Obama Responds to Trump Protests, Clapper to Retire, Kaine Won't Run for President: P.M. Links


  • Obama
    Zick,Jochen/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    President Barack Obama said today President-Elect Donald Trump protesters shouldn't be silent. Obama himself was protested regularly, he pointed out, as were previous presidents. He encouraged support for free speech both domestically and abroad.

  • Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has submitted his resignation. He is probably most famous for lying to a Senate committee about the existence of the mass surveillance exposed by Edward Snowden. The announcent was not a surprise. He had been telling people openly about his plans to retire.
  • Tim Kaine says he will not run for president in 2020. But would he accept a vice president offer from Kanye West?
  • A teacher in a Baltimore middle school was captured on video telling her students they were "punk ass n—–s" who were going to get shot. The school district has fired her.
  • At the request of Turkey's president, Pakistan is ejecting more than 100 Turkish school teachers from their country.
  • Could shifting Sen. Dianne Feinstein from the Intelligence Committee to the Judiciary Committee be good for those who want to preserve strong data encryption?

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  1. Could shifting Sen. Dianne Feinstein from the Intelligence Committee to the Judiciary Committee be good for those who want to preserve strong data encryption?

    And bad for the courts?

    1. Can we shift her to the committee for sweeping out the senatorial barber shop? In fact, get rid of aides and hired help on the hill, make the politicians do those tasks themselves if they want them done.

      1. I’d recommend letting her share the ‘Left-Out Seat’ with Bernie.

        1. Chair of Outrage for Bernie, and Chair of Ignorance for Feinstein.

      2. Feinstein, Inspector of the interior of her own asshole. That’s the only truly acceptable position.

        1. She’s have to remove her head to get a flashlight up in there.

          1. And all the heads of the constituency that keeps electing her. It’s a crowded space.

            1. I assumed her constituents have their heads up their own asses but on reflection, it does seem more likely they have their heads up everyone else’s ass too as they can’t mind their own goddam business.

            2. So we’re concluding that Feinstein’s ass is a clown car?

    2. Hello.

    3. I say stick her on Judiciary, because the sweet tears of procedural impotence will be so tasty.

    4. It would be even better if we shifted her into a nursing home.

  2. He had been telling people openly about his plans to retire.

    He had weak encryption on his retirement folder.

    1. If you’ve ever been around any civil servant nearing their retirement date, it’s a broadcast message in every third conversation or so.

      1. Nearing retirement? So, starting about 20 years out?

        1. I had one co-worker who had a countdown timer on their screen going for years.

          1. I’m surprised there isn’t an official app you can download from OPM that does just that. Not that it would actually be accurate…

            1. If its the Feds, it would be one of those old clock-radios with the flipboard digits – but made in 1983 by Martin Marietta, and it would’ve cost $10k.

          2. 11534 days.

      2. “I’m so short I can walk under doors!”

        1. “I can do chin-up off the side of a dime.”

      3. +1 already retired in place

      4. The verbal equivalent of not knowing the difference between “reply” and “reply all.”

  3. Man those Shikha Dalmia articles make me feel like I should write a tear-stained letter to my pops, take a serrated edge, and bleed out on the bathroom floor, ya know?

    When even Reason Magazine is officially endorsing through publication the narrative that white men are evil, I just don’t know what else to do. It must be true. And logically if I hate and disdain evil, then I must hate and disdain myself ? there’s no recourse left but to take action against my contemptible nature.

    1. +1 Shatnerian Death Scene

      1. And “PAUSE”. Cut. Scene.

    2. Without Shikha and Chapman this would become an echo chamber, NTTAWWT. We need trolls and incompetent writers to sharpen our arguments. AmSoc, not so much.

      1. Can’t they find someone who doesn’t predicate their arguments on false assumptions and actually just disagrees while being able to back it up? Or at least uses, well, reason, to support the position they take? That would be nice.

      2. I know in Canada, I certainly have problems finding the articles written from Urban Leftie Who Cares So Much point of view!

        1. I thought you lived in the Lower Rainland?. Articles like that are a dime a dozen here.

      3. I mean, I like hearing challenging ideas, I like hearing the opinions different from my own; I can be moved to another position through conversation. I like to say that ‘half of what we know is gained from others, half comes from within’.

        But how much credence does Shikha deserve? One article, absolutely; two, sure why not? But weeks of limited creativity, pumping out the same half-assed material? Besides her words are vapid and vicious. She speaks in absolutes about entire races and then condemns them to the gallows — well, she would, if she could.

        1. H-V, H-V has it about right. I’ll add that I would prefer a rigorously argued echo chamber over a clickbait cornucopia of views. I think SD and a few others are in the clickbait side of writing, whereas some writers are really good at defending their arguments, even when I disagree. For example, I couldn’t be more opposed to ENB on abortion, but I really respect her treatment of the issue because she thinks before she writes.

          1. HV HV and Trshmnstr, you are both right. I would be very glad to have more thoughtful and challenging articles. Apparently Welch or KMW can’t find writers capable of producing those for slave….er, orphan wages. Of course, who wants to add to the income of those people?

            We already have fairly good arguments in this echo chamber at times.

    3. I think the fact that you got that out of the article says more about you than anything else.

      1. @Chipper

        A little too over-the-top?

        I’m a millennial man, I’m the monster they created. When confronted with unjust violence towards my culture ima cry out! Until someone placates me with puppies and crayons.

        But mostly, no sarc, I think Shikha’s a POS, and I don’t think that of many people. I wouldn’t mind her if she hawked her putrid narratives elsewhere, that’s to be expected; but she lowers the credibility of Reason Magazine, because she represents them. Her words are Reason’s words; and her words are trash.

        1. Ah fuck it… I actually feel bad about calling her a POS.

          Salty tears don’t sustain me, I can’t stand the hate. I didn’t vote Trump and I hope for the best for all Americans.

    4. You read Dalmia’s articles? I’m so sorry. Someone should have told you. Nobody reads them. We just go to them to mock her in the comments in the hopes that she’ll eventually tire of it and stop or go away.

      1. It’s a never ending cycle of violence because you know she never reads those comments.

    5. Just start telling people you don’t identify as white but rather German American (or Irish or Polish or whatever) and want reparations for WW1. That’s what I do. Fucks with their heads when they find themselves desperately trying to convince you you’re white.

  4. A teacher in a Baltimore middle school was captured on video telling her students they were “punk ass n—–s” who were going to get shot.

    Never Trumpers?

    1. “punk ass n—–s”

      “Oh,…naggers.” – Randy Marsh

      1. My email address begins with n and ends with r, so every time I take out money, the ATM tells me that a receipt has been mailed to “n****r@aol.com.” I should complain.

        1. Well of course you should – it sent your reciept to AOL instead of a service anyone actually uses.

        2. You should change the address name so that it ends with an A. At least it would sound hipper.

          1. I’ve been trying to do that for years, but AOL is not responding to my emails.

            1. I even posted a long rant on MySpace.

              1. Try the Pony Express. Or better yet, I hear carrier pigeons are all the rage among the green friendly hipster set.

                1. http://pigeongram.com

                  I shit you not.

                  1. Is it RFC1149 compliant?

                  2. But the pigeons shit you lots..,

      2. ” “punk ass n—–s” ”

        Fired for something she probably hears her students say to each other fifty times a day.

    2. Norwegians?

      And it’s certainly possible that several of the students were actually flattered by being called punk ass.

    3. I found it funny that the video in the link has a warning about the use of racial epithets, but then the racial epithet is bleeped in the video.

      1. Implied racist epithets can be just as triggering as the real article, you insensitive clod!

        Which is why trigger warnings need their own trigger warnings, and so on recursively.

  5. He encouraged support for free speech both domestically and abroad.

    “Uh, you know. Except for, uh, on Facebook.”

    1. “No fake news, either. That’s not free speech.”

      1. “And, uh, we’ll be consulting with, uh, experts to determine whether other things people say are, uh, hate speech. Hate speech is not free speech, uh, either.”

      2. If you try to share an old SNL Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, does Facebook just not allow it, or do they bleep out the relevant words when he says, “…and now the fake news”?

      3. You can’t shout lies in a crowded twitter.

        1. Oh, I know I’m late but that was quite good

    2. Maybe I’m feeling extra charitable because he is now officially a lame duck. Or I make some efforts not to hear the man talk more than I have to.

      But, at least in what he says publicly, Obama isn’t that bad on free speech. He has spoken critically of the censorious insanity on college campuses, and I don’t recall him actually saying anything about hate speech not being free speech or anything like that.

      1. Please. His comments in the aftermath of Citizens United, the lie he told at his State of the Union speech that kicked off the whole “corporations aren’t humans” movement, his support for a solicitor general arguing that the government has the right to ban books.

        He’s an enemy of free speech. He just hides it in a sea of bullshit.

        1. Yeah, that’s true. But I think you can have wrong views like that about political or commercial speech/press and be reasonable about some other aspects of speech. He didn’t have to come out and say anything about campus censorship and all that, but he did.

          I’ll put it this way. He’s an enemy of free speech. But no more so than about half of the country is. And less awful than a lot of lefty-progressives who openly call for criminalization of speech they don’t like.

          Or I’m being too nice, or not paying enough attention. It has been known to happen.

          1. Yes, he sometimes says decent things about free speech, but then his administration always seems to take the opposite action. It’s the greatest trick I’ve ever seen a politician pull. People hate his policies and pretty much his entire government, but still approve of the man himself.

