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Why Was Clinton's Campaign Weak Enough to Be Killed by a Mealy-Mouthed Letter?

Bill Clinton joins his wife in blaming FBI Director James Comey for her humiliating loss.


Clinton campaign

Bill Clinton says his wife would have been elected president if it weren't for FBI Director James Comey and those democracy-destroying Russian hackers. "I watched her battle through that bogus email deal," the former president said yesterday as he cast his New York electoral vote for the Democratic nominee. "She fought through everything, and she prevailed against it all….Then at the end we had the Russians and the FBI deal….She couldn't prevail against that."

To back up his argument, which echoes what his wife said several days after the election, Clinton cited data journalist Nate Silver, "the finest vote counter in America," who "told you what cost her the election." Silver actually said the impact of the emails obtained by the Russian hackers was hard to measure "because it was drip-drip-drip," with embarrassing revelations spread out over several months. He did argue that the outcome of the election was affected by Comey's October 28 letter indicating that new evidence had emerged in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's email practices as secretary of state. Silver noted that Clinton lost about three points in national polling after the letter came out, when her lead shrank from 5.7 to 2.9 points.

But a better question, as Nick Gillespie suggested last week, is why Clinton, as a seasoned and supposedly respected politician facing a widely derided reality TV star with no experience in public office and higher negative ratings than any other major-party presidential nominee in the history of polling, did not have a bigger lead to begin with. "It's impossible to overstate how big a favorite the former secretary of state was in both her primary fight against Bernie Sanders and the general election matchup against Donald Trump," writes Washington Post political columnist Chris Cillizza. "She was the biggest non-incumbent front-runner for the White House in modern political history."

If Clinton had been ahead by a few more points before the Comey letter, Silver's analysis suggests she would be the one taking the oath of office on January 20. "Why aren't I 50 points ahead?" Clinton wondered a couple of months before the election. Even nine or 10 points would have done the trick, notwithstanding Comey's letter.

How did Clinton go wrong? Cillizza counts the ways, marveling at her terrible performance as a candidate:

From the start, it was clear that Clinton's appeal on paper didn't match her appeal in the real world of political campaigning. She badly underestimated [Bernie] Sanders's appeal from the start and then, because of ongoing doubts about her commitment to liberal causes, found it difficult to attack the senator from Vermont. As a result, a primary that was expected to be a coronation turned into a long-lasting problem—exposing the lack of enthusiasm for Clinton, particularly among young voters.

A general-election matchup against Trump was expected to be a fix for what ailed Clinton's primary effort. After all, faced with a choice between Clinton's deep résumé and Trump's bluster and showmanship, voters really had only one serious option, right? Clinton might not be exciting or represent the change voters wanted but no way, no how would people pick Trump, right?

Those assumptions led Clinton to run a campaign that can be summed up thusly: "I'm the one not named Donald Trump in the race." Turns out that wasn't enough for voters. Trump, for all his talk and inexperience, represented radical change. Clinton represented more of the same politics people hated.

She lost because she was overly cautious. Because she was slow to adjust to a changed race—in the primary and the general election. Because she never really connected with voters. Because she offered no positive message that resonated with those voters. Because she never grasped the import to her candidacy of the email story. Because she simply wasn't a good candidate.

Clinton's failure to understand the significance of what her husband derisively calls "that bogus email deal" is particularly salient because the controversy highlighted the haughtiness, secretiveness, and shiftiness that help explain her remarkably low approval ratings. Some polls even found she was less trusted than Donald Trump, a champion prevaricator. Had she been more forthcoming from the beginning, the controversy would not have dragged on long enough to trip her up once again in the final weeks of the campaign.

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  1. Even the nodders on Morning Joke the other day were saying it’s “unseemly” for her to be running around blaming Comey and anybody else she can think of for her self-inflicted humiliation.

    1. Photoshop, formaldehyde, and a tallow/paraffin cocktail. I would suggest keeping her away from convection heat and open flames.

      1. And a lens specially designed to mask the faces of worn-out celebs.

        1. a lens specially designed to mask the faces of worn-out celebs.

          Kind of an “Auto-Tune” for the eyes

    2. I think she’s slowly climbing out the uncanny valley… on the wrong side.

  2. Girl, don’t go away mad. Girl, just go away.

    1. “Most gracious Queen, we thee implore To go away and sin no more, But if that effort be too great, To go away at any rate.”
      Anon, epigram on Caroline of Brunswick (1768-1821), wife of George IV

  3. So um isn’t this the point where she’s supposed to fade gracefully into history?

    1. “Gracefully”? Have you heard of the Clintons before?

      1. Look, alls I’m saying is that now is the time for her to acknowledge that she lost fair and square, thank her supporters, and go back home to spend time with the people who love her, like uh…um, I don’t know maybe she could get a dog or something?

        1. Dogs have more taste than that. How about, oh, some reptile?

          1. Reptiles are attracted to heat sources and it’s not clear that she meets that basic criterion. What if she got a fish?

            1. I heard “light itself” is a major factor for growing algae, so…

              1. As far as her ability to nurture a life-form goes, her best bet is probably mildew.

                1. Yeast, actually. Assuming,”to culture,” and, “to nurture,” are synonymous here.

        2. she doesn’t have enough donor money anymore to attract people to her and PETA would be smart to keep all animals away from her

    2. It’s still early. I was expecting much more visibility and complaining from her than what we’ve seen.

      Now, if she’s still around in six months, I’ma be grouchy.

    3. How many times did Henry Clay run for President?

  4. It was a combination of things. Certainly the FBI didn’t help her. But what were they supposed to do? It is a bit rich for the Clintons to commit multiple felonies and then bitch and moan about the FBI having the nerve to even investigate it but not indict like they would have anyone else.

    I think more than anything two things killed Hillary; the deplorables comment and her complete lack of an affirmative reason to be President. The deplorables comment pissed a lot of people off. It came across as unAmerican and it turned a lot of people who were undecided against voting for her. The undecideds usually knew Trump supporters and didn’t appreciate Hillary calling their friends and loved ones irredeemable.

    None of that, not the FBI or the deplorable comment or any of it would have mattered if Hillary could have articulated a single reason why she should be President beyond Trump sucks and it is her turn. Whatever you think of Trump, there is no denying he has a plan and gave people a reason to vote for him. Same with Obama. Hope and Change might have been vacuous bullshit but it was something. Hillary had nothing. And that doesn’t work.

    1. “the deplorables comment”

      Obama could have gotten away with that. The ‘you didn’t build that’ comment proves it. Obama was the first black president and first woman president could not match that magic, especially since Hilary is not likable. Identity politics reached it’s peak and is now in decline. The Dems better find a new theme, but they won’t. I look for another sound drubbing in 2018. Perhaps the Stupid Party will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again, but not until at least 2020. The Democrats have damaged their brand too badly and they can’t even admit it, let alone fix it.

