Watch Anthony Fisher on Kennedy Tonight Alongside Gavin McInnes and Bonnie McFarlane

Topics include Bill Weld's divided loyalties, Trump's prognostications, and what might happen if no one gets 270 electoral votes.


We get delirious…
Andrew Heaton

Tune into Fox Business Network (FBN) tonight at 8p for three rollicking Kennedy party panel segments featuring your humble correspondent, comedian and author Bonnie McFarlane, and the wackily irascible Gavin McInnes.

We'll be talking about Libertarian vice presidential nominee William Weld going all weak-in-the-knees for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump's very unscientific polling, and what happens in the event of a divided electorate.

The show re-airs at midnight. I know Game 7 of the World Series is on, but that's why Al Gore invented DVR.

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  1. Gavin McInnes gets to go off on Weld?! Damn, now I wish I had cable (although I don’t know if we can even get FBN in Canada).

    And..err.. I’m sure you’ll do great too, Anthony. I don’t remember Gilmore ever having to critique your clothing, and you have Gavin to draw fire anyway…

    1. Ok, in honor of fairness and equality we can divvy them up, you take two and I’ll take two.

      1. Hey, there is no need to be inappropriate.

      2. I’ll take Kennedy so the rest of you don’t have to.

          1. I’d have to put something in her mouth, first.

  2. Bonnie’s a cutie.

    Which reminds me, DVR Red Eye.

    +1Lori Rothman. ;p

  3. I myself have been concerned about the possibility of no one reaching 270.

    Look at this, from RCP:

    RCP Electoral Map

    226 180 Clinton +46

    No Toss Up States 273 265

    This is never going to end, is it?

        1. Okay, your video blows mine away. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have the sudden urge to listen to Iron Maiden.

    1. I am soooooooo hoping that neither gets 270, Trump gets *just* slightly less than Clinton – and then the Republican majority pushes Trump through anyway because, after all, ‘he’s one of us’.

      I want to hear the SCREAMS.

      1. Assuming all the EVs are cast, and neither gets to 270, there would have to be a third choice (whoever got the other EVs).

        I haven’t seen any scenarios adding up to 269-269.

  4. Bonnie McFarlane!!!!! Love this woman!

  5. I was hoping she’d have Bill Weld on.

    I bet he’s lost Kennedy’s number already.

    1. First his integrity, then Kennedy’s number…all in the same week?

  6. And the angel said “come see”, and I saw. And lo, I saw a tard riding a jackass, and Derp followed him.

    1. And I looked, and beheld a pale-ass dyke: and her name was C.J., and derp followed with her.

    2. The grizzled Derpetologist sat at his desk, his hair a bedraggled mess plastered to his scalp. A callus in the shape of a palm crossed the expanse of his face, thoroughly covering his eyes. Atop it rested his translucent hand, a genetic gift that permitted him to observe derp in all of its forms and from all of its sources while simultaneously expressing exasperation.

      “Why was I born to this life, this calling?” He whispered aloud the question that vexed him most. Must any fish study water as I am forced to study derp?

      His other hand worked the custom keyboard, eyes restlessly panning across the feeds on one screen and darting back to the other to chronicle the most vile and and shockingly stupid of what he found in the derposphere.

      He let out another exasperated sigh through the convenient hole in his hand. Another SJW. ANOTHER! Where the hell did they come from, and how do they multiply? They’re clearly not capable of sexual reproduction.

      He deftly began tapping an entry in as a single tear rolled down his cheek. Today was going to be a long day.

      1. Some adopt the derp. I was born into it. Molded by it.

        Where SJWs come from:

        summary: authoritarians tend to be dumb (especially with words) & easily offended; also have an overpowering need to have people agree with them

        1. That’s an interesting way to view the dynamic and that they decided that there were actually two types of SJW, the PC authoritarians with low verbal cognitive ability and high disgust sensitivity and the PC egalitarians who have higher cognitive verbal ability who, quite literally, infantilize and coddle the authoritarian types. A mother-child relationship.

