Scenes From Inside and Outside the Alt-Right's First Major Post-Election Gathering

As progressive protesters and "antifa" activists marched outside, white nationalists & "Trumpservatives" plotted within.


This weekend, the National Policy Institute (NPI)—a think tank lead by "alt-right" whisperer Richard Spencer—held a downtown-D.C. gathering of white nationalists, "Trumpservatives," and the attendant press and protesters these groups attract. (Also there: reality-TV star turned Twitter-based Third-Reich sympathizer Tila Tequila.) I'm planning a longer, more thoughtful post about these events soon, but for now… well, you know what they say about pictures and words. So behold: scenes from the Pennsylvania Avenue NW powwow—right between the White House and the new Trump hotel!—as fragments of the left and right attempt to deal with Donald Trump's unexpected election as president of the United States.

For the most part, everything down peacefully, though a fight did break out at one point between a woman from NPI and her videographer—who had entered the activist fray to conduct video interviews—and some protesters. According to witnesses, the skirmish began when protesters took the camera guy's phone, prompting him to lunge at one of them and put the man in chokehold, after which other protesters stepped in. The fight was broken up by police.

Here are few more shots of the scene outside the NPI gathering…

Elizabeth Nolan Brown

"Antifa" activists, who helped organize the protest, came decked out with bandanas, masks, and flags.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Spotted: "Nazi Wonks Fuck Off" … "It's Not Alt-Right It's White Supremacy" … "Love Trumps Hate" …

"Listen to Erykah Badu"

Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Inside the conference, NPI President and Radix journal editor Richard Spencer lead a post-lunch press conference on what's next for the alt-right, joined by VDARE founder Peter Brimelow, retired evolutionary psychology professor Kevin MacDonald, writer Jason Jorjano, and American Renaissance magazine editor Jared Taylor.

Spencer says the alt-right is "an intellectual movement," not a partisan one.


The mostly-male audience included former Business Insider Chief Technology Officer Pax Dickinson and an array of young men with the same shaved-side, slicked-back-and-long-down-the-middle haircut.


For sale inside the NPI conference, along with Donald Trump and Harambe t-shirts:


Former reality-TV star and model Tila Tequila, now a spokeswoman for the alt-right and white nationalism, with Got News head/notorious Internet troll Chuck Johnson at a top-secret, Friday NPI dinner hosted at a branch of the family-style Italian chain restaurant Maggiano's.

Tila Tequila/Twitter

Tequila also shared the following photos Friday night via Twitter.

Tila Tequila/Twitter

NEXT: America Called Bullshit on the Cult of Clinton

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  1. So basic journalism question: how many attendees? How many protesters?

    1. Eh, well, we’ll get back to you on that. Sometime.

    2. “Journalists-” High….. Smoke bomb.

      1. Run away rather than answer.

  2. Thanks for not scaling down the images.

    1. There are also two big black rectangles that I have no idea what they’re supposed to be. Protesters in burqas?

      1. My Reason donation this year is a piece of coal so Reason can keep their steam-powered server running. I’m sending it postage due.

      2. Take two:
        I’m donatind a block of coal this year so reason can keep their steam-powered server running.
        I’m sending it postage-due.

        1. You having trouble with the server squirrels, too?

          1. I think you could safely assume that.

  3. Fight breaks out outside National Policy Institute after neo-Nazi who was recording lunges at protester #StopNPI

    Alternatively – Fight breaks out outside NPI after man peacefully recording in public has his camera stolen by protestor and attempts to recover it.

    1. That was pretty awful. These times are going to see a lot of “smoking out.” Worst of both extremes on display like this, and folks will have to reveal whether they are going to be making apologies for it. Progs no longer able to credibly pretend to be “liberals”; alt-right no longer able to pretend to be “libertarians.”

      1. I don’t think the alt-right ever pretended to be libertarian. They have their own nationalist goals and, like Progressives, a short examination of their intent shows that they have little to nothing in common with libertarianism.

        1. Radix has a ton of writers who claim to be former libertarians who realized the capitalist freedom utopia could only exist if it was staffed by whitey and ruled by a Pinochet-like character to ‘remove’ the leftists.

          1. Did you mean to say Gary North has an article up today about how to get rid of most of the illegals. His idea? If you turn in two of your illegal neighbors, you get a green card. It’s time to admit that we (or at least me) have nothing in common with these people.

            1. Gov’t snitching! It’s fun AND easy!

              “In December 1988, there were 1,929 West German citizens serving as unofficial collaborators or contact people for the German Democratic Republic (GDR), as East Germany was known.”

            2. The problem is your “we” is like 30000 people tops. What this election did a great job demonstrating is that libertarianism is a fringe political ideology to the point where it likely enjoys less support than “fringe” movement like socialism and the alt-right. Libertarianism’s ability to influence politics is probally over.

              1. I’m not in this to influence politics. I am in this because it’s the moral path for me.

                1. We already have tons of clever and witty posters in the comment section, who in toto can discuss virtually any subject as experts, and just about each one is also very hilarious. We don’t need any more people, we’re already the best and brightest folk around!

              2. Uhm, socialism is not a fringe movement Sam. hasn’t been a fringe movement since before you were born. Its pretty fucking mainstream actually.

          2. So, they left the libertarian plantation for the right fascism one – then the alt-right is not claiming to be related to libertarianism any more than a guy who used to be one but is now shilling for Maduro would be.

            1. I am happy not being associated with the alt-right for moral and ethical reasons.

  4. What’s the danger of lurching wildly between Alt-right and Alt-left?

    1. Time Warp

    2. Becoming the alt-moderates, who’s political ideology consists of sighing and rolling their eyes when either a member of the alt-right or alt-left speaks.

      1. What about alt-moderators? Then we could also be drunk on the idea of power over others.

    3. Civil war, it’ll be here any minute now.

      You know maybe that “leave people the fuck alone to do what they want” libertarian thing could catch on, but noooooo its all virtue signaling and uber-nationalism.

    4. Never mind them…what about the alt.wrong?

  5. “..and an array of young men with the same shaved-side, slicked-back-and-long-down-the-middle haircut.”
    ENB is criticizing other people’s haircuts? Pot meet kettle.

    1. Followed up by a series of photos from the event showing almost no one wearing that coiffure.

      1. We were prohibited from taking photos of individuals or people’s faces

        1. ‘Prohibited’ by who? Were the protestors threatening to attack you like they did to the guy they stole the camera from?

          Also, aren’t all those pictures you posted of individuals? People don’t cease to be people just because they’re standing close to others.

    2. I’ve seen pictures of Matt Welch sporting a Richard Spencer fashy-do posted here lately.

      Come to think of it, Matt’s been pretty quiet lately. Where is he? The NPI conference?

  6. “…and an array of young men with the same shaved-side, slicked-back-and-long-down-the-middle haircut.”
    ENB criticizing other people’s haricuts? Pot meet kettle.

    1. It was the style at the time.

      1. Where are their belt onions??

  7. Score one point for the Badu sign. Those white boys really could use a little smooth soul in their lives.

    I will now watch Erykah Badu’s music video where takes her clothes off while walking through Dealy Plaza to protest groupthink so that I have a little inspiration to get me through this upcoming week.

