Electoral College

Campaign 2016 Comes to a Suitably Strange End As Ron Paul, Faith Spotted Eagle, Bernie Sanders, John Kasich, and Colin Powell Pick Up Votes in the Electoral College

Five Democrats and two Republicans rebel.



The Electoral College voted today, bringing the weirdest election in generations to a suitably strange end. The final tally: 304 votes for Donald Trump, 227 for Hillary Clinton, three for Colin Powell, one for Ron Paul, one for Bernie Sanders, one for John Kasich, and one for anti-DAPL activist Faith Spotted Eagle. Trump was "supposed" to get 306, but two Republican electors in Texas broke with the pack, one voting for Kasich and one for Paul. Clinton was "supposed" to get 232, but four Democrats in Washington state and one in Hawaii decided to go rogue too. (The Sanders voter was the Hawaiian.)

The last time this many people showed up in the Electoral College results was 1796, and that was back when presidential and vice-presidential candidates were selected from the same vote.

Clinton would have had an even lower total if three states hadn't reeled in their rebels. A Democratic elector in Maine initially voted for Sanders, but his ballot was ruled improper so he changed his choice. An elector in Minnesota tried to back Sanders too, but the authorities replaced him with a pro-Clinton alternate. And a Colorado elector tried to vote for Kasich, but he was bumped by an alternate as well. In Texas, meanwhile, one elector resigned rather than vote for Trump. There too, a substitute was found.

A seven-vote switch might seem anticlimactic after all the hype around the "Hamilton electors," a group with big plans to organize a mass insurgency, throw the election into the House, and deny Donald Trump the presidency. But that scenario was always extremely unlikely, and you shouldn't let it distract you from how unusual these results are. While it's not exactly uncommon to see an elector vote for someone other than the presidential candidate to whom he is pledged, this is the first time since the 19th century that more than one elector has done that in the same election. And the first time since the 18th century that this many people got electoral votes.

It was a fitting end for a campaign where the two-party façade couldn't conceal the thirst for more choices. In a year where both major parties picked their least popular nominees in recent memory, third-party and independent candidates had their strongest showing in two decades. Even the write-ins did better than usual: Sanders, who wasn't running, picked up nearly 6 percent of the popular vote in Vermont. And now the Electoral College has allowed Sanders, Ron Paul, John Kasich, Colin Powell, and Faith Spotted Eagle onto the scoreboard. Call it the long-tail election: Again and again this year, Americans looked at the choices before them and said, I'd prefer something else.

NEXT: Berlin Truck Attack on Christmas Market Kills At Least 9

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  1. “Faith Spotted Eagle outpolled Johnson” BURN!

    1. Liz Warren/Faith Spotted Eagle 2020?

      1. Two women of color on the ticket? Risky.

        1. white IS a color

          1. Warren isn’t white. She’s transparent with a touch of baby powder tattooing.

            1. So, she’s a Talcum, Scalp ‘um, kinda gal?

            2. Warren not transparent to radio emissions though; expected given predominance of a fractional-meter wavelength spectrum back on the home planet.

              1. Home Planet? Warren’s ancestors walked over on the land bridge, damn you.

                1. “Land bridge” is just ancient scripture euphemism for “space elevator.”

                  1. Does that go all the way to the mother wheel?

                  2. So, she’s Martian?

          2. It covers the entire spectrum! Hell, it’s racist not to vote white!

            1. You calling black people colorless? Racist.

              1. Technically true though…

        2. “Not one, but TWO feathers in ‘Murica’s Cap!”

          VOTE RED (woman), WHITE (woman), & (both) BLUE BALLS 2020!

          1. “Not one, but TWO feathers in ‘Murica’s Cap!”

            Sorry, I thought you were making another American Indian joke for a second there.

      2. Finally some REAL Americans!

    2. No Spotted Johnson?

      1. Crusty hit hardest.

        1. With a sock? Or in a sock?

        2. God gave to me looking that way.

          1. For a canned pudding, the Heinz spotted dick is surprisingly good. Of course the Yank ruins it by making some cream cheese sauce abomination. The chocolate and golden treacle flavors are better than the spotted dick though, in my opinion. If you want to see truly bad British food (think canned hamburgers), check this out – http://www.barelyedible.co.uk/

    3. Good Lord! Over on the Facebook version of this, a mention of Ron Paul outpolling Johnson gets the stupidest replies conceived! “He was a well known Republican” WTF? Same with a Kasich comparison “There were no LP electors.”

      FB and Twitter must be in a competition for stupidest fucks ever.


      1. “FB and Twitter must be in a competition for stupidest fucks ever.”

        Or should be.

      2. Sorry! I’ll tr… ooh! What’s THAT!?

    4. Not fair! LP stands for Legalize Peyote, dammit, it’s in our platform. We really need to lay more emphasis on this and have outreach mescalin Kool-Aid tests on the reservations. Under Bush Executive Order 13099 we should take that up with the Executive Director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. It couldn’t hurt to make sure Brazilian immigrants know that ayahoasca is also protected, and that libertarians like immigrants who don’t wear suicide vests.