      1. Yes. People were not afraid to go after an old white woman like they were the first black President. And the you didn’t build that and bitter clingers comment hurt Obama. He got fewer votes in 12 than he did in 08. What saved him was a lot of looked at Mitt Romney as being not much different than Obama and just stayed home. Trump was able to capitalize on the deplorables comment where Romney, because he was an empty suit northeast liberal could not.

        1. It also didn’t help that Romney had his 47% comment to counteract Obama’s bitter clingers (however true it was). Insulting around 50% of voters is politically retarded.

          1. That is true. The 47% percent comment was just as stupid as the Deplorables comment. Everyone’s grandmother who gets social security is part of the 47%. Romney was just a horrible candidate.

            1. I remember the moment I saw the headline about the deplorable remark, my instant thought was “well, this is her 47% moment, and she just lost the election”. The comments are similarly stupid (especially from a horse racing perspective) and alienating to voters. But at least Romney had the decency to make his comment at a private function. Clinton was so damn arrogant she said it right out in the open with tv cameras in her face. None of my progressive friends could understand the problem.

        2. I’ve often told people Romney was the Team Red version of John Kerry in 04. There were worse people to run for office, but both failed to galvanize independents.

          1. There is a lot of truth to that.

        3. I would qualify that as “Trump was not afraid.” She would have beaten the other GOP candidates.

      2. “Identity politics reached it’s peak and is now in decline”
        Optimist. I expect progs to double-down on identity politics. What else have they got?
        Prog harder!

        1. Sure, but at this point “prog harder” will only continue to hurt them.

          1. I’m rooting for Keith Ellison to be the next DNC chair. If you’re going to go all in, go all in.
            If he turns the tide, then we might as well get it over with.
            The flip side if the Ellison strategy fails is a filibuster proof Senate and veto proof state houses.
            Plus prog tears filling the aquifers and ending the drought in California

        2. I expect progs to double-down on identity politics.

          If they do, they will keep losing, because different “identity groups” are discovering “intersectionality”, and it isn’t working out in their favor. Ultimately, the only people voting for Democrats may be black disabled illegal immigrant lesbians on welfare with an illegitimate child, because they are the only ones who aren’t privileged according to Democrats.

    2. “Clintons to commit multiple felonies”

      What multiple felonies? I’m sure any of the libertarians here can instruct you on how you have to be convicted in a court of law to be a felon, douche. You’d make a good goose-stepper for the NKVD or nominee for the Trump Justice Dept.

      1. You can commit a felony and not be prosecuted. Hillary by mishandling classified documents committed a felony every time she did. I don’t write the law I just read it douche bag.

        1. No, John, it’s like Al Capone wasn’t really a gangster running a brutal crime empire because he was never convicted of anything but tax evasion.

        2. If you are above the law than you can’t break it, by definition.

      2. A person who has committed a felony is a felon, and upon conviction of a felony in a court of law is known as a convicted felon or a convict.

        Note the distinction.

      3. american socialist|12.20.16 @ 12:22PM|#
        “What multiple felonies?”

        Can you believe asswipe is still peddling this crap?
        Fuck off.

    3. I would disagree with the statement “Certainly the FBI didn’t help her”. Her fall in the polls came before Comey’s email, anyone who says otherwise either hasn’t looked at the polls or needs to learn how to determine whether one date came before another date. The “the FBI is out to get me” narrative if anything helped motivate some of her backers.

      1. Maybe but I think those people were already motivated. How many people who were not going to vote for her anyway decided to turn out and do so because of that? Damn few I think.

    4. Remember her calling out a Trump protester at a rally with that “I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and the anger of people who support Donald Trump…” line?

      I think the idea was to lure undecided voters by stigmatizing Trump supporters, and it just backfired. Instead, they thought “Hey, I’ve considered voting for him, and not some dark, divisive, deplorable bigot. You know what? Fuck you, I AM voting for him.”

      The whole strategy was the perfect embodiment the sort obnoxious, progressive scolding and indiscriminate accusations of bigotry that people have gotten really sick of.

  5. It’s like blaming your loss on the kicker who missed a last-second game-winning field goal after your qb has thrown 4 interceptions, your running back fumbled three times and your special teams have allowed two returns for TD’s. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

    1. +1 laces out

      1. -1 Snowflake

    2. Of course, as I’ve said before, I don’t think Hillary was actually a candidate. After 2012 and Obama’s re-election – despite him not keeping his campaign promises, ramming through a widely unpopular healthcare take-over, doubling down on some of Bush’s worst civil liberties abuses, and the economy still being in the toilet – I think the Dems believed they had the numbers such that they could nominate Satan and it wouldn’t matter if the GOP nominated Jesus Christ, the Dems would still win. The Dems didn’t have to worry about appealling to any moderates or independents, they could nominate whoever had the best qualifications for ramming whatever agenda they pleased down the American public’s throat. And that was Hillary – from a purely “getting shit done” standpoint, there’s no question she had the best qualifications of anybody in the race. As long as you don’t mind what gets done or how it gets done.

      The Dems just didn’t count on the GOP nominating a Democrat with his own version of hopenchange and vague promises of free shit. (I mean, seriously, how the hell is Trump any different than Obama as far as who knows what the hell he’s going to do and how he’s going to do it other than it’s going to be great and you’re going to love it and somebody else is gonna pay for it? What a load of whoreshit.)

      1. Judging by his cabinet picks, the joke is on those who liked Trump because they thought he was a Democrat.

      2. Load of ‘whoreshit’? Can’t say that I’ve heard that phrase before, but I approve.

      3. And that was Hillary – from a purely “getting shit done” standpoint, there’s no question she had the best qualifications of anybody in the race.

        What positive thing did she ever get done? She got a lot of self-aggrandizing things done, she got some incompetent things done, but it goes back to the lack of a single reason that any supporter could cite in voting FOR her as opposed to voting against her opponent. Hells bells, a lot of Trump voters were more anti-Herself than pro-him.

        1. Don’t you know she was shot at on the tarmac in Kosovo? She all but is a war hero too you philistine!

        2. As long as you don’t mind what gets done or how it gets done.

          Who said anything about “positive”? The bitch made tens of millions of dollars selling access, got herself made SoS and POTUS nominee, dodged going to jail or being fed to pigs for behavior which definitely merited going to jail or being fed to pigs – just for starters. She knows where bodies are buried, skeletons are closeted, incriminating evidence is stashed. She knows whose ass you gotta kiss and whose balls you gotta twist to get shit done. You talk about “executive experience” being a good qualification for office, Al Capone had executive experience that probably best translates to political office. That’s the kind of experience Hillary has.

          1. Who said anything about “positive”?
            That’s what I am saying. I don’t think most people put President along side ward boss or mafia capo, though there may well be some parallels. I asked numerous Hillary shills to name one reason for supporting her, affirmatively supporting her, and all I got was crickets.

            1. I don’t think he meant to “get shit done” in a good way for the electorate, but for the benefit of party establishment and those control it. The “shit” they wanted done is corruption and extreme policies that would hurt her as a candidate and for re-election, but given the climate they thought they could get away with it. Rather than say a younger, less beholden, and harder-to-control candidate. The major parties always do this when they perceive they have a big advantage, hence the the “dead” party always comes back.