    1. The first four minutes of that song are pointless.

    2. She makes me think of music that came pre-installed with windows 95

  8. So I keep hearing this term Alt-Right so yesterday searched google and found this article which makes them sound like mostly people who like to troll SJWs. Not sure how accurate this is and yes I do realize it’s Breitbart.…..alt-right/

    1. It ranges from harmless internet-shitposters, to ‘scientific-racist/fascist’ douchebags

      naturally the former are accused of being the latter all the time. Milo’s typical retort is to “celebrate their diversity”, downplaying the baddies and saying that the former are terribly misunderstood. While they’re probably not that cool even when they *are* properly understood… he’s certainly right that no one in the ‘proper journalism’ world – present company included – gives them anything close to ‘benefit of the doubt’.

      1. Radix journal editor Richard Spencer lead a post-lunch press conference on what’s next for the alt-right, joined by VDARE founder Peter Brimelow, retired evolutionary psychology professor Kevin MacDonald, writer Jason Jorjano, and American Renaissance magazine editor Jared Taylor.

        These people FWIW, are indeed the crown-princes of the racist-fascist douchebags

        i am not the slightest bit sympathetic to these morons; and i think the half of the alt-right that Milo represents should eventually do something do distance themselves, if not entirely disavow, the pseudointellectual race-babbling these people flog, now that their Pepe has won the presidency.

        I doubt they will – mainly because i think 1) they don’t really care if these people exist – and why should anyone, really? giving them attention simply makes them seem more important than they are, and 2) they provide a useful service, like a bug-zapper for the most idiotic socialist-SJWs out there… as long as those people are fighting *each other*, then there’s less chance for them to interfere in the lives of us regular people. In that sense, more power to them.

        1. Can we “accidentally” book BLM and these alt-right wacos into the same conference center, and then lock the fucking doors??

          1. I think that movie was called Inglorious Basterds

          2. Like William Shatner and Carrie Fisher having book signing at the same Doubletree, on the same day.

        2. Point and sputter!

        3. No, Milo doesn’t represent any half of the alt-right. Even Milo will tell you that. You might call him a fellow traveler, or a cheerleader, but in no way does he represent any faction. The alt-right are white nationalist by definition. Period.

          1. Even Milo will tell you that

            You should explain that to that linked CNN clip where he doesn’t.

        4. Oh. So they’re just neo-Nazis and apologists for neo-Nazis and fellow travellers of neo-Nazis. That’s all OK then.

    2. Basically, there’s two branches of the alt-right right now. You’ve got the new Milo alt-right which is basically just European style national populism/cultural supremacy, with some individuals engaging in racism or anti-Semitic attitudes. Breitbart’s been shilling to them since Trump was nominated.

      Then you replace culture with race and you’ve got the ‘older’ alt-right that is more about ‘race realism’ in the style of Spencer and Taylor. Radix, VDare and Taki are the major online media outlets for their platforms. Their central belief is in a Pan-European racial nationalism that focuses on the inferiority of some races to function in a modern society and the preservation of the white race. Jews are not to be trusted because they’re a tribe looking out for interests contrary to the white race (and they actively argue that Jews are playing a long game of eradicating Gentile culture with multiculturalism while maintaining their own).

      1. So it’s kind of like if Lena Dunham sat bare-assed in a solitary mud puddle in the middle of the desert, and left two depressions filled with murky liquid, and you stumbled upon them parched with thirst and dying.

        1. Lena Dunham sat bare-assed in a solitary mud puddle in the middle of the desert, and left two depressions filled with murky liquid, and you stumbled upon them parched with thirst and dying

          Ooh, i know this one. then you drink the water and a genie appears, right?!?

        2. Well, on top of that, imagine if Lena Dunham’s ass was encrusted with warts and bed sores that carved out several more holes into the ass cheek holes. Because the alt-right, particularly the race side, has a bunch of ‘diverse’ views on what their new society should be like, they’re mostly united by their opposition to the other. You’ve got your classic fascists of course, but then you’ve got the people who want their whitey, somewhat capitalist republic. Some think Christianity is the most important cultural institution of Pan-European identity, others think it’s a memetic Middle Eastern plague that destroyed Germanic paganism. Some think Nietzsche is the best thing ever, others think he’s an intellectual poison that naturally leads to nihilism (despite the entirety of his work being about anti-nihilism, but whatever).

          1. Finally, someone that gets Nietzsche.

            Regarding the alt-right, they are gonna start othering each other real soon, don’t worry. It will be fun to watch.

          2. …imagine if Lena Dunham’s ass…

            I just threw up in my mouth a little.

      2. I remember years ago some commenter on Reason, don’t recall who, would link to VDare articles. Pretty bad.

        1. I remember that guy, can’t think of the name. It was pretty awful. I think it’s his stuff that alerted me to Vdare and how bad they were in the first place, ironically. Before I clicked those links I confused it with D.A.R.E.

        2. There was a time in the early 2000s when you could link to Vdare without feeling dirty. it was a novel POV.

          I’d even concede that Steve Sailer isn’t as ridiculous as his peers. but its a matter of degree.

    3. My favorite passage.

      There are many things that separate the alternative right from old-school racist skinheads (to whom they are often idiotically compared), but one thing stands out above all else: intelligence. Skinheads, by and large, are low-information, low-IQ thugs driven by the thrill of violence and tribal hatred. The alternative right are a much smarter group of people ? which perhaps suggests why the Left hates them so much. They’re dangerously bright.

      These twerps grew up in the self esteem era. They’re all above average! Now let’s draw Trump hair on a frog.

      1. “Hey, unlike the modern social justice movement or leftism, I can’t just regurgitate canned mottos and rhetoric, I need to actually research and argue my position, because I’m a political outlier! Of course, that just devolves into rhetoric and cherry picked data that makes the “Women get paid 77% as much as men” statistic blush, but I can always just accuse people of being blue-pilled for disagreeing with me and any Jewish opponent of being sneaky!

        Yes, “dangerously bright”.

      2. The alternative right are a much smarter group of people ? which perhaps suggests why the Left hates them so much. They’re dangerously bright.

        I don’t think they reflect any above-average intelligence

        I think its more that they haven’t grown nearly as stupid as the average left-wing social-justice moron who *sincerely believes* that 50million children are starving in America because they’re too fucking dense to understand how you can re-define statistics to reach any number you want. (*or that most women will be “raped” in their lives, because now they define ‘rape’ as ‘drunk-sex’)

        shorter = they’re not smart – their opponents are fucking morons.

    4. My favorite passage.

      There are many things that separate the alternative right from old-school racist skinheads (to whom they are often idiotically compared), but one thing stands out above all else: intelligence. Skinheads, by and large, are low-information, low-IQ thugs driven by the thrill of violence and tribal hatred. The alternative right are a much smarter group of people ? which perhaps suggests why the Left hates them so much. They’re dangerously bright.

      Stands out to whom? These are twerps who grew up in the self-esteem era. Of course they’re all above average!

        1. Hey!

  9. I’m going to re-post my previous comment when this shit went down

    My opinion of both groups is they they entirely deserve each other.

    1. The rest of us don’t deserve them, however.

      1. Deserves got nothin to do with it.

      2. Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.

  10. Read Vox Day’s blog if you want to learn about the alt-right.

    Vox Popoli

    1. My thoughts and prayers are with anyone who reads that.

  11. Former reality-TV star and model Tila Tequila, now a spokeswoman for the alt-right and white nationalism…

    Uh, whaaaaaaaaa?