  2. A Democratic elector in Maine initially voted for Sanders, but his ballot was ruled improper so he changed his choice.


    1. In many states the electors are legally *required* to vote for the candidate who won their state.

  3. An elector in Minnesota tried to back Sanders too, but the authorities replaced him with a pro-Clinton alternate. And a Colorado elector tried to vote for Kasich, but he was bumped by an alternate as well.


    1. They were embarrassed to be Clinton Electors,

      1. They were not shanghaied into the position. It was their choice to act as elector to the College.

        1. Let’s stick the Native American theme, please.

          1. They were tied to a tree and had a small fire built on their genitals.

            1. So THAT’S where she got the idea

          2. Russell Means and preemptive surrender to socialism is in an earlier issue of Reason

    2. Bloody Hell, I kept thinking the Colorado elector was for Sanders. He was just for the R version of Sanders.

    3. Fine, I’ll switch my vote and go with Hillary. One request. Could you hold my hair?

      1. That never stops being funny!

      2. As a swede I find that hilarious.

  4. So after all the pleas for people to not vote Trump, more electors abandoned Clinton.

    1. It was that racist butterfly elector ballet

    2. It’s almost like all the insane gibberish is coming from a small but vocal minority

      1. Yeah, VLADIMIR PUTIN!!!

    3. That was my take-away as well.

    4. So after all the pleas for people to not vote Trump, more electors abandoned Clinton.

      It was clear for a while that some Democratic electors might vote for a moderate Republican as part of the “Hamilton” strategy. But the Bernie Sanders and Faith Spotted Eagle votes were pretty clearly meant as rejections of Hillary Clinton.

      1. Woulda been so perfect if faithless electors actually happened and showed up enough to give Hillary 266 votes.

      2. Which is the worst kind of misogyny!

      3. OR, it could be that the people most susceptible to painfully stupid marketing ploys are leftists.

          1. Maybe that’s every Ron Paul voter

            1. That might not have come out the way I intended.

              1. Eat prunes and get your prostate checked.-)

    5. They’re still holding out hope for January 6. Congress will do its patriotic duty to reject enough electors to bring Trump under 270. They then have to select from the top 3 which leaves Clinton or Powell as the only alternatives.

      1. Do you want to de-legitimize a democracy? Because that’s how you de-legitimize a democracy.

    6. Yes. And this fact is so delicious.

      I think I will give Trump about 8 or 9 months. We’ll be able to tell if he is Obama level incompetent. Thanks Barack for proving there is no ceiling to the Peter Principle, u stupid fuck.

      1. “Don’t be as bad as Obama” is a pretty low bar. He proved that truly anyone can be president.

        1. He had one job: Don’t be as bad as Bush II.

          One Fucking Job!

          1. It’s bad presidents all the way down.

            1. Eh. I cut George Washington some slack because near as I can tell, he didn’t want to be President, he’d rather have been back on his farm, but he literally did do it for the good of the nation, and he quit after two terms rather than set the precedent of dying in office.

              Too bad FDR didn’t follow his example.

    7. More like abandoned China’s export of global warming Moonie statolatry. Decriminalize appears exactly once in the Democratic manifesto, as in “talk to your state gubmint about not shooting kids over weed.” Legalize appears exactly zero times. The only clear difference between the two platforms is that the Dems did not want men with guns to arrest doctors and force women to reproduce. Dems do want men with guns to shut down power plants, and force the unwilling to pay for dangerous toys that have produced no worthwhile power but lots of hazards, including blackouts. The GO-Pee prohibitionists are the opposite on those two issues: force them bitches to breed, and . Elsewhere–including the Second Amendment–there are differences of degree, not of kind.
      Nothing has changed since 1932, when prohibitionist Blue laws and Hitler were admirable to the GO-Pee. Confiscatory taxes, labor regimentation and Stalin were the idols of The Democracy, and those variants of altruism persist. We owe the looters nothing but defeat, ignominy, scorn.

  5. Five final kicks to the snuke on the way out the door, nice.

  6. I’m seeing a proggie sit-in in the oval office to keep Trump out. Accompanied with breath-holding and foot stamping.

      1. It’s actually a genius plan. Supprised no one has tried it before.

      2. That’s hilarious

      3. I knew the Endangered Species Act would be the end of this country

      4. “a new constituti happy valid gavel”

        Took me a minute to make sense of that. People and their damn touchscreen phones.

      5. In the meantime, the DC Park Police can be ordered to quarantine and cloister the entire US Senate under a little-known provision of the Endangered Species Act.


      6. Rube Goldberg would be so proud.

      7. Ha. Only banks use COBOL.

  7. How many votes did Faith No More get?

    1. Would you believe only 1543?

        1. You want it all but you can’t have it.

            1. Voters really Bungled it.

  8. Again and again this year, Americans looked at the choices before them and said I’d prefer something else.

    Odds on “Bartleby” being the top boys name in 2016?

  9. The Russians hacked our electors.

    1. In soviet Russia, hackers elect you!

      1. Da net, Paul…

        “In Soviet Russia, electors hack YOU!

