Farewell 2016, College Accused of Anti-Male Bias, the Democrats' Problem with Religious Voters, P.M. Links


  • New Year

    Rollins College lacrosse player is suing the school for anti-male bias after he was suspended for sexually assaulting a female student. He says she assaulted him.

  • Michael Wear, an Obama staffer who worked on outreach to religious groups, explains the Democrats' massive problem with faith-based voters.
  • Another problem for Democrats: multiculturalism isn't inclusive enough, for real (it doesn't include white people).
  • When a conservative Republican and a liberal feminist get together, you can bet it's probably to ban pornography.
  • 5 Things Libertarians Should Be Nervous About in 2016.
  • Sim City: Libertarian Edition.
  • So long, 2016. My New Year's Resolution: read fewer comments. To be sure.

NEXT: Obama Response to Alleged Russian Hacking Undermines Confidence in U.S. Government

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  1. Let’s finally close out this bitch of a year.

    1. Hello.

      “New Year’s Resolution for the Left: Make Sure ‘Multiculturalism’ Includes White People”

      Or how about, you know, knocking it off with the bull shit social engineering?

      2017, Ho!

      1. Hello.

        Or how about, you know, knocking it off with the bull shit social engineering?

        And give up their raison d’etre? Never!

      2. Hey, Fist didn’t follow the rules on first poster!

        He is disqualified.

        So it goes to the first poster who followed the rules, who is….

        Oh. It’s Fist.

        1. I really thought this was my chance, I guess there’s always next year.

      3. The Left has nothing to sell but the fear, hatred, and resentment of identity politics, for which the organizing principle is hatred of White Men.

        1. Happy New Year !!!

    2. It wasn’t all bad, someone of us climbed the mountain to glory and won our Fantasy Football leagues.

    3. Dear 2016 – eat shit and die. Worst year of my life by a long margin.

      1. Dude, sorry to hear that. Better luck.

        1. Thanks – lost a couple of family members.

          Maybe Trump’s right and 2017 will be unbelievably terrific.

      2. Sorry to hear it. Hope 2017 goes better for you. Happy New Year!

      3. Wait, you’re a middle-aged white chick?


      4. Sorry to hear.

    4. When people say “Fuck 2016”,

      I hear “my preferred presidential candidate didn’t win.”

      1. I hear “I’m a middle aged white chick and my life isn’t going as planned.”

      2. I hear “I’m a baby boomer and everyone I know about is dying”

      3. I think 2016 was pretty awesome, especially at the end. We got rid of the Clinton dynasty, the Bush dynasty, and Obama was pretty soundly repudiated.

        All the Obama/Sanders/Hildog loving professional fake libertarians can choke on a glass of champagne, have a terrible new year, and I look forward to enjoying their misery over the next 4 years!

        1. Obama was pretty soundly repudiated

          Democrats not named Obama were pretty soundly repudiated. The man himself, not so much.

        2. “I think 2016 was pretty awesome, especially at the end.”

          Only if you think Trump is actually a capable, mature, competent leader. Ha! Just wait until the fresh hell 2017 delivers to us all.

          1. Since none of those were on the ballot this year, I’ll just be a glass half full kind of guy. As in, a glass half-full of delicious salty ham-tears.

          2. capable, mature, competent leader

            I got Eisenhower, Coolidge, and maybe Reagan. That’s about it for the this century and the last one.

        3. The Cubs winning the World Series made 2016 a damn good year.

          And I’ve never enjoyed election night more in my life than this year, although as a 16-year-old I did get to make out with a cute 18-year-old Young Republican gal on election night 1976, who was upset about Jerry Ford losing to Carter (in the parking lot outside of an election party of my parents’ politician friend). And yes, poor Millenials, back then it was easy for 16-year-olds to be served alcohol in restaurants, most never cared about carding — it was definitely a different era.

          1. Cubs were a bright spot.

            And your memory brought back one of my own about a young Mr Drew making out with an “older” girl. I’m smiling now

          2. Is she on a sex offender registry now?

        4. 2016 was pretty awesome for me. I graduated law school, accepted a job, and impregnated my wife. Oh, and I got to watch half the country piss their collective pants over politics and bitch about some celebrity deaths.

          Hopefully 2017 is a year of returning to a semblance of regular life, dropping some weight, and more salty ham tears from progs.

      4. My preferred presidential candidate NEVER wins.

  2. Blind squirrel. Nut. An entirely reasonable article by Rolling Stone about the election “hacking”.

    1. Nope, not gonna click on that no thank you. Rolling Stone is dead to me. But that’s ok, I hear a fraternity will take ownership of the magazine next year. Maybe they’ll do something with it….

    2. Nope, not gonna click on that no thank you. Rolling Stone is dead to me. But that’s ok, I hear a fraternity will take ownership of the magazine next year. Maybe they’ll do something with it….

      1. I went and read it. The whole thing!

        Good Lord, whatever happened to Rolling Stone? It’s like they suddenly fired all of their “reporters” and put someone with some sense and logic into a reporting position. They even let this person write a story, fer Chrissake!

        Surely, the Apocalypse comes.

      2. Yeah it was pretty surprising. Though it does push the rather warped perspective that Russia hacking a govt-affiliated organization (the exact same thing the US undoubtedly is doing to them and everyone else in the world), and then leaking entirely truthful info as a result, would be some kind of over-the-top act of war or something.

    3. When you’ve lost Rolling Stone….

  3. He says she assaulted him.

    We all know that’s not even possible.

    1. What if she had a broom handle?

      1. Women can’t be janitors. Use your head.

        1. OK, OK… mop handle. Or an ironing board? (They call that The Sliver Surfer.)

          1. That’s the disease syndrome janitors contract. And CA governors.

        2. Right, but only because ‘lady janitor’ is the proper nomenclature.

          1. The correct term is “janitrix”.

            1. Lucky for you I have just enough self control. I almost had to send you a bill for a new keyboard.

      2. You mean she had a broom-handle Mauser? OK, a rather antique pistol but definitely capable of assault.

  4. So long, 2016. My New Year’s Resolution: read fewer comments. To be sure.

    And my resolution was to praise the contributors at every chance.

    1. Robby only makes resolutions if they don’t better him in any way.

      1. That’s funny, don’t people usually violate their New Year’s Resolutions?

        1. I’m violating mine even as I type this.

      2. A better resolution for Robby would have been “at least try to get the links posted on time when possible.”

        Is that enough disclaimers to make the resolution easy enough for him to meet? I know Robby likes disclaimers.

      3. Robby only makes resolutions if they don’t better him in any way.

        Thereby making him an iconoclast?

        Given the status quo, as it were.

      4. Forget it, he’s not reding the comments. Might as well write it down for Helen Keller.

    2. Contempt for the peasants.
      His journey to the Progressive Side is complete!

    3. We all know The Hair is what reads the comments anyways, to ensure it is being given all due praise.

  5. When a conservative Republican and a liberal feminist get together, you can bet it’s probably to ban pornography.

    Eh.. it got the job done.