    1. She once wrote an article titled “Why I sympathize with Hitler.”

      1. Well, who hasn’t sympathized with Hitler. I mean, all those setbacks he has in those youtube videos, but he just keeps being optimistic.

        1. Is that like the opposite of a Godwin?

      2. If she sympathized with Stalin, people would be reacting differently.

        1. Hell, she would have a TV series and a Broadway show if she would get down with Stalin.

        2. If she sympathized with Stalin, people would be reacting differently.

          No one even blinks when SJW folks use “Hot Stalin” as their twitter avatar.

          1. I’ll be in my bunk.

          2. “Two nights in a row, when I was out drinking with comrades, someone has started a conversation about the hotness of young Stalin. Is this simply a coincidence or is there something in the leftist networking world (i.e. facebook, from which I am still successfully abstaining) I’ve missed? For it seems rather odd, in the context of the default and generally uncritical anti-Stalinism that affects the western left, that people would be exchanging pictures of young Stalin.”

            Maybe the blood on his hands has some effect on how he’s perceived?
            Naah. Not to a lefty.

          3. I’m trying to think of what a “hot Stalin” (the fetishy thing) would be, but it might be beyond the reach of my imagination

    2. “Former reality-TV star and model Tila Tequila, now a spokeswoman for the alt-right and white nationalism…”

      The Nazi salute isn’t gonna get you many friends.

  12. On SNF Mike Tirico just stated that a good run game plays into Kirk Cousin’s skill-set.

    I’m sure it does Mike, now can you name me a QB that a good run game doesn’t help?

    1. I eagerly await the delicious tears of Green Bay fans, regardless.

  13. From the linked article about Ms. Tequila:

    “I’m becoming more conservative ever since I became a mother,” she continued. “I wouldn’t want porn all over the internet [for instance]?”

    Yes, we wouldn’t want the internet inundated with videos like Tila Tequila: Backdoored and Squirting, for example.

    1. She’s perfect for the alt-right. A woman that likes them and that they’ve seen naked.

  14. Sigh. It’s ‘Sieg heil’, not ‘seig heil.’ Damned neo-nazis can’t even nazi right.

    1. Yeah, I give up anymore. I see this probably 9-to-1 over the correct spelling.

      1. Doesn’t help that notorious pervs like Anthony Weiner spell (or pronounce, I guess) their name wrong.

  15. Is this event real, or some sort of scripted comedy thing I’m just not getting because I don’t get popular culture?

  16. With all of the identity politics, seems like this stuff would not be unexpected. Really just flip side of the same coin.

    1. Which is why the accusation of “White Nationalism”, the sneer-term du jour, rings so false.

      These people are doing exactly what all the culture-warriors do. Its just when they see the flip-side of their idiocy, they wig out and act like this is somehow completely new and unexpected.

      You have millions of people acting like its perfectly normal and passe to “Celebrate The Extinction of White Men“…. and when 10% of the population says, “We Feel The Same Way About Immigrants”… they all shit their pants and think somehow “white nationalism” became a thing overnight, rather than as a byproduct of their own cultural assertions.

      1. “…they all shit their pants and think somehow “white nationalism” became a thing overnight, rather than as a byproduct of their own cultural assertions.”

        Telling all those folks in fly-over country how backward they are sure did wonders for the hag and HER LAST CHANCE TO END UP IN THE WH (hahahahahahahhahahahhahha!)

        1. You’re deplorable for saying that.

      2. I am overwhelmed by your evidence of a single tweet. Please sign me up for your newsletter!

      3. Especially when SJWs call any critics “white nationalist.”

  17. Guys,

    I’m making a New Year’s resolution to forego sarcasm so in that spirit I say…


    How’d I do?

    1. Bernie Sanders is an authoritarian socialist who wants to redistribute my entire paycheck at the point of a gun.

      Fuck him, and up yours, too.

      P.S. How’d I do, everybody?

      1. Ken,
        If you read more than the first word asswipe posts, you’ve given it too much attention.
        It’s a pathetic piece of worn-out lefty posting obvious troll-ware here in the hopes it’s get the attention it so badly wants; tell it to get lost.

    2. american socialist|11.20.16 @ 9:47PM|#

      Fuck off, asswipe.


      Congratulations Amsoc, you continue to hold the trophy for dumbest poster on this site.

  18. The people who wanted to expand President Obama’s powers the most are the very same people protesting Trump–for fear of what he can do as President.

    “The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians”.

    —-George Orwell

    Wake up, America. It doesn’t have to be this way.

    1. I’d take a weak, ineffectual and racist leader over just about any other kind.

  19. As an aside: “Love Trumps Hate!”
    What a worthless pile of letters. It’s not true, including the name of someone you don’t like adds nothing, but since it fits on a bumper sticker and it can be easily hand lettered by dance majors on protest-march banners, the whiny left loves it.

    1. Dude, you can’t obsess about Twitter trolls.

      That way lies insanity.

      1. He’s got 5000+ followers and Dave rt him uncritically, but yeah you’re right.

        1. You can’t see the humor in strident sanctimoniousness from someone who pals around with a sex addict who raped a 15-year-old girl before threatening to kill her and her unborn child?

    2. Yasha Levine

      What % of this supposedly new alt-right menace were just plain ol’ libertarians bagger boys a few months ago?…..ctory.html ?

      Yasha Levine ?@yashalevine 10h10 hours ago

      For years, our media and political establishment has been normalizing this toxic white nationalism by cheering oligarch-fuded libertarianism

      Yasha Levine @yashalevine

      This sudden horror over the alt-right is disgusting on so many levels. It’s been aided and abetted by huge swath of our political class…

      Yasha Levine ?@yashalevine 10h10 hours ago

      From rightwing to progressive ? everyone’s done their part to normalize toxic, racist, oligarchic libertarianism as “good on some issues”.

      The great irony here?

      This same guy is one of the people that Radley currently says we need to find common cause with.

      1. When did Yasha Levine decide to be a Nazi? That’s what I want to know.

      2. Radley “Red” Balko?

        Unsurprising, but good catch.

      3. Balko has a severe case of TDS. It would be funny if it wasn’t causing him to embrace the progressives.

  20. I’m just glad to finally see the people who are driving this entire nation, including the last election, apparently.

  21. A Fascist leader named Tequila supporting a Mexican-hating President… Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle sorta went off the rails, didn’t it?

    1. I am very confused about this whole Tila Tequila as white nationalist spokesperson. Isn’t she vaguely asian or hispanic or something? Don’t you kinda need to be, you know, white in order to be a white nationalist spokesperson?

      Or is it just the makeup?

      1. She’s Vietnamese.

        1. So….. White by proxy due to the French occupation?

      2. Not really. Like she said in an interview, she brings diversity to the White Nationalist movement.

      3. Maybe you look at her, and all the other Asian, black, indian, LGBTQ, Hispanic and gods know what else people who are part of the ‘alt-right’ and maybe you start to realize that you’re being lied to


  22. I’m familiar with Brimelow, Sailer and VDARE, so I guess this alt-right stuff is those guys plus Tila Tequila and the fascist frog?

    Maybe John’s prediction has come true – when the Left says racism and race-baiting is OK for everyone else, they create space where white nationalist/racist types can move in and pick up support.

    So, is there a large an influential white racist movement with connections to the incoming Trump administration, or are they just humping the leg of the Trump movement without having real influence?

    1. So, is there a large an influential white racist movement with connections to the incoming Trump administration, or are they just humping the leg of the Trump movement without having real influence?


