Trump Dismisses Reports Russia Tried to Influence Elections, Bombings in Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria and Somalia, Miss Universe Hopefuls Visit Philippines: A.M. Links


  • President-Elect Donald Trump dismissed anonymous reports that the CIA had determined Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election, while some members of Congress are pushing for investigations into Russia's alleged actions. Trump is leaning toward Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. Trump attended the Army-Navy football game, where Army defeated Navy for the first time in 14 years. Michael Moore plans to protest at Trump's inauguration. Boeing cut a deal worth $16.6 billion with Iran to sell planes, and is already trying to sell the deal to Trump. Bill de Blasio wants to be the anti-Trump.

  • Kurdish militants took responsibility for a bombing in Istanbul that killed at least 38 people. A bombing at a Coptic cathedral in Cairo killed 25. Two young Nigerian girls committed a suicide bombing that killed at least 17 people in Maidugari. At least 16 people were killed in a bombing near the seaport in Mogadishu.
  • The attempts to stop Brexit in court continue in the United Kingdom.
  • The parliamentary election in Macedonia appears to have ended in a tie between the nationalists and the social democrats.
  • Finance Minister Bill English will be New Zealand's next prime minister.
  • Miss Universe candidates visited the Philippines, which will host the competition next year.

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  1. President-Elect Donald Trump dismissed anonymous reports that the CIA had determined Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election…


    1. Hello.

      1. “The attempts to stop Brexit in court continue in the United Kingdom.”

        Nothing says democracy like stopping a fair result, amirite?!

        1. It wasn’t a “fair” result! Russia influenced the Breitling vote!

          1. No, the left hadn’t invented that talking point yet. “Russian meddling” will be saved as the excuse for the next several elections in Europe where the leftists lose.

          2. I meant Brexit of course hurr durr sorry

            1. I thought you were selling watches…

              1. Better not tell Switzy…

              2. Strong British watches for a strong Britain! Roast beef and a dial that never sets! Those Swiss watches are for Euro pansies.

                1. In all seriousness, I have a couple of Christopher Ward watches. Its an English company, although they use Swiss movements. Good stuff at good prices, so, “strong watches for a strong Britain” is covered.

        2. EC vote in 7 days. Last call to the barricades to derail the Trump train.

    2. How many leaked anonymous reports does the CIA issue a week?

      Isn’t this supposed to be against the law?

      1. Depends which side benefits…

      2. I’m sure it’s all part of some fake news story like the kind we’ve been hearing so much about.

        1. The absolutely hilarious part of this is that the Russians (when they were the USSR) almost certainly tried to influence US elections in the past as well, but since they were fellow travelers, and the Democrats were winning a lot of those, it was all good. Now that it helps Trump, since Putin apparently hates Hillary, it’s all “Red Scare, Red Scare!” all over again.

          1. It’s interesting how the Left, having stuffed socks down their pants, are now declaring they have balls. Was the Obama administration really that tough on Russia with Crimea and Syria (red line, anyone)?

            Granted Hillary is the epitome of a war monger, but what would make the Russians think that the former ‘reset button’ Secretary of State would be any tougher on them than the current administration?

            What is even stranger is that the FBI has refuted the claim that there was any ties between Trump and the Russians, as was reported by the NYT.

            The biggest losers this election, by far, has been the WaPo, CNN, and the NYT. They’ve been pimping fake news for partisan purposes. They should not be taken seriously. I’d trust a NeverTrump conservative well before anything the hysterical Left is saying now.

            1. “the Left, having stuffed socks down their pants”

              Polar Penis?

            2. What is even stranger is that the FBI has refuted the claim that there was any ties between Trump and the Russians, as was reported by the NYT.

              It looks like this “the Russians did this!” is coming down to a spat between the CIA and FBI–two federal agencies that tend to spend more time destabilizing foreign governments and/or spying on American citizens. Trump would probably be doing the country a favor by delegitimizing both of them.

            3. What is even stranger is that the FBI has refuted the claim that there was any ties between Trump and the Russians, as was reported by the NYT.

              There’s nothing weird about it at all.

              The NY Times is a flat out lying rag with less credibility than the National Enquirer. Would you think it weird if the FBI contradicted a national enquirer claim?

          2. The notion of Democrats as communist stooges always seemed weird to me. Sure they share many leftist traits, but haven’t the Dems historically antagonized communist regimes far more often and to greater extents than Republicans have? This isn’t meant as an attempt to redeem them in any way, as poking the hornet nest is definitely not my idea of sound foreign policy. It’s just a bit of a curiosity to me is all.

            1. but haven’t the Dems historically antagonized communist regimes far more often and to greater extents than Republicans have?

              FDR. Uncle Joe Stalin. Yalta conference.

            2. Well, the Democratic candidate won the endorsement of the Communist party here, after first beating the openly socialist candidate, so apparently the leader of the former Soviet Union, who has transformed into openly authoritarian crony capitalist, found the leftist warmongering candidate hostile to his perceived self-interest and apparently tried to help the authoritarian crony capitalist candidate.

              Weird times.

            3. They put more emphasis on the “idiot” part than the “useful” part.

            4. On the presidential level, the Democrats who won elections tended to antagonize the communists (Kennedy, Johnson) while the Democrats who lost elections tended to be more sympathetic towards the communists (Dukakis, Mondale). The American people seemed to provide a fairly strong bulwark against the Communists by rejecting the softer Democrats, and of course the Republicans did win more presidential elections during the Cold War than the Democrats. I think the real reason for the association of the Democrats with communist sympathizers is that so much of the intellectual class on the progressive side were fellow travelers.

            5. “but haven’t the Dems historically antagonized communist regimes far more often and to greater extents than Republicans have?”

              I remember Carter’s ‘Evil Empire’ speech like it was yesterday. And Clinton saying ‘Tear down this wall!’

          3. Let’s not forget that Ted Kennedy went to the Russians asking them to clandestinely interfere in the 1984 election.

            1. Curiously, the only Kennedy brother who was a major politician and not assassinated was the one who was not a staunch anti-Communist. It’s off-topic, but your comment reminded me of that interesting fact.

      3. How many leaked anonymous reports does the CIA issue a week?

        Isn’t this supposed to be against the law?

        This is heroic whistle blowing. We all know how El Presidente and the rest of the left loves whistle-blowers.

        1. Well, they love heroic whistle blowers who do things favorable to their interest in expanding government power. Doing things in the interests of the citizenry … not so much so.

    3. Is it time to nuke DC from orbit?

      Of course it is.

      1. It’s the only to be sure.

        1. Yeah, I don’t think we need to go back for Newt this time.

          1. To be fair, “Get away from her you bitch.” Kind of works in context If you’re trying to save Fair Columbia.

    4. Perhaps an odd question. Every story talks about Russian attempts to “influence the election” by releasing DNC emails and the likes, despite not actually manipulating polling machines or balloting or even releasing false information. So, really, wouldn’t it be more proper to talk about Russia trying to influence the campaign?

      1. I would frame it as Russian operatives covertly exercising their First Amendment rights to disclose true facts about one of the candidates that were unfavorable to her campaign.

        1. And, for some inexplicable reason, the Democrats want to keep this embarrassment front and center in the news.

        2. For once Pravda lives up to its name!

      2. And that’s where a lot of this narrative is falling apart–the CIA sources are claiming that the CIA has the RNC emails. But they won’t release them and no agency leader has issued an official press release on the matter. They could have sent this stuff to Wikileaks and Assange would have happily posted it all, too, but they didn’t do so. And when you look at the timeline, the only real “hacking” that could have taken place is from the DNC email dump. Podesta was hit by a simple phishing operation, so that’s on him for being stupid enough to fall for it.

        These Dems that are pushing the “balloting machines were hacked!” show just how stupid and insular they really are. They think that this sort of operation is just like the movies or teevee, where some high-IQ multicultural/female computer nerd manipulates data from a central location. The machines are air-gapped, so Boris would have to know where every single digital machine district was and have thousands of agents compromise them individually. Well, if it’s that fucking simple, why couldn’t Hillary get her claque of Silicon Valley autistics to do the same thing?

        1. Hilariously, the recount attempts joined by the Dems are turning up pretty serious evidence of widespread Dem voter fraud. Google up Detroit recount, and tell me why this isn’t a big national story, that many Detroit precincts cannot valide their count of ballots, much less who voted for who.

          1. I hope they cant validate who voted for who, but otherwise, I agree with you.

            1. … for whom.


          2. Lol, yeah, the Detroit recount was such a fiasco that Michigan just signed a stricter voter ID law as a result. Way to own-goal yourself there, Dems.

        2. And all that leaked RNC emails would be is discussion of how they could find some loophole in the party bylaws to get rid of Trump.

      3. Yes. How dare the Russians share true information with the American public that our betters didn’t want us to know! America would never do that to a foreign country!