            1. Well, I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I won’t acknowledge when he says something good.

          2. I think rather Obama is politically savvy enough to have his proxies do or say the controversial stuff while he pays empty lip service to high minded principles. Like how he used Holder and others to play the racialist agenda while he sat back and stayed quiet.

            When Loretta Lynch investigated alleged wrongthinkers over global warming, she wasn’t doing so on her own initiative. Obama, being the face of the admin, tries to stay squeaky clean, while his (replaceable) underbosses do the dirty stuff. The Mafia has been using this tactic for a century. Suffice it to say Donald Trump hasn’t learned about it yet.

        2. I don’t think Obama said anything that kicked off that movement. I’ve been hearing that line for decades.

        3. Not to mention his assertion that people that don’t respect the prophet of Islam have no future.

  6. Tim Kaine says he will not run for president in 2020.


    1. I doubt Sarah Palin or Paul Ryan will either.

  7. He had been telling people openly about his plans to retire.

    Clap on!

  8. President Barack Obama said today President-Elect Donald Trump protesters shouldn’t be silent.

    Only Fox News and Rush Limbaugh should be silent.

  9. Trump accused of giving ‘a shot of adrenalin’ to Canadian racists

    Or maybe it was, you know, the media’s false narratives… nah, couldn’t be.

    1. Well, Canadian racists have 15% less adrenaline than their American counterparts, so…

      1. But they wear 15% more flannel, so it balances out.

        1. And 30% more denim.

    2. Fuckin’ finally, eh?

      Who’se a-comin to next CCC meeting? We gonna find us an unoccupied Chinamen-owned condo and make the fucker pay extra for it.

      1. You could put a big lowercase t in their yard, for ‘time to move in.’ Then maybe some sort of lighting effect to make sure they notice it.

        1. And ghost costumes? Because Chinamen are afraid of ghosts?

          Good thinkin!

    3. I presume this has nothing to do with the qu?becois pure laine?

      1. *checks the number of Liberal Quebecois MPs*

        Many Grit ridings in the interior. Verdict: pure laine are not racist in Current Year.

        1. A true pure laine would never vote for the multiculti-sold-to-the-maudit-anglais Liberal Party. They vote for the Bloc Qu?b?cois and they woul neveur do an affiche only in inglish osti!

    4. Remember kids. Without the CBC binding our country together, we fall apart.

    5. So many rules. I thought it was importing drugs from Canada that we had a problem with.

    6. The ‘expert opinion’ of that piece is fantastic. ‘Professor of sociology says she anecdotally had friends say they heard racist things.’

      Look Canada, it’s not the alt-right that’s having a collective freakout about the Yellow Peril on the West Coast.

      1. Yoko Ono?

  10. Tim Kaine says he will not run for president in 2020.

    We’ll see. Shit happens.

    1. Tim Kaine says a lot of things.

      1. He’s a little puppet. He’s so cute!

      2. Mostly, it’s begging his wife for stuff.

        1. “C’mon, honey. How about some of your stuff tonight? I wanna stuff your stuff.”

    2. ^This.

      I think he has a biography coming out this summer. If the book does well, and he does a speaking tour, that’s the perfect springboard from which to “reconsider.”

      1. A biography of whom?

        1. It’s technically an autobiography, but it’s narrated from the point-of-view of his eyebrow, hovering about a foot and a half over his head.

        2. There’s a local (Richmond) prog journalist who has been thankfully silent of late but just resurfaced to say he was working on a book. His last major (as defined by length, not merit) piece was covering the Kaine campaign so I’m guessing he’s turning that into a book-length hagiography.

          1. His last major (as defined by length, not merit) piece was covering the Kaine campaign…

            That one hell of a disturbing literary euphemism, there, Tonio….you naughtly little skeezix! HA!

            1. Thanks, Doc. I try.

          2. I’m guessing he’s turning that into a book-length hagiography.

            Even worse, you bookish, bookish, perv lad. *grins*

          3. Great, that’ll go right after those biographies of Geraldine Ferraro and Edmund Muskie on my reading list.

      2. But did he really impress voters this time around?

        Now I know after the Democratic Convention there was some mild swooning about “America’s Dad” on display by some Dem partisans

        But was not his Vice-Presidential Debate performance on par with a caffeinated gibbon? I could not bear to have watched such a debate but accounts from third parties didn’t have him particularly shining against Pence. In the recaps, all I really read was how relatively well Pence had done and how he had set himself up for 2020.

        I never saw another online mention of the “America’s Dad” persona.

        1. It’s not about being impressive; it’s about being annointed.

          1. He is a white male; it is hardly his turn

            That said, just how old will Bernie Sanders be in February, 2020?

            /wiki checks/ OK a mere spry 79 for his time through the Iowa Caucus.

          2. Mitt Romney of the left.

      3. If the book does well, and he does a speaking tour, that’s the perfect springboard from which to “reconsider.”

        Well, being the Veep candidate from the losing side is the natural springboard to the Presidency.


        Estes Kevaufer
        Henry Cabot Lodge
        William Miller
        Edmund Muskie
        Sargent Shriver
        Bob Dole
        Walter Mondale
        Geraldine Ferraro
        Lloyd Bentsen
        Dan Quayle
        Jack Kemp
        Joe Lieberman
        John Edwards
        Sarah Palin
        Paul Ryan

        1. Earl Warren has a sad

    3. Nah. Being president is too high profile. He wouldn’t be able to continue taking the tweens from his church on campouts.

  11. He encouraged support for free speech both domestically and abroad.

    Except for that damn internet. Have to find a way to control that.

  12. From one of my favorite pulp writers, something to share with progs in your life.

    A Handy Guide For Liberals Who Are Suddenly Interested In Gun Ownership

    That title isn’t joking. This post is aimed at my liberal readers. I’m a libertarian leaning Republican and gun expert, who thinks you are wrong about a lot of stuff, but I’m not writing this to gloat about your loss. For the record, I disliked all the presidential candidates.

    Judging by your social media over the last few days many liberals have been utterly terrified that your government might turn tyrannical or that evil people will now be emboldened to hurt you. I’m going to let you in on a little thing the other half of the country is familiar with to keep those unlikely, yet catastrophic, events from happening.

    And that my lefty friends, is 2nd Amendment.

    So no, you can’t just shoot somebody walking down the street in a Trump hat. That would be Murder. Or considering most liberals don’t understand basic marksmanship, more likely Attempted Murder. However, if somebody dressed entirely in Confederate flags walks up, screams DIE GAY ABORTION VEGAN and tries to stab you with his commemorative Heinrich Himmler SS dagger, it’s game on (don’t blame me, I’m basing this hypothetical scenario on what most of your facebook feeds sound like).

    1. So no, you can’t just shoot somebody walking down the street in a Trump hat. That would be Murder. Or considering most liberals don’t understand basic marksmanship, more likely Attempted Murder.

      Why yes, I did just spit out the coffee I was drinking.

    2. Why you reading fake blog sites with fake opinions?

      1. Because Canadian racism in on the rise. Keep up, Rufus! How can we take you on our rape-hunts if you’re this slow?

        1. Okay, okay.

          I’ll be smarter. JUST DON’T FORGET TO CALL ME FOR A RAPE-HUNT.

          1. Go rape-huntin’ without an Italian? COME ON!

        2. Rufus does all his rape-hunting from a tree stand.

        3. I believe that rape* is not hunted, so much as harvested.

          (*)Rapeseed, the source of rapeseed oil which is better known as canola.

          1. “Canola”, that being STEVE SMITH’S OkCupid screen name. Or, so I’ve heard.

            1. I wonder if this discussion will hurt Reason’s chances on staying on as a ‘real news’ site on some prog-professors list.

            2. Canola = CANadian Oil Loves to rApe hikers

      2. Asked the GAY ABORTION VEGAN.

        1. That could be interpreted in at least 7 different ways.

    3. He has some great pieces about people “reviewing” his books without actually reading them. I wish he would write some more Grimnoir books.

      1. God, I know he writes multiple books a year, but Son of the Black Sword was so good, and sequel is not coming for months at least…

        1. Yeah, I read it in like 2 days.

      2. I need a new author, what’s this guys best book?

        1. I haven’t read all of his stuff. Of what I read, Son of the Black Sword is easily the best. Are you in mood for Adventures of Hindu Judge Dredd in Indian-Based Fantasy With No Gods? Downside, it’s book one in series, series is not finished. And it might take 2-3 years before it’s done.

          I think every libertarian should read Monster Hunters International. It’s his first published (self-published until Baen picked it up because it was so successful) book, and it’s a bit rough. But it is the book where you keep flipping pages because story is good, and one of the few works where main hero has a line

          “Screw them [meaning Senators]. I lean Libertarian.”

          E-Copy should still be free from Baen site, so you only risk time.

        2. Son of the Black Sword is a lot of fun. I started with Hard Magic. The Monster Hunter books are cool too. I’m reading Dead Six now.

        3. An author I believe similar in nature to Correia, though I’ve never heard of any meetings between the two of them, is Glen Cook. I’m not much into military fantasy, so I haven’t read any of the Black Company books, but I am enjoying working my way through the Garrett, P.I. series. Suitably disdainful of all governments.

