Ballot Measure Calling for Price Controls on Prescription Drugs Narrowly Fails After $125 Million Fight

Major fight between special interests ends with narrow win for "No" campaign in Prop 61. It was the most expensive ballot initiative campaign in the country.


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When the dust cleared and the votes were counted in the nation's most expensive ballot initiative fight, voters in California narrowly defeated a proposal to set price limits for prescription drugs.

Campaigns in favor and against Proposition 61 already had spent $125 million by Nov. 2, about a week before the vote, and the election may go down as the most expensive ballot measure in U.S. history when all the spending is tabulated. In a year when big money didn't have much of an obvious effect on the presidential race, special interests on both sides paid handsome sums to convince Californians to support or oppose Prop 61.

If you're not from California and haven't been inundated by millions of dollars' worth of campaign ads, though, you might be wondering: just what is Prop 61?

Pushed by progressive groups and vocally backed by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Proposition 61 would have banned government-run health insurance programs, like California's version of Medicaid, from buying drugs at higher prices than those paid by the federal government.

Advocates said the measure would ensure taxpayers were getting the best bang for their buck and would prevent drug companies from making bigger profits, but opponents—including drug companies, but also the California Medical Association and other groups representing doctors, patients, and hospitals—warned that manufactures could refuse to pay the lower prices, potentially leading to shortages. When the nonpartisan California Legislative Analysts Office took a look at the proposal, they concluded that there was no way to know whether the price controls would actually save money.

In the end, voters sided with critics of the measure. With all precincts reporting on Wednesday afternoon, 53.7 percent of voters cast ballots against Prop 61.

"Voters did their research and recognized Prop 61 was a seriously flawed measure," said Kathy Fairbanks, spokeswoman for the No on Prop 61 Coalition, in a statement. "Prop 61 was bad policy that would have harmed millions of patients, veterans, taxpayers and others in California."

Longtime HIV activist Michael Weinstein ran the "Yes" campaign. His organization, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, gave most of the $17 million raised by advocates for Prop 61. Weinstein is also backing a similar ballot measure that will go before voters in Ohio next November. The defeat of Prop 61 in California might make it less likely that other states follow in the same track, but efforts to use government force to curb drug costs will continue.

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  1. Lefties like that literally think you can ‘will’ prices to be whatever you want. The only reason drug prices are high is because there’s not a law making it lower. Same logic with the minimum wage.

    Go move to Venezuela

    1. They’re also dumb. They don’t know the difference between cronyism and free markets. They label free markets ‘evul capitalism’ and cronyism ‘the government trying to protect us’. Clue, progtards. Drug prices are high because of government interference in markets. I know you’re incapable of learning, but there it is anyway.

      1. They assume that the economy is a zero sum game. Being that they are socialists at heart, it makes sense. After all, socialism is a zero-sum game. You take existing wealth and distribute it in a “fair” manner. So to them capitalism must also be a zero-sum game where wealth is distributed to the top. What they don’t understand is that capitalism creates wealth. Then again, they don’t understand the difference between money and wealth either. They have so many false premises that they can’t help but come up with erroneous conclusions.

      2. I was assured that the recent huge increase in the price of Epi-Pens had nothing to do with the fact that there are no alternatives available in the U.S. and everything to do with KORPRUT GREEED, despite Epi-Pens being cheaper in Europe and there also being half a dozen viable competitive options to purchase instead of Epi–Pens.

        1. Well, it actually has to do with corporate greed *and* the fact that there are no alternatives.

          Corporate greed is a fact of life – like shit, there’s no way to avoid it, you just have to find ways to deal with it. And competition, not government intervention, is the best way to deal with corporate greed.

          If there had been an alternative, Epi-Pen could have been just as greedy as they are right now – wouldn’t have mattered. Just like when you have a toilet it doesn’t matter how often you take a shit.

        2. Strangely, the FDA kept suppressing alternatives, and the CEO is the child of a Democrat Senator. But free markets are definitely the problem.

    2. How “lefty” is a measure saying a unit or program of gov’t shall not buy items more expensive than X? Seems to me like a pretty good frugality measure that should be applied to a lot more than drugs! If it leads to the items’ not being purchased at all, that saves even more $.

      1. The ‘leftiness’ comes from not understanding *why* the VA is able to get the price it does and CA has not.

  2. I supported Prop 61 because BIG PHARMA!!! doesn’t have a right to profit off of drugs that they pull out of thin air without any research or development.

    1. Sarc?
      True stupidity?

    2. Big Pharma spent most of the TV money, and disguised it as pro-veteran ads. The logic went that if California couldn’t pay more than the VA paid, Big Pharma (the ones funding the ads) would jack up prices to the VA, leaving veterans with no meds. Or basically, we’re the bad guys, but if you try to hurt us we’re so bad we’ll hurt the good guys.

      1. Which is pretty much what would have happened, much as rich pharm buyers in the US and those in, oh, Africa subsidize those poor, starving people north of the border.

  3. …manufactures could refuse to pay the lower prices, potentially leading to shortages.

    Pay or accept? I’ll hang up and listen to your answer.

  4. Didn’t the Indiana legislature once attempt to pass a law making pi=3 just to simplify the math?

    I have no idea why that popped in my head. I think the laws of supply and demand – written by old dead white guys like 100 years ago or whatever – are long overdue for an overhaul and I applaud these good people for looking for ways to bring economics into the 21st century.

    1. On the Indiana Pi story, here is The Straight Dope (by which I mean a Web site of that name).

      The version I heard was that the bill was based on 1 Kings 7:23 and the point of the story was “lol those hicks basing laws on the Bible lol.”

      In reality the bill was based on an idea by some physician who dabbled in math. And the bill failed.

    2. Their former governor, what was his name? He did some really good stuff, like privatizing the DMV, but he was also a huge crony for big Pharm companies. I think he was one of the first people to try to get Kratom scheduled. Well, he not only tried, but actually did it at the state level.

    3. I think the laws of supply and demand – written by old dead white guys like 100 years ago or whatever – are long overdue for an overhaul and I applaud these good people for looking for ways to bring economics into the 21st century.

      Really brilliant sarcastic quote, Jerryskids. Well done!

  5. The only thing better than drugs you can’t afford is drugs that aren’t for sale.

    1. Exactly this.

  6. I’m glad that our state at least had the sense to reject that one. And the condom law. But other than those ones and MJ legalization, most of the ballot measures went against my vote.

  7. These prog tears are like the potato chips in those commercials: You can’t eat just one –

    “White Women Sold Out the Sisterhood and the World by Voting for Trump…

    “What leads a woman to vote for a man who has made it very clear that he believes she is subhuman? Self-loathing. Hypocrisy. And, of course, a racist view of the world that privileges white supremacy over every other issue….

    “…Any woman who has had or might need an abortion, but who still voted for Trump, is guilty of the worst kind of selfishness….

    “…Trump tried to pit straight white men against everyone else?women, people of color, people in the LGBTQ community, immigrants?and white women decided they didn’t want to vote on the side of “everyone else.” They wanted to vote on the side of white men. White women decided that defending their position of power as white people was more important than defending their reproductive rights, their sexual autonomy, their access to health care, family leave, and child care.”

