Friday Funnies: Election 2016


Chip Bok—Creators Syndicate

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  1. Fact: if you listen closely to a garbage can full of political posters you can hear the lamentations of their women (works with any party).

    1. It’s also pretty easy to drive them before you

      1. “Fact: if you listen closely to a garbage can full of political posters you can hear the lamentations of their women (works with any party).”

        Except for the Libertarian party for obvious reasons.

        1. My wife is also libertarian. She’s not lamenting this. Like all the rest of us, she is laughing her ass off.

          This is all too good to be true. The curtain was pulled back and everyone can now see “The Great and Powerful Oz” sitting there trying to intimidate them, with her MSM mouthpiece looming large and amplifying her voice to all the corners of the land.

          Will Democrats learn from this? Hell no. They never learn from anything.

          1. Democrats have learned that they just need to double down on what they’ve been doing.
            This is what they really believe.

          2. You know what they think they learned? That they just need to go harder on identity politics. There is a thing going around Derpbook among the left promoting Michelle Obama for President 2020. I guess because she is both black and haz vagina, so she couldn’t possibly lose!

            1. Why not Oprah? Bigger vag!

              1. I’m afraid they might pick Whoopi, and that it might work.

          3. They have learned that White Women are traitors and will ban them from the Party. Instead they will unify behind the Native American Elizabeth Warren.

          4. At minimum, they may learn not to put forward a crook who mocks the party’s base.

            They can argue that they won with Obama because swing voters thought Obama was sympathetic to them (swing voters).

            Obama apparently has, to some people, an “I feel your pain” vibe. Hillary can’t even fake that.

  2. Watching CNN concern-trolling the hell out of Trump. They’re “alarmed” by the fact that Trump is still attacking the press as being biased and unfair and that’s going to hurt him if he doesn’t build good relations with the press who can help him get his message out. Yep, attacking the press was a dick move by Trump that probably cost him millions of votes, I’m sure. He should definitely stop doing the things that got him elected and start taking advice from the people who told us there was no way in hell Trump would be or should be elected. Those people know what’s what!

    1. I caught some of that this morning. Bunch of cry babies.

      1. A bunch of toddlers having a tantrum because their binkys were taken away.

        1. That and they people working there were helping Clinton .CNN came out of the election looking like a toll of the DNC. Now they’re trying to shift the blame and change the narrative.

          1. A lot of their hysteria is because they were exposed as actively trying to help the Democratic candidate, and that candidate still lost. That leaves them in a really bad position.

    2. Trump didn’t take the press on his plane from NY to DC, breaking protocol. So they are worried they will be shut out. But I think Trump should only take along those who are neutral and have not been shown to take partisan positions – looking at you, NYT.

      1. Wait, are you saying the NYT meets or doesn’t mee the “neutral” description?

    3. I watched Erin Burnett last night and she had some ogress do a hit piece on Melania. Vile and sexist. Their smug ways cannot be changed at this point.

  3. What I find most hilarious about all of this is that Democrats are trying to pick through the rubble and autopsy this motherfucker. And some of them are starting to listen to disaffected Sanders voters who are explaining how the DNC robbed them of their candidate through manipulation for Her Highness in collusion with the media.

    The media is starting to actually cover the contents of the emails now because angry people want blood or answers and it might be best to give some of the latter before you have to give the former.

    They had to wait for an autopsy before the MSM came clean with facts like how the DNC and Hillary’s campaign colluded with them to give Trump oodles of free press because their polls told them he was the easiest of the three “pied piper” candidates for her to beat.

    We’ve all known about this shit for months. We already read it all and kept asking how it was being suppressed and why nobody from the prog constituency was demanding that the press cover it. Lots of Democrats are *just* waking up to these realities. Can the media supply a big enough mea culpa to the *entire* electorate for this?

    1. colluded with them to give Trump oodles of free press because their polls told them he was the easiest of the three “pied piper” candidates for her to beat.

      I don’t think they needed any encouragement from the DNC, and haven’t seen evidence of any. If you have, please share.

      1. Here’s a link to the specific leak:

        Subject: [AGENDA & MEMO] Friday Strategy Call at 8:00 AM ET

        The attached PDF on the document is what you’re looking for, linked directly here.

        Here’s’s article about it, where they finally get around to reading these emails way too late as part of their autopsy of this campaign. When the leftist rag on Her Highness’s side finally concludes that maybe there was something in those leaks worth reading, maybe you should read them too. 😉

    2. I was encouraging my millennial relatives that Bernie was the best choice! I knew, in the general, that his socialism would have met a brick wall, in a good portion of the Democrats, when it came down to the final vote. IMHO

  4. I keep re-winding and re-playing a particular statement made by WaPo reporter Philip Bump because I can’t quite catch what exactly he said but it sure sounds like he said “And, you know, I mean, I think that we are – (or?) Democrats are – freaked out about a President Trump….” . A little slip of the tongue there? Or a slip of the mask?

    1. Oh hell, they ripped the mask off and burned that motherfucker several months ago.

      1. Checked out the alphabet networks election night coverage and found it hilarious that they kept saying things like, “Everything was good until Trump took (insert state)”.

        1. Yeah, you could see their disappointment and horror, they weren’t even trying to hide it.

          1. The mask comes off and their true face is reveled. ‘ Is this what you wanted to see!!’ ‘This haunted face holds no horror for me now.’

            1. EVERYBODY GOT IT WRONG!!!!!

  5. There was an election Tuesday : And you’ll never guess what happened next!!

  6. Hope that’s a crock pot and he’s wondering if he should take a bite.

    1. I wonder if all the dumpster fires lately have been filled with ‘Clinton kindling ‘ ? The thought brings me joy.

  7. I’m sure Jon Stewart will post something that “totally DESTROYS” this.

  8. Asian beat journalist with hand in pocket feel cocky all day.

    1. That’s Rachel Maddow, Fist of Dysmorphic. And she’s grabbing her own pussy since Troomp is too busy figuring out how of the White House to gild in gold leaf. Keep an eye on precious metals in the coming weeks, folks.

      1. I look forward to the giant golden TRUMP atop the White House. It’ll be YUUUGE!!

  9. Here’s another Friday Funny for you.

  10. I don’t get the picture. It looks like he’s looking up at something falling and making that whistle sound bombs make. Could it be ratings?

    Now if Bok would have made this a two panel cartoon… on Monday, the CNN guy is all covered in Clinton stuff… then the Wednesday panel all that stuff is in the trash and he’s got that same look as though it never happened. That I would understand.

    1. the CNN guy is all covered in Clinton stuff


      1. * face palm *

  11. The most satisfying aspect of the end of the Obama era is how fragile his legacy is.

    His pen and phone approach is so easily dismantled. Really, it’s just a great illustration of how lazy and undisciplined he is, and how unseriously he took his job.

    1. Or his unwillingness to compromise?

      If he had tossed the Republicans a few bones, would they have gone along with at least some of his proposals?

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