    1. Thankyouthankyouthankyou

      “Yes, we’ve seen some weird years. But we’ve never seen one as weird as 2016. This was the Al Yankovic of years. If years were movies, 2016 would be “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” If years were relatives, 2016 would be the uncle who shows up at your Thanksgiving dinner wearing his underpants on the outside.”

      Heh, heh.

      1. That’s not a nice thing to say about Uncle Kal

    2. We continued to prove, as a nation, that no matter how many times we are reminded, we are too stupid to remember to hold our phones horizontally when we make videos.

    3. Did anything good happen in 2016? Let us think ?

      OK, the “man bun” appeared to be going away.

      That was pretty much it for the good things.

      When did this happen? I just started growing my hair out.

      1. It happened right after the tatt craze faded.

  6. Even mine, Robby? Was it the Fruit Sushi thing? I really didn’t know it would catch on like it did, I swear.

  7. “So long, 2016. My New Year’s Resolution: read fewer comments. To be sure.”


    1. Leave Robby Alone!!!

  8. When a conservative Republican and a liberal feminist get together, you can bet it’s probably to ban pornography.

    And then celebrate with hot sex.

    1. Let me see if I can find that Jesse Helms / Susan Brownmiller piece I wrote back in ’87…

        1. Cronenberg’s The Brood was a documentary on the birth of SugarFree. His predilection for his screeds of (alleged) depravity is hereditary on so many levels…

  9. 5 Things Libertarians Should Be Nervous About in 2016.

    And you have two days to get it in.

    1. These euphemisms …

  10. Sim City: Libertarian Edition.

    Drug dealing is now a profession in the game?

    1. The vid basically attributed every violation of the NAP to an ‘ideal libertarian society’.

      It was possibly even more retarded than the Somalia: Libertarian Paradise video from a few years back.

  11. Michael Wear, an Obama staffer who worked on outreach to religious groups, explains the Democrats’ massive problem with faith-based voters.

    Not enough of them vote against their stated values?

  12. So long, 2016. My New Year’s Resolution: read fewer comments. To be sure.

    Say it ain’t so, Robbo!

    1. It’s a millennial self improvement program. Ignore criticism and pretend that means your improving.

  13. Happy New Year, Robby!

    1. I think he’s mad about the unpleasantness from this morning.

      1. There was unpleasantness?

        1. Morning links. We have ourselves a really misogynistic troll. Sad.

          1. That shiftest makes Hihn look like a decent guy.

            1. That’s what led me to install Reasonable at long last.

          2. Good lord: I just reviewed it. 86 posts by the same troll.

        2. The handle-hopping troll was throwing a hissy fit. Mostly recently it has been going by “Hail Retaxes.” It had a few comments expunged. Lizzie was too misguidedly kind to just ban it outright.

        1. I missed that too. I was making tacos with my wife and missed morning lynx. Just went back and looked at a few posts. It was someone seriously butt hurt over ENB’s tweet about Eli Lake, probably Lake. Whoever it was came off as unhinged and slinging shit at the commentariat despite our own earlier criticism of Brown over the tweet.

          1. someone seriously butt hurt over ENB’s tweet about Eli Lake, probably Lake

            oh, that.

            I wrote that off as “Twitter-shit” like 2 days ago. People say dumb shit on twitter. Its like some kind of stupid-magnet. Even if its bad you can’t really blame people.

            Mike (domestic dissident) was making a stew about it yesterday. no one cared.


  15. Reason commenters, let’s have our own “best of” list! Your favorite book, or television show, or video game, or song, or band, or moment (please, no homo moments like “the birth of my first child), or even Reason article and/or accompanying comments all would qualify.

    1. Best dump of my life: December 21st, 2016. I ate 2 whole pineapples the day before.

      1. You’re supposed to remove the outer layer and cut them up first.

        Silly goose.

    2. Best Fantasy Book Series:

      The Wheel of Time

      1. Well now you’ve lost all credibility.

        1. Oh boy here we go! Are you a GoT lackey or a Sword of Truth deviant?

          1. GRRM is too prolix for me.

            I remember enjoying SoT back in high school, but I tried to read Goodkind’s prequel novel over the summer and couldn’t get through it the writing was so juvenile. Maybe that’s just the new one, but my backlog of new books to read is too long for me to bother going back to the original series to find out.

            I’m very particular about my literature.

            1. Goodkind lost me books ago, seemed like he was just marking time in plot developmentresolution while throwing in over the top lectures.

      2. I am reading The Chronicles of Petra in” to my wifr, and am really enjoying it.

        I used to read it every Christmas.

        1. I hate this phone.

          It’s The Chronicles of Prydain, by Lloyd Alexander.

          The author presents an anarcho-capitalist society in Book 4 without trying to make it resemble Somalia.

    3. Best Video Game Series:

      Metal Gear Solid

      (Y’all would love this one)

      1. 80’s action movie fever dream

        1. Escape From NY and Escape From LA are both 10/10

    4. Funnest game I’ve gotten this year: Overwatch (Even with the way the meta is)

      1. Favorite champ?

        1. Probably Reinhart given he’s a tank and one of the more defensively-capable ones.

          1. That ain’t a bad choice. Not sure if I have a fav, maybe: D.Va, Tracer, Torb, Mercy.

          1. Gazin’ into the Iris all day, e’ery day.

    5. My favorite moment was when I convinced my son that the Government (USPS) killed his pet tadpole and he told all of his teachers that he hated the Government because they killed his tadpole.

    6. My favorite movie of 2016 was The Nice Guys. I’m a sucker for a Shane Black noirish detective/comedy, and there is a little scene that accurately sums up the internet.

      My favorite book was re-reading Catch 22! That book is still hella funny.

      1. There was one glaring flaw with The Nice Guys but I can’t quiet recall, the kid maybe? something irked me.

      2. The Nice Guys was supremely enjoyable but kinda forgettable.

        Manchester By The Sea is the best Film I’ve seen in a long time, but I wouldn’t say there’s much this year that I went gaga over.

      3. Catch-22 continues to be one of my favorite books. One of only a handful that I’ve read multiple times, and it seems to get better every time.

    7. Best Powder Day: February 19, 2010 Taos New Mexico. It snowed two feet. Patrol blasted hard all morning and got the upper mountain open by 11 am. Lorelei Trees opened and my Dad and I were in the first 6 or so skiers through the gate. Hot damn the dry fluffy stuff was amazing. Faceshots galore!

      1. The best powder day of 2016 was March 7th. It was okay, I guess.

        1. im hoping we get a good powder storm here.

          1. Revelstoke in BC has already had a 4 foot dump this year. Kids were calling it epic.

        1. Did you go to Mammoth yet? If this weather pans out we could see 3 feet of 20:1 water ratio POW POW. It feels like ages since I’ve had the dry stuff. California is too close to the ocean.

          1. Next week. If I can still swing it, I have a lot of work. My kids are definitely going for the entire week, though.

            I’m half considering driving up there, checking in to the Westin, and not even telling them.

