Crony Capitalism

Anaheim Election Means Victory Over Crony Capitalism

Several Disney-backed candidates lost in the reformed local city council races.


While political observers wait to see whether President-elect Donald Trump will fulfill his promise to "drain the swamp" in Washington, Anaheim's new council majority is ready to do something similar in Orange County's largest city—flush the outsized influence of the Walt Disney Co. and other business boosters from City Hall.

Most people here love the Happiest Place on Earth and respect Disney's deep roots in Orange County. There's no questioning the benefits the company brings the county's largest city. But what's good for Disney isn't always good for Anaheim. Its 350,000 residents have priorities that aren't centered in the Resort District, and until now, it's been hard to get them heard.­­­

In the run-up to the Nov. 8 election, "the parent company of Disneyland [funneled] more than $900,000 into a complicated network of groups supporting Disney-friendly candidates in four council races and attacking their opponents," according to a VoiceofOC analysis, which noted Disney broke its spending record. A Disney spokesperson told the publication that the political action committees that receive funding are involved in many Orange County races and not just those in Anaheim.

But an unusual coalition loyal to Republican Mayor Tom Tait won the day. Conservative Republican Denise Barnes won District 1 over Disney-backed candidate Steve Chavez Lodge. Progressive Democrat Jose Moreno won District 3 over Disney-backed incumbent Jordan Brandman. Disney candidates, incumbent Lucille Kring and newcomer Stephen Faessell, won District 4 and District 5 over Tait-backed candidates, but Tait now has a majority. (Incumbent James Vanderbilt also is an ally.)

The reason for the big spending?

The local business community is committed to a continuing train of resort subsidies. Subsidies for myriad hotel deals top a half-billion dollars. There was the ARTIC train stop that critics call the $185 million "train station to nowhere." The council tried to lease the city-owned Angels parking lot for $1 a year to the ballclub, which would have been quite a giveaway for a $225-million asset. It wanted to build the costliest per-mile streetcar system in the nation's history. And then there's the excessively pricey convention center expansion.

The catalyst for electoral change came in 2014, after the city settled a voting-rights lawsuit by agreeing to place two charter amendments on the ballot. One changed the city's at-large election system to a system of districts. The other expanded the council from four seats (plus the mayor) to six seats. All of the sudden, council candidates no longer needed a fortune to have a shot at winning.

"It's the first time we've been elected by district," Tait told me. "It brought City Hall closer to the people and the neighborhoods. We're fortunate to have the Resort District, but the purpose of the city is to serve the people." In at-large races, each council candidate has to run a citywide race. That takes a lot of money, so organized groups—developers, labor unions, etc.—have excessive influence. And a bigger council is better than a smaller one, because each member represents fewer people and should be more accessible to residents.

"You don't have to really court anyone except the voter," newly elected Councilman Jose Moreno told me. He ran in 2014 while the city still had an at-large system, and said the difference was night and day. Tait told him, "You don't need a lot of money. You just need enough money." Indeed, Moreno estimates the Tait slate was outspent by overwhelming margins, yet managed to grab two of the four seats.

"Nobody likes crony capitalism, except for the people who profit from it or get invited to the VIP events," he said. Despite the wide-ranging ideologies on the Tait team, Moreno said they all agree on core issues: "It's really a clean, open-government platform."

Unions backed the Disney candidates, of course. The crony capitalist approach is all about bringing Big Labor and Big Business together to divvy up the taxpayers' spoils. It's been a long slide for the city. In 2006, Anaheim touted itself as a "freedom friendly" city that reduced fees, deregulated land uses in some areas and focused on treating all businesses—not just big political players—in a fair manner.

Its main advocates were then-Mayor Curt Pringle and Tait. Since then, the two have had a falling out, with Tait still championing the same, ennobling ideas. Pringle, now a lobbyist, is seen by some reformers as the Darth-Vader-like presence on the deal-making side of things. Tait still understands the huge chasm between being "pro-business" and "pro-freedom." Giving privileges to specific businesses certainly is pro-business, but being pro-freedom is about letting all businesses compete fairly.

