Fake News

Dissecting 'Fake News'

From Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, conspiracy theorizing to political lying, Matt Welch answers questions about the media's latest fad


So what is all this "fake news" talk about anyway? That's what they wanted to ask me Thursday on KABC 790 AM's Dr. Drew Midday Live program. I'm on the first 20 or so minutes right here:

Later that day, vanquished presidential candidate Hillary Clinton issued her awful if predictable call for Congress to act "quickly" on the fake news "epidemic," which became (along with assessing the true scope/importance of the Alt Right) a main topic of discussion that night on The Fifth Column. You can listen to the whole podcast, with guests Jimmy Failla and Jacob Siegel, below:

I also talked about the Hillary Clinton angle more on The Blaze Radio's Buck Sexton Show, which you can listen to at this link:

Reason on "fake news" here.