Trump Will Remain Executive Producer of Celebrity Apprentice, Military Cadets Got Coloring Books, McMorris Rodgers for Interior Secretary: P.M. Links


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    President Donald Trump will stay on as an executive producer of Celebrity Apprentice because 2016, folks.

  • Trump picked U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to be Interior Secretary.
  • A famous military academy gaves its cadets coloring books to help manage stress.
  • Not sure Ohio State University stabber Abdul Artan belongs on a list of of people wrongly killed by cops.
  • Interesting interview with Adult Swim's cancelled "alt-right" comedy show.
  • If you haven't read this latest campus craziness, you really should.

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  1. President Donald Trump will stay on as an executive producer of Celebrity Apprentice …

    Is there no depths to which Trump won’t sink???

    1. No, thank god! The proggie tears are so delicious!

    2. But how will the common nekulturny yokel know that the Presidency is Very Important if he continues to treat it like just another job? Its like the Pope running a business on the side.

        1. My grandmother had a Pope John Paul II Christmas ornament.

        2. I am disappoint. Was expecting a song by the Meatmen.

          1. Or “After Forever” by Sabbath.

      1. The Pope has been running a business on the side. It’s called “The Vatican.”

          1. You’re just going to make Eddie mad.

    3. Celebrity Apprentice: The Cabinet.

      1. He could literally be the first President to make $ on cabinet nominations over the table.

        1. nice one

          1. To this I agree.

        2. “Whoever makes me the nicest cabinet gets a position on my Cabinet.”

      2. For the next challenge, each of you needs to craft a coherent policy on Guantanamo Bay and war-time prisoners.

        1. “My proposal is that I will announce the future closing of Gitmo, then go play golf for eight years. What do I win?”

          1. “My proposal is that I will announce the future closing of Gitmo, then go play golf for eight years. What do I win?”

            Depends. Are you also a Halfrican?

          2. Nobel prize for you, utter collapse for your party.

      3. I would kinda like to see this for SecState.

        Or at least some ambassadorship to nowhere.

    4. Hello.

      1. You’re so delicate. Howdy.

    5. because 2016, folks

      “How could this happen? It’s The Current Year!”
      /John Oliver, PM Zoolander

  2. Saved by the Hair!

    1. No alt-text.

      1. True, DEG,

        However, this bit of text If you haven’t read this latest campus craziness, you really should. (and Robby’s self-referenced article), was better than any Alt-Text I recall him presenting. In point of fact, I recommend the article.

      2. Look, I am a simple man. If I actually took the time to learn HTML, it would take away from my porn watching.

        1. In this event I am glad to intervene on your behalf as if I actually thought that I had the first idea what was better for you: HTML made simple .

          1. I clicked on the link, saw no porn on the page, and immediately closed the tab. Thanks for wasting our time.

  3. Trump picked U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to be Interior Secretary.

    But she’s not worth an actual link.

    1. That’s because she’s a womyn. 3/5’s and all that stuff…

      1. By not being liberal, does she not cease to be considered a woman?

        1. 15/64ths…that’s my final offer.

    2. Grab ’em by the pussy! The interior part!

      – DJT

    3. I voted LP, but had no idea how much I would enjoy the entertainment value of a Trump victory.
      Putting someone who is sueing the EPA in charge of it
      Putting a fast-food CEO in charge of Labor
      Putting a school choice advocate in charge of Education
      Putting an anti-Obamacarian in charge of H
      Sure, I’m horrified at his AG pick, but someone else is enjoying that and I’m still winning 4-1.
      I have low expectations for low-energy Ben, so any HUD entertainment will just be running up the score

      1. Yeah, same here. Trump’s trolling has been very amusing so far, especially given the wailing and gnashing of teeth among the Progverse.

        I still don’t expect too much really positive to come from his Presidency, but he’s been more amusing before taking office than jughead was in 8 years.

        1. Progressives have no sense of humor. They’re too offended by everything. Sometimes they imagine themselves to be funny or witty, but they aren’t.

          1. I keep telling them that they shouldn’t take it all so seriously, but it just seems to annoy them.

            1. Zeb,

              I have a very good friend who considers herself a liberal, and, including her among the many other individuals who self identify as liberal, she’s the only one I feel the most comfortable joking with or talking (mostly) openly with.

              My experience with self described conservatives is not dissimilar. Indeed, a good buddy of mine from college (who moved away after she married) stopped communicating with me after I presented her with evidentiary material which did not accord with the statements, articles, and other correspondence she sent me.

              Of course I cannot be sure of it Zeb, yet I think it is more likely than not that my occasional use of a link to a H&R article to offer her an alternative perspective to “Fox News” is what helped set her against me.

              1. I have one liberal friend who I could have fantastic arguments with over politics. But I fear that is gone. Trump has broken his brain.

                I don’t talk politics much with conservative friends and family beyond economics that we broadly agree on.

                1. Wisdom is not necessarily overrated, Sir, and in our cases I recommend it.

          2. Progressives have no fucking sense of fucking humor. They’re toofucking offended by everything. Sometimes they imagine themselves to be really fucking funny or witty, but they aren’t.

            There, now it’s ProgFunny.