      It would be impossible to nail down how many truly racist/supremacist alt-righters there are and how many are Milo-esque. But I really don’t think there’s a suddenly a tidal wave of white nationalism washing over American politics.

      I’ll say that it’s not surprising that the Milo-esque people really don’t give a shit anymore if the media lumps them in with the other group. While that may provide more tolerance for stormfags et al., that isn’t the same thing as outright support. What you end up with is more of a “no enemies to the right” mentality, a tactic learned from the left.

      1. it’s not surprising that the Milo-esque people really don’t give a shit anymore if the media lumps them in with the other group.

        It would be nice if writers here also started to grasp that calling people “white nationalists” willy-nilly is basically inadvertently contributing to the watering-down and normalization of actual racism.

        Its no different than demanding that people get VERY UPSET about the bullshit “1 in 5 Women Raped!!”-lies

        Suddenly, if you say, “but wait, that’s not really true…” you will get shamed for daring to suggest rape doesnt matter. Suddenly its either a) swallow the bullshit, or b)you’re the same as a rapist yourself.

        By eliminating the nuance of difference* between alt-righties and ACTUAL “White nationalists”, you’re basically destroying the ability to even talk about these subjects without being accused of ‘siding with them’.

        Why should you be surprised when no one takes your finger-pointing seriously anymore? WHY NOT JUST VOTE TRUMP = they’re going to call you a racist anyway!?

        See how that sort of thing happens?

        (*there’s actually a very good analogy here to the audio-compression issue below, but i’m not going to waste it on you swine)

        1. there’s actually a very good analogy here to the audio-compression issue below, but i’m not going to waste it on you swine

          Ok, now you have me curious. How is audio vs. file compression analogous to white nationalism vs. alt-right? Audio and file compression have practically nothing in common, while there is some overlap between alt-right and white nationalism.

          1. It wasn’t ‘audio vs. file compression’, really –

            it was the guy’s point about how people find ‘less-compressible’ music less-appealing?

            iow, “lower dynamic range = less able to distinguish patterns?”…… and distinguishing patterns is what makes engaging music more-enjoyable?

            “by reducing the range (compressing) of opinion in public debate”….
            ….”you’re reducing people’s ability to engage with ideas honestly. “factually-correct” may not be “politically-correct”… so why should you bother dealing with ‘facts’?

            e.g. when saying, “no, 1 in 5 woman are not raped in America”… you’re being factually correct

            ….but unfortunately forcing yourself into the political corner with the “Deplorables” = because there is no nuance of opinion permitted. Congratulations! You’ve Just Perpetuated Rape Culture by taking the wrong side in a narrative

            iow, the “compression” of viewponts reduces the range of acceptable ideas into 2 equally-retarded options (alt-right vs SJW!).

            It is less-pleasant to engage at all…. in the sense that it debate is no longer any competition between reasoned arguments… but rather competition for “loudness” – who can make the other side more socially-unacceptable

            you get the idea. Greater ‘dynamic range’ of opinion = more freedom to engage at different points in the idea-spectrum.

            it wasn’t actually that super-clever now that you’ve made me say it.

            1. I love it when a metaphor gets over-analyzed.

              Sometimes a metaphor is just a metaphor.

              1. Analogy, technically

                “and trust me, I know Analogy”, said the proctologist

                a child asked, “What’s a metaphor”
                dad replied, “for cows to graze in”

              2. Sometimes a cigar is just a cock

          2. A song composed of white noise would be the least compressible song ever. Coincidence? I think not.

    2. is there a large an influential white racist movement


  23. The first goal of all extremists is not to get rid of the opposite extremists, it is to get rid of the moderates so they can have their fight.

  24. Chuck Johnson looks like a puffy Chuck Klosterman.

  25. If a gigantic fucking steel beast with a thousand horns slung with some sweet motherfucking golden nests built from bees and bulls with goddamn steel lining all their fucking stingers and pointy death knives…
    and if a motherfucking big bang got shat from the end of your fucking Mr/ Rod Burger and it smashed jubilees into a thousand star gems gleaming the shit gates of a million basking vaginas on the oceanic shores of your collective realizations…
    and if the goddamn sun melted down its massive crushing skull busting lips into this replete shit of an earth and all the children became eagles and started nipping the heads off all their
    fucking progenitors…

    NONE of this will make Trump great, you fucking lost svelte fuckers
    Get some gods to save you.

    Trump is an orange chain queen that narrowly tripped your Sovietswamp back from the progressive pasty-white feminist-crippling zero-salt marxist stemcell labStew- BUT this does not make him anything more than a goddamn fist bump once down the block next to the pizza fucking shop

    Fucking weary of faggy tattoo artists coming out of their slaggy cinder block back street shops and pretend libertarian anarchists splurging precious cum whip wippets over this fucking new-fangled dungeon master called Trump

    1. Trump hasn’t taken office yet. He might not be so bad.

  26. Amusing: The Clintons celebrate prematurely on Election Night

    Bill Clinton jumps up and down like a puppy in a pet shop window.

    1. Heh. I was going to post that. He’s out to lunch. Maybe I’m nitpicking and trying to find stuff where there’s nothing…BUT…notice Hillary’s weak hugging of Chelsea.

  27. Amusing: The Clintons celebrate prematurely on Election Night

    Bill Clinton jumps up and down like a puppy in a pet shop window.

    1. Not sure that was real; I remember being here that night and the hag never once had the lead. At one point, I thought it was an artifact of some east-coast small-state influence, but then it never went away.
      Maybe this was the night when Comey admitted he couldn’t find a prosecutor who’d take the risk?
      Whatever, if the Clintons celebrated and lost, I’m a happy man; they deserve that and far more. At least Joe Kennedy sold booze instead of political favors.

  28. Why music is enjoyable- it causes the brain to work to find the patterns in the song. Songs with moderately complicated patterns are the most enjoyable and also the easiest for software to compress.…..yable.html

    Hudson used music compression programs to mimic how the brain condenses audio information to analyze a sampling of songs used by another research team in a 2009 study that measured how 26 subjects enjoyed various music genres , including classical, jazz, pop, folk, electronica, rock, punk, techno and tango. A sampling of Hudson’s compression findings: The pop song “I Should Be So Lucky” by Kylie Minogue could only be compressed to 69.5 percent of its original file size; the techno piece “Theme from Bubbleman” by Andy Van compressed to 68.5 percent; Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” compressed to 57.5 percent; and Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony compressed to 40.6 percent of its original file size.

    After comparing the compression rates to the 2009 enjoyment results, Hudson found that songs with the highest compression rates were also rated as the most enjoyable. Hudson theorizes that high compressibility elicits enjoyment because sophisticated music contains patterns that are not as readily apparent to the ears as they are in simple, catchy pop songs, and the brain has to work a little harder to crack their code.

    1. As someone who spends most of his free time chopping up, compressing/decompressing audio files, and re-sequencing wave patterns…

      …. i think his cute assumption about the compression ratio being indicative of something ‘superior’ about patterns….is partly a misleading assumption about the technology.

      Some files are more-“compressible” because they contain fewer-samples-per-bit. Basically, they have ‘more silent moments’, and wider dynamic range.

      (which is a way of saying, not every note is 100% loud – some are 70% loud, others are 30% loud, and some are 90% loud – also, more ‘space’ between notes, where background instruments are quieter than foreground instruments)

      Look at this comparison of 2 waveforms the same exact song

      That’s the exact same piece of music. But the top one has its dynamic range reduced, made more-consistently “loud” by using a volume-boosting-algorithm* which makes all the notes of relatively equal volume.

