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Saudi police have arrested a woman after she tweeted a photo of herself standing on a Riyadh sidewalk without the full-length robe and scarf women are required to wear when in public.

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  1. On a slightly related note, that muslim lady who faked the hate crime apparently had her head shaved by her family, which is another one of those lovely behaviors they use to try to control women…

    At least it’s not throwing acid in her face, I guess. I suppose they are moderates.

    1. Her dad didn’t kill her and her sister because she was busted staying out after curfew with a nice catholic boy, then shoot up the local Chuck E Cheese. I suppose that’s progress.

      1. Still tho, acid in the face is a good way to instill discipline and modesty in those overbearing young women, amirite?

  2. The silence from US feminists will no doubt be deafening.

    Meanwhile, libertarians will appropriately see her as courageous and extolling personal liberty.

    US progressives would likely criticize her for cultural appropriation and being cisgendered.

    1. Those countries seem to have their share of Rosa Parks. Unfortunately without the support Miss Parks received.

      1. American racists during Jim Crow were only leaning on cultural tradition. The Saudis are leaning on cultural tradition and religious dictate. It’s going to take a long time to change those countries because Islam makes Catholicism look dynamic and progressive.

  3. Why wouldn’t you use the real tweet instead of the stock photo? She’s quite hot.

    1. Oh yeah. Would X1000

      1. Monty, 1000x is getting into marriage territory!

        1. May be if she’s willing to convert…. and not be murdered by her family for marrying an infidel… tho I can see an upside to being a widower!

        2. May be if she’s willing to convert…. and not be murdered by her family for marrying an infidel… tho I can see an upside to being a widower!

          1. Apparently, so can the skwerls


    These are the same people, that when faced with a burning school house full of girls,were more concerned with making sure the girls were wearing proper headwear than rescuing girls from a fire.

    I have a somewhat realistic sense about myself. I’d like to think that if I saw a school on fire I would run in and save a bunch of schoolkids. But when push comes to shove, I’d probably be the guy standing around noting that it’s too dangerous to just go running into a burning building. But that’s at least a rational decision, I would be embarrassed about the incident, but at least I would be alive to regret it

    Meanwhile the religious police in Saudi Arabia are proud that they prevented the firemen from saving girls from a fire because they had might have had uncovered hair.

    That just boggles my mind.

    1. Klingons were more rational

      1. Today is a good day to die!

    2. These same people are calling for the selfie gal to be executed. Stoning? Beheading? Sick fucks.

      1. What I don’t get is that this is an area of the world with long memories and where revenge killings are common. How exactly are these “Morality Police” able to walk the streets without some family patriarch and his boys taking them out for beating their daughter, or making their child burn to death, or arresting their sister for being raped?

        You’d think that at some point the personal connection and desire for revenge would override the adherence to social oppression of women.

        But I’ve noted before that people don’t react in real life the way they do in the movies. Ron Brown is one of the more extreme examples of “avenging” a murder in the US, and he just sought legal action. Ron Thomas, father of Kelly Thomas and a former police officer trained in the use of weapons merely organized protests against the murder of his sons. He watched as the men who tormented and then murdered his son skated on charges. And then did nothing.

        In the movies, these guys would have been played by Harrison Ford or Charles Bronson and they would have hunted the perpetrators down and meted out their own justice. But in the real world this almost never happens, even when the injustice is great and the harm is irreversible.

        1. Women have no value other than property; they are are not people. Fellow tribesman are actual people.

          1. Word to big bird, JB. Totes feel you.

        2. People use post hoc justification to save themselves from doing things that have a cost. Why principals are important.

        3. In the real world lots of people carry guns (depending on where you live), everyone has a cell phone, targets are rarely completely alone, guns are loud and get unwanted attention, not to mention the fact that most of us have jobs and simply don’t have the time to plan out and execute our own justice. Most of us carry tracking devices in our pockets and traffic cameras are everywhere. So even if you leave your phone at home, there’s a good chance your vehicle was photographed in transit. Add to that the fact that if the injustice against you was that great, you’re going to be the major suspect. Unless you can be in two places at once it’s going to be hard to prove you weren’t near the crime scene. Good luck having a friend lie for you once they discover what you did. Sure it’s easy enough to walk up to someone and shoot them in the face at a restaurant or something, but most of us don’t want to get caught.