        4. Hype- if you have time on your hands, check out the Malaga books.

          Anthony Ryan’s Raven’s Shadow series is excellent.

          1. Aargh. Malazan books.

      3. Another trilogy (?) of Grimnoir-universe books are planned.

      4. The Grimnoir series were great. I hope he writes more.

    4. heh. beautiful.

    5. I’ve been reading his blog ever since the Sad Puppies thing. He wrote a lot of good stuff about gun culture that’s pretty interesting to me.

      He also wrote my favorite take on the election so far.


    6. Larry’s sharp and his books are wildly enjoyable.

    7. Actually, this is a brilliant example of the rat-hole technique. He empathizes with his opponents and tries to understand how they came to their previous position.

      1. In the comments, he’s a bit more…colorful.. about lefties. Guy complained how rude and condescending he was to his ‘target audience’

        I could have written this nice, and boring, and kissed plenty of liberal ass, and told you that your people have been wise and intelligent all along, and your gun laws have been awesome, and doggone it people like you! And then a dozen people would have read it instead of the 35k I’ve had so far. So I think I’ll just stick with doing my thing my way.
        Oh yeah, and if they are offended, I truly don’t care. Because if they are actually afraid like they’re proclaiming they are, then they can either suck it up, be grown ups, and do the smart thing (which I outline, however rudely, here) or they can go back to licking the hand of the state.

        So again, fresh out of pity.

        OK, can we have him interview next, Reason TV? I bet he’ll come across as less crazy than Brad Thor.

    8. However, if somebody dressed entirely in Confederate flags walks up, screams DIE GAY ABORTION VEGAN and tries to stab you with his commemorative Heinrich Himmler SS dagger, it’s game on (don’t blame me, I’m basing this hypothetical scenario on what most of your facebook feeds sound like).

      Given liberal propensities, I’m less concerned about their aim and more concerned about interpretations. Owning a Confederate Flag is repeatedly and openly stated as being more violent than simply following orders with your hands raised.

    9. Congratulations. Now you understand why the Framers put the 2nd Amendment in there. It is the kill switch on the Republic, and everyone with a clue prays we never have to use it.

      That’s a great way to put it.

    10. Haha, that’s great.

      What does it say about me that I actually would like to own an SS dagger? Or even better, one of Hitler’s paintings, so when I’m hosting dinner parties and people ask about the painting above the mantle I can say, “oh, that’s a Hitler. Yes, am original Hitler. I’ll be honest: I prefer his early work.”

      1. It says you have an excellent sense of humor. I’d love to see the reaction on people’s faces. Really, you don’t need to have an actual Hitler painting – who’s gonna call you out on that? “That’s no Hitler – I’m intimately familiar with his brushwork!”

  13. A teacher in a Baltimore middle school was captured on video telling her students they were “punk ass n—–s” who were going to get shot.


    The school district has fired her.


    1. I’m guessing the kids probably drop N-word 50 times a day. I mean I get firing her, but I can understand why a frustrated teacher would want to tell her students what’s going to happen to them without a decent education.

      1. The students probably gained a lot of respect for her with the N-bomb. But the school district cannot tolerate teachers getting respect from the students.

        1. Didn’t you hear the kerfuffle because a white person said “nigger”?

      2. I’m guessing the kids probably drop N-word 50 times a day.

        I remember a kid on the 5 bus a few years back that age who dropped it at least 100 times on a 16-minute bus ride. He used it at least once — and more often that not 3 to 4 — in every sentence he uttered.

    2. It’s Baltimore, where 14 year olds sodomize 12 year olds with broom handles in the school bathrooms.

      1. Future members of Balmer’s Finest?

        1. I thought that was New York thing.

          1. Just because they call it ‘The Giuliani’ up there. Once he’s Sec. of Homeland Security, it’ll be a national thing.

      2. It’s Baltimore, where 14 year olds sodomize 12 year olds with broom handles in the school bathrooms.

        But are the bathroom police making sure they sodomize them with broom handles in the proper restroom?

        1. Yeah, let’s get our priorities straight here.

          1. “…straight…”
            I’m confused, I thought he said something about sodomy and broomhandles?

    3. And by getting fired the little shits won. They now feel, what’s the word? emboldened.

    4. Well, are they punk-ass niggas who are going to get shot?

      Of course, the white lady should know that that kind of talk is going to get you fired (if you are a white lady).

      1. Keep her in mind for the Airplane remake, if someone in Hollywood can find the balls to do it.

  14. This sounds like about the worst possible way to die.

    Man Dissolved in Acidic Water After Trying to Soak in Yellowstone National Park Hot Pool

    Search and rescue rangers who looked for Scott found his body in the pool, along with his wallet and flip flops, but their recovery efforts were thwarted by a lightning storm. The next day, they could not find any remains because of the acidic water quality.

    1. I mean, he probably died pretty quickly. Might’ve boiled to death before the acid got him though.


    3. My guess is that he died pretty instantaneously in the boiling water.

    4. sounds like a hoax story. I find it hard to believe that the acidity of the water would be that excessively strong.

      1. Its a great way to fake your own death.

      2. I’m guessing that a boiling hot acidic pond also prevented doing much in the way of searching for the body.

        1. “We started to retrieve the body but then Steve said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”, so we all went to lunch.”

          1. “The plan, basically, is to pave over the entire area and get on with our lives.”

      3. Those pools can have a pH well below 2.0. It’s basically boiling battery acid.

      4. It is very possible UnCivil, even likely.

      5. Supposedly, his girlfriend was taking a video with her phone and caught him falling in. The article I read said they would not be releasing the video due to the graphic nature.

    5. Walter White approves

      1. A few nights ago, I got back to my apartment building and saw one of those huge plastic barrels next to my neighbor’s door. I’m sure she has a good reason for having one of those, but my first thought went to Heisenbergian body disposal.

        1. Why would you need some stupid barrel if you have a bathtub?

          1. Would you want to bathe in that tub afterwards?

          2. Did you see what happened to the bathtub? There’s a reason they use the barrels and not the tub.

          3. Guys, it was a joke. I know the answer.

        2. 55 gallon drum of lube.

          1. Apparently, according to Jesse, acid-laced lube is a problem in gay disco clubs.

        3. +1 hydrofluoric acid

          1. It was a pretty dumb choice as far as the chemistry is concerned. Not only is hydrofluoric acid super dangerous to living people, it’s also not going to get the job done.

            Pirhana solution would be better, as would a base bath (various formulations usually containing high molarity sodium hydroxide and organic solvents). Creating an effective base bath would be the easiest with over-the-counter chemicals since most of the work is being done by lye.

            Might be the old rule where Hollywood tries to avoid showing people how to actually commit crime effectively, though.

            1. That’s what I figured. Anybody using HF to dispose of bodies because they saw it on TV is going to be a self correcting problem.

              1. Just because it will eat your hands off before you notice that they’re gone.

                1. Eh, not really. It does a lot less damage to tissue than it seems like it should due to the high reactivity of fluorine. The real danger of HF is what it does to calcium in your body, which you dearly need and fluorine sequesters and makes unavailable for many essential biological processes.

                  1. IIRC, the actual danger is that because it is a proton scavenger, it basically destroys your nerves’ ability to transmit the “oh shit” signal as bad stuff is happening. But maybe the Things I Won’t Work With blog has colored my take on flourine chemistry in general.

                    1. HF leaches the calcium from your bones, and then, after that dissolves bone marrow. So you’re basically an anemic brittle boned bastard. HF poisoning is one of the more painful ways a person can die that I can think of.

          2. Is Fucking Nasty!

        4. Not in a salesman’s display case?

    6. In a very short order, there was a significant amount of dissolving

  15. President Barack Obama said today President-Elect Donald Trump protesters shouldn’t be silent. Obama himself was protested regularly, he pointed out

    Little American flags for some, destruction of property for others

    1. How do we know for sure they were anti-Trump protestors?

    1. Damn, I thought it was Daily Mail. I should have known their headline would be snappier.

    2. [golf clap]

    3. Vaughan is one of a growing number of British children coming out as transgender with some as young as three saying their gender identities do not match their physical bodies

      JHTFC, three year olds have little to no concept of sex/gender. That’s the parents.

      1. When my cousin was three he wanted to be a police dog when he grew up.

        1. So he identified as transpecies?

        2. I wanted to be a ninja turtle

          1. When you were a teenager?

          2. IRL, ninja turtles aren’t that impressive.

        3. Not a bad career, if you can avoid cops killing you.

        4. When I was three I wanted to be a triceratops. Thankfully, at the time there wasn’t a politically-connected group of Jurassicans willing to use the courts to marginalize my parents and facilitate my transformation. I’m much happier now being a good-old-fashioned plesiosaur–just like mom and dad!

    4. A friend of mine’s daughter (21) helps women fit bras at Victoria’s Secret. Sweet gig!

    5. Yeah, it’s stories like this that are making me realize that mankind is actually doomed.

      1. Western society will have a hard reset soon enough. The navel gazing Millennials will be expected to carry the burden of productivity, and they’re ill equipped to do so. If that alone doesn’t plunge us into a deep depression, Gen Z is waiting in the wings to drop a huge economic deuce in 10 years.

  16. After the Election, Some Women Assert Themselves With Small Gestures

    One woman said she’ll try something small: She will return mail that is addressed to her husband but doesn’t mention her, too.

