that part, Ned was one of my faves)

        1. You know who else didn’t live long enough to see his armies defeated?

          1. Ghengis Khan?

          2. Alexander of Macedon?

          3. Stonewall Jackson?

          4. Jesus Fucking Christ?

          5. Kramer?

            1. + 1 weak Ukraine

          6. Hector of Troy?

          7. Erwin Rommel?

          8. Simon Bolivar Buckner? Oops, sorry. His armies won.

          1. Valar Dohaeris

            1. Valar Winston’s mom

              1. Winston’s mom.

                She’s got it goin’ on.

                By “it”, I mean an unsightly rash which has confounded all the top medical experts.

        2. Don’t worry, he gets resurrected on the third day. Then his apostles go out and start slaying the infidels or something.

          I forget exactly, it was a long time ago when I read the book and I may have it confused with that Star Wars: The Wrath of Khan movie.

      2. It was earth the whole time

      1. You can’t have your yellow cake and eat it too, and not glow.

      2. Claps waldoes inside radiation chamber.

        1. OK, that made me laugh – fairly heartily.

          1. Thanks, buddy.

    2. And there really are alien bodies at Area 51!

      1. Dude, everything is at Area 52. Area 51? That’s just a distraction.

        1. “Shit!”

          *quietly wheels freezer-containers to Area 53*

  4. I’m currently on hold with Comcast about my account. Thanks, government-sponsored monopolies!

  5. None of these links are funny.

    1. And neither is that.

      1. Still off the fat, are we?

    2. “Trump had a “constructive” meeting with U.S. intelligence officials”?

      1. Yes, I stand corrected.

    3. But how do you feel about that high-effort alt-text?

    4. Hey, I got a smile out of the “constructive” one.

  6. It’s official: Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote.

    Welp, time for a new celebrity protest video.

    1. “One more will do it! Come on, gang!”

    2. There’s still a chance. If Hillary can get her hand on the Bible first she can call dibs.

      1. In all the confusion and tackling between them, Jimmy Carter sneaks up to the podium and wins himself a second term?

  7. Employee of the Month

    That’s sarcasm.

    The manager at the store, John Rodrigues, had spoken with Hawes Wednesday morning about his “work ethic and absenteeism,” according to a prosecutor synopsis on file at the 9th Circuit Court, Nashua District Division. Hawes, who was eventually fired from the company during the conversation, left the office and a short time later began throwing and kicking boxes and beanbags around the warehouse, state court documents.

    “(Rodrigues) was made aware of this and exited his office to find that (Hawes) was no longer present and that a box stacked on top of another box had a corner that was lit on fire,” say court records.

    Even though employees extinguished the blaze, Nashua Fire Marshal Adam Pouliot arrived on the scene to investigate. Surveillance footage from the incident allegedly shows Hawes setting the box on fire, and the lighter allegedly used in the blaze was located by Nashua Fire Rescue officials, according to court documents.

    1. He keyed his car!

      No trial, no jury, straight to execution.

    2. Arson of an occupied building is some serious jail time.

    3. They should have given him his stapler back.

      1. Well, it wath a red thwingline.

  8. The U.S. intelligence report on the alleged hack has been released. You can now read it for yourself.

    And it’s still evidence-free.

    1. How dare you doubt their judgment.

      We also assess Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him.All three agencies agree with this judgment. CIA and FBI have high confidence in this judgment;NSA has moderate confidence

      And of course now we know where amsoc gets his funding…

      Moscow’s influence campaign followed a Russian messaging strategy that blends covert intelligence operations?such as cyber activity?with overt efforts by Russian Government agencies, state-funded media, third-party intermediaries, and paid social media users or “trolls.

  9. Robby Soave|January 6, 2017 4:31 pm

    He’s doing this on purpose, y’all.

    1. He is a merciless tease, that one.

    2. I am! Because articles published at :01 and :31 get more traffic than articles posted at :00 and :30 for some reason.

      1. ROBERT SOAVE [shakes Fist]

          1. Citizen X was an English nanny this whole time?

          2. Fist is all shook up .

            Uh huh….. Uh huh……Yeaa yeah!

        1. It’s pronounced “Roh-BAIR”, isn’t it, Soave?

        1. We need to do something special on 5/17/17. Perhaps a fruit sushi basket for Robby?

          1. And something nice for InjunfromIndia for the video.

        2. The jacket clearly in charge.

        3. Bullshit.

          Not 1 but 2 women..WOMEN? commented on that video as if they were familiar with the norms of Hit ‘n Run comment culture.

          A bigger false flag than 5/28.

          1. “Women.” Let’s be clear about that.

            Over 1,700 views? What the frick? There are like 40 people who comment here.

            1. When I link to an image on my imgur account from the PM links there are generally ~175 views. While some of the views are probably bots, it probably suggests that there are a substantial number of lurkers.

              1. That makes sense. Stupid lurkers.

              2. We were all lurkers once, no?

                1. No, Fist firsted on the first post ever and Warty cleaved himself from his father’s thigh a fully formed rapesquatch and commenter.

                  1. Ahh of course. Where is the Reason creation myth all written down anyway? Pictograph’s painted on all four walls of Agile Cyborg’s dark room?

                2. Yeah, stupid lurkers. Stupid lurkers.

            2. Some of us read this shit after work.

      2. I laughed. I laughed long and loud.

        Good on you, Rico.

        1. Robby’s pixilated link postings engender plangent obiter dictums from the commentariat.

          1. Where’s AC when we need him?

            1. Processing sunset rabid hornets scurrying across a field?

        1. Thank you for that image of image of Robby doing a spinning leg sweep, punctuated by a perfect toss of his hair.

          1. He would be a Cobra Kai.

            1. Yes. My theory is that Robby Soave is our* very own William Zabka.

              *”Our” as in the rest of you – not me – because my sockpuppets and I are better than you.