      4. Trump, to me, represents something of a return to 1990’s era Democrats. It’s not an exact fit, but it’s been true for a while that the Democrat party doesn’t really represent anywhere close to the same number of people it used to. Sure, they’re more ‘popular’ but that’s almost entirely due to the fact that people are stupid and simply don’t read any news whatsoever, let alone ‘fake’ news. Combine that with a media that’s almost entirely in the bag for the Democrats no matter what and it’s a recipe for a thin party without any real substance.

        It’s a social signal to vote Democrat regardless of the issues. Much the same can be said of Republicans, but I’ll say that their grassroots supports seem to actually be paying some level of attention. That’s where we stand today. Caught between those who are barely paying attention and the actively retarded.

    3. good point

  6. Clinton was doomed from the start. I thought the election would be closer and that Hillary would actually pull it out by winning PA. She lost PA, WI, and MI, sealing her fate. This has nothing to do with Comey or Putin. It’s the following factors.

    1. Hillary is not likable, at all. She has the personality of mold or mildew.

    2. Hillary is a terrible campaigner.

    3. Hillary’s running mate was weak.

    4. The country is getting sick of identity politics.

    5. The economy actually sucks, no matter how the Dems try to spin it, and they own it.

    6. Obamacare.

    7. People are sick of Washington and elites talking down to them and Trump looked like the guy to change it.

    8. Trump openly destroyed the PC narrative and people liked it.

    9. Illegal immigration.

    10. Trump was a sort of juggernaut with all the momentum from the beginning. Hillary was on a downhill slide.

    That’s enough reasons without making shit up.

    1. The Democrats likely made a mistake cashing in the black President card. Electing a black Democratic President was the high water mark of black Democratic politics. It has nowhere to go but down from here. We will never see the kind of black turnout we saw in 08 and 12 again. Worse still, I think it is likely that blacks start to figure out that voting Democrat isn’t doing them any good. If Trump has any kind of a successful Presidency, i would not be surprised to see him get 15 or 20 percent of the black vote in 2020.

      1. I see electing the first black president as a Democrat, as 2 things. First of all, a sort of vindication for the Democrats from slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, and MLK being a Republican. Second, the height of identity politics. Identity politics had worked, was the ticket to the future, and they ran with it. They overreached with it by a very large margin causing blow back.

        I’m sure most blacks are starting to figure out that there is some correlation between cities like Baltimore, Philly, and Detroit being ran by Democrats for 50 years and the horrific state of the inner city ghettos in those places. Probably just that a lot of them are trapped in those places and openly admitting that could make them targets. But it can’t last much longer.

        1. Voting Democrat papers over a lot of very deep divides in the black community. The ugly truth is that when segregation ended, most of the black people with any brains or initiative got up and went and left the ghetto behind becoming the black professional and middle class we know today. If black people ever started voting based on the actual cultural affinities and economic interests, that divide would split wide open. The Democratic party is like a church to the black community. It is not that they worship it. It is that it functions as a unifying social institution that keeps the community from splitting apart.

          1. If black people ever started voting based on economic and political self interest, the first group to go would be young black men, who get screwed over by feminism way harder than even the “red pill-blue pill” fanatics.

            1. Yes. And then the black social conservatives would be next. There are a lot of very Christian and conservative black people. At some point you would think they would notice that the Democratic Party hates their religion and social views.

              1. Yes, except the RethugliKKKans are gonna put y’all back in chains!!111!!!

          2. Voting Democrat papers over a lot of very deep divides in the black community. The ugly truth is that when segregation ended, most of the black people with any brains or initiative got up and went and left the ghetto behind becoming the black professional and middle class we know today.

            In Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Sowell makes the argument that the correlation between race and poverty is a historical accident; the black ghetto culture is a relic of dysfunctional southern redneck culture, shared by the less successful white immigrants from the British Isles who settled in the south. And, of course, Democrats have pretty consistently catered to southern rednecks for as long as they have existed.

    2. 1. Hillary is not likable, at all. She has the personality of mold or mildew.

      … and shrieks like a deranged twit.

      1. I’m still asking myself, “WHY WASN’T SHE AHEAD BY 50 POINTS???”

      2. Like that time she was in WV and shrieked out that comment about a 30 billion dollar plan! Or the ‘yes we can tax the middle class’ comment.

    3. 11. The sense of entitlement that surrounded the Hillary campaign. I suspect that pissed a lot of people off. It’s like she didn’t learn from 2008.

    4. Gun Control

      Her embrace of gun control in the primaries helped lose swing states and states that weren’t even supposed to be in play.

      1. ^ A whole bunch of the true-blue-union members see the opening day of deer season as a High Holy Day.

    5. A David Letterman worthy Top 10.

    6. 11. Expecting the Obama coalition to be her coalition. Attrition is what should have been expected from anybody else’s previous coalition. What did she do to try to create her own coalition besides playing the vagina card?

      1. The vagina card ran smack into the fact that a lot of women are actually married, don’t hate men, and are concerned about the well being of their husbands. Hillary was unusually strong only among unmarried women; married women were split about 50-50.

  7. For a guy who adapted to losing Congress two years into office, Bubba sure isn’t learning any lessons from this drubbing. At least not publicly. I am certain the DNC is, however. Whether they will be able to break off from the course they set toward universal safe space and head back to pretending to address middle class issues, or start nurturing candidates for state and local races like the GOP has been doing, is another matter. Identity politics has a firm grasp on the party, and with Obama and Clinton leaving no room for anyone else in the spotlight, they haven’t been grooming anyone to take the mantle.

    1. At least Bubba tried to move to the right after that. There’s zero chance of the Democrats doing that today. They’re going further left, the writing is on the wall.

    2. This is Bubba’s death rattle. He knows it’s over, that the opportunity to be in the White House once more is gone. The Foundation syndicate will no longer have the cash pull that it enjoyed and the demand for him on the lecture circuit is gone because he has nothing to offer. He and the Clinton name are done, he knows it, and he’s pissed. But he can’t blame Hillary public so he’ll lash out at whatever he believes will sell.

      1. I wish I had Bubba’s problems, retiring out of politics to run a hugely lucrative influence-peddling scam and have the tab for my absurdly opulent lifestyle picked up by donors. Granted, it’s going to be a lot less lucrative now, but even coasting on inertia they’ll die amidst extravagant luxury.

        1. with Bill, unlike Hillary, it’s about being in the arena. His whole life has been about that. Sure, he has money and can afford whatever, like every other ex-President except maybe Truman. But as W was glad to be out of there and moving on to the next chapter, Bubba knows nothing else. His being relevant has ended.

          1. “But as W was glad to be out of there and moving on to the next chapter”

            That’s about the one and only thing I can truly admire about George W. Bush – he’s the best ex-president I can remember. He’s not out there bloviating at some podium like a washed-up egomaniac. He’s just hanging out at his ranch painting and BBQ’ing, making an occasional low-key public appearance.