    Another woman broke things off with her boyfriend after he said he wouldn’t be able to support her efforts to be a better advocate for minorities ? she is one herself.

    And multiple women said they are applying a greater sense of urgency in teaching their children the importance of consent in sexual matters after absorbing from news reports that many of their fellow citizens seem to have a cavalier attitude toward misogny and sexual harassment.

    Several women shared stories of the small ways they’re navigating the workplace after the election, from refusing to skirt around men clustered in hallways at a work conference to speaking up more often in meetings.

    I misogynistically laughed at every example.

    1. Stefanie Taylor, a midlevel executive who works for a retail company and lives in Elgin, Ill., said in an interview that the election made her realize how few women were present in her meetings. That she is often the only woman in the room has become harder for her to overlook.

      “I was thinking that, statistically, these were the men that voted to take away funding from Planned Parenthood,” Ms. Taylor said. “The organization that allowed me to get cervical screenings and breast exams and allowed me to get an education and take care of my health care. Those were the things that were creeping up into my head over the next 48 hours.”

      Putting the issue of abortion aside, when did Planned Parenthood become the only place for women to receive medical treatment?

      1. When their government funding was threatened. They’ll go broke and women will die in the streets…

        Even though they provide less actual medical care and are less common than real medical facilities and have 35million to dump into Democrat coffers, and can pay Ms. Richards $1million a year, etc etc etc…

      2. No, CJ, she wrote “allowed.” You see, you can’t do those things without a permission slip from PP.

        1. Exactly. Without Planned Parenthood, women were never allowed to get breast exams and cervical screenings. Nor were they allowed to get an education. Planned Parenthood changed all that.


        1. Actually it’s worse. If you ban it, you at least need someone to enforce the ban. And that, my friend, is called “jobs created”.

      4. To be absolutely fair: When my wife and I were first married, we were basically broke. I was in school and she was working, but not enough $. She got medical treatment (including birth control pills) through Planned Parenthood, which helped us.

        That being said: The government should not be funding them, abortions or no abortions.

        1. Birth control pills are NOT medical treatment any more than condoms are medical treatment.

          1. Eh, exogenous hormones vs latex covering a penis.

          2. Birth control pills are NOT medical treatment any more than condoms are medical treatment.

            Bzzzt. Both are medical interventions for two different types of contraception. Full Stop. One hormonal, the other, barrier protection.

            Otherwise, that’s like saying taking insulin, or using a impermeable wound dressing isn’t medical intervention either.

            1. I think the important point of contention is that contraception is generally optional, and for couples facing the choice of abstention or shuffling funds around for it counds as a first world problem, whereas the counter examples are generally more serious medical interventions and not optional for the recipient unless they are seeking a negative outcome. (ie, refusing treatment)

              1. In some cases, but not in my wife’s (who was taking the pill for medical/hormonal reasons).

                1. (who was taking the pill for medical/hormonal reasons)

                  Contraception is a medical reason. Prevention of ovarian cysts is a medical reason. HRT is a medical reason.

                  Sorry, but I am just not going to let that one slide (and I should be in bed).

                  Just because it’s primary a voluntary lifestyle drug, doesn’t mean it’s now magically not part of medicine any more than surgical abortions (D&C, D&E, PBA) aren’t discrete surgical procedures and some magical sacrament.

              2. I think the important point of contention is that contraception is generally optional

                “Optional” is irrelevant, in terms of contraception as strictly a life-style medical intervention, v. a deemed medical necessity (there is a demonstrable difference).

                *Any* medical intervention, save for when the patient is unconscious, non compos mentis, or some other concommitant process where the patients cannot choose for themselves, is optional and voluntary.

                1. To claim that denies to coersive effects of the desire to live.

                  If I were being mendacious, I could say that the logical extrapolation of that is there is no such thing as a decision made under duress.

                  1. To claim that denies to coersive effects of the desire to live.

                    Implied Consent laws WRT emergent medical care disagrees. Med Mal attys love cases of failure to Tx/Time/Dx medical situations.

                    If I were being mendacious, I could say that the logical extrapolation of that is there is no such thing as a decision made under duress.

                    Med Mal attys. across the USA will pick a fight with that one too.

                    1. failure to Tx/Time/Dx medical situations

                      Would you be so kind as to translate that into mon-medspeak. I’m not sure what you said, and as such can’t formulate a reasonable reply.

                    2. Sorry, force of habit. “Failure to Treat/Time/Diagnose”

                      Means what it says: I I find something but do not, at the very least suggest an appropriate course of treatment, or, I do not properly and accurately diagnose the problem, and/or I fail to do either (or both) of these in a timely manner. Timely here defined as, “allowing whatever malady is found to get progressively worse without due and appropriate medical/surgical intervention.”

                    3. Oh and the most important:

                      “Failure to document any and all relevant facts of the case while treatment is administered, and the patient is the caregiver’s assigned, legal responsibility.”

                      I.e. “If it ain’t documented, it never fucking happened!!!!”

                    4. Tort law is a fucked up field I can’t really speak to. I was philosophising on a more “Household budgetting” level of thinking. As in “What can we afford to forego to cover the gap” and the discussion wandered away from where I’d been going with my original point. (Of course I didn’t help matters, being a contrarian who like to argue for the sake of it)

                    5. Tort law is a fucked up field I can’t really speak to.

                      With liability paramount in medicine, it is inseparable from from Tort Law. Regardless if it’s birth control pills or delivering a baby, just to provide a wide, ahem, berth of situations.

                      I was philosophising on a more “Household budgetting” level of thinking. As in “What can we afford to forego to cover the gap”

                      Then either forgo actual vaginal coitus (I still have yet to find *ONE* documented case of someone dying, directly or indirectly, of a lack of sexual contact), lube up and go anal, or mutually manually stimulate until proper conditions allow for vaginal coitus with the greatly reduced risk of unwanted pregnancy. Full Stop.

                    6. That last paragraph was my point – a person or household is less likely to be able to forgo treatments like insulin than the are to be able to work around lack of funds for contraceptives.

                    7. That last paragraph was my point – a person or household is less likely to be able to forgo treatments like insulin than the are to be able to work around lack of funds for contraceptives.

                      That’s well and good, and yes, if one is insulin dependent, we have now just crossed the, “Medical Need,” threshold. (“Need” means you’ll become gravely ill, morbid, and/or die)

                      If the contraceptives are used for *Exactly What it Says on the Tin*, absent any other dire medical condition r/t say, really bad ovaries or exceptionally heavy menses, then too bad. Suck it up and do without until funds permit fun time.

                      Again, sexual contact is a very strong desire, granted. But engaging in, while pleasurable, is not necessary to maintaining one’s life for survival, like say food, water, and adequate clothing and shelter do.

                      I get your point, truly, as a happily married man with kiddos; mine is, “You can have as much sex as you can afford.” Can’t afford BC? Ask for charity or do without.

                      Oh, and when they become OTC (they will in the near future, bet on it) they will be classified as Over the Counter medications. Still medicine, like aspirin, cough syprup, or even orange juice for crashing diabetic.

                      It appears I am going to have to resume my litanies of properly differentiating b’twixt, “Health Care,” and, “Medical Care.” As the difference is quite stark, actually.

                2. Since birth control pills are not over the counter and require a prescription, they fall under medical treatment.

        2. I know that Planned Parenthood provides a useful service, but it is sad that some (many?) see Planned Parenthood has their only option.

      5. Midlevel executive? The title inflation of cashiers has gotten out of hand.

      6. How does PP help one get an education?

    2. Is he gets a letter from his doctor’s office and she returns it, is she violating HIPAA?

      1. Only if she opens it to reveal the contents. Since it’s not addressed to her, it’s actually mail fraud.

        1. Does he get to send back mail addressed to HER and not the both of them?

    3. What if the mail is, I don’t know, maybe FOR her husband?

    4. One woman said she’ll try something small: She will return mail that is addressed to her husband but doesn’t mention her, too.

      Sounds like narcissistic bigots interfering with the operation of the postal system.

      Isn’t that a federal offense?

      1. It is his wife. Short of murder, she can do just about anything she wants to him. If he doesn’t like it, he can hand over half of his stuff and fork over a monthly stipend.

      2. Without listing the woman’s name and neighborhood, it should be considered “fake news”.

      3. I guess he can do the same, right?

      4. I don’t understand why she would return mail. It seems to indicate that she’s so codependent that she can’t stand the thought of her not being physically attached to her husband which is distinctly not any kind of feminism I’ve come into contact with. It sounds more like 1950’s era bullshit.

        1. I would wager that if this is a real person she doesn’t do the same with mail addressed only to her…

    5. She will return mail that is addressed to her husband but doesn’t mention her, too.

      That’s going to go great.

      1. “Well, honey, i’d ordered a bunch of presents for you on Amazon, but they never got here. Sorry.”

    6. One woman said she’ll try something small: She will return mail that is addressed to her husband but doesn’t mention her, too

      “Honey, why is their a Notice of Sale for our house posted at the courthouse?”
      “I sent back all the mail that wasn’t address to both of us”
      “I was the only one on the mortgage”

      1. I don’t think I have posted a typo free comment in months.

        1. Needz moar hyphen.

    7. But it’s the internet killing newspapers, not the content.

    8. She will return mail that is addressed to her husband but doesn’t mention her, too.

      What an asshole.

      1. Seriously, I can’t stand women like this. Latches on to a man like a leech and claims to be part of The Resistance. Cannot. Stand.