      3. You should TBS these and post at 9:05 and 4:35.

        1. And play The Beastmaster a lot.

      4. Show us the numbers, Robbie.

    3. Better late than May 17.

  10. Shooting at Ft. Lauderdale airport leaves 5 dead, 8 wounded.

    My bosses ex-wife was in the crossfire, crazy small world. People to the left and right of her took bullets.

    1. Holy shit.

      1. They are still holding her at baggage claim because she is an eye witness. I can confirm that the murder weapon was a 9mm Glock 26.

        1. Well, it was either a glock or an AR-15.

          1. Definitely something with the scary shoulder thing.

        2. Yeah, I thought it looked like a Glock.

    2. Your boss must be inconsolable.

      1. This made me laugh. A lot. What is wrong with me?

        1. What is wrong with me?

          *checks DSM V*

          You seem to be a sociopath.

          *crossreferences with WebMD*

          Cancer, definitely cancer or the colorectal variety.

        2. Ever see this bumper sticker?

          “I still miss my ex-wife.

          But my aim is improving!”

      2. Ha, he quite stereo-typically is always talking shit about his ex-wife. But I’m sure he’s making nice real hard right now because he is a former Safety Professional from Delta that got shit canned in the mass firings post 9/11 — and as a result harbors a lot of interest/resentment for all things Muslim terrorism.

        He is also saying that Estaban whatever has Muslim, but I’ll wait for confirmation on that.

        1. He is also saying that Estaban whatever has Muslim, but I’ll wait for confirmation on that.

          He was yelling “Rico Soave!” as he fired. What more proof do you need?

        2. Seriously, I’m glad she’s okay and I’m sure he is too. I couldn’t resist. It was hanging right there.

          1. You made the right call 🙂

          2. It was brilliant and made LOL bigly.

      3. Definitely got liquid up the nose on that one.

        1. learn how to control that thing.

      4. Yeah, Hamster’s was better than mine.

    3. I don’t suppose your boss is named Esteban Santiago?

  11. Shooting at Ft. Lauderdale airport leaves 5 dead, 8 wounded.

    At least it gives Obama as president one more chance to pine for common sense citizen control.

    1. He can pine away now.

  12. From The Specatator, What explains the idiocy of the liberal elite? It’s their education

    Schools actually teach that Stalin’s five-year plans were a qualified success! The academic world is overwhelmingly left-wing and the textbooks spin to the left. They distort the facts or omit them.

    What the elite have been led to believe is that governments make things better. ‘Market failure’ is taught; ‘public-sector failure’ is not. In my own area, they are taught that everything was awful in 19th-century Britain until governments came along to save the day with an ever-bigger welfare state. The importance of friendly societies, voluntary hospitals and so on is omitted. It is rubbish ? left-wing propaganda. But misleading education of this and other kinds rubs off even on those who are not studying history or politics.

    About the author, true or not?
    James Bartholomew is the author of The Welfare of Nations, and coined the term ‘virtue signalling’ in The Spectator.

    1. When I was in University studying history, there weren’t many progs in the ranks. Most of my professors seemed pretty clear and level-headed in their stances about people like Stalin, communism and the like. There were liberal professors to be sure, most probably were, but I didn’t get the sense they were full out idiotic progressives (or if there were they did a good job of keeping it to themselves and taught course material in a sane, professional and fair manner).

      1. I’m willing to be there are more avowed full-blown Marxists at our universities than there are in the entire rest of the country. It’s the only place that shit makes sense.

        1. Yeah, but maybe not among the ranks of those who study the history of Russia and other commie or ex-commie states.

          Maybe labor historians and intellectual historians.

          And the English Department.

          And the Women’s Studies department, with the proviso that Marx was a male reactionary who needed to be corrected and updated by feminists.

          1. The American/U.S. history professors were definitely liberal.

          2. Yeah, but maybe not among the ranks of those who study the history of Russia and other commie or ex-commie states.

            The latest fad is to call the USSR a “state capitalist” society, not a socialist one.

    2. I think Adam Smith coined the term virtue signalling, actually.

    3. That’s pretty great.

    4. Yeah, its not what you don’t know that gets you in trouble, its what you know that just ain’t so.

  13. Chicago kidnapping suspects denied bail.

    Well, they wanted the video to go viral.

  14. Chicago kidnapping suspects denied bail.

    Goddamn deniers.

    1. Illinois Constitution, Article I, Section 9: “All persons shall be bailable by sufficient sureties, except for the following offenses where the proof is evident or the presumption great: capital offenses; offenses for which a sentence of life imprisonment may be imposed as a consequence of conviction; and felony offenses for which a sentence of imprisonment, without conditional and revocable release, shall be imposed by law as a consequence of conviction, when the court, after a hearing, determines that release of the offender would pose a real and present threat to the physical safety of any person.”

    2. I look at the mug shots and I see two young men with no remorse, and two worried sisters that will spend decades in jail. It’s not like any of the four can rat out the other three; it’s all on tape.

  15. Trump had a “constructive” meeting with U.S. intelligence officials.

    Trump learned all the dirt they have on him.

    1. And vice versa……

  16. It’s official: Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote.

    Democrats reject your reality and insert their own.

    1. Democrats reject your reality and insert their own.

      Very nice.

  17. Has Black Lives Matter disavowed the Chicago kidnapping ?

    1. *sigh* yes.

      (copying and pasting since nobody wants a Facebook link here)

      What happened to the young man who was held captive and tortured is terrible and we condemn the violence that was perpetrated against him. We’ve stated time and time again, that we’re against all types of harm and violence perpetrated and we’ve never condoned it. So this is absolutely perplexing and twisted that people are associating this atrocity with this organization and movement.

      1. we’re against all types of harm and violence

        In the “Do The Right Thing” sense.

        1. In the “Do The Right Thing” sense.

          I’ve always thought Mookie did save Sal’s life by throwing the garbage can through the window.