            1. Prog condescending smugness and humor don’t mix
              Except when their tears are involved. Then it is delicious

      2. I have low expectations for low-energy Ben, so any HUD entertainment will just be running up the score

        Well, he can’t go after the corpse of Patricia Neal.

        1. If he goes after the departed actress Patricia Neal. , I, for one, will have a rather serious disagreement with him.

          Here is a link for those who’ve not seen the original.

          1. I love Jennifer Connelly as only a boy who came of age watching The Rocketeer and Labyrinth can, but the original is far superior.

          2. Sure, she said the words.

            I mean, basically….. they were all kinda there….

      3. Me too. (Voted LP and enjoying proggie butthurt).

        I wish he would have shut down HUD though and sent the federal bureaucrats packing.

      4. The best would be nominating Janice Rodgers Brown to the SC. Which probably won’t happen. But that would be good for some monumental progressive cognative dissonance. Heads might actually explode.

    4. Is she hawt?

    5. She can see Canada from her house!

      1. So can I. And I’m hawt. What do I win?

        1. Depends. Are you one of those mythical libertarian women?

          1. What business is it of yours how I self-identify, shitlord?

  4. Not sure Ohio State University stabber Abdul Artan belongs on a list of of people wrongly killed by cops.

    Oh he sure is.

    Fighting Jihad = Bad. MM’kay?

    1. Get with the program. Cop shoots person yelling Aluha Akbar while running over and stabbing people = police brutality. Cops kill guy selling loosies = good shoot.

      1. Also remember this:

        Jihadi shot in Trump-voting Ohio.
        Eric Garner suffocated in Hillary’s NYC.

    2. He was from Somalia, right?

      “You know, when Artan was first shot I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is Artan could have been me 35 years ago.”

      1. I think he ended up being from Pakistan. Or did that change again?

      2. He was just enraged at how much better our roadz are.

  5. A famous military academy gaves its cadets coloring books to help manage stress.

    Well, it’s all going to be robots fighting robots soon, anyway.

    1. Punishment for drawing outside the lines is 20 push-ups.

      Also: “Gaves?” Really?

    2. Then they will turn on us. *digs bunker

    3. Eventually, robots color between the lines perfectly every time.

      THEN WHAT!?

      1. Then it’s gonna be watching jingling keys.

    4. Jesus.

      “2nd lieutenant Pajama Boy! Where’s your platoon?”

      “They felt othered by all the guns. They’re de-stressing in their bunks”

      1. They’re de-stressing in their bunks

        Could we at least try for euphemisms?

    5. In space. Or on top of very tall mountains.

  6. A famous military academy gaves its cadets coloring books to help manage stress.

    We are f***ing doomed.

    1. If that was your first clue, then we certainly are.

      1. Lots of clues around, but this is the military!

        Where the balls gone?

        1. Balls = toxic masculinity. Jeez, Injun, do I have to mansplain everything to you? Oh shit, I just engaged in toxic masculinity! *runs sobbing from room*

          1. Real men don’t run sobbing from rooms. 😛

            1. I swear I only do it when my wife is chasing me with the rolling pin again!

              1. I only do it when she’s chasing me with scissors.

          2. What if western feminists are sent to lecture the Taliban?

            They might actually commit suicide in response to the word salad thrown at them.

            1. That would totally work out. Can Hillary and Lena Dunham please volunteer?

    2. I’d like to think that they are coloring books of battle scenes.

      They probably aren’t

      Full Disclosure: I didn’t read the linked article.

      1. “Yo, where is the peach crayon. I gots to color all these severed limbs strewn over the scene.”

        “Gawd you are stupid. Those are Afghan limbs, you moron. Use Raw Sienna for Pashtos and Antique Brass for the Tadjiks.”

    3. I know a lot of VMI grads. They are going to lose their collective shit over this.

      1. I also can’t wait to taunt them with it.

      2. Stonewall Jackson must be whirling like a dervish in his grave up the street. 1/2 mile into a hike with Jackson’s foot cavalry: “General, Sir, I have a blister. I need to drop out of the march. I’ll catch up to you in Chancellorsville in a week or two.”

    4. This is my crayon, this is my gun; this is for managing stress, this is for fun.

    5. You may be thankful that twenty years from now when you are sitting by the fireplace with your grandson on your knee and he asks you what you did in the war, you won’t have to cough, shift him to the other knee and say, “Well, your granddaddy shoveled indigo in Virginia.”

  7. The VMI? That bunch of wusses? They’ve been preening prancing snowflakes, with a serious testosterone addiction, for decades. How is it that they’re taken seriously?

    1. Indeed. The Citadel, on the other hand, started a whole war.

  8. Not sure Ohio State University stabber Abdul Artan belongs on a list of of people wrongly killed by cops.

    Wrongly because a civilian at the scene should have been free to defend himself with a gun before the cops showed up?

    1. The cop should have given Abdul Artan a coloring book to reduce the stress of running over and stabbing people

  9. Jezebel: The Purge of Government Employees Who Believe in Climate Change Has Begun.

    Well, sorta. The Trump transition team has requested information from the DOE, but not being in power cannot actually fire anyone or eliminate any positions yet.

    The questionnaire asks for a list of DOE workers who attended any United Nations climate change conferences in the last five years. It also requests the list of those who attended any of the interagency working groups that have crafted a “social cost of carbon,” which several Obama administration agencies have used to help justify some regulations.