Moreno's final victory was by a few dozen votes, so we'll see if such a slim majority can drain Anaheim's swamp, or at least shift power from Space Mountain to Anaheim's real-world neighborhoods. Time will tell, but I suspect that, with an expanded council and district elections, the old, fetid way of doing business is history.

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  1. Duckin’ A.

  2. Alternatively you can go west on La Palma Ave for a few miles and go to Knott’s Berry Farm, which is half the price and has better roller coasters if you’re into simple amusement park thrills.

    In any case, good on the voters for standing up to this Mickey Mouse shit. I’ve always been amused at how just a couple miles from the resort district are the shady no-tell motels of Beach Blvd in West Anaheim. You think the money might be better spent improving that area.

    1. Re: Knott’s

      Also, fried chicken.

  3. Disney would have the Lynx on time.

    1. But it would be overpriced and focus-grouped to death

    2. Disney would reboot the links, adding shiny new bells and whistles made possible by 21st century special effects while also relentlessly throwing in fan service in the form of callbacks, allusions and nods to the previous links because they’re too afraid/untalented to do something new.

      1. But on time.

      2. Microsoft must be following the Disney model.

      3. But reposting of the official links in the comments would probably result in a DMCA takedown notice.

        1. *copyright flags Lee’s post*

      4. too afraid/untalented to do something new

        Much like Apple, Disney’s strength is not in originality but in technical mastery.

    3. With alligators

    4. It would also play It’s a Small World repeatedly in the background until you want to go on a killing spree.

  4. Fun fact: In Florida, Disney exists within the Reedy Creek Development District. They have more or less complete autonomy. Hell, they can build a nuclear power plant if they want to without going to the state first.

      1. Doesn’t resonate with the focus group.

      2. They could have a log flume that simulates the raid on the Vemork heavy water plant!

      3. If I may… “NukaWorld

      4. I’ll have the three-eyed fish.

    1. I believe that was because Walt Disney seriously wanted EPCOT to be an actual, functional city where real people lived and worked under the benevolent rule of the Disney corporation.

      1. You know who else wanted an actual, functional city under benevolent rule?

        1. The creator of SimCity?

          1. They gave us the “spawn disaster” option. “Benevolent” does not appear to be part of the plan.

            1. Disaster is benevolence in SimCity

          2. Wouldn’t it be funny if someone made Simcity: Libertarian Edition?

            You would just sit there and do nothing until your citizens dissolve your office because they don’t need you anymore.

          1. He wanted a shadow government.

            1. He wanted a shadow puppet government.


              1. This cave wall is filled with fake news.

              2. Geppetto is still alive?

        2. Everyone who has ever sought a leadership position?

          /For an exceedingly wide definition of ‘benevolent’

  5. From what I know about Orange County, I’m not so sure they wouldn’t be better off selling the government to Disney for a buck and letting them run the whole thing.

    1. Disney is very anti-gun. Orange County gun owners would leave in a mass exodus.

  6. Mourning Lynx….?

    *trembling hand reaches for coffee mug*

      1. Probably an intern – the rest are all bombed on brandied nog and Irish coffee.

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            1. I’m not spooning an epidemiologist. That’s just creepy.

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                1. “We have determined your place on the progressive stack to be too oppressive to utilize this service. Please get more oppressed and try again later.”

  7. Is Paul Krassner still a Disney, er, follower?

  8. Christmas come early for somebody?

  9. Since the lynx are absent, I’m going to ask this here. (If they show up I’ll ask again there)

    This might be a long shot, but I’m trying to find a book about Geochemistry, Mining or Metallurgy that is NOT:

    A) A ‘human interest’ tale about some person, event or town
    B) A Watermelon propaganda screed
    C) A Textbook costing at least twice what it should
    D) Out of print.

