Little Rock's Taxi Monopoly Ruled Unconstitutional

City government claimed there was a need for only 125 taxi permits, and one cab company held them all.



The government of Little Rock, Arkansas, can no longer enforce a taxi monopoly.

Judge David Laser of the Pulaski County Circuit Court on Thursday struck down a provision of Little Rock's city law that effectively prohibited anyone except Yellow Cab from operating a taxi in Arkansas' capital city.

Under the city law ruled unconstitutional on Thursday, the Little Rock government allowed no more than 125 taxi permits at any time. Since 2001, Yellow Cab has held all 125 permits and has been the only legal taxi service operating in the city.

Ken Leininger, who owns Ken's Cabs LLC, sued the city in March after he was denied a permit. He argued that the city's rules violated the state constitution's prohibition against government-enforced monopolies.

A written opinion has not yet been released, but Laser on Thursday issued an injunction against the city enforcing the taxi permit law and awarded a $1 settlement for Leininger, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

Tom Carpenter, Little Rock's city attorney, told the Arkansas Times that the city will appeal the ruling. He told the newspaper that the permit rules were not a "monopoly provision," although Carpenter also admitted that in practice, the city was unlikely to let in new entrants under the rules when Leininger applied.

"It's hard to believe that this concept is unconstitutional since our state hospitals and several other businesses are guided by that same standard," Carpenter said, according to the Times. "It doesn't really make any sense."

What actually doesn't make any sense is the idea that government should be able to set artificial limits on how many taxi companies—or hospitals, or other businesses, for that matter—are necessary. These rules are called Certificate of Necessity (or, in some places, Certificate of Public Need) laws, and they give government the ability to block competition in certain sectors of the economy. That's bad news for people like Leininger, who want to compete against incumbent operators, but it's also bad news for the general public since monopolies can charge higher prices and have less of an incentive to provide good service.

It's impossible to know whether an appeal of Laser's ruling would be successful, but even if Little Rock's Certificate of Necessity laws aren't a direct violation of the state's constitution, they're certainly a violation of common sense. Little Rock doesn't regulate the number of fast food restaurants—or, as it was trying to do here, tell McDonald's that they can't operate in the city because there's already too many Burger Kings.

The market is better able to sort out the supply of taxi cabs than even the most knowledgeable government officials. If Ken Leininger can provide a better service than Yellow Cab, there's no reason why he shouldn't be allowed to try.

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  1. Pretty much everything the government does today is unconstitutional. They ran out of constitutional things to do at least 100 years go. It’s just a matter of when the right judge wants to rule on it.

    1. Hyp,

      What judge is alive today to comment upon (and here I intend to mean comment upon as critically as he or she is capable) un-Constitutional laws and policies?

      What judge who is alive today would even question un-Constitutional laws and policies?

      What judge is there, currently living, who could ask pertinent, highly meaningful, and thought-provoking questions with regards to the un-Constitutionality of “everything the government does today” (as you yourself put it)?

      1. I guess I’m just being naive. Too drunk on salty prog tears.

      2. Did I see what you did there?

        1. Did I see what you did there?


          1. What if he hadn’t? What if I hadn’t?

      3. Janice Rogers Brown?

      4. Judge Reinhold?

        1. Would Judge Reinhold call the TSA unconstitutional?

  2. And the dissolving of the hack monopoly continues!

    Where’s that asshole Big Mike to tell us how wrong this decision is?

  3. “It’s hard to believe that this concept is unconstitutional since our state hospitals and several other businesses are guided by that same standard,” Carpenter said, according to the Times. “It doesn’t really make any sense.”

    IOW: We fuck over people all the time, in a variety of ways. How come this one in particular is not ok?

    1. That is possibly the dumbest argument I’ve heard a lawyer make in quite some time… and that’s saying something.

      1. The worst part is this is probably what he told the govt when they consulted him about whether they should defend the case. And they bought it.

        1. Riiiiiight. The government asked someone if they should fuck over the subjects.

          With said subjects’ money.

    2. It’s hard to believe that this concept is unconstitutional since our state hospitals and several other businesses are guided by that same standard,

      I’m going to assume this is a reference to certificate-of-need laws that require state approval for hospital building and expansion. Which, if they are applied to produce artificial monopolies, would run into the same problem as the taxi cartels.

      Plus, in many smaller rural communities, hospitals are a natural local monopoly. When your town is 10,000 people, even a single hospital is marginal, and two are utterly unsustainable.

      I detect a tone of genuine bewilderment in this remark, showing, as you noted, that this is one stupid attorney.

