Donald Trump's Massive Learning Curve, Hate Crime Stats Released, Gwen Ifill Dies: P.M. Links


  • Protesters
    Tannen Maury/EPA/Newscom

    President-Elect Donald Trump was allegedly unaware that he would be replacing the entire White House staff.

  • President Barack Obama gave a press conference this afternoon where he was mostly questioned about Trump's election.
  • FBI released hate crime stats for 2015. The number of reported hate crimes increased by just 6.7 percent, but there was a big surge in reported hate crimes against Muslims. (The flat numbers are not huge, however.)
  • PBS Journalist Gwen Ifill has died of cancer at age 61.
  • A Michigan police officer was suspended and is under investigation for driving a truck bearing a confederate flag at an anti-Trump rally.
  • Opponents of the Dakota Access pipeline are planning nationwide protests. Do they know about the other nationwide protests already happening that are sucking up all the attention?
  • Two social workers in Detroit are being charged with involuntary manslaughter and more in the death of a 3-year-old for failing to follow up on the child after discovering he was living in a home with inadequate food. The boy's mother faces several charges for his death.
  • A federal judge has ordered the supervised release of Brendan Dassey, one of the subjects of Making a Murderer.

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  1. President-Elect Donald Trump was allegedly unaware that he would be replacing the entire White House staff.

    Why wouldn’t they want to stay on?

    1. It’s was an election, not a hostile takeover, Trump.

      1. He just wanted them to file into the Oval on Day One so he could tell them they were fired.

        1. He should have a TV show where ordinary Americans compete to be on his staff.

          1. What if… what if that was his plan ALL ALONG?!? Donald Trump’s Presidential Apprentice. Holy shit. They better bring back Gary Busey.

            1. Gary Busey as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

            2. I’m already on the phone with my agent. The rest of you stop pestering me for one minute!

            3. Hey Citizen X, do you mind if I use a quote from you in an RPG I’m working on? I’m writing descriptions of Lovecraftian abominations, and I’d love to use the lines:

              “…a seeping flattish area with protuberances, some of which seem to be primitive compound eyes, others of which have no analogue in any other terrestrial life-form…”


              “…open like poison flowers to reveal fractal rows of jaws-within-jaws…”

              Lemme know if that’d be cool with you!

              1. NB, I don’t know how late Citzy stays on here. Try reposting this in another thread just after he comments. /doing the squirrels’ work in some of the internet’s toughest neighborhoods

          2. I’ll donate to the cause.

          3. “Let’s not overlook the possibility of a new Trump TV network” – wise media speculation

          4. I stole that for facebook, by the way.

        2. Even the travel office?

    2. Hello.

      Ifill. Cancer is a bitch. Sorry to hear that.

      1. I liked Gwen Ifill. There I said it.

        God rest her soul.

      2. Me too. But I quit watching The News Hour (after nearly 30 years as a devoted viewer) when she took over. Way to partisan.

        1. I hadn’t realized what a complete in-the-tank hack Judy was until this election season.

    3. The fact that major media has glommed on to this story shows how desperate they are to paint The Donald in a bad light.

      Oh my god! Trump was surprised by the extent to which White House staff would turn over! Why, a child of three years old would have known that immediately! This man is clearly unable to be president and we should immediately disqualify him and hand the win to Hillary, as everyone who isn’t a racist wants.

      1. In the days after the election, there was some chick on CNN explaining that Trump wouldn’t be allowed to gold plate the White House furniture.

      2. Can we just wait until Donald Trump is actually president?

        I’m looking forward to hating him for offending my libertarian principles on policy and executive decisions, not blowing my wad on every silly little thing lefties throw against the wall to see if it sticks.

        1. Yeah, but then what are we supposed to do until January 20th?

            1. I thought we did that for Halloween?

          1. Midget Tossing?

          2. Pokemon Sun & Moon are coming out this Friday…

        2. Some people savor tears. They’re a delicacy, an acquired taste.

          1. My letter in the Marin IJ today:

            ‘My vote went to Gary Johnson’

            While I can completely understand the reaction of the left to a Donald Trump presidency, I am not feeling any sympathy for them.

            My vote went to Gary Johnson, because both Trump and Hillary Clinton were unacceptable to me.

            Libertarians believe in personal freedom, something foreign to both major party candidates and most of their supporters.

            California voters, which means Democrats and others on the left, are the new Puritans. I’ve heard the left used to believe in personal freedoms, but now that they control California, we’re finding out who they really are.

            It’s no surprise they elected a governor who used to be in the seminary.

            There are two examples in this election:

            ? The relentless attack on the Second Amendment.

            ? My rights to put in my body what I choose ? also known as the tobacco tax. While I am not a frequent smoker, I like to smoke a cigar a few times every week. Not reported by the media is the massive increase cigar smokers will face due to the passage of Proposition 56. As an example, a $10 cigar may soon cost $15 to $18.

            When Trump comes after you and the issues that are important to you, I’ll just sit back and remember how the people of California voted in 2016 and prior to take away or limit my rights. You know, the ones actually listed in the Bill of Rights.

            Their tears will sustain me.

            ? James Quigley, San Rafael

            1. Yes, Yes, Your tears sustain me. (read in Stewie Griffin’s voice)

      3. Trump’s Aleppo moment.

      4. If nothing else, it does show he’s an outsider. Do you WANT somebody who was so into the wanting to president that they have 8th grade spiral notebooks filled with who they’d hire into the White House? And I want Julia Child for White House chef, and Howard Hawks as White House projectionist, and Arthur Treacher as White House valet, and…

        And, it was so quaint how fish out of water Dave was, but when it’s a Republican…

        In the end. I’m sure between he and Reince they’ll get some people in the allotted 60 days…

        1. And the travel office.

          He needs to fire the current workers there and put his own people in the travel office.

        2. I never ate Julia Childs food. So how do we know she’s any good?

          1. I use her cookbook all the time. Good stuff.

        3. Wanna bet Hillary’s had those spiral notebooks since THIRD grade.

    4. Maybe he thought “White House staff” referred to the maids and butlers?

      1. How many useless people work in that building?

        1. Other than the president?

          1. Oh, come now. The President has a purpose. It seems evident that the purpose is to be the focal point for the hatred of approximately half of the population, and has been so for quite a long time.

            1. Indeed, for addressing monarchy’s main gripe, it’s turned out to be the perfect thing.

      2. He obviously didn’t think it referred to the travel office.

    5. Is there confusion between the political staff or the household staff? Because I am pretty sure the gardeners and such stay on.

      1. Even in the West Wing, not everyone automatically gets replaced. Not at all.

        1. Yes, I am sure there are a number of non political appointee civil service positions as well. As mentioned above, that was what the Travel Office scandal was about.

          1. Yeah there was that movie 12 years A Butler so some people stay on.

    6. “he would be replacing the entire White House staff.”

      Cooks, gardeners, etc?

      Then it’s not the ENTIRE staff.

    7. I would be careful about running too far with this one. The truth of the matter is likely a little more nuanced.

      I’m guessing it was more confusion about what each side meant by “staff’ than anything else. Because quite obviously not _everyone_ who works at the White House gets replaced after every presidency.

  2. President Barack Obama gave a press conference this afternoon where he was mostly questioned about Trump’s election.


  3. I know everyone says we will never reach peak derp, but this is setting the bar pretty high:…..-jefferson

    1. Derp is a fat-tailed distribution.

      1. Your love of fat tails is clouding your judgment.

        1. Not true. HM thinks the clearest when in the presence of gyrating booty.

        2. I’ve never known you to be so polite and restrained in your criticisms, Dr. Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

          1. At least we can bond over our mutual love of minority swans.

      2. Derp is thicc?

          1. That made me lol

    2. “Several groups on Grounds collaborated to write a letter to University President Teresa Sullivan against the inclusion of a Thomas Jefferson quote in her post-election email Nov. 9.”

      Ha ha, I bet the President (of the University) thought she was being sensitive and caring toward the anti-Trump students – she probably thought that since she’s on the Right Side, they’d leave her alone.

      “”The intention of the email was to start a conversation with our administration regarding ways to be more inclusive,” Hurd said in an email statement. “In the current climate, we must seize every opportunity to communicate that this university welcomes individuals from all backgrounds.””

      When people like that talk about “starting a conversation” they mean “commence whining until our ‘conversation partner’ gives in.”