    5. I seem to recall that a few years back, there were leaked U.S. Diplomatic communications revealing efforts by the U.S. Government to influence an election in Ukraine and secure the election of an anti-Putin candidate. Team Obama defended these communications as a perfectly acceptable expression of “preference.”

      Did we really think that Putin would pass the opportunity to respond in kind?

      1. I call threadwinner here. Made me openly laugh.

  2. Finance Minister Bill English will be New Zealand’s next prime minister.

    Yeah, make those brits pay for things, finally.

  3. Miss Universe candidates visited the Philippines, which will host the competition next year.

    Hopefully none of them was holding.

    1. You disappoint me, Fist. Ahem, “pat-downs and cavity searches – it’s the only way to be sure.”

      1. I think in the Philippines now it’s more, “Slaying you and your friends in the streets – it’s the only way to be sure.”

        Maybe if they are super pretty they rape the corpses or something afterwards.

  4. Trump attended the Army-Navy football game, where Army defeated Navy for the first time in 14 years.


    1. I thought Trump was a Citadel fan.

        1. That’s where he studied Sun Tzu, eh? If only Sun had know he could grab the court concubines by the pussy instead of cutting their heads off.

          1. It’s a little known fact. At one point Trump stopped the Chinese invasion by hanging out playing the guitar. So the invading Chinese Army assumed it was a trap and ran away.

            1. He Wu’ed them into a false sense of danger?

    2. He’s already fulfilled his campaign pledge to Make Army Great Again.

      Go Army! Beat Navy!

  5. Trump attended the Army-Navy football game, where Army defeated Navy for the first time in 14 years.

    Because this time they played the game on land.

    1. Calling in fire from the 105s helped too.

    2. Having both coaches be from the Paul Johnson coaching tree made it a fair fight.

        1. I am confused by your confusion.

          1. It’s just a name I associate strongly with that book. Good read, a bit of an undertaking but extremely interesting in its scope and detail.

            1. The peppering of untranslated quotations in various continental languages and Latin doesn’t help, either. Johnson is an unabashed elitist that way, but very critical of twentieth-century progressivism.

  6. some members of Congress are pushing for investigations into Russia’s alleged actions

    There needs to be hard evidence that vote tallies were altered, otherwise shut up… unless you want a constitutional crisis.

      1. Hamster’s going to go all DMCA on your ass.

    1. With the CIA working out of that glass house, it must be hard to control those leaks.

      1. The only tool they have to fix their problems appears to be a sling-shot.

    2. If Russia was trying to influence the election by hacking and leaking emails, I would find that a bit disturbing (though it’s probably par for the course, this time it was just more overt). But as far as I know nothing was fabricated, the voters had ample evidence of Trump’s negatives, so it’s not like they weren’t well informed, and it in no way calls into question the legitimacy of the election.

      1. Waiting for the fake news narrative to merge with the Russian hack narrative
        Poof, the content of the e-mails cease to be an issue

      2. I’m pretty sure one of our Lefty news services illegally obtained one of trumps tax returns and published it. Maybe they got it from the ruskies.

    1. Holy crap. It will be fun having more than just criminal justice reform in common with lefties. For at least a few years.

    2. The term ‘Trigger Warning’ annoys me. May I suggest ‘Derp Alert’ as an alternative?

      1. I think Vaginal Sand seems like a healthy compromise.

        1. As in “What got sand in your Vagina?” It works for all levels of the LGBTQWERTY community/

          1. “Centipedes? In MY vagina?”

            1. It’s more common than you think.

      2. Can we make it DADA (Derp Alert, Dumbass Alert)? And it ties in with the fact that most of the left acts like babies.

    3. Because rights, to them, are transactional. They don’t actually believe in anything but the absolute power of the federal government. They simply will latch on to the 10th amendment because an enemy of theirs now controls the levers of that power, not because they actually believe that power should be limited.

      1. Oh, they do actually believe that power should be limited … if the wrong person is in office.

        Otherwise, it’s just obstructionism or some other derp phrase.

        1. They, literally, cannot understand that somebody might see the world differently than they do, which is why they are so dumbfounded as to why people won’t just let the good people do the good things that they need to do to make the world more gooder.

      2. Yes – And if they controlled more than a handful of states, they would be more excited about those states’ rights.

    4. This is a great opportunity to shut down a bunch of departments and send them back to the states.

      Strike while the iron is hot!

    5. I was assured for the last 8 years that “states rights” were a myth and code for racism.

  7. Michael Moore plans to protest at Trump’s inauguration.


      1. Reading the word ‘yawned’ made me yawn.

        *yawns again*

      1. A 150-strong white supremacist event in DC gets coverage.
        Women’s march will get coverage.

        March for Life – Meh.

  8. Michael Moore plans to protest at Trump’s inauguration.

    I plan on not going, that’s how opposed to it I am.

    1. What are the odds that Moore will get punched out cold by a Trump supporter?

      If that happens, what are the odds that any of us here will feel sad for Moore?

      1. Better to wave a cheeseburger in front of his face than punch him out. I’m sure he’s hoping some Trump yokel actually does deck him so he can get that left-wing martyrdom cred that he and the rest of his broken political circle crave.

        1. “Team America: World Police” did him justice. I loved that scene when he blows himself up like a Hamas terrorist, Inshallah.

  9. World’s oldest breeding albatross ‘Wisdom’ lays egg at age 66

    MIDWAY ATOLL, Hawaii, Dec. 10 (UPI) — The world’s oldest breeding albatross has returned to a wildlife refuge in Hawaii and began incubating a newly laid egg.

    Wisdom, the female albatross believed to be at least 66 years old, surprised and delighted staff at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and Battle of Midway National Memorial by laying a new egg despite her advanced age.

    “I find it impressive that not only has Wisdom returned for over six decades as the oldest living, breeding bird in the wild, but also that biologists here on Midway have been keeping records that have allowed us to keep track of her over the years,” said Charlie Pelizza, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acting project leader for Midway Atoll Refuge and Memorial.

    1. GILF?

      1. Apparently Albatross reach sexual maturity around 10, so theoretically a GGGGGMILF.

    2. Great. Is it politically incorrect to ask where Mr. Wisdom is?

      As a taxpayer how much am I going to have to pay for yet another baby albatross because Mrs. Wisdom can’t pay for it?

      These single moms are saddling us productive workers with a literal albatross around our necks!

      1. Do Albatrosses mate for life like Geese and Humans?

        1. Geese & humans do not mate, sir.

          Everyone knows this.

  10. Boeing cut a deal worth $16.6 billion with Iran to sell planes, and is already trying to sell the deal to Trump.

    We’ll need Secretary of Commerce Howie Mandell to decide if there’s a deal or not.

    1. Would the Sec Treasury be “The Banker”?

      1. I like this. Mandell could do all related media appearances.

  11. Bolling: Trump to Stop ‘Banksters’, CEOs From ‘Fooling’ Average Americans

    Bolling said Americans have been told by businessmen and politicians that globalization is the “way, the truth and the light called progress,” and that Trump’s election threatens that system.

  12. Warty Hugeman and The Girl With the Nazi-Ray Eyes: A Warty Hugeman Time Travel Adventure

    Chapter One: Someone Shot Nostalgia In The Back

    Baron Von Overman menaced Warty with his Scepter of White Rage. “You will never escape my Scepter of White Rage, Hugeman!” he screamed from his Nazithrone.

    “Suck my asshole, Fritz,” Warty replied.

    “HUGEMAN!” The Baron screamed. The Scepter bobbed up and down and an interdimensional portal tore open the fabric of reality near Warty. Nazi cloned kanonenfutter troops began to emerge from it.

    Warty grabbed the first one through, broke his arms and legs with efficient blows, and wadded up the gibbering young Aryan. He punted the dripping ball of blood and brains back through the portal and it zipped closed neatly. The various limbs of the troops in the process of coming through dropped to the throne room floor in a semi-charred heap.

    “Get him! Get Hugeman!” the baron yelled at the dozen or so kanonenfutter that had made it through. They looked up from the pile of charred comrade parts and rushed Warty. He grabbed the first one that got close, spun him around and drove the stiffened fingers of one hand into his lower back. Warty tore his spine free and crushed the skull of the next one with it. He ruptured trachea, fingerfucked eye sockets, broke necks, and punched heads clean off until all of them lay dead around him and he was covered in gore.

    1. Wiping blood and spinal fluid out of his eyes, Warty realized The Baron was chanting on his Nazithrone and rubbing the Scepter of White Rage up and down with long, languid strokes. Another portal was beginning to form to his right. Warty picked up a severed arm.

      “You finish that invocation and I’m going to fuck you with this arm, Fritzy,” Warty promised.

      “Too late, Hugeman!” The Baron screamed. “Now is the time you suck my asshole!” White fire jumped from his Scepter.