    9. She will return mail that is addressed to her husband but doesn’t mention her, too.

      Couple of months later: “Why am I getting so many telemarketer calls lately, honey? I told them, we already have cable!”

      1. “That was a Jury Duty summons?”

    10. Crusty, people are scared. They feel stuff. You shouldn’t make fun of them like that.

    11. One woman said she’ll try something small: She will return mail that is addressed to her husband but doesn’t mention her, too.

      “Hmm. I haven’t gotten my copies of National Geographic in like three months. Must be an error, it couldn’t possibility be that my wife is insane and doesn’t realize that the order form doesn’t come with a ‘spouse’ option.”

    12. I can think of a small, assertive gesture which would make an appropriate reply to this article. It only takes one finger on each hand.

      1. That would be two gestures.

    13. Another woman broke things off with her boyfriend after he said he wouldn’t be able to support her efforts to be a better advocate for minorities…

      By “wouldn’t be able to support her” he meant that he wasn’t going to support her when she quit her job to volunteer full time, I suspect.

    14. I think Bill Clinton on South Park called it.

  17. Itsokay Obama. It’s safe to wear red now.

    1. Why does Kaine give the impression his farts are epic?

  18. A teacher in a Baltimore middle school was captured on video telling her students they were “punk ass n—–s” who were going to get shot.

    I believe that was season 3 of the Wire.

    1. Season 4. But yes.

  19. Could shifting Sen. Dianne Feinstein from the Intelligence Committee to the Judiciary Committee be good for those who want to preserve strong data encryption?

    Was a shift to the “Waste Disposal Committee” not an option?

    1. I read that as “waste dispersal”. Pretty much what every committee does.

  20. If you haven’t OD’ed in leftoid pain, I give you this Twitter feed

    1. oh sweet jesus thank you sir!

    2. “Hey, Miss Rafferty; your identity politics puts YOU on that ‘spectrum’. Enjoy your hypocrisy.”

      1. I watched that whole thing. She is the unrepentant sneering liberal that helped make this happen. She can pretend all she likes that she was never that way and tried to be “understanding”, but they knew. The lady doth protest too much.

        But thanks for the lulz, Rafferty, as you blamed everyone but yourself and your garbage candidate for the other garbage candidate’s success. Of special note was the blame for third party voters and your entitlement to our votes. I would rather write in Mickey Mouse than pull a lever for Hillary or Donald. My vote never belonged to either of them, it doesn’t belong to you to dispense with as you see fit. I’m not sure which inspirational feminist told you that men’s votes for political candidates belong to you when there is some existential “great evil” to defeat, but she was lying to you and you should ask for your money back if that’s what your women’s studies degree taught you.

        1. I love it when people assume my vote already belongs to them, along with my everything else.

          Spoiler Alert:

          When I vote third party, it isn’t what I do instead of voting for one of the other two, it’s what I do instead of staying home.

          1. Her particular brand seems more like pinko feminism. Not only is she entitled to her vote, she’s entitled to yours too. Comparing the women who voted for Trump to battered women was another gem. Yes, that’s what feminism fought for, the rights of women to vote for the patriarchy, for their abusers, for the haters. They have no brains in their pretty little heads if they’ll vote against their own interests, she seems to imply.

            And I just laugh, and laugh, and laugh. It’s all so perfect. Equality at last. Now everyone has equal access to what Mencken promised:

            Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard

    3. If you don’t wish Hillary Clinton won now, you will after you realize her winning was my last my fuck to give & this is me with 0 fucks left

      …No one knows or cares about you, darling.

      She keeps saying she’s “done being polite.” Can anyone confirm that she ever was polite to Trump supporters/voters?

    4. ess Rodham Rafferty retweeted
      Ira Madison III
      18h18 hours ago
      Ira Madison III ?@ira
      How about we lock up white male teenagers and adults in internment camps since they love to go on shooting rampages

      Oh, well done. Truly, the saviors of humanity’s future.

    5. I admit to being a bit confused. Russia is accused of meddling in our election by making our candidates more transparent?

  21. Pessimism May Be Bad for Your Heart

    But it’s good for your *brain*, right? RIGHT?!

    1. I doubt it…/slits wrists

  22. Goodbye fuck off to the Clap.

  23. Washington Post ‘Reporter’: If You Ask Questions About Anti-Trump Riots, You’re A Crazy Conspiracy Theorist

    A reporter for the Washington Post responded to a senator’s questions about anti-Trump protesters by comparing the senator to a conspiracy theorist who thinks the moon is preparing to invade Antarctica. That’s right: a journalist who works for the outlet that uncovered Watergate thinks asking questions makes you a crazy person.

    1. You must be crazy if you think asking a Democrat a question will elicit a coherent answer.

  24. I was scrolling through Google news and I came across this news article. Is this an example of Google getting real with the news?

    1. This screenshot was removed.

      1. Hmm, clicking it a second time worked.

    2. Hmmm…does Lightshot not like that headline I screencapped?

      When Kristaps Porzingis Is Feeling Himself, Look The Fuck Out
      Deadspin – ?6 hours ago?

      I didn’t think Google featured those sorts of headlines.

  25. Is it too obvious to say that the only reason the teacher was fired for saying “nigger” was because she’s white? If she were black this wouldn’t have even been news.

  26. An interesting explanation of why Classical Musicians and Jazz* Musicians hear rhythm differently

    *technically, ‘everybody except classical’, but that’s still sort of the term for that.

    the short(est) version is “downbeat anticipation” (what he calls ‘phase locking’, but i’ve never heard anyone else use that term); but he explains some other points


    2. It’s interesting. I think he’s partially right. Classical musicians do not generally rely on a drummer to set the tempo/rhythm and modern “classical” music (Stravinsky, Bartok) more closely resembles a sonic painting than a song.

      Just for fun, Yuja Wang playing Profokiev (who had to be a total asshole for composing almost unplayable music)

      1. At about the 10 minute mark I was hoping she would do the Chico Marx’s finger gun point note hitting thing.

        1. Seriously though, Wow. Not a big classical guy but thanks for posting that.

      2. Classical musicians do not generally rely on a drummer to set the tempo/rhythm and modern “classical” music (Stravinsky, Bartok) more closely resembles a sonic painting than a song.

        I think the point that’s more interesting for listeners/non-musicians is that there is a very clear difference in what you might call “foreground” versus “background” music-reading

        the former (classical) react to the notes on the page (or gestures by conductor), and read them like ‘words’, irrespective of the context

        the latter (jazz) constantly look to the underlying tempo and place within the bar before ever articulating the words; the ‘context’ defines the phrasing

        e.g. whether you actually play a note on the downbeat or not, its still invisibly “there” and changes the inflection you place on everything else.

        this is why the classical musicians could play odd-meter phrases with such technical precision – because they weren’t even listening to the changes in the background;

        whereas they had tons of trouble with a simple syncopation, because its ‘in the background’, and requires your own internal clave to define the emphasis on notes. its ‘there’ even when its not written on the page.

        I’m actually making it more complicated than how he explained it. Which i thought was pretty good.

        1. Saw this last night, it makes sense, at least to this Musician, and I usually won’t tolerate Millenials trying to explain anything

  27. oh boy, coming down from that week-long schadenfreude bender has been tough for me. now i’m reaching for actual 1A violations for a quick dirty fix..

    Rutgers has a “professor who teaches a course on politicizing Beyonce” whatever that means.

    he’s a leftist with a hardon for gun control. he tweeted about the 2A, somebody complained it was threatening, then the police showed up and forcibly took him for a psych eval. obviously his 1A was chilled so it sucks but dammit the schadenfreude high is just so good. gonna kick tomorrow.


    1. When he was released, he said the incident was ‘proof positive that Trump’s crackdown on free speech has absolutely begun’

      Damn you, Trump! Threatening people based on the color of their skin was never illegal before!

  28. Tim Kaine says he will not run for president in 2020.

    Hillary hasn’t ruled out running for President in 2020; she’ll be running for President until entropy votes.

    1. I’d be surprised if Hillary survived until 2020 the way her heath has been.

      1. There will be more riots when she dies. It’s the nature of the beast Prog.

      2. She may find the lowered stress improves her health. Unfortunately.

  29. Just finished “The Kingdom of Speech” by Tom Wolfe. It is a great takedown of Noam Chomsky – absolutely undresses him!

    1. …Gnome Chompsky.


  30. File Under = You keep using that word…. I do not think it means what you think it means

    1. So we should all just quit, right?

  31. Cuck alert: Married substitute teacher’s aide, 42, ‘had sexual contact including oral sex with two male high school students – and made her husband drive one home after a tryst’

    According to police, the first abuse happened on August 20, when Maufort drove to the first victim’s house and texted him to come outside.

    Maufort then gave the teen, who is a minor, alcohol and drove him to a restaurant where she parked her car.

    She led him to a field near the restaurant where they kissed and she performed oral sex on the teen.

    However, the teen told her to stop when she started performing oral sex, because he feared they would get caught. Maufort’s husband actually drove the boy home after the tryst. Police have not explained why he showed up at the restaurant.

    ‘We’re not quite sure how this happened, but the defendant’s husband showed up at the restaurant and at the end of the day, ended up giving the victim a ride home,’ Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan told reporters.