          No wonder why they’re so prone to both tantrums and sanctimony towards anyone who isn’t of their ilk. Two different types.

          1. I like it when Millennials think i’m not “hip” as if I don’t go HnR everyday, hell 53 isn’t old, is it?


      Better than a tard chasing a camel down the highway.

    4. I was on a cross-country flight last week where the person next to me swiped their credit card to activate the DirecTV package for the tiny screen in front of them… and proceeded to watch MSNBC the entire time.

      1. How incredibly sad.

    1. It starts at 8,I’m going to watch Arrow.

    2. Huh. Wonder who’s in it.

    3. Yes, and one of the teams is called Cleveago.

      1. Is that creepy Trivago guy playing?

        1. creepy titilating Trivago guy


  7. OT: conference call from hell today. Speaker was reading slides on a speakerphone in a monotone rising inflection voice in uniform cadence. Gahh.

    Speaking of annoyances, thanks squirrels for fucking the mobile version of reason yet again. Reply box is slightly off screen by default now. Squirrel stew should be in the reason staff canteen tomorrow and every day.

    1. I was given a paper version of the annual employee survey. Fun.

    2. “OT: conference call from hell today. Speaker was reading slides on a speakerphone in a monotone rising inflection voice in uniform cadence. Gahh.”

      I once had a job orientation similar to this, but the person was in the room. Three odd hours of monotonous redundancy on five main issues. She laboured the point so heavily that slaves would have gazed upon it with a pitying eye.

      I was so enraged by the sheer pointlessness of it all that I vomited before I could get to the car.

      Not sure what that says about me as a person.

    3. You must work for a big company. I didn’t run into that until I worked for a huge conglomerate.

    4. You should have asked if they could get the icons on the slides in cornflower blue.

      1. “Conference participants are in listen only mode.”

        1. Sounds like a nice time for a nap.

    5. I think I was on that same call

      1. I’m hard of hearing, please turn off speakerphone, is my response (true too)

  8. Quip of the day, adapted from Sowell

    Trying to control rent with laws is like trying to cure a fever by putting a thermometer in cold water.…..10316.php3

    1. I think Don Boudreaux has said something very similar in regard to minimum wage laws.

    2. Has any one else had this beer and cough syrup inspired vision? Thomas Sowell is in an armored exo-suit stomping up the steps of the Department of Labor building, then smashes it to bits. Then rest is kind of hazy, as the rest of DC is consumed in flames, or maybe that’s just my waste paper basket. Wait, what?

      1. Want to kick your hallucinations up a notch? Ask your doctor about Agilecyborgixin, the non-habit forming hallucination stimulant.

        Side effects of Agilecyborgixin include word salad and insomnia.

        And from the makers of Ambien and Adderall comes a new combination ADD treatment and sleep aid, so you can focus on your dreams.

  9. Here is some Bonnie McFarlane.

    Here is some more Bonnie McFarlane.

    I laughed at the one about that you can’t be happy all the time…sometimes you have to put the bottle down…like when you’re making a left turn.

    1. She is pretty solid on Redeye, too. Couldn’t find any clips, but stuff from the last year or so is very funny.

    2. I love Bonnie. I love her husband Rich Vos too, but for different reasons. And when the two of them are together, magic happens.

  10. Low oil prices continue to bedevil Venezuela:

    Venezuela is in trouble, and it only seems to be getting worse

    In Venezuela, people have a hard time finding enough food to eat, and the anger that’s already bubbling over into the streets is likely to get worse.


    Venezuela’s oil-dependent economy capsized with the fall in crude prices that began in 2014, leaving whole swathes of the country’s 31 million people without enough food or other necessities. Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez, nationalized energy resources while crude prices were high. With oil prices now less than half of what they were in 2014, the government is left far short of its revenue needs, and with only an anemic private sector to generate taxes or jobs.

    This is a real article, from the MTV of finance news.

    1. They’ve certainly had a run of bad luck, haven’t they?

  11. Ooh, the *world* series?

    I wonder if Montenegro is playing.