      Warty threw the arm at The Baron and covered his eyes as the room exploded with light. He could smell the laws of physics being broken and there was a thunderous crash of feedback noise.

      When he could focus again, Warty stood to face what The Baron had brought through the portal. His balled fist went slack.

      She was perfection. Icy and tall and blonde, full breasts straining against the fabric of her brown shirt, long legs in jodhpurs and black leather boots. And she wore a sneer he longed to fuck right off her face.

      “You face our ultimate weapon, Hugeman,” The Baron chortled, slinging the dripping Scepter of White Rage around. The girl ignored The Baron completely as she moved to Warty.

      “There’s not a woman alive I cannot master, you fat little turd,” Warty told him.

    2. Her eyes were covered in mirrored sunglasses that she lowered as she drew closer. Warty readied himself. Her irises were the color of methane hydrate and her pupils were not round.

      “NAZI!” she screamed and beams of pure hate shot out of her swastika eyes.

      Warty took a few steps back and smirked at her.

      “That all you got, baby? I get this much hate at the gym when I do squats,” Warty said. He walked toward her through the waves of hate.

      The girl tore open her shirt and freed her perfect Aryan breasts. Her pink swastika nipples crinkled with power.

      “NAZI!” she screamed again and hate flowed from her nipples, pure and milk-white. The rays pounded into Warty like warhammers.

      “SO MUCH NAZI!” Warty screamed, but still he managed to step toward the girl, his clone-gored hands reaching for her perfect throat.

      The Baron was capering beyond the girl, excitedly pulling on his scrotum like he was trying to rip it off. “More power!’ he cackled. “Destroy him!”

      She tore away the jodhpurs and exposed a white-blonde pubic swastika that hovered over a prim labial slit.

      “NAZI!” she screamed a third time. Each hair of her hate-muff stiffened and fired themselves at Warty, little follicular jets burning as they shot toward him. They burrowed into his skin where they struck.

      Her perfectly smooth, perfectly Caucasian genitals were the last thing Warty saw before he slipped into unconsciousness.

      Check back tomorrow for Chapter Two

      1. Her pink swastika nipples crinkled with power.

        Sheer poetry.

      2. Could you do me a favor and have a corpse splayed out on a bed like a spent lover?

        1. I think I have something in Chapter Three you will find close enough.

          1. *Gets flashlight and blanket ready Never Ending Story style*

            1. These euphemisms!

      3. Each hair of her hate-muff stiffened and fired themselves at Warty, little follicular jets burning as they shot toward him.

        This really just seems like a way for Warty to explain away a rash he got from some blonde.

        Anyway, I liked this better the first time I saw it, when it was Brock Sampson and Molotov Cocktease.

        1. +2 Venture Brothers

      4. I don’t ever wanna read anything else.

      5. You just made my Monday morning… and probably the rest of the week!

      6. “That all you got, baby? I get this much hate at the gym when I do squats,” Warty said.

        You’re slipping in autobiographical bits, aren’t you?

        1. Biographical.

          No one gets jealous when I do squats.

      7. Glad I didn’t skip the A.M. links today!

      8. Heil SugarFree!

    3. Just the title alone caused flashbacks to elementary school memories of seeing a certain Willo Davis Roberts books on the carousel. I always did wonder what that books was about. Bravo SugarFree!

      1. Have you ever seen Scanners? Basically the same plot as The Girl with Silver Eyes, but with far fewer exploding heads.

  13. Bill de Blasio wants to be the anti-Trump.

    That could mean so many things, none of which I’m sure de Blasio has in mind.

  14. Woman hides lighter in roll of fat, lights roll of toilet paper on fire, smokes out holding cell

    A short time later deputies smelled smoke and thought it could be the result of an electrical fire. They began to evacuate the prisoners. They discovered Koestler had set a roll of toilet paper on fire inside her holding cell. Video surveillance revealed Koestler had concealed a lighter in a roll of body fat in her buttocks. She retrieved it and then used the lighter to start the fire. No one was injured.

    Koestler is charged with felony domestic battery, resisting arrest, and arson.

    1. Nobody wanted to search that, and the predictable happened.

    2. She “retrieved” it? Way to leave out the money shot.

      1. FINE. She rooted around in there like a truffle-hog. Are you happy now?

        1. Not yet. I have five senses and expect all of them to be aroused.

    3. Her girlfriend broke the rule: “never stick your strap-on in crazy”.

  15. Abandoned boat beached at California park contained 2,400 pounds of marijuana

    SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., Dec. 9 (UPI) — Border Patrol agents investigating a report of an abandoned boat in California made a surprising discovery — about 2,400 pounds of marijuana.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Border Patrol agents responded about 3 p.m. Monday to Calafia State Park, where park rangers reported a 25-foot Bayliner boat “was in the process of washing ashore” and there didn’t appear to be anyone on the vessel.

    “With assistance from the rangers, agents pulled the vessel ashore for further inspection,” Customs officials said in a news release. “Agents did not encounter any people on the boat or the surrounding area.”

    The agents instead discovered about 2,400 pounds of marijuana that has been bundled into 82 individual cellophane-wrapped packages.

  16. It’s beginning to look a lot like treason…

    We are at war…

    And his former campaign manager had connections to corrupt political campaigns in that region of the world.

    Sure, we are not at war with the Russians, but we have countries that we are friendly with and the Russians are interfering with them, but we are at war.

    There isn’t a smoking gun here, but arguments can be made to connect the dots.

    Especially with some of his cabinet appointments and their past policies and behavior.

    Beyond that, our intelligence agencies are constantly monitoring potential threats, and he has made statements contradicting their claims. If its proven that he has lied or been deceptive on a matter of national security that is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    1. If only they hold everyone to the same standard about national security…

    2. Sure, we are not at war with the Russians, but we have countries that we are friendly with and the Russians are interfering with them, but we are at war.

      With good writing

    3. We must have an enemy to hate. How else do we justify feeding the military industrial complex?

      1. The only enemy they’re concerned about us hating is Trump.

    4. “There isn’t a smoking gun here, but arguments can be made to connect the dots.”

      Translation: “I’m making shit up.”

      1. I think the same could be said of Pizzagate.

    5. I wonder if this would be classified as fake news?

    6. We are at war…

      Derp. Derp never changes.

  17. Finance Minister Bill English will be New Zealand’s next prime minister.

    “Bill English” is as great a name for a finance minister as “Josh Earnest” is for a press secretary.

    1. I thought his stage name was Gosh Earnest

    2. He should have changed his name to Bill New Zealander, or Bill Kiwi.

      Bill Zoolander might work too.

    3. Bill All Black.


  18. Trump attended the Army-Navy football game, where Army defeated Navy for the first time in 14 years

    Let’s try to make the Army-Navy game an “us vs them” event.

    1. Did you know that attendance in Annapolis is required for West Point cadets? I didn’t until yesterday.

      1. The game was in Baltimore.

      2. Oh, I did. All football games were mandatory from my junior year on…which included an 0-13 season. Sigh.

        1. All Army home games and the Army/Navy game are mandatory for Army Cadets to attend.

  19. Red squirrel with large rear end rescued from manhole

    “He seemed to have no strength. His front claws had been battered by his desperate attempts to free himself,” a member of the animal rescue organization said.

    The squirrel appeared to be in critical condition as veterinarians determined it was suffering the primary effects of hypothermia when they arrived.

    Rescuers initially attempted to grease the squirrel up with olive oil and pull him out of the hole but his large behind thwarted their efforts, the BBC reported.

    They eventually managed to free the squirrel by lifting up the manhole cover and sliding him out by his head.

    Euphemism overload.

    1. Dat squirrel is thicc like a bowl of oatmeal.

      1. You are on a roll this morning, ‘Free.

    2. I didn’t know HM had a pet squirrel.

  20. Michael Moore plans to protest at Trump’s inauguration.

    My progressive baby boomer mother (probably more left wing than my father, the one who thought Paul Krugman should’ve been Obama’s Treasury Secretary) wants to be there to protest and to go to that march the next day. I’m currently trying to talk her out of it.

    1. “Mom, you’re *embarrassing* me!”

    2. “Mom, I’m afraid things could turn really ugly and I don’t want you to have to spend a night in the DC Jail…”

      1. My discussion: “Remember when you guys told me never to call you for bail? Never call me for bail. Have a good time.”

    3. My mother is complaining she won’t have time to bake everything she hoped.

      1. Your mom is baking cookies for the protest? (joke)

      2. My sister likes to joke, ‘the sixties past ma by’.

        She’s the classic ‘yes honey, but what do you want for supper’? mother.

    4. “The Sixties are so over, Mom.”

    5. Thankfully, my Mom is 100% apolitical.

      My Dad is right-of-center on economics, so our family get-togethers are usually involve no politics, and even if they do, it’s not acrimonious.