    Before her husband drove the boy home though, Maufort told the teen not to tell anyone what happened and to call her when he turned 18

    1. and made her husband drive one home after a tryst

      What a cuck. (I used it correctly people, get over it)

      1. Shit, I missed your very first word there, Crusty.

    2. Speaking of that, is it just me or was the Drudge lead headline yesterday with the picture of Megyn Kelly with the caption “Bull” some kind of cuckold reference? The fact that they said “bull” when the subject of the article was about Kelly calling people bullies seemed to be a bit too tenuous for it not to have been drudge fucking with people.

      1. Bull dyke is how I interpreted it.

        1. She is definitely sick fantasy worthy.

    3. The right wing overused the word “cuck” so much over the past few months we can’t use it here.

    4. Would. These teachers are almost always hot. Except for the one a few weeks ago…. that one gave me non-fear boner nightmares.

      1. It’s not like teenage boys are known for their self control when it comes to where they put their penises.

    5. Oh wow. Unionville HS is right down the road from me, we even looked into moving into that school district.

      1. They seem to have more perks available than most high schools, if you’ve got a teen-aged son.

      2. My cousins went to Unionville. Classes of 2002 and 2004.

    6. However, the teen told her to stop…

      WTF? 17 yr old Bobarian would have blown the back of her head off.

    7. Does anyone actually read these articles, or do they just read the headline and click the link to see if there is a picture?

      1. The details of the stories are why I read them because they are usually crazy and/or funny.

    1. I’m not sick of winning yet, but I’m starting to find the positive in the Trump proto-Presidency.

    2. Will this clapper thug ever spend a day in jail?

      Which reminds me, When do we get to call the regime illegitimate?

  32. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2…..kabul.html

    U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for security at unused ‘Ghost Hotel’ in Kabul

    Welcome to the Hotel Kabul, where you can’t check in anytime you like.

    In December 2006, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the U.S. government’s development finance institution, approved a proposal to build a 209-room, five-star hotel and an apartment building across the street from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

    The Marriott Kabul Hotel and the adjacent apartment building would provide a gateway for Afghans returning to their country and would be a major boost to the nation’s post-war reconstruction efforts, proponents said.

    But today, 10 years later, all that’s there is an empty shell ? a ghost hotel.

    1. Goes great with the ghost soldiers and ghost students we’re paying for too.

      1. It’s expensive-ass ghosts all the way down.

    2. g-g-g-g-ghost hotel!

  33. A teacher in a Baltimore middle school was captured on video telling her students they were “punk ass n—–s” who were going to get shot.

    That is possibly the worst video I’ve ever seen. I thought kids were more “with it” these days.

  34. White police officers don’t unfairly target black suspects, study says


    The day after a Minnesota cop was charged in the July shooting death of a black man, an in-depth study purported to show race generally does not play a role in police shootings.

    Among the findings of the investigation released Thursday by the Crime Prevention Research Center: White police officers are not significantly more likely to shoot black suspects; body cameras have had little effect on decreasing police killings; the more cops at the scene, the less likely it is a suspect will be shot.

    The study examined data from 2013 to 2015, a time period which almost perfectly bookends the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in August 2014, an episode that helped lead to the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and placed increased scrutiny on police shootings. Yet, the research team of John Lott and Carlisle Moody found the percentage of black suspects killed in the 19 months before Brown’s death (24.8 percent) was almost exactly the same as the percentage killed in the 16 months after Brown’s death (25 percent).

    1. This, if true, should be welcomes as a relief and a good thing.

      Of course, it won’t.

      Like when we find out stuff about climate change not being nearly as destructive. One would thing it’s great news but the reaction is always angry.

    2. So they fairly target them?

  35. http://heatst.com/politics/len…..rit-quest/

    Anguished by Trump, Lena Dunham Flees to Posh Arizona Resort, Asks Rocks for ‘Guidance’

    Woke celeb Lena Dunham sought solace in the Arizona wilderness this week as she works to overcome her post-election anxiety. She posted of photo on Instagram that shows her hiking in a fashionable sports bra and flashing a “true smile” while hiking in exclusive Sedona, Ariz., on Monday.

    Sedona is home to a number of facilities offering “spiritual retreats,” “vision quests,” and other forms of “emotional healing” adventures. In a note accompanying her Instagram post, Dunham expressed love for her fans and described how she had “whispered some wishes for you into the big red rock” after asking “the Canyon for some guidance.”

    1. Did the rocks say “Follow through on leaving the country”?

      1. They’re maintaining silence to lull her into a false sense of security, at which point they’ll mass for a landslide.


      2. “Rocks, should I stay in the country? Please give me a sign.”

      3. Photographer: “A little to the left. A little more. Juuuust a bit more…”

    2. Arizona doesn’t count as leaving the country, Dunham.

      1. It’s flyover wilderness. When Franklin Roosevelt defeated the Confederacy at Iwo Jima, he punished the racist Fox News-watching slaveholders by exiling them to distant and far-away lands, like Arizona and southern Virginia.

    3. asking “the Canyon for some guidance.”

      Did it say “jump”?

      1. No, it didn’t want the irreperable damager her impact would leave.

          1. I normally keep to my rule about not following links from the commentariat… but lulz 😀

    4. Did she shoot the invisible swordsman afterward?

      1. We all have a personal El Guapo.

        1. Ugh. More like La Fea.

    5. Asked the Canyon for some guidance.

      This reminds me of dirty hippies I used to know. They thought crystals were magic, and would put them outside when there was a full moon to ‘recharge’.

      And that isn’t an attractive sports bra.

      1. And that isn’t an attractive sports bra.

        How attractive would you be if you had a linebacker stuffed in you?

    6. Big Red Rock: Jump off me please.

    7. Woke. This means insane, right?

    8. So she’s admitting rocks are smarter than her?

      1. This was my take, as well.

        /a derivative of “Dumber than a box of rocks”

    9. Hello rocky, my old friend
      I’ve come to with you again.

  36. A teacher in a Baltimore middle school was captured on video telling her students they were “punk ass n—–s” who were going to get shot. The school district has fired her.

    So that’s how a teacher can get fired. Got it.

    1. ^This

      If she had only sexually assaulted them or beat the shit out of them, she’d have a nice cushy stay in a rubber room until retirement, which is what age 50 now?

  37. A teacher in a Baltimore middle school was captured on video telling her students they were “punk ass n—–s” who were going to get shot. The school district has fired her.


    1. Right? At least the “punk ass” part. I actually remember middle school

  38. I know people think i harp on the “hilarious mix of uniforms” thing…

    …but = Obvious Consequences

    1. Those foam containers should be banned.

    2. Wtf is up with the blue cammo?

    3. This is the latest GI Joe movie outtake?

  39. I was hoping to have a Woodchipper article written and ready for the lynx today, but I didn’t quite get it done. It was going to be a stream-of-consciousness type thing about that NYT article with the maps of Trumpistan and the People’s Republic of Hillary.

    Anyway, I might as well run the basics of it across the commentariat for criticism and the like.

    Here’s the idea. Split the country into 4: New England, South Plains and Southeast, North Plains and Midwest, Pacific Coastal. Within each new Nation, turn cities of a certain size into sovereign governing entities separate from states. These city-states get proportional House representation, but no Senate seats. In balance, they get their own separate bicameral legislature that governs only the city-states, but is still beholden to the President to get things passed. They also get their own Federal Judiciary to adjudicate the laws passed from the city-Congress.

    The city-states have boundaries initially drawn, but can expand at the unanimous consent of the property owners. A property must be adjacent to the city-state to join the city-state, and eminent domain will be scrubbed from the Constitution, so they can’t be forced into it. The same process works in reverse (those adjacent to the State can opt out of the city-state). This process happens during each National election cycle (every 2 years).

    Alright, tear me apart on this one. I want to hear the criticisms so that I can improve my forthcoming article.

    1. South Florida’s out of place in the Southeast!

    2. Meh, city-states have been done before.

    3. It’s basically a contemporary take on Plato’s Republic. Needs more reference to castes, metals, and euthanasia, however.

      Also, don’t forget: Just because they start out that way, doesn’t mean they won’t get swallowed up quickly and quickly devolve.

      1. Groovus, Shut! Up! I have a plan!

        /Philip IV of Macedon

      2. It’s basically a contemporary take on Plato’s Republic.

        Sadly, my exposure to Plato is quite nearly zero.

        Just because they start out that way, doesn’t mean they won’t get swallowed up quickly and quickly devolve.

        I’m curious as to which portion this refers to. The biggest benefit to this idea (IMO) is that it removes the influence of the cities from the rest of the state, allowing the epicenters of statism to go full statist while allowing a relief valve in the form of rural areas.

        1. It was Aristotle’ STUNNING REBUKE AND DEVASTATING TAKEDOWN of Plato’s grand vision of a perfect society.

          In fact, Plato was so PWNd, he agreed and conceded Ari was right as rain: And promptly told him to fuck off because…wait for it…..it *could* work, “…With the right people in charge….”

          It never changes, does it?

        2. The rural areas will, inevitably:

          1) need assistance from discreet cities in some form, be it trade, intermarriage, or a protective alliance against enemies;

          2) run the risk of being overrun buy the cities, should they eventually be desperate enough to require invading the rural areas.

    4. Is everything outside the city states anarchy?

      1. No, it’s still the current government arrangement. Fedgov -> State -> Local, but there is an alternative “co-equal” government at the state level, the city-state.