    Besides specific names, the Trump team also asked: “Which programs within DOE are essential to meeting the goals of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan?” It also asks for the agency to identify which office “owns” the work on international “Clean Energy Ministerials” and “Mission Innovation,” a multinational effort to develop clean technology.

    And, of course, Kochtopus. Jezebel is not the original source of this article but their take on it is predictably overwrought. So much delicious butt-hurt and yummy tears in the comments.

    1. nom nom nom

    2. For a few days I’d had my fill of prog tears and began to be sad about what a Trump presidency entails. But thanks to Jezebel and some others over the past few days, I’m back to feasting on their yummy tears.

      1. ^This
        And Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet. I think everyone needs to slow down and conserve in this time of feasting in case of famine later.

        1. We are going to be so goddamn spoiled after four years of this. The last eight have been endless smugness, so them being on the defensive has been pleasantly surprising. But then we’ll get too used to it and need some serious withdrawal.

          Prog tears kids, not once.

          1. Don’t worry, John. We’ll be adding to those tears soon enough.

            1. That’s why I’m bulking up on prog tears now. Enjoy the moment!

        2. I, for one, have put up a reserve as a hedge against future shortages.

          1. We could age these tears in oak barrels like whiskey and sell it to the Republicans when/if the Democrats get control back! *yells for orphan to take notes

            1. Of course, we will keep the most delicious tears for our selves. Examples: Rachel Maddow, Paul Krugman, Amsoc, Palin’sBP, Tony, the Media, etc.

            2. You taught your orphans to write?? Ain’t nothing worse than an orphan with a library card.

          2. I’m thinking I have to put some of these barrels on the international market before supply exceeds demand and I run out of ophans. My ophans are now working 23 hour days just to stack them. They’re dropping like flies!

            1. Obviously those are not pirate ophans what with the missing ARRRRRs, matey.

          3. Good thinking. You don’t want to overdose in this time of plenty.

    3. Related: Trump Administration Planning to Go Nuclear:

      Trump advisers have been weighing how to revive a long-stalled plan to stash radioactive waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain. In the document, they ask if there are any statutory restrictions to restarting that project or reinvigorating an Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management that was responsible for disposing of spent nuclear material.

      That alone is going to make the environmentalists go apeshit.

      1. And warm my little black heart.

      2. Instead of Nevada’s Yucca Mountain, he should store the nuclear waste in Harry Reid’s basement.

        1. But that’s where they store Harry Reid.

          1. Sounds like a win/win.

          2. Thought that’s what Yucca Mountain actually was for.

            1. Yucca Mountain bad, but keeping it “temporarily” on island in the Mississippi River good.
              Prog logic. Can’t make sense of it

              1. It’s a scorched earth strategy, such as soconz use with aborshuns.

                1) Stop central nuclear waste storage facility at any cost.

                2) Terrify populace of in-transit accidents or incidents involving nuclear waste

                3) Punish communities which did not successfully resist nuclear power plants by forcing them to store nuclear waste locally. This point is critical because it betrays their true goal – punishing people rather than safety.

                1. Yes. It is clearly much safer to keep nuclear waste in ponds and sheds near nuclear plants than it would be to put it all deep in a cavern dug from high-and-dry rock inside a mountain. It is much easier to secure nuclear waste by keeping it dispersed around the country, rather than piling it all up in an impenetrable fortress of stone with only one entrance.

        2. Enough with the euphemisms.

      3. Nuclear regulation reform that makes it easier to build new plants would be awesome and would probably make Trump the most effective president at combating climate change ever (to the extent any one person can do so).

        1. This, too. Molten Salt Thorium reactors…

          1. Which kind of makes most waste disposal problems redundant. And a regulatory setup from Congress (exempting the endless lawfare ecopukes use regarding nukes), even just for a pilot-prototype MSR, would attract enough private capital to build it within hours, just to see if it works, because the opportunity is that significant.


            This may be promising.

      4. A fitting parting gift to Reid. He stalled that project for decades.

      5. I’m down for deregulating the Nuclear industry but all the Federal land in Nevada (and the rest of the west) should be sold off to private entities rather than being used as a depository for nuclear waste over the objections of Nevadans. The nuclear industry should pay for that themselves on private land.

        1. The Federal Government extracted a tenth of a cent per kilowatt-hour from the nuclear industry for 31 years to pay for disposal; if the financial responsibility for disposal is to become the industry’s, they should get that money back with interest.

        2. A lot if Nevadans i know wanted it to bring in jobs apart from the las vegas scene.

    4. “Jezebel is not the original source of this article but their take on it is predictably overwrought. “, says idiot.

      – Anna Merlan

      1. Awwwww, thanks Buddy.

      2. If Groovus ever captures Robby, I’m calling in Ms Merlan as a character witness in Robby’s favor.

        1. I just had a hilarious image of Groovus in a whaling boat, throwing a harpoon at a white whale with fantastic hair.

          I call dibs on playing Queequeg.