      1. My folks are divorced, but this describes my family pretty well.

        Not that mom has always been that way, but she was burned so badly by Bush mania and Obama fatigue and finally concluded earlier this year: “I just can’t vote for that woman.” We don’t talk politics much anymore.

  21. Antarctic explorer reveals he’s suffering chilling condition known as ‘Polar Penis’ with nether regions in agony

    Cruel winds add to plunging temperatures and threaten to freeze them stiff. Yet so far only unlucky Alex, 26, has been hit by the medical condition, also known as Antarctic Willy.

    Alex posted: “We found for some reason I was getting particularly chilly in the nether regions.

    “There’s a phenomenon called Polar Penis, which sounds hilarious but as it turns out incredibly unpleasant, and really quite painful and cold, so suffering a bit from this morning.

    “Fortunately, I now have a large thick woollen hat stuffed down in that region. It turned out to make all the difference.

    “The hat will probably stay there for the next 80 days.”

    1. Look at Mr Puritan here with his woollen hat.
      *Stuffs hacked off penguin anus down pants*

      1. I’m OK with your plan straffin as long as it is a female penguin anus.

        I’d have to condemn you to hell if you decided to take the unnatural act of using a male penguin anus. Not that I’d be happy about it, but the Good Book has spoken about this sort of thing.

        1. It would be fun to see a female penguin waddling around NYU with an ice floe on it’s back.

        2. “female penguin anus”

          Birds don’t have separate openings. They have a single opening, the cloaca, which takes care of all excretory and reproductive needs.

          1. Most birds, anyway. Male ducks and a few others have corkscrew penii. There is one type of duck from, i believe, South America whose penis is longer than its entire body… ladies.

          2. Let’s not quibble about who killed who what sorts of sex organs penguins have.

            The important thing is that antarctic explorers are using the sex organs of the opposite sex to stay warm. The way god intended. Not some unnatural act where they use same sex penguin parts.

            Next you will be trying to tell me that I shouldn’t take the writings of the Good Book literally where it warns against masturbating while wearing buckskin gloves.

      2. “I thought it smelled bad on the outside.”

    2. Don’t pee INTO the polar winds!

      1. +1 Ice Capades

      2. Pole dancing was invented by a polar explorer who was trying snap off a frozen stream of piss.

        True story.

    3. So he’s got blue balls from hanging around a bunch of ice queens. What’s new?

  22. I’m bi. You’re bi. Are we all a little bit bi?

    Maybe you’re just trying to be open-minded by wondering about this ? but if that’s the case, then you probably haven’t thought about who you’re hurting with the idea that everyone’s bisexual.

    With this episode of MTV’s Braless with Laci Green, find out how this idea actually contributes to bisexual erasure, and learn some potential reasons behind the increase of bisexual people. You’ll realize why we’ve got to respect bisexuality as its own identity.

    1. Bi, autistic — we’re all on the spectrum.

      1. [claps slowly, then increases speed]

        1. Is that one-hand clapping?

      2. For sure. /blows into slide whistle.

    2. *googles*

      Meh. I expected hotter.

    3. Or you could base your identity on something more interesting than who you like to fuck.

      1. How cisgendernormative of you.

    4. ?? If you can’t be with the one you love
      Love the one you’re with ??

      1. These euphemisms ….

    5. “Are we all a little bit bi?”


      1. “We’ve already established that, man. Now we’re merely haggling over the price.”

        *** ducks ***

    6. They should rename their site to “”

    7. If it’s starring Laci “Cow Tits” Green, it’s sure to be stupid.

    8. The sidebar articles:

      – 5 Gaslighting Phrases Donald Trump Used That Remind Me a Lot of My Abusive Ex
      – No, We Won’t Calm Down ? Tone Policing Is Just Another Way to Protect Privilege
      – But Seriously, Let’s Talk About Millennial Poverty
      – 4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears

      Kill me now.

  23. You Won’t Need Free Birth Control Under Trump, Because No One Will Have Sex

    In a column for The Washington Post, Stephanie Land, a single mother of two, explains why she simply can’t bear to date anyone in post-Trump America.

    I’ve lost the desire to attempt the courtship phase. The future is uncertain. I am not the optimistic person I was on the morning of Nov. 8, wearing a T-shirt with ‘Nasty Woman’ written inside a red heart… Dating means hope. I’ve lost that hope in seeing the words ‘President-elect Trump.’

    In October, Laura Beck wrote in Cosmo that hasn’t had sex with her husband in weeks due to their mutual anxiety over the election and her revulsion to Trump’s derogatory comments about women.

    I haven’t had sex in weeks. After considering why and how this election is threatening to ruin my previously amicable (even enthusiastic) relationship with sex, I think the problem is twofold. On one hand, the thought of being touched by my husband, a man, after spending day upon never-ending day listening to Donald Trump’s sexually assaultive language, is not a pleasant one. On the other, we are both so obsessed with the election that our combined anxiety is killing our sex drives.

      1. Wouldn’t.

      2. I’d sooner fuck the pigeon.

        1. Would you fuck it in the ass? Would that make it a stool pigeon?

          1. It’d make it a carrier pigeon.

            1. You two are like Abbott and Costello! Seriously though I lol’d.

            2. It’d make it a carrier pigeon.

              American or Mexican?

            3. So that’s what led to the extinction of the carrier pigeon folks. /tour guide

    1. But remember, libertarians are the crazy ones.

    2. Climate change TDS, is there anything it can’t do?

    3. Really, this is all on Reagan for privatizing the mental hospitals. There’s not a single one of these dizzy broads who wouldn’t be right at home as supporting cast in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

      1. I think an awful lot of them would prefer to be Nurse Ratched, always and forever.

    4. A man who wouldn’t feel the need to step in and rescue me. I didn’t need rescuing.

      What a drama queen.

      This whole article is a cry for help. She wants to be rescued but says the opposite.

    5. There’s more hysteria:

      I hugged her, a little scared to send her to school, out into the big sky country of the red state where we live.

      OMG. Did she get killed? Naah. Nothing happened.

      Fortunately my mechanic’s shop was nearby.

      The mechanic was probably a racist red state Trump supporter. Wonder if he slit her throat. Naah. Nothing happened.

      He, too, had been feeling a lot of the same emotions I was experiencing: hopelessness; fear; uncertainty about the future

      If he was experiencing the same emotions as you because of the election, she should really be checking his genitalia to make sure he’s a he.

      panic over having to talk to my 9-year-old about anything that might come up at school, or what to do in the instance of sexual assault.

      WTF? What are the sexual assault rates in her red state? Maybe she’ll be better off living in a housing project in a Democrat-run inner city.

      Should we start a gofundme to send this woman a lunatic asylum?

      1. He, too, had been feeling a lot of the same emotions I was experiencing: hopelessness; fear; uncertainty about the future

        Either Shitthatdidnthappen.txt, or if he did say something like this, it was probably “Let me just indulge this nutcase so she pays me and gets the fuck out of my shop. This political bullshit is why she’s paying double what I’d normally charge.”

  24. Calendar of women posing naked with carp is the ultimate gift for the fish fetishist in your life

    If there’s one thing the world definitely needs this Christmas, it’s more uncomfortable-looking naked people holding massive carp.

    The Carponizer Carp Calendar for 2017 is the perfect gift for the man in your life who gets an erection while looking at large, slimy fish.

    Each of its 12 pages features ‘enchanting human models’ posing with carp, in order to make ‘men’s hearts beat faster’.

    As the calendar’s Amazon description says: ‘Twelve magnificent carp steal the limelight in 2017, accompanied by women who are no less attractive.’


    NSFW for naked buttocks and blurred out nipples.

    1. Troy McClure approves.

      1. …a romantic abnormality.

    2. naked people holding massive carp

      Dyslexic scat fetishists hardest hit.

    3. Does the calendar include a scratch-n-sniff that smells like fish?

      /ducks and runs away

  25. I couldn’t find a way to describe this so…

    1. Can’t watch video because I can feel the rage building already, but the expression on the seated chick’s face makes me want to drop her in the middle of Siberia with a compass and a .45.

      1. They’re (well, the left) are intellectual arsonists.

        Notice how she completely derailed the discussion.

        1. “Intellectual” is generous, but I agree entirely.

    2. From the still, it looks like she’s waving a gun around.

  26. Why This Hi-Tech Luxury Toilet Costs ?10,000

    A warm toilet seat isn’t most people’s idea of heaven, typically indicating a previous occupant only recently departed. And turning to your side to find no toilet paper, only smooth walls and a remote control, may seem positively hellish. However, this remote control has washing and drying options. Press it, and a robot arm slides out underneath you, offering a range of water jet speeds and angles, followed by a hot air finale. When you stand up, the toilet closes its lid, flushes itself, and then self-cleans using UV-light.

