Donald Trump

You Opposed Donald Trump, So Why Aren't You Freaking Out?

President-Elect Trump hasn't really done anything out of the ordinary-not yet.


"You opposed Donald Trump, so why aren't you freaking out?"

Well, for starters, allowing liberals to determine my level of anxiety—which would be full-blown, round-the-clock histrionics—over what's nothing more than another election would be foolish. Until it's not. The era of Trump hasn't even started yet, and the entire establishment keeps using the term "era of Trump" as if things have actually changed.

They haven't. If you're genuinely interesting in being an effective critic of the next president, acting like Adolf Hitler is pounding at your doorstep every time Trump tweets something might not be the most effective plan in the long run.

Not to mention, the left has been such an astonishing hypocrite on so many issues related to Trump that it's a bit difficult to move forward without pointing it out. Joining activists who've spent years attacking the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Amendments—and now the Electoral College—in a newfound veneration of the Emoluments Clause is a bit much. Of course, Trump should be held accountable for his potential conflicts of interest, and one hopes conservatives who value good government will stand up when tangible evidence emerges that they exist. But the critics on the left aren't serious about the Constitution. They're serious about the Democratic Party.

Who can take journalists seriously—who've never once uttered a word of concern over the Democratic Party's crusade to empower government to ban political speech by overturning Citizens United—when they lose it over a tweet about flag-burning? If it were up to them over the past eight years, Trump would now be imbued with far more power to achieve the things they fear—unilaterally. There was more angst over the president-elect ditching a reporting pool to have a steak than there was over any of President Obama's numerous executive abuses. So when you hear people say democracy needs journalism "now more than ever," remember that they're admitting they weren't doing their job yesterday. We also needed journalism more than ever back then.

Those who kept telling us that Hillary Clinton's corrupt foundation and blatant favor-trading with the world's most illiberal regimes were merely a conspiracy theory now act as if the republic will crumble if Trump's hotel hosts the same Bahraini princes that were buying access in the Obama administration. The same people who told us Clinton's emails were "bullshit" and a silly distraction are now horrified that former Gen. David Petraeus—who, like Clinton, shouldn't be in any Cabinet, but who, unlike Clinton, actually paid a price for his mishandling of classified information—is under consideration for a position in the new administration.

Moreover, Trump hasn't really done anything out of the ordinary—not yet.

What's really upset Democrats, it seems to me, is that traditional conservative policy proposals—the sorts of thing Republicans have campaigned on for years, and the policies that have helped them win over 1,000 local seats and governorships and two wave elections—will probably be moving forward. The overwrought rhetoric used to describe the overturning of Obamacare or the reforming of entitlements—"gutting," "privatizing" etc.—would be precisely the same if we had President-elect John Kasich.

Trump's Cabinet nominees are the kind of run-of-the-mill selections any Republican would pick. You'll remember that last week America was supposed to freak out about the chaos and sluggishness of the transition process. Then it was supposed to freak out about the potential white-maleness of the Cabinet. Well, his Cabinet members Nikki Haley, Elaine Chao, Seema Verma and Betsy DeVos are going to be just as extreme to the left as an actual extremist.

I mean, Dr. Tom Price is going to be accused of plotting the death of the poor because he opposes Obamacare no matter how many times the American Medical Association endorses him as secretary of Health and Human Services. This is because he's a Republican, not because he's being nominated by Trump.

That's not to say there haven't been things that should upset you. Thankfully, we have a Constitution to protect us from Trump's attacks on flag-burning, and the liberal attacks on political speech in general. This probably wouldn't have been the case for long had Clinton prevailed. But Trump's crony bailout of Carrier Corp. is disturbing because it sounds a lot like the "economic patriotism" agenda of the left. It's the standard cronyism in which we've seen one administration after the next indulge. Cronyism. Bullying. It's a bad deal for American workers in the long run, but sadly, "picking winners and losers" is not outside the norm of big-government politics. If Obama had pulled off the Carrier deal, the same people would have been complaining on opposite sides of the issue. Moreover, Trump's contention that giant infrastructure bills and government spending are economic drivers is also something conservatives should oppose. But that doesn't make this the era of Trump; it means we're still in the era of Washington, D.C. Freak out accordingly.


