An Election Day Talk With Gary Johnson on Facebook Live

The Libertarian presidential nominee joins Reason on Election Day to discuss the campaign and what to expect tonight.


Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson joins Reason for a Facebook Live discussion on Election Day, just hours before polls start to close across the nation. Here what he has to say about what he thinks will
transpire this evening and what results he expects to see for his campaign.

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  1. Who could stay away from a night of pot smoking and stupidity?

  2. “When Matt over-dresses for no reason”

  3. Gary, what the fuck led you to believe Bill Weld was the right choice for VP? Why not Chris Christie, or Chuck Schumer?

  4. “When Matt purposely mispronounces marijuana terms as inside-joke for friends”

  5. “Where Gary looks relieved that this shit is over already and he can go back to getting high and trail-running”

    1. If Gary takes out a blunt during his concession speech and lights up, I will consider him redeemed.

      1. I hear he doesn’t smoke MJ, but if he pulls out a bag of pot infused gummy bears and starts chowing down, that’ll definitely redeem him.

        1. It’s an historic day, one that calls for an exception.

      2. I don’t see health-conscious Gary being a philly-twisting type.

  6. How can you not vote for somebody who says their goal is to ski 100+ days this season????

    1. Just show up in DC once a month or so to veto bills.

      1. Would have to find someone to engineer him a better autopen. The current one would catch fire were it wielded by Johnson.

  7. Four years ago, I bitched about Johnson walking away from an easy Senate seat where he would be an invaluable addition to Rand Paul just so he could run a terrible campaign for president.

    This time around, he runs an even worse campaign while picking an abomination for a running mate.

    The guy clearly has no interest in actually getting elected and showing up to work in government.

    But, I am still going to vote for the fucker, because I am voting a straight-ticket for the Libertarian Party.

    1. “The guy clearly has no interest in actually getting elected and showing up to work in government.”

      But really does ANY sane individual?

      1. But really does ANY sane individual?

        This X 1,000,000. The fact that he isn’t really interested in working in government is probably his best quality.

        1. Great. But then he shouldn’t head up the fucking Libertarian ticket.

          1. So you want someone on the ticket who wants the job?

            I think the point is we dont want those people doing the job.

  8. Here’s what I want to see from a libertarian President: blindfolded trap shooting from the steps of the Jefferson Memorial every Sunday morning, followed by a lavish champagne brunch made even more festive by confetti made from tossing bundles of pages of the Federal Register into a woodchipper.

  9. “When Matt purposely mispronounces marijuana terms as inside-joke for friends”

    The old “marahoochie roofer” gag?

  10. The guy clearly has no interest in actually getting elected and showing up to work in government.

    Lovable Scamp, FTW!

  11. If I could bring myself to log back into Facebook, after so many years, I’d thank Johnson for running a great campaign, and I’d tell him how sorry I am that Weld stuck a knife in our collective* backs.

    * “collective” not “collectivist”, Jesus, you can’t take objectivists anywhere.

    1. Yes, you can. They’re just not welcome there.

    2. Jesus, you can’t take objectivists anywhere.

      I hear they do well at S&M parties. Subs love them!

  12. Funniest post I’ve seen today (from a Clinton supporter on Reddit):

    “I was at my Va polling location as soon as it opened, and the line was already around the block. Strong Democrat demographics, but also a few good ol boys.

    I was sort of hoping that someone would try the voter intimidation tactic at my location though. I was pretty amped up to call someone a fascist, and I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to. But I guess that’s really for the best.”

    1. These people absolutely yearn to feel the endorphin rush of socially signalling their moral superiority.

      1. They’re desperate for some of that 60s Civil Rights righteousness.

        1. That’s why every little thing is racist, sexist, bigoted and the defining issue of a generation. We just can’t have it be the case that radical leftists have nothing to pontificate about. That would be a disaster.

    2. I was pretty amped up to call someone a fascist, and I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to.

      Chicken! If there were good ol’ boys, you could have still yelled “Fascist!” at them.

      You know, from your car.
      As you drive off.
      Maybe honk a horn so they don’t hear you.

      You’d still get the good feels from it.

      1. If there were good ol’ boys, you could have still yelled “Fascist!” at them.

        Its been such an effective tactic against Trump so far, how could it hurt?

    3. Strong Democrat demographics


  13. In my district in Ohio, Gary Johnson was the only libertarian to be found on the ballot. I really wanted to vote the downticket, but I couldn’t tell which of the “independents” were actually LP candidates that were not allowed to be listed under the libertarian party banner. So I voted for no one in those races.

    1. At least for the Senate race, the independents were all conservatives riding the Trump wave under the premise that Portman isn’t Trumpy enough.

      No Libertarians on my ballot here either.

      1. Portman was on my ballot too, I’m guessing you’re in the western half of the state.

    2. Libertarians on the ballot from pretty much everything at the state level in Pennsylvania (and actual decent write ups in some of the mid-state papers). My local precinct is probably going high 70’s percent for Trump, then Hillary, and Darrel Castle might beat my likely lone Johnson here. OTOH, I have a side bet with my boss for a steak dinner if Johnson cracks 5% nationally.

      Voted Johnson, Toomey in the vain hope the GOP holds the Senate and Libertarian for most of the rest.

      1. I had Rand Paul as my down ticket “libertarian”.

    3. In Texas, I was able to vote for like 8-10 Libertarians. I forget. That was like a week ago.

  14. Strong Democrat demographics


    “You know, ‘coloreds’.”

    1. Close.

      Rich white people.

  15. I wisely never joined Facebook, so I’ll have to thank Gary Johnson here.

    Thanks Gary, for the best LP showing ever. Everyone thinks they can do it better, but you made some big steps forward.

  16. The Republicans rarely spend $$ in my Congressional district. I can say it’ll be 85% + for the D incumbent.

  17. Anyhow, I just came here to leave this off:

    “ASSANGE: I do not have ‘a personal desire to influence the outcome of the election'”…..on-2016-11

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  19. The interviewer’s use of the word “hell” during the interview was unnecessary.

  20. Programs on election influence more people to VOTE for the country.Facebook live is playing vital role in our society. it is very easy to use as well as we can reach to more people in this connected world. Now the elections has been completed and we have Mr. Trump as president.

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