    I want to forestall and state that I already own “De Re Metallica” (Agricola) and “Pirotechnica” (Vannoccio Biringuccio), and am looking for recommendations beyond those. On a side note, Hoover did far better work translating “De Re Metallica” than he did in being president. Maybe he should have stuck to being a mining engineer.

    Does anyone have a good recommendation or two?

    1. Kill yourself?

      1. He’s dead already.

        1. Just inside… right?

        2. On the inside.

      2. Merry Christmas!

    2. My two favorites:

      Martin Lynch – Mining in World History

      Alan Berger – Reclaiming the American West

      Neither are engineering books but both are very interesting – or were you looking for something technical?

      1. I’m not discriminating against either technical or non-technical, as this is for personal edification and both can serve a role in that.

        1. Ahh and I totally forgot about this one – a non-fiction novel that is one of the best books I’ve read – you learn a bit about kimberlite prospecting too:

          Barren Lands: An Epic Search for Diamonds in the North American Arctic

        2. For good technical books – see the SME bookstore. Some are pretty pricey though.

    3. “Out of the Fiery Furnace” was a documentary mini-series on Australia’s version of PBS. There’s a book on that.

      Reminds me of James Burke’s “The Day The Universe Changed” and “Connections”.

    4. You might find some interesting reads in the Bibliography of Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything.

    5. You want to get your rocks off?

    6. Suggestions we’ve gotten so far:

      Martin Lynch – Mining in World History

      Alan Berger – Reclaiming the American West

      Barren Lands: An Epic Search for Diamonds in the North American Arctic

      “Out of the Fiery Furnace”

      Something in the Bibliography of Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything.

      Principles of geochemical prospecting . / translated from the original Russian by V.P. Sokoloff

      And a vote for self-termination. I don’t think I’ll opt for that one.

      1. And a vote for self-termination. I don’t think I’ll opt for that one

        Let’s make any hasty decisions about narrowing choices. It’s early.

    1. His mom let him out of the basement?

    2. Ah, my old hometown. It’s been touted by some journalos as the serial murder capital of the world.

      1. How many kills do you have, Gene?????

  10. After 72 Die, Putin Tightens Limits on Consumer Products High in Alcohol

    President Vladimir V. Putin has ordered his government to more tightly restrict the production and sale of consumer products containing significant amounts of alcohol, after the deaths of 72 people in the Siberian city of Irkutsk who drank a product that purported to be scented bath lotion but was actually a cheap surrogate for liquor.

    Local officials said that 41 of the victims died at hospitals and 31 were found dead. Most had come from poor families or were homeless and seeking refuge from the bitter cold.

    Mr. Putin ordered the government to tighten regulations on products like perfumes, cleaning solutions, personal-care items and other consumer products that were more than 25 percent alcohol, and to impose harsher penalties for violations

    1. Putin used to be so cool.

    2. I 1st read that as “Consumer Products in High School”.

    3. Misleading link ID & quote. Even the Times article’s hard to glean the truth from. This is about products containing poisonous alcohols rather than drinkable ethanol.

    4. AA hardest hit.

      Oh wait, they don’t have AA in Russia unless it means Anti-Aircraft guns.

  11. My college sweetheart*, whilst in undergrad, really liked this one. From what I understand, the translation is very good and pretty accurate.

    *She’s a seismologist in The People’s Republic of California now.

    1. ^Was in response to Spock UnCivil Servant…

      1. I think he is studying to become an Imperial Planetologist.

        I hear there is an opening on Arrakis!

        1. Yes, I hear the benefits are spicy! Explosively so.

  12. It never ends: Why the white working class votes against itself

    there seems to be universal agreement, at least among the Democratic politicians and strategists I’ve interviewed, that the party’s actual ideas are the right ones.

    Democrats, they note, pushed for expansion of health-insurance subsidies for low- and middle-income Americans; investments in education and retraining; middle-class tax cuts; and a higher minimum wage. These are core, standard-of-living improving policies. They would do far more to help the economically precarious ? including and especially white working-class voters ? than Donald Trump’s top-heavy tax cuts and trade wars ever could.