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  1. Trump is Hitler and the Trumpkins are Nazis. He is promising to round up 3 million people and imprison them indefinitely because the wall hasn’t been built yet (and it will never be complete). TrumPutin will launch a ‘surprise’ nuke attack on north africa and if you don’t believe it, it’s because you weren’t listening. He will eviscerate the Constitution under threat of violence against those who protest. Yes it is time to panic. If libs are complaining about his ‘conflicts of interest’, it is because they are delusional and/or complicit. What else is new.

    1. Well at least this seems measured and well thought out.

    2. You forgot to swap to dajjal

    3. I think they are going to nike the Saharan desert personally.

      1. Just do it!

    4. Excellent cautionary example, dajjal. Thanks.

    5. I’m glad the press is going to really hold his feet to the fire if he doesn’t fullfill his campaign promises.
      They do that with republicans.

    6. Would you say it’s time to crack each others’ heads open and feast on the goo inside?

    7. Jill Stein approves this message.
      You forgot this ^.
      The rest of us just laugh at you.

    8. I must’ve missed the /sarc tag. Must’ve.

    9. “TrumPutin will launch a ‘surprise’ nuke attack on north africa and if you don’t believe it, it’s because you weren’t listening.”

      Hillary started the war on Libya and laughed about the outcome which was followed by a refugee crisis largely of her making.

      You’re correct, I wasn’t listening so how about a link?

  2. Histrionics will continue as the press continues their crusade to unintentionally pave the way for Trump popularity. The evil, racist, harbinger of WW3 caricature that they have created will easily be considered a success by avoiding nuclear armageddon and electing not to round up non-whites for deportation/death camps.

    IMHO, the press fucked up by constantly exaggerating Trump’s already dumb or repugnant quotes. They failed to obfuscate that Trump essentially ran on a 90’s Democratic platform and damaged their ability to influence readers/viewers going forward.

    Now we get to watch Republicans recant their position as the small government party and witness Democrats go back to pretending to give a shit about war and 1st and 4th amendment rights.

    1. I’m surprised that more people didn’t catch on to the “jump the shark” moment for the press when they freaked out over Trump bloviating about using battlefield nukes against our enemies if needed while treating Clinton’s serious suggestion of enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria against the Russian air force as serious statesmanship.

      3 guesses as to which one was more likely to start world war III. And the first two don’t count.

    2. Trump essentially ran on a 90’s Democratic platform

      I didn’t hear much about ‘welfare reform’ or ‘north american free trade’ or ‘assault weapons bans’ or….

      more “1980s democrat”, maybe. I think Taibbi pointed out Trump’s campaign was most similar to Dick Gephardt’s in 1988

      1. Was “welfare reform” part of their platform in the 90s, or was it forced upon them by the GOP-held Congress?

  3. I’ve been predicting that Trump is going to suck as a president in very much the same way as Obama, Bush, Clinton, et al sucked. In other words, he will be bad for liberty but nowhere near the Pol Pot/Idi Amin/Ayatollah Khomeini levels of bad.

    The real test will be of the public’s intelligence. The left has cried wolf over anyone with an R after their name for a very long time. I distinctly remember Biden warning that McCain would “put black people back in chains,” and others warning that Romney wanted women to “stay home and be barefoot and pregnant.” Now we hear that Trump will but Muslims here in concentration camps. I hate Rs as much as Ds or anyone else that wants to trim my freedoms, but I will believe the overblown rhetoric the day I see hard proof.

    When will people start remembering the fable they heard as kids and start ignoring the attention-seeking shepherd boy?

    1. Yep. Even if Trump does wind up being atrocious, they have already expended so effort fearmongering over so many utterly made up things people will be desensitized if they actually start bloviating about real over the top abuses.

    2. Biden leveled his slavery threat at that racist firebrand Mitt Romney.

    3. Trump feeds the press table scraps and watches as they reconstitute a thanksgiving dinner from their hypocritical dreams if relevance. Gahh! He is a master, and the ‘worst’ thing about his treatment of the press is that he does not give a fuck about the press. He chums the waters and lets the press consume themselves, he has found a way to make mainstream commentary relevant only to itself and a few of their sycophantic followers.

      The press/commentariat deserve exactly what they are getting. Over the years of 200 channel nothingness and 24 hour news cycles they have desensitized the American public to the point where the only ‘relevant’ news is the 140 character maunderings of tweetmeisters.

