A.M. Links: Trump Picks Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Kayne West Says He 'Would Have Voted for Trump' If He Had Voted


  • Gage Skidmore / Flickr.com

    Donald Trump has reportedly picked Sen. Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general.

  • Donald Trump has reportedly picked Rep. Mike Pompeo to be his CIA director.
  • Donald Trump has reportedly picked General Mike Flynn to be his national security adviser.
  • Kanye West says that while he didn't vote in the presidential election, if he had voted he "would have voted for Trump."
  • "Senate Democrats' new leader claimed the right Wednesday to filibuster Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominees, making clear Democrats won't give the president-elect much of a honeymoon on the most significant of his upcoming appointments."
  • Divorce rates in the U.S. are currently at a 35-year low.

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