    2. That is why Obama is blowing up Germany.

      1. And assassinating ambassadors in Turkey.

        1. He won’t rest until he finds the real hackers.

          1. Should e expect less from our political-hack-in-chief?

              1. Well, he deserves some rest and relaxation. He has given quite a few interviews in the last few days which I am sure are grueling affairs. If you don’t recall, in one of the interviews he informed us he told the Putin to stop hacking us, so I don’t even know why we are still talking about it. Let the man golf.

              2. Look a guy has the right to relax after planning and executing a plan to avenge his political party.

                1. Did Stalin ever go golfing? Huh?

                  1. In Soviet Russia golf goes to Stalin…..

                    Hmm doesn’t quite work

                  2. No, according to In the Court of Red Tsar (awesome book, btw), Stalin and his clique were more into vacations to various sanatoriums, hot springs and such. When not plotting murders of millions, they were quite a collection of hypochondriacs.

                    Of course, the Big Boss had a special complex built for his use.

                    1. THAT’S NOT OUTER HEAVEN!

                    2. Well, if you were starving the population and making them live in misery would you not be afraid of catching something from the sick and ill commoners?

                    3. Ha! They had less exposure to commoners than even today’s politicos do. The apartment complexes they lived in were for party functionaries only, their families intermarried, everyone knew everyone, like a real medieval court.

                      It made it extra creepy once the purges started, too. When you hear the boots at 2 AM, they could be coming for any one of dozens of people living in the building – including you.

                    4. In the Court of Red Tsar

                      Added to my Kindle wish list. Thanks Pan!

              3. Look! O.J. is with him.

                1. O.J. is with him

                  OJ indeed…

                2. Finally, both of them in the same place at the same time.

  10. So does this mean Clinton was a worse candidate or that Democratic electors are more principled?

      1. I like the way you think AA

    1. It means that Hillary is more hated by democrats than Trump is by the GOP. This was obvious to everyone but the DNC.

  11. Clowns hacked our elections.

    1. Weasels ripped my flesh.

  12. Again and again this year, Americans looked at the choices before them and said I’d prefer something else.

    “None of the above” must become a legitimate choice.

    1. America should do a top two primary at the federal level, and eliminate the electoral college. It’s the shortest path to one party rule.

      1. America should do an NBA style playoff, so that the runoffs begin before the new office holders are sworn in.

      2. Seems like the efficient method. I mean think of how much money we could spend on other things if politicians didn’t have to worry about elections.

        1. Beautiful.

          “My war chest is now a hope chest!”

  13. That’s it, then we’re DOOOOOOOMED.

    All aboard. Next stop, Dystopia.

    1. It’s not so bad, Brooksie, once you get used to the gruel and chronic elemental exposure…

      1. Dystopia is never as bad as it seems.

        1. Does dystopias failure to live up to expectations make you disaffected?

        2. Dystopia is never as bad as it seems.

          I think you mean Dyspepsia.

  14. The electors had no love for Harambe or Seymour Butts? I’m disappointed.

    1. They tied with GayJay.

  15. Hey look Ron Paul got a vote! Libertarian moment!

    1. Gillespie panned him long ago, and Reason apparently gave the junior Dr. Paul a rather hard time during the primaries. So, no, not a Gillespie Certified and Approved(c) Libertarian Moment(tm). Unless he breaks out the silly GIF he was so prone to doing for a time, then the elder Dr. Paul may have cleared Gillespie’s rather low bar at that point.

      Straw isn’t made just for grasping, you know…

      1. Hi, Doc! How’s that Turkish assassin business playing in your neck of the woods?

        1. He was out of town when that shit happened.

          1. I thought he read about it in the paper, just like you!

        2. “One less Russian we have to kill”?

            1. Fewer just sounds wrong when using the number “one.”

              1. Yeah, I tried it and it just didn’t sound right. Also, imagining a Ukrainian pronouncing “fewer” was too silly for what was supposed to be a badass sentence.

                1. Also, imagining a Ukrainian pronouncing “fewer” was too silly for what was supposed to be a badass sentence.

                  Dr. ZG: “…FyOOver’…”

                  Nope, it loses whatever alleged badassery it may have had, but quick..

            2. They’d better bring back stannis for season 7

      2. It’s funny cause Rand was a much superior (libertarian) candidate to Trump, but reason didn’t let that stop them from supporting him, but when an arguably worse (libertarian) candidate was selected for LP party, they couldn’t stop promoting him. I get it, but man is hindsight a bitch.

        1. It’s not hindsight, it’s just Reason is less libertarian than Libertarian, carrying water for their “team”

        2. Pretty arguable actually, especially the way Rand ran his campaign. He said a lot of eye-rolling shit from a libertarian perspective during the primaries.

          1. Oh no doubt-i can see both sides, but that’s not the important part, but rather the treatment of two similarly ‘impure’ libertarian candidates.

            1. Was the treatment of Rand really that bad? I though it mostly came through omission, rather than critical articles.

              And yes, while both were similarly impure, Rand’s sins were on being too socially-conservative, where GJ was on too socially-progressive side. Reason, if pressed, will always choose the progressive side of that conflict.