      Fuck me sideways Truth is lie and lie is truth.

      1. Yep, we’re in a really big Mt. Hakurei* moment in this country right now.

        *That’s an Inuyasha reference, btw. “Impure has become pure, pure has become impure…” and all that jazz.

    4. but nowhere near the Pol Pot/Idi Amin/Ayatollah Khomeini levels of bad.

      Duterte perhaps?

  4. I think the libs truly believe that republicans are pure evil. But from a projection standpoint I think we are seeing in their fears a reflection of what they would have been willing to do had Hillary won.

    The left actively destroys the lives of regular people who do not toe their liberal line (see the HGTV couple). They wanted loyalty tests, full disarmament of their political enemies, and the banning of all criticism of their positions.

    One side of our pathetic two party system has been revealed as Fascists, and it isn’t the republicans…

    1. I think there’s something to this. What’s that saying about how dishonest people are naturally suspicious because they assume most people are like themselves. The left has been using government to bludgeon their political enemies and mold Americans to their will, so they naturally assume that their opponents would do the same.

    2. The left actively destroys the lives of regular people who do not toe their liberal line (see the HGTV couple).

      The WaPo actually had a good article about how the BuzzFeed hitjob was “detracting from the cause.” At least some progressives seem to have learned the lesson from Trump and are showing some self-awareness when others start with the “everybody is a bigot” histrionics.

      1. But everybody is a bigot, man. Once you’ve become woke you’ll see it, and many other imaginary things.

    3. To this I think you have to separate between prog politicians and prog average Joe. The politicians don’t think the Rs are evil, however, they do a great job in convincing Joe they are. The fact that Joe is stupid enough to fall for the act telling a story about how stupid we are as a society. The prog politicians are thankful to have the Rs to bash as they need a target to get Joe to blame for everything.

      1. The average Joe is waking up. The 2010 elections showed average Joe (R) woke up to the fact that most of the GOP are RINOs who lie to get elected. While the 2016 elections showed the average Joe (D) has come to realize the Democrats are liars about being for the little guy. At least a good number of them, but as voters showed, they’ve mostly re-elected incumbents.

        I agree with Big W regarding the Democrats. As Ann Coulter said, “If you want to know what the Democrats are up to, just listen to what they claim the Republicans are doing.” But he seems to be missing the big government facism of many Republicans, such as all the social conservatives (who like liberals) want to use the government to punish people who do things that offend them, like burning the flag, rather than limiting government to dealing with people who actually harm others (and let’s not get rude or offensive comments mixed up with harm even if the person who heard them claims they are harmed).

  5. YIKES!!

    Former Cuban prisoner Alan Gross compares Trump to Castro

    Former Cuban prisoner Alan Gross had some harsh words for Donald Trump Wednesday, telling Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric that the president-elect is “a megalomaniac of the same ilk as Fidel Castro, only he’s not as well read.”

    1. except for not holding Alan Gross in prison for five years, totally the same ilk.
      So Ilk-y.

    2. So he’ll be best buddies with Trudeau then?

  6. That’s the thing that my liberal friends can’t quite get. I’ve been a libertarian for 30 years, so for me every presidential election in that span has been bad news of one sort or another. Somehow I survived.

    Pushing sixty also gives me the perspective to realize that I’m going to experience bad times and good times regardless of which wing of the Republicrat party holds the White House. The life of a mature adult does not revolve around The Dear Leader, whoever that happens to be.

    There will certainly be bad things that Trump will do, and I’ll criticize him for that. But don’t waste my time with “if you had only voted for Hillary this wouldn’t have happened” horseshit. She would sure as hell have done bad things too.

    1. Pushing sixty also gives me the perspective to realize that I’m going to experience bad times and good times regardless of which wing of the Republicrat party holds the White House. The life of a mature adult does not revolve around The Dear Leader, whoever that happens to be.

      The Geezertarian Manifesto?

      1. Item 2 in the Manifesto: Git off mah lawn!

        1. Mine’s a little more flexible. Item 2 reads:

          You can git on mah lawn so long as you mow it. Otherwise, jest git!

      2. I prefer to think of myself as older, more experienced, and hence wiser. I represent the Curmudgeon wing of Libertarianism.