          2. The top of Mammoth is pretty dry. They already have 12.5 feet up there, plus all the stuff that blew in from other mountains. The snow squeaks most days at the top, but not the bottom.

    8. I read 103 books this year (maybe 104 if I don’t watch too much TV tomorrow.) My favorite was Little Star by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Carrie meets Fight Club meets American Idol and all set to ABBA.

      1. I used to read a lot, but never at that kind of throughput. That’s pretty impressive. It usually takes me 2-3 days to get through a book, mostly because my mind wanders a lot or I get too comfy and nap somewhere in the middle of it. šŸ˜›

      2. When I was kid I used to read a book a day. Well, sometimes- in some cases I had to learn the language first, ‘Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura,”

      1. Disappointed. Thought “drunk” was a noun, not a verb.

    9. Favorite moment: Nov 8, around 8 PM Pacific. I pulled up the NYT election tracker page and noticed the real-time ‘odds of winning’ graph had in the space of about a half hour had fully inverted from Hillary @ 90% to Trump @ 90%. Mind you this was hours before any broadcasts even acknowledged it was over. It was beautiful and surreal and fucking Hillaryous.

      1. Yep, I saw the same thing and texted a buddy to turn on CNN and MSNBC because the butthurt was about to become epic.

      2. I took this screengrab on election night.

        1. I commend you for being able to keep it together. I was too busy laughing my ass off all fucking night.

    10. Best book I read in 2016: The Magicians, by Lev Grossman.

      Best new board game I played: probably Codenames. There have been a few new ones that I really liked though.

      Best band continues to be Toehider.

      1. Just cued up Toehider on spotify. Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. No problem, I wish they were more popular.

          To any of our Aussie commenters — if a 21st century, Australian version of Queen sounds appealing to you, check them out. The band is currently in limbo but hopefully they’ll resume making new music / doing shows later in 2017.

      2. Best book I read in 2016: The Magicians, by Lev Grossman.

        I think I actually liked the TV show better.

        1. Netflix picked it up recently, I’m up to episode 3. Very good so far, they made some changes that I don’t really like but I think it may end up working out for the better given the different medium.

          1. Admittedly, it could be because I saw the show before reading the book. But I tried to account for that. They are very different in some ways, that’s for sure.

    11. Best album: PUP – The Dream is Over

      Most of the big punk bands right now are a bit heavy on the pop punk and/or emo sound, so “DVP” was a revelation to me when I heard it. They also make really good videos

      1. Hmm, I’ll have to check this out. Thanks.

        1. To be fair there is some pop punk and emo influence, but the heaviness and shout-along verses show that they love hardcore and that’s becoming rare for the bigger bands. And the off-kilter guitar riffs and weird time signatures really set them apart for me

          I also discovered Meat Wave this past year. They’re definitely not libertarian-friendly in their politics, but for low-fi, genuine punk they’re one of the best. Reminded me a lot of Hot Snakes. For any other millenials who grew up on the Tony Hawk games, Pkew Pkew Pkew’s album is the best kind of dumb skatepunk

    12. Moment. My bunny ran for 3rd grade President with the motto “we aren’t free”

    13. Best new TV series of the year:
      Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

      Bringing these novels to the screen was way overdue.
      No one can put together a nonsensical but hilarious and engaging story like Douglas Adams.

        1. Wow, thanks for linking, I never knew about that.

          Sounds like they were more serious about the current adaptation, and making it into a continuing story like the Fargo tv show rather that one-episode plots like any CSI, etc is a better approach.

          Plus, bringing in the star power they have presently no doubt has attracted viewers the first go-round wouldn’t have gotten.

          1. It used to be available on Amazon Prime, but I’m not sure about it’s current streaming status.

            (I haven’t watch the new one, yet. I was going to binge it on New Year’s Day.)

            1. Should be fun to binge. Make sure to give it a chance — it starts a little slow, but by the second episode it’s rocking and doesn’t stop from that point forward.

            2. I’ve been watching it via the BBC America app

      1. I was unaware of this existing. Where is it, I am guessing not on Netflix or I would have noticed.

        1. BBC America ran it. They might marathon it at some point.

        2. Comcast/Xfinity has them free in the on-demand section right now if you take their cable.

        3. From what I’ve heard, it’s on basically every country’s Netflix lineup except the US’s.

    14. I’m just grasping the “best of” (the year) part.

      1. new stuff is frequently overrated

    15. Best time: Oktoberfest

    16. Best movie…The one where captain America won’t let shield go all nsa. Was that this year?

      1. Two years ago I’m afraid.

        -Signed Cap’s #1 Fan

      2. Last year. This year was the one where Captain America beat up Sherlock Holmes, followed by the one where Khan learned the value of humility and became a wizard.

        1. 2014 I guess. You win this round (HV)2.

      3. That was the previous movie. This year was the one where he told the UN to pound sand.

        1. Ok, that works as well

      4. What people don’t get about Cap is that he isn’t a government lackey, he’s a Libertarian and philosophical virtue etihicist. Maaaaybe he’s caved in the skulls of a few druggies but that was the fault of the times!

        1. I miss libertarian!Tony. I get why he broke and went to the dark side and I enjoyed the hell out of the tension between him and Steve, but I still miss him.

    17. Best Concert: Summer Night Concert at Sch?nbrunn

    18. I gave my wife the best orgasm of her life back in October.

      1. So Lynch how long have you been married ?


        1. Eight years, and it’s not the first best orgasm, just the best best orgasm.

      2. What, you expect us to just take your word for it?

    19. “Please no homo moments like the birth of my first child”
      Why do you hate me?

      Book: I read lots of Agatha Christie, my favorite that I read this year was probably Sleeping Murder

      TV: I really enjoyed Silicon Valley and Better Call Saul

    20. Best tv might have to go to the man in the high castle. Game of thrones second

      1. I really enjoyed Westworld.

        1. I really wanted to like it but street plowing thru six episodes I had to admit that I didn’t care about anyone in it.

    21. The Witcher 3 is a gosh darn achievement, especially the second DLC released this year. It was good enough to get me to read the books, which weren’t the best I’ve read this year, but mostly better than I expected.

      Saw Ween and Flight of the Conchords live, but Weird Al probably put on the best show.

      1. Dude! I started Witcher 3 and was so blown away I put it down and ordered the books so it could be enjoyed in glorious chronological order! Sadly I don’t make the time to read like I used to so I’m still chipping at book 3 of 7.

        1. The books are not really necessary, and some aspects of them might make the game’s story worse (esp if you’re going to play the first game, which is partly a weird adaptation of Ciri’s story). There are some fun references and some characters aren’t really explained unless you know the books, especially when you get to the Blood & Wine DLC.

          1. Thanks for the insight. Crazy to meet another fan who opted to do both the books and the games. I’ve been enjoying the books so I’ll probably finish them. But I was under the impression that Witcher 1 was a direct continuation of the book’s story. If it is a retconned version of the book’s events in Witcher 1, well that’s troubling.