          1. Yeah.

            That’s actually one of my favorite movies. And the only good thing I’ve seen by Spike Lee.

            1. Inside Man is a very good movie, mostly because Spike only directed it. Jim Brown: All American is a very good documentary. Clockers is also good.

              1. Maybe I’ll check those out. I don’t see a lot of movies.

                1. Inside Man is worth a watch if you catch it for sure.

              2. I’ll second “Inside Man”, I was actually very surprised to learn that it was directed by Soike Lee.

              3. I haven’t seen “Clockers” since I was a teenager and saw it in a theatre, but I remember thinking it was very good.

      2. “we’re against all types of harm and violence”

        Blocking major highways doesn’t count as harm or violence, right?

    2. I was going to read this article and tell you, but I was distracted by a sidebar link entitled “Thickest Yams” which lead me to this article that I read instead.

      I believe I made the right choice.

      1. You did make the right choice, I’ll be in my bunk.

        1. Bonus: From sidebar links over there I learned Soulja Boy is apparently going to brawl with Chris Brown, and is being trained by Mr. Money Floyd.


      2. Yes, you made the right choice. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Elderly woman drags cop with car and doesn’t get shot

    According to a press release, Hooksett Officer Carpentier pulled over a car that was traveling on West River Road without its headlights on.

    Carpentier pulled the car over on Market Drive, where the driver was identified as Beatrice Yergeau, 87, of Manchester.

    According to a police press release, “Yergeau became irate with Officer Carpentier and Officer Minihan responded to the scene to assist. Yergeau had opened her car door and Officer Minihan was speaking to her when Yergeau put her vehicle in drive, pinning Officer Minihan with the door and dragging her a short distance.”

    Police said Minihan was able to free herself from the car, and ran to the passenger side, where she reached in and put the car in park.

    Yergeau was arrested on summonses for Disobeying an Officer, Reckless Driving and Period of Lighting; Headlights Required.

    1. Everybody’s saying that there’s nobody meaner,
      Than the little old lady from Pasadena.
      She drives real fast and she drives real hard.
      She’s the terror of Colorado Boulevard.

  19. Amazingly, regarding Russia’s alleged breaches of the DNC and Podesta’s email, this much-hyped ODNI report has even less technical detail — none, as far as I can tell — than the JAR laundered through US-CERT last week.

    I am not sure why, if nothing else, they won’t just reiterate the public findings of the likes of CrowdStrike and SecureWorks.

    Bold prediction: media outlets will highlight the first sentence below, while burying or completely omitting the second.

    Russian intelligence obtained and maintained access to elements of multiple US state or local electoral boards. DHS assesses that the types of systems Russian actors targeted or compromised were not involved in vote tallying.

    1. No word on why DHS was trying to hack into state election systems?

      1. They were trying to leave Cyrillic characters there.

      2. Because fuck you, that’s why.

      3. If this is referring to the Georgia incident, I will say the same thing I said when someone linked to an article about it a few weeks ago: from the scant details given, it sounds like someone at the DHS just ran a vuln scan on their systems. Doing so without permission is a bad idea — and if a private citizen had done it, they’d stand a decent chance of being prosecuted — but not a big deal.

        If anything more detail has come out in the past couple weeks, I’d like to hear about it.

        1. There was more than one state.

          That’s probably what it was, but shit, who runs that kind of scan on election systems during a fucking election?

          1. Announced?

            Anyone with an ounce of competence; you should *always* be monitoring your systems for unexpected or previously undetected attack surfaces.


            Morons and troublemakers.

            1. Caveat: if for whatever reason, you don’t trust the people running the systems, then you might do this unannounced. It is, however, not a “passive” act so you give yourself away once you’ve done it, presuming someone’s paying the slightest attention to their network monitors.

          2. Democrats

    2. Not only that, the vast majority of the declassified report, including the only parts that could be actually called evidence, deal with Russian propaganda efforts and have no direct connection to the leaks or the “hacking” whatsoever.

  20. Shooting at Ft. Lauderdale airport leaves 5 dead, 8 wounded.

    The full gamut of stories coming out of this one. First there was a second shooter in Terminal 1, then there was (another) second shooter in Terminal 4, then there was no second shooter. First the perp was dead, then he was in custody, then he was dead again, then he was in custody again.

    Also, I have to drive by the airport to get home, so I estimate I’ll be at work late. Humor me, people.

    1. NBC were coyly using ‘lone wolf’ early on.

      1. Michael McKean was brought in for questioning!

    2. He also apparently wasn’t coming from Canada, but Alaska. And apparently didn’t fly on Air Canada now.

      I’m not really not liking the media’s protections from reporting shit that just isn’t true.

      1. It’s more important to be first than it is to be right.

        Just ask FoE.

    3. Pretty standard with incidents like that, it seems.

  21. Seven “faithless” electors voted for other candidates, costing Trump two votes and Clinton four.

    Math is hard.

    1. Russians strike again.

    2. Maybe one Trumpster voted for Hillary?

  22. The triangular pin that Trump’s inner circle wear so the Secret Service can spot them sends conspiracy theorists wild with bizarre claims about Nazis and secret societies

    Members of Donald Trump’s inside circle have been sporting a triangular lapel pin – sending the internet in a flurry of speculation over what it means.

    Eagle-eyed viewers stoked rumors of secret societies, while others pointed out the pin’s resemblance to the pink triangle initially used by Nazis to identify homosexuals before it was reclaimed as a symbol of gay pride.


    It turns out the pin was handed out by the Secret Service to identify those who are allowed to pass through the security surrounding the president-elect, the New York Post reported.


    1. It turns out the pin was handed out by the Secret Service to identify those who are allowed to pass through the security surrounding the president-elect, the New York Post reported.

      So, figure out how to get a hold of one of those pins (counterfeit, steal, what have you), and just waltz on through security?

