Pre-Election Terrorist Warning, Middle-School Suicides Up, Man on Death Row Spared Execution for Seventh Time: A.M. Links


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  1. 253) I thought it might be instructive to compare the charitable foundations established by two ex-presidents, the Carter Center and the Clinton Foundation. (All info from Wikipedia, opinions from JATNAS.)

    A) The Carter Center does visible good?monitoring elections, building houses, and eliminating more than 99% of Guinea worm infections. The Clinton Foundation gives money to AIDS organizations, gives out Global Citizen Awards (i.e. gives money to individual people), and, uh, holds an annual Health Matters conference in Coachella Valley.

    The Carter Foundation raises money with an annual auction ($1.6 million in 2013). It has received controversial donation from Middle Eastern businessmen, but Arab-source donations account for only about 3% of its overall budget. Its budget is transparent. The Clinton Foundation’s funding sources are generally opaque?as recently as March 2015, Reuters reported the Foundation had broken its promise to publish all its donors. It is known to have received donations directly from foreign governments, including Saudi Arabia.

    1. The Carter Center’s board of trustees and key employees are independent hires well-suited for their positions. The Clinton Foundation’s board of trustees and key employees reads like a Who’s Who of Clinton cronies: Donna Shalala, Bruce Lindsey, Ira Magaziner, etc.

      Most importantly, after Carter left the presidency, he and his wife withdrew from politics. They have devoted their time to their charity and their private lives. The Carter Center was not founded until 1982, after Carter was out of office. The Clinton Foundation was established in 1997. Hillary Clinton obviously has held multiple public offices, even as the Clinton Foundation has accepted large donations from individuals and countries that might be directly affected by policy decisions Hillary makes.

      1. For all his faults, I don’t think anyone would claim Carter is disingenuous so this synopsis doesn’t surprise me.

        1. Yeah Carter is often politically and economically naive and lacked the aggression necessary to be a good president (note this does not mean invading and bombing everyone, using the military as the only solution to every problem shows just as much of a lack of courage and conviction as being too timid to use it at all does but he is clearly something that is all too rare, an honest politician who really believes what he says.

          Course that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given that he is one of the rare ones that does not come from a background as a lawyer or poli-sci major.

          1. Fun exercise: compare and contrast Carter and Gary Johnson

        2. Don’t let the Christian label fool you. Reagan’s Central American policies were just a continuation of Carter’s. Just ask leftist Noam Chomsky (Manufacturing Consent).

      2. And that’s why Carter is some relative poor-o who no one listens to and Hillary is about to become the most powerful person in the world. If Carter had a little bit of fight in him he could have been president again, but noooooooo, he had to be an apparently decent person who wanted to help and not monster focus on power for the sake of power.

        1. No way Carter could have been president again in a post-Reagan world.

    2. Hello.

      1. Greetings, Canadian Earthling.

  2. “It would be Bush v. Gore, with a twist,” if there’s a tie between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    The twist being a massive sigh of relief.

    1. I’m sighing with relief you weren’t first.

      1. Eugene got into some wine coolers last night, that’s why he was slow this morning.

      2. Do you need the rules pointed out again?

        1. No shirt, no shoes, no dice?

          1. more or less

          2. No pants, no underwear, no sitting on the furniture?

        2. “Do you need the rules pointed out again?”

          I always thought it was very new-prog-speak esque to contrive reasons why the post in the first position wasn’t somehow first.

          “Freedom is slavery” and all that.

          1. It was really to stem the tide of people spamming the word “first”. Like many things, the rule survived the problem it was crafted to combat.

    2. Can’t it be with a Watusi?

      1. We’re going to settle this election with a dance-off.

        1. Little Lucy had really let herself go. Hope Bony Maronie can still do the pony in an acceptable fashion

    3. you say that, but could do you really want this election shitshow extended into the week by having a vote in congress? Can you even imagine the cacophony of the Congress brought to you by Koch industries picking the next president?

    4. Twist of the knife.

    1. This is my favorite line: “Another person is heard in the background saying, “I feel lightheaded! I don’t feel good!”

      1. It’s stories like this that convince me that our current civilisation is doomed.

      2. It’s unclear what happened to the squirrel.

        We here at H&R know where it returned to….

      3. Halloween candy?

    2. In a fusion of violent, shoot happy cops and animals – Park Policeman shoots self while fighting Raccoon.

      1. Ha, he was flown away in a helicopter.

      2. If I’d known it was WaPo, I wouldn’t have clicked. I can’t read the comments without being overcome with intense homicidal urges.

    3. It seemed like the dispatcher was messing with her a little bit.

    4. If the day comes when I can’t take a squirrel in unarmed combat, it’s time for me to die.

      1. Raccoons are not squirrels, though.

        1. They’re almost bears. With rabies.

          1. And they hiss. Scary little fuckers, really.

  3. White nationalists say they were just kidding about black voter-suppression initiatives.

    voter suppression initiativesconducted by whites are a different story, though

  4. Drunken trucker was trying to change pants when he crashed, police say

    A drunken tractor-trailer driver was trying to change his pants while driving when his truck went off a road and rolled on its side, Vermont state police said.

    Police said Allen R. Johnson Sr., 62, of Connecticut, had a blood alcohol level of 0.21 percent, five times the legal limit for operating a commercial motor vehicle on a public highway.

    The truck rolled onto its side on Interstate 89 in Williston on Wednesday morning.

    Police said Johnson was standing up between the front cab seats trying to change his pants while driving.

    1. See, that’s why you wear your underwear on the *outside*.

    2. I bet Johnson was standing up.

      1. At age 62 and a bac of 0.21… I doubt it

    3. Sometimes you just want to feel fresh.

    4. I’ve seen guys in Taiwan driving eighteen wheelers down the highway while eating lunch from a box, balanced on the steering wheel, with chopsticks. Now that’s talent. Changing pants is just childs’ play.

  5. “It would be Bush v. Gore, with a twist,”

    2 candidates 1 twist

    1. Two twists. One for each neck.

  6. The U.S. Supreme Court halted the execution of an Alabama man who has now faced lethal injections that have been called off seven times.

    That was the hardest episode of Punk’d to watch.

    1. You know who else was threatened with a lethal injection?

      1. That chick in “Don’t Breathe”?

      2. Most of the strays “rescued” by PETA?

      3. Anyone who comes into proximity with STEVE SMITH?


        2. Haven’t ran across you in a while and you break out this gem.

      4. Sharon Stone?

      5. Maureen Stapleton?

      1. You know what I was trying to say.

      2. “Not all people from Alabama are wife-beaters”

        1. Yeah. Lesbians are less violent.

          1. you must not know any lesbians…………..