            1. It’s not so much a retcon, but they introduce a child that is sort of a stand-in for Ciri, who is then dropped after the game. It feels as if they don’t have full rights to the books, or they’re just not sure they’d get to do more than one game and wanted to make a Ciri-lite. Then W2 is a largely stand-alone story of political maneuvering; with 2 plot points added to the books, you could go straight to W3.

      2. Does one italicize band names? I started early today, and I’m being lazy in answering this serious question.

        I did go to London and Scotland, so seeing the highlands and finding a Scotch I like were some of the best personal moments for me. I ate at two Michelin restaurants, but the best meal I had this year was probably my last one in Edinburgh at the Scran and Scallie: two beef sausages over mashed potatoes. I don’t know if I was hungry from walking around the city all day, but the char on the sausages was just… mmmmm

        Best podcast: Hollywood Handbook

        Best website: nationalreview.com

        1. No. Only albums. And songs get “[title]”

        2. “finding a Scotch I like”

          Which was?

          1. His name was Pete, and he didn’t spit in my face.

            I’m not one for the smokey stuff just yet, so Benrinnes 15 Flora and Fauna. It’s triple distilled, making it smoother like an Irish whisky.

            1. Nice – I’ve not heard of that one.

              My current fave is Jura 16yo. The wife prefers Laphroaig (very smoky) or Lagavulin.

        3. I have 4 Michelins on my truck but I would never eat them.

      3. True story: Weird Al played my county fair when I was 9 or 10 years old. This was shortly after Bad Hair Day had been released. It was glorious.

        1. This was my first. I had heard for years that his shows are the best, and even as he’s nearing 60, he put on a 2 hour show with a bunch of costume changes and a fair amount of choreography.

    22. Best single day of hiking in my life was Subway (top down) in Zion back in September.

      Best meal of 2016 (and best new restaurant that I’ve been to) was at a little place called The Shack in Central VA.

    23. Best albums, in my opinion, of 2016:
      Twin Peaks- Down In Heaven
      Parquet Courts- Human Performance
      Chook Race- Around the House
      Nap Eyes- Thought Rock Fish Scale
      Dinosaur Jr- Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not
      Allah-Las- Calico Review
      Nels Cline- Lovers
      Chris Storrow- The Ocean’s Door
      BRONCHO- Double Vanity

      No metal, no alt-country, no punk rawk. Just some good guitar based indie rock with tinges of psychedelic and garage rock. With some avant-garde jazz and Bacharach inspired pop tunes.

      1. I must be old.

        1. I’m 47. I just dont want to be that guy that only listens to music that is 20 years ago. Or 30 years ago. I listen to alot of music. Alot. ’50’s rock n roll, 60’s rnb, mod, psych, garage, pop, surf, etc. 70’s rock, glam, metal, punk, post-punk. 80’s punk, hardcore, post-hardcore. Jangle rock, athens sound, dischord, power pop, C86, k records, goth, Britpop. I’ll listen to it all. The ’90’s kind of suck, but there are alot of good bands and albums i guess. I listen to that stuff. Same with the 2000’s. Spotify has been a godsend as far as finding new music, and feeding my hungry ear.

      2. Dinosaur Jr- Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

        I love that they are still going strong.

        1. Or, at least still creating good music.

      3. Deakin – Sleep Cycle.

        2016 in music was pretty much shit.

      4. I tried to get into Dinosaur Jr. this year. I don’t know why they don’t do more for me, but maybe I should just jump to their 21st century stuff.

    24. Best moment 2016: I went shooting with my 74 year old father. I forgot ear plugs but had my muffs. He said, “No problem, I have left over poop bags in my pocket from walking the dog.” I watched the man I have looked up to my entire life as an example of honesty, integrity, and hard work walk around with two sandwich bags stuffed in his ears as we shot every gun we owned.

      1. Sounds like a pleasant memory, friend. Hopefully you have many more in the new year.

        1. It is a pleasant memory, and gave me a chuckle. Thanks. I had not done that with him since I was a kid when he taught me how to shoot.

          Wishing happy moments for you as well in the new year half & half.

    25. Movie: I liked The Nice Guys too, but the best movies I saw were oldies on Amazon. Like Don’t Look Now starring Donald Sutherland. That was a great thriller that I’d never seen before

      Music:I was really out of touch this year and it was a record year for hating most of what I heard on the radio, I guess I’m old. But I like the new Tycho album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg9gjQnSCAw (I listen to an abnormal amount of electronic)

      1. but the best movies I saw were oldies on Amazon.

        I got into a similar stage this year, and I think it’s because I prefer the pacing. It’s hard to recommend older movies, but I really enjoyed Seven Days in May and Point Blank.

        1. You know in Point Blank when that guy takes a header off the penthouse balcony? That penthouse is now (maybe, haven’t been in a while) a Mexican restaurant/ lounge that I spent many a happy hour in. It’s where I fell in love with my wife. Married 13 years now.

          1. It was Dean Wormer that he threw off the balcony! I did specially ask that homo moments (homents? nahhh) are not shared, but that is a sweet story, and it involves happy hour, so I will allow it.

            1. It’s not Mexican anymore. It’s upscale “West Coast cuisine”.

            2. “I did specially ask that homo moments (homents? nahhh) are not shared, ”

              Is LynchPin’s wife (the one with the screaming O ) a wo/man ?

              Who knew ?

    26. Best Government initiative of 2016:

      Legalizing gay marriage (or whatever that would actually be called, Supreme Court making decisions)

      1. Because it got Trump elected?

    27. Most Poignant Moment for yours truly:

      Returning to commenting here and finding that I was actually missed, particularly by the ones I admire most. Whoever said that the Digital Wasteland is totally cold and impersonal isn’t entirely correct. Believe it or not, Reason was part of the inspiration to set out for The Steppes.

      Scariest Moment:

      Seeing my wife with a tray of assorted and sundry surgical instruments designated for a vasectomy, hoping beyond hope she has forgiven me for our last argument a week or so prior.

      1. So you decided to let her do it after all ?

        Probably for the best after all.

        What other doctor would have as vested an interest in making sure things come out right ?

        (or NOT come out right as the case may be)

    28. One of the best pieces I read this year was Gay Talese’s profile on Frank Sinatra from 1965. It’s a great article.

    29. Cheers to everyone and hopes of a great 2017 all around.

      I been playing the piss out of Total War: Warhammer so going to have to mention it here.

      Proud of my little girl being born (gay, I knowill Crusty) also had a great year at work, was thankful for a promotion and decent raise. Looking forward to a project manager position in the next year or so. Great year, suck it mom.

  16. Happy New Year to all. And I never thought I’d say this but…. #MAGA !!!!

    I’m Jill Stein and I approve this message.

  17. My New Year’s Resolution: to break whatever resolution(s) I come up with

    1. What if you break THAT resolution?

      1. I once resolved to be less cynical. Then I said to myself, “Dammit, pick something that has a chance of lasting more than ten seconds!”