  4. What happens when you can’t get a taxi. Also, proof that “Florida Man” is a state of mind, not a geographical location.

    1. Is there something wrong with me? Because using a snow mobile in the snow makes sense.

      1. Uber snowmobile service. Seriously, not a bad idea in Northern Wisconsin. (This dude was double the legal limit so there’s that).

        1. The drunk & driving part is not good.

      2. Possibly the .186 alcohol level had something to do with it.

        1. Damn, straffed and run over by lack of refresh

          1. I can see the snowmobile marks on your back.

          2. Should’ve put (sic) in my handle, eh.

        2. I hope I reach that tonight.
          Seriously, though: At my age, no matter how drunk I am, I am never drunk enough to drive. It’s like it’s built into my DNA.

          1. Would that many other individuals had acknowledged ” I am never drunk enough to drive” and also acted upon your (perhaps recently acquires wisdom), Jimbo.

    2. I don’t know.

      “A then 5-year-old boy was servery injured.”

      Sounds like fake news planted by the Chinese to make Wisconsonites look bad.

    3. A preliminary breath test showed Grassl blew a .186– more than twice the legal limit for driving an automobile.

      Grassl, who was on parole at the time of his arrest, remains in the Marathon County Jail.

      Grassl was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2001, after he drove into a group of daycare-aged children while he was drunk. A then 5-year-old boy was severely injured. Upon his prison release, he spent 10 years on extended supervision. He also lost his driver’s license for eight years.


      1. They fixed the, “servery” typo in the article. Totally ruins my joke.

        Dude should have walked. Both times.

    4. You do know there’s a Wausau, FL, right? It’s the “Possum Capital of the World”.

  5. If we let this happen and then apply it hospitals we’ll soon have hospitaltaxis, that careen about town stuffed full of the sick and injured!

    Is that what you want? Well, is it?

    1. So, we’ll have ambulances?

      1. No, not ambulances! Imagine a building 3-4 floors tall crammed onto a vehicle chassis that’s full of sick people, equipment and hospital staff and not obeying any traffic laws!

        1. Sounds like a siege tower.

  6. Want to see something totally amazing? Watch this and set it to 4K, if your puter an intertoobz can handle it. Wow!

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I really hope they release this on PC.

    1. She should have gotten serious rope-burn.

      1. She should kill dinobots and get naked in 4K, who cares about rope burn!

        1. Yes, those Imperial Walkers…I mean dinobots…sure are impressive.

    2. Yep, waiting for that one with…

      1. The Outcasts?

    3. Wow, that shit’s come a long way

      1. Maybe 20 years until we’re able to to do total immersion in AR at 16K, maybe about 50% better than human 20/20 vision and with the emotional intensity of the most intense dreams. Not for the faint of heart.

        1. If like to travel 500 years into the future and see what’s up

          1. I’m in

        2. I got to play around with a VR set recently. I gotta say, it was pretty damn impressive. I thought the porn would be lame, but I was blown away.

    4. I’m a cranky old man.

      The trailer starts and my reaction is, ‘Oh, hello, Heavenly Sword, come for second helping of hype?’

    5. Really great looking game. So glad I bought a PS4. Can’t wait to play this, the remastered Crash trilogy, and Last of Us 2.

    6. I was expecting the bow to be used to slide down the zipline instead of bare hands.

  7. Look, the experts at the Taxi Commission have determined there’s a market for 125 taxis. If 125 taxis can efficiently serve the market, what’s going to happen if some competitor comes in with say 25 excess taxis? Obviously, the operating costs of the entire 150 taxis will now have to be split among the 125 productive taxis, meaning prices will have to rise by 20% to cover the costs of the excess taxis. That’s just simple logic. It’s kinda like when a small town gets a second gas station – there’s only enough business to support one efficiently so in order to cover their costs on half the business both gas stations have to double their prices. You see the same thing in places where there are multiple stores of all types – I once went to a city that had 25 or more grocery stores and bread there was like 1200 dollars a loaf just because there was so much competition in the bread-selling biz.

    1. SCIENCE!

    2. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had an “economist” who used to explain that in proto-Vox style. The gist was unregulated competition was very bad and lead to higher consumer prices through wasteful duplication of services.

    3. That is precisely the logic of hospital certificate-of-need statutes.

      Too bad that its been comprehensively disproven in the proverbial laboratory of the states. Turns out states with CON don’t have medical inflation any lower than states without CON.

    1. Damnit, I had planned on getting that and the AR-15 playset for all the grand chillins! Is there anything these pants shitters cannot ruin!

