30 Years Ago


"In fact, human flourishing requires that people conduct their lives according to their own reason and judgment. These are not just means to flourishing, like food and shelter—this the bishops would acknowledge. They are instead the central feature; without reason and judgment, no action could be virtuous."
—Douglass B. Rasmussen, "The Bishops vs. the Bourgeoisie"

"Unlike the situation of two or three decades ago, when socialist teachers were embattled outcasts, today they are magnets who attract large enrollments for their courses."
—Robert Hessen, "Socialism: Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated"

"Maintaining the present structure of Atlantic relations makes matters worse by perpetuating Western Europe's anachronistic and humiliating dependence on the United States. In such an imbalanced relationship, Washington expects Western Europe to support U.S. policies and Europe is pressured to conform."
—Melvyn Krauss, "Neocons vs. Eurowimps"

—December 1986