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University Students Get Café Manager Fired for Stupid Little Joke About Slavery

Burn him at the stake!


Wilfrid Lauriel
Laurel L. Russwurm

The graduate students association at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada fired the manager of a popular campus café because he posted a tongue-in-cheek job listing for a "slave."

The manager, Sandor Dosman of the Veritas Café, was having trouble filling the position, and thought a more colorful advertisement might do the trick. He had run the café for four years.

"I decided I'd try something a little different, but maybe it was a little too outside," he told The Toronto Star. "I apologize if I offended anyone, that certainly wasn't my intention. I wouldn't have done it if I knew this was going to happen. I have no job now."

Here is a screenshot of the job description on Dosman's Facebook page.

Screenshot via Facebook

In using the word "slave," Dosman was clearly joking. The man also said "we try not to kill our customers" and "man buns and tattoos" are welcome. Come on.

But the GSA doesn't possess a sense of humor. Last week, Dosman was summoned to appear before the student group and informed of his termination.

The university stands by the GSA's decision, "given the importance that Laurier places on being an inclusive, welcoming and respectful community."

Because nothing says inclusion quite like firing a man for making a harmless joke.

Some supporters of Dosman have started a position to get him reinstated.

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  1. Canadian Universities: Anything dumb that students in the US do, you can be sure that Canadian students have already done worse.

    1. Ya, what’s that abote, eh?

      1. It’s pronounced “aboot”, mon ami.

        Also, maple syrup.

        1. Some Ontarian friends of mine pronounce it “abote.” I strive for regional accuracy.

          1. Oh. I didn’t know aboot your Ontario friends. Soory aboot that.

            1. Their not his friends buddy.

                1. The proper nomenclature for a group of Canadians is “hockey team.”

                  1. or when they retire into oblivion, curling. Now THERE’s a sport one can watch… for a LOOOONNNNGGGggg time

                2. I see what you did they’re

                  1. *(directed at MikeT)

      2. $%ing Ottawa Senators!

        *puts Blackhawks jersey back in closet*

  2. I’ll bet it was the fucking Albanians that complained about the slavophobic slur. Those fat nasty hairy wife-beating trolls got no sense of humor, they’re mean drunks, and they’re drunk all the time.

    1. Speaking of fat nasty hairy wife-beating trolls…. Four bodies believed to be the missing men allegedly killed by retired Briarcliff Manor cop Nicholas Tartaglione during a busted drug deal in April were recovered Tuesday on property he rented in Orange County.

      Duterte defense?

      1. “Graziano, the Chester chief, said he doesn’t believe the department had ever investigated a quadruple homicide before. He was struggling with the idea that someone with a law enforcement background was involved.

        “He took an oath. He was a police officer,” the chief said. “This is incomprehensible … What happened that made him turn to this kind of activity I don’t know.”

        What color is the sky on this guy’s planet?

        1. Tartaglione was a cop in Mount Vernon and Pawling before joining the Briarcliff Manor department in 1996. He receives an annual tax-free pension of $65,000 after retiring on disability in 2008 ? but he was planning to give up the pension after applying this year for a job with the Mount Vernon Police Department.

          He had a checkered career in Briarcliff Manor. He was suspended in 1999 following his arrest on perjury charges after Westchester prosecutors accused him of lying at a Department of Motor Vehicles hearing regarding a drunk-driving arrest he had made. Tartaglione was acquitted at trial but the village fired him on departmental charges.

          Tartaglione successfully sued to get his job back in 2003 with $320,000 in back pay. He claimed that authorities concocted the perjury allegation as a way to remove him from the force, but his wrongful arrest lawsuit against the village and District Attorney’s Office was dismissed.

      2. Wow. Plus, I’ve sadly been to that skank factory of a bar before.

      3. Tartaglione was a cop in Mount Vernon and Pawling before joining the Briarcliff Manor department in 1996. He receives an annual tax-free pension of $65,000 after retiring on disability in 2008

        Sweet deal.

  3. Here is a screenshot of the job description on Dosman’s Facebook page.


    1. Sorry, it’s up now.

      1. Pronounced “sore-y.”

  4. What a bunch of hosers.

  5. “I apologize if I offended anyone, that certainly wasn’t my intention. I wouldn’t have done it if I knew this was going to happen. I have no job now.”

    I wouldn’t have done it if I had known I’d get fired.

    1. This guy is too honest for his own good.

  6. Dosman was summoned to appear before the student group and informed of his termination

    The GSA is just practicing for their future as congresscritters.

    1. Practicing for their futures as your boss.

    2. Ahem. Parliamentarians.

      1. That’s commissariat to you, comrade.

  7. Why does every damn thing get a petition now and has it ever done a damn bit of good? If they hire the guy back (they won’t) there’ll be a petition up that same day on the same site asking for him to be fired.