      2. It’s broken promises all the way down!

      3. No chance.

  18. 19 States to Welcome New Year with Minimum Wage Increases

    It will be a happy New Year indeed for millions of the lowest-paid U.S. workers. Nineteen states, including New York and California, will ring in the year with an increase in the minimum wage.

    Massachusetts and Washington state will have the highest new minimum wages in the country, at $11 per hour.

    California will raise its wage to $10.50 for businesses with 26 or more employees. New York state is taking a regional approach, with the wage rising to $11 in New York City, to $10.50 for small businesses in the city, $10 in its downstate suburbs and $9.70 elsewhere. Some specific businesses ? fast-food restaurants and the smallest New York City businesses ? will have slightly different wage requirements.

    Happy New Year! You’re being replaced with a kiosk.

    1. Well, if they didn’t get a living wage they are better off without those jobs.

    2. “It will be a happy New Year indeed for millions of the lowest-paid U.S. workers.”

      …until they found out they’ve been fired and replaced with a robot.

      1. Oh right. Guess I should read the whole comment. šŸ™‚

    3. Yay! More people forced into the permanently unemployable underclass!

      Imagine the competition to polish my monocle!

      1. Aren’t we doing phrasing anymore, cuz I think we should

    4. What’s the unemployment rate in Seattle?

      1. Seattle = WA State now?

        I guess when Amazon moves to SLU and starts hiring thousands of workers with generous wages that tends to paper over some of the socialist stupidity. Not sure what that does for store clerks in Cashmere or gas station attendants in Gold Bar, or farm labor in Goldendale. I do know it means more kiosks and apps for ordering at fast food joints.

      2. What’s that film called again? Homeless in Seattle?

    5. San Marcos, Texas alas I hardly knew ya !


      San Marcos is not a small town Texas city as the article first states. It’s just outside of Austin and 45 minutes from the second largest city in Texas, San Antonio.

      It’s the location of Texas State U. ( nee Southweast Texas State Teachers College who’s most famous alum was LBJ ) which is historically the college where undergrads who wanted to party for 4 years but couldn’t get into UT ( Austin and 6th Street bars) went to school. ( students who went to TAMU were serious students first and beer drinkers 2nd for the most part )

      No doubt it has become infested with left leaning city council members and rent seeking business owners.

  19. If she’s a robot, I welcome our new overlords with open….arms.

    1. Your plug isn’t compatible with her port.

      1. There are adapters for everything. They’ll probably even have micro versions for you.

        1. His Angry Prostate, Denial, has prevented all hope of his copulating with anything except F5 keys. He’ll need the IrDA (Fist has been an obsolete model for a while) or Bluetooth version. Assuming someone takes enough pity on him to include code for those interfaces.

            1. No one uses ISA slots anymore.

    2. My first thought from the alt-text was that she’s a robot, and I also thought “where the hell can I get a test drive on that machine?”

      But I’m thinking it’s just a hot real human chick toasting the new year, a year which might include robots, or something along those lines.

  20. Michael Wear, an Obama staffer who worked on outreach to religious groups, explains the Democrats’ massive problem with faith-based voters.

    Is this a thoughtful introspection or an “it’s not us, it’s them, but we are going to sort of pretend like it’s us” explanation?

    1. Thoughtful, since the staffer in question is a theologically conservative evangelical Christian who supports the Democrats so is a part of the demographic they are trying to reach, but it focuses more on identifying the problem then providing any concrete solutions.

      1. but it focuses more on identifying the problem then providing any concrete solutions

        This mistake makes your sentence mean the exact opposite of what you intended.

        1. Not to me it didn’t.

          I groked what he was saying.

  21. I was hoping that the Sim City thing would be real, like a mod that made the economics of mixed use work right. But, alas, nope.

    They did get one thing right, the drug legalization.

    1. I learned today that libertarians like to force people to live in garbage-strewn high-rises.

      1. The building cross-sections were looking a lot like the old Kowloon Walled City structure that was torn down in the 1990s. Pretty fucking dumb P.M. link though, it looks like the video was put together in 20 minutes with poor production quality and dearth of humour. It wasn’t that it was offensive, the writing was poor.

        1. the old Kowloon Walled City structure

          I was thinking the same thing – and having great difficulty understanding the connection to libertarianism. Oh, well.

          1. I consider the Kowloon Walled City a success story in terms of organized chaos – for better or for worse, it was a place that allowed many regular people and crooks alike, to thrive.

      2. I thought the buildings in Libertopia were made of garbage.

  22. From the Michael Wear article:

    “Another reason why they haven’t reached out to evangelicals in 2016 is that, no matter Clinton’s slogan of ‘Stronger Together,’ we have a politics right now that is based on making enemies, and making people afraid. ”

    Wait, I thought he was a *Demcratic* operative, he’s describing the behavior of Republicans!

    Unless…unless all that talk about Republicans was Democratic projection?

    1. The Wear article had this quote where he concisely said something I’ve really been trying to articulate for a while now:

      We’ve allowed politics to take up emotional space in our lives that it’s not meant to take up.

      1. To be fair, I didn’t read every single word of the article.

      2. We’ve allowed politics to take up emotional space in our lives that it’s not meant to take up.

        It’s a very true sentiment, but it rings kind of hollow when it comes from a supporter of big government. Politics takes up emotional space that it shouldn’t because government has invaded space that it shouldn’t. When so many things people care about are subject to the whims of the state, of course politics is going to consume people’s emotional space.

        1. Politics takes up emotional space that it shouldn’t because government has invaded space that it shouldn’t.

          If there is a basic slogan for libertarianism, this should be it.

          1. Nailed it.

            The appropriate response to the other guy getting into power should be “ugh, well we’ll try again in four years” and go back to your life a bit irritated for a while but otherwise composed. If you’re as fearful as you claim (and for most of them, I don’t, because it’s theater), then the office is far too powerful. It’s bad enough that people tout the office of the President as “leader of the free world”, but even worse that apparently so many of them believe it.

        2. You don’t have an emotional breakdown when your candidate loses the election for sanitation board?

      3. Well-stated as it may be, and on its own true, it is difficult to avoid noting that the equivalent sentiment is uttered yearly, by any number of [insert sport] fans, at the point in time when their team’s chances of winning the championship have dropped to zero. In other words, it’s a fair bet we would not have found him to be in such a contemplative mood, had his team won.

  23. read fewer comments. To be sure.

    Robby, you can’t quit us.

  24. Serious question for my filthy little anarcho-frankentrumpkensteins-in-denial: Who’s your DADDY?

  25. We is everyone so down on 2016?

    My daughter was born. GT went 8-4 (hopefully 9-4 before the year is out) in football. Even 8-5 will be much improved over last year.

    Was it the election? My candidate finished 3rd in the popular vote…yet again.