      And of course it’s not about welcoming individuals from all backgrounds, it’s about welcoming Hillary voters of all backgrounds. Maybe some Stein voters will be allowed on probation after they repent for Helping Trump Win.

      1. The comments in the school newspaper were almost universally mocking the SJWs for this.

        1. The left have lost the war of words. They just don’t know it.

      2. Communists-progs-socialists like to say the Founding Fathers (who they loathe and let’s be frank. They have NO RESPECT for them or the Constitution which is why a story like this is extremely troubling) couldn’t have imagined AK-47 assault rifles when pushing for gun control. Yeh well, I don’t think Jefferson could ever imagine a scenario like this at his own College!

        And why are these pieces of shits even going there anyway?

        I’ve lost all patience with these idiots.

        1. The Congress shall have Power To … grant Letters of marque and reprisal.

          The Founding Fathers envisioned the private ownership of warships.

    3. Given that this country was founded in part by slaveholders, should the proper response be to leave? I mean how could you stay in a historically stained country? Maybe they could move to Liberia.

    4. Come here, Sally. I need to commit some atrocities!

  4. A Michigan police officer was suspended and is under investigation for driving a truck bearing a confederate flag at an anti-Trump rally.

    He wanted to make the south rise great again.

    1. I’ve been getting a bad feeling about things getting racial and stuff, and this is a sign of it.

      People are becoming stupid and tribal, and things won’t end well if they keep going in this direction.

      1. Displaying the confederate flag isn’t exactly a new thing that started in the past year.
        It’s just that now the media has decided to exaggerate their focus on it

        1. This was a cop, a supposed neutral enforcer of the law. If he was a southerner, the confederate flag would have still made sense. This was dumb behavior by a Michigander wanna-be Dixie.

          Also, it’s not just the cop. A white guy was beaten up badly in Chicago because the assailants assumed he was a Trump supporter.

          Things are getting stupid and tribal.

          1. “Also, it’s not just the cop. A white guy was beaten up badly in Chicago because the assailants assumed he was a Trump supporter.”

            And at least part of the leftist media were cheering that on, seriously. It was just protesting so that’s ok. The guy seriously said that beating someone is ok as long as you call it protesting.

          2. Yes they are. But people don’t want to believe it. We’ve got bigger fish to fry like water rising over the next 50 years causing untold numbers to drown – not having enough time to react. But the good news is it’s only localized as part of the Trump Phenomenon – luckily the left hasn’t been stooping to identity politics yet. I found this was so under the latino news section over at, or was it under the LBGTQRWFCVASWWKSKAQ section? No, it was under the LBGTQRWFCVASWWKSKAR section. That’s the one that comes after the Asian section. So, luckily, this tribalism will likely blow over after the terrifying four years are over with.

      2. People are becoming stupid and tribal…

        Before I can agree with you, I need to know your skin color. On a scale between Seal and Seal’s teeth…

        1. On a scale between Seal and Seal’s teeth…

          Before or after a trip to the dental hygienist?

          1. Before or after tasting menarche?

            1. This is probably the most tasteless joke I have ever made on here.

              1. the most tasteless joke

                Rusty nails are tasteless?

              2. Chipper Morning Wood doesn’t stop at a red light, if you know what I mean.

              3. I had to look up that word.

                Sorry – still learning English.

                1. I did too. Sorry – product of public schooling.

                  1. Pretty much everyday I visit HnR I pick up some new vocabulary.
                    Most of the new words are scatological in nature

              4. That was tasteless – period, the end!

                But does remind of a British joke about eating jam and having toffee on your nose…

                but if you’re into that sort of thing…

        2. On a scale between Seal and Seal’s teeth…

          My skin is the color of when the light hits the gloom on the grey.

          1. I’m more of a did you know that when it snows type.

      3. Don’t worry Injun. As Trump follows Obama, orange is the new black.

        1. *opera applause*

          Late to the party, I know, but goddamn!

  5. University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan is being asked to refrain from quoting Thomas Jefferson because of his racist beliefs, according to The Cavalier Daily. UVA was founded by Thomas Jefferson.

    (Even though that whelp JayU beat me to this by posting in the Obamacare thread.)

    1. Ha, I missed that…but the story is insulting enough to be worth multiple posts

      1. Why would racists ever want to change? According to the left, if you said something racist in the past, you are forever tainted.

        1. Plus they need to make room on Mt. Rushmore for Obama


            1. They look kinda grey to me

            2. Obama will bring balance to it.

              I expect a petition soon.

              1. Like mlk blvd., I expect an Obama Blvd on every hood in America.

                1. In.

                2. It’s kind of sad that for future generations, MLK will simply be the street you buy drugs on.

            3. I thought it was a natural rock formation.

          2. He’ll get a bigger mountain all to himself, no doubt.

            1. “Mount Obama? Michelle already did that!”

            2. Will it be finished before or after the Crazy Horse one?

              1. I expect he’ll just put in head on that one. Crazy Horse Schmazy Schmorse.

                1. I could see Obama with a feathered headdress.

            3. “He’ll get a bigger mountain all to himself, no doubt.”

              His own little Presidential safe space !

    2. No. this is a joke, right?

      1. It is a joke, just not the intentional sort.

    3. What f***ing BS. People have lost their damned minds.

    4. “A letter, signed by 469 faculty members and students, was sent to Sullivan on Nov. 11 protesting the use of a Jefferson quotation in her email calling for unity after the presidential election, the student newspaper reported.
      “We would like for our administration to understand that although some members of this community may have come to this university because of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, others of us came here in spite of it,” the letter read. “For many of us, the inclusion of Jefferson quotations in these e-mails undermines the message of unity, equality and civility that you are attempting to convey.”

      Please just admit you’re fucken communists you ignorant assholes.

      1. Is there a version of the letter on-line anywhere? I want to know which faculty members signed off.

        1. Partial list of names hier.

          1. “””Diana Wilson, president of the Memorialization of Enslaved Laborers “”

            Now there is a title.

      2. others of us came here in spite of it,

        And we demand you insulate us from the consequences of our choices!

        1. Exactly. Is this supposed to be a principles position?

          If there’s something that demands a gigantic ‘fuck off’ and some purges through firings, it’s this one.

        2. we begged you to turn others down and let us in instead so we could spit on you from up close here and demand you change your ways to accommodate us.

      3. They are taking a brave stand against the Enlightenment.

      4. “”We would like for our administration to understand that although some members of this community may have come to this university because of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, others of us came here in spite of it,” the letter read.”

        I can’t even….

        So those who went to UVA because of Jefferson’s legacy have no rights?

        Of course, the notion of accepting portions of Jefferson’s legacy and rejecting others is completely off the table. Because everyone is either all good or all bad. There is no middle ground.

    5. And here I didnt’ think we coulld do something more embarrassing than our football program.

      1. UVA has had too many embarrassing things happen over the past few years. I’m glad I live on the other side of town so that the swirling vortex of derp doesn’t pull me in to it’s derp-singularity.

    6. “Thomas Jefferson wrote to a friend that University of Virginia students ‘are not of ordinary significance only: they are exactly the persons who are to succeed to the government of our country, and to rule its future enmities, its friendships and fortunes.'”

      Hey, I’d be pissed at that quote, too.

      1. You think she was saying they should emulate the Donald?

      2. Hey, I’d be pissed at that quote, too.

        Yeah, but for all the WRONG reasons, you regressive asshat!

        /prog students

  6. Fundraising. That’s what is really behind a lot of the proggie outrage and ginned-up incidents of racism and homophobia – a last ditch effort to build up a big war chest before the inauguration.

  7. Social workers being charged… hm. Something tells me this doesn’t end well for parents generally.

    1. Does that make everybody else anti-social workers?

      1. [golf clap]

    2. I prefer my social workers aloof and absent. This isn’t good.

      1. Dear kindly social worker,
        They tell me get a job,
        Like be a soda jerker
        Which means I’d be a slob!
        It’s not I’m anti-social,
        I’m only anti-work!
        That’s why I’m a jerk!

        1. Glad I wasn’t the only one with that tune in my head as I read the story.

    3. It takes a village to kill our children together.

      NYC is trying to pull this shit too. Leftists gonna leftist.