  12. UK clickbait is really weird sometimes.

    I was SHELLSHOCKED by what happened next !

    They ate their poached eggs with beans and toast.

    1. A friend was asking me where you can find page 3 on the Internet.

      1. Ask google – though I’d wager it’s paywalled.

    2. That’s funny. My wife and I found 4 “double-yolkers” in a dozen eggs a couple months ago. I immediately started to wonder how close the egg farm was the the Springfield nuclear plant.

      1. Were they organic or free range? Because when we used to keep birds, we’d get a double yolk one in every 6-7 eggs. It was awesome.

        1. Not sure, we buy a bit of all kinds.

      2. I have a neighbor who has laying houses. He sells his eggs to the hatchery. When he collects his eggs, he culls the double yolks as they are not viable for hatching. (How he can tell the difference, I don’t know) He sells me cartons of double yolks for 75 cents. We eat them all the time.

        1. Isn’t candling how they tell the difference?

          1. Isn’t that a folklore remedy for drawing out earwax?

            1. You’re thinking of candelabras

              1. So Libearace had no ear wax?

  13. Bill Weld awoke in a bare room lit by a naked light bulb. An old TV in front of him flickered to life and showed a ghastly puppet. It spoke to him.

    “Hello, Bill. You don’t know me, but I know you. I want to play a game. Here’s what happens if you lose. The ceiling in your cell will slowly drop and you will be crushed by the weight of the cocktail party going on above you. To save yourself, you must correctly assembly the AR-15 in your cell and use it shoot the lock off the door. You’ve always hated guns, but now they are your only hope of staying alive. Look around Bill and know I’m not lying. You’d better hurry up, Bill. Live or die. The choice is yours.”

  14. You know who’s not funny? Trevor Noah. He’s terrible.

    1. I have never really been able to listen to anything he says. His voice is so annoying that I can’t get past hoping he just dies suddenly while speaking so I don’t have to hear it anymore.

  15. I mused the other day that maybe it was time to purge the LP of the cosmos. It was (mostly) in jest, but it sure is tiresome having the same smug, condescending pricks (most of whom can’t and won’t even construct arguments, but just attack you personally full prog style) lecture you about the importance of voting for a former Republican governor. I said almost right away that Weld was only in this as a Never Trump plant. His only purpose, only goal in this campaign was to pilfer support from Trump and Johnson knew it. He made his deal with the guy to get to some big money GOP donors who were against Trump.

    I’ve seen a shit ton of barely coherent attempts to rationalize and explain away the LP’s screw-ups. Let’s be frank – there is next to nothing redeemable about Johnson’s campaign at this stage. I doubt he even gets the 5% at this stage to set-up the LP going forward.

    Johnson is a pragmatic choice for the LP who wasn’t even very pragmatic when you factor in his incompetence and love affair with Weld.

    1. #NeverJohnson

      1. Apparently somebody has never been forced to navigate the intricate social structure that is the federal prison system.

        1. I was sentenced to prison, but I self-indentured as a guard instead of an inmate. Then I quit.
          Not sure why more people don’t use that tactic.

          1. *self-identified

            1. same thing?

              1. both my Parents were Guards at one time or another

    2. As disappointing as his campaign now seems to be, if Johnson covers the percentage spread between Trump and Hillary, it will be a success in my book.

      Yes, with the two parties trying to self destruct this was the year the LP could have done much better, but as some of us said in the beginning, there are too many D’s and R’s out there who, in a tight race, refuse to “waste” their vote.

      1. As disappointing as his campaign now seems to be, if Johnson covers the percentage spread between Trump and Hillary, it will be a success in my book.

        If he truly is drawing from both sides, then covering the spread doesn’t have any significance.

        1. Unless the polls have been totally wrong for months, he’ s pulling more votes from Hillary than from Trump.

    3. I said almost right away that Weld was only in this as a Never Trump plant.

      #NeverTrump people are also against Hillary, so no.