    1. I shall enjoy all of this for as long as the euphoria at the end of the Billary Clinton Era lasts. Then, I might start crying too.

    2. I can’t even. A bunch of racist white people didn’t vote for a white woman.

      1. But they elected Barak Hussein Obama not once but twice. Fucking racist.

        1. Yeah, they put the son of a *white* woman into the *white* house, so that doesn’t count.

  8. Is there any (empirical) economic theory that doesn’t say price ceilings lead to shortages? I mean even doctrinaire Keynesians* aren’t that delusional.

    * = Paul Krugman the columnist does not qualify as an economist.

    1. Paul Krugman the columnist and Paul Krugman the economist are separate persons inhabiting the same body.

      And they don’t agree on economic issues.

      1. It is quite a thing to behold. How many times has Krugman contradicted his own writings?

        The funny thing is that, if he were held to the usual standards of scholarship, people would be investigating him for plagiarism by this point.

        Also, fuck the squirrels.

    2. But this “shortage” is just a reduction in the amount of the item that the state buys! How is the state buying less of an item in any way a “shortage”? It doesn’t prevent anyone else from buying it, it just reduces gov’t acquisition & spending. Why are any libertarians looking at this ass-backward?

  9. How about this. Don’t set price limits on drugs and end cronyism. Open up markets and allow competition imports. The simplest and most obvious solutions to problems seem to completely elude team purple. Well, it doesn’t actually elude them, they just want to keep up their cronyism. The USA has the dumbest fucking drug laws on the planet.

    1. But, but, then people would be poisoned by the evil corporations who would collude with each other to gouge them!

      1. We don’t call them progtards for nothing.

    2. I bet Rufus can tell them all about price controls on drugs and their effects. You their Rufus,or any Canadian?

      1. I call tell you from experience how much cheaper and easily available some drugs are in other countries. Even some drugs we have listed as ‘controlled substances’, which is a term every libertarian should despise. And most people in those countries will self medicate in many cases. Like if you have a throat infection, you don’t pay $100 for a doctors visit, you just go to the pharmacy and get some antibiotics. And no one shits their pants, really.

        1. That just means that those people aren’t truly free. After all, freedom means asking permission and obeying orders.

        2. If the antibiotics kill the intestinal fauna, you might shit your pants. But I’m Ok with that.

        3. If the antibiotics kill the intestinal fauna, you might shit your pants. But I’m Ok with that.

        4. How do you feel about the reduction in efficacy of last-resort anti-biotics due to this type of anti-biotic misuse I wonder? Soon, no one will have them. And by soon, I mean decades at most.

    3. It is kinda funny that way. We should be more like enlightened Europe, but we can’t trust their pharmaceuticals because they aren’t approved by the FDA. Derp.

  10. Foreign Affairs is dropping their paywall to re-run an article about Trump i pointed to about a month ago

    Old Whine, New Bottles” – Trump and American Populism.

    I cant remember which parts of it i thought were smartest last time. All i’d offer is that i think its worth considering that the LP is actually the strongest “4th party” after the incoherent populist-independent vote which is being characterized here, and which likely drove Trump to victory.

    1. I don’t think it’s any secret that large swaths of the country are Michael Lind-esque “radical centrists.” I do disagree that they are our “3rd party,” however. You see, the (GOP) king is dead; long live the (Nu-GOP) king! These populists-independents are our second party, and the loose-coalition of social conservatives, neoconservatives, and libertarians that made up “the big tent” have been regulated to B-list status. I would argue that the machinery that lead to this had been in motion since the first stirrings of the Tea Party.

      1. i’m not 100% sure what you’re saying. i suppose the issue is that the GOP has become the default Populist party, ergo there is no in-between thing? i guess that’s right. but there’s still a lot of legacy GOP infrastructure which has yet to be dismantled which i think will make itself known in the “first 100 days” of the trump admin.

        the conclusion from that above piece, =

        At its best, populism provides a language that can strengthen democracy, not imperil it. The People’s Party helped usher in many of the progressive reforms, such as the income tax and corporate regulation, that made the United States a more humane society in the twentieth century. Democrats comfortable with using populist appeals, from Bryan to FDR, did much to create the liberal capitalist order that, despite its flaws, few contemporary Americans want to dismantle. Even some populist orators who railed against immigrants generated support for laws, such as the eight-hour workday, that, in the end, helped all wage earners in the country, regardless of their place of birth.

        Populism can be dangerous, but it may also be necessary. As the historian C. Vann Woodward wrote in 1959 in response to intellectuals who disparaged populism, “One must expect and even hope that there will be future upheavals to shock the seats of power and privilege and furnish the periodic therapy that seems necessary to the health of our democracy.”

        1. obviously the first sentence of that conclusion should terrify any proper libertarian… 🙂

        2. i suppose the issue is that the GOP has become the default Populist party, ergo there is no in-between thing? i guess that’s right. but there’s still a lot of legacy GOP infrastructure which has yet to be dismantled which i think will make itself known in the “first 100 days” of the trump admin.

          I will admit a slight bit of hyperbole in my previous statement, but yes, since ‘Tea Party Republicanism’ is now the default mode of the GOP, those previously homeless radical centrist-populists now have a place to hang their hat. It will be interesting to see how thoroughly Trump cleans house. Usually the Night of the Long Knives occurs before you take power. That having been said, I don’t think Trump is the end of this. Indeed, Tom Tancredo is probably kicking himself for reaching his peak 15 years ago.

      2. also =

        niggas can’t spell but we know our instagrammar” gets some lyrics-points from your link.

        its been a long time since i’ve hear anybody actually rap something less-than-stupid.

        1. Jidenna and Janelle Mon?e have been my spirit animals as of late.

          1. i’ve never really been a lyrics dude. even tho im a rap fiend, and i still think incarcerated scarfaces is the apex of rap, i’m more interested in hearing the intersection of “voice” and “attitude” than i am with the larger meaning of any given tune

            basically… i’ve always listened to rap line-by-line, and if there’s one or two clever moments in there, then kudos. i don’t really care if there’s a larger point to anybody’s rhymes.

            1. and showbiz and AG just because they rolled into the playlist

          2. Did you ever actually listen to that aceyalone record?

            I was never a huge fan when any of his stuff came out…but in hindsight, i think he was one of the better-dudes that have been under-appreciated. maybe somewhere between Del and Kool Keith. his other one is also interesting

          3. I love Janelle Monae. Is she straight? Tell me she’s straight, because I’m tired of falling for lesbians.

            1. Yeah, Paul, just because they won’t go out with you didn’t mean that they are lesbians.

              1. Newsflash DenverJ, no one goes out with me and I know they can’t all be lesbians.

  11. First 100 Days. Shikha hardest hit.…..-100-days/

    1. Damn, I forgot all about Shikha. Has she posted even one hysterical Trump article yet since the Trumpocalypse began?

      1. I’m sure whatever comes will be a gem.

        1. I suspect she’s curled up in the fetal position in a mental ward somewhere.

  12. Dear White People: Stop Saying “Nigga”

    “…I want to make something very clear to white people: STOP SAYING NIGGA….

