Chuck Schumer Redux: Demands Recall of E-Cigarettes, Again…

New York's Senator Buttinsky never misses an opportunity to shut down vice as he defines it.


David Shankbone, Wikimedia

It's long been known that the most dangerous place in Washington is anywhere that's between New York Sen. Charles Schumer and a TV camera.

The latest outburst from the man who has attacked (in no particular order) Four Loko and Joose, yoga mats, breakfast cereal prices, Bitcoin, 3D-printed guns, drones, payday lenders, laundry detergent that looks good enough to eat, video games, and so much more? Electronic cigarettes, which are helping people quit smoking traditional tobacco products and might potentially save a billion lives.

The proximate cause for Schumer's latest crusade? Malfunctions involving battery packs that have apparently led to sometimes serious injuries. Reports the Daily News:

"Where there's smoke, there's fire and that seems to be the case, again and again, for many popular e-cigarettes that have injured dozens of people," Schumer said.

"With any other product, serious action would have been taken, and e-cigarettes should be no exception. Despite the explosions, no recalls have been issued. It's radio silence from both the industry and the feds."

OK, what's the frequency of such incidents, to get some perspective?

More than 2.5 million Americans are using e-cigarettes, according to industry estimates. According to the FDA, there were 92 incidents of overheating, fire or explosion in e-cigarettes across the country between 2009 and September of 2015.

The FDA said 45 incidents injured 47 people, and 67 incidents involved property damage beyond the product.

More here.

Manufacturers of defective and dangerous devices should be held accountable (and doubtless will be, if their products are poorly designed and systematically dangerous). But the incident rate is hardly grounds for industry-wide recalls and the sort of clamp-down that Schumer supports. But then again, Schumer has long been anti-vaping and e-cigarettes, so he's happy to use any and every incident to push his longstanding agenda. Now that he's Senate Minority Leader, get used to him being in the news even more than usual. For the next four. long. years.

Read Anthony Fisher on one of Schumer's rare moments of restraint: when it came to tracking bad cops.

It's not just Schumer who's trying to crack down on vaping, of course. The World Health Organization (WHO) is leading the charge, especially in developing nations where tobacco is still a growing industry. Which makes no sense at all.

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    1. 12.3/ yr! Just about exact dozen/yr! Should not be plural!

  2. This is where I have to stop myself from sending messages laced with profanities to Top Men like Charles Schmuck. Did I spell his name correctly?

    I’m certainly not comparing him to a discarded foreskin.

    1. I just looked it up. Apparently my Yiddish is a little off, but close enough.

    2. Discarded foreskin can actually be useful.

      1. Yeah, you can make a wallet out of it that expands to the size of a briefcase when rubbed.

  3. This seems to be a problem with earlier or cheaper models, or for some where you press a button to vape and forget to turn off when not in use. That said, how many people have been burned, or fires started, by traditional cigarettes? Would Chuckky ban these too, especially if it meant there would be no more tax revenue for SCHIP and other programs for “the children”? I think he would be happy to see a few smokers burn for the greater good.

    1. Only he knows what is best for you. Imagine how well things would be if he could’ve started his crusade against tobacco hundreds of years ago. History would surely been unchanged, in his mind, with the exception that man would be so well off. You just can’t see his grand vision.

  4. Rather than use this space for the usual (ie hurling crude epithets at Schumer or the Reason writers), I wanted to opine on the revived Red Scare sweeping the nation. This one, ironically enough, being led by our very own pinkos who are normally most sympathetic.

    It strikes me as incredibly odd that the same people who spent months telling everyone else how there was no proof Hillary broke a law (that has a standard of only negligence) with her private email server because we couldn’t prove intent. Most respectable people were loath to speculate on what her intent may have been, even after the FBI completely dismantled her public defense and revealed them to be lies.

    The same people had even less interest in speculating as to why foreign entities, to include some of the world’s most brutal regimes, were donating so heavily to the Clinton Foundation.

    But these same people now, today, with evidence they have not even themselves seen, have concluded without a shadow of a doubt, that not only are the Russians responsible for Wikileaks content throughout the election, but the motive behind those actions. They are suddenly willing to use inference to come to their conclusions after months of warning everyone not to engage in such dangerous speculation.

    It’s all very odd to me.

    1. The proggies think that Putin is/was helping Trump in order to boost oil prices, because Hillary would have continued Obama’s green energy policies. Of course, they never need proof for anything, because they only always speak the truth.

      1. The proggies think that Putin is/was helping Trump in order to boost oil prices, because Hillary would have continued Obama’s green energy policies.

        Wait, the Russians want high oil prices, Hillary would have supported green energy policies that would have raised oil prices, Trump would have unleashed even more drilling to keep oil prices low, so the Russians supported . . . Trump?

    2. TPTB are terrified of losing power, and are using their corporate media outlets to gin up hysteria in hopes that progs will take the bait and get rid of Trump for them or give them an excuse to crack down through riots.

  5. The main issue that neither Nick nor Chuck “I got bigger titties than Amy” Schumer fail to expound upon, how many of those fires/malfunctions are attributable to battery pack modifications? While I do vape, I am still a novice and do not know specifically why, but many people perform mods on their battery packs. It would seem to me, if this is the case, Chuck is calling for prohibition based on people misusing the product, not because of a fault in the product.

    1. A lot of vapers are not following basic battery safety. Or even going to steamengine.org and checking to see if their build is within safety parameters of the device/battery they are using.

  6. More than 2.5 million Americans are using e-cigarettes, according to industry estimates. According to the FDA, there were 92 incidents of overheating, fire or explosion in e-cigarettes across the country between 2009 and September of 2015.

    That’s 15 or so per year.

    Cigarettes cause 90,000 fires per year.


    If he gave a shit about fires, he’d be a big supporter of vaping.

    1. No doubt he is a big supporter of firefighter unions, who probably appreciate the extra work that combustible cigarettes give them.

  7. Yea, I see somebody already commented on the fires, but just in my PERSONAL experience I have responded to 2 deadly fires that were started by cigarettes resulting in a total of 5 deaths.

    That’s JUST me, in a (god forbid ) quarter century of law enforcement and a few years as a firefighter.

    I haven’t looked up the nationwide stats, but I am certain we have had hundreds of fire related deaths in that 6 yr period from lit cigarettes compared to 47 injuries and (apparently) NO deaths from E-cig “incidents’

    I am well aware the usage rates of cigs vastly outnumbers ecigs, but I’m sure if you crunch the #’s you will see the deaths per X users for cigs is much higher… since apparently there isn’t even ONE from e-cig- blowups (divide by zero error?)

    Schumer is a hysterical fucktard

    1. Proof that Dunphy is crazy. You gotta be nuts to be a fireman.

  8. speaking of “shutting down vice”, how’s about shutting down this piece of work’s pie-hole? Not much other than vice ever pours out of it.

  9. How many more people does the “Party of Science” have to kill?

  10. User error. I guarantee most of these cases were user error.

    That and unregulated (I mean current, not government) mods. Basically just shorting your battery for heat.

    Which is the same problem, in my opinion.

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