  8. FBI released hate crime stats for 2015. The number of reported hate crimes increased by just 6.7 percent, but there was a big surge in reported hate crimes against Muslims. (The flat numbers are not huge, however)

    Oh, I’m certain there were more reports.

      1. The puppet or the real boy?

  9. President Barack Obama gave a press conference this afternoon where he was mostly questioned about Trump’s election.

    Anyone in the press corp breakdown in tears? Or have they moved on to bargaining?

  10. President-Elect Donald Trump was allegedly unaware that he would be replacing the entire White House staff.

    Do y’all get the feeling he didn’t think this through?

    1. He hasn’t been planning every detail since he was little, unlike Hillary (writing President Hillary Clinton over and over with hearts using a pink pen, acting out the inauguration with her dolls, etc.)

      1. I L’d OL.

    2. It’s a little bit of that a little bit of, “Holy Shit! Obama has a White House staff that makes Hotel/Casino mogul Donald Trump go, ‘Holy Shit!'”

  11. Two social workers in Detroit are being charged with involuntary manslaughter and more in the death of a 3-year-old for failing to follow up on the child after discovering he was living in a home with inadequate food.

    I’m surprised Detroit can afford social workers in the first place. (Which I imagine will be part of their defense.)(Not my surprise but funding issues.)

    1. “Libertarian internet creature Eugene Fistov Etiquette was called to the stand today, to express his surprise at the relative liquidity of Detroit city funds…”

      1. One of your best, X. The phrase “libertarian internet creature” is lyrical magic.

        1. It’s on my business card.

        2. Unlike other digital Creatures, this one does not evolve.

          1. Then again, does it need to?

            1. Good point. It could only devolve.

      2. His last name is Fistov. Etiquette is a title, like “esquire.”

        1. If his last name is Fistov, I’d prefer his first name to be Fappin-my

      3. I plead a fifth of Bacardi.

  12. Make Amsoc’s Tears Great Again.

  13. FBI released hate crime stats for 2015. The number of reported hate crimes increased by just 6.7 percent, but there was a big surge in reported hate crimes against Muslims. (The flat numbers are not huge, however)

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    But weren’t San Bernardino and Orlando hate crimes against infidels?

    1. Oh you sweet and noble Injun. Hate crimes are things that white people do.

      1. Seriously, SB and Orlando were crimes by Islamofascists against infidels.

        Each murder should be one count of hate crime.

        1. If we operate off of the assumptions that “hate crimes” are not a rational category of crime and that they only exist for the purpose of weaponizing protected identity groups against white people (which are fair assumptions) then it seems like hate crime laws are being applied exactly as they’re meant to be.

        2. Those were anti-hate crimes. Sometimes called Religion of Peace offerings.

    2. The Pulse shootings were in 2015?

  14. A Michigan police officer was suspended and is under investigation for driving a truck bearing a confederate flag at an anti-Trump rally.

    Sounds like he needs a good First Amendment lawyer.

    I do wish Yankees would keep their hands off our flag though. There is such a thing as bad cultural appropriation.

    1. How is that breeding project coming along, of a rooster with plumage like a confederate flag?

      1. You can say “cock” here. The double entendre just makes it funnier.

    2. Hey, if you Southerners can appropriate our good diction and grammar, we can appropriate your flag. Fair is fair.

      Now, can you give me tips on how to build a good still? You people are known for that, right?

      1. Hey SIV; I’m not sure, but I think he meant to say “ya’ll”.

  15. President Barack Obama gave a press conference this afternoon where he was mostly questioned about Trump’s election.

    They don’t love you anymore. You aren’t the important one now.

    1. Sweet!

  16. Trump has my misogynistic creative juice going.

    I think my idea of bottling cum as an anti-age can really take off now.

    ‘Hey, this smells like semen. Yes, because the plant where it’s extracted has similar properties to a make semen. This is why they come in other scents including lavender, lemon and rhubarb. The idea that women all over the world will spread it all over their faces is appealing to my inner Trump.

    1. Facials for everyone!

    2. Everybody knows that Canadian cum smells like maple and is full of little rocks.

      1. Canadian men all have very serious kidney problems.

      2. Canadian sperm can swim through ice. It’s that or go extinct.

        1. Canadian sperm have little floppy heads, and they apologize when they bump into the egg. “Sore-y!”

          1. And they wear a little fur hat with those floppy ears hanging down. Aww, cute!

          2. Canadian Sperm puck you up.

    3. Your idea reminded me of this.

    4. This is why we must build the Northern wall first.


      1. NAFTA allows me to sell it in America.

        It’s over Crusty.

    5. +1 upright citizens brigade ass-pennies.

  17. Let me know when Muslims surpass Jews as victims of religious based hate-crimes.

    Even then, it still wouldn’t really be noteworthy, since it’s pretty reasonable for that to be the case, considering Jews don’t murder people all over the world.

  18. In the category of ‘be careful what you ask for’, I somewhat hope that Keith Ellison does become the figurehead of the Dem party. Let the Dems go all-in on proggery and let’s slay that beast once and for all.

    If they win I’ll move to Mexico instead of Canada. I prefer warm beaches over more snow, and I’m not a racist

    1. Plus the food is better. French fries with gravy? What kind of half-assed dish is that to rally around?

      1. Ahem…..

    2. Mexican property ownership is neither libertarian nor very friendly to foreigners.

      Come up here, the cold makes you STRONK.

      1. You have better beer, better water, better strip clubs. And most of you speak American.

  19. PBS Journalist Gwen Ifill has died of cancer at age 61.

    Thanks Obama.

    1. It’s because of TRUMP RACISM that she died, right?

    2. I thought Joe Biden already cured cancer.

      1. He did, but then he pawned the cure to get a wide-ass chrome exhaust pipe for his Trans Am.

        1. Well yes. The security guys busted his White House tour business.

  20. Newscom
    President-Elect Donald Trump was allegedly unaware that he would be replacing the entire White House staff.

    I know the running joke is we don’t read the articles, but some of us do. I personally would appreciate real news instead of “somebody said and somebody else said something different” articles. Now I’m off to start my own blog, with hookers and blackjack.

    1. There are going to be a fuckton of those stories coming out of the Trump administration. They are all going to be jockeying for power and stabbing each other in the back, because other than his children not any one of those people has any deep loyalty to the man.

      1. other than his children not any one of those people has any deep loyalty to the man.

        Thank God. I’ve had enough cult of personality over the last 8 years.

      2. Prog tears, the Trump administration flailing about; it’s going to be a great four years, people.

    2. link please

  21. Would would would would wouldn’t.

    1. Racist.

      1. He’s not racist. He was once molested by a muffin and the haircut triggers his flashbacks.

        1. To be successfully molested by a muffin, that muffin has to be pretty old. Just saying’.

          1. Are we talking human years or muffin years?

        2. Anti-muffin ugliness in open now with ascent of Trump I see.

          Just deplorable.

    2. Just grab them by the pussy? They were right, Trumpacolypse is happening.

    3. Would would would would wouldn’t

      You went from right to left. What does that young man have that granny doesn’t?

      1. What does that young man have that granny doesn’t?

        Come over here to this dark corner with me, Wishy.

        1. You’ll be my first, T.
          Be gentle.

          1. ^T-boned

  22. An actual back and forth between me and a progressive friend of mine.


    It’s wide to point out the utter failure of our media to investigate the Bush Administration right now, because we are facing something far worse in Washington come January.


    The fourth estate has been dead for a long time. You talk about the utter failure of the media to investigate the Bush administration; they’ve been more complacent towards the Obama administration.


    Not close.

    He’s actually saying the media did not fail in its duty to actually question Obama.

    It’s been 2 days and I still can’t think of a response because my brain broke.

    1. There’s really no point to responding if he really believes that. His brain is the broken one in this scenario.

    2. I say just call them racist and move on.

    3. I like the gloss over of Obama.


    4. Well you know Foxnews hounded Obama mercilessly and they have the highest ratings… is something you see constantly on the internet from leftists who seem to think cable news is the only news source in existence (in addition to Rush Limbaugh). Then in every other context, they immediately dismiss any argument or source based on Foxnews reporting.

      Another crazy-pills argument I had with someone: him claiming racism has gotten worst in the US since the 60’s.

  23. Has anyone ever checked out It was set up by a radio guy who just got elected to Congress (Jason Lewis).
    I assume there’s more to that libertarian site than a steady deluge of articles about Trump.
    You have to be invited by an existing member in order to join. Does anyone in the commentariat belong?