          1. Fuck a you whaaaalllleeesss!

    5. Isn’t Jezebel part of Gawker?

      1. If I remember it right, they spun or sold it off.

    6. I’m getting weird looks now because I started giggling maniacally in my cubicle.

    7. You know who else requested a list?

      1. Obama?

      2. The Mikado?

        1. Correction: That should be Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner.

      3. Angie?

      4. Craig?

    8. So wait, the incoming boss wants to know who does what? Did I miss something?

  10. South Korea’s first female president impeached

    Will media be calling it a “coup” like they did with Dilma Rouseff, or will they accept it because Park has opposite political views from Rouseff?

    1. See? Hillary dodged a bullet. She should thank the Donald.

      1. Merkel hardest hit?

    2. Park’s public approval rating has nose-dived in the past three months from 33 percent to 5 percent, according Gallup Korea, after local media reported a series of scandals ranging from inappropriate personal relationships with a cult leader, to appointments swayed by the cult leader’s daughter, to mysterious, massive amounts of Viagra pills purchased by her office medical staff.

      Whoa now, what kind of shenanigans was she up to?

      1. Erectile dysfunction. It’s not just a dog problem anymore. It also effects millions of men. I’m “Doctor” Leo Spaceman. For too long, erectile dysfunction has been viewed as a physical problem, and it’s been treated with pills and ointments and contraptions whose straps break all too easily. But couldn’t the real cause of E.D. be that we haven’t produced a good “doing it” song since “Close The Door” by Teddy Pendergrass?

  11. I remember a few people enjoyed this Animated News Segment about Trump calling Taiwanese President, and subsequent BabyRage of the Chinese communists.

    They have a hilarious followup. Best sentence:

    When Trump took the call, the Wester media lost it. The first thing they did was Google ‘Taiwan’, then they started churning out China talking points.

    1. That is spectacular.

      1. The image they used to show how Trump and Chinese are both thin-skinned…That’s some Young Adult SugarFree stuff (not the full-on version, thankfully).

    2. Good Lord – what was that?! Kind of fun…in a weird way.

  12. Is YOUR university part of the war on cis-hetero gender normative conforming patriarchal shitlords?

  13. Interesting interview with Adult Swim’s cancelled “alt-right” comedy show.

    From the article:

    In one 2013 video on the official MDE YouTube page, Hyde takes the stage at a comedy club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and proceeds to read aloud several pages of homophobic “research,” provoking walkouts.


    1. It did have the intended effect.

    2. Comedy is not pretty.

      1. +1 Comedian in White Suite

        (and thanks for all the fishes)

    3. Lighten up or GTFO

  14. Trump picked U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to be Interior Secretary.

    I am waiting for the part where she previously advocated a renewal of the “Free Smallpox-Blankets”-policy re: Native Americans

    1. Re: Smallpox blankets.

      I always thought it was more than a little suspect the claim of giving purposely infected blankets to Indians because the germ theory of disease didn’t really even gain acceptance among scientists until the mid to late 1800s.

      1. That it never actually happened doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fantastic idea.

      2. Here’s the first link from Googs

        The Siege of Fort Pitt took place during June and July 1763 in what is now the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

        The siege was a part of Pontiac’s War, an effort by Native Americans to remove the British from the Ohio Country and Allegheny Plateau after they refused to honor their promises and treaties to leave voluntarily after the defeat of the French. The Native American efforts of diplomacy, and by siege, to remove the British from Fort Pitt ultimately failed. This event is best known for the use of biological warfare, where the British gave items from a smallpox infirmary as gifts to Native American emissaries with the hope of spreading the deadly disease to nearby tribes.

        Emphasis on “british”. Everyone i’ve heard relate those anecdotes replaced the Brits with American Cavalrymen in the West.

        1. Haven’t you been paying attention to Standing Rock? White Americans killed all of the Native Americans.

          1. White America is still evidently trying to destroy them with fire water and really bad drum circles.

        2. Yup, I have always heard this allegation leveled against ‘Murcans, never once Brits.

  15. Huh, something resembling dissent from Orthodoxy at Zoolander Broadcasting Company:

    A truly feminist government would consider the plight of Indigenous men

    It is rather remarkable that each time statistics about the homicide rate for Indigenous men (who are about two to three times more likely to be homicide victims than Indigenous women) get a little mainstream attention, there are still plenty of Canadians who are surprised by the information. But so entrenched in our national consciousness is this idea that Indigenous women are disproportionately the victims of Canada’s colonial past that the actual numbers somehow never really disrupt the government’s narrative, which has been focused exclusively on women.

    And even admission that, yes, feminists don’t give a fuck about men

    The reason why Canada’s most flamboyantly feminist government wouldn’t want to dilute its feminist cred with an inquiry into both men and women is obvious, …
    a proponent of principled feminism should have an appreciation for the welfare of men along with women ? people who are our brothers, husbands, fathers, sons and friends.

    Should have, does not. Either they are bad at feministing, or men issues are outside the scope of feminism. Mr Occam says…
    (elipsis in second paragraph to stay under character length, I believe it leaves meaning intact)

    1. And we’re surprised because?

    2. “Mr Occam says…”

      …feminists will use my razor to cut off your balls?

      1. [golf clap]

      2. A flute of sparkling wine for the gentleman, on the house!

    3. a proponent of principled feminism should have an appreciation for the welfare of men along with women ? people who are our brothers, husbands, fathers, sons and friends.