            Lord knows that we’ll never hear the end of Obama until he dies, after which we can look forward to every highway overpass and library named after him.

            1. You are so cute! You actually think they’re gonna wait?

        2. Yeah, but he lost out on the chance to diddle chubby interns with cigars, which I am certain, was one of his biggest hopes for a Hillary return to the WH….

      2. Bill still gets to charge “Former President” speaker rates. Hillary’s entire pricing scheme was based on the inevitability of her coronation. Now that she lost she’d be down to Former Secretary of State rates.

        Her speaker fees are probably a good indication for when Chelsea decides it’s her turn. If Hillary starts charging more it’ll be on the promise of access to Chelsea.

    3. From what I’ve heard, Bubba was giving HRC sound advice during the campaign to campaign heavily in the swing states but she was ignoring it in favor of her 20-something and 30-something campaign advisors.

      1. I hear on the radio several people are now starting to lay all the blame on Huma which she may deserve some but you can’t polish a turd no matter who is polishing it.

        1. Actually, you can; can’t get the link to post, but search the Mythbusters.

          1. Very deep freeze and/or plasticization followed by traditional machining and polishing probably also works.

  8. She lost because she was promising free stuff – healthcare for all and debt-free college. Turns out, people don’t really want that even if they scream for it at rallies. What do they want? Wars and witch hunts – which is why Trump got so much ardent support and why he won. So it’s a generational struggle between Trumpkins who want to ‘burn it all down’ by oppressing vulnerable groups like muslims, blacks and illegals, and will pass on the free stuff. Versus the Bernie bros who oppose these injustices, even if they’ll gladly take the free stuff if given. So they must stand up to their frumpled uncle Trumpkins, who will start WW III even if it raises their own gas prices. The questions are when they will realize they’ve been cucked, and whether millenials and gen-Y will realize that war might be fun but will cost much more than $20T.

    1. Translated: My butt is still awful sore because Hillary lost.

      1. he conveniently leaves out Obama’s wars, his blatant violation of the War Power’s Act and his power grab to get the Authoritah to unilaterally execute US citizens on US soil based on Obama’s sole discretion the person is a terrorist and with no congressional oversight before or after

        “but Bush but Bush”

        the anti-war left has had 8 yrs of silence while Obama was in office but now they can fire up their bullhorns because it’s a repub in the WH

        what rank hypocrisy

        1. If it was not for double standards, the left wouldn’t have any at all….

          1. Gloom, despair, and agony on us.

    2. Well, I think more people want jobs than free stuff.

      Even if neither is going to happen, a lot of people have pride and want to work for a living. Albeit at a decent salary.

  9. Some polls even found she was less trusted than Donald Trump, a champion prevaricator. Had she been more forthcoming from the beginning, the controversy would not have dragged on long enough to trip her up once again in the final weeks of the campaign.

    Hillary shills still shilling for Hillary.

    1. and totally missing the essence of who Hillary is – she will never ever ever be “forthcoming” because it’s an alien way of behaving. The woman will – because she has – lie over things there is no reason to lie about; she will lie when better served by the truth. If Hillary were granted a do-over knowing everything that she knows today, she would be no more “forthcoming” the second time around.

      1. It’s pathological…

      2. Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.
        Harry S Truman

        Some people just can’t help themselves.

  10. It was over when the New York Times called Hillary a “congenital liar”.……html?_r=0

    It just took a couple of decades for everyone to realize that it was actually over.

  11. On what do they blame Hillary losing in the 2008 primaries to Obama?

    1. Obama was the true savior that was to come. Hillary is just a minor prophet and all they have left.

      In 2020 it’s White Squaw, Bernie Bae, and a rejuvinated Hillary in another blood match. After 30 primaries, score Bernie 20, Hillary 9, Warren 1, Bernie has an unfortunate accident and Hillary wins. Queue up Nasty Woman vs Trumputin 2!

      1. Bernie will be 79 in 2020? I don’t know how long his health will last.

        1. His health will hold out until it’s clear he’s going to beat Hillary. It’s seriously her last, last chance.

        2. Castro lived to be 90…

      2. and a rejuvinated Hillary

        Old rats can be rejuvenated by injections from young rats.

        Luckily, it probably works best within species, so human children should be safe.

  12. There is a larger issue here as well. And that is the left doesn’t have any answers to any of the problems facing the country. You can only go so far selling politics as the “brand of tolerance” before the public starts to notice your actual policies are a disaster. In some ways Hillary ran as good of a campaign as she could, given the limitations of what she was trying to sell to the country.

    1. Sure they do, John. The same answers the left has had for the last 100 years. It’s not that they don’t have answers, it’s just that their answers don’t work.

      1. And people are finally figuring that out. In some ways this election is the fallout of 1989 and the collapse of communism finally hitting America. The left in this country has been acting like 1989 never happened and their answers worked.

  13. Fuck you, Bubba. You and your crooked wife should be kissing his feet for the backflips he did to avoid landing both of you in jail.


    1. Comey merely took the fall for Lynch. If he’d recommended indicting, we’d have seen real gymnastics from Lynch.

  14. So um isn’t this the point where she’s supposed to fade gracefully into history?

    The Clinton Foundation now has little to no influence to peddle; it’s time to morph it into a superPAC and keep rattling the tin cup for “early childhood (ages 2-32) development” and “common sense gun safety” issues. You don’t expect them to start flying commercial, do you?

  15. “I watched her battle through that bogus email deal,”

    Replace “email” with “state secrets” and run it by the focus group, Bill.

    1. I find it quite hilarious that left kept telling us there was no crime committed when foreign powers had obviously hacked Hillary’s bathroom closet server – used in violation of the law all so she could hide the criminal activity tied to her foundation, of all reasons – and actually stole information with national security real implications, only to go bonkers about national security implications when these tools lied about the Russians hacking the DNC servers and exposing the DNC as a crime syndicate.

      1. Even if you set aside the issue of storing/transmitting classified material in an unapproved and insecure manner, there was also the fact that she violated records-keeping procedures for unclassified material, too. No other individual under investigation would have the kind of discretion Clinton was afforded over what potential evidence the FBI can or cannot look at.

  16. “I watched her battle through that bogus email deal,” the former president said yesterday as he cast his New York electoral vote for the Democratic nominee. “She fought through everything, and she prevailed against it all….Then at the end we had the Russians and the FBI deal….She couldn’t prevail against that.”

    What a pathetic, lying, piece of shit that man is! “bogus email deal” = treating classified material like her laundry receipt.

  17. Surely there were cameras on her as the results were coming in. There had to be at least one documentary crew on hand to catch the election of the first woman president for posterity. As much fun as the unfolding reactions of journalos was, how cathartic would it be to witness the slow descent into madness that had to be Clinton campaign headquarters that night.

    Russian hackers, you know you have the power to release that footage. And you have the duty. I call on you to do what is necessary for me to totally jizz myself at what would be the ultimate in Schadenfreude porn.