    3. “I’d probably be the guy standing around noting that it’s too dangerous to just go running into a burning building.”

      You don’t know what you would do until it happens.

      Interesting bit on the radio yesterday: The more religious christians get the more likely they are to sacrifice for others. Heaven is for those who live for others and suicide is a sin. Children are sacred.

      The more religious muslims get the more likely they are to commit murder and suicide is a virtue. Your reward in heaven is indulging in pedophilia.

      That might be a little simplified but there is truth to it. I am not a christian, I am a solid atheist, but I do have an appreciation for the values and attitudes modern christianity infuses into our society. It is no accident that if you seek out naked savagery and barbarism you will find yourself looking around in muslim countries.

  5. OT: Interesting vote stats…..epublican/

    1. In other words, Trump won on points scored despite having slightly fewer yards gained. Clinton would have won if she had stopped fumbling the ball and had actually been proactive in the fourth quarter, rather than running a prevent defense.

  6. I like to oppress woman as much as the next guy, but that desire is tempered by my enjoyment of seeing women walking around town in summertime clothes.

    (before one of you links to that Dunham picture, I said ‘women’.)

    1. You’d think one look at a SoCal campus in late Spring would change the entire Muslim world’s opinion of what women should wear.

      1. They don’t want other filthy perverts looking at their women that way. So modesty must be enforced by force.

  7. The problem with using civil disobedience to change unjust laws is that you are relying on the sense of justice and morality and just basic human decency of the majority of society to bring pressure to bear on the government based on their reaction to your plight.

    This is a country that is OK with publicly whipping a woman for being gang raped, while her rapists receive a much lighter sentence. Somehow I doubt their capacity for empathy with this woman, rendering such sacrifices moot.

    1. Yes. To have a civilized society you must have civilized people. That isnt what they have there.

  8. Wanna bring in ME immigrants to the US? Here is a good candidate.

    As C. Anacreon notes above she will probably not receive any support from our feminists. She is rebelling against the barbarism in SA which is, seems to me, very much an American spirit. Strengthening the American spirit isnt what the feminists have in mind.

    1. Remember, Suthen, western civilization is an oppressive patriarchal construct and must be toppled in its entirety. If it falls and is replaced by something even more oppressive well, as long as its’ adherents are predominantly brown people then it’s okay.


    2. Trump could just work with Congress to create a list of sex-apartheid states, and shut down all male immigration from those countries, including spouses and post pubescent children of any women admitted. Could expel resident males with a whiff of stink on them on that same basis. Make fighting global patriarchy (not islam per se) a theme of his presidency, recontextualize all Islamic terrorism as rooted in violence against women, and then challenge progs to defy him and openly, directly support violent patriarchy.

    3. I would like to recommend a book to you — “Excellent Daughters: The Secret Lives of Young Women Who Are Transforming the Arab World,” by Katherine Zoepf. One of the things I learned from that book is that the women fighting for women’s emancipation in those places fear too much open Western interference. Their opponents will use evidence of public support by Western women to paint the Arab feminists as “Westernizers” and “imperialists;” “outside agitators” to use an analogous phrase from our history. If Saudi feminists want American support we will provide it, but we should abide by the rule of “don’t make it worse.” Barging in now without consulting the locals is a recipe for disaster.

  9. It’s empowering to be safe from the male gaze, don’t you know. So progressive.

  10. I have no idea what Trump thinks of Saudi Arabia, but thank goodness Saudi-loving Hillary didn’t win.

  11. Progtard: it’s their choice, it’s their religious choice to wear these things….

    Fucking bullshit, it’s no choice:

  12. I think we found that war on women they keep talking about.

  13. Christ, what a nation of assholes.

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