  7. French students invent smartphone-blocking boxers

    And while it’s unproven that the electromagnetic fields from mobile phones are dangerous (the International Agency for Research on Cancer says they’re “possibly carcinogenic”), these French inventors argue that there’s no point risking it.

    “We got the idea in school when we saw a study about how electromagnetic waves from smartphones are a danger for men’s fertility rates,” Antoine Serouille, one of the three inventors, told The Local.

    “So we thought about creating a special pocket for a phone, but that just cut out the connectivity, so we switch to protective underwear instead.

    1. Tin foil is not just for hats anymore

        1. Copper netting for your balls.

          The Faraday Sac?!

      1. That’s gotta be uncomfortable.

    2. preserving the sanctity of the dick pic

    3. Trump disapproves.

  8. Vague U.S. intelligence sources are warning about potential al-Qeada attacks in Virginia, New York, and Texas Monday.

    Oh, FFS! It’s probably just Putin stirring the pot again.

    1. ‘Tis true, you do have to keep a watchful eye on the borshh whilst it simmers. Otherwise, the beet and turnip consistency is dreadful…

      1. Top of the morning to you, Doc!

        1. Afternoon to ya, Rich.-)

      2. Groovus,
        I’ll ask you this later but if you do see this, do you have a borshh recipe you want to share?

    2. I’m not sure if the intelligence sources are being vague, or if we’re vague on who the sources are.

  9. Anti-bullying is the new childhood nutrition is the new keeping-kids-off-drugs.

    Anti-thought control is next?

    1. You are not really understanding this, are you?

  10. “Anti-bullying is the new childhood nutrition is the new keeping-kids-off-drugs.”

    Thank God somebody is brave enough to come out against this scourge of American chlldhood.

  11. Vague U.S. intelligence sources are warning about potential al-Qeada attacks in Virginia, New York, and Texas Monday.

    How does this help Hillary?

    1. Pay no attention to them – they’re just rogue FBI agents.

  12. Derp of the day:
    I’m Not a Social Justice Warrior, I’m a Social Justice Warrior Princess
    Yes, you may reduce that down to SJWP, but please do not reduce its meaning.
    As a SJWP, I am passionate about social and political equality among all races, genders, and identities. I also look snatched in a leather getup, cleavage abound, galloping through the forest on my horse and cracking skulls left and right. I am a powerful warrior, full of nuanced takes on the world.

    1. I hate to break this to you cup cake, but no one is just a cardboard stereotype, not even the evil right wingers you battle.

      1. That’s cardboard stereotype princess to you. You may shorten to CSP.

        1. +1 Glory Hole

    2. Would. Also, i suspect that site may be satire.

      1. How To Stand Up Against White Privilege Without Losing Yours

        Yep. It’s satire, or at least unusually self-aware.

        1. It is satire. It’s a fun site.

          1. I agree with CJ here – it’s delicious satire..

            I enjoy several of the articles, including I Love Pizza, Which Is Adorable Because I’m Hot

            I honestly don’t feel the need to impress anyone or prove that I’m desirable, in part because I’m generally laidback, but also because I’m effortlessly stunning, which I am blissfully unaware of, making me that much more alluring. But the most alluring thing about me is my hot-bodied love of a cheat day fave: pizza!

            Personally speaking, I love pizza, and people love that about me. All those guys on Tinder who promise “Netflix + (pizza emoji)” get an immediate swipe right. He might be my Romeo! Because Romeo is Italian, and pizza comes from Italy. And I love pizza. Have I mentioned that yet?

            Also, I’m hot.

            1. That’s pretty funny.

    3. When I made the mistake of visiting that site, I got a pop-up ad asking me if I was “ready to win feminism.”

      1. Well, are you?

        1. … Punk

    4. I suppose that once the Onion stopped being funny, real life had to step in to fill the gap.

    5. Just so yall know, that site is supposed to be satire. I know it’s hard to tell these days. Anyway, she’s not nearly as fat as she sounds.

      1. I wasn’t sure. It does seem a little bit subtle for modern left-wing derp, so it could be satire.

        I don’t think it’s possible to satirize the Left though. No matter how ridiculous we get, there’s someone (usually an Ivy League professor) saying basically the same thing for real.

    6. Reductress is a satire website.

      1. I’m Not Really Into Craft Beer, I’m Just Here for the Dick

        Sometimes I do contribute to the conversation and end up getting congratulated on knowing words like “porter” and “grain.” But then they get suspicious and insert little questions into the conversation to see if I’m legit. But look: I’m not here to prove that I’m some kind of beer expert; I’m just here to reel in the peen by trying to prove to Mike here that I understand the fermentation process behind Belgian lambic. God!

        Like that’s satire, Jenkins.

        1. Liquor is quicker. Especially Costco’s bargain silver tequila. Fuck that liquid bread.

        2. “I’m just here to reel in the peen..”

          Funny. I like this girl.

      2. It becomes very obvious if you read more than one article. One could be unintentional self-parody.

    7. Somebody’s been watching too many reruns of “Xena.”

    8. “I am a powerful warrior, full of nuanced takes on the world.”

      Somehow I doubt this. Progressives are block heads.

  13. Anti-bullying is the new childhood nutrition is the new keeping-kids-off-drugs.

    Fitting since the childhood nutrition movements and keeping the kids off drugs movements descend into bullying.

      1. Especially when the little twerp can’t walk.

      2. That’s the kind of thing where even the parents of the piledrove kid have to watch the video and say, “Yeah, you deserved that, you little retard.”

  14. Would You Like to Know More?

    The bugs are coming back.

    Columbia Pictures is rebooting Starship Troopers, the 1997 sci-fi film directed by Paul Verhoeven.

    The studio has tapped Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, the writing duo behind the upcoming Baywatch movie, to pen the script for a new theatrical feature film that would relaunch a potential franchise.

    +1 Bug Running in Slo-Mo

    1. Will it have power armor? If so, maybe i’ll think about caring.

    2. “Will you try to top the shower scene?”


      *studio cancels project*

      1. “Can we get the Dina Myers and Denise Richards from 20 years ago?”


        *lights script on fire and rips up visual aids*

      2. + or – 1 Janet Leigh. Definitely would, but not with a knife.