    1. Release it in theaters. I would pay to see it and buy a jumbo popcorn on the way in.

      1. Not just theaters, it needs to be on IMAX

        1. AAAGGHHH!!! My eyes! My eyes!

    2. Ya know, seeing the ‘glass ceiling’ confetti canon dismantled was pretty enjoyable.

    3. Who wants to see a drunk HRC assaulting John Podesta and Robby Mook?

      1. Bitch-fight?

      2. Well, i do. That would be hilarious.

    4. I’m sure they destroyed those videos or at lest put them on her other server

    5. I understand that anything and everything in the room which weighed less than she could heft was thrown against the wall during her meltdown tirade. I would pay $100 for a copy of the video. Hell, I’d love to see a still shot of the shambles after she was done.

  18. Good essay on what the Democrats should do to become relevant again.

    I’m guessing they won’t do any of it. They seem to have cut themselves loose from the political center (and reality) and are rocketing to the left at an incredible pace. Leaving them with this rapidly shrinking map – The Clinton Archipelago.

  19. All those kicks in the teeth to Sanders supporters did not help Hillary either since she needed their votes in the General

    Including that last kick when after Wasserman was forced out of the DNC for helping Hillary against Bernie and Hillary turns around and makes here honorary chairmen of Hillary’s campaign.

    I find it incredible how tone deaf Hillary was

    1. I said here the other day that it’s amazing how little you hear the name “Wasserman-Shultz” when someone is trying to explain Hillary’s loss. The DNC conspired against one of its nominees!!!! How short progressives’ memories are.

      1. The press buried the Wasserman being Hillary chairmen the day after it was announced. I did not hear anything about it after the first day. No reporters asking Bernie supporters about it, no interviews with Wasserman

        1. Well, in all fairness to the press, I don’t think DWS was granting very many interviews around that time. 🙂

          1. more like the press wasn’t asking for any.

          2. …on advice of counsel, no doubt.


      2. I don’t really get that complaint, because Sanders is not even a Democrat. Of course a political party is going to be against someone who isn’t even a party member

        1. Had they told him at the outset that he wasn’t a Democrat and that he and his backers could shove it, I’d be perfectly okay with this. But once the DNC decided to let him in as, God help us, a draw for youth voters, their right to demand party purity was gone.

  20. Silver noted that Clinton lost about three points in national polling after the letter came out, when her lead shrank from 5.7 to 2.9 points.

    Correlation, causation, how do they work?

    I guess Nate Silver had nothing else happening in his election model, so Comey had to be the cause of the drop?

    Not the 25% increases in health care premiums millions got hit with that week, as another commenter recently noted?

  21. Silver actually said the impact of the emails obtained by the Russian hackers was hard to measure “because it was drip-drip-drip,”

    Can’t we just say “Wikileaks emails”? Always saying Russian grants their still unproven narrative.

    1. Posh! Its totally professional to repeat the unsubstantiated allegations of anonymous sources by partisan outlets as long as everyone else does it.

      1. To be sure, GILMORE(tm), to be sure. Can’t we agree that how they feel about this is just as important as how the allegations may or may not be true? We simply can’t be sure that the unsubstantiated allegations are untrue, because, to be sure, we just don’t know all the facts, yet. I’m not saying that reporting is right or ethical here, but that not reporting what we know when we know it is the greater, more terrifying evil here. We can agree on that, right?

        To be sure….

        1. We never know until we know, Groovus, and even then we cannot be certain.

          In other words, perhaps I agree/disagree with none, some, most, or all of your points.

          That is – if they were points.

    2. And saying “Russians” or whatever else means not having to notice the information contained in those emails, it means not having to notice Hillary’s own words or those of her acolytes.

      1. yes maybe instead we should be saying “the daming emails that were graciously provided by the Russians when Congress was unable get them.”

  22. I believe you have to go back as far as Hoover to find a party winning the Whitehouse in a new election while holding it already (vice presidents excepted.) Hillary came close; but the country apparently stuck to this historical fact even if it meant electing Trump.

  23. Silver noted that Clinton lost about three points in national polling after the letter came out, when her lead shrank from 5.7 to 2.9 points.

    “Correlation, causation, whatever.”

  24. Her “deep resume” of lying and incompetence

    I could never vote for her just based on her pandering and lies in the speech to NAACP where she bashed cops contra all the studies proving there is no racial bias against blacks in police shootings (5 studies so far including one by a liberal black Harvard prof who expected the opposite result and found “the most amazing result of my career”)

    but I first learned of her anti cop, anti secret service anti military fucktardedness decades ago when I worked with secret service at their summer white house when bill was pres.

    the service loved bill, the bushes, and had no problems with cabinet members,etc

    literally the ONLY person they despised (and let me know it) was Hillary

    fuck her

    1. I never had any way to confirm it but I certainly heard that during the Clinton years. Everybody was telling the joke where Bill Clinton goes outside with a dog and asks the Marine on duty if he likes the dog and the Marine replies “Sir! That’s a fine dog sir!” Bill says “I got him for Hillary.” The Marine says “Sir! Good trade sir!”

      1. it is true. why would (3) different agents lie to me about how fucked up Hillary was?

        what possible motivation would they have to tell me , a local cop working with them?

        and again, it wasn’t a partisan thing because they loved Bill, the Bushes etc.

        it was JUST her.

        and over the years I just saw more and more instances of similar reports.

        when there is a million points of data…

      2. I’ve heard the same thing directly from an Airman who she called “a monkey” and complained about his presence, State Department Security despised her too. My favorite story – her guards laughing when the old bag fell down and broke her elbow – because they had been ordered to stay far away from her and couldn’t catch her.…..her-elbow/

      3. My brother was a K9 handler in the military who occassionally did secret service details several years back.

        He has consistently and without fail always said that everyone he ever worked with was really cool except for Hillary – who was the most hateful and mean-spirited bitch he ever met, and who apparently hated anybody with a crewcut.

        1. Or a functioning pair of testicles.

  25. NPR is conducting their ‘exit interview’ of the President and I’m only catching snippets, but Obama’s coming off as largely reasonable. He seems to be careful to not blame the “Russian” “Hacking” (yes, each individual word requires scare quotes) but indicates a failure in Democratic political outreach, ignoring flyover country, dealing with national issues, but he couldn’t help himself and blamed the Kochs. Now admittedly, he was talking about Democrats writ large in the ’16 election, not just Hillary Clinton.

    1. to his credit, he’s also spoke rather sternly to Millenials to stop being PC pussies on more than one occasion including recently and at least given lip service to free speech on campus

      I respect him for that.

      fuck, even Bernie has called out the PC left.

      Hillary otoh is obsessed with dank memes

    2. Obama can be a petulant bitch a lot but he often does come across as reasonable. it is his supporters who are generally nuts. There have been times over the last 8 years I felt sympathy for Obama because his supporters were clearly nuts and he was mostly riding herd over their worst instincts.

      1. and you could see that look on his face where he KNOWs many of his followers are full of shit but being a politician means you gotta pander

        1. He has to see through a lot of the obsequiousness especially from the media. My guess is that if you got him alone and he were honest, you would tell you he loathes the media as much as anyone.