        1. Constitution still applies?

          1. Other than the obvious changes you’re making

          2. Yup, some of the details of the idea got chopped off since I turned a half-written article into a single comment.

            The idea is an evolution from the current constitutional republic that could be achieved with one or a handful of amendments to the constitution.

            Basically there are 3 parts to the idea. 1) the creation of a new type of sovereign entity on par with States: the city-state; 2) the creation of a second bicameral legislative body (and accompanying judiciary) populated solely by city-state representatives and able to to legislate solely for the city-states (laws passed by this city-Congress do not apply to the traditional States); 3) An expansion/retraction mechanism for the city-states to deal with population growth.

  40. Could shifting Sen. Dianne Feinstein from the Intelligence Committee to the Judiciary Committee be good for those who want to preserve strong data encryption?

    No, shifting her to a nursing home with supervision might, though.

    1. Why do you hate nursing home attendants?

      1. Yeah, they don’t get paid enough to deal with that kind of abuse.

        1. If I recall Strom Thurmond’s last few, uh, decades in the Senate…it kinda works as a nursing home already.

  41. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/11/17…..-says.html

    Troll grand master. Trump might name Romney Secretary of State. After a year of “why can’t the GOP nominate someone reasonable like Romney” stories, watching the media suddenly decide Romney is really bad should be quite entertaining.

    1. They still have the dead dog and, “Binders Full of Wimminz,” John. I’ll bet they turn him into some sort of Troompian pervert somehow now. Maybe try and tie him to Epstein, or maybe, JUST MAYBE, Flopney orders “pizzas”. Lots of “pizzas”. With “mushrooms” and “anchovies”. “To go”…..

    2. They’ll forget about that and dig up their stories from 2012 about how Romney is the antichrist.

    3. Man, 1980s really did call and want their foreign policy back!

    4. You know, I’m not any kind of Romney fan, but that wouldn’t be a half bad choice.

      1. I think Trump is likely leaking names to see who does what in response.

      2. I agree. I think given the options Romney would not be a bad choice at all.

    5. Trump might name Romney Secretary of State


      Better than (#*$@( Giuliani. I’d personally prefer someone who comes from within the diplomatic corps, but that’s a vain hope. Its one of the few jobs (like the pentagon) where i think its necessary that people in the institution like and respect you. But then its been a while since that were the case.

      1. to clarify =

        i don’t think politicians necessarily make good secretaries of state.

        there are many symbolic functions of the role, which they do ok at… and its not so much a “managers” job either. Its usually someone who should be an expert ‘professional negotiator’, and a very good schmoozer.

        most of them usually only are half-decent at one aspect or another, and have staff do everything else. but the ideal candidate is someone who’s spent lots of time doing international business at a high level.

        ironically, maybe = i think Trump would do well as an ambassadorial-type figure, despite his communication weirdness. I think he will actually do better w/ the international-relations stuff than Obama did; but as for a Sec-state…. i hope its not just some political appointee who’s never actually done any foreign-relations work at all.

        1. I legit hold that Obama should have made Trump ambassador to Russia. He’d have a blast there, Putin would have a blast with him, he probably wouldn’t have run.

          1. That would have required Obama to think outside his bubble.

            I’m convinced the man honestly believes his “No scandals during my administration” remark and that he did a fantastic job.

            1. That would have required Obama to think outside his bubbledonors.

              Fixed it for you.

      2. What ambassador is he going to pick? The interesting countries all got political appointments based on how much money Mr. Honorable donated to the winning candidate…

    6. Dayum.

  42. I went for a run in the park down the street last night. All along the path, someone(s) had scrawled uplifting chalk messages like “We can get through this!” and “Hate will not rule this neighborhood!”

    My pace was a little faster than usual. Schadenfreude and runner’s high is a dangerously seductive cocktail.

    1. Did anyone counter-chalk with “Hate had better stop writing on my park then.”

  43. asking “the Canyon for some guidance.”

    Euphemism of the day.

  44. Clapper to Retire

    That’s the beauty of the clapper. Clap once, the lights go out, go to sleep.

    1. Right? Why wasn’t the headline “Clap off”?

  45. Tim Kaine says he will not run for president in 2020. But would he accept a vice president offer from Kanye West?

    He’s probably still pissed off about quitting his job for Hillary. He won’t make that mistake again.

  46. Choose the WaPo Queen of Derp


    Petula Dvorak


    Janelle Ross

    For pure sentence-mangling, I would have to go with the latter. Yet the face of Petula haunts me like the time i watched a video of an eye-surgery on mushrooms.

    1. It’s a trick question – has to be Janelle Ross by default.

      Petula Dvorak is a P.G. Wodehouse character. Thought you could pull one on us, eh, Gilmore?

    2. Beth Chapman or Hillary Swank-mouth? You decide!

    3. Why were they doing eye surgery on a mushroom?


      1. That’s exactly the way I read it.

        1. I got it right away

          1. Well, you would, Chuck Shroomer!

            1. Plus neon grass and tree dragons

                1. Lol. Not exactly

                  1. Not exactly

                    Huh…I don’t know if I’m relieved, or, disappointed.

        2. +1

          Plausible deniability, I assumed.

    4. When did John Goodman go trans?

    5. Is Petula Dvorak transgendered or whatever they are calling it these days? She makes Divine look quite famine by comparison.

      Where do they find these people?

      1. “famine” somehow works in this context.

      2. Where do they find these people?

        in her case, i believe “Tattoine”

    6. Wait, a progressive crybaby is actually named “Petulant”? Is she a fucking Ayn Rand character?

  47. Has anyone else seen the term ‘alt-left’ start to pop up on some lefty sites? It seems like some members of the left are trying to distance themselves from the more insane social justice crowd.

    1. Not yet, but I don’t dive into as many of those sites, so that doesn’t prove anything.

    2. Mmm…hmmm…

      So they mean “Class Struggle Marxists”?

      1. Plus neon grass and tree dragons

        1. Wrong place

    3. I havent. I don’t blame them, but their unwillingness to leave the failed 20th Century socialist policies behind and their desire to nostalgically refight the battles already won in the 60’s means they will never be able to escape the derp.

    4. No social justice? That leaves only the economic redistribution policies?

      1. Really it’s just a retread of the Sargon of Akkad or the old Gamergate ‘liberal gamer’ trope: “Hey, I want public healthcare and stuff but this identity politics stuff is just stupid.”

        1. Indeed. At least Sargon doesn’t shit on me or calls me a racist, though. They would do well to emulate him.

      2. “I’m a left-wing anarchist, but we need a totalitarian government in order to share the wealth.”

        1. Amsoc, who is somehow a socialist anarchist (i.e. 19th century ‘libertarian’) who rejects the entirety of their core ideological values, the abolition of private property and is in favour of a bourgeois state that feeds the proles table scraps to keep them from ‘liberating’ themselves.

          1. So, he’s really in favor of the end-game of socialist states. No starting with ideology, just go straight for some of that old-time exploitation.

            I guess he just distances himself from Venezuela because they’re a state that was already poor and made themselves worse off. That’s probably far less fun than taking a dysfunctional, but still operating quasi-capitalist state like ours and turning it into Venezuela.

  48. Lefties,
    Please don’t go further left. Please don’t disintegrate(unless the other party does too, that would be ideal). The USA needs differing opinions, checks and balances, etc. And for the love of baby Jesus stop doubling down on why you lost this election in the first place. Quit crying and man up.

    1. Quit crying and man up.

      You just lost them.

      1. It’s like if old man yelling at clouds was a manic depressant and had access to social media.

        1. We wore onions on our belt, it was the fashion statement at the time.

      2. “Quit crying and strong-independent-sexy-you-go-girl-up.”

      3. I tried to reach out to them. Oh well, let the Trumpeting begin. We will regret all of this if it becomes a one party system though.

    2. Your plea is meek. Mirroring the Blues at playoff time.

      1. *drops gloves
        Your puck play reminds me of one of your greatest contributions to our culture- Michael J. Fox. Shaky, at best.

  49. I’m currently trying to grab a screenshot from a scene with Lena Dunham in it, in which she does not look like a man or has an unflattering facial expression.

    I may have to resign.

    1. Can’t you just scourge yourself with a whip?

    2. What could possibly possess you to want to go through that many Lena pics?

    3. Like most women (and men, for that matter) she can be fairly attractive when she doesn’t go out of her way to be a big fat ugly person.

      1. I agree. That’s what makes this so frustrating. It’s like she’s trying to make my job harder.

        I’m finding better frames in the wider shot, but seeing her entire body invites comparisons to the Grimace.

      2. C’mon Crusty, just forward him your screen-saver files.

        1. The young padawan must learn on his own.

    4. I wouldn’t say feminine, but probably one of her better shots.


          1. I LOL’d

    1. “I think a lot of people were lost for words, wondering, ‘What do we say? What do we do?’ “

      Fuck off?

  50. Gingrich says he won’t hold Cabinet post under Trump.

    And another gone, and another gone…
    Bolton is getting too much face time in the media, so I guess no post for him as well.
    Giuliani won’t accept a pay cut I reckon.
    I feel like a Kremlinologist.

    1. It’s always possible that Mr. Trump is playing the media again. He’s been pretty good at it so far.

  51. Toddler Therapy


  52. You know, a few years ago I would have thought that The Donald would have had as much chance of being the President as Kanye had. I fully expect to see Kanye occupying the Oval Office in the not distant future.