    The Toto Actilite series with Washlet (the robot washing wand) is commercially available for a mere ?10,000 ($12,500). It is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a Japanese brand, but since opening a London office in 2009 it has been trying to break the more squeamish European market, and there are many other competitors on the horizon. Far from being the preserve of the super-rich, such hi-tech toilets may one day improve sanitary care the world over.

    1. Does it verify the gender of the person using it and determine if said person is in the right restroom?

      1. The automatic tampon remover takes care of that problem.

    2. And turning to your side to find no toilet paper, only smooth walls

      My walls are artfully scalloped you pleb.

    3. Other than the feeling of being sodomized and the peculiar smell of the deodorizer, washlet toilets aren’t bad.

  27. You know who else had a Russian warboner…

    McCaskill calls Russian meddling in elections ‘a form of warfare’

    Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said early Sunday that any attempt by Russia to meddle in the United States presidential election would be “a form of warfare.”

    “This should be not only about protecting us going forward, but this is a form of warfare,” McCaskill told ABC’s “This Week.”

    McCaskill was responding to recent reports that that CIA concluded Russia tried to interfere in the presidential election to help Donald Trump win.

    “For him to be trying to impact our election, he has to be held accountable,” she added, calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “thug.”

    1. It’s a good thing the United States has never interfered in elections in foreign countries, up to and including overtly supporting military coups, or else we’d look like real hypocrites on this one.

    2. “The 80’s called and they want their foreign policy back.”

      1. Oh yeah, well the jerk store called…

      2. Does that Great Wall Vision from SUPERMAN II count as foreign policy? I think that Trump wants some of that…

    3. Hillary is attempting to hang her defeat on Putin by claiming that he interfered with the election (by simply revealing truth) and now that imaginary interference is being called an act of war. They want to go to war with Russia to avoid responsibility for their own spectacular domestic political failings.

      This woman is poison. We really dodged a bullet when she lost.

      1. Its too bad she dodged those bullets in Kosovo.

  28. May the Moobs bind them together…

    Democrats fear another Trump trouncing
    Leaderless and lacking a strategy, top party officials worry they’re not ready for Trump’s first 100 days.

    The party loses its standard-bearer once President Barack Obama leaves office, and the Democratic National Committee won’t get a permanent chairman and staff until March, two months into the presidency. That Democratic power vacuum has raised concerns about the party’s ability to provide a united message ? or even to stand up a centralized rapid response operation ? for the president’s first 100 days in office.

    Their worst nightmare is that Trump, ever the showman, will define his opening act with little unified resistance.

    “It’s a very serious concern. I just went on TV twice today on Fox and MSNBC on the Cabinet appointments and I winged it,” said Bill Richardson, the former New Mexico governor and 2008 presidential candidate. “You need something right now. Trump every day is doing something outrageous. What do we do? Criticize everything he does? Hold back a bit? I know we need to develop an economic message but that’s long term. We need something now. Most of the Democrats I talk to are down, and they’re asking who’s in charge.”

    1. If the Republicans in Congress have the will, there is nothing they can do to stop it. And people want things to change and get done.

    2. No fucken kidding they’re not ready. They’re busy acting like idiots and wasting their time with stupidities and excuses.

      Losers are gonna loser, you know brah?

      1. Ah, but they’ve painted themselves into this corner with that “intersectionality” business. When everything is important and inter-related you can’t prioritize anything. Therefore they will spend just as much effort trying to derail Sec’y of Ed DeVos as they will the actual dangerous policies and appointments.

    3. Cretins. Why don’t you just say what you actually think? I assume even you have principles, so articulate them instead of blubbering there are no Top Men left to give you talking points.

      1. The left’s arm of psychotic SJWs have made these people so risk-averse to internal criticism that they’re intellectually paralyzed. Says quite a bit about their utter lack of principle and ethics.

    4. That Democratic power vacuum has raised concerns about the party’s ability to provide a united message

      Just hire Lena Dunham again and the message will work itself out.

    5. We need something now.

      Call everything he does Racixenophobohomophobislamiphobisexist.

      It’s been working great for ya’ll lately.


    Enjoy some prog pants shitting only this time for the right reasons. Trump’s cabinet is better by any objective measure than any Republican Cabinet since the first Reagan one.

    1. Trump this, Trump that. Give it a break John. Jesus.

      1. Does reality bother you? It is what it is.

      2. Newly-elected presidents are never newsworthy, it is known.

    2. Trump tweeted this morning that the F-35 program is a giant waste of money and I got excited. He’s going to have a hell of a fight in Congress over it but if he can bully them into dumping that money-suck turd, he’d be a hero in my book.

  30. Boeing cut a deal worth $16.6 billion with Iran to sell planes, and is already trying to sell the deal to Trump.

    Let me guess: Trump gets an executive producer credit, the Trump! name goes on the planes, he gets 8% right off the top, plus an on-going “consultancy fee” from Boeing and at least one of his hatchlings gets a boardroom position at Boeing for an undisclosed salary.

    1. Barron, struggling to stay awake during the board meetings.

    2. It would have been an easy sell if Clinton had won. Step 1: dump millions into Clinton Foundation. Step 2: ????? Step 3: Clinton admin approves sale of planes = profit!

  31. Mr. Farage Goes to Washington

    Next time you see Nigel Farage on your television screen, keep one thing in mind: Whatever he may say, he does not speak for all Brexiteers. His Trumpian brand of Euroskepticism may have won some voters to the Leaving side, but it likely put just as many off. To equate leaving the EU, an idea that the majority of voters backed, with support for Farage’s worldview, complete with his hard line on immigration, admiration of Russian president Vladimir Putin, and isolationist foreign-policy instincts, is a disservice to the British people.

    If Farage has shown a talent for rewriting history in the wake of the Brexit vote, he appears to be stretching the elastic limits of the truth after the U.S. presidential election. While the political and demographic parallels between Brexit and Trump are doubtless there, they are greatly exaggerated. Talking to a British audience recently, however, Farage took the argument one step further. “In this amazing, transformative, and in many ways revolutionary year of 2016,” he said, “it is Brexit that directly led to the establishment getting beaten on November 8th and Donald J. Trump about to take the presidency.” In other words, there was a causal relationship between the two.

    1. Not that their claims of all their opponents being Putin puppets is valid, but at least Putin has a concept of “national interest” and works towards those interests. Western leaders, so blinded by irrational ideology, are always eager to hand out concessions and hobble their own country so they can feel extra smug when they go to sleep at night.


    Cadets and Midshipman mercilessly mock leftwing campus causes. Some of these are pretty funny. Army Football Matters is quite clever.

    People forget that the Millennial Generation is about out of college. The kids in high school and entering college now are from the next generation. And polls have shown them to be much less leftist than generation retard. Yes, this is a biased sample but I can’t believe they are the only college kids tired of this shit.

    1. Cadets and Midshipman mercilessly mock

      I read that more as “using existing memes to make banners” but hey, it’s all us vs them now.

      1. Using a leftist meme to mock someone else necessarily mocks the left. Saying “Annapolis is America’s first Safe Space” not only mocks Navy it necessarily mocks the idea of safe spaces. Otherwise, the sign isn’t insulting.

        I don’t see how you could read that any other way, unless you just think it is impossible for a young person not to be a leftist and that they don’t really understand what they are doing.

        1. I live close enough to the stadium that I can hear the announcer over the loudspeakers in my backyard. Safe spaces need to be mocked in Annapolis, good and hard. We’ve lost a lot of ground to Progressive yuppies and hipsters over the past thirty years.

    2. Good news, fellas! The new crop of non-profs is about of legal age!

      1. Non-progs, dammit! Auto-correct won’t let me creep right!

        1. Well, don’t beat yourself up.

          Prof ~= Prog

  33. Am I the only one who gets the troubling thought that Trump is an assassination candidate?

    1. I’ll do you one better and say that I believe there’s a non-zero chance that we might see increasingly widespread attacks against Trump supporters or people perceived to be Trump supporters, i.e. white people not dressed like yuppies or hipsters.

    2. I thought that about Obama.

      I doubt it, if only because modern intended assassins are generally so dumb they’ll post about it on social media first.

    3. No, Sargon predicted it would occur during the campaign

      1. There was an assasination attempt during the campaign.

        A British man pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges that could get him about two years in a U.S. prison and deported for trying to grab a police officer’s gun to shoot Donald Trump at a June campaign rally in Las Vegas.

        Michael Steven Sandford entered the pleas to being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function.

        “I tried to take a gun from a policeman to shoot someone with, and I’m pleading guilty,” Sandford told the judge.

        Sandford could have faced up to 20 years in a U.S. prison if he had been convicted at trial of both charges.

        1. Not guilty by reason of being a Brit and therefore incapable of knowing how to actually operate the gun.

    4. You Trumptards are showing your paranoid nature.

      1. At least I settle my bets like a man.

        1. You lie like a jealous little girl.

          1. Are jealous little girls especially prone to lying? Take that money you saved welching on your bet and buy some better metaphors.

