Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump the Golem We Assume or Will He Usher in Some Good Policies?

He's a reality-show weirdo with terrible hair and many awful ideas. Libertarians should be cautiously optimistic - and subscribe to the Reason Podcast!



So the latest election was the most important of our lifetimes.

So much so, in fact, that it didn't even generate record turnouts.

And yet, we must ask: Is Donald Trump bad for the libertarians, that weird, growing, dominant tribe of folks who increasingly comprise a plurality of all Americans?

At Reason, we define libertarianism in terms of "Free Minds and Free Markets," of letting people have maximum ability to live how they want, eat what they want, marry whom the want, create business that they want…. You get it, right, we're pro-choice in EVERYTHING.

Let's stipulate two things. First, that Trump is kind of an awful human being, just based on what he promised on the campaign trail. And that Hillary Clinton, the major-party alternatives, was in virtually all ways even worse (I miss Gary Johnson already!). For instance, Clinton has a proven track record of supporting the invasion and occupation of countries we have no business invading and occupying, pushing dumb regulation of business and health care, and being objectively anti-free speech.

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And here's a taste of the smart, contrary thinking we word towards. Yes, Donald Trump is a protectionist xenophobe with crony-capitalist tendences. But are there reasons for optimism? Yup, especially if you care about non-interventionism, school choice, infrastructure upgrades, and more.