        1. The Geezertarian manifesto. I like it, Milly punks. Item one.

          Try to be better than the scum of your parts

    2. “That’s the thing that my liberal friends can’t quite get. … The life of a mature adult does not revolve around The Dear Leader, whoever that happens to be.”

      No, I think you are missing the point. Your liberal friends ‘want’ your life to revolve around Government. You are saying don’t worry about it, there won’t be a “Dear Leader”, but what they want is a “Dear Leader”.

      1. “The life of a mature adult does not revolve around The Dear Leader, whoever that happens to be.”

        I watched a mashup video on Youtube yesterday that showed the literal crying and tantrums of Clinton supporters after the election and that was the point it brought home to me: it’s a presidential election, why are you so wrapped up in who won it? If it’s a Dem or a Rep, it’s someone who thinks it’s their job to tell you what to do.

        And on the Democrat side, this election seemed to be saturated with a New Age mentality. The empty slogans free of policy stands made it look like we were voting for a new mommy, not the chief executive.

        1. And on the Democrat side, this election seemed to be saturated with a New Age mentality

          Make no mistake. The Millennial leftists eat that shit up. They’re all pseudo-buddhists concerned with “reducing suffering” and not “being problematic.” Much like the buddha himself, they’re overprivileged navel gazers who are more concerned with teh feelz than with truly understanding and helping others.

          1. Make no mistake? Fuck you, asshole. You don’t have the first fucking clue about Buddhism or anything else you spew from your dumb-ass, uninformed pie-hole. You obviously buy into the popular misconception, as perpetuated by Western crystal-rubbing hippies, that Buddhists are pacifist, fatalistic lumps of playdough to be shaped by the “Modern, Enlightened Left” as they see fit. Well, it ain’t so, Buttercup. Outside of the United States, Buddhists tend to be conservative, practical people with a gimlet eye for bullshit like yours and who, if necessary, will put your nuts in your watch pocket quicker than you can say, “Namaste!” motherfucker. And just so you know, there are a few of us in the US, as well, and we tend to be experts in the use of firearms as well as various martial arts. So again, FUCK YOU.

            Hopefully this message will help you help yourself. Asshole.

            1. Ooh, we found a touchy “Buddhist” over here. That, or you’re being sarcastic, in which case I say “bravo.”

              1. (Shhh! It’s a koan.)

        2. Not all slogans are empty. #StrongerTogether

      2. +1 Heinlein’s “the human race divides” quote.

    3. Exactly. At 51, I’m a little behind you, I’ve only been a libertarian for 25 years, bu thats’ still plenty of time to see both D and R administrations do terrible things. Trump is just the latest “outrage”. So what? Will they ever get serious about liberty and individual rights? Doesn’t look like it, at least, not in my lifetime.

  7. The reality is that the extreme freakout over Trump will likely have the opposite effect that its proponents want. When Trump gets into power and turns out to be just as bad as any other President (from a libertarian perspective) but not the monster of progressive fever dreams the hyperbolics will delegitimize more sound criticism.

    The problem with calling someone Rapist Hitler 2.0, and they don’t turn out to be Rapist Hitler 2.0, is that when they, say, push through changes to your healthcare system you don’t like, your position is automatically weaker because hey, at least they’re not Rapist Hitler 2.0.

    1. In addition to that, the sheer repetition has a numbing effect. After you’ve heard someone shriek “Rapist Hitler 2.0” a couple thousand times you just sorta tune out; if you hear it at all it sounds like Pig Latin.

      1. Of course, the left will feel the problem is they were shouting their pig latin loud enough.

        1. We need a new federal program! Headed by a cabinet secretary! The Pig Latin For The Masses Department!

          1. Nailed it. Any expansion of government is a good expansion of government,

          2. So “Vulgate” Pig Latin as opposed to “Church” Pig Latin?

      2. Apistray Itlerhey wotay ointpay ohyay

      3. When everything becomes racist, nothing is racist.

    2. “… but not the monster of progressive fever dreams…”

      The thing is, he will always be that monster, no matter what he does or doesn’t do, solely because he occupies a position and an opportunity that ‘should’ have gone to the progg’s chosen candidate.

      And this truism will not be limited to hard core pols, it will be shared widely among every facet of their group – including whole swathes of the media and academia. So the drum beat will never waver or fade.