    3. Why can’t they go make their own little movie based on an original idea that hasn’t already been made yet?

      1. Too hard.

      2. You mean REALLY make Starship Troopers? That’s crazy talk!

    4. I think this could be great, if they actually went back to the source material (i.e. Heinlein).

      1. Yeah, I don’t see anything close to the original Heinlein making it to the big screen anytime soon.

        1. The book was merely mediocre. It was made to look good in comparison to the movie.

          1. It’s not my favorite. I meant Heinlein in general. A Lazarus Long series would be cool though.

            1. The fucking of relatives might skeeve some audiences out.

      2. Still waiting for a Forbidden Planet remake.

    5. I dunno….. Verhoeven’s dark satire seemed lost on most people at the time. My buddy and I laughed our asses off, but we definitely were the only two in the entire (full) theater that thought it was a dark comedy.

      “Put your hand on that wall!!!” shhhhh……. thunk!

      “If your enemy cannot use his hand… he cannot push a button….



      That’s some funny stuff right there. Right up there with Robocop in the dark humor world. Also Verhoven. Coincidence? I think not..

      I really don’t see anyone being able to follow him. The new Robocop certainly didn’t do the original justice.

      1. I love the movie – it’s full of soap opera stars and intentionally over-the-top ridiculousness FFS. The new one will just try to “take it seriously” and therefore suck.

      2. I thought it was hilarious too when it first came out, but I didn’t really appreciate it fully until my boss at work, who was an English Lit major, pointed out that the movie was a completely different in tone from the book, which I hadn’t read yet.

        Regardless, it’s a wickedly funny satire, although not quite on par with Robocop because it’s more ham-fisted in execution.

  15. Mangled penis leads to 40 months in prison for woman who performed illegal surgery

    In early 2014, Gonzalez ? who is not a doctor and is not licensed to practice medicine ? injected an “illegally obtained” substance into the man’s buttocks. A month later, she injected him for a “chin fill,” Gonzalez admitted in court documents released Wednesday.

    One month later, Gonzalez performed the penis enhancement on the man. He suffered extreme pain and “the inability to have an erection.”

    Out of “fear and embarrassment,” the man continued to get treatment from Gonzalez for the next year in an “attempt to repair the damaged penis.”

    Finally, Gonzalez turned to a disgraced plastic surgeon named Mark Schreiber to help repair the damage. The second surgery, performed alongside Gonzalez, took place in the same Hialeah warehouse ? and was also a failure, police say.

    “The victim’s penis looked mutilated and was missing skin and was raw and swollen,” according to court documents. “The penis also had retracted in size and was very small.”

    According to prosecutors, Schreiber’s remedy was to tell the man to tie two popsicle sticks his penis to keep it straight while it healed.

        1. And that is the proof – imagine how uncreative Crusty’s answer could have been

          1. This weekend I’m hoping for a little “lights on, on top of the blankets, slight eye contact” action.

            1. Good luck! Who knows, maybe there’ll even be another person involved.

              1. That, my good man X, is what the mirrors are for!

                1. He did mention the eye contact, yeah.

            2. “I’ll tell you the truth, though”

              “My wife & I, we never have sex”

              “We get undressed, we can’t stop laughing, you know?”

              /Rodney Dangerfield

      1. “Yeah, honey, I’m running a little late, I had to fix the, ah, fluxion denominator in the car. I can’t wait to get home – I’m really beat.”

      2. Does the Pope shit in the woods?

  16. Vague U.S. intelligence sources

    Vogue sources, though, are calling for a new Madonna album on Monday.

    1. Funny. You get a Lucky Star

      1. That means that he’s just a homo boy toy. NTTAWWT.

  17. “It would be Bush v. Gore, with a twist,”

    Podesta wants to know where to stick the knife.

    1. Vertically, point upwards, beneath his chin, directly in front of his Adam’s apple, applying strong force upwards until stopped by bone.
      Just a suggestion.

      1. Kaddafi style. Wreck that rectum.

      2. Shirley you can’t be serious

        1. I am serious. And don’t…


  18. White nationalists say they were just kidding about black voter-suppression initiatives.

    I totally believe white nationalists are suppressing the black vote. I do not believe slimy politicians would stoop to voting fraud.

  19. Just Elizabeth and Kathy in the office this morning.

    1. Yeah. I like where this is going.
      “Dear penthouse, I’ve never been with another woman before…”

  20. Insert John joke here

    A forty-stone* woman once called Britain’s fattest teen has lashed out at claims she let an ex-boyfriend film her having sex.

    *560 pounds, before you asked. She used to weigh 840 pounds.

    1. Health nuts love to show off their bodies.

    2. *560 pounds, before you asked. She used to weigh 840 pounds.

      Good for her.

    3. She’s lost more weight than most people weigh altogether.

      1. “She’s lost more weight than most people weigh.”

      2. Ready for hippo insemination.

  21. Chatter grows that Ryan could step down

    Four House Republicans, including a senior lawmaker close to leadership, told The Hill they expect Ryan to step down after Tuesday’s elections, arguing that he faces a daunting path to the 218 votes he needs to win a full two-year term leading the House GOP.

    Aides to the Wisconsin Republican insist he isn’t going anywhere and that he’s completely focused right now on protecting the GOP’s majority in the lower chamber.

    “He is running. The Speaker’s only focus until Election Day is defeating Democrats and protecting our majority, and nothing else,” Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong said.

    But even some Ryan allies are conceding that the Speaker now finds himself in an untenable position after just a year on the job.

    1. So will the GOP vote to bring back Boehner or vote to bring back Pelosi? Which one is more likely to roll over like a good little doggy for a President Clinton? Who knows, maybe they will surprise us by electing somebody with a proven track record of being able to get things done no matter what it takes – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

    2. If Trump wins, he should get out before too much of stink gets on him; if Hillary wins, he might not have a chance at the job in first place.

      1. Is there any way the Republican party doesn’t completely split apart over the course of the first year of Trump? I actually think he stays either way so he stays in the new cycle for the next 4 years as he prepares for a 2020 run. Although Trump might destroy the brand so much that there’s no chance, but the second you leave the spotlight your done as a national entity.

  22. Six crazy numbers (besides 129) from Maryland women’s basketball’s 129-point win

    51: Turnovers by Bluefield State, which led to 85 Maryland points. The Big Blues had 12 more turnovers than shot attempts.

    Chicks. SMDH.

    1. No shit. I especially like the part where the MD coach says it was a good tuneup.

    2. Women’s basketball is so fucking atrocious–even the WNBA can be ridiculously painful to watch, and that’s the cream of the crop with legitimately awesome athletes like Diana Taurasi and Candace Parker.