    “”Nigga” is derived from the term “Nigger,” which, according to, is a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person….

    “I want to start off by saying that everyone should refrain from using the word, including black people; even in a world where no one is saying the word, white people do not have a say in regulating its usage in that world.
    The only reason black people continue to refer to themselves as “niggas” is because of white supremacy, systematic racism and the overt psychological warfare that has continuously [etc.]…

    “…black people have been conditioned to believe that we are less, no good, worthless, or simply put, a “nigga.”

    “This has even been perpetuated with all of those maniacal rap artists that white people seem to always fall in love with and invest in….

    “White people shouldn’t say the “n” word for the same reasons black people shouldn’t.”

    1. “Nigga” is derived from the term “Nigger,” which, according to, is a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person….”

      Is this person like 12?

    2. I imagine this person would break down crying if they ever hung out in the park at night. After all, the damn sprinklers are racist. Ever listen to them? “Spick spick spick spick Chink! Nigga nigga nigga nigga…”

      1. That was Not OK and totally not funny and I have no idea why I laughed.

      2. My first week in the Army, I slept next to some black guys. I heard the word nigga and variants thereof about 300 times in the span of about 20 minutes.

        I finally got them to shut up by saying things like “I thought black people were only loud in movie theaters”.

    3. In Brazil they call blacks negros, and no one is offended. There’s a TV series there named ‘tres negras’ about 3 black chicks. Americans are such seriously uptight assholes.

        1. Sounds severe, though it’s not what we’d call a 1st Amendment case, since those were actual in-person fighting words.

          1. Or maybe it *is* a 1st Am case.

            1. Chaplinsky v. NH was an idiotic ruling just by evidence that yesterday’s ‘fighting words’ (e.g., “You are a God-damned racketeer” or “a damned Fascist”) are tomorrow’s Salon op-ed.

              1. Heh heh, but at least philosophically, I see a place for misdemeanor disturbing the peace penalties, though I’m worried cops will be, ah, selective in whom to arrest.

        2. That sounds like harassment, but the sentence is fucking retarded. Brazilians are not PC at all, I know this for a fact. But publicly yelling at people and calling them monkeys is probably something not accepted in polite society anywhere in the civilized world. Still, the sentencing is way out of line there.

          1. Right, perhaps the woman was looking for trouble – I would even call this a public order offense if I wasn’t worried the H&R community would call me a fascist.

            But the sentencing seems excessive.

            1. My wife is a lawyer in Brazil, she said the sentencing is extreme and that she suspects this isn’t the first time the woman has done this, but that maybe she’s becoming a problem in the community.

            2. PC be darned, it’s a public order offense and a properly-drawn law (without the draconian sentencing) could be drafted to deal with such disruption, probably under the heading of disturbing the peace.

              1. Fuck off slaver.

        1. “Monkeys”

          Hmm…alrighty, then.

          “dirty blacks”

          Oh, c’mon! She’s not even trying!

          In Brazil, where more than 50 percent of the population is black or creole, racism is punishable under the penal code and is a crime where the statute of limitations doesn’t apply.

          Racist language: As bad as murder!

          1. This is what you get after 10 years of the Brazilian version of progtards, the labor party. They also wrecked the economy. Progtards, the same everywhere.

        2. Yeah, she doesn’t look crazy.

    4. I want to start off by saying that everyone should refrain from using the word, including black people

      That’s why I started off with Dear White People.

    5. I want to start off by saying that everyone should refrain from using the word, including black people

      That’s why I started off with Dear White People.

  13. I’m super pissed that CA decided to ban plastic bags. Have you every heard of something so moronic?

    I really hope the plastic bag industry take this all the way to the Supreme court. That’s the one area where Trump might come in handy.

    1. Because he has the best plastic bags? And you’re gonna love ’em?

    2. Serial killers hardest hit.

    3. Unless the plastic bag industry makes the reusable bags, too..

    4. Dallas, TX passed a measure similar to this only it was more like a tax where you paid some outrageous amount per plastic bag you used (of course, this was referred to as a ‘ban’ even though it absolutely wasn’t). After it cost businesses and suppliers tons of cash to comply, it was repealed because of a law suit with the City.

      So, a big waste of time money and effort for everyone involved. No City Council heads rolled. Par for the course.

    1. Scrumptious.

    2. Well, not a dream, it’s more like a nightmare, Madcow, cause I’m looking at your face and it’s disturbing.

    3. “This is us. This is our country now.”

      This is why you fail.

    4. “This is us. This is our country now.”

      This is why you fail.

  14. I wonder how much a charity could have done with that $125 million that went to ads. Maybe they could have helped needy people buy life-saving drugs.

    Crazy talk, I know.

  15. The Derp Horn of Plenty continues to deliver. We’ll never go hungry again.

    Yale Professor cancels test because students distraught over Trump:…..p-win.html

  16. Here are some particularly sweet prog tears, as least for me:

    “Planned Parenthood CEO Issues Desperate Email After Clinton Defeat, “We’re Devastated and Angry””

    1. I wonder if Clinton ran her campaign out of PP’s offices, too?

  17. Big protest in NYC against Donald Trump. Weird that it’s not any news network. Only have Periscope live streams.

    1. A big protest against what? What did Trump do? He’s not even taken office yet. What a bunch of retards.

      1. I genuinely don’t know. As with Occupy Wall Street and most protests, I’m guessing it’s really an excuse to socialize and engage in social signalling.

        1. They had 8 fucking years to protest Obama not pulling all the troops out of Afghanistan, not closing Gitmo, not descheduling cannabis. And what did they do?

          1. Assume that only a white person could handle all that, apparently.

    2. CNN has it now. NYC and Chicago.

    3. Protests are being organized by The Answer Coalition, a literal communist front.

  18. Apparently, Clinton had cannons loaded with confetti made to look like broken glass to mark the moment when she would inevitably shatter the glass ceiling. It was unceremoniously dumped in the garbage.

    Mmm, delicious.

    Above link has video goodness of the confetti being trashed.

    1. They can keep it for four years.

      Chelsea 2020.

      1. It’s Michelle Obama’s turn.

    2. Why we shouldn’t lower the voting age:

      “Thousands of Bay Area students walk out following Trump election”
      “Holding signs reading “Not our president” and defiantly chanting Wednesday, thousands of students spilled out of Bay Area high schools, taking to the streets in anti-Donald Trump protests”…..604409.php

      I guess they were really convinced the hag was gonna helicopter college money to ’em.

      1. I guess they were really convinced the hag was gonna helicopter college money to ’em.

        And this is why our education system has failed us.

    3. In a few days or so, maybe this weekend, I’m going to come out of the initial shock of this and really enjoy my million barrels of salty prog tears. Ok, it’s not shock, it’s just… I dunno, the elation of seeing Hillary Clinton banished forever from our lives has just make me comfortably numb. Not sure how else to say it. I can’t quite process it all yet.