      1. Well, at least the woodchipper playset is still available…

      2. Gotta love the attempt at diversity, though. Not quite the Claire Huxtable stereotype.

        1. Claire was hot and her TV hubbie turned out to be a perv. Just some trivia there.

          1. Her original real husband was the only straight guy in The Village People

    2. The PR flak actually has the most intelligent take on all this.

  8. OT cinema history fact of the day: Lenny Bruce was offered a part in Doctor Strangelove, but he was too far gone into paranoia and turned it down.

    1. Lenny Bruce was not afraid

      1. Apparently he thought he would be “exploited.”

  9. Little Rock doesn’t regulate the number of fast food restaurants?or, as it was trying to do here, tell McDonald’s that they can’t operate in the city because there’s already too many Burger Kings.

    Next great idea for California progressives to put on an initiative. They need another tool to fix the “food deserts” in the inner cities.

    1. Round here many towns and cities have banned franchises. It keeps them “authentic.”

    2. Why would they limit the number of places white trash like Bill and Hillary could dine?

      I actually hate my current neighborhood because the ancient hipster douchebags won’t let any fast food restaurants taint the prog holiness of this place. I mean I rarely eat the stuff myself, I just object to it not being an option because I hate progs.

  10. What actually doesn’t make any sense is the idea that government should be able to set artificial limits on how many taxi companies?or hospitals, or other businesses, for that matter?are necessary.

    As with all protectionist policies, the justification is that without this protection, the companies won’t be able to make enough money. Then they will all shut down and there will be no cabs at all. That is why we need to protect businesses. Without protection there would be no businesses at all. Competition destroys businesses, destroys innovation, destroys jobs, and results in no business at all. Libertarians are so stupid that they don’t understand the results of the policies that they support. I mean, if libertarians had their way we’d all be slaves to the corpor… uh, oops, wrong narrative. If libertarians had their way there would be no businesses at all. Not even corporations.

  11. OT random comment inspired by lovely view: God bless the man who invented stretch jeans, and God bless the beautiful bottoms that fill those stretch jeans out.

    1. Do you not know about yoga pants yet?

      1. Tight blue jeans rule. Latin counties and women are especially talented at it.

          1. Have you ever been to South America?

            1. Yes. The crushing poverty almost distracted me from my 12 course meal.

              1. If you were able to notice that instead of the incredibly gorgeous females everywhere, you where in the wrong place.

                1. I was in Peru. Parts of Lima are nice, but the rest of the country is really poor. I enjoyed the resort in the Amazon most of all.

                  1. You need to go to Brazil.

            2. When yoga pants catch on there, it will be the end of the world.

              1. reading fail: When yoga pants catch on fire….

                because of the hotness, I guess.

      2. He lives in freaking Colorado, man. The only place with a higher density of denim is a Canadian wedding.

  12. Sororities, the new fraternities.…..bers-quit/

    1. Damn, I originally read that as sodomites.

    2. Mornings at AOP seem a little different…..having.jpg

      1. Why is she shaving her face? Isn’t it cheaper to rub some cream on your face and yell ‘here kitty kitty’? Just sayin. Ok enough about pussies.

    1. Look, being blue gives me special snowflake status! Stop making fun of me!

    2. Smurfette be tired

    3. I’m more orange than trump.

      1. Did you go in with him and Boehner in buying out the QT empire?

  13. As mentioned previously….

    One of my favorite personalities on YouTube has previously made some entertaining choice-comments about the results of the recent election….

    …and today offers his view on how “The Media Has Learned Nothing” in the aftermath of said event.

    has a few memorable + brutal one-liners/insults.

    1. Seems about right. I’ve watched those Untruths about Trump videos and they definitely expose flat out media lies. The All Mexicans are Rapists! one was the worse, IMO.

    2. That was… fucking… awesome.

  14. Italy’s ingenious plan for preventing terrorism: deport anybody who advocates jihad and ban them from the country for 15 years.

    It’s working pretty well so far, despite the large number of potential jihadis in Italy and its proximity to the Middle East.

    Italy’s counterterrorism efforts have indeed been remarkably successful and have been held up as a model for other countries to follow. Last year, a leading military analyst observed that it was no accident that despite the many factors going against Italy, Islamic terrorists have failed to kill a single person on Italian soil.

    In an article in the Nikkei Asian Review, Romanian-born political scientist and military analyst Edward N. Luttwak laid out his theory explaining Italy’s successful counterterrorism strategy. In a word: Italy has the necessary political will to deport those it considers a threat to national security, as it showed once again on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, suicide bombers in Nigeria killed 56 today.

    Also, an illegal immigrant in the US who has been deported 8 times is wanted after killing 2 people in a hit and run.