      1. That “argument” makes me want to vomit.

        And if you actually watch, it’s a total lie with very few exceptions (UCONN, Tennessee, Baylor).

  23. I apologize, but frankly, I find myself assuming that ANY woman married to a die-hard CON is in an abusive relationship, just by definition.

    I know that’s generalizing, but I know myself. I know that I’d have a VERY hard time trying to build a life with any man who felt drawn to the GOP. They’re against everything I believe in, and I’m against everything THEY believe in. So I doubt it’d work, at least for me.


    1. 30. My wife comes from one of the reddest areas of FL
      and from a family full of RW nutters and I would never tell her how to vote. I think it’s fine for couples to support different parties though I think that really only works out well if the GOP supporter was your traditional Repug and not one of todays crazy Teapub or deranged DT supporter types. Thankfully she’s the oddball of the family (really she’s the normal one ) and cannot stand the stuff the Right espouses. She gets mad at me for even having MSNBC on she hates DT so much.

      Whew, close call for this dude.

      1. What’s the call…whether he had both nuts cut off or just one?

  24. “It would be Bush v. Gore, with a twist,” if there’s a tie between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    Sixth Sense twist at the end or Invasion of the Bodysnatchers twist at the end?

    /keeps fingers crossed for female praying mantis twist at the end

    1. I’m hoping it’s the ending from The Mist

      1. But who would be the one holding the empty gun?

    2. Maybe it’ll end like Carpenter’s “The Thing”.

      *** shudders ***

  25. On being un-American

    Take a look at this photo. Let me tell you what it is. That is an M1A1 Main Battle Tank. It weighs over 60 tons, is armed with a 120mm main gun, two M240 7.62mm machine guns, and one Browning M2 .50 machine gun. It can move at over 30 miles an hour. It can fire on targets 2 miles away, and hit them, while moving. It is as American as American gets. And I spent 4 years of my life learning to defend all of you from your enemies using one just like it.

    Now, I bring this up for one simple reason: I didn’t get shot at by communists so that you people could cast the term “un-American” at each other because you can’t agree on which of the two wonderfully horrible candidates President is the worst. You need to shut up with that crap. Because un-American is someone who looks through the sights of his 12.5mm machine gun, points it at some poor GIs hanging out in the woods, and pulls the trigger.

    Also, I’m always looking for an opportunity to post a photo of a tank.

    1. I do kind of agree with this sentiment (particularly about the tank!), but lets remember something:

      1 candidate is a patriotic American, who happens to yes, be a crony capitalist, “alpha male” (please notice the quotes), and pretty much all around dick.

      1 candidate is a patriotic American, who while sharing many beliefs of the people on this board, frankly just isn’t very dynamic, and has an fucking moron for a VP.

      1 candidate is a patriotic American who is a doctrinaire liberal-leftist who I disagree with on almost everything (except perhaps the WOD).

      and then there is a candidate who sold her political office to foreign nationals, played a key role in the chaos now going on in the middle east and N. Africa, who allowed classified (in several cases TS) communication be handled by unsecure email accounts (not just hers, Huma’s, and by extension, Weiner’s) who the FBI now says there is a 99% chance was hacked by no less than 5 foreign governments, and wants to put up a no-fly zone over the “capitol” of ISIS, which could lead to a shooting war with Russia to protect some of the worst Islamists in the world.

      Maybe at least 1 of these people could rightly be called “un-American”.

      1. I just avoid that mess. She was born here, so she’s American and everything she does is by definition American. Shitty and dishonest, but American.

        1. IMG:crying_bald_eagle.gif

      2. and yet that one is most likely to win. It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation between proximity to the presidential election and depression rates. I know my own depression always increases in late summer/ early fall of election years.

      3. Jill Stein? Is it Jill Stein? I bet it’s Jill Stein.

      4. 1 candidate is a patriotic American who is a doctrinaire liberal-leftist who I disagree with on almost everything (except perhaps the WOD).

        Wait, you’re in favor of the WOD? Because this candidate sure as shit is, even if her supporters are more likely to disagree with her than her main opponent’s are.

        1. Is Stein a drug warrior?

          1. Yeah, I misread that.

    2. He doesn’t look old enough to have been shot at by commies…

    1. ^ I’ll just leave this here. The blueprint of the ego to be Top Man.

    2. He then went on to defend his own record on the economy, energy and Obamacare.

      “Can I just say I was driving through North Carolina yesterday and we passed by a gas station ? and I noticed gas at $1.99.”

      That global oil glut? Yeah, he didn’t build that.

      1. Yeah, I was gonna say I had no idea he built all of those fracking wells in the Dakotas. I haven’t been giving the man enough credit!

      2. “Hey, I *could* have done so much more to prevent it, but I *didn’t*, so in the end aren’t I pretty much solely responsible?”

      3. Wait. Didn’t he want energy prices to skyrocket?

  26. The ideal date

    Half of what is scary about dates is systemic oppression. Society holds hierarchies for body desirability, among other things. Ever seen a personal ad that says “No femmes, no fats, no Blacks?” This is someone who has drunk the Kool-Aid about who is hot and who is not.

    This is why it’s important to practice feminism and anti-oppression on a date with someone, and also to take into consideration what kinds of people you find desirable and why.

    I am a black, disabled, queer, genderqueer femme. He is a white, disabled, queer, transmasculine person. I am outgoing, and he is a little shy. I have insecurities about my body that he doesn’t have, and vice versa. We both have to explain our bodies to people sometimes.

    I’m sure they’re all interested.

    1. Half of what is scary about dates is systemic oppression.

      HALF! I want to take this sentence on a date and treat it to a nice expensive dinner for giving me so much happiness this morning.

    2. I am a black, disabled, queer, genderqueer femme.

      “Everyone’s queer but me and thee, and even thee’s a *bit* queer.”

    3. “This is why it’s important to practice feminism and anti-oppression on a date with someone”

      Wow, this sounds fun.

    4. He’s gotten better at checking his privilege without disregarding his trauma, and I’ve gotten better at feeling confident in asking for what I want, while tending to my anxiety.

      Because sex is always better when you remember your own trauma and anxiety.

      1. Sounds like the both forgot rule #1.

        Never stick it in crazy.

      2. I chew my toenails during sex. I just get so nervous.

        1. Ya see? This is why we come to the internet. Where else are you going to be confronted with this thought?

          1. Agreed. I had no idea straffinrun was that flexible.

            1. Is Friday gonna be ridicule the outsider day?

              1. No, we’ll just have you banned again.

              2. *reports spam

        2. Impressive!

    5. Dating is super scary in Pretensies Land.

    6. So two retarded cripples go on a date…

      This used to be the beginning of a joke.