  19. Am I the only one having horrible problems posting? ie squirrels with a vengeance?

    1. You’re not the only one. These are radioactive mutant Squirrelzillas.

      1. Yes those squirrel girls are distracting.

    2. No I’m having all kinds of problems with it as well. Earlier today I had given up it was so bad.

    3. No, the site is totally fubar since last night. I guess our 2000 posts last night set Reason’s Pentium 2 Dell laptop web server on fire and they haven’t yet put it out.

  20. Oh! It worked on IE. Just not on Firefox. WTF?

    Hey admins, I absolutely cannot get a post through with Firefox. Might want to check on that.

  21. Ah, Thom Hartmann. He’s the caviar of derp. He blames Trump on Reagan. He also blames Reagan for everything from AIDS to bad moods. In this video, he admits to tweeting while drunk on wine. Thom Hartmann is Skankhunt42.

    1. the caviar of derp

      Beautifully put.

  22. Hey! It works on IE more often than on Firefox. I can get a post in at least after a few tries with IE. Nothing with Firefox at all.

    Hey, admins are you working on this?

  23. Christ, what a bunch of babies. There was less crying on 9/11.

    1. LOL! What a big meanie, and they totally deserve it! You had it coming, bitches!

  24. We must be strong

    “It’s hard to get to a place of hope and inclusiveness when your eyes are still puffy and snot is still running down your face and you’re worried about the mental health and safety of your friends. A KKK-endorsed man who openly bragged about assaulting women has risen to power by stoking rural, white Americans’ fears, and, come January, every branch of the federal government will belong to him and his allies. “This election,” wrote Rebecca Traister last year, “is a referendum on the existence and civic participation of Americans who are not white men.” And now we all know how it went….

    “…we can’t go back and redo the election. We can, however, start putting in some good work right now.

    “You can become an abortion-clinic escort. You can show up to a Movement for Black Lives event. You can actually start paying attention to your local and state government. You can volunteer with an after-school tutoring program. You can become a consistent donor to an organization that’s been doing social-change work for a long time.”

    1. I hate the way these people write.

      1. You mean in a totally condescending tone?

        1. That and the overwrought prose.

        2. Progs: the embodiment of condescension.

    2. “come January, every branch of the federal government will belong to him and his allies”

      That’s not really how the presidency is supposed to work. But gee, I guess they can’t really complain after applauding all of Obama’s overreaches for the past eight years, right?

  25. Lady and Gentlemen,

    I present to you the most spurious Trump elected op-ed published to date:

    How will a Trump presidency affect eSports?
    Donald Trump will be the next president of the USA, the biggest eSports market on the planet. We take a look at how his presidency could affect the video game industry.

  26. How many of you think the election of Trump is going to cause an increase in violence? Has social media warped that many minds? Morons who spend a lot of time on Twitter being moronic are going to get off their fat asses, stop playing video games and watching Netflix, and start committing violent acts, and most of those acts will be against women?

    1. I think the interesting thing to watch will be the way WaPo, NYT, MSNBC choose their narratives over the coming months.

      i think producers at places like CNN are all (rightfully) going to be shitcanned. Whether the newpapers do the same… i doubt it. But i think they will probably look at the landscape and ask, “how do we make money in this new environment” and choose their new themes

    2. I already put a pumpkin over my head and grabbed two pussies today. I almost got a third, but she was defter than she looked. Every one of them horn-rimmed hipster glasses, a shock of bright color in their hair, and were obese. That’s how I knew they wanted my advances.

      1. That’s how I knew they wanted my advances.


    3. It might make the proggies lose their shit and try to use violence.

  27. What about the children?

    “What do we do daddy? I’m crying.

    “Those were the words I awoke to this morning.

    “My daughter, like millions of American children, has not just witnessed the election of a president who has openly bullied women, Latinos, Blacks, Muslims, the parents of war heroes, and many other groups of Americans. She has watched his rhetoric change the atmosphere on her playground as children mimic his hate like mocking birds. It hurts her. It scares her.

    “My response to her: Dry your tears. A better day will come. We must all pull together to make it happen.”

    1. If people are just gonna make shit up, they should at least make it sound plausible.

      I have never heard a child say “I’m crying.” rather than just actually do it. Lying fuckwit, denied the liar-in-chief of his choosing.

      OT, but I found this on imgur and had to share. Enjoy:

    2. Hypothesis: this shitty parent has spent the past year drilling it into the child’s head that Trump is literally Hitler, and now that his election has come to pass, the child is in fact scared shitless because of the parent’s brainwashing.

  28. Last week, I ate an entire cracker/cheese/pepperoni party platter by myself. The way I felt after that is kind of the way I felt after I watched this:

    Mmm, binge derp.

    1. I wonder if they realize how entertaining they actually are. I mean,not in the way they want to be.

  29. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Chris Christie, in charge of the transition team, is said to be bringing in former members of the Bush and Romney team.

    Reported months ago, now in underway:…..eam-227450

    1. Cronies all the way down.

    2. Be careful, it’s Politico. I mean I know I saw fat fuck Christie on the stage last night and other detestable douchebags like Guliani. But keep in mind, Politico is a leftist site and they do not have a track record for accuracy on things. At this time, although I wouldn’t be surprised if true, I wouldn’t trust a leftist rag to not just be trying to stir the shit.

      You want to know how leftist Politico is? They banned me twice from posting there. Even HuffPo never banned me. I’ve been posting on WaPo for years.

      1. Here’s another source:…..story.html

        I am very aware of Politico. I probably should have gone with the CT first, though.

        I am hearing this news now on the radio (now the Mark Levin show) and on the web (The Federalist Radio Hour), both seem to citing the same insider.

        1. I just think that Trump doesn’t really know what he’s doing. I think he wants to be a populist and that it was Republicans who elected him and so he thinks he should do what the voters want. He’s just clueless about what they really want. There was a clear message, he just doesn’t really understand it. He understood how it helped him win, but he doesn’t really grasp the anti-establishment thing. Hanging around with such douchebags as Christie and Guliani is some heavy taint to be playing around with. Trump, like most people who achieve public office, are wildly out of touch with the peasants.

          1. I agree. I don’t think he gets it and is delegating. People in these positions are policy, however. His circle (Conway, Bannon) need to step in and get control over this.

  30. Funny as hell, even if false:

    “Donald Trump will never be President in my lifetime.”
    -Janet Reno Jul 21 1938 to Nov 7 2016

    1. Well, she nailed that one.

  31. Gawd, every time Van Jones is on CNN, he says that people are now terrified.

    1. There may be method to this madness.

      Eventually we’ll get the reports of what Trump is doing to dispel the understandable fears of so many Americans, etc.

    2. Fearmongering: not just for conservatives.

    3. That CNN employed that commie is just astounding to me.

  32. Bros and chicks… ok, I know there are no chicks here, I was just pretending. Anyway, I think our salty prog tear barrels are going to be full to the brim for a very long time. Just need to throw this out. Should we maybe let the orphans have a ration? No wait, I’m not going soft here… is there an expiration date on these tears? It’s just that I’ve never had this many, I’m not sure what to do.