    1. Ah, good old Ed Luttwak. I remember two things about him….sitting next to him at a military history seminar at the University of Illinois – he was doodling on a pad, drawing fighter jets, instead of listening to the academic giving a history of Russia v Tatars, and his prediction that the US was going to get all it could handle from the battle hardened Iraqi Army in Gulf War I…

  15. I’m trying to read “the theory of money and credit” but it keeps putting me to sleep.

    1. “The Monetary Theory of Etatism”……..?

      I give up.

    2. You should call back Ranjeev from the IRS and give him your credit card number.

        1. The police were on their way! What was I suppose to do?!?

      1. Punching down does not become you…or it does. I’m not smart.

    3. Yeah, I’m in Finance and that kind of shit puts me to sleep as well.

      1. Amazon recommended it because I read “economics in one lesson” which I really enjoyed. This one is just too academic. No offense meant to Mr Mises, it’s just over my head.

        1. Yeah, Hazlett is a good update to Bastiat’s What is Seen and What is Not Seen. The Instant Economist by Timothy Taylor is a good general economics book for the layman.

          1. Would you say that “the instant economist” is worth reading if you’ve already read “economics in one lesson”?

            1. Yes, if your interested in learning Economic basics. Short chapters on each subject. not overly detailed. It covers those basics pretty simply whereas Hazlett really teaches you to smell out bullshit economic policy which if great. If your interested specifically in monetary policy stuff Friedman’s Money Mischief: Episodes in Monetary History is interesting although pretty dry. I’m sure it’s not as cumbersome as Mises but definately not a page turner. Not a terribly long read so enlightening if you can stick with it. I think there was one chapter in Friedman where he was like, if your not an economist you may want to skip this chapter:) I would follow that advice:)

              1. Thank you for the recommendations.

                1. Sure. Rothbard’s What Has Government Done to Our Money? and The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar would probably be a much easier introduction to money than Freidman if you’re interested.

                  1. I have no economic/finance background so I’m trying to self educate. I appreciate guidance from someone who works in the field.

                    1. Oh, I’m not an economist.

                    2. Actually, if you want a good accessible intro to monetary policy, especially as it relates to central banks, read George Selgin’s “a primer on monetary policy”, which he posted at Alt M (a monetary blog/website). It’s basically a series of articles but was far more useful I think than any book I’ve read yet on the matter.

                      Also, George Selgin’s interview on econtalk was great. I’m a big Selgin fan.

  16. Another agency Trump can cut…..itors.html

    1. That is insane. It would be like fishing on a lake, and you being required to hand the fish cops $20 when they checked your license and boat. That’s fucked.

      Do the they bring their own food when they show up for their ride?

    2. I smell Obumbles all over that. This is the kind of slimy shit he does. He cant just summarily put them out of business so he regulates them out then throws up his hands and says “Hey! I didn’t tell them they couldn’t go fishing.”

      I will never forgive the morons who voted for him.

    3. I misread that as “sea monsters” until halfway through the article.

  17. Salon writer thinks Twitter should ban Trump. Yeah, that’s gonna happen.…..-behavior/

    1. They should just ban everyone who doesn’t tow the leftist lion. That looks like a sure winner right now.

    2. Trump can retaliate by threatening to add mandatory Twitter ban to all federal offices. On both policy and firewall level.

      Also, tweeting on your time off is now grounds for dismissal.

      1. Trump can retaliate by threatening to add mandatory Twitter ban to all federal offices. On both policy and firewall level.

        Why the hell not? They don’t need it to do their jobs, and its dead easy to do. You can’t access Facebook or Twitter from our system.

    1. And yet, it will be paid, cause there’s nothing else to do.

      1. How much is corn taxed? Potatoes? I think you know where I’m going with this.

        1. No one cares as much about corn and potatoes as they do about alcohol. Especially when they live on a desolate island where it’s too cold to go outside 10 months of the year and women are more rare than snow.

          1. He’s referring to something that rhymes with “Poonshine”.

            1. Poon Mines?

              1. Now that’s where you want your orphans deployed.

          2. I’m saddened that boot legging didn’t jump to your mind. What kind of libertarian are you?

            1. It’s been too long since I was a redneck living in a dry county. Forgive me brothers, for I have sinned.

    2. I was there in….uh, like 2002 or so. A beer cost $8-10 normally (*my benchmark was about “Twice what it would normally be in the US at the time”). A mixed drink was probably $12-15.

      Fortunately, the second day i was there, all the beer was basically free.