    1. *tunes up banjo*

      Dueling Petitions

      1. dualling petitions

  8. Hey! Here’s something newsworthy…. I stumbled across a political cartoon that was actually funny and had something to say!

    1. Needs more Olbermann and Dunham.

      1. Nobody needs more Olbermann or Dunham.

    2. You have to wait for Friday Funnies, man!

    3. Needs more labels.

  9. I do not expect that a manager of a company cafe would survive making that kind of joke in a employment ad either.

    The humorlessness of that state of affairs may be regrettable, but I do think it should considered unusual or unexpected.

    1. Bottom line: people need to stop doing stuff. Period. It’s just not worth it and it’s probably racist.

  10. If you purposely take someone’s right to earn a living away based on stupidity, that makes you evil. Full stop.

  11. “Forget it Robby, it’s Zoolander’s Kanukistan.”

  12. Perhaps the graduate *history* students could inform their peers that slavery hasn’t always been a black/white thing.

    1. Everyone knows history began when a bunch of oppressive white guys took over the world.

    2. Yes, yes, yes! But this “evil” joke was definitely “black” humor. Can’t this poor rube be sent to the hinterlands for reprogramming?

      1. Jesus man, he’s already in Canada… how much more “hinterlands” can you get?

        1. Hudson’s Bay?

    3. The only significant slave owners in Canada were NATIVES. Rival tribes would take slaves.

  13. Every time a person gets fired for making a non-PC joke, a bureaucrat gets its wings.

    1. Are there any “PC jokes”?

      Aside from Bernie Sanders, of course …

      1. I think anything about dads or white guys is still ok.

      2. Didn’t Bernie get yelled at by social justice peeps for not being PC enough? That in itself is a pretty funny joke. Almost as funny as (though less tragic than) calling oneself a “socialist” despite the example of the 20th century.

      3. Are there any “PC jokes”?

        The Pope, the Dalai Lama, and President Obama walk into a bar.

        The bartender says, “What is this, a joke?”

        1. That’s not funny.


        2. Are you implying Catholics, Buddhists, and Muslims would never hang out? I’m offended.

        3. the FUNNY bit of that one is that two out of the three NEVER would walk into a bar. The pope wou;dn’t go unless he could be driven in his Popemobile, Obama would just HAVE to take Air Farce Won, only the Dalai Lama would walk in, then sit on the floor and ask for a cup of tea.

      4. Are there any “PC jokes”?

        Aside from Bernie Sanders, of course …

        … and, apparently from today’s linques: also Lena Dunham …

  14. Some supporters of Dosman have started a position to get him reinstated.

    Ooooh! A petition! He’s as good as gotten the job back already.

    1. You’re fired from Hit’n’Run for fucking up the block quotes.

      1. You’re fired from Hit’n’Run for fucking up the block quotes.

        You can’t fire me, I QUIT!

  15. And how many university mothers will slave over a hot stove this Christmas, one wonders.

    1. After they do all the laundry.

  16. Alt-text: “What is my gender?”

  17. Some supporters of Dosman have started a position to get him reinstated.

    On quick reading that sentence, I thought they were petitioning to have him ‘arrested’. Which totally make sense.

  18. I can’t even with the white privilege in this article. Wow. Just wow.

  19. He’s, like, got the lingo down, eh?

  20. Because nothing says inclusion quite like firing a man for making a harmless joke.

    If only he could prove his innocence.

  21. Do you want to stop nonsense like this? Simple. Find out who each and every member of the leadership of the GSA is and publish their names. Find out who recruits at Laurier University and make each and every recruiter know exactly who they’d be hiring if they decide to bring any of these people on board. Let every major graduate program know exactly what they’d be inviting to their universities if they admitted them. While you’re at it, send a full explanation of the situation to the little bastards’ parents. In short, make their lives hell. Make them unemployable. They certainly don’t have any qualms about doing it to other people. So, let them be on the receiving end of having their live ruined.

      1. Samantha Deeming
        Official Title: President and Chief Executive Officer
        Favourite Quote: “Not all those who wander are lost”
        Favourite Book/Movie: Anything Disney
        Hobbies: Soccer
        Best Grad School Advice: Do something for yourself; something you really enjoy.
        GSA Role: My role as President is to be the representative voice for graduate students across all locations. I focus on advocacy pieces that impact graduate students directly as well as oversee the daily functions of the GSA and the programming designed by the operations team to better the graduate student experience.

      2. Debashish Mondal
        Official Title: Vice President: Corporate Services
        Favourite Quote: “Anything worth doing is worth doing better”
        Favourite Movie/Book: Gandhi
        Best Grad School Advice: Every day is a new day with new luck and a new beginning
        Hobbies: Going to concerts, soccer, Formula1, and Reading
        GSA Role: Manage relationships with Club Presidents and collaborate operations within the team.