    1. “ok, I know there are no chicks here,”

      Pretty much like a Rush concert in these parts…

      1. “Sorry, Stan, I mean Loretta.”

        (What does it say that it’s become right-wing and transgressive to quote that movie?)

  33. Why the hell is commenting so broken on Chrome and Firefox, but fine with Explorer?

    1. Reason hired the Obamacare server guys?

      (Outdated joke?)

  34. When you win, money well spent.

    $125 million is nothing compared to what price limits would have cost.

    I’m taking this.

  35. When you win, money well spent.

    $125 million is nothing compared to what price limits would have cost.

    Why is it hard to comment? Safari is a problem too.

    1. Database probably needs to be garbage collected, or something.

      1. Object oriented database?

    2. The squirrels are tired of our misogynistic racism?


      1. So when I read your comment, I was wondering if Facebook had a ‘portrait’ thingy for Trump, since they now have a portrait overlay for everything that makes the news… sure enough… it’s all black.

        Clever, facebook.

        1. I haven’t seen it, and I am surprised since the majority of my facebook friends are former colleagues at a university. They have not been in a good place today, but they assure me that America is just stupid and we are all going to die.

          1. Me neither. Mine has been a lot of tears over what to tell the children.

            1. Jesus people are stupid. Here, let ME talk to your kids, because I know exactly what to tell them. It’s the same thing I told mine.

    1. I have never been much of an elitist, but boy is the last couple hours making it hard. The complete freakouts from both Americans and Canadians are just hilarious, Chicken Little insanity. Half of them don’t even make any sense. I’ve had people tell me that the Jews and gays need to get out of the U.S. now, because Trump. Trump’s the most pro-gay GOP candidate in history and his bloody daughter is Jewish! It’s like they’re reading off of mental cue cards of ‘what you should freak out about if you think someone is a fascist’ and just ignoring the entire reality around them.

      1. There’s a gif going around of Bugs Bunny sawing off Canada and the USA.

        Cute. One problem.

        How long before the reality of being a protectorate and branch plant economy in the U.S. empire will hit Canadians?

        1. Probably when it’s too late. It’s Bezmenov rules, i.e. they won’t believe you until they’ve actually experienced it, and even then their response will be “I didn’t mean like this!”

          The plus side: Zoolander may be lecturing us for the 150th anniversary, but he now has to lick Trump’s boots.

    2. My sister, bless her heart, blamed Donald Trump’s win on those of us that voted for third party of abstained altogether. According to her, 100% of those votes WOULD have gone to Hillary, but for our hardheadedness. She gets her news from CNN.

  37. That tired old commie still thinks he matters:

    “Donald Trump tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media. People are tired of working longer hours for lower wages, of seeing decent paying jobs go to China and other low-wage countries, of billionaires not paying any federal income taxes and of not being able to afford a college education for their kids – all while the very rich become much richer.
    “To the degree that Mr. Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, I and other progressives are prepared to work with him. To the degree that he pursues racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment policies, we will vigorously oppose him.”

    Get a job Bernie.

    1. More jobs! More job killing legislation!

      Why does cognitive dissonance always arise when you get anyway near a leftist?

      1. BTW, he was in LA pitching the med price-fixing measure (the subject of the thread). He claims he can’t be bought for big bucks, just little ones, so I guess he assumes everything should be as cheap as he is.

        1. And he somehow managed to just buy a third house on a Senator’s salary. Musta won the people’s democratic powerball.

    2. The more they squawk the more they will reveal themselves to beyond reason.

      Even Mad Dog Chris Russo was pissed off about it. He told people who took a day off to ‘collect their thoughts’ to go to work and grow up.

      That’s absurd it’s getting. I even had my own run in with one and was on the wrong end of a racist jab.

      Rabid nutcases.

    3. Bernie told everyone to vote for the warmongering Wall Street establishment candidate. His opinion is worth less than zero.

  38. I am just looking forward to the end of “UGH OMG President Trump I can’t believe it I’m so scared!!!!!!11”

    No you are not. In your universe peeing your pants in fear might put you on the right side of history, but you’re pretending. Because no sensible, sane person is actually afraid of an orange man who rants on twitter. It’s a an especially retarded form of social signalling.

  39. Local women Clinton supporters stunned by loss

    “The Lower Shore [of Maryland] may have voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in Tuesday’s presidential election, but many local women were among the millions of female Hillary Clinton supporters whose hopes of a historic election were dashed with Clinton’s loss.

    “Nancy Hickman of Snow Hill said she is “indescribably sad and very worried” over the outcome, and called Clinton “a fine woman with unbelievable credentials.”

    “”I’m frustrated that Donald Trump so successfully vilified Hillary Clinton it made it impossible for people to vote for her, and that is a crying shame,” she said.

    “She also worries that the country seems to hold men and women to different standards, making it hard for any women to get elected president.

    “”The rest of western civilization is OK with this and we just can’t get it done,” she said.”

    1. She also worries that the country seems to hold men and women to different standards, making it hard for any women to get elected president.

      These people have the emotional maturity of children.

      Rebuking Hillary for president ? rebuking any woman for president. Jesus, this is elementary logic. But their kindergarten-level emotions prevent them from using it.

  40. A rabbi writes “A Letter to My Children” in the Huffington Post

    “Jonah and Micah, as you left for school this morning, for the first time in my life I wondered whether it was a good idea for you to wear kippot outside. On this anniversary of Kristallnacht, I found myself, for the first time, feeling that Jews are truly not safe in America, that we will ultimately become targets of populist violence. How I do I protect you today?”

    1. Since when did Trumpalos threaten Jews?

      These people are off their rockers.

    2. Jonah and Micah

      A little too “on the nose”, there…

      1. Get back in the basket, deplorable!

        1. Looks like the basket is now in the driving seat.

          1. Those underwater basket weaving majors are really upset now.

            1. Maybe they should just have a big :sigh:

              Couldn’t hurt.

    3. Why would any Jew vote Democrat? Their party platform, last I checked, specifically calls out Jews as a non-goodthinkful demographic. The Republican platform specifically supports Israel, which is a country where being Jewish is basically it’s only consideration for citizenship.

      What the actual fuck is wrong with American Jews to think this way? It’s literally the reverse of reality, or in other words ‘lies’.

    1. What about you just let them be kids? You know, because kids will just be kids and not worry about this type of boring shit. Anyone who feels the need to talk to children about stuff like this is truly a mentally disturbed asshole.

    1. Your children don’t care, you fucking psychopath! How emotionally disturbed does someone have to be to torment their own children with their own emotional instablity?

      1. Welcome to my facebook feed. It’s insane.

    1. “What should I say to my students after the election if Trump wins?”

      Punks jump up to get beat down

      1. Give nothin’ but abuse!

    2. Here’s a good one:

      one is teaching her students about Socrates death, which, she says, is just like Trump winning the election.


  41. AHAHAHAHAHA, Trump is going to be President of the United States!

  42. How Do I Tell My Children That Donald Trump Is Now President?
    Tell them that every member of your family can be a hero. Needs to be a hero. Starting now.