              1. I wouldn’t say that it was bad, just more critical- because (in my opinion) they didn’t see Trump taking the primary and thus felt they could be more critical.

              2. They were running several negative articles a day. And from what I recall it was mostly bullshit stuff like he’s a religious nut because he thinks planned parenthood is a shitty program to fund, he’s a religious nut because he thinks SCOTUS dictating law is overreach, he’s a crazy racist hate mongerer cuz he thinks importing Muslim immigrants might be bad. Another words he parted from proggies where Johnson would basically joined them in what reason writers found important.

          2. Rand Paul is a scalawag who dissed our flag.

          3. There’s a reason I didn’t vote for Rand in the primary.

            1. Well, don’t leave us guessing.

    2. That’s an antiabortion Republican moment.

  16. It may have been a formality, but I will still lift a glass to Hillary losing the Electoral College vote.

    1. I lift two glasses to her losing one to Faith Spotted Eagle.

        1. Of all the lovely ladies, you have to pick the Evil Face of Evil Satan herself. Oh, HM, will you ever learn?

          1. I’ll be in my (virtual) bunk.

          2. Trigger Bot!

        2. Dammit, you’ve already got me using the word ‘tiddies’ everywhere and now this.

          1. Moobs flash before your eyes, don’t they? Try, “Tig Oh Biddies,” if it makes you feel better, Rhywun.-)

  17. So, all this push for electors to ‘vote their conscience’ and Hillary loses more (both in reality and even more counting those who got their leashes pulled) electoral college votes than Trump does by a mile.

    Wonder how her campaign is going to spin this *incredibly, incredibly, incredibly* embarrassing loss.

    1. Must be the fault of Russian hackers.

      1. Exactly. Obama is in Hawaii right now looking for the Hawaiian hackers himself.

        1. “Hackers”?
          On the front 9 – they get tired early.

    2. The schadenfreude is delicious.

  18. By the way, it is not over yet. Joe Biden still has to count the votes in January. Mister “three letter word – JOBS” is doing the counting next month.

    1. Even a monkey would be hard pressed to misplace ~70 bananas…. But then again this is Uncle Joe.

  19. one in Hawaii decided to go rogue too.

    But…Rogue One was just released a week or two ago….

    1. It wasn’t named after a Sarah Palin book by accident either.

  20. There must be something we can do to stop Trump.
    *Furrows brow and THINKS*

    1. You’re THINKING? The progs will spot you as an infiltrator/plant in 3 seconds.

      1. How bout a drum circle and wicked FB meme? I got a great about my racist uncle.

      2. How bout a drum circle and wicked FB meme? I got a great about my racist uncle.

        1. They’ll smell that squirrel stench a mile away

        2. Death Metal

  21. Clearly it was the Native Americans who hacked the election.

  22. Campaign 2016 Comes to a Suitably Strange End

    actually it was fairly predictable if you just went with the rule that “Everything that editorials in the WaPo suggest are wildly wrong

  23. Google News needs to work on its algorithms.

    Headline: At least 12 dead after truck plows into Berlin Christmas market

    Blurb beneath the headline: EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez beats out Taylor Swift and Beyonce for Most Popular Instagram user of 2016!

    One of these things is not like the other.

    1. Just checked CNN. Bold letter banner screams, “Truck Driver Was a Polish Citizen”.

      1. Makes sense. The Germans are making vodka now. Wife just got back from Berlin and brought me a bottle. Haven’t tried it yet.

        Seriously, WTF? We were watching the news of it just a few minutes ago and the German government were saying it might have just been an accident.

          1. To the surprise of no one, I was hoping for………


            1. Jesus – I have Adblock on full-strength and that fucking site still almost brought my browser down.

      2. Don’t see that.

        They do have this =

        Andelman: Attacks fuel far right’s assault on democracy

        right. terror attack happens – conclusion = “WE SHOULD BE AFRAID OF THE DOMESTIC RIGHT”… because why, exactly?…

        A broader fear, though, is that terror incidents that pose electoral challenges for some of Europe’s leading pillars of unity like Merkel could provide ammunition for right-wing leaders who wan-t to go beyond simple bans on immigration from the Middle East…..

        …Brexit was only the first example of this kind of political mentality. The thousands of immigrants from the Middle East clamoring for entry to Britain only stoked the fires of exiting the European Union.
        Each successive, successful and bloody terrorist attack will further whet the appetite of right-wing politicians and their supporters, feverish to return full control over their nation’s security to their own security forces.

        You know, maybe instead of moaning about how these attacks (for some unknown reason) strengthen your enemies, you should confront what that ‘unknown reason’ actually is? Like maybe browbeating everyone as “Islamaphobes” isn’t really the best political strategy? hmmm? Naw, not possible. Go back to what you were doing, demonizing your peaceful, democratic peers and ignoring the people committing mass-murder.