    1. You have to be invited by an existing member in order to join.

      Sounds like one of the reasons why I lost interest in the Objectivist movement.

      1. Do you know the first tenet of Canadian Objectivism?

        Eh is eh.

      2. ok, I’ll settle for any other libertarian website with an enlightened commentariat. Suggestions?
        All Trump all the time is getting old. So are campus crusades

        1. Nope, sorry. I tried the libertarian section of reddit for a little while but I wouldn’t call that crowd “enlightened”. Too many people unironically calling themselves “libertarian socialists”.

          Just stick around here and skip the articles.

        2. Could we interest you in some immigration-related racial browbeating, perhaps?

          “Pedro, be a dear and fetch us one of Ms. Dalmia’s articles.”

        3. Try . Libertarian Brits. They do comment a fair amount on US politics, but focus more on the UK and Europe.

  24. Hate “crimes” against Muslims up 67%. It is funny because many of those “crimes” were people calling them bad names.

    I wonder if the shooter in Florida was considered guilty of a hate crime because it was a gay bar? Or because he is a Muslim that isn’t really a hate crime.

    1. Lesbian Liberation Brigade torches mosque = SJW prog shortcircuit.

    2. Meanwhile, Odinson came up my local river, burned down the local monastery, piled anything shiny onto his longboat and stole all my goats. And when I complained to the cops they accused me cultural insensitivity.

      1. 🙂

    3. UP from 3 to 5? Damnation.

    4. If you really wanted to fight hatred, you’d join the Army to shoot Muslims.

  25. Democrat Strategist Makes Fun of the White Guy Beat Up During the Anti-Trump Protests

    Charming. The link is on PJ media but reason won’t take it.

    1. White people….man, they really are the worst!

  26. Two social workers in Detroit are being charged with involuntary manslaughter and more in the death of a 3-year-old for failing to follow up on the child after discovering he was living in a home with inadequate food.

    In related news = Man found guilty of *Murder* for leaving child in a too-hot car

    1. Meh. There’s a pretty overwhelming amount of evidence the dude did it on purpose and hoped to slide it in under it being accidental.

      1. there must have been. still, it will affirm many people’s belief that 5 seconds of kids-alone requires a police-call

        1. Again, I will repeat the shock when a Tampa airport traffic enforcement lady told me I could leave my two little ones in the car (running) while I tried catch my wife who had grabbed my phone by mistake. She just said, “Is the A/C on?” and that was that. Of course, she was pushing 60, so she might be immune to this hysteria.

      2. Read the AJC every day and it was covered everyday. Dude did it on purpose. POS.

  27. he number of reported hate crimes increased by just 6.7 percent, but there was a big surge in reported hate crimes against Muslims. (The flat numbers are not huge, however)

    Then there was not a big surge. A large percentage increase over a small number is still in absolute terms a small number.

    1. “A large percentage increase over a small number is still in absolute terms a small number.”
      That’s the kind of logic Dems are using when talking about the large percentage jumps in Obamacare premiums.

      By the way, John, I questioned your optimism in Trump’s chances based upon interrupting early voting totals. I was wrong to doubt your analysis.

      1. You’re way classier than Nick Gillespie who was mocking people unsure of Hillary Clinton’s certain victory at 6:40 pm on the election day. Gillespie was as smug and unbearable as cytotoxic.

        1. cytotoxic

          Speaking of people that we haven’t seen for a while…..

          1. I’m just coming back. But, man, that’s good to hear.

            1. Tony and AmSoc didn’t elect to be entombed with dear leader, unfortunately.

              Bring back Egyptian conservatism, I say.

      2. Thanks. And I don’t think the analogy works. Insurance premiums are expensive to begin with. So a big jump in them is a large increase. Here you start with 184 incidents in 14 and jump to 257 in 15. That is a big percentage increase but still only 63 more incidents for the entire year throughout the country. That is not a big surge.

    2. From the linked article:

      In 2015, there were 257 incidents of anti-Muslim bias compared to 184 incidents the prior year. The total is second only to the surge in hate crimes following the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001.

      257 incidents in a country of well over 300 million seems rather insignificant.

      1. Hate Crimes since 1995

        No one @(#*() reported any anti-muslim hate until 9/11. then it became a low-buzz thing for CAIR to fundraise with.

        Also = Hate Crimes were at a 20-year low in 2013. a YoY “6.7%” rise is basically noise compared to a ~40% decline over that period.

        1. TRENDS! PATTERNS!

      2. If we can save just one feeling…

      3. Not only that, but the article breathlessly discussed two of the ‘hate crimes’. One of them was just words.

        Also, the 267 hate crimes against Muslims should also be contrasted with approximately 3000 against Jews (based on numbers reported in the article, plus a quick estimate)

  28. President-Elect Donald Trump was allegedly unaware that he would be replacing the entire White House staff.

    So we even more beautiful, outstanding people, the best people, to look forward to than we thought!

    I don’t know the source of all these reports but if true they only seem to confirm that Trump never really expected to be where he is. South Park seems to have nailed it again.

    1. Trump never really expected to be where he is. South Park seems to have nailed it again.


      Since the Reagan era, Trump has been expressing political views via full-page-ads in newspapers. And he’s enough of an ego maniac to believe he and his ideas are right for the job. Considering his campaign strategy and the election results, he’s arguably the smartest man in American politics.

      I generally like South Park’s satire, but think they’re victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The whole “he isn’t seriously running” idea should have died after the primaries.

      1. Seriously running and seriously expecting to (and preparing to) win is another. But as I alluded to, who know what’s exaggerated and what is not.

      2. Trump didn’t expect to make it past October of 2015:…..index.html

  29. “President-Elect Donald Trump was allegedly unaware that he would be replacing the entire White House staff.”

    Or you know he could just not and leave those positions vacant, I wouldn’t complain one bit

    1. Let’s fill them as they are proven to be needed. I put the over/under at a 40% reduction

  30. Not-so-humble-brag. Look what I dug up from March 2015.

    Injun, as in from India|3.3.15 @ 9:23AM|#

    Bush f***ed McCain twice – in the 2000 GOP primary and then in the 2008 presidential election (by ruining it for ANY GOP candidate by crappy performance as President).

    History will repeat it self. Obama f***ed Hillary in the 2008 Donkey primary, and will ruin it for ANY Donkey candidate by crappy performance as President.

    1. I’m still surprised that Rubio didn’t fall bass akwards into a nomination. How did that not happen?

      1. I had money on Lil’ Marco.

      2. Let’s dispel with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

        1. Whatever Valerie tells him to do.

    2. Pat yourself on the back why don’t you? You better be working on a Reason tears montage or we will have to call Trumpler on you. /Redhat

    3. Good for you. You didn’t walk back on that after Trump got the nomination did you?

      1. I was 100% wrong on Trump winning the nomination and the presidency.

        I thought someone would stop him in the GOP primary. My money was on Cruz.

        Then I thought HRC would wipe the floor with Trump. Wrong on that too.

        1. I figured he would win the nomination from about December on. I always thought he had a good chance of wining but couldn’t bring myself to guarantee it.

        2. My money was on Cruz.

          You know how everyone hates Hillary? That goes double for Cruz. Everyone fucking hates that guy.

          1. Nobody likes you Cruz.

          2. Cruz is the kid who tells the substitute teacher about the quiz you were supposed to have but she had forgotten to give. He would have never beat Hillary.

          3. Only the people like yourself who depends on others for their impression of Cruz.

            The people who have worked with him, and the people who voted him into office feel differently.

            Here ya go.


            There are many more similar pieces if you care to educate yourself.

  31. President-Elect Donald Trump was allegedly unaware that he would be replacing the entire White House staff.

    Why would he have to?

  32. “driving a truck bearing a confederate flag”

    I don’t and will never get the hatred for that particular piece of cloth. Sure, I don’t like the flag, it looks dumb to me, as does the US flag (seriously, modern countries, bring back heraldry). But I can appreciate it means different things for different people, and some people might like it as a symbol or what-have-you.