      3. Rebecca Friesdorf
        Official Title: Vice President: Student Experience
        Favourite Quote: “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” – Jon Acuff
        Favourite Movie/Book: Be Extraordinary
        Best Grad School Advice: Be social (meet new friends, step outside your comfort zone, come to GSA events!)
        Hobbies: Swimming, shopping and singing in the shower.
        GSA Role: Organize social events, construct communication materials and develops health and wellness programs.

        1. Sounds like an intellectual heavyweight.

          Rebecca Friesdorf

          Research and Professional Development Coordinator
          Wilfrid Laurier Graduate Students’ Association

          Thesis: Plans as Emotion Regulation Tools? Examining the Consequences of Planning on Affect
          Thesis: Gilligan in Trolleyland: Resurrecting the Debate over Gender Differences in Morality

      4. Ellen Menage
        Official Title: Executive Director & COO
        Favourite Quote: Decisions are made by those who show up
        Favourite Movie/Book: Sweet Home Alabama
        Best Grad School Advice: Remembering that there are many others who feel the way you feel – you are not alone.
        Hobbies: watching sports, talking about sports, and planning trips to Disney
        GSA Role: Assisting GSA Management and Operations teams with reaching their goals, providing support to the GSA.

        1. you made all of these up, didn’t you? Come on, out with it…. these are hilarious bios…..

      5. A rogues gallery of SJWs; this is what they look like people. Pretty young women, fat middle aged bag, and a multi-cultural dude. They come in all shapes and sizes but share an agenda. And there seems to be an inordinate interest in Disney.

    1. You’ve been reading Vox Day, haven’t you? Give them better than you got!

  22. Are we sure the objection was with “slave,” and not the terribleness of the ad as a whole?

    1. If painfully-corny, strained humor were grounds for dismissal, corporations would have no middle-management.

  23. He got your/you’re wrong. I think think they accidentally got it right this time. Its clear this man is a monster. Those kinds of mistakes are inexcusable. Burn him.

  24. Everyone accepting any job on any college campus should be caned. One time. Before they start. Just get that out of the way first.

  25. I’m surprised that being IN Canada and ON a University campus he was shocked that people called for his head on a platter for that post. I do not agree with PC speak but that was platinum level stupid.

  26. “Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada” ?? Never heard of them. Such a little shit-piece of neo-Nazi indoctrination will probably never be heard from again either. This was their “moment” in history – the thing they will be known for – if anyone remembers them at all: Intolerance, lack of humor, stupidity, cruelty.

    They should put it in their student recruiting literature. Right next to the Swastika in their coat of arms.

  27. When the inmates take over the asylum, trouble brews.

  28. What can you expect, it’s Canada!

  29. He seems to know his craft and the business. No delusions there. His sense of homour (see how inclusive I am? I can even write in Canadian when talking about them) will help the “staff” (what an ugly word for humans, eh?) (seem there I go again being inclusive) keep a great attitude in the press (trigger warning there…..) of the daily grind.

    If I were he I’d keep walking. There has to be someone out there in want of a seasoned manager such as he seems to be. Let Stinky Humourless (he strikes again…..) Educrats find another slave-by-another-name. Maybe having to live with their own intolerance for a season will give them an USEFUL education. This man deserves better and should have little trouble finding it.

  30. Totalitarians are always such fun people. Lots of laughs around Stalin. Just joking and funning around. When every word and action is political and mob rule is the proper procedure…yikes!

  31. “Totally justified SJW firing. I mean really. Why should an Institution of Higher Education have to put up with someone who still has something to learn?”

  32. Wow! What a bunch of thin-skinned libertarians, freely associating and acting without involving any gubmint to oust someone offending their delicate sensibilities.

    MUSTABEEN some liberal professor in his echo chamber urging them to do this.

    Laurier ethics professor Byron Williston penned a scathing open letter to the graduate students association, accusing them of acting like “spoiled children.”
    “I suppose it’s a sign of the times, especially on university campuses whose student bodies ? undergraduate and graduate ? seem to have been taken over by the terminally thin-skinned and self-righteous,” Williston wrote. “Perhaps you should direct your moral outrage at some of the many real problems in the world rather than behaving like petty bullies.”

    Williston said the termination was a gross overreaction to a joke, even if it was in poor taste.

    “I wrote the letter because I think the operator has been morally wronged. I think it’s important for somebody to speak out for him,” he said in an interview.

    What is the world coming to? A group of people independently decides to bring the full force of the market into not letting some politically incorrect contractor continue. For this, a libtard professor is chastizing them?

    For shame, Canada!

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