Election 2016

Matt Welch Guest-Hosting on SiriusXM Insight (Channel 121) Today and Tomorrow From 9-12 AM ET!

Talking election, media bias and cultural blind spots with John Avlon, Mollie Hemingway, Michael Tracey, and Kmele Foster


This morning and next I'll be guest-hosting on SiriusXM's Insight channel (121) from 9 AM to noon on the great StandUP with Pete Dominick program. Today we will be talking the election and media bias/responsibility with familiar faces John Avlon of The Daily Beast, Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist, Michael Tracey from Planet I-Told-You-So, and Kmele Foster from your very favorite weekly three-headed podcast. You can call in at 1-877-974-7487 to heckle, so please do!