      1. I admit I haven’t been on the dating scene since I met my wife in 1998. But I see enough interwebz that I have heard of the “no fatties”. I don’t know about the “no femmes”, but being straight, maybe this is common in the LBGT circles? But “no Blacks”? To be brutally honest, based on some of the stuff I have viewed on the internet (purely for academic research you understand), it seems like most of the women (and I would imagine gay men?) seem to not have a problem with black men (if you know what I mean………)

        1. You are lucky because dating sucks even as a teen, and increasingly moreso as one gets older. “No fems” (spellings vary) is most commonly seen in gay male ads; no idea about teh wimminz. The gay community did self-segregate along racial lines for a fairly long time. Very little overt racism but a lot of the guys just didn’t date blacks for whatever reason; and vice versa. I will note that the black gay community is still much more on the DL than the white gay community, which might have something to do with it if we’re talking about dating as opposed to mere hookups.

          1. Yeah, it’s hard enough to tell your dad that you’re gay. But then you bring home a black guy?

        2. They’re all just worried their partner won’t tip, and then they’d be stuck paying more to compensate. Chivalrous men don’t have this problem, which is just further proof of the Patriarchy’s nefariousness.

    7. I don’t know about “dating” but I have an idea of how to pick people like this up; a simple combination of a fake name, purchasing a burner phone, photos of my 30 cats, internet chatrooms, negging, peacocking, these pickup lines, hitting it followed by quiting it and finally lawyering up.

      1. or you could date someone normal. But that would make life too easy.

      2. 100% accurate. Great link, too:

        I’m a socialist in the streets but an anarchist in the sheets. #ActivistPickupLines

        1. So, a mooch in public and a psycho in private. Pass.

          1. *sigh*

            You’ve encountered all my ex-girlfriends, huh?

            (cracks open the Kentucky and starts drinking before noon)

    8. I am a black, disabled, queer, genderqueer femme. He is a white, disabled, queer, transmasculine person. I am outgoing, and he is a little shy.

      An SJW match made in heaven. They can check all the boxes. I just hope the boyfriend can check his privilege.

    9. As said before, at this point there is really no need for satire pieces anymore since there is so much of this shit out there and it is so hysterically funny.

    10. This is why it’s important to practice feminism and anti-oppression on a date with someone, and also to take into consideration what kinds of people you find desirable and why.

      Trust me, I’ve done this. What I find desirable is:

      1. Women
      2. Feminine women
      3. Feminine women who aren’t batshit crazy!

      Sounds like this person fails on 3-of-3. Trust me, being black is the least of your problems.

      PS: What the hell is a ‘femme’?

      1. A ladylike lesbian, as opposed to a butch lesbian

        1. Did “lipstick lesbian” fall out of fashion?

      2. Trust me, being black is the least of your problems.



          It is the root of one of the pillars of identity politics. She says it with every statement she makes – otherwise her whole worldview collapses in a rotting heap.

    11. Yeah, the only reason people have particular tastes is because society holds hierarchies for body desirability. No one actually has a personal preference for body type or appearance.

      1. So men who are super into fatties (or I guess the equivalent woman, if such a thing exists), are they super “woke” or just fetishists like the rest of us?

        1. Heh. I’m thinking the latter.

    12. It looks like English. When you say it out loud, it sounds like English. But it doesn’t make any damn sense. You can’t just string words together.

  27. What Hillary Clinton’s Fans Love About Her
    Her supporters are drawn to her intelligence, her industriousness, and her grit.

    Human beings change as they grow, but a person’s history speaks to who she is. There are millions who admire the tapestry of Hillary Clinton’s past: the first-ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley speaking boldly about making the impossible possible, the Yale law student interested in the rights of migrant farmworkers, the lawyer working with the Children’s Defense Fund, the first lady trying to make health care accessible for all Americans.

    There are people who love how cleanly she slices through policy layers, how thoroughly she digests the small print. They remember that she won two terms to the United States Senate, where she was not only well-regarded but was known to get along with Republicans. They have confidence in her. There are people who rage at the media on her behalf, who see the coverage she too often receives as unfair. There are people who in a quiet, human way wish her well. There are people who, when Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman to be president of the United States, will weep from joy.

    *passes around the vomit bucket*

    1. David Burge ?@iowahawkblog 12h12 hours ago
      .@TheAtlantic There’s no such thing as a stupid question…. oh wait, I stand corrected

    2. and for more comedy gold check out the Twitter comments on this article

    3. We’re gonna need a bigger bucket.

    4. I love how they had to change the title from “Why is Hillary Clinton so widely loved” after even their commenters were calling them out for that.

    5. Holy shit, that’s gotta be a joke, right?

  28. “It would be Bush v. Gore, with a twist,” if there’s a tie between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    Even if that tie was made in China?

  29. Longtorso checks his passport

    A Swiss caf? offering robot sex services to accompany your hot drink wants to open in Geneva by the end of the year.

    Owner Bradley Charvet, who runs the Swiss escort service Facegirl, had originally planned to employ sex workers to entertain clients, but legal issues meant he now wanted to use high-tech robots.

    Charvet told Swiss newspaper Le Matin that he planned to charge men 60 Swiss francs ($62) for a drink that includes the sex act from a woman selected from an iPad.


  30. This likely to be my last mourning Lynx. I start a new schedule Monday, so I’ll be around for the PM links. No more getting up before dawn, so I’m pretty excited about that.

    1. I’m more likely to be excited at dawn…

    2. Happy, um, transitioning over the weekend, F H!

      1. Thanks, and her is a complementary narrowed gaze.

        1. Do you think if I self-identify as an “afternoon” person, I shouldn’t be forced to get to work at 630 AM?

    3. Since I never go to pm lynx, this goodbye. Toddles.

      1. You’re one of the good uns.

        1. [citation needed]

          1. Hey! Well, you do have a point.

            1. As a Hit’n’Run regular, and therefore Tulpa, you are inherently a reprobate. It is known.

  31. Re-posting because it is very important: U.S. militia girds for trouble as presidential election nears

    Down a Georgia country road, camouflaged members of the Three Percent Security Force have mobilized for rifle practice, hand-to-hand combat training — and an impromptu campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    “How many people are voting for Trump? Ooh-rah!” asks Chris Hill, a paralegal who goes by the code name “Bloodagent.”