    This is from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

    I have an idea – the Israelis can accept all those Muslim immigrants Trump refuses to admit. That’ll show him!

    1. Christ. I saw all these links and thought you had to be skimming through facebook or reddit.

      These are all published. There are paid editors out there saying, “Yes, it’s good to run another one of these!”

      1. Heh heh, all I had to do was search Google News with “my children,” and the derp dropped into my lap like ripe fruit.

    1. Prog mothers will be with Trump like Irish mothers were (are?) with Cromwell – “you better behave, or Trump will come and eat you!”

  43. And the CA north coast rep as tin-foil-hat territory gets proven once more:

    “Sonoma County voters approve GMO ban”…..605255.php

  44. The hits just keep on comin’:

    “LIVE: About 1,000 gather in SF to protest Trump”…..313981.php

    Wonder where they were when Obo was starting new wars?

  45. Wait a minute. People are afraid of Trumpets?

    Assassination threats start already

    Yeah, just keep on talking, morons.

    1. Now that’s stupid.

    2. Will Preet go after any of them?

  46. “When my little girl asked what was wrong, I said, ‘honey, I’m sad because a mean man was elected President instead of a nice lady. The nice lady would have defended my right to kill you in the womb, and now I’m afraid other mommies won’t have the same right in the future.”

    1. Heh.

    1. Trump probably *employs* more gays than the hag ever met.

    2. Guess I shoulda gone down to Union Sq today. I would have loved to ask that guy what he thinks is gonna happen to gay Americans now.

    3. I also want to encourage all crazy people not to procreate. Good idea

    4. Hey it’s not like the government now has lists of officially registered self-proclaimed homosexual couples.

    1. The comments are great.

    2. Lena Dunham and Al Sharpton. What exactly do they bring to the table again? I forget.

      As for Jon Stewart. We already have Rick Mercer.

      1. Just take them. Give them some free land in the Northwest Territories and tell them that they’re saving mother gaia by having to live there. No, they’re not allowed to come back here to visit.

    3. *single tear falls from eye*

      I’m so proud of my countrymen right now.

    4. Also, how hilarious is it that these people flipping out about Trump now have to go through our immigration system, which is just as messed up and in many ways more restrictive than the American one.

    1. Good lord. They think Trump is affiliated with Westboro?

      I thought EF was stupid.

      Based on their behavior, these people would probably willingly participate in a commie struggle session. They’re completely nuts.

  47. Interesting take on the media:

    Establishment media on the ropes?

  48. A Libertarian Party candidate in GA got 1.2 million votes this election. Eric Hoskins in the race for Public Service Commission, District 2 – Eastern.
    Nearly 160,000 in my county alone. Gary Johnson’s 2012 total nationwide was only 75000 more.

    I believe this would be the highest LP vote total in any single state for the 2016 election

    1. How did he get more votes than Johnson? Probably by calling people cucks, amirite?

      1. Running against a Republican incumbent with no Democrat Party opposition.

        1. Well, we’ve found the problem. Voters can’t count to three.

  49. One poll that had it right:
    “Hillary Clinton 41.3% Donald Trump 47.2%”…..dashboard/

  50. Was up with the damn squirrels? More often than not, my comments with a link never show up.

    I’ve tried to post the GA Public Service Commission results where the Libertarian Party candidate received 1.2 million votes, better by far than any other LP candidate’s total in a single state.


    1. Huh? Eventually it showed up.

      Now did anyone see my comment where Megan McArdle was whining on twitter that Trump’s cuts to the federal workforce would tank the value of the McCuckerman family’s D.C. home?

      I shit you not.

      1. Remind them how many people globally have access to running water that didn’t have it three years ago, and that all in all, one things with another and taking the long view on things, that makes humanity still way out ahead.

      2. I love private property rights.

        Goddamnit, I HATE the “but muh property values!” whining.

        1. Goddamnit, I HATE the “but muh property values!” whining.

          My response is usually something along the lines of: “maybe you should’ve thought about that before buying one of 50 of the same house, stuck it on one of 1000 nearly identical postage stamp lots in one of 50 similar neighborhoods in a 20 mile radius”

  51. The bunker was silent and tense with fear. Clinton’s desk was cluttered with poll printouts and her flunkies were gathered around it.

    “According to all polls, everything is proceeding according to plan,” said Clinton calmly.

    Podesta shifted uneasily. He began to stammer: “m-m-m-Madam Secretary….Trump…”

    Abedin finished his sentence “Sir, Trump has just won North Carolina and is poised to win Florida. He is also leading in Ohio and Pennsylvania.” Ah faithful Huma, Clinton thought. She is the Marcie to my Peppermint Patty.

    Clinton removed her glasses, her hands shaking with rage. “Everyone out except Podesta, Kaine, and Abedin.”

    Her terrified flunkies scurried out the door and slammed it shut.

    Clinton exploded: “What the fuck is this?! Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?!”

    1. Podesta began to flop sweat. “Well, all the working class whites in the Rust Belt are voting for Trump. The only people voting for you are in states you’d win anyway.”

      “God damnit why didn’t you tell me that before you worthless shitheel?!” screamed Clinton.

      “We…we thought that if the media called Trump supporters racist yokels 24/7, no one would vote for him.” Podesta began to sob pathetically.

      “So now I’m gonna lose because of a bunch of mouth-breathing yokels in flyover country?! I promised those bumpkins I wouldn’t touch their guns.”

      “They didn’t believe you! We did our best but some of those yokels are extremely clever. ”


      The flunkies eavesdropped silently outside the door. One whispered to the other “I should bring her some Valium and M.” The other said “OK, but make sure to take out the blue ones. You know she can’t stand that color after what happened.”

      1. damnation, should be M and Ms.

      2. What the hell Derpman, don’t mention M, that stuff is super secret.

  52. Since we are collecting derp here, I repeat a comment I made on another thread:


    For those who chose Trump by voting for a third party candidate or by not voting at all, for those who believed that Hillary Clinton’s transgressions were tantamount to evil and thought the election was a choice between two evils, with Hillary being the lesser one, you are about to learn what evil really is. With the Republican Party in control of the presidency, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and soon, the Supreme Court, they now have the power to do whatever they want. They’ve been trying to get rid of Planned Parenthood. It’s gone. Obamacare. Gone. Roe v. Wade. Gone. Gay marriage. Gone.

    It just gets better.

  53. Here’s the deal, brothers (and pretend sisters) in unbridled hedonism. Trump is now president. We live in a strange world, but saving that for later.

    What is in this for libertarians? Let’s look at this step by step. Step one, Hillary, the evil witch from hell, is dead for all intents and purposes. Great.

    2nd, we might get a couple of good scotus picks.

    3rd, we might get rid of the scourge of Obamacare.

    4th, we’re at least temporarily saved from the insane, liberty killing stuff that Hillary might do.

    5th, we might be saved from getting into more wars, including with Iran and Russia.