      The top one would be very difficult for any MP3 or other file-compression algorithm to ‘shrink’. the bottom one would be easy to shrink, since there’s “less sample data” for the program to re-organize.

      So – ‘smaller compressed files’ simply means that the music was probably made before modern synthesizers and drum machines, and before digital audio-recording. Because now it is normal for music to be purposely “maxxed out” for digital playback .

      1. This.

        As always, the actual article (annoyingly not linked in the story), makes some important disclaimers.

        It will also be important to establish the extent to which the compressibility of the different musical compositions of a given duration reflects differences in 1) amount of silence versus bona fide differences in the statistical redundancy present in the melodies and harmonies themselves and 2) differences in overall tempo, as presto pieces will contain more information than adagio pieces, all else being equal.

        It would also be interesting to have Korn play Beethoven’s 3rd and see if it’s as compressible – differences in tonal qualities of the instruments played in various genres would likely play a substantial role in compressibility.

        1. differences in tonal qualities of the instruments played in various genres would likely play a substantial role in compressibility

          Not just the instruments used, but the techniques for recording/playing back songs has huge effects on the ‘density’ of a piece of music.

          old blues tunes were cut on technology that would *break* if you played too loud. So they had to go out of their way to playeverynoteatthesamevolume and not screw up the engineer’s equipment. Consequently, it has zero range.

          he would also get wildly different results from comparing recordings of Beethoven on 8track-tape to modern 24-bit Audio.

    2. (* a footnote to the above which i couldn’t fit in – the “volume boosting algorthim” thing? is actually called “compression“…. but it would be super confusing to explain that ‘audio compression’ isn’t the same as “file compression”)

      Let me add –

      i don’t think the guy is necessarily *wrong* about the point that the human brain might find “more dynamic” music patterns easier to remember and respond to. Its true.

      a simple example – if every note in a rhythm is equally loud, the pattern reads in the brain like “morse code”. DOT DOT DOT DASH DOT DASH.

      You don’t recognize the pattern as quickly as when there’s dynamic differences between notes helping your mind remember the accents and emphasis – e.g. DOT dot DOT DASH dot DASH. The ‘less loud’, or differently accented parts add a layer of data for your brain to follow.

      Modern music has far less dynamic range – for reasons both technical and aesthetic – and as a consequence i would believe that its much harder to quickly “store and remember” rhythms/melodies performed by an Autotuned vocal than a naturally-recorded one.

      I’m saying his point about file-compression ratios doesn’t necessarily mean what he thinks it means. It mostly reflects changes in audio-recording and in production techniques. Tho there are certainly exceptions.

  29. I wonder if the server shitting the bed right now is related to the fact that Drudge Report has linked to Reason, thus driving traffic through the roof.

    1. Drudge Report has linked to Reason

      What caused them to do a silly thing like that?

      1. Reason‘s gone alt-right!

        1. I blame credit Andrea Castillo O’ Sullivan

    2. “thus driving traffic through the roof.”

      Don’t see new tfx.
      We got commie-kid back with some BS; turd, Jack and Tony have had their hats handed to them such that they seem to be otherwise engaged.
      trueman was here, but that probably happens when he posts around hoping someone mistakenly clicks on his name to add a click-count or two to his blog.
      I’m more inclined to think the place is not well managed; reliable hosts ain’t expensive, but it seems someone has a nephew who can program a VCR and he got the job.

      1. Well the traffic may not be evident in the comments. Who knows how hard it is to register a username right now.

        But that made me look up some basic traffic stats. Some of that is pretty funny, especially the male/female ratio. I guess Shikha does drive some Indian traffic.

  30. held a downtown-D.C. gathering of white nationalists, “Trumpservatives,” and the attendant press and protesters these groups attract.

    Ok, ENB. You are going to do some more in-depth reporting.

    How many of these “white nationalists” self-identify as white nationalists?

    I’m not really sure what that means…. I vaguely assume we are talking about a superset of the KKK and skinhead Nazi types. Folks who would get up a chant of “white power!” at their gathering. Are we talking about “planning for the coming race war” types, or are we talking “race-mixing is an abomination against God almighty”?

    I’m confused…. because I’ve seen the “white power” types up close, and they had dwindled to the point where they didn’t have enough folks to have a pot luck dinner and have each person only bring one dish. They could’t get up enough support to have a proper march with more than 8 people and 2 last names.

    So is this a real thing? Or are we talking about people whom a couple of handfulls of online racists find interesting?

    1. It strikes me a little bit like drawing the conclusion that Nation of Islam is a massively popular religion after seeing 5 Black Panthers walking around in a BLM protest.

    2. How many of these “white nationalists” self-identify as white nationalists?

      Beat you to it, bro.

      (read my original linked comment)

      1. I proffered great wisdom in that thread.

        (I also inadvertently posted in it today because the tab was open from your link and the topic was antifa)

        1. Cuckatarian FTW

          My own point was actually pretty weak in that context… because in that case… yeah, they pretty much WERE racist-fascist white-nationalists. And proud!

          But google that term now? And you’d get the impression that the KKK the second largest political-party in America.

          1. It used to be…when it was the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party.

    3. Are we talking about “planning for the coming race war” types, or are we talking “race-mixing is an abomination against God almighty”?

      Am I misreading you, or are you suggesting that the latter isn’t a white power group? I guess there might be some distinction between the two groups you note, but neither is anywhere near the range of acceptable discourse.

      1. Nah, more of a degree. I wasn’t really trying to bracket the whole field, just provide a couple of example subgroups under the “overly race conscious white folks” umbrella. There’s paranoid “the darkies are out to get us so we gotta be ready to kill em all” and then there’s “you keep to your own kind, and we’ll do the same”.

        They are all nuts, to a degree.

        But in my experience the first group is paranoid nutters that could have glommed on to anything – it could have been communist infiltration – they were going to be preppers in any event.

        The second group has an exaggerated sense of tribalism and perhaps a misguided religious sensibility that says it is just wrong to interbreed. There’s nothing wrong with “those people”, but they should keep to their kind, as God intended.

        Having heard plenty of the second group in my very early years in the 70’s, I was surprised to find that not one person gave voice to such thoughts as I married my college sweetheart and didn’t keep with my kind. At least not one white person. Plenty of black folks gave voice to those thoughts, including her mother.

        So my personal experience with “White Nationalists” or their sympathizers leads me to suspect that there’s not more than a handful of them to be found. And certainly not very many who are willing to openly lay claim to such beliefs.

        So when you tell me that there is an open meeting of “white nationalists” in the hotel conference center, I’m a bit dubious.