    “Ooh-rah!” shout a dozen militia members in response, as morning sunlight sifted through the trees last weekend.

    1. I don’t know if I believe this, why would Chris Hill give up both his real name and code name to a strange Rueters reporter who is quite possibly a member of the military industrial complex or fema.

      1. Agreed, though were this real I suspect the dude would give a pseudonym to the reporter.

  32. Jake Tapper Verified account

    Harvard cancels rest of men’s soccer season bc of discovery of custom teammates ranked the woman’s soccer players’ physical appearance,

    1. I’m going to end up with CTE as a result of the number of concussions I give myself facepalming as a result of stories like this.

    2. That’s what they get for being white men.

    3. Did anyone report the ratings given? Maybe their season was cancelled because they were giving uggos 8s and 9s.

      1. 8 or 9 on a Hahvahd scale is an uggo (4) on an SEC scale.

  33. How parasites profit. Quebec politicians Exhibit A:…..-1.3833469

    1. Lol, out west the assumtion is ALL Quebec polititions are on the take, and we are never wrong, oh sorry there was this one time when this guy might not have been a gangster…

      1. *this one guy*

      2. The thing that bothers me is the nationalists have taken to claiming this falls under ‘Quebec bashing’ and it’s not true and that it happens everywhere. Sure, it does happen (NY and Illinois for example are classic cases) but no one can doubt Quebec ranks among the worst offenders. We’ve had numerous scandals, commissions that put us above all the provinces combined. It’s well known Quebec is a hub for all sorts of illicit activities and the Mafia has always had free reign here. We lead North America in fraud rings, car thefts and other criminal activities. Never mind about Quebec Inc. That’s another matter.

        The entire province is on the take.

        FFS we have an anti-corruption police force dedicated to finally deal with this. No society does this if they don’t think the problem is widespread.

  34. The Obama Administration Is About To Make International Adoption A Lot Harder

    Over the past 12 years, inter-country adoption in America has dropped off by a staggering 75 percent, with last year’s total of 5,647 the lowest since 1981. Other major receiving countries have experienced the same sharp decline?driven not a by global decrease in orphans, but by the changing politics of adoption.

    Now, those same politics threaten to slash adoptions still further. Under U.S. law, the central authority over international adoption is the Department of State (DOS). Last month, with all eyes focused on the drama of the presidential election, DOS quietly released new proposed rules governing international adoption. If they go into effect as written, some advocates say Americans’ ability to adopt internationally will decline even further?or possibly face an existential threat.

    For many in the adoption community, the new regulations came as an unexpected blow. Although there’s long been a strained relationship between adoption agencies and the State Department, it had seemed things were improving.

    1. OTOH, the Clinton administration will require everyone to adopt a Syrian refugee.

      1. Free labor

  35. Canada investigates mysterious ‘pinging’ sound at bottom of sea in Arctic

    Canada’s military is investigating a mysterious “pinging” that is emanating from the sea floor in the Arctic.

    The sound, which has also been described as a “hum” or a “beep”, has apparently spooked the local wildlife in the Fury and Hecla Strait.

    Paul Quassa, a member of the legislative assembly, said the noise was “emanating from the sea floor”.

    “That’s one of the major hunting areas in the summer and winter … And this time around, this summer, there were hardly any. And this became a suspicious thing.”

    The military said it was investigating what was causing the sound.

    Did you ever see the movie The Thing? Good luck.

    1. Ping, hum, beep; Those three sounds are very different.

      1. This is the most expensive machine in the hospital. And this is the one that goes BING!

    2. No, I think it is a Kryptonian scout ship.

      Or it is Cap’s heart beat.

    3. Must be a Timex

    4. Probably those pesky Russians. They keep losing their nuclear submarines.

    5. Clearly, the Administrator from Fisheries and Oceans is scheduled to make an inspection, so they put out the machine that goes, “ping”.

    6. Where is Megatron when we need him?

  36. Pope Francis continues to get chummy with communist dictators

    Cardinal Joseph Zen, the most senior Chinese cleric in the Catholic Church, believes the Vatican is fast approaching a tragic mistake in China.

    Within days church leaders could conclude a landmark agreement with the Chinese government after 65 years of acrimony and persecution. Pope Francis isn’t known to have signed off, and before he does Cardinal Zen prays to be heard.

    The former bishop of Hong Kong speaks with passion that belies his age (84) and recent hospitalization for a lung virus. As we meet at the church complex where he has lived since 2009?and where he first moved as a novitiate from Shanghai in 1948?he warns of “surrender”: that Chinese leaders are demanding it and Vatican officials appear willing to give it “in the hopes of achieving an agreement.”

    Proponents say the deal would help millions of “underground” Catholics and open the world’s most populous country for evangelization. Cardinal Zen says it would sacrifice church principles, abandon the faithful, undermine evangelization and invite further repression.

    Bonus: dude in the comments claiming the Chinese government is wonderful and Mao didn’t actually kill tens of millions in the Great Leap Forward (that’s all western propaganda)

    1. The proposed deal might be a bad deal or not, but I notice that the author of the article is Douglas Feith, one of the Iraq hawks in the George W. Bush administration.

      Feith isn’t interested in the Faith, he’s interested in American dick-waving abroad. He could still be right about the badness of a Vatican deal with China. But consider the source.

      1. Oops, it’s *David* Feith, son of Douglas, who wrote the article. My apologies.

      2. Dick-waving in China is considerably more satisfying than elsewhere.

    2. I personally don’t give a rat’s ass what the Pope does or doesn’t do. And frankly I don’t know the details of this particular agreement. But I do know, that there are millions of Catholics throughout the world that look to him for spiritual guidance. I will be honest, I don’t know what drives Catholics such as yourself to stay in the Church. But then again, I belong to a faith where there are only a handful of us, and none of us can agree to anything!

      1. spiritual guidance or spirit cooking?

        1. Sweet darling cinnamon titties motherfuck, do not bring that shit in here. It is too early for me to lose my appetite.

          1. this election campaign season has been the most fun, ever – and now with extra-creepy performance artists!

      2. “and none of us can agree to anything!”

        So what’s your views on whether-or-not one should honor Loki’s name when they honor Odin’s??

        I’ve heard two competing viewpoints:

        No, because Loki’s a dick.

        And yes, because, dick or not, Odin and Loki are sworn blood-brothers and thus it is improper to honor one without mention of the other.