          1. and I would call bullshit on that. No one has gotten more of a free ride from the media, or used them more to his advantage, than Barack Hussein Obama. The press has carried his water more dutifully than Pravda did for the Politburo. At some point, much like Hillary and the Dems at large, Obama has to look in the mirror, too, and do some introspection.

            All this talk that sounds so sober and reasonable – where was it for eight years in dealing with the Pubs, with mealy-mouthed characters like Boehner or McConnell who had taken the sparest bone and tried selling it to their party? Where was this reasonable from “I won” when debate on health care started? He knows it’s over, some part of him knows the legacy is not going to stand up well over time, and even with his lack of workplace diligence, Obama has to be tired of it all. All the promise of November 2008, shot to shit in large part by his own hand.

            1. Of course he got friendly treatment. And I am sure he knows that. But being a toady generally breeds contempt. That is what I am saying.

              1. fair enough. The dogwashers never seem to understand that they are viewed as dogwashers.

            2. What’s worse to me is that he has treated the media with utter contempt. His was the least transparent administration in modern history–he even sicced the DoJ on reporters who got a little too nosy using the goddamn Espionage Act–and the masochistic little dears love him for it. I thought the NYT would as one body throw themselves from a rooftop at the prospect of his administration ending.

      2. I will agree with one critic and say that Obama is masterful at staying above (or out of) the fray.

        1. You know who else uses proxies and bagmen to keep his hands clean…

          1. Grocery store managers?

    3. (yes, each individual word requires scare quotes)

      For both accuracy and… uh… well “accuracy”. I somehow broke out of his magnificent oration spell early on but I can’t believe anyone is still under it at this point. Even by NPR standards, his speaking abilities are sub par, IMO.

      Part of it is his own fault, without political wind in his sails his vacuousness of thought or vision doesn’t give him much to orate about (or he’s finally learned that he has to mean the things he says) but the other part is him legitimately being hamstrung between saying what he knows/thinks/feels is right or proper and losing votes/party share/etc.

    4. Didn’t he already come out publicly talking about Russian hacking and make veiled promises of reprisal? He wants the best of both worlds, as usual.

      1. He is now changing his tune because the focus groups told him only the progtards have swallowed that lie hook, line, and sinker, but others see through the bullshit.

  26. Hillary couldn’t be honest about her health, and her health wasn’t a big deal. Cover-up worse than the crime. That plays into lack of credibility.

    1. Complete lack of credibility of Herself and especially the tanking media for completely ignoring her flailing about, stumbling up stairs and those amazing recoveries (drug induced, no doubt).

  27. yes, how dare WikiLeaks – or the Russians or whoever the fuck else – let you see Hillary in her own words.

    1. That’s what the left wants you to believe is the scandal: focus on the red scare (even though the people that released the emails have repeatedly said that was not their source, and they got the emails from an insider), not on the fact that the emails show the DNC is a crime syndicate writ large.

  28. data journalist Nate Silver

    If Sullum gave him this title, I bow respectfully. If the Clinton’s or Silver himself chose this title, the ability to insert oneself into his ass appears to be endless. He might as well end every one of his articles with “And that’s the way it is.”

    1. “title” – Mad.Casual, Fact Reporter

    1. “This is MY America”

      Kay, I guess I’ll leave. But I’m taking the Jews with me.

  29. Silver is full of shit. The elections are decided by swing voters in about six states. Who the hell didn’t have an opinion on HRC’s email etched in stone before the Comey letter? Seriously. Were there like 5 union steelworkers in Pittsburgh sitting in a bar on lunch break, see the emails and go Fuck that bitch, that’s the last straw, I’m going Trump. Were there a dozen senile people at an old folks home in Ohio that were going to sit the election out, saw the email thing hit Fox News, and said “Bus driver, pull her around front, we need to stop this woman”?

    As I’ve tried to explain to my prog friends – everyone – you, me, everyone, that was going to vote knew by October 1, let alone November 1, that there was this email thing and we all had our opinions on what happened and we all had factored it into our voting calculations. My prog friends saw here as innocent, perhaps not IT savvy. I saw her as corrupt. Comey’s letter had no bearing on any of it.

    Mr. Silver, I want fucking names of these alleged fence sitters or shut the hell up.

    1. What really changed minds was Comey’s earlier dismissal of the charges, when he basically said, “She’s guilty as sin, and if anyone else did what she did they’d be already perp-walked and fitted for an orange jumper. But she’s too big to jail, and so we aren’t going to try. But don’t anyone think if you pull the same s**t we won’t put you in prison.”

      Then there was Hillary’s, “See? I didn’t do anything wrong!” response.

      1. Security violations that could, and perhaps did get people killed.
      2. Unequal justice before the law.
      3. No apology.

      Three strikes, she’s out.

  30. John:”Worse still, I think it is likely that blacks start to figure out that voting Democrat isn’t doing them any good.”

    Maybe Black people vote for Democrats because they are smarter than poor White people who think illegals voting is actually happening.

    When do you think poor White males are going to start figuring out that voting Republican isn’t doing them any good? They vote for Republicans pretty much as a bloc.

    1. But Michael Moore said Republicans only got rich people votes!

      1. Well, to be fair, he turned right back around and said (without a smidge of irony) that ‘we all need to keep one republican friend so you can get your car fixed’.

        Because Moore loves the working class. He really does.

        1. He loves the dollars of dumb saps who buy his movies.

      2. He’s wrong then. Donald Trump gots an overwhelming majority of votes from White people who think Mexican hoardes are crossing the border to vote for Democrats and from people that want to impose Christian Sharia (abortion, gay marriage, etc.) on you and me. Those people aren’t our friends.

        1. It’s funny because it’s true!

      3. I can’t decide who’s less republican or Republican; Romney or Trump. I do know which one got fewer white-people votes. Matter of fact between Team D: Obama, Clinton and Team R: Romney, and Trump, I know who got the fewest white-people votes and who got the most.

    2. Or maybe you are a fucking racist moron who thinks every black person who is poor and lives in the ghetto. Take your hideous smug racial stereotypes somewhere else. This isn’t Stormfront.

      1. I said Black people were smarter than the White victims of Obama’s oppression, douche. You’re the one stereotyping. I go over to Stormfront once in a while to post Asian jokes, John. It’s funny, though, they say pretty much the same shit you do. Weird, you know.

      2. Take your hideous smug racial stereotypes somewhere else.

        Elections are complex, 12-dimensional chess matches. Unfortunately, Amsoc has trouble with hopscotch.

        1. He is just a racist. The idea that there are black people who are from the country or serve in the military or are rich or run businesses never occurs to him. Blacks are just stereotypes that fit his politics. They are not full human beings to someone like him.

          1. John, Did you post this or not?

            “The ugly truth is that when segregation ended, most of the black people with any brains or initiative got up and went and left the ghetto behind becoming the black professional and middle class we know todaY”

            Reducing the complex experiences of a group of people into such a grotesque simplification is de jour racism, counselor, let’s hope you’re professional colleagues don’t see your juvenile rants. You should be fucking disbarred.