    4. How many of these “white nationalists” self-identify as white nationalists?
      That’s what I’m going to tackle, and some of the things discussed above too re: alt right vs white nationalists, Milo vs race realists, etc., in a post with quotes! and thoughts! and reporting! and a point! and lovely things like that soon. As I said above, just wanted to get up something quick with pics and videos so I can take a little longer on the other one

      1. Right, so you opted to call-out “Trumpservatives” on a whim…how cute.

  31. Edges, birds, self, and fucking trees and storms are Harrison feeds
    and Hennen eats cottonwoods and leaf stews and constant obsession
    with heightened permeations of self
    and so it is with this goddamn election
    the voters became a fucking glut of screaming wand poets
    shitting brain vomit into the wind and the acid of their fucking cocaine and stripper ass eating
    is about to slap into the tender red of their fucking throats
    fortunately after that practical gory foray into oddman land they might survive the
    Trumpian holocaust and leave some genetic dregs to carry on
    Hillarian holocaust and her arrogance team will have built ovens of metaphors
    on the heart castles of the entire of American spirit and burnt you all up like
    little shitty Quando drug runners stealing from nacho Tom in Mehiko City underneath
    the fake pyramid of Mayan imaginative bullshit

  32. When I voted for Trump I didn’t realize he’d be a racist plotting WW III against muslims and illegals and who knows who else.

    1. When your schoolteachers taught you how to type they didn’t realize you’d plumb the depths of idiocy.

  33. Where can you get that haircut? My barber wouldn’t do it.

    1. Ok, that’s funny. Subtle… kinda “the slow knife cuts the deepest”.

      1. I would love to see that dossier.

  34. The fucking scared underground running from the Islam Acids, Feminist Pergatory Arts, and FUCKING cranky NYTIMES Agent Crankers
    are showing their vigor and getting on a very tippy bandwagon straddling rocks and rivers in such a gaunty fashion Agile ran off into the mountains
    to leave his brothers and sisters who voted for their jesus to contend with the crumbling freedom gods and goddesses
    the Super Agent Trump will crown his life achievement with/

    Massive bondage about to brang down, niggas

    Get ready for the Trump knife on your goddamn neck of freedom…

    the TRUMP copyrighted brand of freedom that SHOULD exclude the goddamn shitty Marxists whores will also EXCLUDE the eagle gangs
    who play on the fringes with sex, rock and roll, and fucking drugs and letters and nudity and fucking eating the rays of suns with their ass tonsils…
    TRUMP copyrighted brand of freedom is about to hunt us down
    … agile escapes it all always….
    agile would escape that little shit in north Korea because I would hunt him down and stick my fucking leg down his shitty throat and eat his poltergeist in a burrito wrapped in daves and salad… but the rest of my brothers and sisters… America of all fucking thangs

    Trump will bring the Super Agent Dungeons into the fucking Libertarian Swath. And Trump will be the Libertarian Killer.

  35. We escaped the black widow grandmother but the Trump Squad will fuck up the Libertarians in a manner the Super Magic Black Jacket can only dream of in a hypernightmare surrounded by the ghosts of every single goddamn writer the bitch ever hired, including the queen enb poltergeist….

  36. “Here’s what Obama told his daughters after Trump won the election”
    “‘And you should anticipate that at any given moment there’s going to be flare-ups of bigotry that you may have to confront, or may be inside you and you have to vanquish. And it doesn’t stop ? You don’t get into a fetal position about it. You don’t start worrying about apocalypse. You say, O.K., where are the places where I can push to keep it moving forward.'”…..622242.php

    He’s right!
    One of those moments happened eight years ago when the US elected an incompetent liar as POTUS. But I doubt he told his daughters that.

  37. little sandwiches
    are tiny on a small plate
    where the designs
    on their edges
    under the dust of everyday

    blimp and tumble
    and then scream and
    then the plate punches
    the little sandwiches in their
    dicks and the small plate eats
    the little sandwiches

    and the little sandwiches die
    in the throat of the small plate
    with that shitty design
    on its edge

  38. Take TWO! (fuckin reason server)

    “Here’s what Obama told his daughters after Trump won the election”
    “”‘And you should anticipate that at any given moment there’s going to be flare-ups of bigotry that you may have to confront, or may be inside you and you have to vanquish. And it doesn’t stop ? You don’t get into a fetal position about it. You don’t start worrying about apocalypse. You say, O.K., where are the places where I can push to keep it moving forward.'”…..622242.php

    Pretty sure it was more along the lines of ‘that asshole gonna undo all my legacy stuff!!!’
    And when did bizz insider become Obo propaganda sheet?

    1. It’s even better the second time!

    2. I’m such a bigot and troll I wouldn’t mind seeing his ‘legacy’ be undone – whatever it was. Obamacare and ???


      Tila Tequila, huh.

      Makes me want to go all Biff Brandy.

  39. (Also there: reality-TV star turned Twitter-based Third-Reich sympathizer Tila Tequila.)

    I looked at this chick’s twitter page… it’s pretty obvious she has a business plan, which is to troll the entire world. She is trying to be all over the place on everything… she subscribes to any and every conspiracy available, and doesn’t much care about making sense at any time. And it apparently works, as the meeting reported above is already documented on her wikipedia page.

    1. Tila is sweet crumple
      bull wings,
      Tila hangs with magic edges and lost stairways
      I see no fucking point why
      a fucking sweet bitch like your
      super beast self should fuck with
      such an adorable latino twinkie such
      as her

    2. Yep.

      “She first gained recognition for her active presence on social networking websites”

      ‘Please list your skills applicable to the position for which you are applying’
      1) Nice tits
      2) An aptitude for self promo

    3. Thanks for the twitter link, i guess. Clearly it is a goof. She’s got a pic of her in “hot nazi chick” regalia holding a gun, photoshopped with a dour looking Trump sitting in the Oval office.

      It’s a goof. Nobody who supports Trump makes that photo. Nobody who’s a real Nazi makes that photo.

      She’s yankin’ chains for attention. That is all.

      1. But it raises the question: why do these others entertain her being there, if they purport to be some serious intellectual movement? Tits are one thing (or two), but if you care about your credibility… or could it be that they are, all of them, pulling a huge troll? I think they are trolls, obviously, but I mean, as in some kind of meta/mega-troll of the entire SJW movement, and the media along with it. That would be unlikely, and something I might want to tell myself just to avoid there having to be so many idiots actually about, but the same, something seems off.

  40. What’s with the Heil Hitler salute? Are those three for real?

    1. A bucketload of lost boys tossed into a Trump jizz junk yard
      c’mon man.. Rufus my boy… leave the story up to our languid queen enb.
      Rufus the monocled we do understand is an astute tall standing bitch
      erect with all sorts of classical characters and indiscernible ghosts haunting
      his physically public devastation etch and so on…

      peace, love-

      1. Indeed.


    2. We turned making a public spectacle of one’s self into a valid career option. We probably ought to have thought that through a little more.

      1. Not sure about the “we”.

  41. Liberty eagles swing into the suns
    and the lights bursts through their wings
    like ufo suns burgeoning
    the fucked up flats where humans constantly
    die and are forever tied up or chained
    and Liberty eagles soar to save the
    humans and introduce them into
    the favored angles of life and breathe and
    goddamn FUCK YOUR FUCKING government
    SHIT FUCKING MY LIFE up in the simple wood or field
    under the simple sun that can scald you all to hell

  42. “Trump children’s roles blur line between transition, company”
    “Nearly every morning since their father’s stunning victory on Election Day, three of Donald Trump’s grown children walk through the Trump Tower lobby and board an elevator. But are Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric going to the campaign office on the fifth floor? Their business offices on the 25th floor? The president-elect’s penthouse on the 56th floor?”…..626165.php

    “How Chelsea Clinton Took Charge of Clintonworld”
    “After growing up in a scandal-rocked White House, Chelsea Clinton shunned the spotlight for close to a decade. But, at 35, she is helping run the family’s $2 billion foundation while controversy swirls around its funding and her mother’s second presidential campaign. Evgenia Peretz reports on the path to power of a former?and perhaps future?First Daughter.”…..t-daughter

    I don’t see any bias here, do you?