        1. I know it actually can be complicated, but being a dick wouldn’t be enough. However, what Loki did to Baldur was over the top. That was why Odin had him chained up by the innards of one of his own children to have snake venom pour into his eyes.

          I am pretty sure that killing Odin’s son, canceled the blood-debt. Therefore I don’t honor Loki’s name, nor would I allow anyone in my home to do so. People can do what they want at their own Blots, or in their own homes.

  37. So Americans, only a few more sleeps to go before your long national nightmare is over, and a new long national nightmare begins. What are your plans for Tuesday night?

    1. Sleeping pills, a plastic bag and a rubber band.

      1. Get yourself a helium tank. Look up exit bag.

    2. Drink heavily, load guns. Or maybe the other way around.

    3. Drinking until i forget who’s on the penny. Repeat nightly for the next 4-8 years.

    4. purchasing a batman suit, vote for Gary Johnson and autoerotic asphxyation.

      1. So you’re just gonna have a normal Tuesday, huh?

        1. Normal Tuesdays are in the opposite order.

    5. Teaching a mead-making class and drinking heavily.

      1. Would you perhaps have a newsletter……?

    6. Plastering I’m With Her posts all over my social media feeds. You guys can go down with the ship, but I’m joining the winners.

    7. Disconnecting the cable so the wife can’t watch the news. I expect divorce papers on Wednesday.

    8. I’ll be in bed before the results are in.

    9. A relaxing night of watching Midsomer Murders. Relaxing for me, anyway. I torment my wife with my pet theory regarding the show; all those murders that Inspector Barnaby “solves” are in fact committed by his wife and he is actually covering them up.

      1. Wait… did he marry Jessica Fletcher? She was one prolific serial killer.

        1. No he married someone worse.

          Something like 1.7 murders are committed per episode, and something like 25% or the episodes Mrs. Barnaby is interacting with the people who are killed or their immediate social circle. Some of them the body count is as high as 4 or 5.

          In a northern, sparsely populated English county.

          The murder rate there is worse than that in Papua New Guniea. Either they are a very violent people, or a very prolific serial killer is at work there.

          1. Cully is the real killer. Joyce can barely cook an edible meal and clothe herself.

            1. The thought has occurred to me.

    10. Cleaning the guns. Drinking. Ignoring the news until the following morning.

    11. Buying four years’ worth of popcorn because, whoever wins, it’s gonna be entertaining. Helps being totally alienated from the ordeal.

  38. About half-way through this Steyn article there is a pretty plausible technical explanation on how all those emails could have landed on Weiner’s laptop without any of them actually realizing it. Your basic combination of incompetence, desire to hide their correspondence, and indifference to rules.…..-ungrabbed

    1. If that guy is correct (and given that Huma was forwarding stuff from her state department account to her yahoo account so that she could print it out it’s *very* plausible), Weiner wasn’t some clever guy building a blackmail dossier.

      No. He’s just a loser whose life crested 7 years ago.

      And huma is an idiot.

      I kind of pity their kid. You can’t choose your parents.

      1. The funny thing, most of us agree that government at all levels regulates FAR too many aspects of our lives. But in this case, Federal Employees have rules in place to primarily protect the country from idiots such as these. (The rules aren’t there to protect against true espionage, that is going to be done beyond ANY rules). That is why it is simple:

  39. David Frum: The Conservative Case for Voting for Clinton

    I have no illusions about Hillary Clinton. I expect policies that will seem to me at best counter-productive, at worst actively harmful. America needs more private-market competition in healthcare, not less; lighter regulation of enterprise, not heavier; reduced immigration, not expanded; lower taxes, not higher. On almost every domestic issue, I stand on one side; she stands on the other. I do not imagine that she will meet me, or those who think like me, anywhere within a country mile of half-way.

    But she is a patriot. She will uphold the sovereignty and independence of the United States. She will defend allies. She will execute the laws with reasonable impartiality. She may bend some rules for her own and her supporters’ advantage. She will not outright defy legality altogether. Above all, she can govern herself; the first indispensable qualification for governing others.

    So I will vote for the candidate who rejects my preferences and offends my opinions. (In fact, I already have voted for her.) Previous generations accepted infinitely heavier sacrifices and more dangerous duties to defend democracy.

    1. I have no illusions about David Frum. Trump has already done great work exposing what members of Official Conservatism? think about actual conservatives.

      1. David Frum doesn’t even fall into the former category. GOPe types got sick of him ten years ago.

    2. But she is a patriot. She will uphold the sovereignty and independence of the United States. She will defend allies. She will execute the laws with reasonable impartiality. She may bend some rules for her own and her supporters’ advantage. She will not outright defy legality altogether. Above all, she can govern herself; the first indispensable qualification for governing others.

      Literally none of that is true, except the “bend rules for her inner circle” part.

    3. I think Tim Carney said it succinctly.

      Tim Carney ?@TPCarney 16m16 minutes ago

      Were I also a pro-choice Iraq hawk/Libya hawk/Syria hawk, I might consider this course of action, too

    4. I have always hated David Frum. He is the worst of the Republican party. He is a So-Con (who isn’t even religious himself), he isn’t REALLY about getting rid of regulations, thinks he is an American Greatness conservative, but yet supports interventions in every part of the world, and would probably be just fine going to war with Russia. Oh, and a strong proponent of the WOD, and not particularly in favor of the 2A.

      1. Brooks and Frum: Moral Scold Reunion Tour

        1. Brooks and Frum come together in a 2 pack.

      2. What exactly makes him a SoCon?

        He thinks it’s wrong to focus on banning abortions, he wants a bigger welfare state so that every child will be a wanted child. He thinks the abortion issue is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and the whole dispute should just go away.

        And of course, “as a conservative,” he supports same-sex “marriage”.

        Darn that vast SoCon conspiracy to endorse Hillary!

        1. Actually, I was thinking more of David Brooks when I wrote that (but can you blame me?). You are absolutely correct that Frum is less of a So-Con (and I wasn’t intending that so much as an insult anyway).

          I guess what I was trying to get to, was that they are both moral scolds, but aren’t even particularly religious. So it is not even “God knows what is best for all of us.” It is literally “I know what is best for us (really just for you, since I am so smart).”

          Basically all the sugar with none of the flavor!

    5. “She will not outright defy legality altogether. Above all, she can govern herself; the first indispensable qualification for governing others.”

      I don’t know about the Hillary on Earth 2, but the Hillary on OUR Earth LITERALLY sold her office to foreign nationals, and if she had her way, will put us on a course of action that could lead to a shooting war against Russia, all to protect some of the worst Islamists on the planet. Whose lack of control of classified communications the FBI has said has allowed no less than 5 foreign governments from getting access, simply because she DIDN’T FOLLOW FEDERAL LAW.