    Every time I bring up my not getting what the big deal about the flag is to Liberal friends, they bring up the Swastika. But that still doesn’t make sense to me, because my grandmother came from a Baltic culture that used thunder-crosses in their artwork, she lived through a Nazi work camp, and she displayed thunder-crosses on traditional artwork in her house until the day she died. If even a holocaust survivor can see the symbol as meaning something different to them, personally, and use the symbol themselves separating it from the hateful use of the symbol by those they personally suffered under, I don’t see why anyone should object to any symbol.

      1. I raise you a Saint Augustine.

        1. + a whole bunch of Buddhists

  33. Opponents of the Dakota Access pipeline are planning nationwide protests. Do they know about the other nationwide protests already happening that are sucking up all the attention?

    I would like to see Reason do an article about this. So far everything I’ve read seems to be propaganda for one side or the other. I don’t know what is really happening there.

    1. You know, this is something I’d like to see to. Or fuck it, I’ll do it myself.

      From digging, there’s environmental concerns but I don’t think that’s of ACTUAL concerns. Annoyingly, this is the side of the debate the left media wants to focus on, so digging away.

      There seems to be a more libertarian issue here: eminent domain abuse, which the government used to get the land. The Standing Rock Sioux are claiming this eminent domain use further violates, specifically, the 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty.

      So looking at that treaty:

      Here’s the map of the land promised to the Sioux by the treaty the protesters reference:….._large.jpg

      And HERE’S the map of the pipeline: http://mediad.publicbroadcasti…..ll-map.jpg

      Now keeping in mind that the US government has already violated the HELL out of this treaty in that the Sioux do NOT have modern-day control over the region they were promised, you can see that the proposed pipeline area does clip the North-Eastern portion of what should by treaty was at one point Sioux land.

      1. A map of the current Sioux reservation can be found here, with pipeline in Red:…..gUnlkXgXVA

        You can see there that the pipeline isn’t on Sioux modern reservation land. So if we’re going by modern territory, then the Sioux do not have a “we own this land” claim on the area the pipeline is going, but they COULD have a valid tort concern based on the fact their land is really close, and downriver from the pipeline.

        Plus there’s a bigger issue of the fact the pipeline passes through land ceded to the Sioux by treaty long ago. The US considered the Treaty in question null, but for bullshit reasons (the Lakota and Dakota tribes may have broken the treaty (specifically individuals who didn’t even know about the treaty in the first place), but that’s not really a method to punish the other tribes in the treaty which upheld it).

        So depending on whether or not you view the old treaty as valid, you either have a eminent domain issue or a tort issue.

        1. Plus a NIMBY issue

        2. Yes, that land was ceded to the Sioux under the first treaty in the 1850s in which a peace was agreed.

          However, it is a bit silly to think that when they utterly violated that treaty by the ethnic cleansing of damn near 800 men, women and children in the 1860s that the treaty they negotiated as a promise to do pretty much the opposite would continue to be binding. It’s sort of like Nazi Germany saying to the UK in 1945, “Hey stop attacking us, we signed a treaty with you at the end of WWI”. Violence on a scale that can really threaten the US military forces of the time isn’t just a few rogue individuals no matter how you spin it.

          1. “when they utterly violated”

            Well sure, but the American government saw the violation of the treaty by /just the Dakota/ as the violation of the treaty by every other signer as well. It’d be more like in your analogy Great Britain resuming war against Turkey because of Germany’s actions.

            Does any other contract work like this?? If three people sign a contract, person A, B, and C, and C violates that contract can person A impose contractual penalties on B??

      2. Additionally there’s some further issues with the treaty itself, because nothing can be simple, lol, that essentially boil down to “The Sioux were granted lands by this treaty that were occupied by another tribe, making the treaty itself an abuse of libertarian land ownership rights”.

    2. I’m fuzzy on the details but wasn’t there some fury about the Alaskan pipeline killing off caribou but then it turned out the caribou h?ng out along the pipeline for the warmth? Or is that story too good to be true?

  34. Just to expose how fucking retarded the Media’s reaction to Gary’s Aleppo Gaffe was….

    …Ask a journalist = “Which one of the rebel groups fighting each other does the US support“?

    1. Nice.

    2. We’ll support whichever one is losing, so as to drag this on forever.


    I have a friend who has a 20 something daughter who gets mistaken for Anna Kendrick like twice a week every week. The likeness is uncanny. And damn does it make you feel like a dirty old man to have a friend, an older one granted but not that much older, who has a really hot daughter who is totally legal and adult.

    1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

      1. The pictures she puts up of herself and her daughter make DERPBOOK so much more bearable.

    2. Pics please.

        1. I don’t get why everyone seems to be into her.

          1. I’m not, I’m helping out my fellow commenters. John said the object of his boner was a girl that looked exactly like Anna Kendrick, then bacon essentially asked what she looked like.

            I’m here to serve.

            1. I’m here to serve.

              Bacon? You’re a little old to be an orphan, but if you work hard, you might get some apples in your gruel.

          2. For a movie starlet she is fair to midland. But trust me for a woman you meet and know, she is pretty fucking hot.

            1. Having just seen Anna Kendrick’s picture for the first time ever, I have to say she looks like a ton of 19-year-olds. It’s a pretty commonplace look for that current age group.

              IOW, John, if you really need to deep dive, there’s another nearly-identical gal out there who’s not your friend’s daughter.

              Remember what Fellini said about attractiveness:

              The most attractive quality in a man: wisdom
              The most attractive quality in a woman: youth

              1. “The most attractive quality in a woman: youth”

                OMWC is Fellini?

            2. fair to midland

              six of one, a shit-ton of the other

              1. Isn’t the saying “fair to middlin’ ” and not midland ?

    3. And damn does it make you feel like a dirty old man to have a friend, an older one granted but not that much older, who has a really hot daughter who is totally legal and adult.

      Stop thinking about how thrilling it would be to throw a fuck into your friend’s attractive daughter and then you will stop feeling like a dirty old man, you creep.

      1. Or do what I would do: just not feel guilty about it.

      2. I wouldn’t feel like a dirty old man. I would just feel like a gay man. NTTAWWT but that is not how I roll.

      3. What’s all this ‘feeling’ crap? He IS a dirty old man. And as long as you’re not cruising around the local high school there’s nothing wrong with that. Getting old sucks, have some freaking fun.

        1. Back in my day a man knew how to age gracefully, and damnit he did his damndest not to lust after young women, especially young women related to close friends.

          But hey, I come from a classier time.

          1. Oh they lusted, they just did not discuss it in polite company.

            1. It’s ok, we aren’t.

      4. I prefer the solution of reveling in the dirty old man title. So much simpler.

    4. In Trump’s America, that’s just fine and dandy.

    5. My old boss had a daughter who was a sorority girl at Alabama. All summer long, he’d come home from work and these chicks would be hanging around the pool and hot tub at his house in bikinis. That’s the kind of problem you’d like to have.

      1. My neighbor’s 16-yr old daughter and friend used to skinny dip in their pool.

        One day, while trimming the hedges, I glanced over for a better look, and cut the electric line with the trimmers! Sparks will fly!

        1. Trimming the hedges, another euphemism?

    6. Grab her by the pussy John.

    7. I don’t see a problem.

    8. gah!

  36. My prog friends have been sharing these horrible things once said by Trump and Bannon

    I’m not sure if that’s just me, but that actually makes me like Bannon, at least a little bit.

    1. “spread this widely”, but there are no photos of the ‘this’

    2. Since when does a Guardian writer have a problem with Lenin?

    3. The media keeps referring to him as a white nationalist, but would never provide evidence for this. Frankly I had never heard of the guy until his name was in all the news. Is he really a white nationalist?

    1. Journalists have done more digging in the last 72 hours than they have in the last eight years. It’s a sight to behold.

  37. Hey, pro tip for the next election cycle: Quit promising to move to Canada if your guy doesn’t win. It’s getting old, it’s stupid, and not one of you fucksticks ever goes.

    1. I have a friend who completely lost his mind over this election. He swore that he would never serve for Trump and would resign his commission if Trump one. He has 18 years in and is two years from retirement. I laughed in his face when he said that. It was a dick move on my part but I couldn’t help it. There is no way he is going to walk away two years from retirement over Trump and if he did, he would be retarded for doing so.

      I haven’t heard anything since the election, but I am pretty confident there are no resignation papers being submitted. What the hell gets into people?

      1. There comes a time when you have to call people on their horseshit. It’s unhealthy to let people live in a fantasy. He or she might hurt themselves accidentally.