    Here’s the problem. These Democratic policies probably would help the white working class. But the white working class doesn’t seem to buy that they’re the ones who’d really benefit.

    1. It’s no wonder then that Democrats’ emphasis on downwardly redistributive economic policies has been met with suspicion, even from those who would be on the receiving end of such redistribution. And likewise, it’s no wonder that Trump’s promises ? to re-create millions of (technologically displaced) jobs and to punish all those non-self-sufficient moochers ? seem much more enticing.

      No American likes the idea of getting a “handout” ? especially if they believe that handout is secretly being rerouted to their layabout neighbor anyway.

      1. No American likes the idea of getting a “handout” ? especially if they believe that handout is secretly being rerouted to their layabout neighbor anyway.
        Yes, so when the costly Obamacare premiums are replaced with zilch, and no insurance, they can blame Obama.

        Owsley county. look it up.

        1. Piss off, dead thread-fucker.

    2. the white working class doesn’t seem to buy that they’re the ones who’d really benefit.

      Maybe they know something you don’t about their condition and interests, WaPo contributer.

      1. They keep digging themselves deeper. It’s quite breathtaking, really.

      2. Impossible! He talked to Democrat politicians, and they know everything!

    3. Hey guys! They found a consensus among the people peddling this stuff. Can you question the validity of their argument when everyone they talked to agreed?

      1. I don’t know anyone who voted for Trump!

  13. So you’re late with the lynx AND you added another post at 9:15, guaranteeing we’d be fuckin’ around between two posts. Oh, you guys are good.

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          2. Crusty is medically OK’d to *Fork*; *Scissoring*, OTOH… Not on this planer, or Mars, FTM.

            Though you are free to sign an personal indemnity & injury/release of liability waiver first…

  14. I’m a Marine veteran. A recently retired Marine shouldn’t be defense secretary.

    The members of Congress who, in 1947, enshrined in law this period of separation had fresh memories of World War II. Like our Founding Fathers, they recognized that political leaders should derive their authority from the will of the people ? not the personal fealty of members of the armed forces. As a result, they were wary of a decorated general slipping off his uniform and immediately stepping into an ostensibly civilian role. In addition, they were justifiably apprehensive about installing a secretary of defense who could be perceived as partial to one service over the others.

    More than a half-century later, these concerns are still highly relevant. We should ask ourselves whether the reputation of our military as a highly professional, nonpartisan institution would be tainted if its most respected leaders were allowed to seamlessly segue into political positions. That’s why, instead of simply rubber-stamping President-elect Donald Trump’s choice, it is critical that we engage in a meaningful debate before discarding this well-established precedent

    1. I’ve personally* only ever met two kinds of ex-marines – stoners and assholes. This guy sounds like the latter type.

      *I do not contend that other categories don’t exist, just that they don’t seem to live around me.

      1. There is no such thing as an “ex”-Marine. oow-rah!

        1. No, there really is.

          Especially among the stoner type.

          1. They prefer “Former” Marine. “Ex” would indict being cast out after court-martial or discharged dishonorably.

            1. Eh. Marine, Army, what’s the difference?

              1. One has a much more hyperinflated sense of self importance, the other is a full branch of the military.

              2. *quietly loads M-4*

                I’m sorry, you were saying?

                1. I was saying if you used proper hearing protection, you wouldn’t be deaf right now.

                  And some eye protection might have kept you from needing to squint so much.

                  Also, those are blanks.

                  1. Not you, UCS, Crusty


              3. One is still part of the Department of the Navy.

                Man, Marines hate that!

            2. A friend of mine once dressed up as a Marine for halloween. Later that day, when she met my other friend, who happens to be an actual former marine, she apologized for “appropriating his culture,” to which he replied “not my culture.”

              He’s the “stoner” ex-marine. He came back from Iraq with a pretty dim view of the military.