      Ah yes, the Hillary dictum on why women suffer more in war than the men who actually get killed.

  16. Exploring The Last Resort, Robert De Niro’s Forgotten ’90s Adventure Game

    It’s 1996. At the behest of Robert De Niro, a small group of coders and game designers toil away in a seedy San Francisco warehouse to finish a surreal, puzzle game about a run down hotel that may house the creative muses. Also, Christopher Reeve, members of Aerosmith, and Jim Belushi will also be voicing character with names like The Toxic Twins and Uncle Salty.

    Working off of characters Ryden had created, the resulting story in the game came to revolve around a rundown resort hotel and its odd inhabitants. The player starts the game having inherited The Last Resort from their late uncle Thurston Last (Christopher Reeve). As the player explores the hotel and uncovers its secret puzzles they learn that The Last Resort was once a place where creators thrived thanks to the nine muses who lived there. But now a pair of evil residents named The Toxic Twins (Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry) has taken up residence in the hotel, and have ruined its powers of inspiration. The player then has to move through the hotel and find a way to remove the Twins for good, by solving surreal puzzle challenges. They are helped along the way by a little stogie-chomping man in an airplane, Uncle Salty (Jim Belushi). It’s a very weird game.

    1. a rundown resort hotel and its odd inhabitants

      The 1970 novel “Troubles” is a great read with a similar premise\

      The plot concerns the dilapidation of a once grand Irish hotel (the Majestic), in the midst of the political upheaval during the Irish War of Independence (1919?1921)

      The novel concerns the arrival of Englishman Major Brendan Archer, recently discharged from the British Army, at the Majestic Hotel on the Wexford coast in south-east Ireland in 1919. Both the hotel, and the town in which it is situated, Kilnalough, are fictional. Archer is convinced he is engaged, though sure he had never actually proposed, to Angela Spencer, the daughter of Edward Spencer, the elderly owner of the hotel. She has written to him since they met in 1916 while on leave from the trench warfare of the Western Front.

      The Spencers are an Anglo-Irish Protestant family, strongly Unionist in their attitudes towards Ireland’s ties to the United Kingdom. Archer functions as a confused observer of the dysfunctional Spencer family, representing the Anglo-Irish, and the local Catholic population. As the novel progresses, social and economic relationships break down, mirrored by the gentle decay of the hotel.

      Its very funny, very dark, and the whole thing is basically a psychological parable for longstanding English-Irish failure-of-relations;

  17. President Donald Trump will stay on as an executive producer of Celebrity Apprentice because 2016, folks.

    Indeed. In any other year, the former reality-show host elected President would have cut all ties. This is a new frontier we’ve entered into.

    1. Speaking of the Apprentice, did Trump give a job to Omoroso yet? Maybe chief of staff to the U.S.Ambassador to the UN?

  18. Too many pussies in the White House.

    1. Our grabby President-Elect appreciates that.

      1. I do hope he winds up with more female appointments than Obama had. And more women on his staff. And then have a study reveal that women are better paid in his WH than in Obama’s.

        1. Oh, I’m sure he’ll have more women on his staff than Obama.

          1. What was done by you, JaimeRoberto, has been noted.

            There is also this: I, for one, welcome new commentators to H&R’s website, if, such would-be commentators are sufficiently prepared.

    2. It would be brilliant if Trump brought a pet cat to the White House, say a white persian…

      1. Trump’s hypothetical White Persian cat naming contest begins. Please submit your entries.

        1. Alt-White?

        2. Ivanka?

          1. Saucer of milk, table for two. Meeoow.

          1. ^Winner

      2. It would be brilliant if Trump brought a pet cat to the White House, say a white persian…

        I laughed long and loud at that one! Brilliant!

        … Hobbit

  19. So I got this pamphlet in the mail telling me to go to this site to ‘explore how my opinions about our democacy compare to those of other Canadians”.

    If you actually start going through the questions, it’s pretty obvious Liberal polling for people’s response to voting reform. Including ones on the bloody Australian mandatory voting idea and online ballots. Unfortunately there’s no suggestion to lower voter turnout, only raise it.

    And many of the questions are loaded as hell (i.e. what’s the over-under on the Liberals defining libertarians as ‘radical and extreme’?). The end gives you a ‘group’ you’re a part of, and I got “Innovator” which suggested I was in favour of ‘more diversity’ in Parliament. Despite answering every question about diversity with a strongly disagree.

    1. Welp, time to poison the results.

      For Emperor Pepe! For the LULZ!

    2. I got one of those today. Did you fill it out? Is it something we should do?

      1. Sorry. Saw that you did. So it’s rigged?

        1. The questions are loaded as fuck, and some are clearly designed to steer people to certain answers. And some just deliberately omit information. There’s several which basically say “would you like one party to have power and work unilaterally, or multiple parties in power with shared responsibility?” That is obviously about the results of different voting systems but OF COURSE they won’t tell you that. Because you’re a filthy Canadian peasants who doesn’t know better.

    3. Huh, it does that online quiz “your answers mean you are…” the conclusion I got was…. reasonable?

      Challengers typically believe that, above all, democracy should be responsive to citizens. They tend to be more skeptical of government and thus open to ideas that could enhance accountability of governments and give voters more control. They generally prefer governments that are decisive and are less likely to prioritize compromise with other parties. They usually expect parties to take responsibility for their decisions and for voters to have more ways to influence politics.