      2. These Trump supporters hiding under my bed sure are fucking paranoid nutjobs!

        1. Wingnuts are known for their paranoid idiocy.

          See Preppers, gun hoarders, gold bugs, etc — circa 2009-2016.

          1. I know, they’re nutjobs who obsessively think some strange “other” is out to get them. I can’t even imagine what their lives must be like.


          1. Your spittle has seized up your Caps Lock.

            1. That’s not spittle.

              1. Damn you nasty boy!

              2. It is collecting in the corners of his mouth, though.

    5. Every President is. But actually doing it is pretty difficult. Trump is less one than Bush and they never so much as got an attempt off on Bush.

      1. Plus Trump’s aquanetted hair and cheap polyester ties (backed with scotch tape) are effective bulletproofing!

      2. Bush was nearly shoed by a pair of assault loafers.

      3. That shoe came close

        1. Note to self: refresh more often

    6. Nope, my wife made the same comment to me the day after the election. And, given the way the left continues to stoke fear and hatred, it makes it more likely that some idiot will try to “save the country” by killing Trump.

      Further prediction: if there is some kind of publicly seen attempt, our betters will explain to us how this was Trump’s fault.

      1. At which point the whole thing would have backfired spectacularly, as Trump would then be seen as a martyr, and the crazy conspiracy theory that “the powers that be” were out to get him wouldn’t look so crazy.

    7. No, you aren’t Rufus. My God, that would be a disaster. Given how panicky the left currently is and their propensity for violence I think he certainly is in ways Obama never was.

    8. Pretty much every recent President has had an assassination attempt. Secret Service has a tough job.
      Check out the Wikipedia
      link for info on the attempts on Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush the elder, Clinton, W, and Obama

    9. He should have picked Christie for running mate. Perfect insurance, nobody wants to see that slob sitting in the oval office unless he’s taking Trump’s biweekly round of abuse.

  34. President-Elect Donald Trump dismissed anonymous reports that the CIA had determined Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election, while some members of Congress are pushing for investigations into Russia’s alleged actions.


    Also, can we take a moment to consider that politicians in the UK are trying to overturn a nationwide referendum in court?

  35. Boston bombers’ mosque tied to ISIS

    So, one crackpot in a congregation. Who can blame the mosque?

    But what about eight ? including a prominent member of ISIS?

    As it turns out, worshippers at the Islamic Society have included:

    ?Abdurahman Alamoudi, the mosque’s founder and first president, who in 2004 was sentenced to 23 years in prison for plotting terrorism. In 2005, the Treasury Department issued a statement saying Alamoudi raised money for al Qaeda in the US.

    ?Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT scientist-turned-al Qaeda agent, who in 2010 was sentenced to 86 years in prison for planning a New York chemical attack. Known as “Lady al Qaeda,” she is related to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed. ISIS has tried to trade her release for journalist hostages.

    ?Tarek Mehanna, who in 2012 got 17 years in prison for conspiring to use automatic weapons to murder shoppers in a suburban Boston mall.

    Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a mosque trustee and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader banned from the US after issuing a fatwa that called for the killing of US soldiers.

    Jamal Badawi, another former trustee who in 2007 was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a plan to funnel more than $12 million to Palestinian suicide bombers.

    1. Counterpoint: since IRA members were Catholics, 100% of them attended Catholic services on a reasonably regular basis and were members of a parish. This doesn’t mean that the Catholic church supported terrorism in any way.

      1. No. But if the Catholic Church preached that it was people’s duty to support the Irish rebellion and the IRA and allowed the IRA to raise funds in the churches, it sure as hell would. The devil is in the details. The fact that these guys attended the mosque doesn’t necessarily mean the mosque supports terrorism. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t either.

        I realize Muslims are sacred to Libertarians and the thought that a Mosque could possibly be connected to and support terrorism is pretty triggering. But sadly, reality is like that sometimes.

        1. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t either.

          Right, but it’s not up to the mosques to prove they aren’t supporting terrorism any more than its up to me to prove to hyperventilating Progressives that I need any of my guns or to a jury that I didn’t commit any given crime. And for that matter, even if an imam is encouraging people to pursue violent jihad I’m pretty sure that’s still protected speech unless they mention a specific person or its an “incitement to riot”, i.e., “Go fuck shit up RIGHT NOW!” That’s not to say I’d shed any tears if such a person accidentally shot himself in the back of the head; it’s just to say that there’s no legal justification for treating them any differently under the law than anyone else.

          1. Right, but it’s not up to the mosques to prove they aren’t supporting terrorism

            When there members are out blowing shit up, it might be.

            nd for that matter, even if an imam is encouraging people to pursue violent jihad I’m pretty sure that’s still protected speech unless they mention a specific person or its an “incitement to riot”, i.e., “Go fuck shit up RIGHT NOW!”

            We can debate about what constitutes direct incitement of violence all day. But even if you don’t consider that criminal, it is definitely not innocent. And mosques that do that should not be considered the same as Mosques that don’t.

            It is a tough issue. But this is the price we are going to pay for importing millions of Muslims into this country. If you have a Muslim population, you will have a terrorism problem to one degree or another. Why it is the rest of our duty to deal with that so that Muslims can roam free is beyond me.

            1. If you have a Muslim population, you will have a terrorism problem to one degree or another.

              One of many problems, in some ways it’s the most minor and short term of them.

            2. So here’s an interesting question. Could a mosque be charged under RICO?

          2. Right, but it’s not up to the mosques to prove they aren’t supporting terrorism

            At some point, a mosque can have enough terrorist members that it becomes incumbent on it to prove that, no, in fact, it doesn’t support terrorism.

        2. I realize Muslims are sacred to Libertarians

          Give it a fucking rest, John. That’s completely stupid and unwarranted given the comment you responded to.

          Someone points out that the fact that some bad people attended the mosque doesn’t necessarily mean that the mosque itself has any sympathies to ISIS or other terrorists (and makes absolutely no claim that it means they definitely aren’t tied to any terrorist groups), and you leap to the conclusion that he can’t abide any criticism of Islam? You aren’t that fucking stupid.

          1. You aren’t that fucking stupid.

            Let’s not be hasty, Zeb.

            1. One thing is for sure Sparky, we know you are that stupid. So we have that going for us.

          2. Yeah, it is totally unwarranted. It is ridiculous. That is why it didn’t strike a nerve or anything. If there wasn’t an element of truth to it, the hyperbole wouldn’t make you so angry.

            And yes Libertarians will be critical of Islam, just very rarely, never with any enthusiasm, and always with a lot of qualifications.

            That is the truth and if you don’t like me saying it, too fucking bad.

            1. Meet John the Collectivist.

            2. Ah, the perfect post to prove that John is really nothing but a troll at this point.

            3. I’m critical of Islam as an atheist. I’m critical of encouraging the government to make exceptions to the presumption of innocence, the 4th amendment, and/or the 5th amendment as a libertarian.

              We got the Patriot Act and all that entails as a result of people believing that the government needs the power to make exceptions to traditional checks against it, and not one year past the DoJ deciding not to charge Lois Lerner for essentially using the IRS to punish the president’s political adversaries it seems like people are starting to forget the importance of limited government. So when people start suggesting things like establishing new burdens of proof or exigent circumstances to circumvent legal protections as a response to a perceived threat I immediately start wondering how it will come back to bite me in the ass. IOW, it’s mosques and Muslims today; tomorrow it’s gun owners, or libertarians, or people who use encryption, or whoever.

      2. The IRA was pretty bad, but they were never on a mission to try to force the entire world to submit to Catholocism. All they really wanted was full independence from the Brits.

        The Islamonazis on the other hand are a mission to try to force basically the entire world to submit to Islam, are at war with all the infidels of the world, and will commit their atrocities anywhere and everywhere.

        1. This is exactly the reason I can at least empathize with the Irish independence cause vs. Palestinian independence, beyond the obvious the Palestinians will not accept any Jewish state at all.

          1. And the Palestinians have a state called “Jordan”, that everyone pretends wasn’t part of the partition of the Mandate of Palestine and the original two state solution.

        2. And the IRA never bombed anything here.

        3. Plus, since at least 1931, the Catholic Church in Ireland (and 1923 in what’s now Northern Ireland), members of the IRA and related groups are automatically excommunicated by merit of membership. That’s basically as far as one can go against the grain of what we see among Wahhabist and other Salaffist mosques in the Middle East and elsewhere.

          (of course, due to the lack a blanket condemnation among the American Catholic Church, we saw unfortunate cases of financial support of IRA groups by lay Catholics especially in Boston and NYC)

          1. The IRA was at least in the 70s and 80s, a Marxist atheist organization that called for the overthrow of the Irish government as well. It is a bit curious to now blame that on the Catholic Church. But that is what the people on this board do.