    Ok, that might not be all. But wrapping up, Trump has never held office, he’s a complete unknown. So there is a slim, be it very slim chance, that he might actually do some stuff that libertarians like. There was never any chance of that with Hillary.

    1. My wife is worried about Trump starting a nuclear war. I told her that Hillary’s intervention in Syria and her no fly zone were far more likely to start a war than Trump was.

      She’s mad at me for incorrectly predicting the election, so she doesn’t believe me.

    2. I think the biggest positive things are:
      -Potential for decent SCOTUS picks
      -A huge tug on the reigns of DoEd
      -2nd Amendment is probably a bit safer under him

      Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to give up free trade and any decent attempt at a long-term solution to illegal immigration.

      1. a long-term solution to illegal immigration.

        what do you imagine the practical solution is?

        1. We need to reduce the economic incentives to come here illegally, as well as the incentives to overstay a visa. I think that building a wall will only reduce the flow marginally, and will be entirely ineffective when the next Dem is elected into the presidency.

          How do we reduce the incentives to be an illegal immigrant? I don’t have all the answers, but here are a few suggestions off the top of my head:
          1) kill the drug war
          2) end governmental benefits for all non-citizens
          3) set up two separate paths; one for people who are okay with never being US citizens, and one for people who want to become US citizens.
          3a) make it quick and easy to come to the US under the first path
          4) increase the punishment when crimes are committed while illegally here (use the undocumented status as a sentence multiplier, and at a certain seriousness of crime, require deportation)
          5) Stop brushing illegals’ identity theft under the rug, and prosecute them for using somebody else’s social

  54. Wow, it sounds like people are pretty worked up about this bad man winning the presidency! It’s almost like the president should be staunchly limited in what kind of actions he can take as president. It’s almost like it’s NOT a good idea to have some publicly elected office that confers a huge amount of power over the lives of Americans.

    If only we had some foundational document that laid down rules like that…

    1. We did, but it was written by slave owning white racists in a language that no one can even understand now. It obviously has to be scrapped and rewritten by right thinking modern people, like Democrats.

    2. Maybe you should write a series of essays outlining your views on the federal government.

  55. So, what’s the over/under on Tony drinking himself into a coma?

  56. Are we all watching these protests getting ready to get out of control?

    1. I’m old enough to remember when not accepting the results of an election was tantamount to treason.

      1. Progressives genuinely willfully disregard the rule of law.

        Winning the election isn’t enough.

        What do they think we’re gonna do?

        “Elections have consequences”.

        1. Oh, how they deplored Trump when he said he would not accept the election results should Hillary have won, and now they do this…

          1. +1

            But Hillary isn’t even contesting the results.

            They’re worse than Trump!

            1. They are. In some ways, I fear them more than Hillary. These are America’s Red Guards – fanatical, not corrupt.

          2. The hysteria over that statement always boggled me… If he had lost, what the fuck would it matter if he accepted the results or not? What’s he going to do, raise an army and take over the White House?

          3. If the left (and the right, but we ain’t talking about them now) didn’t have hypocrisy, they wouldn’t have anything.

  57. I was somehow able to explain to my daughter over Eggos this morning why the US president will be orange starting in January.

    1. Same here. She was a little upset that a girl wasn’t going to be President, but then she started talking about Minecraft.

      Told her we’d all be fine, that one day there will be a girl as President, and maybe it’ll be her. She was happy.

      The end.

      1. But think of all the therapists you’ll put out of work by not freaking out over every little thing!

      2. Why didn’t you tell her the truth? That one day we’ll all be girls.

  58. South Park is great, but I wish I didn’t have to deal with these fucking Daily Show commercials.

    1. That’s why ya gotta do Hulu, bro!

      Though Hulu did show me goddamn Schumer ads last month.

  59. These protests are gonna get out of control

    We’re gonna see like a new Occupy Wall Street, maybe.

    I think it might be an Occupy DC thing.

    They’re gonna protest until Trump resigns.

    These protests are all over.

    Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Cali, . . .

    Progressives and social justice warriors didn’t know they could lose an election.

    The First Rule of Progressives Club is: The voters are behind us.

    The Second Rule of Progressive Club is: When the voters aren’t behind us, see Rule #1.

    1. Progressives and social justice warriors didn’t know they could lose an election.

      There’s a millennial factor in this. Most of these protests seem young. They’ve been raised that everyone is a winner.

      1. I’m sure it’s true that people who just became politically aware during the Obama administration think that the way things are is the way things have always been.

        We’re going back to the way things were before 9/11 if I can help it.

        Things had to go back to normal eventually, and the delusional progressive world of the last eight years ain’t normal.

    2. “They’re gonna protest until Trump resigns”

      Umm, no they aren’t. They’re going to protest until their iPhones die or their mum says they have to come home.

      1. Or they’ll protest until the cops tear their camps down like they did with OWS.

      2. Or until the news cameras go away.
        Sorta like “extreeeeeme sports”; if there’s no audience, why are you wasting your time? They’re there to see themselves on TV.

    3. The beautiful thing about these protests in LA, San Francisco, Chicago and New York is that they perfectly illustrate why we have an Electoral College.

      1. ^This.

      2. They also illustrate why normal people should aim to get out of living in a large city as soon as financially feasible.

  60. You know, I was thinking the squirrels were only a thing with that yuuuge election-day thread yesterday, but these squirrels are everywhere. I am so triggered right now.

    1. That was great

  61. OMG CNN just interviewed a Hillary supporter at one of the protests live. It was all the salt you’ve seen condensed into one person. Pure deliciousness.

    He actually said that because of the electoral college our votes aren’t being counted “just when your votes only counted as a third” to the black reporter. The dude was a white bro. And yes he said a third not a fifth.

    I hope someone throws that up on the web, hilarious shit.

    1. I found a video where the protesters were clearly chanting “fuck Donald Trump” but the reporter said they were saying “stop Donald Trump”. No word on whether they were booing or saying Boo-urns. This protest sponsored by Socialist Advantage, whose other goal is to put hamsters through college.

      1. In SF, the banners are all ‘signed’ by “”. Why am I certain that the “answer” is reaching for YOUR wallet?

        1. My memories of the Bush years are that ANSWER is an ultra-socialist organization.

        2. So I wasted several seconds of my life in a search:

          “ANSWER Act now to stop war and end racism”

          Where have they been the last 8 years?

    2. Maybe the people from Commonwealth countries can answer: Do they calculate the “popular vote” for the various parties in Parliamentary elections? Does the popular vote plurality ever go to a different party than the one which takes over Parliament?

      1. It’s not really a parliamentary thing. England has FPTP like we do so parties can and do get way more seats than their vote totals. UKIP got barely any seats even though they got 20%ish of the vote.

        1. Are there examples of people saying, for example, “the Labour Party got a majority of votes but the Conservative Party’s candidates won a majority of Parliamentary seats!”

          1. There were plenty of people complaining that the Conservatives got 50.7% of seats on 36.9% of the vote, which is basically the same thing.