      Even worse, barring some sort of miracle, Trump will effectively accomplish nothing towards rolling back leviathan’s expansion into ever more aspects of our lives. So the Progg Grand Prize will only grow bigger, and the resentment that it is something held by Trump will only get worse.

      Libertarians, classical liberals, and many conservatives can walk away from politics, because they consider it just one aspect of a multifaceted life. Proggs seek to bring every aspect of life under political control. Which is why the ratchet only locks to the left – win or lose they are the only ones willing to do politics 24/7.

  8. I saw yesterday that Bernie Sanders was giving interviews about how Trump’s Carrier deal was a boatload of bad incentives, basically saying you get more of what you subsidize (in this case offshoring threats).

    I laughed. Who knew all it took was a Donald Trump presidency for Bernie Sanders to learn about incentives? Where was this wisdom when formulating Hillary’s Bernie’s economic platform?

    1. The thing that puzzles me about that argument is that people are acting like it’s never been done before. It’s actually quite common; the only unusual wrinkle is the involvement of the president-elect. (And I have to wonder how much he really had to do with it, anyway.)

    2. Bernie’s thought of the incentives. He just wants to use other people’s money to incent those who want free college and $15 wages for flipping burgers.

    3. Incentives only matter if you don’t have good intentions backing you up. All progressives know this.

      1. And the progressives all know that Trump’s intentions for the Carrier deal are to somehow line his pockets or put Muslims in detention camps.

  9. I see the Carrier deal as almost exclusively a PR thing. He gets props from his supporters for “keeping his promises”. Not a bad move, politically.

    Will that be the way he does things going forward? Hard to say – this is a guy that fancies himself a deal – maker, so it very well could be.

    Lowering of the corporate tax rate will negate the need for such deals, I think, and that’s one of his top priorities, so… as with all things “Trump”, who the fuck knows what’s gonna happen.

    1. I think you’ve got it. Trump’s one defining campaign feature has been at keeping everyone off balance.

      Proggy histrionics is infectious, I get it. Reason’s staffers are all in disarray. I really wish they’d come together in some sort of coherent message, but I realize that it can’t happen because libertarians in general can’t find a coherent message either.

      The problem is that so many come off just as shrill as the MSM and that will never help us to find a unified voice.

      What we need most is articles like this to help us find our sea legs as the boat just got rocked again. What Reason needs most right now is, ironically, voices of reason.

      1. I wouldn’t call it ironic. But, after watching their behavior over the last few years I’d say it is sorely and sadly needed.

  10. ” If you’re genuinely interesting …”

    I’m actually not interesting at all. Rather bland, truth be told.

  11. I have a hard time swallowing the endorsement of Citizens United as the preservation of free speech. Corporations re government creations to absolve groups of investors from liability for tortious action and aid their accumulation of wealth. They represent government endowed privilege and not individual rights. It’s time Libs recognize this aspect of corporations and accept that the positive aspects of corporations must be balance by limitations of their privileges to counter their distortion of markets.

    1. No.
      Not “maybe”, not “kind of”: No!
      It doesn’t matter if corporations are government creation, and there is no “balance” required.
      “Congress shall make no law…” says nothing regarding to whom those laws might apply. A-1 is not “granting rights” to certain classes of people if they do X in return, it is an absolute limit of government power.
      No. You are wrong.

      1. I can see eliminating corporate law and leaving govt out of such relationships, only concerning law with individual ownership and liability, though it would be a mess to rewrite.

        And of course individual rights imply the elimination of campaign contribution restrictions in all forms.

        1. “I can see eliminating corporate law and leaving govt out of such relationships, only concerning law with individual ownership and liability, though it would be a mess to rewrite.”

          See To: Trshmnstr From: Hrod [C], below. Those arrangements would still exist (arbitration agreements, for example).
          The corporate law simply streamlines the matter; no one is coerced into dealing with any corporation, so no one is ‘giving up’ anything.

          1. But perhaps some things shouldn’t be streamlined. Like the ability to use the courts to take the earnings from tens of thousands of people as punishment for a criminal act by an individual employee they had no knowledge of.