            1. Just went back upthread to check. Where do you see someone blaming the Catholic Church for the IRA?

  36. Boeing cut a deal worth $16.6 billion with Iran to sell planes

    Won’t do to have normal relations with Iran with all those Trumptard war-boners in the administration.

  37. Like totally!

    Teen Vogue: Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America
    In this scorched-earth op-ed, Lauren Duca takes on Trump’s systematic attempts to destabilize the truth and weaken the foundation of American freedom.

    To gas light is to psychologically manipulate a person to the point where they question their own sanity, and that’s precisely what Trump is doing to this country. He gained traction in the election by swearing off the lies of politicians, while constantly contradicting himself, often without bothering to conceal the conflicts within his own sound bites. He lied to us over and over again, then took all accusations of his falsehoods and spun them into evidence of bias.

    At the hands of Trump, facts have become interchangeable with opinions, blinding us into arguing amongst ourselves, as our very reality is called into question.

    There is a long list of receipts when it comes to Trump’s lies. With the help of PolitiFact, clear-cut examples of deception include Trump saying that he watched thousands of people cheering on 9/11 in Jersey City (police say there’s no evidence of this), that the Mexican government forces immigrants into the U.S. (no evidence), that there are “30 or 34 million” immigrants in this country (there are 10 or 11 million),…

    1. To gas light is to psychologically manipulate a person to the point where they question their own sanity

      It’s everybody else, it’s not you. It couldn’t possibly be that.

    2. that there are “30 or 34 million” immigrants in this country (there are 10 or 11 million),…

      “Illegal” is an important qualifier there, as there are substantially more than 34 million total immigrants. Perhaps when fact-checking fake news you should, you know, have command of the facts.

    3. They also obsessed with China’s ‘one policy’. Even though it’s one of those ‘wink, wink’ sort of diplomatic situations. Not sure what China is angling for to complain about it.

      As for Russia, why are the left and the media insane hell bent on picking a fight with them?

      1. It all started with the Russian mistreatment of gays encouraged by Putin.

        They wanted Obama to humiliate Putin over it during the olympics.

        Putin of course humiliated Obama right back in Syria, Crimea and the Ukraine.

        And Dear Leader must not be humiliated!!!!!!

        1. They’d better be careful what they wish for. Putin has the full backing of his population.

    4. Gaslight: to argue or disagree with a woman in any way

      1. After a certain number of years of marriage, one learns not to do that anymore.

      2. Not just women.

        Also, Gaslight: My delusions are your fault.

        1. I had no idea the rot had spread to gay men as well. That’s sad.

          I just hear it a lot from women, usually along of the lines of “He tried to argue his opinion; he’s such a gaslighter.”

    5. The best quote from that article is “If facts are up for debate, freedom itself is at stake”. I will just leave that there for people to contemplate how stupid that article is.

      1. These ignorant assholes have no idea what they’re asking for. “Psychopathological mechanisms of dissent” isn’t a new concept.

      2. Facts are simple and facts are straight
        Facts are lazy and facts are late
        Facts all come with points of view
        Facts won’t do what I want them to do
        Facts just twist truth around
        Facts are living turned inside out
        Facts are getting the best of them
        Facts are nothing on the face of things

    6. At the hands of Trump, facts have become interchangeable with opinions

      Indeed, it all started with Trump.

  38. More Students Speak Out About Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant After It Goes Viral

    More students are speaking out about an Orange Coast College professor;s anti-Trump comments recorded in a human sexuality class without her permission.

    Emphasis added. “But I digress. Fuck me!”

    1. “We think it was unethical of the student to do what they did,” said the union president. He says the popular teacher was simply using hyperbole and exaggeration. “The faculty of Orange Coast College don’t believe that students are these fragile individuals that cannot hear hyperbole and that they need to be coddled.”

      can’t stop laughing can’t breath pls help

      1. “It’s lack of self-awareness all the way down!”

    2. “Human sexuality class”?

      “Okay, class. This is a penis. Peeee…niss. Now, can anybody tell me where this goes?”

      1. Oh, I know this one! Exhaust fan!

      2. In da butt?

        1. What what.

      3. …’You cis-shitlord you! How dare you insinuate that a penis has to go in a particular place?’

      4. Wherever it has positive consent to go?

      5. “Okay, class. This is a penis. Peeee…niss. Now, can anybody tell me where this goes?”

        In your hand mostly if you’re a college nerd who takes a class on sexuality?

    3. Olga Perez Stable Cox

      Birthday party cheesecake jellybean boom

      1. Goddammit i laughed until snot came out, and now that song is stuck in my head. You’re a monster.

        1. You’re a monster.

          This is known.

  39. Rick Perry a leading candidate for U.S. energy post: source…..SKBN140108

    Another retard in the Trump cabinet coming.

    (I actually like his Treasury pick though)

  40. *bursts out laughing*

    If anyone remembers Andy Cuomo’s bluster about barring official travel to North Carolina over certain legislation what just happened is rather funny.

    He outsources the Level 1 helpdesk services, so when I called the agency desk for a simple request, I got sent to IBM. They had to call me back. Guess where that call came from – Durham, North Carolina.

  41. Obama mocked Romney over Russia, but now he blames Russia for Trump

    Besides complaining publicly, has the Obama administration done something, anything, besides whine about being victimized by hackers? Maybe take responsibility and tighten security?

    And why did alleged hacking only bother Obama after a Republican victory, not his own two?

    In 2012, Obama mocked Mitt Romney for suggesting Russia was our top geopolitical foe. Now it’s expedient for the Democrat and minions to ensure the focus is on Moscow as foe. After all this time and those breaches, and only in his final meaningless month, does Obama order a report (which will be largely secret) allegedly to explore the allegedly Russian threats.

    Because, see, that way the public discussion won’t be where it belongs: On how, after eight long years under Barack Obama the cybersecurity of America’s government and even the president’s own political party remain so pathetically vulnerable?

    1. It’s like Pro ‘Rasslin. Anything that’s more than six months in the past just….didn’t happen.

      For leftists, every day is brand new.

  42. Vandals destroy 400,000 bottles of Italian sparkling wine in historic estate ‘sabotage’

    The saboteurs did not other damage to the estate and did not steal anything from the property, suggesting it was a deliberate act of spite.


    1. Wait, they found the Vandals? They’ve been missing for fifteen hundred years. Of course it would be destroying something made by Italians…

    2. “…you take one down, pass it around…”

      1. *Heaves Swiss a Schlitz*

        1. Now THAT’s a euphemism.

  43. Good lord, Democrats are unhinged with the Russia tinfoil hat conspiracies. Cries of treason and calls for war are flying fast and furious on progressive twitter.

    Related, funny tweet: “It’s crazy that Russia would support the candidate who didn’t want to go to war with Russia.”

    1. It’s incredibly dangerous. I’m all for an investigation if conducted properly and out of the media spotlight, but this is just wild speculation that has potentially disastrous consequences, short term and long term.

    2. The CIA and McCain are Democrats now?

      1. McCain is a warmonger. The CIA has always been political and untrustworthy.

        1. How that is even up for debate is beyond me.

          1. Shreek’s been dishing out disingenuous partisan idiocy on this site since at least 2007.

            1. He probably gets a warmer reception here than anywhere else.

        2. Remember when the CIA said in 2006 that Iran had ended its nuclear program? That of course has been proven to be a complete lie. But they did it to undermine Bush.

        3. The words CIA and trustworthy are not two sentences I would ever put together. Their modus operandi is warfare both physical and psychological, along with destabilizing governments that are unfriendly to the United States.

          Add Clapper himself via Wikipedia:

          Two U.S. representatives accused Clapper of perjury for telling a congressional committee in March 2013, that the NSA does not collect any type of data at all on millions of Americans. One senator asked for his resignation, and a group of 26 senators complained about Clapper’s responses under questioning. Media observers have described Clapper as having lied under oath, having obstructed justice, and having given false testimony.

          1. Why did he get away with that lie?

      2. McCain has been a Dem buttboy most of his career. He was the go-to guy for “bipartisan” sponsorship of such horripilations as “McCain-Feingold”. He’s pure Team Purple monoparty establishment.

    3. Yeah, the argument that the Russians conspired to put the Nazis in charge of the U.S. is about as unhinged as it gets. But I’m sure the Democrats will work very hard to come up with something even crazier as January 20th draws nearer.

    4. “Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

    5. Russia’s biggest problem is that it is broke. Oil and gas are the only thing that they have to export. They are absolutely dependent upon the price of both. This is why Russia is in bed with Iran, even though Russia and Iran are historic enemies and Russia has had more problems with Islamic terrorism than any country outside the US, including the US. Iran makes trouble in the middle east and that helps keep oil prices high.

      Given Russia’s absolute need to keep oil prices high, it is more than a bit curious that they would want a US President who pledged to get the EPA out of the oil industry rather than one committed to the killing the US oil industry in the name of the church of global warming.