      “Good enough for government work”.


        *runs in circle flapping arms*

        1. This is how fondue pots get tipped over!

          1. And then you get ants.

            1. ants are just part and parcel of running a crazy chinese fondue bank.

    2. so now every nutjob knows that all they need to get passed security is to have a certain pin on? I hope they change tactics soon

  23. As I reported earlier there was a threat earlier today at Canada customs entering the USA at Lacolle border.…..ter-threat

    1. The Fort Lauderdale shooter came in from Canada (or maybe from Alaska through Canada)

  24. Democrats reject your reality and insert their own.

    Speaking of which…

    Frank Bruni’s column is an appeal to Mrs Clinton to bring her awesome statesmanship and enlightened leadership to the mayor’s office in NYC. I really think he’s serious.

    I also think she’d make David Dinkins look like a fucking genius by comparison.

    1. It will be the perfect springboard for her to lose the presidential election again.

    2. Apparently NYC is nostalgic for some Muslim terrorism.

      1. I so wish to see Clinton elected Mayor of NYC and for NYC to have a natural disaster along the lines of hurricane Sandy.

        Can you imagine the inner turmoil she would face if she had to ask Trump for Federal assistance ?

        I wonder how many NYers might loose their lives while she agonized ?

        1. I wonder how many NYers might loose their lives while she agonized ?

          Considering the past success of said federal assistance, Clinton might be saving lives in that instance.

  25. Moscow’s influence campaign followed a Russian messaging strategy that blends covert intelligence operations?such as cyber activity?with overt efforts by Russian Government agencies, state-funded media, third-party intermediaries, and paid social media users or “trolls.”

    Yet, no mention of H&R in the intelligence report.

    1. They’re probably mentioning me indirectly as one of the “trolls” because I repeat the following assertion: Russophobia is racism.

      I find it amusing that “undermining” Clinton means obtaining genuine e-mails (illegally) and distributing them publicly. If the DNC wasn’t manipulating the race themselves and playing dirty in a lot of ways, then there would have been nothing to use to “undermine” the campaign.

      1. I’d like to know where to send the bill for my trolling services. I was unaware that I could get paid for that by the Russian government.

  26. I am going to dump some of my old links:

    Chilean Minister Apologizes for Public Stunt with Inflatable Sex Doll

    At a dinner held for the Association of Exporters and Manufacturers, a symbolic gift is traditionally given to the minister who assists on behalf of the government. In this case, that gift was a blow-up sex doll.

    Major airline launches child-free zones on flights – and a lot of parents are furious

    Mum Laura Brook called the ban ridiculous.

    The 23-year-old from Castleford, West Yorks, recently flew with son Roman who had an ear infection.

    She said she didn’t feel the need to explain the one-year-old’s crying to other passengers, adding: “I’m not going to explain myself to an adult who should understand that babies do cry.”

    Apparently “mums” do cry, too.

    Google bans Chrome extension explicitly designed to make fraudulent ad clicks. Nerds whine and moan, say browser with 50ish-percent marketshare should have the antitrust hammer taken to it.

    1. From the first link:

      President of Asexma

      Is that really what they call the association?

      1. Coincidentally, it’s also what they call Winston’s mom.

    2. And how the fuck is having sex with a blow-up doll violence against the apparent gender of the doll? Is using a dildo violence against men?

      1. Depends on how the dildo is used.

    3. The 23-year-old from Castleford, West Yorks, recently flew with son Roman who had an ear infection.


  27. The triangular pin that Trump’s inner circle wear so the Secret Service can spot them sends conspiracy theorists wild with bizarre claims about Nazis and secret societies.

    I hope the triangle has an eyeball in it.

    1. ^Illuminati confirmed

  28. The U.S. intelligence report on the alleged hack has been released. You can now read it for yourself.

    I just gave that thing a scan, and there’s no evidence included at all. Its just a series of claims headed by “We assess”.

    In fact, there’s *less* that could be characterized as ‘evidence’ than the earlier FBI doc which bothered to identify the specific phishing instances and the methods used.

    Half the report is taken up by a subsection where they moan about Russia Today network being a tool of the russian state. which seems to be a completely unrelated gripe. Its like they just stuck that in there to fill up page space. They suggest that because RT had a relationship with Assange that they were a likely source of intel for him – but don’t actually claim any specific act on their part.

    1. here’s an example of how bullshit this thing is =

      We assess the influence campaign aspired to help President-elect Trump’s chances of victory when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to the President-elect.

      When it appeared to Moscow that Secretary Clinton was likely to win the presidency the Russian influence campaign focused more on undercutting Secretary Clinton’s legitimacy and crippling her presidency from its start, including by impugning the fairness of the election.

      – Before the election, Russian diplomats had publicly denounced the US electoral process and were prepared to publicly call into question the validity of the results. Pro-Kremlin bloggers had prepared a Twitter campaign, #DemocracyRIP, on election night in anticipation of Secretary Clinton’s victory, judging from their social media activity

      They basically make these huge claims about what the Russians were thinking and what their motives and intents are…. and then allude to some bullshit they saw on Twitter?

      They’re no better than Buzzfeed.

      1. RT interviewing third party candidates is part of their reasoning. Interviewing third party candidates has officially been declared anti-American propaganda.

        1. They might ask about Aleppo!

      2. Surely all our little snowflakes need protection from the evil that is Russia Today. We can’t expect them to do any critical thinking after they passed our government-sponsored education system.

      3. How do you know they aren’t Buzzfeed?

        {adjusts tinfoil hat}

      4. Buzzfeed is much better. My tax dollars aren’t paying for it.

    2. I was going to say the same thing, I’ve downloaded for further reading but it does look like political BS which is what I expected

    3. Agreed. In fact, using their methodology, you could easily argue (and be just as correct) that the US Government, via its helpful tools in the US media worked hard to elect Clinton.