        1. Me either, just looked. Only saw what you reported there. Nothing about the Poles waging jihad over vodka.

          1. The *owner* of the truck was polish. he was hurt @ the scene. its not clear whether he was hijacked by the driver, or was a co-conspirator. this is what i heard on the radio earlier today at least.

            1. I heard that the guy was dead and they thought it was a hijack. No word yet on the person arrested. I’m sure Merkel isn’t too anxious for them to announce it’s one of her precious refugees.

          2. “Dead man found in truck was a Polish citizen”. Just saw it right now. Maybe they’re trying to say that the driver was killed and the terrorist then left the body in the truck. Either way, it’s a very misleading way to phrase it.

            1. Well, there was a dead Polish man found in the truck. He’s probably the company-assigned truck driver, cousin of the owner of the company. And he was probably murdered for the truck by the terrorist who then drove the truck into the market.

          3. Reuters says the driver (who fled and was later arrested) is the “usual suspect”

            German media cited local security sources as saying that there was evidence suggesting the arrested suspect was from Afghanistan or Pakistan and entered Germany in February as a refugee.

            re: the polish angle this is what they say

            Ariel Zurawski, whose Polish freight company owns the truck, said the driver of the truck did not work for him.

            “It wasn’t my driver,” Zurawski told Polish private broadcaster TVN 24. “I vouch for him. He’s my cousin.”

            1. I’m sure that the combo of the Merkel admin and CNN can stall for a few more hours before we find out it was indeed a recent refugee up to the Allah Akcrap whatever crap. Merkel should be lynched in public, but not before the tar and feathers are applied.

              1. It’s just amazing that she went from telling that little girl she couldn’t stay and had to go back to opening the doors to the entire world.

                Where’s the moderation, lady?

        2. to return full control over their nation’s security to their own security forces.

          The horror!

        3. “…right. terror attack happens – conclusion = “WE SHOULD BE AFRAID OF THE DOMESTIC RIGHT”… because why, exactly?…”

          There’s a certain validity from a proggy POV; the attacks undermine the proggy narrative and certainly do increase the likelihood that proggies are going to lose ascendancy and political power.
          But the “we” is the writer, the turd in his pocket and all his pundit buds, not the population in general.
          Who knows? Maybe Euros will get pissed enough to demand the right to defend themselves; THAT is something the proggies should be afraid of. It would demolish their credibility.

          1. the attacks undermine the proggy narrative

            – “” Like maybe browbeating everyone as “Islamaphobes” isn’t really the best political strategy?”

            saying that “there’s nothing to fear from these migrants”, and then having ‘these migrants’ dominate the headlines with their ~ every other month attempt at kill-sprees…. is not a good look.

            I just wonder who they’re writing these editorials *to*. Saying, “My enemies keep benefiting from my terrible policies” isn’t exactly a robust defense of your own party.

        4. That is some of the most out of touch with reality shit I have read today, and that is saying a lot.

          “We let savages pour over our borders and they are murdering people. Because of that we are afraid people won’t vote for us again. Also, we are afraid people might start saying mean things about the savages.”

          I keep thinking what Yuri, my favorite Russian, had to say about lefties; “No matter how much information you give them they cant draw a sensible conclusion.”

        5. Gee, you have to wonder why there’s an opening for ‘right-wingers’ to move beyond “simple bans on immigration”.

          Could it be that its because the ‘left-wingers’ went beyond ‘simple open-borders’ to encourage and implement policies that gave special protections to immigrants over the already in-place citizens? That discouraged any sort of integration – even at a voluntary level by the immigrants themselves?

          Its kind of pathetic but it seems every time the left gets power they implement policies that, in the long-term, hamper their ability to bring about the Progressive Utopia.

          The interstate that AmSoc is so proud of has prevented state control of movement and encouraged the car culture that so infuriates planners when they roll out failed mass transit after failed mass transit plan.

          Now you have Progressive politicians facing a backlash for their attempts to ‘elect another citizenry’ by importing refugees that they thought, for some insane reason, would be so grateful that they’d keep voting them in power to keep that government largesse coming rather than attempt to seize power themselves.

  24. Related: Trump pulls plug on world-famous singer before he’s hauled off to the struggle sessions for daring to consider wrongspeech.

    1. Progressivism = destroy everyone who disagrees with them about anything no matter how slight, and their family, and everyone who associates with them.

      1. Eventually, they start eating their own. I think we’re to that point.

    2. Just when we thought lefties couldn’t be any more evil.

    3. Good. Who the fuck would want Bocelli singing for them?

  25. Hillary is a three time loser.

    I salute her:


    “…While I’m jacking off reading playboy on a hot afternoon…”

  26. OK, Trump losing in the EC was pretty much as likely as Maduro proclaiming a free state, but there was a romance for the possibility among the SF proggies. These are people who find Martin Sheen an intellectual worth a listen.
    So it is once again pleasant to see the pulling of hair and the rending of garments as the proggies are informed the miserable hag LOST ONE MORE TIME!
    I just wish there were many more Sisyphean contests which they and she could lose; it is sooo satisfying.