    1. Does anyone under 30 know who he is?

    2. I fully expect to see Kanye occupying the Oval Office in the not distant future.

      I think Kanye’s from Ohio, too. So he’s fave native son in the swingiest of swing states already. And Kim has the Armenian vote locked down, so Glendale’s already in the bag.

  53. So Milo for press secretary, right? A gay immigrant who would make the press conferences fabulous again.

    Just for the liberal heads explode.

    Seriously though, you see their mask slip when in one of the freakout videos, they are along the lines of “HOW COULD WE HAVE A PRESIDENT WHO DISRESPECTS JOURNALISTS? AND WHY DID THE PEOPLE LISTEN TO US???”

    Seriously, 95% of the press can fuck off. Trump had almost daily press conferences (with a hostile press) and Hillary was no where to be seen in over a year, but uhhh yeah it’s all TRUMP BAD

    1. Yes, If Milo doesn’t get appoint press secretary, then Trump is more of an idiot than he has already shown himself to be.

      1. Eh. You can’t have the Press Secretary engaging in little stunts to belittle the Pool. I mean, you can, but its just going to make your problem worse. You won’t ever be able to get your message out.

        1. Worse? You think it can get worse than a media that is screeching that the president-elect is a racist/sexist/homophobe/islamophobe/xenophobe fascist, anti-abortion teahadi evil evil man 24/7 ?

          You think he can get his message out now?

          Give us Milo–at least we’ll get to laugh at them.

    2. Alternative press secretary can be a guy with an Obama soundboard. Every question is answered by pushing a button that gives an appropriate Obama quote.

      “Elections have consequences” and “I have a pen and phone” can probably cover all of the domestic policy, for example.

      1. Could they just get Obama’s teleprompter?

  54. Derpy’s Political Sandbox

    Here’s how I’d reform immigration:

    -Grant legal residence (pay taxes, no voting) to illegal immigrants if they pay $100 fine per person in their household.
    -Charge a $100 entrance fee for all foreigners.
    -Change citizenship application process to: pay $100 fee, stay out of trouble for a year, get citizenship. Legal residents become citizens if they stay out of trouble (no arrests) for 5 years.

    There would be problems with this, but it’s better than what we have.

    About 70 million foreigners enter the US each year. Let them fund the immigration system.

    1. Skip the $100 and make it 10 years of no trouble.

    2. $100 entrance fee for all foreigners

      That’s really steep for most tourists. Maybe $20.

      Citizenship application should be $1000, and stay out of trouble 5 years as well as prove they have paid taxes all five years. One strike (infraction greater than speeding ticket) and you’re forever banned from becoming a citizen.

      Illegals can become legal for the same $1000 with 2 yrs of tax returns and no criminal record, but can NEVER become citizens. That’s the penalty for their crime.

    3. Hot women welcome no charge. All others bugger off.

    4. The specific amounts aren’t as important as the basic concept- that getting citizenship or residency should require some money and time, but not too much and according to a simple set of rules.

      1. The numbers you’re using are way less than what residency and citizenship currently cost.

        1. That’s good though, right?

          1. I guess. If you want the fees to fund the system, it might be better to go higher. I would probably lower the fee on foreigners – I’m with BigT on tourists. They’re not putting a huge financial burden on the system whereas the resident applicants are.

            There are other fees associated with both processes that you have to pay but don’t go to the government. For example, you have to get a medical from an approved physician. I remember paying a couple of hundred 20 years ago and the doctor got that.

            And the five year wait is in line with the current requirements.

            The nice thing about such a plan is that, if things are that simple, an applicant probably wouldn’t need an attorney which would save money.

    5. Grant legal residence (pay taxes, no voting) to illegal immigrants

      This shows that you understand the political dynamic at play. Why the Stupid Party is being stupid about it, IDK.

      I think that there are plenty of people who don’t care about citizenship, and just want the legal status so they don’t have to hide in the shadows.

      My idea differs from yours in the permanency of the “legal residence” grant. I think that “legal residence” should permanently preclude citizenship and collection of welfare benefits. Make it a fairly easy and fast process, but they have to move back to their homeland and wait in line if they want the benefits of citizenship. I bet that 75% of the illegals in the US right now would take that tradeoff in a heartbeat. For them, voting isn’t what matters… not being hauled off by INS is.

      1. You’d have to make another change to the process then. Currently, you have to hold permanent residence (green card) for five years before you can apply for citizenship.

        Any other legal residence visas have a lifespan (3-5 years in most cases) after which you have to reapply. I’m pretty sure there’s a limit to how many times you can reapply.

    6. Do we do the Golden Ticket? Costa Rica used to, and Portugal is about to start, doing Golden Ticket legal resident status (maybe even citizenship — CR had two tiers) if you invested a certain amount of money. I think in CR in 2002 when I was working there, you could get permanent resident for $150k and citizen for double that. You had to put the money in infrastructure bonds and leave them there for 10+ years. Portugal’s now is buying 500k Euro. And your family members cost, like 5500 Euro each. Cash.

      1. Changing the E-2 visa to allow dual intent would be a step in that direction.

    7. Good for other people. Bad for Pan Zagloba.

      Verdict: Proposal rejected as unrealistic.

  55. America’s Schools Could Be Partly To Blame For Donald Trump’s Rise, idiots say.

    The American education system has focused on “market values” over “democratic values” for the past several decades, according to a new report from the public policy research center. Rather than preparing students to be responsible members of society, the report argues, schools have chiefly taught them to compete in a global marketplace.

    I don’t think schools do either of those things.

    1. schools have chiefly taught them to compete in a global marketplace


      1. Yes it’s so obvious. Self absorbed infant is the most in demand skill in the the world.

      2. schools have chiefly taught them to compete in a global marketplace.

        If only!

        American kids are so far behind in STEM it’s embarrassing.

    2. I had a meeting with my dean yesterday wherein he opined that a lot of people (he wasn’t more specific than that) are suggesting that the result of the election are a sign that American government is either not being taught properly today OR it is not being taught in a way that applies to real life.

      Rousseau is smiling somewhere.

  56. Tonight on Limey Concern Trolling, we have BBC shocked that a Russian Woman Claims Jews Mainly Backed Trump.

    A spokeswoman for Russia’s foreign ministry has said Jewish people in New York told her they had mainly backed Donald Trump in the US election.
    Speaking on TV, Maria Zakharova said Jews had told her they donated both to Mr Trump and Hillary Clinton.
    She joked that American Jews were the best guide to US politics.The diplomat’s remarks caused shock. Anti-US propagandists in the last century peddled an idea that rich New York Jews controlled US politics.

    Last century? Oh, did I hallucinate Israel Lobby Runs America shit? No, no, let me get Hamas on the line…oh wait, you have the line, BBC. Fucking hell, you asswipes, can you guess to the nearest continent where Jews are actually being, you know, murdered for being Jews?
    Oh wait, you’re right – guy being arrested for pro-Israel posters sounds pretty anti-Jewish to me. Yup, panic away, it’s Trump and Russia coming for America’s Jews!

  57. The 3 main problems with the response to terrorism

    1. The jihadis have the Koran and the example of Mohamed on their side.
    2. Many Muslims support what the jihadis do.
    3. Everyone who notices the above is denounced as a bigot.

    circa 630

    …animosity for the cross begins with Muhammad. He “had such a repugnance to the form of the cross that he broke everything brought into his house with its figure upon it”; he once ordered someone wearing a cross to “take off that piece of idolatry”…


    Almost all of the gold coins that belonged to the Christian Byzantine Empire had the image of the cross on one side of them. After the Byzantine treasury was seized during the Muslim conquests, the caliph ordered that one or two arms of the cross be effaced, so that the image no longer resembles a cross.


    Maldives: Authorities had to rescue a female Christian teacher after Muslim “parents threatened to tie and drag her off of the island” for “preaching Christianity.” Her crime was to draw a compass?which was mistakenly taken for a cross?as part of a geography lesson in class.

    1. The last one is The Not. Maldives sunk into the ocean in 2007 due to global warming. Obama’s presidency did not recede the ocean level sufficiently for them to recover.

    2. The compass, a tool of white male colonialism was denounced in the west.

    3. The retardation of their culture is profound. If they want to languish in the embrace of their Medieval, barbarous mores, let them. With any luck, they’ll murder each other to extinction.

  58. Hyperion: couple reading recommendations above.

    Also, can’t go wrong with David Gemmell.

  59. “Homelessness drops across nation, but California count rises”
    “Homelessness across the United States fell slightly last year but increased in California and other West Coast states, largely due to a shortage of affordable housing, federal officials said Thursday.”

    Let’s parse that statement:
    WIH does “affordable housing” mean? What role does government play in increasing housing costs? ( “Trump in the Mission? 25% affordable project rejected by supes due to election comments” http://www.bizjournals.com/san…..r-len.html )
    And I see no mention of the government programs neatly designed to reward people to remain “homeless” regardless of housing costs.
    Maybe the ‘west coast states’ governments might have something to do with that.

  60. OT:

    Why Hillary’s emails mattered

    I like Karen Straughan for her anti-feminism vids, and though I hope she hasn’t lost her mind and become a full-on Trumpkin, this video of her explaining the significance of Hillary’s email issues is a good clear intro to the matter.

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