      1. You know what really grinds my gears? Wine mark up in restaurants. It’s ridiculous.

        1. “It’s ridiculous.”

          Most restaurant margins are beyond ridiculously low and restaurant management knows you’re not gonna paga for an $80 entr?e, so they make it where they can.

          1. I don’t begrudge them the profits, it’s just some places charge 4-5 times retail (I don’t know the discount for wholesale) and that seems a little extreme. So I don’t usually order wine at dinner now.

            1. Bota bag dude. Just dump the water glass out on the floor, and fill the glass out of the bag under your coat.

              Bon Appetite.

              1. I keep mine in a fake penis, sure people stare and there’s the occasional restraining order but I save money on wine!

              2. I usually just drink a bottle at home and stagger to the restaurant, but I like the way you think.

        2. You know what really grinds my gears? Wine mark up in restaurants. It’s ridiculous.

          I’d commiserate but i’m not much of a wine-drinker.

          In NYC there have always been tons of small italian restaurants that had BYOB policies. And there would always be conveniently located shops nearby – so it’s sort of a normal thing if you plan to drink some wine to grab 2 bottles then go to the place and pay a modest ‘corking fee’ of like $10.

          Other places I go have very generous “house wine” policies. esp in Greenwich village… i know at least 2 places where you pretty much drop $10-15 a person, and they just keep filling your glasses up. And its not rotgut either.

          1. What set me off is a had a bottle of Vina Borgia on house special for like $20. I liked it so I went looking for it to have a bottle at home. Found it at total wine for $4. Even on special it was a 5x mark up.

    3. And FYI – those super-high taxes were a response to (*as my link should explain) the end of prohibition in the 1980s.

      There were so many goddamn alcoholics in the country in the 1960s they basically made booze illegal. When they finally re-legalized it, they taxed it up the wazoo to make it impossible to be *too much* of a crazy drunkard.

      1. What’s the black market for booze like there?

        1. I was only there for 3 days. I assume I would have found out eventually had i been there longer.

          my impression is actually that there isn’t much ‘cheating’, at least as far as my own limited professional insight goes (*i’ve done lots of work for booze companies over the years, and if there were a significant black market in Iceland i’d probably have heard about it).

          My guess is that there’s probably some low-level smuggling, but by and large people make do with the cheapest brands of Akavit and just pay the extra tax. Everything in the country is super-taxed and super-subsidized…. i’d presume even the people on the Perma-Dole manage to budget some booze in.

          1. The balance of subsidies and taxes are always mind boggling.

          2. I have an Icelandic buddy and we have talked a fair bit about alcohol there. He says they definitely bootleg there but that the cops are actively on the hunt to nail even home distilling and brewing. It’s a small island and they smell you out.

        2. Probably run by the most-connected families.

    4. Apparently, they don’t know what “94%” tax means.

  18. Sorry to be all linky to/night/day, but last one: What Negan Can Teach Us About Government

  19. SF and other warm cities have bums like some people have mice.
    Yes, I know of those with mental issues and as a society, I think they ought to be provided a safety net AFTER they are well vetted. I’m willing to contribute some to that, as wife and I already do.
    Yes, I know of those who are down on their luck, but most of the stories span many years of ‘down on their luck’ with something to drink and smoke most afternoons; time to get ‘up on your luck, pal.
    Anyhow, SF is currently spending $165M/year ‘helping’ them all, with zero measureable abatement. Now Benioff (as in Sales Force, and as in major D donor) has jumped in with a promise of $10m, part of a $30M plan:

    “San Francisco officials made a bold promise Friday, saying that within three years the city will eradicate the problem of family homelessness,
    “This is very straightforward,” said CEO Marc Benioff, who with his wife, Lynne, are among the major donors to the effort. “It will happen.”…..784827.php

    Details include doing what we’re already doing and hoping it works this time.

    1. “Though the number of homeless families in the city has been declining in the last few years to about 1,100 ? down 20 percent since 2015 ”

      Is that true, or is that number like the unemployment rate?

      1. “Is that true, or is that number like the unemployment rate?”
        First, nobody knows. Ever try to get bums to answer surveys? “Hey, you here from Stockton to get your check; are you a homeless person from SF?”
        Secondly, it’s a supposed count of “families” and believe me that’s far more difficult to quantify.
        Figure SF homeless data (other than the money spent) to be every bit as accurate as Cuba’s medical care data.

    2. You know what is amazing? There are no homeless people in Brazil. A country once on the brink of becoming a first world class economy but got derailed by leftist idiocy. Sound familiar? Anyway, there are no homeless people because the homeless just build homes on public lands, illegally, almost none of them meeting government regulations. And no one fucking cares. Yes, these homes rarely meet housing standards but no one is living on the street. First world progs hardest hit.