    1. You won’t be disappointed, she’ll run again in 2020 and again for as long as her rotting undead putrid self can be pumped full of enough formaldehyde and whatever to keep her partially animate.

      1. So long as the D congress-critters find Pelosi to be the ideal leader, I’m guessing you are 100% correct. Keep it up, Ds!

      2. So, the campaign platform will go something like: “She may have lost in 2016 despite a massive fundraising advantage, fawning media coverage, campaign support from a popular incumbent President and a popular ex-President, and the most widely disliked candidate in a generation for an opponent. But who else do we have that’s better?”

        1. Mr. Hair Gel:

          I’m serious; if you ever get close to the guy, it is embarrassing but difficult to avoid staring at his ‘do. He could walk through a hurricane and not need a comb.

          1. Heh. Gavin Newsom is pretty much the dictionary definition of “empty suit”.

          2. Also: one of my proudest moments from my blogging days was finding the image of Gavin Newsom in this post .

            1. I hope you save that for his presidential run.

        2. Or, we could get Kamala Harris, a woman who rode into politics on Willie Brown’s dick and thereafter made a career of never taking action unless it improved her political standing.

          1. You just described the female version of Barack Obama. Just not sure whose dick he rode in on. Michelle’s?

            1. Having sex with a she-male isn’t gay? Asking for a friend.

      3. Nah. Better tactic is to make Chelsea a Senator.

    2. Another juicy loss is right around the corner, maybe. In January Lunch Box Joe counts the votes.

  27. Why Colin Powell?

    1. He gave us the phrase “dickin’ bimbos.”

      1. That’s good, but is it 3EV good?

      2. But seriously, I thought he burned up any respect he might have had with the left with his pre-invasion UN speech.

        1. And then he endorsed B. Hussein Obama. Easy peasy.

          1. So did a lot of people. Bernie, for one.

            1. Look at this guy, trying to be rational about politics.

              1. Fine, be that way.

    2. Why Colin Powell?

      “Once you go black, you never go back”…?

  28. Just overheard on the TV proggie ranting that Clinton deserved the presidency. It’s all about her and what she deserves.

    She is getting some of what she deserves now. An orange jumpsuit would top it off.

    1. A local politico – columnist admitted that she lost it on her own; the supposed hack and Comey’s remarks were not the cause. And then went on about how she blew it because she hadn’t visited MI, WI, Etc and didn’t appeal to “Joe six pack” (sic).
      I immediately thought: ‘Keep it up jackass; you can lose many more elections insulting the people you hope will vote for your sorry ass’.

      1. I cant believe any professional politician thinks it is a good strategy to insult voters. Not once or twice but a constant barrage of name calling and condemning. I cant imagine the bubble she lives in where she is blind to that. I knew the minute I heard her call millions of people deplorable and irredeemable that she was sunk. Worse, she wouldn’t take it back.

        1. The writer here is Willie Brown. By now, he’s a has-been with a tired Rolodex. It’s still fun to run into him at Original Joe’s and ask him about Jim Jones.
          But his memory is fading; he works the room, but keeps forgetting I’m the guy who asks about that before he has to see someone over there…
          But, yeah, her apology was along the lines of ‘miss spoke’; used the wrong words to insult all you people.

          1. Baahhh.

            Stinking Rose is SOOO close.

            1. Never seen Willie there.
              And John never let the riff-raff in when Joe’s was on Taylor Street.

        2. I cant imagine the bubble she lives in where she is blind to that.

          They thought their coalition of unions, minorities, and elitists was unstoppable – and for a while there, it was.

  29. And just because Maduro deserves any piling-on we can do:

    “China says ascertaining damage after Venezuela unrest”
    “Chinese-run shops have been particularly targeted, witnesses say, and a 14-year-old boy was shot dead in El Callao on Friday
    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that after the unrest began, its embassy in Venezuela activated an emergency consular protection system, and began looking at Chinese casualties and damage to Chinese-run businesses.”

    Damn Chinese! Always making money!

    1. I wouldn’t be the first person to call the Hakka the “The Jews of Asia.”

      1. I haven’t yet gotten “English: Meaning and Culture” – might be wrapped under the tree.
        I did thoroughly enjoy “China: A History”, John Keay, but don’t remember anything specific to the Hakka; got any suggestions? Histories of the US west and Hawaii mention them, but not from their POV.

        1. I’ve never read anything scholarly on the Hakka. I hope you do have some Wierzbicka under your tree, though! Before reading her, you might want to do a quick skim of this page on natural semantic metalanguage theory, as that’s the framework she does all her work within.

          1. Damn, that’s GOOD.
            The author led me up to ‘primes (numbers) of language’ just before the article introduced “Semantic Primes”.
            I have to assume that existing languages, driven by cultural survival and evolution, certainly share a lot of characteristics, or they wouldn’t still exist; noun, verb, modifiers. But that leaves a lot of variables on the table.
            Wife and I do not buy for ourselves a month or so in advance of Christmas; if she missed that one, it’ll be here a couple of days later.
            If you have the time, I’d be happy to hear what you thought of Keay’s work. Along with Man’s “Alpha Beta”.
            BTW, I’m pretty sure “Nothing Like it In the World” (Ambrose) remarked on the Hakka arriving to work on the UP; the Hakka recruiters promised (and delivered) a Hakka community here.