            My point is that every parliamentary system has different ways of assigning seats, including a huge variation in Commonwealth countries, so you really have to answer your question individually. Its not the parliamentary system itself that matters but how votes are assigned to seats, regardless of whether there is a parliament or not.

            1. Sure, but I was hoping that this focus on the “popular vote” could have some perspective – these “disparities” are common.

  62. OMG now some fat bitch is saying that “there will be casualties on both sides.” Lulz. Seriously tune in to this shit.

    1. I keep waiting for all of this to stop being hilarious, but it just keeps getting funnier and funnier.

      Everywhere I turn, it’s non-stop comedy.

  63. Spot the Not: some recent headlines

    1. Here’s Why Trump Is a Lot Like Lord Voldemort

    2. Fear is a totally rational reaction to the Donald Trump presidency

    3. Crisis Help Lines Have Been Inundated Following The Election

    4. The misogyny apocalypse: Turns out being white and male counts for more than intelligence, grace or decency

    5. Not voting for Hillary? You’re dead to me

    6. Trump wins with help from Rednecks and Traitors

    1. I already came across #2

      I’ll guess 6

    2. I linked to #4 earlier today, so I know that’s real.

      I’m going with #6 is the not!

    3. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen 4 and 5, and I’ve seen enough other stories to completely believe 3. I’m gonna go with #1. It’s really believable that somebody would write an article like that, but the other ones are even more believable.

      1. No, I saw #1 on facebook today.*

        *I almost never log in to facebook but it has been worth it to mine salt today. With all the 3rd party blame going on I’m tempted to post the Sarwark delicious tears video but its probably best to stay out of it. Some of these people are actual friends and not just facebook friends best to let them work through their anger.

    4. 4 because it doesn’t have “cisgender” in it.

    5. I’ll say #1 is an old headline.

    6. 2 winners this round- #6 is indeed the not

      Your prize is to google “rural white men trump” and behold the multitude of very similar articles.

  64. “Exit polls reveal that American Catholics helped Republican Donald Trump win the White House on Tuesday.

    “According to the New York Times, 52 percent of Catholics voted for Trump, while 45 percent voted for pro-abortion Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    “Ahead of the election, many Catholic leaders urged their parishioners to educate themselves about the candidates’ positions on Catholic teachings, especially abortion, before voting….

    “[Clinton’s] running mate, Tim Kaine, is a self-professed Catholic, but he also has an extensive pro-abortion voting record. Several Catholic bishops rebuked Kaine for supporting abortion while claiming to be Catholic.”

  65. Donald Trump, go away! Sexist, racist, anti-gay!”

    At one point, demonstrators lit an American flag on fire. Later, amid a cacophony of loud chants, a glowing “Love Trumps Hate” banner was held aloft under the iconic Trump Tower sign. The singer Cher mingled in the crowd, doling out hugs.

    Tensions flared particularly high on college campuses.

    1. And they would be baffled by any suggestion that burning the American flag is in any way an expression of hate.

    2. lol

      Fuck all white males, fuck third party voters, I hope you die, I hope Trump gets assassinated!


  66. Here’s the interview in potato quality.

    “It’s just like back in the day when your vote was one third.”

    1. Just walk into the Supreme Court and demand your crown!

      Or stumble or whatever.

  67. It’s them rednecks what dun it, explains journalist:

  68. Wow, I just now saw that Seth Meyers bit about the controversies of Clinton compared to Trump.

    It starts out with, Clinton under federal investigation…
    Then starts listing all of Trump’s controversies, beginning with a bunch of things he’s said. By the end there’s mention of Trump U, but otherwise it’s Clinton being investigated for a felony vs gross things Trump has said.


    1. Words are worse than actions.

      You are what you say, not what you do.

      Progressive wisdom.

  69. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  70. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  71. I am enjoying these “Love Trumps Hate” signs. You are missing an apostrophe, dude.

  72. Squirrels run amok
    Reason is unuseable
    Can post from Kindle

  73. Oh shit! In my list of who’s to blame for Clinton’s loss, I forgot one of the most important, more influential than Gary or Comey or Weiner: Taylor Swift!

    Her refusal to speak out in support of Hillary has given us Trump!

    1. Please don’t make me like Taylor Swift.

    2. hmmm…

      She posted an image of herself saying “I’m with” and pointing in Hillary’s direction while turning her back on Trump. But the political analysts at seem to think it’s a big mystery who she voted for.

      1. But I can’t tell from the story whether the picture comes from her or the PerezHilton people.

  74. But what does this mean for Tim Kaine’s career?

      1. Maybe there will be a mutiny.

  75. This is too delicious…..lf-america

    1. “Besides, you’ll never convince me John Kerry lost Ohio in 2004.”

      I probably won’t be able to convince her the moon landing was real, either.

    2. Apparently all of America wore a tasteless shirt and called a guy a nigger. America’s the worst.

    3. I think she’s mad?

    4. Nasty Astraea DutchS ? 14 hours ago
      It is really scary in the brain of a paranoid nutjob.

      Too easy.

    5. Carpe Vagenda The Librarian ? 14 hours ago
      Probably not. These aren’t the hurting proleteriat of the midwest. These are gamers who are pissed because away from their keyboards they have only as much power as their parents let them have. If displaced resentment is an identity and you self-select for increasing lack of empathy, well. Hannah Arendt had thoughts.

      Again. Just breathtaking lack of self-awareness.

  76. Making the Supreme Court great again – could Trump’s justices shift the Court so it allows abortion restrictions, defends gun rights, and limits the prerogatives of public sector unions?

    “Liberals are worried about what lies ahead. “Longer term, there are real concerns about whether a Supreme Court with two or three Trump-nominated justices would cut back on protections for important fundamental rights and liberties, especially the right of women to meaningfully access abortion,” said Elizabeth Wydra, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center. “We could see a court more willing to look out for corporate interests at the expense of consumers and workers or to break with the guarantees of equality for LGBTQ Americans.””

    1. Constitutional Accountability Center

      She’s holding that Constitution’s feet pages to the fire!

      the right of women to meaningfully access abortion

      Good grief.

  77. Holy shit, a prog who gets why Trump won:

    He even mentions DC cocktail parties!

    1. Huh. I mean, he’s probably wrong about the cure, but still good.

  78. The crowd ? an apparent core of Portland State University students ? started late Tuesday, gathered on the Hawthorne and Morrison bridges, then headed onto the freeway, where they stopped traffic in both directions for about an hour. Several cars slipped through the throngs, including one that hit a demonstrator who was standing in front of it. The man said he wasn’t seriously injured.

    You’re standing in the middle of a freeway, you deserve to get hit. Dumbasses are as ignorant of physics as they are everything else. The car is going to win when it continues to move towards you. Get out of the way.

    This is total bullshit. Whiny little child-adults taking their made up hysterics and tantrums and inflicting them on the bystanders. And they’re going to be back tomorrow for a third day. Screw them. Turn the fire hoses on.

      1. Yakety sax takes anything and makes it comedy.

  79. Government force? It was about what government itself is willing to pay. And if the drug companies accept certain prices from the federal government, why should they demand higher prices from the state government? Because they know they’ll get them?

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