          2. Yes they are. Corporations working for government through contracting, not being held to government standards (war, construction, police enforcement.) Obamacare is another big one. The toll tag bullsh!t that seems to be sweeping the nation. It’s a long list. The Quasi-government crap has to stop. Even the Black Friday “Guards” where your neighborhood friendly corporation hires a local government thug to harass you in public.

            I’d also like to point out that large corporations do a really good job of restricting people’s rights. The corporations of today are the religions of yesterday. Until we do something to start restricting them for the power hungry tyrants they are, we’re going to be in a world of hurt.

          3. “no one is coerced into dealing with any corporation”

            Unless the corporate form is a union.

    2. You need to explain why particular forms of voluntary association don’t get Constitutional protections, but others do. Why limited liability for owners has anything to do with the exercise of free speech by the company, would be a good start.

      1. What part of CORPORASHUNZ was unclear?

    3. What’s so hard to understand about people having the right to freedom of speech and the press, even if they pool their resources by creating a legally defined entity called a corporation?

      1. Because those same people aren’t directly responsible for what that corporation does. They get to keep their sword and we issue them a shield of invulnerability. When was the last time you’ve heard of a shareholder going to jail when the company he profits from kills someone or commits a crime against someone?

        1. Association alone does not equal culpability.

          If you run a sole proprietorship and one of your employees kills a person on company property are you automatically put on trial as well? Doesn’t there need to be a more meaningful nexus between the two of you?

          I’m sure you can understand this, although I am not clear if you even want to.

    4. Why should the government be able to censor the New York Times Co?

      1. Thanks for reminding me to post this link.

    5. If you think incorporating protects someone from libel suits, I’ve got a Gawker to sell you.

    6. Corporations [a]re government creations to absolve groups of investors from liability for tortious action and aid their accumulation of wealth.

      1) As mentioned above by others, one’s indebtedness to the gov’t doesn’t alter their government rights. Unless you want to kill free speech rights for people who take welfare and non-profits, you’re not being consistent.

      2) Limited liability is, in essence a judicially enforceable contractual provision inserted by default based on the statute used to form the company. It saves all these companies from having to make every customer sign paperwork getting rid of their rights to reach beyond the assets of the company. Of course, even if corporations and other limited liability business forms didn’t exist, these contractual provisions would still exist. The government isn’t really giving corporations anything (in the scope of liability) by allowing them to incorporate, except a promise that any claims of liability will be adjudicated based on a certain set of rules.

      1. their government natural rights

        EDIT BUTTON!!!!

    7. “Corporations re government creations to absolve groups of investors from liability for tortious action and aid their accumulation of wealth.”

      The former is often entirely justified. The latter is mostly only applicable to business corporations, but nearly all significant organizations (unions, civil liberties groups, etc.) are incorporated somehow, because incorporation also makes it easier to organize personnel and resources and allows the group to deal with the government and courts as a single coherent entity rather than a collection of individuals.

      To argue against corporations is essentially to argue against civil society, against nearly all means by which individuals can effectively, voluntarily cooperate. It is, at least from a consequentialist perspective, a totalitarian viewpoint, since a great mass of unorganized individuals would be entirely helpless against the Ur-corporation that is the State, and at any rate would have no option other than the State, and its attendant violence, for cooperation.

      Regardless, a corporation is a legal fiction, and a legal fiction, being imaginary, is not capable of speech, making it rather a moot point. If some speech exists that someone would like to censor, then it was created by one or more natural human beings, and a person’s speech rights do not vanish simply because they were exercising them as part of a group or as an agent of some other party.


  12. This is a very reasonable perspective.

    One thing this hits on and I think is happening here is that libertarians by nature are somewhat contrarian. And while we disagree with everybody, we’ll disagree most strongly with people making loud, dumb, emotion-based claims. So to a degree, some of us, by nature of our personality end up defending Trump by proxy of attacking dumb claims against him. Also, as noted in the article, he hasn’t really actually done anything yet.

    1. Put another way, the left is making me wish I HAD voted for the blow-hard.

      1. Yep, every day that goes by since the election, I’ve been regretting a little more not voting for Trump. He may be a complete jerk, but his Trolls are brilliant.

        I still don’t quite believe that Trump is the master persuader that Douglas Adams has claimed. But it keeps looking like the best explanation.