      To that end, Challengers are generally interested in voters having more options or additional ways to express their choices on the ballot during an election.

      Challengers are less likely than most to believe that special measures are needed to increase diversity in Parliament and are more likely to see voting as a personal choice than a duty of citizenship. They are split on the question of whether Canadians should have the option to vote online.

      1. I still have no idea how I got ‘Innovator’. I strongly disagreed with mandatory voting, online voting, any diversity question, etc.

      2. Democracy is responsive to 51% of citizens.

        1. What we have is not, no.

          You don’t vote on any individual policy. You cast your vote hoping that idiot you cast it for will win. If he does, he becomes a cog in a party machine that has full control over what he does. Any disagreement with them, and he’s out. Unless the numbers are stupidly close, he’s gonna shut up and do what he’s told.
          And parties? There’s no holding them to account. There’s no recall mechanism of any kind, there’s no citizen initiative, proposition, referendum or any mechanism other than waiting for next election. Oh, and candidate selection for each party is done internally, by leadership.

          1. You have a way of ruining a sticky tapped out snark.

            My comment was false but accurate.

            1. I’m just tired of “democracty is a mob rule” canard, when “mob rule” is when a minority of people, who can’t get their way peacefully, grab weapons and impose their will through intimidation, and select acts of violence on key opponents.

              If every measure had to be voted Yay/Nay by 50%+ of population, then yes, I’d have patience for how all our problems are because of what “the herd” wants. Well, herd didn’t want War Against Poverty, or Obamacare, or EPA, or Paris Climate Agreement. In fact, in couple of those, ruling party lost votes when they implemented them (WaP, O-Care) and that still didn’t stop them.

    4. I also got Innovator.

      There were no options for the principled non-voter, like “do away with the whole bloody system.”

      Oh well.

    5. Got this two days ago. Makes me wanna write a real, honest-to-God letter to The Hair That Walks Like A Man? and ask him when the Liberals are finally going to deport Maryam Monsef.

  20. Adult Swim’s cancelled “alt-right” comedy show.

    Did they call themselves that, or did the people who demanded it be canceled do that?

    I knew these guys for years, and their comedy was never particularly political – but it was certainly extremely-dark-satire

    This sketch is one the ones people said was the most “obviously racist”. Watch the whole thing and ask whether its about race at all.

    Im not surprised it got canceled. Its only 20-30% “funny” anyway. Its supposed to be bizarre and scary and weird.

    1. It was okay and certainly not racist.

    2. I’d never seen any of their work until this kerfuffle came around, and what I’ve seen I mostly haven’t found very funny — except for the TED talk, which I loved, and the Trex sketch, which is pretty.

      But one of several things to frustrate me about this whole affair is that when all else fails (and even when it doesn’t!), the “social justice” crowd just lies and misrepresents. It doesn’t matter if you follow their rules, because if they don’t like you, they will just make shit up.

      One of the most frequently cited supposed sins of this show is its “coded” reference to David Duke, in the Trex sketch. Besides the fact that it’s in no way “coded”, the joke is abundantly clear of your watch it. Some people have also acted like said sketch is some kind of approving sendup of PUAs — which is insane.

      A guy writing a letter to the editor for the Atlantic said something along the lines of “some of his so-called stand-up acts are basically him lecturing the audience on his views, even using a PowerPoint including a Swastika once”. Leaving aside that the nature of the joke behind the Swastika should be pretty clear, the incident in question wasn’t stand-up! It was another prank a la the TED talk, this time at an anime (IIRC) conference. Whatever one thinks of such pranks, they call for a different type of interpretation than stand-up.

      1. *”…Trex sketch, which is pretty funny.”

        Though it does have purty girls.

    3. Racist? No. Lame? Big time.

      I don’t think anyone is supposed to watch Adult Swim sober. But to be an SJW is to never get high nor drunk.

      1. Lame? Big time

        “Bitch i’m angelic”

        sorry, but that line alone was worth the price of admission.

        Also – they regularly did stuff like this.

  21. 12 Fun Facts About ‘You Can’t Do That on Television’


    Whereas other kid television creators were aiming for education over entertainment, Roger Price was focused squarely on making kids laugh. “You Can’t Do That on Television was kind of anti-educational,” McGlade told The Huffington Post. “It’s funny because I’ve worked in educational media and one of my former cast mates grew up to be a teacher. But actually, Roger Price was a very rebellious anti-establishment man. His thought process was ‘If the kids took over the studio, all these fun, silly, hilarious things could happen.'”


    Green slime wasn’t the only liquid kids on the show got doused with; any mention of “water” or “wet” would lead to a bucket of water being dumped on their heads. But there was a tradeoff: Kids were paid an extra $75 per episode that required them to be soaked, and $150 per episode that required them to be slimed. “We just thought it was a way to reward them for the horror of having that done,” Darby told Splitsider.

  22. Not sure Ohio State University stabber Abdul Artan belongs on a list of of people wrongly killed by cops.

    Not sure half the list deserves to be on that list. A while back I selected some names, almost at random (I picked the weird ones to find news articles more easily), then searched those names on google. Of the three I picked , two of them were armed and actually shot at police before police fired back and the other one was a hostage taker that couldn’t be talked down.

