Reason TV More Than Doubled Its Audience Last Year. Here's Why.

Our annual webathon officially ended on Tuesday, but you can still make a tax-deductible donation that will help us reach millions more with libertarian videos.


Founded in 2007 thanks to the vision and efforts of comedy legend and Price Is Right host Drew Carey, Reason TV is the web's leading source of online video from a principled libertarian perspective.

Over the past fiscal year (October 2015-September 2016), we more than doubled our audience, reaching well over 30 million viewers at our YouTube channel (subscribe here!) and our Facebook page (where we only count views that are 30 seconds or longer, to make sure that folks are accidentally scrolling past our content; if we included Facebook's default 3-second views, the total is over 50 million). In the nine years of our existence, we've won a number of prizes, have been two-time finalists for National Magazine Awards, and have even produced 3D-horror videos.

While our annual webathon, during which we ask loyal readers of Reason.com to support our efforts with fully tax-deductible donations, ended on Tuesday, you can still give us a gift and grab all sorts of swag depending on the amount (any amount is appreciated and goes directly to help us produce more print, web, and video content). Go here for info on all that.

And take a look at this small sampling of highlights from the more than 250 vids we released last year. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get angry, you'll meet interesting people for the first time, you'll hear from leading libertarian thinkers and personalities—and hopefully you'll be moved to consider a gift to fund our next year's operations.

Here's fuller list of standout pieces, as pulled together by Reason TV's Managing Editor, Meredith Bragg.

Take sometime to watch them and if the spirit moves you, please donate to Reason.


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