      1. Well, deregulation in general – particularly when it comes to all the crap the EPA has put out over the last 8 years – would lead to more energy use.

        Simpler answer – Putin knew Clinton was unhinged and really didn’t want a war with the U.S.

        1. Nah. He thought Clinton was going to win and wanted her to be a weak President.

      2. I think the Russians see in Trump someone they can deal with.

        I think they see in Hillary a dangerous, unhinged nutjob that keeps messing with them in stupid ways that require them to respond harshly.

        If Putin prefers trump, it’s not because Trump is some Manchurian candidate bent on selling his country out. He clearly loves his country and wants what’s best for it (even if some of his ideas on what’s best are IMHO terribly wrong). Trump is, however, able to function in an environment of opposition and antagonism. If the Russians make a serious case that Assad must stay or it’s nuclear war, Trump will understand that and adapt U.S. national policy to that reality. Trump recognizes that military conflict is expensive. Sure, Trump may want to buy a bunch of tanks to boost the economy. But he doesn’t appear to want to throw them away for little or no return.

        Hillary was fucking unhinged. She kept initiating high risk/low reward foreign policy adventures. Her reaction to the Arab Spring, her adventure in Libya, her adventure in Syria, her adventure in the Ukraine all were for changes that were very low use to the U.S. but at a high risk of destabilizing alliances or forcing a military confrontation with Russia.

        1. Well put.

    6. The other thing to remember about the wikileaks stuff is that none of the “experts” in this country thought Trump had a chance of winning. So, I seriously doubt Russian intelligence thought he did either. If Russia in fact was responsible for those leaks, something that is hardly clear, they didn’t do it to tip the election. They did it to discredit Hillary and make her a weak President. Russia wants a weak and divided US as much as anything.

      Now that Trump won, how would Russia go about weakening his Presidency? Gee, how about a disinformation campaign saying that Russian hacking is how he got elected? That might work pretty well you know?

  44. [Deblasio] describes a vision for a city that will stand as eight-and-a-half million strong antithesis of Trumpism.

    He’s a uniter.

    1. Awesome.



    2. Progressives make shitty Hegelians ? they keep stopping at antithesis and imaging that their dialectical work is done…

  45. “President-Elect Donald Trump dismissed anonymous reports that the CIA had determined Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election”

    What’s the point of this controversy?

    Do the Democrats want sanctions against the Russians? Or are they trying to find yet another reason why they lost to Trump?

    It was the electoral college!


    Well, then it was fake news!


    Well then it was citizens united!


    Well then it was vote rigging and Jill Stein will get to the bottom of it!


    Well then it was Russian hackers!

    1. It’s all about undermining legitimacy…

      1. See my post below.

        They don’t care about that.

        They’re just trying to deflect blame away from themselves.

        It can’t be that the American people don’t want progressives.

        It just can’t be!

        1. It’s the final rallying cry for faithless electors to step in and save us from Trump

    2. Hard evidence of vote tampering or STFU. This is undermining the peaceful transfer of power.

    3. Ironic that the people who think it’s racist to purge voter rolls of people who have been dead for half a century or make you show ID when you register are terribly concerned about fraud in an election.

    4. I can see many reasions:

      1) They wish to delegitimize the election.

      2) They also want to rehabilitate both Clinton and Obama. They lost because of the Russians, not because the Americans turned against them.

      3) To light a backfire to defend against future allegations. My guess is that there are a bunch of crimes committed by the administration that are so beyond what previous administrations have gotten away with that they are worried about a popular backlash like what happened after Watergate. By implying that the Russians were behind the wikileaks publications, they hope to taint any new leaks.

    5. I have a suggestion for Dems.
      If you don’t want hackers leaking your corrupt, unethical, and probably illegal behavior, you could (a) tighten up security, or (b) I don’t know, maybe stop engaging in corrupt, unethical, and probably illegal behavior?

      1. Both of those are too hard for them.

      2. It’s interesting that there’s so much speculation about the Russians “meddling” in the election, but even in the worst case (far fetched) scenario, how did they meddle exactly? They phished John Podesta’s email password because he’s a moron who doesn’t listen to his own IT people and released information pointing to corruption, propaganda and all around bad behavior.

        There’s no claims that they hacked voting machines, or bused people in from outside districts, put dead voters on the rolls or anything like that at all. The worst case being made is that Russian hackers made Democrats look bad by offering a glimpse of truth about them. And then holy shit, it’s end of democracy.

  46. The parliamentary election in Macedonia appears to have ended in a tie between the nationalists and the social democrats.

    So the democrats there might need to govern as both nationalists and socialists?

    1. Alexander the 1,146th needs Lebensraum!!!!!!

    2. So National Socialists?

    3. Those are just media labels for the parties. Anybody here know what their actual tendencies are?

    4. You know, uh, who… who else… um.

  47. The Democrats lost the election for a number of reasons. Among the important ones, the American public widely views Hillary Clinton as a crook, and, also, the progressives and social justice warriors who run the Democratic party have demonized the white, blue collar, middle class in this country for so long, and those white, blue collar, middle class voters in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin got sick of it.

    The first rule of progressive club is “The American people support us”.

    The second rule of progressive club is that, “When the American people don’t support us, see the first rule of progressive club”.

    Earth to progressives, America never wanted your culture war to begin with.

    People voted for Obama because they were sick of the Iraq War. Obama beat Romney by less than two percentage points in both Ohio and Florida. America was never that in to you. They broke up with you because they don’t like you.

    I hope the progressives keep blaming other people for their losses. Means we’ll get more of the same next election, the damn socialists.

    1. Earth to progressives, America never wanted your culture war to begin with.

      The culture war is between us secular free trade globalist and the Bible-Beaters, forced prayer Creationist protectionists in flyover country and it has been since the Scopes Monkey trial.

      Bullshit like anti gay kissing laws are a symptom – not the root cause.

      1. Have you paid up on your bet yet, welcher?

        1. Why do you hate us secular free-trade globalists?

          1. Mr. Dodge the Question wins the Asshat trophy again.

            1. The topic was how conservatives like you and Ken have this “culture war” ginned up in your tiny little minds and then can’t defend your side of it.

              1. So you are a welcher. At least you can finally admit that.

              2. And once again you make assertions without facts, which is indicates someone who is, by nature, a welcher. It takes a tiny mind to have tiny ideas.

                1. I paid the $20 but you liars only have your lies.

                  1. Proof?

                    And you’re a known liar, so anything that comes out of your mouth is suspect as a lie. It’s called integrity which is something you clearly lack.

          2. Why do you hate us secular free-trade globalists?

            Because you are crypto-authoritarian corruptocrats?

      2. The culture war is between us secular free trade globalist and the Bible-Beaters, forced prayer Creationist protectionists in flyover country

        This comment is another lesson in why Trump won.

        1. Progressives would make terrible football coaches. They’d blitz on every play, get burned deep, and insist that it was the league trying to screw them.

        2. I never ran for President. I can speak the truth at will.

          1. Obviously none of us are named Will.

          2. Turns out the proles in flyover country don’t exactly agree with the coastal snobbery you characterize as speaking truth to power.

            1. I love that the political and cultural dominance of areas of high population density is “speaking truth to power”, but the Electoral College preventing states with smaller populations from being overrun by NY, CA, and FL is election fraud and Russian hacking.

  48. I think the last time the Democrats were this obsessed about Russians influence, Joe McCarthy was waving around a lunch menu and calling it a list of known communists.

    So history repeats itself, the second time as farce. That seems about right.

    1. It was a farce the first time around.

    2. Joe McCarthy was a Republican in the Jesse Helms/Jeff Sessions mold.

  49. “Michael Moore plans to protest at Trump’s inauguration.”

    Seriously, Moore must be SO HAPPY. Eight years of having a liberal in power meant for him eight years of not being able to make money off protesting the president. Trump’s like a golden goose for him.

    1. Moore hates Obama the Centrist. Moore is a Bernie-Bro.

      1. Sure, but Moore can’t capitalize on a Centrist. How much do his “documentaries” rake in under a conservative liberals find scary?? How much under a “centrist” that liberals love??

  50. “Trump attended the Army-Navy football game, where Army defeated Navy for the first time in 14 years.”

    Russia’s hacking our football games!

  51. President-Elect Donald Trump dismissed anonymous reports that the CIA had determined Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election

    “CIA, you’re fired!”

    Trump is leaning toward Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state.

    “He’s evil! He sells oil which have made our lives better and last longer! Evil, I say!”
    /The irrational left

    Michael Moore plans to protest at Trump’s inauguration.

    “They cling to their kale and their flip-flops!”

    The attempts to stop Brexit in court continue in the United Kingdom.

    And this is why elections have consequences – because they don’t, in the end.

    1. Please stop writing about economics. Or if you want to, go and read something about it. Your ignorance is painful.

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