Trump Tweets About Criminalizing Flag Burning, Learning the Wrong Lessons from Animal Farm, Donate Now: P.M. Links


  • Flag

    Donald Trump tweeted that people who burn the American flag should lose their citizenship or be put in jail. But please, tell us more about how he wants to appoint Supreme Court justices like Antonin Scalia (who famously held thst flag burning was absolutely protected by the First Amendment).

  • You know who else wanted to prohibit flag burning? (Hint: It's not Hitler. Well, probably Hitler did as well, but that's not relevant here.)
  • Animal Farm, teaching kids to love animals. Wait, that wasn't the point?
  • Elaine Chao will be Trump's Transportation Secretary.
  • Vox voxsplains everything that's wrong with cops, and comes up with eight solutions to out-of-control policing, including say they're sorry and pay them more.
  • Jacobin says it's a great time to be a socialist, which might be true. It's never a good time to live under socialism, though.
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