      1. A lot of people care more about laws that the suffering the laws cause. It’s mind-boggling.

        1. We’re a nation built on sadistic Puritanism.

        2. When you care too much, someone is going to suffer.

      2. It’s too bad the Brazilian Government does not care enough about those people to tear their houses down and inform them they are homeless. Uncaring bastards.

        1. If you don’t want to know the truth, become a prog, shelter yourself in smug stupidity and ignore reality. And especially do not listen to libertarians who have traveled abroad.

          1. If they are of the more socialist minded brainwashed prog, any traveling abroad will turn them into NGO workers who will proceed to “help” a country into dependency.

            They are as bad as the neo-cons who want to bomb a country into “democracy”.

            1. Yes, pretty much this.

      3. A lot of them so something similar here. Why, I remember reading about this warehouse in Oakland, where the people were living, and some guy used his words to build a staircase out of pallets or something. They’d throw parties all the time, too.

        1. Good point.

  20. MattY’s latest brain fart: relocate govt agencies to Midwest to boost local thunder…

    Many of these agencies have technical or scientific missions whose highly skilled workforce would be a tremendous asset to cities with proud legacies that are currently suffering from brain drain and population loss.

    And whose idiotic policies led to that sad mess, Matt? Oh that’s right- YOURS.

    1. “Many of these agencies have technical or scientific missions whose highly skilled workforce would be a tremendous asset to cities with proud legacies that are currently suffering from brain drain and population loss.”

      Not to mention spreading the rent-seeking D vote to currently red areas! Yep, let’s make the entire country dependent on a gov’t pay-check.

    2. Highly skilled?

      Just how hard do companies try to recruit people out of government agencies for non-crony/connection reasons?

      I mean if they were that valuable wouldn’t profit-focused entities try to get a hold of those skills?

      1. “I mean if they were that valuable wouldn’t profit-focused entities try to get a hold of those skills?”

        Sure, if they could get the taxpayers to build the physical plant ‘for free’!

    3. Yeah, like he sees that. Progressives are the most self-unaware people on earth.


        They’re pretty much this guy.

        I miss Phil Hartman.

    4. I can’t wait to hear the next Vox-5-Year-Plan.

    5. I actually think this is a good idea. There’s not enough of them to change voting outcomes in red states, I don’t think, and it would break the imperial capital’s monopoly. The culture of those agencies and of DC would change. I think geography heavily influences organizational culture – anyone who has worked in a branch office knows this, and knows that branch offices (which these agencies would become) are second-tier to the big organization.

      Scattering the centralized federal workforce would dilute them, and would be a very interesting first step toward devolving power as well as people.

  21. “CIA says Russia favored Trump”…..787047.php

    Putin gave that bitch $10m, and all he got was that crummy T-shirt! What do you expect?

    1. Ok. Who would’ve the USSR supported?

      1. It’s worse.
        If you read the link all the way down, you’ll find the supposed ‘intervention’ is a claim that they hacked the DNC (and the hag’s hall-closet?) server and provided ACTUAL COPIES OF REAL EMAILS!
        The bastids!!! How dare they leak what Clinton and the DNC actually wrote?! Didn’t they know the US election process relies on secret deals and lies?

        1. I saw Adam Schiff claiming 17 agencies had concluded it was the Russians. My guess is that it was one agency decided that to be the case and 16 other ones piggybacked on it. Mencken’s bathtub story comes to mind.

    2. The credibility of an accusation is heavily dependent on who makes it. Anonymous accusations like this have, well, zero credibility to me.

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  23. NYT derp

    The Times also said that Kelly “questioned the Obama administration’s plans to open all combat jobs to women, saying the military would have to lower its physical standards to bring women into some roles.”

    This is disturbing, but Kelly isn’t the only one of Trump’s military picks who has a disturbing attitude toward women.

    Last month, The Daily Beast reported that the office of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s pick for national security adviser, “told women to wear makeup, heels, and skirts.” These directives to women were presented in a “January 2013 presentation, entitled ‘Dress for Success,'” which was obtained by a Freedom of Information request by MuckRock. The presentation reportedly made sweeping patriarchal declarations ? “makeup helps women look more attractive” ? and gave granular detail ? “Wear just enough to accentuate your features.” According to the presentation, “Do not advocate the ‘Plain Jane’ look.”