    1. I’ve now heard several different people suggest that Chelsea would be a great presidential candidate in the not-too-distant-future.

      Will the media still be as obeisant for the Clinton name in 2032?

      1. I heard a lot of that before the election. Not so much after the election.

        1. If we asked Palin’s Buttplug what he thought of Michelle 2020 and bet the opposite, we’d probably get in while the odds are still favorable.

  43. gather on the cock of your oddly chosen sprung prince
    and his billionaire golden quip mines
    and the fucking broccoli garden bull balls of
    the strumming sun hammer that is about
    to swish into the gall of your fucking river
    streams and if your boat villages
    and their turgid captains with the overly erect superwomen
    indian queens of cherokee Agile mother factotorium legibility
    wings of queer crowscreams and shit was all upon
    the melting beams of minds breathing and bending
    under the silence of whistling stones and gabbing fragging brook

  44. Please note that the past tense of “lead” is “led”.

  45. if you press fingers against an ohio red oak your knees will buckle
    if your press fingers against an ohio white oak your knees will tremble
    if you press arms around a tall maple in ohio you are definitely high in an agile wood
    but please love trees, my friends
    my woods are filled with hundreds of year old beasts
    please love your trees
    fuck your shitty hatred of shitty marxist
    fuck your shitty politics
    just love your tree because I have many that are older than my country in my backyard
    love trees because
    they hover and offer a nap at their base
    and their leaves never snap at you like agile
    trees sway and sing
    trees hold backyard secrets
    you can only ever hope in
    your short life to hold

    1. 7 hours?! Broad stroke it for me.

      Actually, after looking through the comments, maybe don’t.

      1. Yep, that didn’t take long.
        NRX, if you have something that isn’t embarrassing, please let us know.

  46. rifts on the concretes of thread streets cringe with potholes where cars
    on moniker wings ply thoughts and fucking shit and then
    the dumpster dude rolls by late nite
    and smashes down all dat crumpled brawn angels into his
    smooshing tank wheeled thingy
    and it rolls off into the next sun under
    the old hills next to your fucking cheap ocean infinity counties

    Agile will never allow brawn angels to dumpy his crimpled thoughts
    into a smoosh wheeled thingy

    If that bitch stole my crimpled thoughts I would punch her neck
    and eat her tits and balls in a burrito of FUCK YOU TRUMP-

    will fucking be forced to publish shit FUCKING you up…

    FUCK modern life
    it has triangulated into a post
    deposition of how to find some goddamn
    American eagles with some stupid American pretender
    whores on how to detective liberty

    fuck you ignorant lost blanks
    no detective ever made in america or the world for that matter
    was ever able to find goddamn freedom because
    those mislead stupid fucks are state farts sprattled from
    the asshole of bureaucratic magic burrito factories

  47. citizen cope is a beast eagle
    and i am sure his balls spit
    jades on this fact
    and reason is a beast eagle
    and i am sure her vagina spits
    juice at my fucking engine
    reason threads are a beast bull
    and I am sure their fucking gigantic arms want to knife my throat
    but I hope i can dodge like a cheetah in love with dem motherfuckers

  48. Gangsters in space spilling asteroid diamonds
    into an asshole of sidelong space Lord willing to pay up
    and we boys spin out into the deep cosmic purple
    with sweet alien vagina
    heading down space into the next universe
    of posters
    where no goddamn earth governments own us
    where no FUCKING presidential elections own us
    where no FUCKING goddamn RUSSIAN shit owns us
    where no FUCKING CHINESE are in all our films
    where no FUCKING EUROPA pretends to be bright
    where no FUCKING Canada acts all upright and fake
    where no FUCKING MEXICO pretends not be an assassination state
    where no FUCKING world we live on as humans pretends not
    to be owned by goddamn FUCKING morons…

    PLEASE let me live long enough to own a spaceship and then leave my
    FUCKING JIZZ IN THE FUCKING FACE of the SHITS running this planet
    be lucky I won’t live long enough to be alive to pioneer space because I will die
    and then demand my spirit visit the future

    I will not die softly

  49. moments built in a box of letters
    wind into creaking blocks of hours where time
    spits its farthings into the merging alleys
    lost wandering boys where gravel under the
    erased lines of philosophies

    agile doesn’t care… the door closed and the field has no sun
    of tuners or runners

  50. heart targets blanch tips
    and souls captured under
    the screams of their awkward
    disorientation and check mates

  51. The advisable response to such people is to ignore them when possible, and to otherwise universally deride them, but nothing more. However, in a politically-polarized atmosphere, some will perceive that there is profit to be had in making use of them, instead, which is unfortunate, especially in these times of social media.

    1. x90 is winged millenial coasting on a chitty chitty bang bang

  52. if your tips spread wings on the forest
    of this off place of great friends none of
    our brain arms realize
    because I can bet you fucking bitches
    come here and bletch your bletches like
    familiar tome bletchers and then pretend
    that all your bletchings rate fucking more than
    the snow bletch bletching behind that window
    fucking behind your ass
    most of us bletch on and on for no bletching
    reason and get off when a bletch brother
    gets all bletchy and only then the odd queen
    bletcher bletches and blotch and then bletch
    gets all blotchy and bletchy because
    most of us fucking blotchy bletchers
    love queen bletchers blotching on this fucking
    bletcher world

  53. eat storms and lightning
    dance with the windstorms
    run through the cold forests
    fall into satan valleys
    and god tempests
    wring your fucking soul through
    the history of fucking man
    and then the gods because the
    gods hurt more becuase they
    are responsible for the history
    if you can cut your soul on this jib
    then stop apologizing for your short life
    dummy cereal box girl or boy

    1. AC you’re my favorite don’t tell anyone else I said that good night

      1. fucking scream gears
        scramming some fucking echoes
        under the tight streets
        trees swaying so sweet under
        gentle suns so goddamn gentle
        so sun so fucking attache to attached
        dreamers all along This Mach slipping
        like a long JET swimming along
        into the dimensional agile projection
        smash game into the nightswims
        of THIS MAXCHINE

        dolce This Machine Gamma dos los Spacia

  54. agile hate is strong but
    future days hold my dreams strong
    agile has some corners but
    even those pockets be all tents
    future days hold my dreams strong
    but agile will cloak his ghost
    agile will cloak his scream

  55. agile will draw angel wings of his
    thread wave beasts
    on agile swank lanes
    the lines spin between old light blue
    rectangles in the orange palace

  56. All the orange gangsters
    went to hook up some hard vaginas
    into long gorilla cocks
    and agile is eating knees and angel nipples
    and Reason put all the sweet gigantic people
    to bed and the ghosts get squeezed out from between
    all the long cocks smashing all the reasoning vaginas
    but still these fucking fields result in all the goddesses
    and their gods falling into sleep wars

  57. a billion boys napped
    and a billion girls slept
    but the guitars will always
    smash a million space
    paths where all the guts
    of our ships will rock and
    run into and next to the cosmic
    purple streams of our future
    where agile will catch a ride
    next to that fucking moon
    of ours and beyond
    shit, maybe
    my heart will leap
    at suicide on a new planet
    or panic on a new planet
    or hallucination on a new planet
    or falling off the edge of a new planet
    or never fearing total destruction of
    political party on a new planet
    or the obtuse enrichment of a lovely mars fox
    drifting by and so my heart gets all up on the
    fucking mars fox