    And yet there are people who insist that Black Lives Matter’s bad reputation is all because of racism. It’s maddening.

  23. A famous military academy gaves its cadets coloring books to help manage stress.

    I’m sure ISIS is quaking in their boots at the thought of having to face these badasses on the battlefield…

    First Blood would have been a much shorter movie if the sheriff had just known that all Rambo needed was a coloring book… /sarc

    1. A famous military academy gaves its cadets coloring books to help manage stress.

      the only colors they are given are brown and red. Brown for the color of their enemy, and red for the rivers of blood they will leave in their wake.

    2. Oh shit, I can just see today’s remake of First Blood.

      “What are you doing here, son?”

      “I wasn’t bothering nobo…”

      “FURTIVE MOVEMENT!” *blam blam blam blam blam blam* *reload* *blam blam blam blam blam blam*

      (small town, Sheriff still uses a six-shooter)

      “Good Shoot”, roll credits.

      1. Our future is a Demolition Man society with an Escape from New York police force.

        What the hell.

      2. “Sprinkle some crack on him and let’s go.”

        1. +1 Best comedian of the last quarter century

          1. He very well could be. At the very least his show was one of the funniest things ever to appear on tv, and is somehow underappreciated.

            1. He’s right up there near the top.

  24. Is anyone else experiencing random jumping on this page? As in, you’re scrolling down and all of a sudden the page jumps to the top of the comments?

    1. I’ve got control of your browser. Just lie back and let it happen.

      1. Lie back and think of England Server Skwirrlz.

    2. It’s been happening on my smartphone.

    3. Yes, it’s happened before too. I really like when I click submit and this page goes white and I have to pull up the bookmark again. I blame Robby. And the Jacket.

  25. Trump should turn to things with no profit motive. Like fighting global climate change.

  26. The school said “peer educators” will still provide “Stress Busters” programs for students, which includes an event that lets cadets color.

    “Stress Busters is held on Reading Day of each semester,” the school said. “This is an opportunity for cadets to unwind and relax before studying for finals. This event often includes stress reduction activities such as yoga, therapy dogs, coloring book stations, card/game stations, and grab-and-go snacks to take with you on your way to study!”

    1. Before VMI went coed, I believe this was just known as “yankin’ it”

  27. Senate Democrats Accused of ‘Soft Bigotry’ for Nearly All-White Senior Staff

    Liberal activists and Washington, D.C. political insiders are coming together to pressure Senate Democrats to add more diversity to their senior staff positions dominated by white males, accusing the Democratic Party of “soft bigotry.”

    African-Americans and Latinos hold less than three percent of the top staff staff jobs for Senate Democrats, but they constitute more than one-third of the party’s self-identified members nationwide, Politico reported Wednesday.

    “I don’t think anybody is nefarious” in denying minorities opportunities for senior positions,” Sen. Brian Schatz (D., Hawaii) told Politico. “But we’re just not getting it done, and we need to hold ourselves accountable as an institution.”

    When hardened, soft bigotry becomes a dangerous weapon.

    1. “I don’t think anybody is nefarious” in denying minorities opportunities for senior positions,”

      Look who gets the benefit of the doubt…

    2. I’m with Clarence Thomas. The worst treatment I’ve ever gotten for being a chick was at the hands of college-educated progs. He was kinder in his choice of vocabulary, and called them liberal elites, but these days I think we can settle for college-educated progs.

    3. Of course, the Rethuglikkkanz are guilty of hard bigotry if they do the same thing. IT IS KNOWN.

    4. Keep concentrating on this democrats. It’s a winning strategy.

    5. I want democrats to step up hiring the transgendered. I want the Democrats to look like America.

  28. “”Not sure””

    Certainty of opinion is for important things, like “Pussy-Grabbing” comments.

    1. The Youtube suggested list for that included this.

      I want my anti tank rifle.

      1. I want a bazooka. The progs said we should all have one, so why not?

        1. Also, a tank. It’s useful for beating traffic to the office.

          1. If you have a crew, the Christie concept of removing tracks and running on wheels while on the road surface (BT series did this) might work for you!

        2. Bah, it’s a two-man weapon. RPG-7, or Panzerfaust if you’re into classics.

      2. That is something. Sets off car alarms.

        How do the restrictions on big caliber rifles work? If I recall correctly, anything over 50 cal needs a special license.

    2. No one needs one of those! Those things will become sentient and start shooting people!

  29. This just in: Prince dissed Eddie Murphy after basketball game of ‘Chappelle’ fame

    In the GQ story, Gilbert Davison, a longtime associate of Prince’s, said, “The funniest thing about it was how much Charlie Murphy got right.” However, he added a previously unknown coda to the basketball game, one that involved the “Purple Rain” singer dissing Eddie Murphy’s own foray into music. Here is what Davison had to say:

    “The backstory to that was ? and this is the part Charlie doesn’t tell ? Eddie had wanted to play Prince his new album. So during that basketball game, Eddie’s music was playing, via boom box, on a cassette. After that game, Prince goes over and he tosses the cassette out of the boom box and he says, ‘Let me ask you a question: Do you see me stop my show to do comedy?'”