    4. Its like they just stuck that in there to fill up page space.

      They tried taking the margins up to 2″ but it still looked pretty thin in the binder.

      1. It does have colored charts, how can you disagree with colored charts!

    5. But both the CIA Ouija board and dart board agree that Trump is a long term KBJ agent. On the other hand the Tarot card reading says that he will meet a tall dark stranger

  29. Interesting side nugget from the Intel Report:
    “In the 1970s, the KGB recruited a Democratic
    Party activist who reported information about
    then-presidential hopeful Jimmy Carter’s
    campaign and foreign policy plans, according
    to a former KGB archivist.”

    I have never heard this before.

    1. … reading the local newspapers is best guess at what he did. might have cut out articles and sent them.

    2. Joke was on them, as Carter had no foreign policy plans.

    3. It was Bernie, wasn’t it?

      1. It was Mr. Peanut.

    4. It’s probably a reference to the Mitrokhin archive. Jesus, can’t they just at least give a hat tip to Christopher Andrew?!

      1. From Andrews book:

        “During the 1976 presidential election the agent was able to provide inside information from within the Carter camp and a profile of Carter himself, which were particularly highly valued by the Centre since it had so few high-level American sources. On one occasion he spent three hours discussing the progress of the campaign at a meeting with Carter, Brown and Cranston in Carter’s room at the Pacific Hotel. His report was forwarded to the Politburo. During the final stages of the campaign the agent had what the KGB claimed were ‘direct and prolonged conversations’ with Carter, Governor Brown and Senators Cranston, Kennedy, Ribicoff and Jacob Javits. Andropov attached such importance to the report on these conversations that he forwarded it under his signature to the Politburo immediately after Carter’s election.

        Copy, paste, rinse, repeat, and you get yourself an intelligence report.

  30. Oh, and this one:
    “? RT aired a documentary about the Occupy
    Wall Street movement on 1, 2, and
    4 November. RT framed the movement as a
    fight against “the ruling class” and described
    the current US political system as corrupt and
    dominated by corporations. RT advertising
    for the documentary featured Occupy
    movement calls to “take back” the
    government. The documentary claimed that
    the US system cannot be changed
    democratically, but only through “revolution.” “

    1. We spend billions on intelligence agencies so they can give us …. this crap.

      1. And with their off the record black budget we are not even allowed to know how much they steal from us.

      2. To be fair, this “crap” has a very well-defined and documented system of “estimative language” in Annex B whereby the likelihood of and the confidence in the crap is communicated.

        This isn’t ordinary crap. This crap is the result of a “wide range of sources, including human
        sources, technical collection, and open source information, and apply specialized skills and structured
        analytic tools to draw inferences informed by the data available, relevant past activity, and logic and
        reasoning to provide insight into what is happening and the prospects for the future.”

        So, yes, it costs billions of dollars. It’s still crap, though.

        Half of the “Assessment” was nothing but a laughable finding that RT is Russia’s propaganda outlet and that Russia’s propaganda outlet communicates information that suggests the US does not have a perfect government. This is real Sherlock Holmes and James Bond work, I tell you.

      3. Yes, but on the positive side they provide us lots of foreigners to hate us,

  31. “In the 1970s, the KGB recruited a Democratic
    Party activist who reported information about
    then-presidential hopeful Jimmy Carter’s
    campaign and foreign policy plans, according
    to a former KGB archivist.”


  32. Regarding the release of this report on a Friday…

    …you notice how the most-bullshit claims being made by news orgs seem to be repeatedly launched at the start of weekends? its like the 3rd time i’ve noticed this.

    my guess is that they know that people dwell on subjects over the weekend, and are free to ruminate, but they don’t actually digest any news media or new-reporting on topics. So basically it gives their total bullshit stories time to harden in the public mind, before the “debunking” starts the following week.

    And no one remembers the debunking, they just remember the first headline

    1. You know what one of these dog fuckers said to me once?

      ‘Better to be wrong at first, than right at second.’

      1. I may be confusing my life with that of John Rambo.

        1. “Nah, i made that up.”

        2. This is not the first time you’ve described your life through the plot of Rambo.

  33. So, this is another one of my old links, but it is amazing. Emphasis theirs:

    Emily Ratajkowski Just Nailed Exactly Why Trump Won The Election

    On Wednesday night, the 25-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, who is better known for sharing pictures while dressed in scantily clad outfits, sent a series of tweets asking everyone to stop calling those who supported Trump “stupid,” saying that’s how the media missed his ascension in the first place. (PHOTOS: Emily Ratajkowski Shows TONS Of Cleavage In Latest Posts)

    “Can we please stop calling Americans stupid,” the model tweeted. “Maybe we need to start providing better OPTIONS.” (RELATED: Emily Ratajkowski Just Showed A Jaw-Dropping Amount Of Sideboob In This Photo)

    How do I send suggestions to the editor-in-chief? I have an idea to Make Reason great again.

    1. Yeah, well, she was already a gender traitor for appearing in the Blurred Lines video.

    2. “She’s right. We need to call them morons instead of stupid.”

    3. I thank you for bolding the important parts.

    4. “I have an idea to Make Reason great again”

      Moar sideboob?!!

      1. Dammit, “Make Reason Great Again”

        Moar sideboob?!!

        TONS Of Cleavage would be an acceptable alternative.

      2. Links to the ampleboobscleavage tumblr?

        There’s a problem though. It’s a pretty NSFW tumblr.

    5. Red dress photo – chrissakes, stand up straight and show ’em off properly.

  34. So, reading the US intelligence report, I found this fun line: “Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries.”

    In other words, if the revelations hurt the DNC then it deserved every bit of hurt it got.

    1. Also, even the US intelligence folks use the word “hack” incorrectly…

    2. We’ve gone from fake but accurate to true but fraudulent.

    3. “Russia has sought to influence elections across Europe.”