    1. How long before it changes to “Republicans are trying to force women to fight!”?

    2. These directives to women were presented in a “January 2013 presentation, entitled ‘Dress for Success,’

      Whereas professional private-sector organizations of similar scope and responsibility tell their female employees “hey, halter-tops and yoga pants are cool. Like, whatever feels right”.

      1. hey, halter-tops and yoga pants are cool

        I, for one, support your career shift to HR and shall continue to advocate that your innovative ideas for enhancing employee morale are shared with corporations around the country.

    3. If you advocate the “plain Jane” look then the female employees bitch to high heavens.

      The Times also said that Kelly “questioned the Obama administration’s plans to open all combat jobs to women, saying the military would have to lower its physical standards to bring women into some roles.”

      This is disturbing, but Kelly isn’t the only one of Trump’s military picks who has a disturbing attitude toward women.

      This isn’t disturbing. What’s fucking disturbing is that people push for reducing job effectiveness so some basic bitches don’t have to hear the word “no”.

  24. Quote of the moment: ‘The modern liberal is a Stalinistic freak’. Alex Jones.

    1. That’s dismayingly true.

  25. Another AJ beaut: ‘NPR is a Jim Jones brainwashing cult’.

    1. Is NPR moving operations to Guyana? If so, I will start donating again.

      1. I’ll buy the Kool-Aid.

  26. So as not to corpse fuck the earlier thread, as a Nebraskan I feel the need to set the record straight on the Brandon Teena murder. It happened in Falls City. Falls City is technically within Nebraska, but it’s like the Sudetenland, it’s culturally and linguistically Missouri.

    1. Wait, the Sudetenland is culturally and linguistically Missouri? Is that why Hitler invaded?

      1. Yes, meth and toothless women were his cup of tea.

        1. I don’t know if Eva Braun had all her teeth, but i do know that Hitler was into meth. He would also get so mad that he would get down on the floor and chew on the carpet, not in a good way, but really, actually, chew on the rugs.

          1. Also, when i was in Oklahoma, i remember so many women who were so pretty, until they smiled. So sad.

  27. “I believe in peace and tolerance and love everyone except my Nazi Republican neighbors.”

    1. Sad but true.

  28. OT: a slightly drunken conspiracy theory.

    For a few days now the idea that FoE may secretly be a member of the staff has been lightly circulated. For obvious reasons.

    My theory: if so, could the handle be a sly jab at Postrel? I wasn’t around for those days and I’m not sure if or which of them predates the other.

    Anyway, punt that around if the mood hits you. Cheers!

    1. ‘…Anyway, pun that around if the moot hits you….’

      Just couldn’t pass it up.

      1. You’re a deplorable human being and should be beaten mercilessly out of sheer principle.

    2. Ha! A plot twist.

    3. I dunno about all that jazz, but Groovus following FoE around and chastising him for prostate neglect is entertaining.

    4. Fist is Welch – it is known.

      1. Should we just call him…Felch?

        1. And I was just about to go to sleep. Goddamn you.

      2. You’re not fooling anyone, Scott!

  29. The progs have their new orders.




    1. I encourage them to keep doubling down. Insulting and shaming people wins elections.

  30. OT: one of the tvs and the gym is always tuned to the Hallmark Channel. I don’t how many xmas movies they’ve made in total, but they made 26 more this year.

    I say less cheer and more humbug.

    1. Yes. There is a female in my life who watches those. I’ll watch 5 minutes of each, and reveal the entire plot. It’s not because I’m some genius (although I am), is because there is one formula for all of them. It’s like a madlibs: just insert a name, a town, the family member who you have problems with, and a job that the male hero has that brings him into contact with the woman who has just returned to town for (insert reason).
      I could churn out 10 scripts a day. And, like Netflix, they have their own stable of house actors, so you get to see the same actors over and over again.
      Maybe I’m in the wrong lion of woke.

    1. You’re alright, mister.

    2. For HM: Florida woman arrested for refusing to stop twerking…..rking.html

      1. Police then issued her a noise-warning notice and gave her 15 minutes to comply, but she started twerking again. She said police could arrest her if they wanted, according to the report.

        The officers then issued her a citation and asked her to sign it. Instead, she crumpled it and threw it at an officer’s chest, leading to her arrest on a charge of resisting an officer without violence, according to the report.

        How is this woman still alive?

        1. The officers then issued her a citation and asked her to sign it. Instead, she crumpled it and threw it at an officer’s chest, leading to her arrest on a charge of resisting an officer without violence, according to the report.

          I don’t think that word means what they say they think it means. In any way, resisting an officer without violence? Sounds like a civil rights era bullshit law but even so, how is she resisting? Maybe assault with threat of a paper cut.