        Since I’m not particularly nice, I’d probably say something about it.

        1. I am not that nice anymore either, especially when it comes to histrionic bullshit I know the person doesn’t mean. I can’t take that kind of crap like I used to.

          1. It you have time one your hands, prepare the resignation letter. If you know his unit, it’s pretty easy to get the right name in the “To” field. Hand it to him for his signature…. in public.

      2. John, if your friend was my wife, notwithstanding my flaming anarchism, I would go all Ray Rice on her if she even hinted at resigning.

      3. I’m at 18 AFS right now and I was planning to stay in until my MRD which is currently 24 years. Being honest with myself I was not sure if I could uphold my oath of enlistment had Hillary been elected. I’ve been in since Clinton I and, while I haven’t often agreed with the politics of Clinton, Bush, or Obama, I’ve never doubted they were making decisions based on what they felt was the best way to go about doing what they thought best for the country.

        Hillary and her family’s scheme with the Clinton FOundation was different and a game-changer for me. An organization that was funneling money and perks from foreign governments to Hillary, her family, and their supporters? While she was the SoS? Dealing with countries that had business before her? I could never trust that she was on the up-and-up.

        I’m not sure if I’d have been willing to hang it up with 2 years until retirement, but it was a conversation I had with my wife and looked at the financial planning if I did. It was doable.

    2. I’ve been vaguely hoping that Trump would organize his own band of professional “protestors” to show up at appearances by celebrities who said they’d move to Canada and have them chant “LEAVE NOW! LEAVE NOW!”

    3. They should at least pretend and go fishing or hunting there for a while..

  38. President-Elect Donald Trump was allegedly unaware that he would be replacing the entire White House staff.

    “You mean Bush and Obama didn’t keep Clinton’s ‘secret’ sexnasium?”

    1. Monica needs a job? Who knew?

  39. Even Liberals Are Getting Tired of This Selfie-Politics Bullshit

    Philadelphia resident Courtney Wilburn, 36, went a bit further in a weekend blog post titled “Why I Don’t Care About Your Safety Pins.” Wilburn described the campaign as “mainly self-serving and useless.”

    “It’s for white people who didn’t vote for Trump to identify each other,” she told the AP.

    Wilburn, who’s black, said the pin is mainly a “fashion accessory” and “in and of itself cannot help.”

    Is Kaepernick still kneeling? Or has that whole thing evolved as well?

    1. I have yet to meet a single black person who is that upset about he election. No black person I know voted for Trump as far as I know. I assume they are not happy he won. But none of them are engaging in the kind of histrionics white people seem to be engaging in.

      1. It shows how wonderful this country is: how often in human history has power shifted from one camp to another and everybody is tripping all over themselves to prove that they are opposed to the victors. Amazing. Nobody is afraid to show their true colors, no matter how much of a fascist they claim Trump to be. Not even for a second is their concern for their personal safety or that of their families. This country may have problems, but it’s crazy how much freedom we really just take for granted.

        1. “Nobody is afraid to show their true colors”

          Except for Tom Brady this morning.

        2. In addition, it makes you wonder which side actually punishes their enemies and which believes (relatively, at least) in the 1st Amendment.

        3. You better not say you voted for trump where I work, or you’d be fired.

      2. We are seeing the consequences of the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality more and more. People don’t know how to handle adversity. You don’t cry. You fight. If someone actually thinks that Trump’s America is going to go full blown racist, homophobic, and misogynist, with violence being normalized and mass deportations, the correct response is not to cry and it’s not to offer hugs to people who are crying – it’s to stand up and say “Like fucking hell you will!”

        A safety pin is the stupidest symbol for all this. Choose something, anything, else – a sword, a shield, a boxing glove, hell, even a regular pin without a fucking safety clasp. You can’t parody this stuff.

    2. Courtney is just pissed with white-people social signalling. Black-people social signalling is A-OK.

    3. I don’t understand this safety pin thing. We should pass a law so that Trump voters have to identify themselves, rather than the other way around. Maybe it can be in the shape of an A for “asshole” and scarlet in color to represent all the blood he’ll spill in our country. Or perhaps it can be yellow, because they’re all cowards, and in the shape of a star to represent each hope and dream crushed by Trump’s evil.

    4. I remember when they were earrings. Wait long enough and everything comes back in style.

  40. A Michigan police officer was suspended and is under investigation for driving a truck bearing a confederate flag at an anti-Trump rally.

    He should have just been running a private email server.

  41. The Dems are fucked.…..terms.html

    Republicans to 48 Democrats. For the Democrats to win the majority in the 2018 midterms, they would need to maintain the 48 seats they currently have and flip three Republican seats. However, just eight Republicans will be up for re-election in two years, and most represent solidly red states. The exception is Dean Heller from Nevada?the state voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, and it also elected a Democrat, Catherine Cortez Masto, to fill the seat of retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

    And to make matters even bleaker for Senate Dems, some of the seats they do hold belong to states that voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton last week. Of the 25 Democratic senators up for re-election in 2018, 10 come from states where Trump won: solid red states Indiana, West Virginia, Missouri, Montana, and North Dakota, along with traditional swing states Michigan (still recorded as likely Trump until all votes are counted), Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin?which all voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Tim Kaine also faces re-election in Virginia, a battleground state Clinton won only narrowly on Tuesday.

    1. Unless Trump is found molesting teenage girls in the WhiteHouse press room, I think the GOP might get to 60 votes in the Senate come 2018.

      1. Unless Trump is found molesting teenage girls in the WhiteHouse press room


        1. Those were not girls. Those were women and they likely didn’t have a problem with it or they wouldn’t have been there. Regardless, maybe the GOP is guaranteed 60 seats then.

          1. You mean they just let him do it??

      2. The rule of thumb is that the President’s party loses seats in the mid-terms, but with a 25 to 8 ratio in the Senate races it looks terrible for the Dems.

        If the economy even mildly takes off after Trump takes over it’s going to be brutal for the Dems in 2 years.

        1. …then it’s going to be even more brutal in 4 years because the Dems who are going to lose in 2018 will be the (slightly) less fucktardish ones (Manchin in WV, Donnelly in IN, Tester in MT, Heitkamp in ND). It will be like the rest of the donkey party after 8 years of President Obama, the only ones left will be the hardcore corruptocrats and the weapons-grade lefties.

    2. The GOP will be drunk with power and will be sure to screw up.

      The pendulum will then swing back again and we’ll get Democrat statism instead of GOP statism.

      1. It might but then pendulum seems to sweep less towards the Dems and more towards the Republicans every time. I think the Dems might be in a terminal decline. At some point the GOP will get so big, it will split into two parties and that will be our major parties with the DNC going the way of the Whigs.

        1. What about the much-hyped demographic changes in America?

          The Democrats are certain that they will soon have permanent majorities because of women and minorities.

  42. Fact check time: traditionally the president does NOT replace the entire White House staff, though it is his prerogative to do so if he really wants to. Many staffers have served across multiple administrations of different parties over the years. Of course, most of the high and middle ranking folks in the West Wing do get replaced, but the overall staff goes way beyond that.

    1. You better have some good names for the current rulers, or you and your momma will be blocked.

        1. Rinse Peepuss

            1. Steve “Hand” Cannon

              1. Larry “Bud” Sessions

        1. Rudee Ghouliani

  43. Against her will, my wife was made a member of that “Pantsuit Nation” group on Facebook.

    Holy fuck those people are delusional (she’s been rolling her eyes and laughing at it herself. And she spent election night crying over Trump’s win. She blames the right people though.)

    1. She blames the right people though.

      The pantsuit nation?

    1. The appointees, they’ll get lots of grief for leaving the lefty, Democrat plantation.

      1. They already have. They’re not really black/gay/female because they hold wrong opinions. Already seen that more or less said by several people.

        1. Trump is going to have to figure out how effective his traditional “Art of the Deal” tactics will work with people who are less rational and more assholish than the people he’s accustomed to deal with in his real-estate and media businesses.

          1. “people who are less rational and more assholish than the people he’s accustomed to deal with in his real-estate and media businesses”

            Hahaha! That would be nobody. Donald fits well with his business associates.

            1. I was deliberately insulting the Dems and Progs.

          2. He has been dealing with unions for decades. These people are lightweights.

      2. Bunch of Uncle Mary’s!

  44. Has anyone posted this yet?

    PS: Tundra and Pope Jimbo, of interest to you.