      1. He’s a prochoice, pro-gay marriage socially liberal Republican.

        1. He’s still an idiot, Eddie.

          1. When did I say he was intelligent?

  40. David Frum: The Conservative Case for Voting for Clinton

    I have no illusions about Hillary Clinton. I expect policies that will seem to me at best counter-productive, at worst actively harmful. America needs more private-market competition in healthcare, not less; lighter regulation of enterprise, not heavier; reduced immigration, not expanded; lower taxes, not higher. On almost every domestic issue, I stand on one side; she stands on the other. I do not imagine that she will meet me, or those who think like me, anywhere within a country mile of half-way.

    But she is a patriot. She will uphold the sovereignty and independence of the United States. She will defend allies. She will execute the laws with reasonable impartiality. She may bend some rules for her own and her supporters’ advantage. She will not outright defy legality altogether. Above all, she can govern herself; the first indispensable qualification for governing others.

    So I will vote for the candidate who rejects my preferences and offends my opinions. (In fact, I already have voted for her.) Previous generations accepted infinitely heavier sacrifices and more dangerous duties to defend democracy.

    1. sorry for the duplicate – *shakes fist at squirrels*

      1. The squirrels don’t like him either.

  41. Anyone want to lay odds on a Monday “surprise” Donald Trump story? Another pussy-gate type story would be my bet, or released taxes, or who knows.

    1. “Trump Found Dead in New York Apartment”

      1. Wearing a blue dress stained with Bill Clinton’s semen.

    2. Wikileaks promised a giant reveal on Clinton. Still waiting…

      1. Wiki leaks did a pretty good job gunking up things this year. Not gonna fault them.

  42. “Anti-bullying is the new childhood nutrition is the new keeping-kids-off-drugs.”

    The absolute worst part of anti bullying initiatives is all they do is give bullies yet another way to bully socially awkward kids

  43. So, I was at the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game last night. During the commercial breaks, they do a challenge where a fan can win some signed memorabilia. One of these involved the fan naming the other half of a famous pair. They show one on the huge screen, and the fan names the other. Presidential spouses was the theme. Named Michelle Obama and Laura Bush without difficulty. Then Bill Clinton’s picture came up.

    The boos were deafening, louder than the cheers when the Bolts score a goal. I was expecting some jeering if they showed the Clintons, but nothing to that extent….

    1. Billy didn’t follow the Constanza Rule. Pull out (excuse the pun) early and leave them wanting more.

      Instead he’s fucking everywhere. The more you stick your head out, the more they will hunt your head.

    2. The Lightning goalie is uuuuuuuge!

    1. Glad her and her lost dog didn’t run across any cops.

  44. Despite Trump’s Claims, Evidence From FBI’s Clinton Foundation Probe ‘Not Impressive,’ Sources Say:

    “It was reported last night that the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play corruption,” the Republican presidential nominee said today in Jacksonville, Florida, during his first rally of the day. “The investigation is described as a high priority. It’s far-reaching and has been going on for more than one year. It was reported that an avalanche of information is coming in. The FBI agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment.”
    ABC News sources, however, indicated those statements ? and the Fox News reports they’re based on ? are inaccurate and without merit.
    In February, FBI agents presented their findings to senior FBI officials and prosecutors in the Justice Department’s public integrity section, sources said. But the prosecutors and senior FBI officials agreed that there was no clear evidence of wrongdoing and that a criminal case tied to the Clinton Foundation could not be made, according to the sources.

    Faux News indeed.

    1. tldr: Our politically selected DOJ sources are superior to your career FBI investigator sources.

    2. Citizen old and completely outdated information from several months ago and trying to spin it as the latest news is more than a little pathetic.

      1. “Citing” that is.

    3. Battle of the fictitious anonymous sources! Whose narrative-building hearsay will win out? Stay tuned…

  45. And people wonder why public confidence in the press is at an all-time low…

    Everyone knew things were going to get ugly in the final week of the presidential campaign, but who knew things would sink to this level?

    Just last month, the Committee to Protect Journalists issued a statement warning that a Donald Trump presidency would represent “a threat to press freedom unknown in modern history,” but it turns out Trump wasn’t content to wait until his inauguration to make good on that threat; heck, he’s didn’t even wait for his traveling press to show up before kicking off a campaign rally in North Carolina Thursday.

    I’d embed the tweets but it’s early on a Friday and fuck it who cares, just read ’em yourself.

    1. [He] didn’t even wait for his traveling press to show up before kicking off a campaign rally in North Carolina Thursday.

      They aren’t “his” press, they are their own people (or their employers’). Not his fault if they can’t get places on time. Not his job to wait for them in any case. This is totally different from shoving reporters. It’s not even denying the press access. Get a faster bus, slow pokes.

      1. And his opponent is nothing if not open with the press:

        “Hillary Clinton Bans Press From San Francisco Events, Making Habit Of Blocking Media”…..15555.html

  46. “CDC: Progress reducing uninsured rate under Obamacare threatens to stall”
    “The CDC said the number of uninsured people dipped by only 200,000 between 2015 and the first six months of this year, which it called “a nonsignificant difference.””…..story.html

    Gee, we have a huge new bureaucracy, greatly increased costs, not a word as to whether the increase in insured has had any effect at all on actual, you know, “health”, and now we have what Ds claim is “progress” down to a rounding error.

    1. Lack of health insurance isn’t a disease, let alone a communicable one. WTF is the CDC doing wasting our tax dollars on this? Oh, FYTW. Nevermind.

    2. Rising prices *doesn’t* raise consumption? Unpossible!

  47. Oh, and fail on the alt text; what’s that kid supposed to illustrate?

    1. Suicidal pre-teens, I’d guess.

    2. It’s just OMWC bait.

        1. You wicked, wicked man! (or woman, or other)

          1. I’m unkin. I refuse to identify as any of the above, or in fact engage in identity politics on any level like having to acknowledge the identities of others. And if you fail to respect my undentity I’ll accuse you of othering me.

            1. “me”

              It uses a cis-pronoun like that?!

  48. Did I share this one already?

    A study in the The Journal of the American Medical Association, “The High Cost of Prescription Drugs in the United States”, concludes that “[t]he most important factor that allows manufacturers to set high drug prices is market exclusivity, protected by monopoly rights awarded upon Food and Drug Administration approval and by patents”.

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