      As have we, but don’t let that spoil the narrative.

    4. “How dare they tell the truth! It’s very damaging to my reputation!”

  35. When it appeared to Moscow that Secretary Clinton was likely to win the presidency the Russian influence campaign focused more on undercutting Secretary Clinton’s legitimacy and crippling her presidency from its start, including by impugning the fairness of the election.

    And, of course, “impugning the fairness of the election” = “revealing factually correct information about Mrs Clinton to the population at large”.

    1. It’s in the official document and everything “Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries.”

    2. When it appeared to Moscow that Secretary Clinton was likely to win the presidency

      They figured she was likely to win when she was still SecState?

      1. No, it’s that shit where the last/highest job you had gets to be your royal title for life.

      2. Etiquette states a person is afforded the highest designation they have earned, even after retirement. This is the style also widely used in journalism. They’re not being fatuous, they’re just being old-fashioned.

        1. That’s what I just said.


          1. What is with this slapping? There’s no excuse for commenter abuse!.

            1. She started it!

          2. Why are you speaking redneck and I’m the one with the highbrow fancy words? DID WE SWITCH BODIES?


            1. Go ahead. Hide behind your precious jesse.

              1. I am precious. Thank you for noticing.

                1. He is. He can pull off hats.

                2. I’ve been to mb, jesses are a dime a dozen.

                  1. jesses are a dime a dozen.

                    That’s only after you drive one off the lot. Depreciation is a bitch.

                    1. I was gonna defend him, but that’s actually true.

                      That’s only after you drive one off the lot. Depreciation is a bitch.

                      What is this? I can’t even!

        2. So Fist is forever ‘first at HnR’ . Warty? SugarFree?

          1. But the pension isn’t all that.

        3. Etiquette states a person is afforded the highest designation they have earned, even after retirement.

          Maybe in the 19th century; not today.

          Nobody uses the highest job title of anyone in the private sector after they have left. And I see plenty of “former” and “ex” and “retired” applied to government officials, but not consistently.

          Its just sucking up to call former government officials by their title after they don’t have the job anymore.

        4. I thought a Senator is higher ranked then a Secretary. The Senator is elected while a Secretary is selected and has to be confirmed by the Senate

          But I could be wrong and don’t feel like looking it up

        5. In that case we should call her Mrs. Clinton

  36. So this guy walked into an FBI office 2 months ago and claimed the federal government was forcing him to watch ISIS videos.

    1. You won’t believe what happened next!

  37. Trump’s Dangerous Anti-C.I.A. Crusade

    Mr. Trump is questioning the agency’s competence ? repeatedly asking, often via Twitter, how we can trust the organization that incorrectly judged that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (criticism that, in my mind, is unfair for an agency that has changed dramatically in the last 15 years). But he is also accusing the agency of being biased and political, implying, in comments to The Times this morning, that the C.I.A. is manufacturing its Russia analysis to undercut him. Mr. Trump, in essence, is saying that the agency’s officers are dishonorable. To the men and women of the C.I.A., sworn to protect the nation, this is a gut punch.

    1. In my opinion, Mr. Trump’s repudiation of the C.I.A. flows from his desire to protect his brand at all costs (to him, accepting that the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, interfered in our election would be an admission that his victory was tarnished), his need to always be right (from his perspective, it is not possible that he could have been wrong in praising Mr. Putin), his refusal to change his views based on new information and his unwillingness to listen to others. It flows from who he is as a person. It was the reason so many national security professionals were so concerned about the prospect of his becoming commander in chief.

      Mike Morrell should be in prison.

      1. He’s seen the future… and it works!

      2. If you trust the CIA you should be hired into that agency as their front line cannon fodder.

    2. I imagine Trump at his meeting today:

      “So, you fellas blew it on the fall of the Soviet Union and Saddam’s WMDs. Have you gotten anything that matters right lately?”

      1. “It’s because the budget is too low, sir.”

  38. Sounding the Alarm about Uber’s Impacts on Transit, and on Cities

    Rent-seekers gonna rent-seek:

    Politically, as a working consultant, I can confirm Grabar’s observation that “Uber” is becoming as a generic reason to let transit fall apart. I am constantly told that Uber will make transit obsolete. As Grabar notes, some of this is just easy rhetoric for people who dislike transit for cultural reasons, or who oppose public investment of any kind. But much of the confusion arises because people sincerely don’t understand how narrow the range of opportunities is for ride-sourcing to improve on fixed route transit’s efficiency.

    But as we know, cars’ inefficient use of urban space is rarely reflected in the cost of urban driving, and Uber skates through on the same invisible subsidy that all urban motorists enjoy. Transit, which doesn’t enjoy any such subsidy, is unable to properly reflect its efficient use of space in its pricing.

    Yup, transit has to scrape by on billions in explicit subsidies.

    1. So my property taxes, gasoline taxes, vehicle sales tax, vehicle transfer tax, vehicle registration tax, smog fees and local road bond issues are not only “invisible”, but actually subsidies and I didn’t realize it?

    1. “Alexa, deactivate yourself…permanently”

      1. “Alexa, download 30 gigs of dwarf porn.”

        1. You need to be more specific. That’s only a few full BluRay Discs of dwarf porn.

          Friends don’t let friends download uncompressed BRDs of dwarf porn!

          1. I wasn’t sure how much Alexa could hold to use as an alarm clock track for Swiss.

            1. Just as long as the audio recording isn’t in AC3. Fuck people who encode stereo audio in AC3 instead of AAC like civilized adults.

              1. If it’s in AC-3, it’s probably the original audio track. It’s very unlikely somebody transcoded to AC-3 but a straight rip from a DVD would give you AC-3 if the audio was in stereo format (and AC-4 if it was surround).

                1. Correction: AC-4 is a newer standard that would not come from a DVD (or even a Blu-ray). AC-3 covers both stereo and surround audio ripped from DVDs.

