Donald Trump

4 Ways the Trump Administration Could Help Minorities

Pardon non-violent drug offenders, repeal minimum wage


Albin Lohr-Jones/CNP/AdMedia/Newscom

Republicans running for president haven't done very well with minority voters, and although President-elect Donald Trump fared slightly better this year than Mitt Romney did in 2012, the numbers still show that the GOP has a long way to go to make inroads with black and Hispanic voters. According to the Pew Research Center, Trump received only 8 percent of the black vote and 28 percent of the Hispanic vote. With demographic trends projecting that the share of non-Hispanic whites will continue to drop, it would be wise for the incoming Trump administration to pursue sound policies that have the additional benefit of helping minorities.

First, support the decriminalization of drug possession and the complete legalization of marijuana. Like alcohol prohibition, the federal government's war on drugs has been a costly failure. In 2015, only 16 percent of drug arrests were for manufacturing and sale; the clear majority were for mere possession.

Drug usage rates are similar between whites and minorities, with blacks representing about 14 percent of regular drug users. But blacks account for 37 percent of drug arrests. Marijuana, which is arguably safer than alcohol, account for almost 43 percent of drug arrests, and of those, 90 percent are for marijuana possession. Again, even though usage across the races is similar, blacks are almost four times as likely to be arrested for marijuana as whites.

Second, pardon all nonviolent drug offenders in federal prisons. A whopping half of those in federal incarceration are there for drug offenses, and a disproportionate share of the federal prison population is nonwhite. According to The Sentencing Project, African-Americans serve almost the same amount of time in prison for drug offenses as whites do for violent offenses. Indeed, the federal government's draconian drug policies have led to the highest incarceration rate in the world. The United States has 5 percent of the world's population but 25 percent of the world's incarcerated population. In addition to being wildly expensive to taxpayers, the mass incarceration of drug offenders has destroyed families and ruined the job prospects of young minorities.

Third, eliminate the federal minimum wage. Minimum wage laws are intended to help put more money in the pockets of workers, but the unintended consequences of these laws on minorities are problematic. Government-imposed wage floors artificially inflate the cost of labor. Businesses might respond by seeking cost reductions in other areas. For workers, that could translate into fewer hours, reduced benefits and even termination. For example, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour wouldn't help a worker if his company decided it would be more economical to replace the worker with an automated kiosk. Lower-skilled workers, who are likelier to be minorities, are the first on the chopping block when labor costs are higher than what the market can bear.

Fourth, target federal regulations that inhibit job creation. It's interesting that many of those advocating a higher federal minimum wage are often the same people in favor of the federal government's piling regulation after regulation onto businesses. Like the federal minimum, artificially higher costs resulting from regulations cause businesses to seek savings elsewhere, including cutting the labor force or, worse, closing the doors. According to my colleagues at the Mercatus Center, if federal "regulation had been held constant at levels observed in 1980, the U.S. economy would have been about 25 percent larger than it actually was as of 2012. … This amounts to a loss of approximately $13,000 per capita, a significant amount of money for most American workers."

I have listed four ways the incoming Trump administration could help minorities, but there are more. And while these policy prescriptions would be of particular help to blacks and nonwhite Hispanics, they would benefit all Americans—men and women, young and old, rich and poor—well, perhaps not those in the prison business or the government employees responsible for drafting the reams of regulations.


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  1. I can see him doing 3 and 4. It would be nice if he also did 1 & 2, but I think that is wishful thinking.

  2. Fifth, he can give them advice on how to be classier.

    Sixth, Twitter lessons for everybody.

    Seventh, federally subsidized classes on how to get rich in real estate

    1. Eighth, helicopter rides.

      1. I fully support helicopter rides for sanders supporters.

  3. Does the president decide the federal minimum wage? I didn’t think so. And eliminating it ain’t never gonna happen. You might able to keep it steady long enough that it becomes meaningless.

    1. This. Even at 2% inflation, it loses it’s punch fairly quickly.

  4. One way, he could not talk like Obama and try to antagonize Americans into hating each other. That would be a good start.

  5. None of these things will happen. First of all, any reduction in government must result in lost jobs or entitlements. Even reducing regulations costs jobs, because those regulations don’t enforce themselves. Second, everything government does can be defended with good intentions. To criticize policy is to criticize those good intentions, and only people with bad intentions do that. Finally, power is rarely if ever relinquished without a fight. I don’t see anyone willing to fight and die over drug prohibition, minimum wage, or regulating businesses.
    Government is a one-way ratchet. It can be reset now and again, but it will always ratchet itself towards totalitarianism. It’s human nature.

    1. Debbie Downer over here….

      1. Reality is a bitch.

        1. I think it’s just because you live in a frozen hellscape.

          Human civilization should not exist north of Atlanta.

          1. Having lived in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and DC, my experience suggests that it doesn’t.

    2. I agree with most of this. I have an Uncle that works in the Post Office and when I mentioned how many billions they waste and how we could shut so many of them down, my whole family gave me death stares. Like I want my Uncle to starve to death. I just think its insane to have an entity wasting billions of year on something that isnt as necessary as it was before, and all for nostalgia’s sake. I mean, we cant even seem to get rid of the penny- those stupid little things that cost 7 cents to make and that no one even likes having! All to save jobs. One-way ratchet, indeed.