    3. How many lists did I just get put on for clicking that?

    4. “If i had but 4 dicks, I would be complete”

    5. Ya know, HM, no blind links.
      And my computer thanks me…

    6. The one on the far right knows the deal.

  31. A robot stripper turns up the heat in Australia:…

    What an age we live in!

    1. Of course, it remains to be seen if the robot strippers can be as depressing as their human counterparts.

      The Turing Test will now include a lap dance performance.

      1. The lap dance is so much better when the (robot) stripper is crying.

      2. Hmm. I’ve never actually been to a strip club, not even a topless joint. But, I’ve known several strippers. They, to me, seem mostly happy young women who make lots of money, are very free spirited, and are totally not someone I’d want to date.
        I can see them getting depressed after a certain age, when they realize the party is finally gonna end, but i don’t know any old strippers…

      3. She’s just working her way through Bending college.

        Actually, I used to hang out with an ex-stripper. She decided to stop stripping when she realized that the waitresses were making more money keeping their clothes on and wearing more comfortable shoes. Oh, and she got to party with Lemmy one night.

        1. Actually, If anybody has a good reason to complain about the gig economy, it’s strippers.

    2. The fuck is this. All I see are four robot reporters.

      1. Here’s some video of the actual robot strippers:

        It’s actually pretty SFW unless your boss finds security cameras erotic. It’s just some vaguely womanoid shaped robots with security cameras for heads grinding against a stripper pole repeatedly. I don’t really see how that gets us into Turing Test territory.

  32. Getting pop-ups to sign up for O-care. I already have insurance and fortunately, got to keep the plan (outside of the added coverage charged but not needed) and my doctor. I got lucky.
    The deadline is for 2017 coverage is12/15, and I remember news stories stating clearly that the various state agencies were avoiding mention of O-care until after the election in the hopes of getting the hag elected. I also remember a story that the signups were lagging. And I notice they haven’t yet put on a real push; hmmm.
    Now Trump campaigned on repealing O-care. Markets (even ones comprised of those buying medical insurance) discount the future. Those who want insurance would likely be buying it in droves, since they will be grandfathered in.
    If the signups were going through the roof, the media D boot-lickers would be headlining the triumph of Obama’s LEGACY!!!!! These are assumptions on my part, but they seem pretty solid; other opinions welcome.
    So let’s try a search:
    “Obamacare Health Plans – Sign Up In Less Than 5 Minutes”
    “6 days Left to Renew – Deadline is 12/15”
    “Sign Up for Obamacare 2017 – Enroll in Plans Year-Round”
    The dog that didn’t bark.
    Suck it, Obo and Pelosi.

    1. And don’t forget to curse Roberts; Obamacare is so unconstitutional that i keep expecting to see zombie Tom Jefferson lurching up Pennsylvania avenue, but that piece of shit Roberts made judicial pretzels in order to curry favor with people who will always demonize him, anyways. What a fucking pussy.

    2. fortunately, got to keep the plan (outside of the added coverage charged but not needed)

      So, not really the same plan.

  33. Fifth Column podcast, #36, was really good this week. Great job guys.

  34. Ok, one more. How long can Tucker keep getting dupes to go on his show? He’s been at this nonstop since the election and the idiots keep going on it.

    1. Wow. Just wow. That is one of the most loathsome woman in media, and how dare you not include a trigger warning with your post? I am literally shaking rite now.

      1. Late night posts assume readers are properly inebriated.

      2. She is as loathsome as Tucker is insufferable. She is like a neocon on steroids and I remember her railing against Rand.

        1. The Washington Post’s pick for a Republican voice….

    2. Rubin is an asshole par excellence, but Tucker is using dishonest whac-a-mole tactics in that video — he asks her to prove that Trump supporters are racist, then when she tries to make her point he pretends the question was about immigration. When she starts talking about immigration, he pretends she was supposed to be talking about racism.

  35. Early fem bullshit:

    “[About Fred Astaire] “Sure he was great, but don’t forget Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards…and in high heels!” —
    Looks like the heels were about an inch different and that ‘backwards’ was pretty much a trade off.
    But they were both good dancers…

  36. I am still the king

    Can someone explain to me at what point in time a President was allowed to do these things?

    (my first attempt at a Link, sorry it is a lame one, but it was the only one I could find for the latest act of royaltiness)

    1. That is fucking hilarious. The Trump team just yesterday said they are opening all of that up for mining and drilling. What a petulant little shit bumbles is. He really does think he is some kind of god. I cant wait for the executive order commanding Trump to follow all of bumbles EOs.

    2. President Lame Duck is in Legacy Mode.

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