    1. According to Micki Free, who participated in that game and also spoke with GQ, Prince “started playing basketball like he was Michael Jordan or someone.” He added, “First shot of the game was nothing but net. He was just so bad. And everybody looked at each other like, ‘What the hell?’ He was just so, so good ? really controlled, sidestepping, just style. He could play basketball. That’s how the night went, and we won.”

      Davison, who also played in the game, said, “Prince didn’t change, and neither did I. Prince was wearing exactly what he had on from the club, and trust me, if we came from the club, he was looking like new money. He always did. Perfection: matching boots, matching outfit, matching handkerchief, hat, cane, whatever ? it was always on point. And as far as I can remember, he was wearing his heels.”

      1. I’ve heard that before, that Prince was a fantastic basketball player.

      2. That is….Fantastic. Thanks for that, CJ.

      3. Apparently he was also very good at table tenis. I can’t remember who, but some other musician has a funny story of getting his ass wupped by Prince at pingpong.


          Elsewhere in the GQ article, Prince is extolled as a someone you didn’t want to play in table tennis and as a BMX and mountain bike enthusiast

    2. God took Prince because he made drums sound like wet farts on his records.

      A musician friend of mine loved Prince and has loads of live recordings. All of them were awesome. My reaction was always “Why don’t the drums sound like this on the studio records?”

      1. he made drums sound like wet farts on his records.

        Do you have a specific example?

        If drums sounded farty on his 80s records, that’s because everyone’s did. “Gating” living drums was a huge fad, and synth drums were worse. But i don’t think he could ever be criticized for bad-audio-engineering on his records; in general they were impeccable.

  30. A few weeks ago I asked on some PM links what to expect about jury duty as I was summoned. Most people here told me not to expect to be picked, as a lot of people where to be called and the chances that I’d be picked were slim.

    Oh well… It was an interesting experience, as in emptying a septic tank is an interesting experience. Not a fun one to say but the ”Ah, so that’s how it’s done.” type of experience.

    I learned 2 big lessons from that. First, wow, journalists are really lazy crappy people that write a lot of bullshit. I get that there is some editorializing that needs to be done but can you at least be right about the facts you write down?

    And 2nd, reading the comments on those articles : wow are we surrounded by small fascist know-nothing peanut gallery managers. I mean, we, as libertarian, have a minimal knowledge of the justice system, we criticize it, but at least we know we don’t get the full understanding of it. Most people are idiots, don’t get it, and act as if they have absolute knowledge of something they don’t know shit about.

    Other than that I was very surprise by the composition of the jury itself. A very well balanced and diverse composition. All in all, I have to say kudos to the Canadian criminal system. Except for the delays, it looks quite healthy to me.

    So yeah, I don’t know how it is in the U.S. but it’s definitely an experience I would recommend.

    1. I’ll put it simply to you how it is in the USA. Do you lick cop boots 24/7? No? You ain’t getting on no fucking jury. But they’ll keep calling you anyway, just to annoy you.

    2. I’ve had a similar experience. Was on a jury for a murder/rape case and came away fairly positive about my fellow jurors and their collective ability to be thoughtful, measured, and fair. The judge and both attorneys were reasonable.

      I’ve been on several juries but that’s the only one that made it to deliberations. Open and shut case really — only later did we find out this was a third strike so he had nothing to gain through a plea.

      Still hoping to one day make it to a case where I can push for nullification…

      1. “Still hoping to one day make it to a case where I can push for nullification”

        I wouldn’t try that in the USA if I were you.

        1. In CA, if the judge finds out you aren’t following their instructions they can remove you. That’s about it.

      2. Yeah, I would have liked to be on a less straight forward case, like Ismael Habib which is currently going on in the same district as I was, and sounds a bit like entrapment to me (there were 5 under cover cops pushing him around ffs). Would have been more legally interesting.

        But it’s a good experience still, and I think I did my duty as a citizen.

  31. Which one of you guys runs Top Dog in Berkeley? Is it Tulpa?

  32. “VMI, Famed Military Academy, Giving Cadets Coloring Books for Stress”

    George Marshall’s grave explodes.

  33. “The show is from the mind of a trio of Rhode Island-based sketch comedians ? Sam Hyde, Nick Rochefort and Charls Carroll ? who’ve been at it for a decade and call themselves Million Dollar Extreme (MDE). Prior to series pickup last May, they already had amassed a sizable following, particularly in the “alt-right” online community that has championed white supremacy and cheered Donald Trump’s rise to power. As the group’s leader, the 31-year-old Hyde ? who tweets support for alt-right theories like Pizzagate while hurling attacks at left-leaning celebrities like Lena Dunham (whom he called a “fat pig”) and Patton Oswalt (whom he theorized had “killed his wife”) ? has drawn the majority of heat.”

    —-Hollywood Reporter


    Is the Hollywood Reporter saying that Hyde is the leader of a group of comedy writers?

    Or are they saying that Hyde is the leader of the Alt-right?

    Because if the progressives at Hollywood Reporter are alleging that the leader of the Alt-right is a comedy writer of a cancelled series on Adult Swim, that’ll be funnier than anything I’ve seen since The Lords of Synth.

  34. Why do I suddenly want to go to yoga class?

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