      1. Meanie!!!

  6. “First, support the decriminalization of drug possession and the complete legalization of marijuana all drugs. ”


    The government has no fucking business, none, telling people what they can put into their own bodies. And as long as we let that issue slide, people will be thrown in cages for just doing what is nothing of anyone else’s business. The drug war is pure evil and is a war on all citizens. Fuck decriminalization and leaving all drugs except cannabis as not legal. The government does not have this authority and we should stop helping them legitimize it.

    That being said. Trump’s pick of Sessions seems a pretty clear indicator that he has no intention of doing anything positive on this issue. Quite the opposite.

    1. And yet you guys continue to suck his cock. Pathetic.

        1. That sucks. How come libertarians have such shitty taste in music?

          1. I only listen to 2112 and I am sorry you are too pathetic to understand that is the only music anyone needs.

      1. And yet you guys continue to suck his cock. Pathetic.

        I’m amazed you could take Obama’s dick out of your mouth long enough to say that.

  7. “Second, pardon all nonviolent drug offenders in federal prisons.”

    Not happening, for same reason as number one.

  8. “Third, eliminate the federal minimum wage.”

    This could happen, but I doubt it. What could be done is to leave it at what it is right now and not allow any increases. Otherwise, you’ll have a mass freakout to the extent it’s not worth it.

  9. “Fourth, target federal regulations that inhibit job creation.”

    Evidence would show right now that Trump fully intends to do just that.

    One out of four ain’t love, but it ain’t bad.

    1. Intentions don’t mean shit. I’ll believe it when I see it. And if I do see it I will give credit where credit is due. Until then it’s just rhetoric as far as I’m concerned.

      1. Exactly, I see people in the comments complaining at every criticism of Trump that he isn’t even and office yet. So lay off the criticism.

        Well, that swings both ways.

  10. 4 Ways the Trump Administration Could Help Minorities

    1. Help them back across the border.
    2. Help them into prison.
    3. Help them into the fields.
    4. Help them into ze oven.

    Am I doing this right?

    1. you need to add “by the pussy” to the end of each sentence.

      1. Noted.

      2. I suppose I should add that it’s this kind of attention to detail which is keeping me from getting any of my freelance work picked up by Vox.

  11. You have to admire the ideological consistency of Pop Austrian economists. In an economy pretty close to full employment with stagnating wages and gross economic inequality the perennial hobgoblin of unemployment and shitty kiosk restaurants run by SkyNet continue to be of paramount concern.

    What’s the unemployment rate in Seattle, again?

    1. “…gross economic inequality”

      Do you think raising the minimum wage is going to vastly decrease income inequality in America? If so, you’re extremely naive. Even if the minimum wage increase has all the positive effects extolled by progressives with none of the negatives warned about by fiscal conservatives, the minimum wage would have a very negligible effect on income inequality.

      If you want to get at a huge source of income inequality, look no further than the Fed. The Fed’s Quantitative Easing has caused in increase in aggregate Economic Investment, which has caused stock prices to rise, while lowering Savings interest rates. Therefore, less fortunate Americans who don’t have the money or know-how to successfully invest in the stock market have absolutely no reasonable place to earn money through savings, while those more well-off can consistently earn a return significantly higher than inflation.

    2. What’s the unemployment rate in Seattle, again?

      What’s a bubble, again?

    3. Higher than the unemployment rate of the surrounding area which didn’t jack up it’s minimum wage. Employment growth slower than the surrounding areas as well.

    4. pretty close to full employment

      – LFPR: at a 40-year low
      – Over-55 LFPR: at a 40-year high

      Yeah, fuck the young! They don’t need jobs. Put granny back to work!

  12. It’s a nice wishlist, but Trump ain’t GJ. I don’t see him ever doing anything on #1 and #2, and #3 is just not worth expending the effort it would take to do (as opposed to holding it steady and letting inflation do what it is designed to).

    #4 he already promised, but gap between “said” and “done” is what defined this campaign, so who can tell what will come out the other end?

    Now, do the “minorities” want #1-#4? I would think #2 would be reasonably popular, depending on the ‘non-violent’ part, but are 1, 3 and 4 actually majority held positions among non-whites? Because if I were a Republican (odds are low, so take it with salt), I’d be terrified of the optics of “you don’t like this, but I know it’s good for you” when talking about minorities.

  13. In an economy pretty close to full employment


    1. That’s what they’re saying over at the Fed. Maybe you should argue with them. Mitt Romney pledged to get the unemployment rate below 6% if he was elected in 2012. Fuck that, loser.

      1. That’s what they’re saying over at the Fed.



          1. I do expect inflation to rise at some point, as should any reasonable person. What happens when these historically high reserves enter the cash flow of the economy?

            Excess Reserves

          2. Nothing says your side knows what it’s doing like jacking up inflation then crowing about “stagnant wages”.

  14. I guess the question is whether Trump is willing to see his support among minorities immediately crash to zero.

  15. “I’m not afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

    1. darn it, wrong thread

  16. I don’t care about helping minorities, and I don’t see that as a legitimate use of government.

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