    Make America a nation of drunk drivers again.

    1. DOH! Injun, I swear I was going to post that right after the link about the sentencing of the Somali immigrants who were trying to join ISIS.

      Serves me right for not posting the straight news item first.

      I’ve seen Tundra on here today, so I think Minnesoda’s libertarian population is still walking free today.

      1. For now. Though hysteria over third party voters seems to have died down some within the last few days.

    2. Is “blame Trump” going to be the new “thanks Obama”?

      In other Minnesota alcohol-related news, apparently Surly has denied the rumor that they are selling out to Anheuser-Busch.

      1. No, it’s going to be the new “blame Bush”. That shit was wearing thin even for Democrats recently. This is a reboot.

        1. Ugh, you’re probably right.

        2. Exactly. President “it’s Bushs fault” is saved by aTrump victory so now it’s Trumps fault.

    3. Couldn’t she just get shitface on the sofa like the rest of us? Poor snowflake.

    4. Birthday 33 while in jail for a .33. I’m impressed. Good story for the grandkids someday.

      1. It was her (Mich) Golden birthday.

    5. And it goes without saying that she wouldn’t even be able to see the medal platform for Olympic Drunk Driving if she was from Wisconsin….

  45. Speaking of hate crimes, the “Minnesoda Men” aka the Somali immigrants who tried to go join ISIS began to be sentenced today.

    The rats got off with time served and 18 months. The other who was sentenced didn’t cooperate and got 10 years.

      1. Are they citizens? If so, then that’s not possible as far as I know. If they aren’t, then I would think it’s a certainty.

        1. For a while in the early 2000’s there was a period where you couldn’t deport Somalis because there was “no functioning government” to turn them over to. (looks like they started back up in 2013).

          I knew a probation officer in Dakota County (St. Paul) who said he had lots of probationers from Somalia who took advantage of the situation to do a lot of stealing. The locals didn’t want to lock them up for minor thefts when they might be deported soon, so they got to walk away from a lot of things that normally would have ended up in the hoosegow for.

          Then when they started up the deportations, they were all stunned that they were actually going to be kicked out.

    1. How dare you insinuate that Somali jihadis are not described perfectly well as Minnesota Men! When I think of “Minnesotans”, I think of Asians, Pacific Islanders, Australian Aborgines, East Africans and Scandinavians in equal proportions because diversity is our strength and everyone is the same.

    2. How dare you insinuate that Somali jihadis are not described perfectly well as Minnesota Men! When I think of “Minnesotans”, I think of Asians, Pacific Islanders, Australian Aborgines, East Africans and Scandinavians in equal proportions because diversity is our strength and everyone is the same.

    3. Somalis eh?? You libertarians just can’t stop plotting terror.

  46. Listened to McKinnon singing Hallelujah. The whole stunt aside, what a flat, technically weak, passionless cover. Was anyone, McKinnon included, proud of that?

    1. The SNL thing? I didn’t even get it. Was it supposed to be funny, or was it an impassioned bid for Hillary Clinton? If it’s the former, Saturday night live has really gone downhill. If it’s the latter, Saturday night live has really gone downhill.

      1. Played straight in her Hillary getup, presumably to assuage grief-stricken lefties. Really very embarrassing for everyone, not least Leonard.

      2. It was a cop-out.

    2. If there’s one thing I learned from my sister being an avid fan of The OC, it’s that everyone has covered Hallelujah poorly at some point…

      I’ll exempt Jeff Buckley from this sweeping generalization for obvious reasons.

      1. my sister being an avid fan of The OC

        Riiiiiight, ‘sister’.

        1. I enjoyed it well enough for a while, but it got tiresome pretty quickly. My sister was INTO it and would talk at length about different covers of Hallelujah being used to convey different shades to the primary love interest/relationship.

          A bunch of it was filmed in my area. I’ll watch even terrible shows that I can sit there and tell a fight scene happened in my middle-school best friend’s kitchen.

      2. I liked KD Lang’s. Great range, very emotive. But Cohen’s is by far my favorite.

        1. Jeff Buckley’s is better. And so is Gepe’s.

          1. Buckley’s is pretty much the standard on that front, but I’m always disappointed he went with the less Jewey verses.

            1. I like it that he cut it down a bit. The full song is too fucking long.

              1. I don’t think that Cohen ever really performed the full thing. I think he just picked and chose verses based on his mood.

        1. Entirely too cute. Terrible. A weak imitation based entirely on novelty. Even worse than Jeff Buckley, pretender to the throne. Buckley is saccharine to Cohen’s dark brown sugar.

    3. That song is kind of the ultimate singer’s song. It takes a lot of balls to tackle it and a lot of good singers have tried and failed to cover it. Her not being a professional singer, it is no surprise it sucked.

      For the record, never let anyone tell you that the definitive cover of that song is anything other than Jeff Buckley’s. That guy owns that song, although a Brazilian singer covered it in Portuguese to pretty good effect.

      1. I think the Buckley cover is similar to Cash covering NIN’s Hurt; just redefines how it’s viewed.

    4. Yes, I am sure she is because she is being lauded for it.

      She is normally very funny, and is my favorite person on that show, so that song made me a little sad. Leonard deserved better.

    5. Bird On A Wire would have been the more appropriate cover, but I guess we could not claim that song was about a corrupt clam losing an election.

    6. The whole stunt aside, what a flat, technically weak, passionless cover. Was anyone, McKinnon included, proud of that?


  47. Maybe the Soros machine can get enough grieving idiots rioting in the streets that Obama can call martial law and suspend Trump from taking office. I think that had to be done before the elections, right? They are going completely apeshit over at HuffPo trying to think up reason why Hillary could still be president. Get a grip, retards.

    1. They may not know this, but they don’t want to do that.

      1. I’ve always found it amusing that the people who are, for the most part, disarmed and ignorant of how to use firearms, often agitate for some kind of armed struggle against people who are, for the most part, heavily armed and proficient with firearms.

        1. They watch movies. They’re experts.

        2. people who are, for the most part, disarmed and ignorant of how to use firearms, often agitate for some kind of armed struggle

          If you believed everybody’s soul to be as black the only one of which you have direct knowledge — your own — would you want anyone at all to be armed?

          Trusting people are trustworthy. And vice versa. And there’s a reason.

    2. Folks at HuffPo probably don’t realize that Obama has no extra-legal options no matter the lawyers; it is down to credibility with the gun-waving services to pull off such things – and Barry doesn’t much in those quarters.

    3. I got to plant and harvest my own crop of progressive tears today over this. Someone was writing about how they only needed to flip a couple electoral college voters and Hillary can become President. It’s wonderful that people who didn’t know the EC existed a week ago are now convinced that it’s just a matter of calling people “racist” harder to make them switch their Elector votes. I got to point out, even if he loses Michigan, Hillary still needs to get 20 faithless electors. That you have to go back to the 1900s to find 20 TOTAL faithless electors, and the plurality of such electors are either due to their pledged candidate dying, or slave state electors. Plus, half the states don’t allow for faithless electors and of those that do, most of them are states Trump won handily. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth followed.

  48. To anyone still crying over the election: your tears are delicious. I have optimism for the next 4 years and great optimism for libertarian(Big L and little l) ideals in the future. Hopefully TDS will be wiped away with a cloth.

  49. Trump being investigated for alleged ties to Putin.…..2d9ec214c2

    1. “I did not have sexual relations with that man, Mr. Putin.”

    2. They won’t learn. I’ve had dogs that were less stubborn…hmmm, maybe we need to rub their noses in it. It’s not the right thing to do, but it may make them listen.

    3. Additionally, the evidence shows that Trump has travelled to Russia dating back to 1987, before the end of the Soviet Union.


      Why on earth would a businessman travel to the USSR in the middle of glasnost when their markets were actually opening up?

    4. The FBI missed at least 10 key connections between President-elect Trump and Russia AND NOTHING ELSE WITH ANY OF THEIR OTHER INVESTIGATIONS when they conducted their investigation and concluded that our President-elect had no links to the country,

      What difference… ?

    5. It seems like it’s mostly business dealings, right? I think Putin is awful and I do actually worry what growing Russian influence will do to the approximately liberal (in the non-US politics sense of the word) world order, but it’s really not at all surprising that a business man would have business interests in Russia.

