Clean Energy

Trump Cannot Stop 'Irrevocable' Transition to Clean Energy, Say Activists: New at Reason

Trump will not stop 'irrevocable' transition to clean energy, say activists



America's "transition to a clean energy economy is irrevocably underway, and independent of any changes in federal administration or congressional leaderships," asserted the Natural Resources Defense Council activist group in its Accelerating into a Clean Energy Future report this week. Report co-author Ralph Cavanagh added, "The nationwide momentum for pollution-free energy is undeniable and irresistible because clean energy now costs less than dirty energy."

But if clean energy really does cost less than dirty energy, then what is there to resist? In that case, surely the invisible hand of the marketplace will make the transition to a clean-energy economy irrevocable. So can we all put aside our worries about catastrophic climate change?

Not so fast. You see, policies are needed.