          2. Well the table on the second page has some flaws. Some of the primes ( I assume by prime they mean something like prime factors) are compound. Take TIME for instance, Long Time and Short Time are compound symbols. They need to tighten up their analysis. Long and short belong to either the descriptors or quantifiers, even then they are redundant. Sounds like bullshit to me.

        2. English: Meaning and Culture

          That sounds excellent – adding to wishlist.

          (I’ve always been fascinated by what non-English speaking people do to English.)

        3. I started reading Keay’s history of India a while ago but never finished it. It was alright as far as I got. Is he really an expert on both countries? Maybe I’m just use to europeanists, where an expert on Belgium will sometimes excuse himself of any knowledge about the Netherlands.

      2. See: the history of Malaysia for another example of this.

        1. That’s the Hokkien. Not Hakka. Mutually indistinguishable languages. Not that there aren’t any Hakka outside China

  30. Wife had O’Reilly on earlier. He had a lefty and a righty on discussing the election. The righty couldn’t quit laughing. The lefty had glazed over eyes and was mouthing a lot of herpaderp when O’Reilly broke in with

    “If the election were held again today Trump would win by even bigger margins because of the left’s behavior since the election.”

    Lefty was dumbstruck. I honestly think she didn’t know what he was talking about.

    1. LOL. Totally true. Since election day, I doubt if many are saying: “I regret my vote for Trump,” but I’ll bet more are saying: “I’m glad Trump won, even though I didn’t vote for him.”

      1. I probably would have voted for Trump if I thought it would matter even remotely, but no California voter could think that. I was amazed he even got as many votes as he did.

    2. Completely agree with O’Reilly. I voted Trump while pinching my nose, but the left’s reaction to the election makes me more assured of my choice. The left brought Trump on themselves. Petulant children, the lot.

  31. OT

    The motives of jihadis are easy to understand. Imagine you are a young Muslim man in Europe. You get by through a combination of working part time, selling weed, and welfare. You have been told your entire life that your once proud civilization has been humiliated through the treachery of outsiders and the sinfulness and hypocrisy of insiders. Furthermore, you have been taught that the most noble of men are those who die as glorious martyrs, for that is the only guarantee of paradise, not just for the jihadi, but for his closest relatives. Why not go and fight just as your glorious ancestors did, and destroy the tyranny of man-made law and replace it with god’s law?

    No one is the villain in their own story, and the stories people tell themselves make all the difference.

    1. As my grandfather used to say “You cant blame the wolf. He’s just being a wolf, but you still have to shoot him.”

      1. “As my grandfather used to say “You cant blame the wolf. He’s just being a wolf, but you still have to shoot him.””

        There’s a dog in the neighborhood who is going to cost the homeowner’s insurance a lot of money; the dog is not at fault.
        But the dog will be put down.

          1. I’m guessing prior to Obo: A commenter here posted regarding the ‘cowboy’ aspects of Bush’s admin. After some to-and-fro, the commenter at least claimed to be Finn.
            I asked what the Finns would do if the bear wanted to move a bit west; the commenter decided not to respond.
            I certainly had and have no love for Bush’s antics, but defending the Euro trash with my money while being insulted is more than tired. Fuck ’em; let France buy their own gas to get their troops to central Africa.

      2. Suthenboy, I’ve come here less to Read reason, but more to read your comments. Outstanding.

        1. Capitalized the wrong the r. Apologies.

    2. And here it is, finally. What took so long?

      Driver in Berlin attack, Pakastani refugee

      1. Workplace violence? Man made disaster?

        1. Clearly a self-hating genderqueer asexual with a Euro-landian Cos-Play Dating Site profile. Cakes, pizza, photography, and Donal’d Troomp may have been involved as well somehow…

    3. A big part of it, imo, is labor markets in Europe are ungodly rigid due to ‘worker protection’ laws and unions. Firing is near impossible so hiring is risky; no new jobs means lots of unemployed Muslim immigrants with no prospects and almost no chance of assimilation.

      I’m convinced American Muslims assimilate better largely because of better job opportunities due to a freer labor market.

  32. And so closes this chapter in American history.

    A pitiful hysterical showcase in cynicism and projection rooted in faulty premises on the part of progressives and the Democrat party of the United States.

    1. Oh, they’ll be back. Unfortunately.

  33. Dammit I spilled my drink. Now that’s alcohol abuse.

    1. In Tanzania, they would say it means the ancestors are thirsty.

      1. The ancestors had their go, now its my turn. They should leave my drink alone.

  34. What kind of banana republic gives the job of presidency to the person who lost– quite convincingly– the popular vote? When we establish the California Republic we’ll just give the job to the person who the majority of people actually want– thereby eschewing 18th century fears of whatever batshit crazy shit the mob wants.