        2. Amen, Brother. We were all brainwashed into the cult. (unless you were a puke who went to Parris Island, then you are only a half member)

          1. That’s why it is so important for young men to be raised by a mother and father who do not get goose bumps at fly-overs or consider soldier boys to be heroes.

            If a kid is raised to recognize military folk as the parasitic statist tools that they are, we would be much better off, m’kay.

            1. Still really, really, really angry, aren’t you?

              1. You broken record is hackneyed progressive propaganda.

                This is a site for liberty, not military idolatry.

                1. This is a site for liberty, not military idolatry.

                  True liberty demands silence from those with which we disagree.

                  1. How about his baseless asseveration that I am “still really, really, really angry” because I lampoon the grunts, Gomers, and corpsmen?

                    What self-actualized person would ever take pride in being a veteran?

                    What decent, evolved human being would lash out at another who tells it like it is with regard to public sector pukes who could not muster up the intestinal fortitude to resist the king’s ministrations to do his murdering?

                    1. That sounds angry to me….just sayin’.

                      I’d love for you to point out where I have ever sent forth “hackneyed progressive propaganda” or demanded anything other than a laugh or a wince at anything I may have done while in the National Guard (you know, State Militia).

                    2. You were in a militia?


                    3. You claim that I write about soldier boys is “angry”. Please explain.

                      It would appear that your employment of the descriptor “angry” is intended to dismiss my assertions regarding the military and those who volunteer – without addressing the substance. That is a tactic often used by progressives – name calling and evasion.

                      Perhaps I am wrong about your motivation. If I am, why would you continue to claim that I am angry?

                      Besides, this is hardly the only issue about which I post. Many of my posts are humorous or attempts to be humorous.

                      The National Guard is not funded by voluntary contributions. The income derived by National Guard members is from coercion.

                    4. “public sector pukes who could not muster up the intestinal fortitude to resist the king’s ministrations to do his murdering”

                      Ask a random person if that sounds angry – let us know what you hear back.

                      On this particular topic you seem consumed by rage – I cannot guess why (some uniformed idiot stole a girl? Relative killed after being conscripted? who knows) – you sling insults and classify millions of people as parasites, fools, murderers and the like. Would someone consider your remarks flippant? Cheery, perhaps?

              2. I hope so. He is right, you know.

                1. Fuck off troll.

            2. That’s why it is so important for young men to be raised by a mother and father who do not get goose bumps at fly-overs or consider soldier boys to be heroes.

              Okay, but we can still give Soulja Boy the respect he’s due, right?

              1. Crank that!

              2. Sure, and the vet the homeless shelter he richly deserves

      2. Ever notice how many officers are Democrats but the majority of enlisted folks are Republicans or Libertarians?

    2. As an ex-enlisted Marine, I can think of no higher barrier to get my vote than to be a general. Or any officer for that matter.

      Yeah, I remember having to fucking field day some barracks or company area because some puffed up asshole general might stop by.

      1. That is your own chain of command’s fault – not some general that probably ain’t going to give your barracks the white glove treatment.

    3. Since the manner of appointment of officers of the US is laid out in the Constitution, I don’t think an act of Congress, such as the above referenced one, can legally bind either the individual nominee, the prez, or the senate.

  15. Fat people hardest hit: Smaller Bathrooms on Planes Pose Challenges for Passengers

    Sara Nelson, the international president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, has a different perspective.

    “The concerns are uniform across the industry,” said Ms. Nelson, who added that AFA-CWA does not represent Delta flight attendants, who are not unionized. Describing facing lavatories, she said that “the doors of these restrooms open into each other, creating safety issues. There are a lot of injuries, with smashed fingers, doors hitting people, bumps and bruises.”

    Ms. Nelson said that the rear cabin restroom doors also create a barricade between the cabin and the back galley when open, limiting the ability of crew to maneuver if a passenger in the cabin is in trouble.