            1. You don’t even know what racism is, do you?

            2. Let’s chalk up “de jour racism” to the list of words that amsoc doesn’t actually understand the meaning of.

            3. american socialist|12.20.16 @ 12:18PM

              Maybe Black people vote for Democrats because they are smarter than poor White people who think illegals voting is actually happening.

              When do you think poor White males are going to start figuring out that voting Republican isn’t doing them any good? They vote for Republicans pretty much as a bloc.

              american socialist|12.20.16 @ 12:46PM

              Reducing the complex experiences of a group of people into such a grotesque simplification is de jour racism, counselor

              Oh boy.

              1. Look, he may have issues with self reflection….

                1. What does being a vampire have to do with anything?

          2. He is just a racist.

            Even this is giving him lots of credit. Plenty of stormfront-types are well read and aware of history. Lots of dumb rednecks are neighbors with immigrants and other minorities (and, at this point, have been for generations).

            It’s a special kind of stupid that looks at the polls and sees support for tighter border controls rising across the board and thinks, “Those damned white people won’t support my candidate!” even though the popular numbers show the majority of white people actually supported his candidate. “Round peg, square hole” is just too complex for them.

    3. When do you think poor White males are going to start figuring out that voting Republican isn’t doing them any good? They vote for Republicans pretty much as a bloc.

      I would love to see some data to support this, and then maybe some sort of explanation for the political allegiances of most unions, Sanders supporters, the prior success of the Democratic Party, New England… I mean, you are aware that according to the last census people who identify as white make up just shy of 3/4 of the US population, right? If they voted as a bloc exclusively for any party no other party would win an election.

      Or are you saying “poor” as in “impoverished”, in which case you must be implying that only lower-class whites vote Republican? Of course, if this were true, you’d have to assume that whites are struck disproportionately by poverty–which doesn’t say much for the last president’s economic agenda, I’ve got to say, but I suppose it would make the concept of “white privilege” even funnier.

      1. “Some data…”

        Sure. It’s incriminating. 72% of non-college educated White males voted for Trump. Pretty much a bloc.

        1. I mean like a link to an actual source. And your statement is hardly incriminating when you’re confusing low-income with non-college.

        2. Non-college educated does not mean “poor”, moron.

          1. It does to the sort of dipshits who think college credentials will automatically guarantee them an upper middle class income and are willing to go into hock for the rest of their lives to pay for college. A lot of them are going to be flipping burgers for a long time, because they have no other marketable skills.

        3. “non-college educated” like all those tradesmen who own businesses and do quite well for themselves? But, if so, why would such a group vote as a bloc for Trump, or against Hillary?

          1. Because – reduce the business tax rate from 35% . . . . . . .

            1. and presto, those non-educated folk not only look intelligent but people voting in their own interest. No wonder AmSoc hates them.

        4. Non-college educated does not mean poor, nor does it mean stupid, as you often try to argue here in your scumbag elitist fashion.

          1. To be honest, I’m having trouble finding data on race AND income level (ex: % Trump voters for Hispanics who make between 20-39k). I think it would be interesting to have it. Does anyone know a source?

            Of course, educational attainment is a good indicator of income– Mike Rowe articles on Shitty Jobs, notwithstanding.


            1. Of course, educational attainment is a good indicator of income

              No, it’s not. The variance with each group is fairly large. That makes for a weak predictor.

              1. The variance within each group is fairly large.

            2. I don’t have a college degree, and I’m the QA Engineer for an industry-leading financial software platform. A lot of the developers, testers and BAs in my field don’t have college degrees, either. I’m going to guess by your inability to meet you bills, tortured use of language and inability to process causal chains logically, that all of us make far more than you do.

    4. Haven’t seen the Democrats this mad since the Republicans freed their slaves.

      1. And turned everyone else into slaves in the process: first federal income tax and first military draft were instituted during the Civil War by the Republicans.

    5. In amsoc’s peanut brain, voting for dependency on a broken system that stagnates your social mobility and inevitably fails, leaving you with nothing but a handful of bills to use as toilet paper is the ‘smart’ answer.

      1. ? I think this is what I’d refer to as de jour wingnuttery, John, I think someone here is insinuating that all Black people live in public housing projects in the ghetto. You should probably come here and stomp up-and-down like a girl and send him over to Stormfront where he belongs.

        1. Read what I wrote, you illiterate moron, not what your fever dream delusions come up with. My statement was in regards to what you consider ‘smart’ and how it is fundamentally incorrect. Race was not mentioned at all, but like the halfwit parrot trained to squawk out catchphrases you scream ‘racism’. I can make chatbots more intelligent than you.

    6. *Maybe Black people vote for Democrats because they are smarter than poor White people *
      *poor White males…vote for Republicans pretty much as a bloc”

      Majority of poor voted D.
      Also, blacks vote D to the tune of 88%. White males, poor or otherwise, do not vote for GOP anywhere near that rate.

      You lose. Again. Like always. You’re like the damn Washington Generals.

  31. Nonsense. My Facebook “friends” assure me that it was the Russians, racist white people, and richness that sabotaged American democracy.

    1. …and misogyny, can’t forget misogyny !

  32. lol. Bill gets stuck with his bitch wife when he was sure he was going to pawn her off on us. sucks to be you Bubba.

  33. John, why don’t you tell your White friends that they should stop voting for Republicans as a bloc. It’s not good when White politicians cater to the racial politics of their White constituents. The only reason Donald Trump won was because a bunch of White people voted for him regardless of the fact that he isn’t going to do shit for them.

    1. He’s probably waiting for white people to vote as a bloc. Then it would make more sense.

      1. I hear a bunch of them voted for Obama. Clearly all the evil rich white people if the poor whites always stupidly vote for Republicans as a bloc.

        Democrats are the party of oppression!

      2. Nationalsocialists have been waiting for these bloc votes for a long time… To better diagnose this particular infiltrator, visit the hitlerwasacapitalist blog. National Socialism was of, by and for mystical altruism as an inherited genetic trait in the eugenics preached by Henry Ford, Walter Darr?, Josef Goebbels, and little Adolf in both the Nazi platform and Ford-congratulating Mein Kampf. Germany, 98% white christian, reelected the socialist over and over, but all those photos of priests and bishops hobnobbing with their altruist swastika buddies? FAKE! Real socalists can just tell about these sorts of things by feelings alone.

    2. I live in Washington DC. All of my white friends at least locally are Democrats. In fact, one of the few real Republicans I know who lives in town is black. You really are a racist aren’t you?

      1. Don’t forget, he’s stupid as well as racist. Don’t limit his accomplishments.

      2. “. All of my white friends at least locally are Democrats.”

        That’s pretty much true for me too, John. They all have college degrees, also. Oh, and I live in California so tell your D.C. gov’t friends to go fuck themselves and stop launching wars that we Californians have consistently been against.