    1. Fuck off, asswipe. You’re as stupid as you appear.

    2. Thank you. Seriously, thank you for that comment. I like smiling.

    3. Please do. And please leave the rest of us alone.

      1. No, that is high quality entertainment. That he doesn’t see his own contradiction makes it gorgeous.

        1. Is it ITS A REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY? Why can’t A REPUBLIC be ruled by the person who got the most votes.

          1. Questions can’t end with a question mark?

          2. You see, that would involve ‘splaining some stuff. Since I’m not sure you are ready to accept the truth, then you will have to wait till the next life or the next million or so.

    4. The sort where one of the two parties is renowned for stuffing ballot boxes?

    5. Do sports leagues count total points scored over a season, or games won and lost?

      Is the Senate by population or state?

      Do families get one vote per parent or one vote per family? Should children get votes cast by their parents on their behalf?

      Do you really REALLY think that if the election had been by total popular vote, that the candidates would have campaigned in exactly the same way?

      If popular vote is all that counts, why not have one nationwide primary and skip all this state-by-state registration and voting, even in the general? I don’t remember anyone complaining about that before the general election.

    6. The stupid, it is strong in this one.

    7. Yeah, can you believe the way the Democratic Party ignores the majority of its voters with “superdelegates”? Yeah, pretty fucked up!

  35. Well this is bullshit.

    The Borgata alone is responsible for their losses. Someone took advantage of them, yes, but the casino agreed to all the requests so it’s on them.

    1. “What this ruling says is a player is prohibited from combining his skill and intellect and visual acuity to beat the casino at its own game,” h

      ha hahaha haha.

      Do you think the judge gives a flying fuck about “fair”? Motherfucker, ATLANTIC CITY. In the old days he’d be washed up in the morning tide. He’s getting off easy. Who does he thinks runs casinos? they own every politician and civil servant within 100 miles. He’d have better luck appealing to the chinese communists.

      1. “Who does he thinks runs casinos?”

        Every time (three times) I have been in casinos I have seen some large men dressed like the help standing around the casino floor doing absolutely nothing except trying to be invisible. They usually have a large scar across their face.

        I also notice the customers…not my kind of people. And what is it with lesbians hanging out in casinos? Are they predisposed to be compulsive gamblers? I don’t get it.

        1. They like slots.

          1. Excellent

  36. E version of SF Chron finds Trump not very interesting after Clinton takes it in the ass:

    What does that mean?
    Well, since, oh, November 9th, the entire top of the front page has been covered with stories about how Trump was found to have buttoned his shirt wrong and how Clinton was just wonderful but misunderstood and how the lefty twits are still going to defeat….
    Trump news now occupies the lower quarter.

    1. One day Hillary is finally going to find her voice and then we’ll all be sorry!

      1. I laughed and tried to come up with a humorous response, But couldn’t.
        If someone sticks a broomstick up her ass to keep her upright, she might yet make a comeback!

        1. If someone sticks a broomstick up her ass to keep her upright, she might yet make a comeback!

          Or elicit an orgasm; unless, that’s what you meant by, “comeback.”

  37. “CNN’s Barbara Starr Won’t Change For Donald Trump: ‘We’ll Dig Out The Facts'”

    Yes, they are changing; they didn’t do that for the last eight years.
    Screw Ms. Starr with Obo’s dick; they deserve each other.

  38. “The Electoral College voted today, bringing the weirdest election in generations to a suitably strange end.”

    It isn’t over until Obama’s CIA says it’s over.

  39. I have absolutely nothing to add to this conversation.

    Fuck Michigan!

    Here is a nice bit of power pop: https://youtu.be/3F1_4gijqyQ

    Also, fried chicken.

    1. I’ll see your power pop, and raise you some psuedo-punk flavoured pop

      I hope all is well with you and Mrs. reppin’ LBC.-)

      1. Damn I like the Muffs. Used to see them fairly often at Jabberjaw back in 93/94. All is well with the wife. Staying up late watching shitty xmas movies on netflix. Surfing hnr. Sipping eggnog. Cheers to you and Mrs Dr Groovus. Prost!

      2. I raise a a 5 track EP of new Letters to Cleo.

        1. This is all fine music. The Primitives did it first: https://youtu.be/Z8cPWFUN-Yg

          Hayley Duff looks like Hillary Duffs’ mother. Apparently they’re sisters. Could be the eggnog. Anyway, would.

          1. That one’s gonna be stuck in my head for awhile. Thanks for the earworm.

          2. Now we know Blink 182’s influence, they nearly just riffed them off.

  40. This whole election just shows how genius the founders were. If federal elections were based on the popular vote, this country would have entered a second civil war a long time ago. Lefty agitators should be glad.

  41. This is priceless….per the elector from Texas who preferred to resign:

    “I thought Mr. Mechler understood the idea we have a constitutional republic and representatives don’t always vote the way the public likes,” said Suprun, who so far is the only elector to commit to not voting for Trump.


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  43. After all the bullshit propaganda about the electoral college, she lost more electoral votes than he did? LOL, good job.

  44. His name is Bill Greene. His name is Bill Greene. His name is Bill Greene.
    It’s a thing now, really.

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