        1. Do you mean Scot Adams? I think Douglas Adams has been dead for a while.

          1. It’s a funny mistake to make, but in some round-about way still ends up somewhat correct.

            The people still picked a lizard to make sure the wrong lizard didn’t get in.

        2. I dunno.
          I’m pretty convinced that the Ds ran a truly horrible candidate who had to have a team of bell-boys to carry her baggage, and the Ds refused to believe anyone *could* see that since they *chose* not to see that.
          They didn’t lose to low-info voters; they lost to voters who looked at that hag, held their noses and said ‘even *he’s* a better choice than that!’
          The left refuses to accept they lost on the merits; they are still looking around in the hopes of finding that scape-goat.

          1. I agree. This elections was lost more than it was won. And all the gyrations about fake news, Fox being on the TV in every bar and restaurant, etc is nothing more than the Ds being stuck in the Denial stage of the Kubler Ross grief model.

        3. Douglas Adams? Oh, I guess you too are a master troll 🙂

      2. It’s funny that it was the LP that MADE me vote for the blow hard. In fact, for the first time in 25 years I voted straight R down the line. They lost me because of GayJay and the traitorous scum Weld.

    2. Yes. I am really, really tired of ending up in the position of defending Trump.

      And yes, your arguments have to be really unhinged to put me in the position of defending Trump.

  13. “You Opposed Donald Trump, So Why Aren’t You Freaking Out?”

    Is that allowed? I thought it was required to exhibit TDS as a sign of being a ‘serious’ journalist since You-know-Who is ascending to the Throne?

  14. It’s going to be kind of funny when the only thing that changes on the immigration front is they parade a bunch of deportations of people who have committed crimes forcing the press to report on it, something they didn’t do under Obama. The one thing Trump is good at is PR and trolling and it’s going to be endlessly entertaining to watch the press denigrate most of Trumps actions by saying Obama was already doing that after they painted Trump as Hitler.

    1. Depressing, but entertaining and noone will learn a single thing from it.

    2. “…is they parade a bunch of deportations of people who have committed crimes forcing the press to report on it,”

      No, the Press is craftier than that. There will be an endless parade of stories about how the Trump administration is causing fear and despair among the immigrant community and that they spend every hour dreading the inevitable arrival of the ‘Gestapo’. The Press won’t spend much time on what Trump actually does. They’ll spend a huge amount of time on what he might do.

      Just look at the Robby Soave article from today.…

      Soave is often fairly level headed, but that article is classic TDS.

      1. Soave is often fairly level headed,

        nay – his crown is as sublime and unpredictable as a storm-tossed-sea

      2. Level-headed isn’t the same thing as consistent.

      3. I think the proper name for the condition is Trump Acceptance Rejection Disorder.

      4. The MSM’ll just pull out their BLM playbook. We’ll be treated to a steady stream of teary-eyed friends and relations wailing about how Juan ‘Machete’ Sanchez dindu nuffin and was just turning his life around.

    3. … it’s going to be endlessly entertaining to watch the press denigrate most of Trumps actions by saying Obama was already doing that…

      I wouldn’t hold your breath. Not that that’s not going to come to pass, it will.

      Just that, has it really been all that much fun watching the press explain how Barack Obama is doing all those things George Bush was pilloried for doing?

      Sadly, the press has their ways of making it all too banal and anticlimactic when events rub them the wrong way.


  15. “Thankfully, we have a Constitution to protect us from Trump’s attacks on flag-burning, and the liberal attacks on political speech in general.”

    Why isn’t it defending me against social security and the farm bill? Come to think of it, it seems to have displayed a rather concerning lack of vigilance during the various bailouts of the past 10 years, as well.

  16. I was reading an article about a Hillary supporter who was so distraught at her loss that he actually checked himself into a mental hospital, and it struck me that a not-insignificant part of all the histrionics is just the leftist equivalent of baboon ass-flashing. See how much I care! I am the woke-est of the woke! Honestly, they’re a bunch of latter day Flagellants.

    1. I’m also really scared, and I feel sorry for the Hillary supporter that was that distraught to check himself into a mental hospital. I seriously doubt that his mental problem is faked. I haven’t been sleeping well, and I have been emotionally very upset also. Laughing at people’s disturbed emotions is kind of mean. No, I am not telling you that there should be a law against you being mean. I am just wondering if you would mind being nice while you argue your point of view.