        1. You can tell they were against the wars by all the protests over the past 8 years,…oh, wait…

          1. They’ve been doing those Afghanistan protests down the street for years now. You guys really aren’t that familiar with the Bay Area are you? Most true Leftists hate Obama. I find him a more nuanced figure.

            1. Do you actually believe the nonsensical bullshit you spew?

              1. 93% of it– the rest is to just give right-wingers like John the middle finger. Those stories about Afghanistan War protesters down the street are Mostly True.

                1. And like most people holding up their middle fingers, there is little substance behind what you spew just inexplicable and unjustified petulance and anger.

            2. You guys really aren’t that familiar with the Bay Area are you?

              Is your driver a liberal, too?

            3. I’m familiar with the (airily) Bay Area, back when we had free trade up and down the Haight. Before the (sneeringly) commies and jesusfreak socialists came crawling out of the woodwork, it was (nostalgically, yet smugly) really a nice scene, very libertarian, live and let live, do your own thing. (segue to Auld Lang Syne)

        2. Many of the least educated people I know have degrees. And some of the most educated I know do not. The bar is so low these days all you’re saying is you know people who have a 1950’s level high school education.

        3. It’s so funny that you think your constant temper tantrums are some kind of moral stand when you’ve repeatably shown yourself willing to ignore or demand complete depravity.

        4. *I live in California so tell your D.C. gov’t friends*

          Yeah, his Cali Gov’t Friends can screw up Cali alllll by themselves.

  34. I think her statement of “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” actually harmed her more since those on the fence and even some supporters realized that was a statement calling for obedience to her by the electorate not just support. Your either with her or against her

    1. Not to mention the special place in hell for women who did not vote for her.

    2. It worked for George Waffen Bush: Der Krieg, oder Islamismus?
      (RU fur us or agin’ us?) Remember?

  35. Bill. He thought he had come up with the perfect way to get rid of his wife. And it would have worked too if it wasn’t for you darned Trumpkins.

  36. Had she won, it would’ve been Comey’s last-minute “put the email issue to bed” move that had put her over the top. Since she didn’t, the same event is instead cast as the “bring up the email issue again” move that sunk her.

  37. “I watched her battle through that bogus email deal,” the former president said.
    This from the man who invented the subtle parsing of words, and defining them as needed?
    Let me go programmer or mathematician on you here with parenthesis.
    Through that (bogus email) deal
    Through that bogus (email deal)

  38. Truth be told, I expected more from Bill Clinton. For all his faults he was the antithesis of Shitlary in possessing genuine campaign prowess and a folksy likability. Now he seems intent on digging a deeper grave for his party.

    Maybe I’m just idealistic, but I must have watched that Michael Jordan motivational video from 10 years ago at least a couple dozen times. The one where he talks about how many baskets he missed, how many games he lost, how many times he failed to meet goals he’d set for himself and then he ends it by saying that all of his failures are what made him succeed.

    Hillary specifically and the Dems in general have shown ZERO of this kind of, “Okay, let’s learn from our mistakes and use them to get better,” type of self-reflection. They are so utterly convinced of their own infallibility that they can’t even conceive of taking any responsibility for any shortcomings. No, it’s the fault of the Russians, the “deplorables,” the FBI, Gary/Jill Stein, Bernie, or maybe “racism” against elderly white women — basically anything except problems with her awesomeness and the outdated, SJW-stained prog ideas that have mastastasized through her party.

    I get it that she doesn’t get this, but Bill of all people should be able to. Surely it can’t be because he is afraid he’ll be sleeping on the couch if he speaks the truth, because I imagine that would be a plus rather than a punishment. Perhaps he is just sliding into senility.

  39. Whoops!!…..ction.html

    1. Now his transition team is out of work. Trump, costing Americans jobs before he even takes office.

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    1. “99 USD hourly”

      Statistically speaking, probably a Clinton voter, but being employed as a spam-producing asshat douche my inclination is that LoriLam is a Trump supporter.

      1. Statistically speaking, probably a Clinton voter


      2. Especially damning to your “education is a good indicator for income” argument, Clinton won among lower income voters and higher educated voters.

        1. * Clinton won among lower income voters and higher educated voters.*

          These were all the voters who received a degree in [identity/ethnic] studies and are, hence, unemployed.

  41. I still think the core of the problem with Hillary’s campaign was that Hillary and her butt-monkeys felt that having to campaign for votes was beneath Herself. It was Her Turn! And these people are all about The Supremacy Of Feelz.

    Stupid voters! Unworthy though they are, they were supposed to coming crawling on their hands and knees to Herself.

  42. There are soooooo many reasons that Hillary lost. She’s shrill. She has a sense of entitlement approximately the size of Eurasia. She has the charisma of a roadkill skunk. She ran an absolutely appalling campaign. She represents Business As Usual in the Democrat party and in Washington. All the smarmiest representatives of the Media, Showbiz, and Politics assured the American People that she was as swell and pancakes and bacon. She’s either deliberately criminal, or too stupid to be allowed near classified material. She and her hubby take bribery and corruption to a level that would make Huey “Kingfish” Long say “That’s a bit much”. She comes on like Eva Peron, without the charm.

    Trump may be, and probably is, an absolutely appalling person, but compared to Hillary he’s Jimmy Stewart.

  43. She lied, she lied multiple times on matters of national security and pay to play. Cost peoples lives, her “experince” is weak to worse, and she doesn’t own up to her failures like the Russian reset, Arab spring, Yemen, Gaddafi or anything else.

  44. if you look at it from her perspective, she probably remembers the advice dick morris gave her husband when monica lewinsky became a household name…”you can’t be forthcoming, because they’ll eat you alive.” so he stalled and people stopped caring, which took the steam out of any effort to actually punish him. if she had been more forthcoming, i think it would’ve gotten harder for her to survive. she probably still does, but the odds go down. because her big advantage was that she polluted the issue and people got tired of it, which made it easier for comey to ignore the evidence.

    1. So the election was all about personalities? Not the trillions in loot that the looters get their hands on? What an IDIOT I’ve been!

  45. plus….he’s married to her. what do you expect him to say?

  46. Too funny! Americans are beginning to figure out what scum Democrats are!

    1. As if that made them different from the Christian National Socialists.

  47. The head wacko libs in total denial with a serious case of looser waa waa waa…..

  48. The head wacko libs in total denial with a serious case of looser waa waa waa…..

  49. The Democratic platform called for cops to keep shooting pets and children who got in the way of their prohibitionist asset-forfeiture racket (just like the GO Pee). The only real difference is the GO Pee are sort of vaguely less opposed to energy production, and NOT inclined to kowtow to carbon fines and cash subsidies to benefit Communist China. That’s all of it. Both parties cancel out on everything except energy (crush it underfoot v. tax and regulate) and abortion (strafe Planned Parenthood v. subsidize Planned Parenthood). But global warming pseudoscience smacked into the turbulence of physical measurements, crashed and burned. The Dems had bet the farm on econaziism after spoiler votes jammed their spokes in the Y2k election. Only the smarting from the George Waffen Bush faith-based asset-forfeiture crash made it possible to overlook the fraud for 8 years.

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