A.M. Links: Cubs Win World Series, Presidential Election 5 Days Away, British Court Rules Parliament Must Vote on Brexit


  • YouTube / ABC

    The presidential election is five days away.

  • New poll: Hillary Clinton 45 percent, Donald Trump 42 percent, Gary Johnson 5 percent, Jill Stein 4 percent.
  • Another new poll: Hillary Clinton 47 percent, Donald Trump 45 percent, Gary Johnson 3 percent, Jill Stein 2 percent.
  • The Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians last night to win the World Series.
  • "A senior British court on Thursday dealt a severe blow to Prime Minister Theresa May's plans to begin the process of exiting the European Union early next year, ruling she must get Parliament's approval before she acts."
  • Iraqi forces are now entering the city of Mosul.

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