  58. empty notes
    are found on the edges of
    bottles turned up
    on the blue lights
    of a fucking spaceship
    lifting off

    I can’t breathe in this suit
    I lied when i said i am not clausto
    because I want to be on this flight
    on this bullshit

    bet the dudes who made this ride
    can’t roll like my goddamn whispers

    bet the queens who made this ride
    can’t roll like my fucking fear

    but I got on this ride and the tunes
    of the moon and the future
    rack the notes of my palms

    i am on the ride of scientists who
    have not even been fucking born

    agile should never be so desperate
    to escape the jail of earth
    fuck me

  59. yet still the cheeks of our moods will forever
    be forged on the nature of our calling
    when feet and hand swing
    on the edge of roots holding up
    tall uprisings traced with bark
    and creaking bends
    the limbered turning wands
    of the paths where agile awaits
    to bless my lovely turnabouts
    and boogaloos and queenzaloogs
    under the swaying tendrils of times

    I am sure your grandmother met me
    on the black and white route of her
    I am sure your grandfather met me
    on the black and white foxhole of his
    hell echoing the horror of his
    I am sure underneath your dreams
    and behind the somewheres of black
    and white moments you might meet

    1. There’s something about the writings of Agile that has always reminded me of Hamlet, Act IV Scene III.

      “Not where he eats, but where he is eaten. A certain convocation of politic worms are e’en at him. Your worm is your only emperor for diet. We fat all creatures else to fat us, and we fat ourselves for maggots. Your fat king and your lean beggar is but variable service?two dishes, but to one table.”

      1. Hamster the strumming humming god of maestro dances in letters flitting about within the bonnie rectangles of this glowing field
        the Hamster Johnny Appleseed of Doom spreading his tiny busted fingers that fought off tons of ferrets the billowing
        clapping cider seeds of bosuns cheating on the sails of angel bersekers and tall white cliffs
        and narrow gardens of the Mississippi

  60. all these letters clapped like lightning into the fucking lit letters
    who the FUCK cares?
    man no one gives a SINGLE FUCKING shit
    even heavy com expressions
    digital fly is momentary
    and jittery connect
    and letters concoct
    and threads are tragic traffic
    mixing like fucking space brownies
    and still weeks of sighs and taps
    does this shit even fucking get gem
    does this ever trace jade?

  61. Maybe I am just too drunk, but none of this makes any sense to me. I thought the whole alt-right, racist, nationalist crap was invented out of whole cloth by the left. I am seeing all kinds of characterizations here and nothing to back i tup. I read this article and I read the comments and I feel like I woke up in a world I know nothing about.

    I am going to make another vodka, sleep, and try to sort through this shit tomorrow.

    Goodnight Agile, stay strong brother. You make more sense than the rest of ’em.

    1. I thought the whole alt-right, racist, nationalist crap was invented out of whole cloth by the left.

      That’s the thing about tyrannies paid to see boogeymen everywhere. The process of stamping out the imaginary enemy creates real ones.

    2. Suthen the lofty bird colorful and delightful in flight
      the underneathboy wafting under the cliffs of memories
      and wafting misty headaches where trucks get fucked up
      and alleys try to exist between hill and river but get killed
      by moons and catfish and late night glow on the fucking dashboard
      and her tits

    3. thought the whole alt-right, racist, nationalist crap was invented out of whole cloth by the left.

      Our resident racist-nationalist will be along shortly to explain how they were right all along.

  62. Old street blocks next to
    young jimmy alleys
    where serious injuries are healed
    by invisible angels

    Curvey western avenues
    where old homes burn
    down and best friends
    whisper this in your ear
    20 years later

    High school where you
    raced after Noreen’s tight jean ass
    and painted murals in the late 80’s
    and they crushed that entire world
    into a junkyard
    and Billy whispered this
    in your ear 20 years later

    Twenty years later Billy the fucking cop
    spent a decade trying to find you
    in the fog of your fucking shit
    and he did and so I created shit for his
    arm and twenty years later
    Billy the fucking cop
    ended up with a very fucking large
    piece of art of mine on his fucking
    whispering forearm…

    fucking billy goddamn billy

  63. i did not understand time
    until the stars reminded me
    i did not understand death
    until the rocks with names reminded me
    i did not understand myself
    until the lines told me I was lying
    and shit got worse and i discovered what
    happens outside
    where songs
    are formed on the
    winds flashing outside
    the greatest fear windows
    of my reality offer
    the forever trails i will never
    cipher but it is the now i must
    fall into and leave the timbers of the mist
    to the carve the rock with with my name

  64. So I’ve been busy today. Reading the story of the Fall of the House of Clinton reminds me of Henry II.

    For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground
    And tell sad stories of the death of kings;
    How some have been deposed; some slain in war,
    Some haunted by the ghosts they have deposed;
    Some poison’d by their wives: some sleeping kill’d;
    All murder’d: for within the hollow crown
    That rounds the mortal temples of a king
    Keeps Death his court and there the antic sits,
    Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp,
    Allowing him a breath, a little scene,
    To monarchize, be fear’d and kill with looks,
    Infusing him with self and vain conceit,
    As if this flesh which walls about our life,
    Were brass impregnable, and humour’d thus
    Comes at the last and with a little pin
    Bores through his castle wall, and farewell king!
    Cover your heads and mock not flesh and blood
    With solemn reverence: throw away respect,
    Tradition, form and ceremonious duty,
    For you have but mistook me all this while:
    I live with bread like you, feel want,
    Taste grief, need friends: subjected thus,
    How can you say to me, I am a king?

    1. I’m going to guess this is *Richard* II.

      Here is something with Henry II.

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  66. So, there’s a link to Tila Tequila in a nazi uniform, but no commenters made jokes about “I’ll be in my bunker”?

  67. Who is this Tila Tequila, and why am I just now hearing of her? (Would, BTW).
    I thought Reason was a a reputable magazine, featuring all the important news in a timely fashion?

  68. Commies and Nazis – not much has changed since the 1920s & 30s. They fight in the streets until one of their ilk take power, they’re all the same, all socialists and they all repress. While the great thinkers of liberty are sidelined and drowned out by these animals, and as usual. The philosophers of liberty will always be right, they warn and teach but with fanatics like these history will perpetually repeat itself.

    1. Liberty minded Americans need to fight for the Constitution and America. We continue to let in people who get swallowed up into these anti-constitution groups.

      1. I agree. I believe it would be a significant size group. The constitution keeps getting trampled on by both right and left. The Libertarian Party is on a good trajectory.

        1. 1 percent, 3 percent, 1 percent?

  69. Here’s the lumpenproletariat who started the fight at the rally.

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  71. Is this Slate, now? You guys have sunk so low as to peddle in the alt-right conspiracy theory? Why do you give these people exposure?

    This publication is behaving more and more like a left-wing rag. If only they would have been as critical of the last administration.

  72. …a fight did break out at one point between a woman from NPI and her videographer…

    You’d think they’d be more civil to each other.

  73. So, both the left and the right have their racists, bullies, and terrorists. Big surprise.

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  75. Ya know. As much as I hate to agree with VDARE. Charles Murray does.…..apart.html

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  77. Is anyone else confused that the linked definition of “Antifa” is a Facebook page belonging to a right-wing Australian group?

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