    Some parents with small children say they cannot help their kids in the toilet unless the door stays open. Passengers of size, and those with physical challenges, say getting into the smaller lavatories is often not possible for them.

    1. “Passengers of size”


      1. I… I’m speechless. They must be trolling us at this point. Like, with every article they write.

    2. Why don’t they keep single use catheters and a mini urine bag along with the personal motion sickness bag, located below the folding tray table and in the pocket of the seat in front of you?

      1. Do you really trust the average airline passenger to be able to use one properly? Or dispose of it properly?

        1. Only in Business Class.

          Coach is for FTF nobodies, cheapskates, the occasional publicity stunt, and Clark Howard; you’d never catch me in it, dead or otherwise. I wouldn’t trust a Coach occupant not to jack off in the barf baggie after getting trashed at 14,000 ft.

          1. Went from platinum to silver this year. I fully agree with your analysis.

          2. Try a C-130 for a 6 hour flight…


            1. It’s okay switzy, you’re on the ground now.

            2. Double hearing protection!

          3. Groovus, if one flies commercial, one is actually flying communist, irrespective of whether on sits in First Class, Business Class, or Coach.

            1. With all due respect, Libertymike, and if you’ll pardon the turn of phrase, I don’t give a flying fuck if my flight is commie-fied, free-market-fied, subsi-fide, whatevers. I need to fly. Period. Full Stop. End of Story.

              Next May, I and my family need to get across the Atlantic. And not by ship either. So unless you yourself are willing to fly me, Dr. ZG, our three children, AND my in-laws to and from UKR for less than the price of what the commercials are going to cost me, then kindly stuff it.

              Otherwise, it’s Business Class for me and my wife, and the In-laws can have the kids in Coach.

              1. Groove, I would be glad to fly you, Dr. ZG, your three beautiful children and your in-laws on LMA (Liberty Mike Airlines) to Kiev, gratis, just to demonstrate how courteous, efficient, hassle-free and pleasant an experience flying LMA is.

                LMA – coming soon to an Anarchatopia near you!

    3. I got one sentence in:
      “Smaller lavatories are helping airlines to add extra seats to new and existing aircraft for more profit,”

      And you know, allowing more people to fly, but those kkkoporate motherfuckers are turning a profit, so screw the people who are now able to get on a flight.

  16. What was the nature of the crony capitalism, policy-wise? Just saying it was to favor Disney’s interests says nothing to me about whether that’s good, bad, indifferent, a mixture of all 3, or just a matter of judgment & opinion.

    1. The point was that Disney-cronies want to use city taxpayer money to further Disney business interests that are not necessarily in the resident’s best interests.

  17. So… a bunch of looters from “both” wings of The Kleptocracy won a local election and this is good because of prophecy? Is Greenhut one of the GO-Pee infiltrators at Reason?

    1. “both” wings and “equally”

      Is Greenhut one of the GO-Pee infiltrators at Reason?
      Called “libertarian” actually. They are the typists paid to identify as libertarian and selectively cite narrative that either vilifies Democrats, or makes them at least as responsible as Republicans.

      Oh, avoid Republican foibles from headlines and narrative as much as possible

      1. OMG, a double dose of fucking stupid….

  18. “In at-large races, each council candidate has to run a citywide race. That takes a lot of money, so organized groups?developers, labor unions, etc.?have excessive influence. And a bigger council is better than a smaller one, because each member represents fewer people and should be more accessible to residents.”

    In San Francisco, district elections meant the incumbent didn’t have to distribute much pork before re-election was pretty much a given.
    Yep, “real ” democracy; mob rule.

  19. Unions backed the Disney candidates, of course.

    Almost! nearly managed to not align itself with Republicans for just over half an article. By mentioning “unions” they managed to fool libertarians into believing “both sides do it equally”

    But “free minds and free markets” means Disney is not doing much wrong in a capitalistic world, it is the damn unions. First and foremost.

    1. Again, fuck off, troll….

      1. The willful stupidity suggests a commie-kid sock.

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