Electronic implants

Chip Implants Make It Impossible to Forget Your Keys



A growing number of bodyhackers are using electronic chip implants as replacements for conventional keys, business cards, and even airline boarding passes. Somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 people already have such tags under their skin, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The technical specifications are straightforward enough—the chips use the same kind of radio frequency identification (or RFID) technology found in your smartphone or key fob. When scanned at close range, RFID devices emit a unique signal, making them very handy (no pun intended) for differentiating among people.

The ability to unlock your front door with a swipe of the hand is just the start. Soon everything from credit cards to passports to medical information and emergency contacts could be literally stored at your fingertips.

And unlike a lot of new tech, electronic implants aren't prohibitively expensive: The firm Dangerous Things offers a chip and home injection kit package for just $99.