      Also, this

      President-elect Trump is set to become the first pro-Russia occupant of the White House in American history.

      I’m not a history buff, but really?

      1. Who was Teddy Roosevelt, a house plant?

      2. FDR and Churchill hangin’ with Stalin wasn’t a thing, I guess.

      3. We might have fought a war, no big thing really, where the Soviet Union was not quite fighting against us. Something about Germany and some guy named Adolph. I’m sure there was nothing more to it.

      4. I could me calculating this wrong but by insisting on treating Russia like an enemy progressives who are banging this story actually advocate for proxy wars.

        1. That’s exactly what they’re doing which would lead to a direct war. Essentially they’re pissed they didn’t get to start WWIII.

        2. I always knew there were Democrat hawks, but it’s remarkable to see them take up the mantle so proudly.

          1. It looks like the neocons have co-opted another party and killed it in the process.

      5. I recall progs – and Lightworker specifically – making fun of Romney in 2012 for being worried about Russians.

    6. The funny thing is, I would probably have voted for Putin (if he was actually eligible) over Hillary.

      1. I don’t know about Putin, but a houseplant, certainly, rather than Clinton.

      2. Um, no. Putin is even more corrupt than Hillary but actually competent and effective. No thanks.

    7. Does anyone remember Trump being completely fooled by Gorbachev lookalike in a limo at some point? I recall some comedy about that years ago, the mind-control chip was probably implanted then.

      1. That was Leslie Nielsen in naked gun

  50. Did you know that all the post-election violence is Trump supporters doing a victory lap or something?

    Archie Bland ? @archiebland
    Trump tells supporters responsible for violence to ‘stop it’ and CBS releases various other bits of footage but holds that for two days.
    4:00 AM – 14 Nov 2016
    42 42 Retweets 34 34 likes
    Andy Jones @andyojones
    I wonder why @CBS sat for two days on a Trump interview in which he asks his followers, finally, to stop committing acts of violence.
    11:16 AM – 14 Nov 2016
    18 18 Retweets 26 26 likes
    Mark Waid ? @MarkWaid
    CBS gets Trump to say stop it (PRESIDENTIAL!) to his crazy followers and SITS ON IT FOR 48 HOURS. CBS deserves whatever punishment he doles.
    12:22 AM – 14 Nov 2016
    49 49 Retweets 147 147 likes
    Some CBS viewers wondered why the network didn’t air the clip sooner as reports have claimed some Trump supporters have attacked members of minority groups following his election win.

    There’s not an honest old media outlet in existence.

    1. Some voices in the Twitterverse, however, defended the network, saying Trump could have spoken out about the issue at any point.

      He should’ve gone on 60 minutes and said it. Oh, wait…

    2. You expected honest indifference from the network that brought you Madam Secretary?

    3. They were waiting for an incident to finally occur that wasn’t an obvious hoax.

  51. So I heard this weekend that the random hiker in the woods that “happened across” the Former Sec. of State and erstwhile candidate for POTUS just happened to be a former Clinton staffer?

      1. A photo hit the interwebs via facebook, about a young “regular” mom and Clinton supporter, depressed about the election, decided to take a walk with her young daughter through the woods– to find some positive thing about the world and reflect upon her place in it… when lo and behold, there’s the former First Lady, Sec. State and her Husband, Mr. President Bill Clinton also walking along the same trail. Hellos and hugs were exchanged, and a picture taken by Mr. President himself with the young supportive mom, smiling with the defeated Hillary Clinton. What a story!

        When I saw it, I just shrugged and moved on– even thinking “huh, what’re the chances” (because unlike Hugh Akston, I still have some innocence left, damnit).

        Then I later hear that the young mom juuust happened to be a former Hillary Clinton staffer.

        1. There was another photo of her and Clinton at a fundraiser at the young lady’s mother’s house. However, the hiking photo could have been real – it’s not that unrealistic. That it received so much attention shows you just how desperate and pathetic media types are for any fairly interesting news. At the very least it was a person who lost an election walking a dog in the woods, an act I bet she has rarely done in the past.

          1. Oh, I bet she’s a regular.

            I mean, you got to hide the bodies somewhere.

          2. I considered that the photo was completely innocent, that the woman didn’t intend to obfuscate anything, but the way it was portrayed was completely sanitized of any connection between the two.

            I never saw the original facebook post– well actually I kind of did– but if I ran across my former boss and posted something about it on facebook, I’m having a hard time imagining me posting a missive without mentioning we had a former relationship- alluding to it in some way.

            “Saw my former boss in the woods… it was great to see him/her again… enjoyed my time working with/for him/her…”


            1. I don’t think the Clinton’s have the ability to create something that organic. The sick, old lady wanted to go for a walk in the woods, met the girl, and then everyone played it up as if on cue.

        2. My prediction is that she is doing this because she thinks that if she plays her cards right, she will get a rematch with Trump in 2020. For sure she’d win this time.

          Until I see her planted six feet under, I think she will continue to try to run for President.

          Sadly, I have no idea who on the Dem side could beat her in the primary if she decided to run.

          1. Trump in 2020. For sure she’d win this time.

            Hopefully the Democrats will have found a much better candidate by that time… you know, like a Michael Dukakis, or a George McGovern. Someone… anyone.

            1. Booker is next up. Though I thought it would be warren this time so I know nuting

              1. Warren is a less-likeable version of Clinton; scolding schoolmarm isn’t going to appeal to anybody but true believers.

          2. “For sure she’d win this time.”

            Wishful thinking. Unless Trump really screws the pooch he will be unbeatable in 4 years.

            All he has to do is not tank the economy and not invade any countries and not appoint a SCOTUS member who votes to repeal Roe v. Wade.

        3. when lo and behold, there’s the former First Lady, Sec. State and her Husband, Mr. President Bill Clinton also walking along the same trail

          Just out in the open. No Secret Service or anything. They’re just regular folk like you and me!

    1. When that photo made the rounds, I kept wondering who took the photo. I saw no mention of Bill Clinton being with her in the initial coverage.

    2. Yeah, I saw that.

      Even much of the commentariat here assumed that picture was legit. You’d think we would know better by now; we’re cynical about every other political thing in the world.

      1. My first reaction was, “Uh-huh, sure.”

    3. That story was just sad. The woman can’t help herself.

    4. If I hear her introduced as the candidate who won the popular vote but lost the election again I might have to start hurting people. Like identifying the Indians as the World Series team that had the most men on base but ultimately lost.

      This is why I quit watching network TV.

      1. Agreed. Funny we didn’t hear that whining in 2008, though.

  52. Another comedian falls victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome:

    MSNBC dipwad has wankfest with NBC clown:

    1. I like Wanda Sykes too. Dammit.

    2. Who’s Chris Hayes, and who’s “Seth”?

  53. President-Elect Donald Trump was allegedly unaware that he would be replacing the entire White House staff.

    Donald Trump is now officially adorable.

    1. He needs to do “between to ferns” spoof with Steve Crowder as the host.

        1. I liked it better with ‘to’.

  54. Just reading through some threads, I can’t help but notice many of the leading cosmo commenters have been very quiet, with the yokel taking over the threads.

    1. Putting people in boxes is what led to Trumpler.

      1. But seriously, did fda, warty, cali, etc just give up and move to huffpo?

        1. FdA & Warty are around, at least occasionally. Don’t know about cali

        2. Last I heard of Warty in earnest he had successfully mated with a human female. I’m certainly not an expert on the various nuances of Warty mythos but I wouldn’t rule out being eaten by the fruit of his own loins.

  55. Someone responded to a Facebook comment with ” 8q “. Does anyone know what this means?

    1. Screaming emoticon? Wide-eyed tongue-lick emoticon?

      1. Google gives me almost nothing. There is an urban dictionary entry for 8Q (capitalized), but that’s it.

        1. It’s a ‘grab your pussy’ emoji.

    2. It’s Cyrillic for “your mom has a leaky gash.”

    3. Hate you?

  56. So, I remember feeling angry and disgusted both times that Obama won. I don’t remember having this severe a reaction.

  57. There is a species of louse (cymothoa exigua) that attaches itself to a fish’s tongue, severs it, and spends the rest of the fish’s life acting as its tongue.

    One such louse was recently running for public office after a lifetime of service.

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