    1. Dead celebs bro. Star Wars is teetering on the edge of total destruction.

      1. Celebrities die every year.

        1. The funny thing is that I hadn’t heard of at least half of them. I’d look them up and think “oh, I vaguely remember that movie/song/pop culture reference”

      2. Star Wars is teetering on the edge of total destruction.

        This comment seems a bit premature: 2018, when they release the young Han Solo film, will probably be a more appropriate time to make such proclamations.

      3. Too bad they cheered at the death of Scalia and mourned the death of Castro. I don’t know how much more fucked up half our country could be if that is how they think.

    1. Please don’t feed the troll.

    2. Verbal diarrhea is like a storm raging inside you

    3. Verbal diarrhea is like a storm raging inside you

      1. Squirrels etc

    4. Help me out here, amsoc. Obama’s wars don’t count because we’re fighting fascists. Ok. But Saddam Hussein was a fascist, the Taliban was fascist, and the Ayatollahs are fascists. I’m trying to find the line that gets drawn between “just and righteous war against fascism” and “unholy abomination that corrupts the soul of the country”.

      1. Sorry kb, I think everyone checked out early today.

      2. I’m trying to find the line that gets drawn between “just and righteous war against fascism” and “unholy abomination that corrupts the soul of the country”.

        If a D is in office, it’s just and righteous… if an R is in office, it’s an unholy abomination. Principals over Principles.

      3. It has too do with the R or D after their name on the ballot.

    5. I forgot to shit all over Thomas Sowell’s retirement.

      This is actually your third day posting it for hours at a time in the PM links. I think you would be wise to schedule a CAT scan.

      1. It just shows how the old Dixiecrat mentality of “my niggers won’t stray from the plantation” is deep seated and long lasting in the progressive movement. One doesn’t quickly or easily purge eugenic racism from a political movement, and the Sowell Derangement Syndrome shows that slave catching is still an occupation for idiots on the left.

        1. It is interesting to me that the only “right-wing” intellectuals that really seem to work the left into a lather are Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas. Sure, they despise men like Milton Friedman and Frederic Bastiat (if they even know who they are). But the intensity and vitriol are on different levels.

          1. Also Walter E. Williams

            1. Fugitive slaves.

            2. For the most part, I’ve found that leftards just pretend that Williams doesn’t exist.


          2. This is true. There’s a special place in Leftist hell for women, gays, and non-whites who don’t march in lock step and pull that blue lever in every election.

      2. A CAT scan would simply confirm what we already know: his cranium is full of shit.


  26. I quit the libertarian Sim City thing after they said you’d still need a CDL. Clearly they know nothing about libertarianism.

    1. My thoughts too

  27. “Read fewer comments”
    What will you do to cheer yourself up on bad hair days? Just kidding, we know you don’t have them

  28. Which came first: the filthy, semi-retarded anarcho-frankentrumpkenstein or its own stunning and perfect APOTHEOSIS?

    (Honestly curious.)

    1. I think it was this order:
      1) The sacrifice of the few remaining sane liberals on the alter of social justice
      2) The intense hemorrhoidal butthurt from progressives when Her Majesty was denied the Crown
      3) Gluttonous consumption of salty ham tears by the rest of us
      4) Butthurt and projection from the progressive trolls here on H&R

  29. BTW, it’s still sort of vacation for me and I’m trying Flying Fish Abbey Dubbel, which I got as a build-your-own six pack Christmas gift. It’s meh.

    1. I head back to the office on the 4th. I am not sure what beer I will drink tonight.

      I thought that I had drunk some Flying Fish beer and liked it, but then I realized I confused Flying Fish with Flying Dog. Flying Dog has some good beers.

      1. I confuse them too. Flying Dog is meh across the board, I have never had anything of theirs I really, really enjoyed.

        1. I looked through my list of rated beers at Beeradvocate. I thought I had rated some Flying Dog, because I’ve had their beer and I liked what I had, but there’s no Flying Dog on the list. Maybe I skipped rating those.

    2. American made Belgian-styles have a strong tendency towards meh.

      1. American breweries that do Belgians seem to think they’re doing something awesome just by brewing a Belgian, and therefore feel no need to make the beer actually awesome.

        1. With some notable exceptions.

          I dont really think its that they arent trying, its that its hard, and they havent been doing it for a century.

      2. That’s my experience as well. It’s not bad, but it falls so far short of the real thing.

    3. Pliny. Got 2 yesterday, aaaaand they’re gone.

  30. So long, 2016. My New Year’s Resolution: read fewer comments. To be sure.

    I say we start attaching our comments to bricks and throwing them through the Reason office windows. Threading will be difficult.

    1. P Brooks wont notice the difference.

      1. I’m actually spending tomorrow night in DC, so if you guys have any comments you’d like to get in, consider me your submit button.

        1. Tell Welch to start wearing bow ties again.

  31. For 2017, I resolve to be less bitter and angry at my CREATOR.

      1. SHUT IT DOWN !

        The internet is over for the day boys and girls.

        See ya tomorrow.

  32. Michael Wear, an Obama staffer who worked on outreach to religious groups, explains the Democrats’ massive problem with faith-based voters.

    It’s a bullshit thesis of a guy who wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

    Both Democrat politicians and GOP politicians have chosen sides and exploited religion as a wedge issue. The GOP has exploited traditionally religious Christians. Democrats have exploited the other side of the wedge: both religious and secular groups that reject one or another of the values of traditionally religious Christians.

    The exploitation of wedge issues is integral to American politics. Democrats actually have the demographic advantage here. Traditionally religious Christians are dying off, and the dissidents are gaining on pretty much every front. But a political party can have their cake and eat it too if it seeks to use the state to the benefit of one side or another on a wedge issue. Only libertarians can make a credible appeal to all sides with the philosophy that the state has no business in interfering in such issues.

    1. “Only libertarians can make a credible appeal to all sides with the philosophy that the state has no business in interfering in such issues.”

      I’m sure they’ll get around to doing that any time now.

      In the interim, I’m sure that crusading for same-sex marriage and chicks with dicks will give the country the healing it needs.

    2. “can have their cake and eat it too ”
      It sure works that way with black evangelical types for the Democrats doesn’t it?
      I recall an audience on America’s Got Talent going wild for a black church choir for a performance that probably would have embarrassed same audience if done by some “tacky redneck” church choir from Alabama.

  33. My New Year’s Resolution: read fewer comments. To be sure.

    What Robby sees in the mirror

    1. 8^D

  34. Fuck, I had such discipline all month… but I got this long weekend ahead of me… I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna make a small batch of eggnog.


    1. My advice: keep a muffin in your pocket for your carb desires. It helps cut down on the overindulgence!

      1. Don’t worry, I’ve been on a 30-year bulk.

  35. weird i haven’t seen this story mentioned anywhere this year (i know it was an election year, and that has an effect of crowding everything out, but it would have caught my eye had i seen it)

    Chinese Billionaire “Boss Wu” Tied to UN Bribery Scheme

    I link to an older story because the first i heard of it was an update today

    The main goal, the indictment said, was to have both ambassadors to take steps to help obtain the United Nations’ support for a multi-billion dollar U.N.-backed conference centre in Macau that Sun Kian Ip Group would develop.