                    1. AC-4!??

                      Yeah, that was a total brainfart (aided and abetted by Wikipedia).

                2. I’ve been out of the game for a while, but I seem to recall AC3 handling 5.1 surround just fine. I’m just always baffled by people who lovingly encode video with all the two-pass, glacial encoding settings you could hope for and then leave in the massive file-sized AC3 audio track instead of rolling it down to an even minimally processed AAC track.

                  1. I don’t use “two-pass, glacial encoding settings”, but when I rip a DVD, I often keep the AC3 audio because HandBrake doesn’t have a good AAC encoder (they did for a bit with the FDK encoder, but they removed it).

                    1. I often keep the AC3 audio because HandBrake doesn’t have a good AAC encoder

                      Delete your account!

                      Like I said I’ve been out of the game for a while. When I was a yute I had to sue BeSweet and LAME to get a decent AC3->MP3 audio conversion and then later cobbled together HE-AAC support from Nero’s software. Don’t even get me started on OGG.

                      HandBrake kind of takes the fun out of it.

                  2. AC3 handling 5.1 surround just fine

                    Indeed, for some reason I decided to read Wikipedia to be sure instead of just speaking from memory, and was misled by the tendency of Wikipedia “editors” to describe things that have no practical relevance on equal footing with those that do.

                  3. Setting my own idiocy aside, AC-3 on a DVD is limited to 448 kbps. A good-quality stereo encoding with AAC will run you 128?160 kbps. That translates to roughly 320?400 kbps for 5.1 audio. You save only 15?28% by transcoding to AAC. That seems like a lot but the audio is usually dwarfed by the video in size. Is it customary to drop the surround channels, too?

                    1. Then again, if your goal was to take a 4?8 GB DVD and turn it into no more than 1 GB in size, you would be heavily reducing the quality of the video, so reducing the audio quality somewhat would make sense, too.

                    2. Ack. You save 40% by encoding at 320kbps AAC over 448kpbs AC-3. Today’s not the best day for me, math, and memory.

                    3. 128-160kbps was the standard range for encoding MP3 music from CD sources. You get very reasonable audio quality from even lower settings in AAC and since TV or movies are more heavily spoken word than straight music throughout you could theoretically go even lower.

                      Most of my experience with this was when the goal was to fit an entire movie on a 650mb CD at any costs. I’m a little less persnickety now, but were I to download an episode of a TV show (which I would of course never do) to play on my 720p TV, I’m going to be massively frustrated by the bloat of an AC3 audio track on what should otherwise be a fairly small MP4/MKV file

                      It’s getting even more apparent with the HEVC encoding starting to gain traction. HEVC is some kind of magic as far as I’m concerned.

                    4. It’s getting even more apparent with the HEVC encoding starting to gain traction. HEVC is some kind of magic as far as I’m concerned.

                      There’s been some magic on the audio front as well, called Opus.

                    5. Very interesting. Good to see that is still a player.

    2. Alexa, kill Jeff Bezos.

      (Fuck Isaac Asimov.)

  39. Probably the only thing I’ll miss about the Obama years: The Onion’s Joe Biden stories.

    WASHINGTON?Saying he hated the thought of the less fortunate having “an empty spank bank,” Vice President Joe Biden reportedly donated a large collection of classic skin mags to a homeless shelter Monday to help those in need during the holidays. “You know, not everyone is as lucky as ol’ Joe, so I want to spread the holiday cheer and give those who are down on their luck some classy pics with plenty of blue-ribbon bush to keep their Yule log burning all night, if you catch my drift,” said Biden…

  40. So basically I’ve read the whole report released by US Intelligence. Here’s what it pretty much says of note:

    -Russian politicians said bad things about Clinton and good things about Trump

    -Russian media said bad things about Clinton and good things about Trump

    -Wikileaks provided accurate information, there were no forgeries among the leaks.

    -Guccifer 2.0 made a lot of contradictory statements and is probably multiple people.

    -Regardless of the above fact, US intelligence says he’s “likely” Russian, at the end of the document a handy chart they provided translates the word “likely” to mean in intel-speak “a 70% chance of this being the case”.

    -Proof of Guccifer 2.0’s “70% chance” Russian identity is not specified. And because IP’s can be spoofed fairly easily, there’s no compelling evidence offered to confirm this man’s identity.

    IN SUMMATION: Russian politicians and media said things (shockingly) in the interests of Russians to say. There’s a 70% chance that a Russian person gave accurate information about the DNC to wikileaks, there is a 30% chance he was not Russian. No proof was presented in asserting this “70% chance he’s Russian” claim. DNC leaks were 100% legit and authentic.

    1. Translation: the “Intelligence” community is committed to crashing and burning with the Democrats.

    2. Note that there are a lot of weasel words sprinkled throughout this document:

      “Putin most likely wanted”, “because Moscow probably assessed”, ” probably because Kremlin officials”, etc.

      This is not looking like anything that is remotely certain. Hell, Wikipedia would eat your fucking lunch for making edits that read like this, and the stakes of editing a Wikipedia article are much lower than the claims being made here.

      1. They actually provide a thing at the back where they translate the words into hard percentages.

        Crunching the numbers has been… well… fun.

      2. Like the examples you give parse as:
        “Putin most likely wanted”: 80%
        “because Moscow probably assessed”: 70%
        “probably because Kremlin officials”: 70%

        Meaning the odds of all three being true simultaneously?? 39.2%

        To be fair, though, they’re not weasel words in context, more of just “stuff you have to read with a chart to find out just how improbable we find everything”. I mean most of their stuff is around the 70% mark, including whether or not Russia was behind the DNC leaks, and given that tracing someone accessing John fucking Podesta’s email with his oh-so-secure password of “password” is ridiculously difficult to actually do, I really doubt that 70% is low enough.