      1. “I seriously doubt that his mental problem is faked.”

        You’re probably right but not the way you mean it.

        “I haven’t been sleeping well…”

        So you’re really, really “woke,” then?

        “I am just wondering if you would mind being nice while you argue your point of view.”

        Like the Washington Generals are nice to the Harlem Globetrotters, right? Not anymore, Buttercup.

  17. I am reading comment after comment about this article, and I hear your righteous indignation over the left and liberals loud and clear. You simplify us too much, just as liberals simplify you too much. We are complicated, as are you. Trump has said what he will do, and what he said is just plain scary to me.

    I don’t mind us liberals losing an election, or the senate, or the house, or even the supreme court, and I’m fine with fiscal responsibility, or fiscal irresponsibility and increasing liberty, or decreasing liberty. Anything within the normal range of reasonable disageements among us decent Americans is fine. I am used to and I will live with the results of our political process. But I don’t consider Trump a decent American. Because I take him at his word. He will deport 3-11 million people with force. He will torture helpless prisoners. He will silence journalists. He will destroy the chance of free trade with Asia, mexico, canada, Europe. He will build a wall and try to bully Mexico to pay for it (which is stealing and is morally wrong). He will abandon our treaties to protect our friends. Why would you think that he would say those things if he doesn’t mean them?

    1. Because he, like the usual politicians, bloviates a lot on the campaign trail. I’d suggest taking Trump seriously more than taking him literally. Taking him literally right now is the mistake of many a liberal in your political corner of the world that are carrying on, crying “wolf” before he’s actually able to do something, whether it’s something he promised on the campaign trail or not.

      1. I am taking him at his word. Pretending like he doesn’t mean what he says is denial. I’m not crying wolf. I’m listening to what he says, and repeating it. The boy that cried wolf was lying about what he saw. The president-elect is going on a victory tour to hear crowds yelling his approval of him. He is not well, and nor are we.

        1. Call a waaaaammmmbulance, get out the play doh and suck your thumb for a while. Probably as productive as you’ll ever be.

          1. EAT A DICK

        2. You specifically aren’t well and there’s no denial going on here except for you denying reality. Stop with the fearmongering for a moment and wait until he’s officially sworn in and can do something on those words (or not, ’cause reasons). Being deranged, as you and those of your ilk are, will just lead people to not hear your rabid screams later on.

        3. You’re taking him literally, not seriously.

  18. “as if things have actually changed.

    They haven’t”

    Foreign policy does appear to have changed. Trump has given the green light to Assad and Putin to finish off the terrorists supported by US, the Saudis and Qataris. Had Hillary been elected, the opposite would have occurred and we might have been at war with Russia before Hillary could even take office.

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  21. Steve Bannon is not run-of-the-mill. If you think so, you’re out of your mind.

    1. Thank you! I went all the way through this thread hoping there was somebody in it with their head screwed on straight.

      The author of this essay wrote a book comparing the re-election of Obama to the coming of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and yet here he is chastising liberals for freaking out about Trump!

      Certainly liberals would be upset about losing the election regardless of who they lost it to, but Trump is not a normal Republican candidate and his cabinet is not normal either. Certainly the left’s histrionics are objectively more reasonable than the histrionics that this author engaged in about Obama. I hope the left is just as wrong as he was, I’ll be surprised.

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  23. “Last Of Us 2” comes out in 2017, so there is something to look forward to.

  24. Your article had me until the end when it started to say that the Carrier deal was cronyism and bad. I disagree with that. Right now businesses need incentives to stay here. We’ve gone on for such a long time taxing them out of our country that they have no reason to want to stay here. President Elect Trump has a lot of mess to clean up and it’s the only card he has to play right now to get businesses to want to stay or come back to the US , otherwise Mexico looks to them to be the better place. Once you get these companies to stay then more jobs will eventually be created ( Carrier now plans on 10,000 more new jobs in the future now) and more tax money for the state will be created by that. So in the end incentives do work.

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  27. Thank you for a really great article. The level of freakoutdom that has been encompassing everything Trump has got to start being called out for what it is, a bunch of political crap. Simple as that, nothing more. Any pretense that the outrage is over anything other than simple politics is absurd. Having people take a step back and relax and look at the true issues is much more important, especially for media credibility, which is dangerously close to non-existent.

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