    What is probably interesting about the story is how banal it actually is; this sort of thing is basically what the UN is *for*.

    1. WTF is the UN backing a conference center in Macau, or anywhere else, in the first place? That’s the real scandal.

  36. “So long, 2016. My New Year’s Resolution: read fewer comments. To be sure.”

    No, no, no. The correct term is “read LESS comments.” Geez.

    1. There are a distinct number of comments, so fewer is the correct word.

      1. Correct, Stannis.

      2. I was being sarcastic, boys. Thought Robby was, too, with his “to be sure” comment since that was one of the ones mentioned the other day on a grammar thread, which is why I said what I did.

      3. Actually, either word is correct. Yes, a grammarian in the 1700s said he thought it sounded more formal to use fewer for discrete and less for continuous cases, and because all people are wannabe pedantic assholes it stuck, but there has never been a actual difference in definition. You’re just pushing some guys opinion on other people.

  37. Nuance that only Govt Agencies are capable of =

    Threat of New Year attack in U.S. low but ‘undeniable’: agencies

    “There are no indications of specific threats to the U.S. Homeland,” said a “situational awareness” bulletin issued to U.S. Army personnel this week by the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command. “However the threat from homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) in the United States is undeniable,” the bulletin added.

    its one of those words you can just toss out there to add some vague impression of significance to your point.

    It could rain tomorrow. Its undeniable. I mean, the chances are low, but its there. Lurking.

    1. homegrown terrorist= legal resident that migrated from wherever ten years ago.

    2. Jeezus. It’s TRADOC. The security threat bulletin is an internal CYA thing for their own subordinate units. It’s like taking a school district’s employee newsletter and basing a story on it. In other news, incompetent “journalists” with no experience are incompetent with no experience.

  38. Some of his colleagues also didn’t understand his work, he writes. He once drafted a faith-outreach fact sheet describing Obama’s views on poverty, titling it “Economic Fairness and the Least of These,” a reference to a famous teaching from Jesus in the Bible. Another staffer repeatedly deleted “the least of these,” commenting, “Is this a typo? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Who/what are ‘these’?”


    1. The staffer had so completely internalized the narrative, xe didn’t even realize that what xe was attempting to censor was Jesus’ typical othering of the poor.

  39. “My New Year’s Resolution: read fewer comments. To be sure.”

    Up yours!

  40. ‘Democrats’ massive problem with faith-based voters.’

    I haven’t read the link, but let me guess… they worship the wrong god?

  41. Just in case there’s no open thread tomorrow, Happy New Year.

  42. Jesus, Soave- Bobby Kennedy’s grandson got tossed in the slammer in Aspen for drunkenness and brawling, and you muff it.

    I thought you were king of the Teen Celebrity beat.

    1. That’s just the first Kennedy rite of passage. Just wait till he gets to the raping and drowning tests.

    2. A member of American royalty ended up in the Pitkin County Jail

      At what point will we get past this “royalty” bs? And it doesn’t sound like brawling, it sounds like sucker punches thrown by said royalty.

    3. Bobby Kennedy’s grandson

      How miserable would your life be if, even worse than being known only as so-and-so’s son, you were primarily referred to as so-and-so’s grandson? I mean, money is nice, but talk about draining the meaning out of life.

  43. Abraham Licnoln meets Lord of the Rings

    “Abraham Lincoln’s Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery is getting a new surveillance system that will help protect the 19th-century landmark….

    “The new system will increase security, which has been an issue in the past.

    “In 2011, for instance, a 16-year-old boy stole a copper sword that was brandished by a Civil War artillery statue on the tomb’s upper-level terrace. The teen was arrested after a tip was called into Crime Stoppers.

    “The sword, which was broken in two parts, was recovered. A Chicago sculptor was able to use the pieces to make a mold and create a replacement sword free of charge.

    “The copper sword stolen in 2011 was a replacement for the original bronze sword that was stolen in 1890.”

    1. I seem to have misspelled “Lincoln.”

      Or maybe everyone else in the world has been misspelling it.

      1. That’s the kind of cocky self-assuredness we could use in the White House!

  44. The list of Obama “Allies”…. who are they anyway?

    Britain Joins Israel in Criticism of John Kerry

    London also took particular issue with Kerry’s description of Netanyahu’s coalition as “the most right-wing in Israeli history, with an agenda driven by its most extreme elements.”

    “We do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically-elected government of an ally,” May’s spokesman said when asked about Kerry 70-minute speech in the State Department’s auditorium.

    with friends like these?… oh, but the story does mention some people we have ‘on our side’

    [The State Dept] expressed gratitude for supportive statements from a number of countries in Europe and the Middle East, including Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

    1. I’m not clicking but does it involve oral suction?

  45. So long, 2016. My New Year’s Resolution: read fewer comments. To be sure.


    1. He can’t quit us. The hair will force him to read the comments, looking for the compliments that feed it.

      1. He likes the abuse almost as much as he deserves it.

  46. “Kennedy then said, ‘He called my friend the f-word,'” according to the report.

    It was not clear which “f-word” Kennedy was talking about, Magnuson said.

    “That motherfucker called my friend a ‘fiduciary’. I wasn’t going to let him get away with that bullshit.”

    1. Deep-dish pizza

      Well, which is it?

  47. “There are no indications of specific threats to the U.S. Homeland,”

    Won’t somebody think of the overtime?

  48. Just watched Batman V. Superman. Gotta love these movies that – wink – use all these prog news celebrities in their flicks. CNN etc.

    1. +1 (905) 688 3711


        But call me. 867- 5309.

        1. Hey, it worked, I called the number and had a good time…

          negotiating a great deal on a used sofa, it was great!

          1. I thought that number was being used by a plumbing franchise?

  49. Do you want to combine an obsession with sports with an obsession with the Civil War? Luck has come your way.

  50. The “Deploraball” – Gathering of the so-called “Alt Right” exposes a schism

    basically, it seems like the more-mainstreamers are kicking the actual “white nationalists” to the curb, considering them politically useless

    which i doubt will change the way the media describes them. Huffpo yesterday headlined their news about Milo Y’s book as “White Nationalist Gets Book Deal”. It was later edited.

    1. I linked that this morning, and I made a joke about not wanting to be a blonde woman walking around outside of the location, but on second thought I really would not want to be a non-white prostitute in that area. Sure, they will make a little money, but holy shit are they going be helping someone live out a few repressed fantasies.

      1. on second thought I really would not want to be a non-white prostitute in that area.

        Are you kidding its a goldmine

        1. the trannies particularly.

          1. Oh sure, but you know the shame and regret will result in at least one of those sex workers ending up dismembered and stuffed into the toolbox of a white nationalist’s pickup.

            1. stuffed into the toolbox of a white nationalist’s pickup.

              oh fiddlesticks. these are people at a DC political conference. It will be the trunk of a Volvo.