        1. Instead of using those words, they could well have put their confidence assessments throughout. It’s pretty weasely because who is going to include their key when quoting this thing? It’s like it was designed to be quoted without being specific about anything. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything else out of a govt. report. It’s worded so that people can read in any way they want to, which means all it will succeed in doing is confirming biases and casting a pall on Russia’s relations with the United States.

          Practically everything they say about Russian methods could be said about American methods too. In which case, this very report could be seen as a disinformation campaign itself. The prior “leaks” to the press, the rather useless document on Grizzly Steppe (which also implicated TOR exit nodes as half of the IP addresses, a doubly useless inclusion and notably absent disclosure of that fact), etc.

          They’re probably running their own Twitter #hashtag campaign. 😀

        2. Later in the document they tell you 80% = 20%

        3. Thanks, Eternal Blue Sky, for the analysis and explanation of the terms. How typically government that they eschew plain speaking and numbers for coded terms which the taxpayers must take the effort to decode before understanding the utterances of their employees.

    3. The U.S. intelligence report on the alleged hack has been released. You can now read it for yourself.

      After reading the intelligence report, I’m less convinced Russia invaded Crimea and suspect the CIA might be responsible for Chris Steven’s death.

    4. Pro-Kremlin bloggers had prepared a Twitter campaign, #DemocracyRIP, on election night in anticipation of Secretary Clinton’s victory


      A fucking Twitter hashtag campaign. Stop the fucking presses, we need to give the Presidency to its legitimate victor, Hillary Clinton, because the Russians wanted to start a tweet storm if she lost. Maybe we should have listened to all those celebrities after all!

    5. That’s a pretty good summary, but it leaves out one thing:

      Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump. We have high confidence in these judgments.

      Putin is not merely a generic Russian politician.

      Of course the DNI cannot present evidence of such a judgment. There is none. If the US intelligence agencies really had a source in the Kremlin who witnessed Putin making such orders, that source is either dead or experiencing the full treatment in the not-so-delightful Lubyanka facilities. And certainly nobody here thinks that PUTIN is stupid enough to use an unsecured personal server for his communications, or even to leave an electronic record that US intelligence agencies could connect him personally to such an order.

      On January 20, President Trump needs to clean house in the US intelligence agencies. It’s clearly the most important part of the swamp to drain.

  41. Greenwald is pretty much the only person worth reading

    WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived

    its from 2 days ago, but i’m pretty sure he’ll have something up about how bullshit this “intelligence report” is later tonight.

    its fucking absurd. I can only assume there are people in the Obama admin furiously trying to get as much of their bullshit narratives pumped before they’re all out of a job.

    1. Ah, i see they’ve got an interview with him just above the PM links

      hope that was done this week

  42. Lol.

    And now the story is gonna be, “Florida Governor reaches out to incoming President but not sitting President about airport shooting.”

    1. Can’t blame the governor. Obama is a busy guy; here’s his schedule today per

      10:00 AM
      The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
      Oval Office
      Closed Press

      11:10 AM
      The President participates in an interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein and Sarah Kliff
      Blair House
      Pooled Press

      1. Too fucking cold for a round at Congressional CC ?

  43. describes Joe Biden slapping down proggy plan #34,563 to Stop Trump.

    You’re pretty pathetic if your behavior, contrasted to Biden’s, makes *him* look like the rational adult.

    These idiots have five stages of grief to get through, and they’re still hung up on Denial!

    (nb – I don’t think Kubler-Ross actually said you necessarily go through the 5 stages of grief in sequence, I’m just making a joke)

    1. The article is from NPR.

  44. So I was just talking to my mom on the phone, and she was complaining about classic rock radio stations in her area playing the same songs over and over again. She mentioned that she was using the internet to find other songs and bands she didn’t know about, and suddenly she says:

    “Have you ever heard of this guy, Lou Reed? He’s great! And I only found out about him after he was dead!”

    I laughed like a madman.

    1. I laughed like a madman.

      On account of Lou Reed is still alive… right?

      1. No, on account of he’s a madman.

    2. That *is* funny – but I was expecting you to say she asked you what that nice Mr. Reed has been doing lately.

  45. The funniest thing about this document on suppesed Russian influence is in all the uncertainty evident in it. What we do know is that Clinton’s camp and the DNC conspired with the MSM to give us Trump as the nominee (i.e. the “Pied Piper candidate”). And the media actually did relentlessly report on him. They gave him tons of free press, just as they were directed to.

    I feel far more confident that the DNC propaganda campaign did this to themselves than in anything the Russian propaganda machine may have done. There is absolutely no doubt that the media was in the tank for Clinton the whole time. The MSM has had a long-running bias towards proggy politics and very few seriously believe that isn’t true.

    And now we have the intelligence community telling us that the leaks contained only genuine e-mails. So if anyone based their assessment off of what they read in them, they were right to do it.

    1. Moscow most likely chose WikiLeaks because of its self-proclaimed reputation for authenticity.

      I also liked this little dig.

      Do the three main spying organizations in the most powerful nation on the planet really mean to tell us that they can’t verify the accuracy of everything leaked by Wikileaks to tell us whether or not they’re authentic? They can only give us a “self-proclaimed”? How about the CIA, NSA, and FBI tell us whether their reputation is earned? (I think they just did)

      Either they’re completely incompetent at their mission, or they’re lying out their asses (which is a core competency). I know what I believe.

      1. They don’t even lie all that well. They had to send James Clapper out to do all the legwork for their lying. A proven liar. Notice they didn’t send James Comey out in front of cameras about this, despite the FBI, to my understanding, having jurisdiction over matters of federal election tampering or whatever they’re calling it now.

        Comey pissed off Democrats and Republicans (but especially Democrats) almost universally at different points, whereas Clapper might just get some Democrats and shameless journos to believe him.

  46. BLACKHAWKS WIN!! Woot.

    And other Reasonable things…

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