    2. Libertarians are alt-right and this is a white nationalist chatroom. It’s meaningless noise. I am hopeful real racists can be outed despite the chatter.

  51. Michael Wear, an Obama staffer who worked on outreach to religious groups, explains the Democrats’ massive problem with faith-based voters

    There aren’t many people like Michael Wear in today’s Democratic Party. The former director of Barack Obama’s 2012 faith-outreach efforts is a theologically conservative evangelical Christian. He is opposed to both abortion and same-sex marriage, although he would argue that those are primarily theological positions, and other issues, including poverty and immigration, are also important to his faith.

    the implication being that (points over shoulder)” *THOSE OTHER* (republican) evangelicals? they don’t care about po’ folks or the immigrants…. so they got the bad kind.”

    his opposition to gay marriage is the good-kind, the ‘purely theological’ kind. Which somehow isn’t the case for the vast-unwashed remainder of the country.

    I said it a while back, but i will repeat the basic idea = the left’s dogmatic attitude will eventually run them headlong into the reality that *lots of blacks love jesus*; they still get 90% of the black vote, but the progressive left is going to damage that shit more than they’ll ‘help’ with stuff like praising “Hamilton” or “BLM”, stuff which your average black people don’t give a fuck about.

    1. there’s a religious illiteracy problem in the Democratic Party. It’s tied to the demographics of the country: More 20- and 30-year-olds are taking positions of power in the Democratic Party. They grew up in parts of the country where navigating religion was not important socially and not important to their political careers.

      Worse = they don’t know any other language other than mockery, or patronizing them about what “Real Christianity” is supposed to be.

      1. “But don’t you get it…Jesus cared about the poor! The POOR!”

        1. ergo, Jesus was a communist, therefore shut up and socialist like everyone else.

    2. including poverty and immigration

      Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy

      ? Proverbs 31:8-9

      Do not exploit the poor because they are poor and do not crush the needy in court, for the Lord will take up their case and will exact life for life.

      ? Proverbs 22:22-23

      The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.

      ? Proverbs 22:9

      Give generously to [the poor] and do so without a grudging heart, then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to. There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.

      ? Deuteronomy 15:10-11

      I must’ve missed the part where the Bible says “steal from others and redistribute it all in exchange for votes.” Perhaps that verse is in the Cotton Patch Bible

      1. I must’ve missed the part where the Bible says “steal from others keep two thirds of it for myself and redistribute the rest in exchange for votes.”

      2. Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. But one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was later to betray him, objected, “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year’s wages.” He did not say this because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief; as keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself to what was put into it.

        John 12:3-6

  52. I followed the link to find out what five things I should have been nervous about this past year. But it turns out I should have anxiety for the coming year.

    1. Robby works very hard making these links, and all you can do is complain

      1. But complaining is what we do best šŸ™

    2. But you should start worrying right now, so it’s still right.

  53. First beer of the night. It tastes like a watered down Hefeweizen.

  54. Who’s with me?!?!??!?!

    “A team of mathematicians have worked out the most efficient pub crawl in the United Kingdom, connecting 24,727 pubs in the shortest possible closed loop, 45,495,239 meters, or about 28,269 miles.”


    1. See, now THIS is an appropriate role for public intellectuals. And excellent use of tax pounds.

    2. One problem: They included the Isle of Man but not the Channel Islands. Surely the Channel Islands have pubs.

      1. They are not technically part of the United Kingdom, but under the Royal Families’ claim to the Duchy of Normandy.

        1. I know. The Isle of Man is also not part of the UK.

    3. Cool. Thanks. Happy New Year!

    4. I see inherent racism in their skipping 80% of ireland, yet seeming to find a need to visit @*#2@&*(#$ Orkney

      1. UK only, which is why I don’t understand why they included the Isle of Man. If they included the Isle of Man, they should have included the Channel Islands.

    5. See, no problem is too (NP) hard to solve, given the proper motivation.

  55. Thank you, Australia, for the Easybeats………

    Monday mornin’ feels so bad
    Ev’rybody seems to nag me
    Comin’ Tuesday I feel better
    Even my old man looks good
    Wed’sday just don’t go
    Thursday goes too slow
    I’ve got Friday on my mind

    Gonna have fun in the city
    Be with my girl, she’s so pretty
    She looks fine tonight
    She is out of sight to me
    Tonight I’ll spend my bread, tonight
    I’ll lose my head, tonight
    I’ve got to get to night
    Monday I’ll have Friday on my mind

    Do the five day grind once more
    I know of nothin’ else that bugs me
    More than workin’ for the rich man
    Hey! I’ll change that scene one day
    Today I might be mad, tomorrow I’ll be glad
    ‘Cause I’ll have Friday on my mind

    Gonna have fun in the city
    Be with my girl, she’s so pretty
    She looks fine tonight.
    She is out of sight to me
    Tonight I’ll spend my bread, tonight
    I’ll lose my head, tonight
    I’ve got to get to night
    Monday I’ll have Friday on my mind

    1. +1 Stevie Wright was a genius

    2. That song reminds me of Stiff Little Fingers “At the Edge”.

      Adding them to my “Sounds Like” spotify playlist.

  56. That daily beast writer is hilariously tone-deaf:

    This is fixable.

    How? It’s going to take a lot?many long-term changes in strategy and policy that shift investment in middle-class and working-class people in ways that ensure that they see and understand the benefits. One of the saddest ironies inconvenient truths of our election was that Hillary Clinton Donald Trump was for those investments?a higher federal minimum wage, debt-free tuition, health coverage expansion protecting the US worker, protecting against the threat of terrorism, repealing draconian healthcare legislation, paid family leave?while Trump Clinton opposed them […]. And yes, she he talked about them a lot, although apparently not in quite just the right way or and in quite just the right places.

    In other words, his article is just a long-winded version of “they voted against their own best interests.

    But like Atticus said, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view [?] until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.

  57. Claire Guthrie Gasta?aga, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, expressed concern that the ultimate goal might be some form of censorship. She did not take a formal position, though, because she had not yet studied the proposal.

    “Obviously we’re cautious about anything that looks like it ultimately aims to regulate the content of speech, although we don’t like pornography any better than anybody else,” she said.

    Interesting phrasing there.

    1. Not sure if serious.

  58. From the Rollins article…

    “Not including in the final report that Doe had passed a lie detector test.”


  59. When a conservative Republican and a liberal feminist get together, you can bet it’s probably to ban make pornography.

  60. “every once in a while the stupid party and the evil party agree on something both stupid and evil. We call that bipartisanship.”

  61. It would be nice if Reason did a follow up story on the Rollins case. And an article summarizing the results of similar cases would be very informative. On the face of it, it appears that the accused male in the Rolins case was royally screwed over simply because he was a male. I would hope that he would win reinstatement and millions in damages. Only this result might finally end the persecution of men on college campuses. If he and others can’t gain justice through the courts, the obscene witch hunt will continue. If schools are forced to finally treat men and women more equally and expel both parties, then this insanity might finally die down.

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