      1. The Hillary camp sure doesn’t agree with you.

  16. Email from the Johnson-Weld campaign (says from ‘Gov. Bill Weld,’ no less):


    I was elected Governor of Massachusetts twice, and I’ve been involved in a lot of other campaigns. And there is one thing that always happens. In the final days before the election, the media and the pundits — desperate for new headlines — seize on anything to add to the drama.

    We can’t let the drama distract us from making the history we are poised to make. Thanks to amazing supporters such as you and literally tens of thousands of volunteers all across this great country, Gary Johnson and I are on the verge of altering the political landscape in America for years to come.

    In state after state, our level of support gives us the key to Tuesday’s outcome. Nationally, we are on track to achieve the 5% level that will, for the first time in decades, grant a third party the ballot access and funding that is today enjoyed only by the Republicans and Democrats.

    Finally…the real American majority who consider themselves independent will have a third choice in elections to come — all up and down the ballot — and the opportunity to field candidates who can mount campaigns on an equal footing with the Republicans and Democrats.The federal funding that will be available if and when we hit 5% on Tuesday will be a game-changer.

    1. Dear William Weld,

      I think you’re a learned man, so when I tell you to get on board the HMS *Vulture* and sail to New York, you know I’m insulting you.

      1. Dear Bill,

        I know you’ve always considered yourself to be a Top Man who is well above the hoi polloi, but I’m sure you or someone on your staff can figure out what I mean when I tell you to go fuck a paper shredder.

          1. Did you lurnt yerself to rite?

        1. We’re all on one list or another.

          1. Ha! Just one? Amateur!

    2. So, um, uh, does anybody else see a certain, uh, dissonance, in the Libertarian Party chasing federal funds?

      1. eh. They seem to be, and I could be wrong, entirely voluntary. You check a box when you do your taxes. Of course money is fungible, and it seems odd that the money is constant when derived from gifts- you’d think they might move a bit year over year.

      2. In years past, accepting matching funds was a big topic of debate. I didn’t hear it come up once this year at all. Sign of the times, I guess (as well as the lack of a true Scotsman on the LP ticket).

        1. There was some discussion here a little wile ago

        2. I mean, I get it. Team purple gets federal funds, and it would only be fair for team liberty to, also. And, of course, more scratch means more advertising, staff, etc.
          But, you know, principles or something.

          1. Federal election funds come with spending limits, so D’s and R’s usually don’t take them.

          2. This election sounds the death knell of principles.

            1. Alice Cooper hardest hit.

  17. Heard this on the local radio.

    How to get suspended from the force: Fake checks and gay porn.

    1. The guy has been arrested and spent time in jail in the past for fraud, and still was allowed to become a cop. Hm…

      Also, another scandal where the police department had to deny knowledge of its officers hosting ‘breeding parties.’

      1. The boyfriend (apparently not a cop) is the one who was in jail for fraud. The pig gets a paid vacation.

      2. It’s the boyfriend, not the cop.

        Also, WTF?:

        “There’s no mention of any breeding parties or any underage drinking that came it of that,” noted Clifford.

        Is that, umm, what they thought would happen at these alleged “parties”?

        1. I hear it involves chicken eggs and some strange ritual called “candeling”…

    2. “The car dealership in our investigators were. Able to terminate it was a fake bogus check,” explained Lt. Robert Winn with Colonie Police.

      Ooohh, him talk good English!

      /Yeah, yeah, it’s the newsroom flunky.

      1. Looks like someone was using voice to speech.

        1. Or voice to text, even.

          1. voice to speech

            I even read it correctly!

            BTW, it almost sounds like some kind of SJW program at a college campus: “GIVE VOICE TO SPEECH!”

            1. A speech to give everyone a voice.

              1. Trademark that for your eventual rise to power political career.

      2. Fake bogus checks are the worst king of bogus checks. Glad they were able to terminate it.

        1. Maybe that cop is Yoda?

    3. I tried Upstate porn but it’s all mullets and shotguns.

  18. Salon suggests the Libertarian Party is broadening its appeal and becoming more sensible – for example, less focus on rigid free-market ideology and more focus on competence.

    1. Oh, you went to Salon??

      ::pours out 40 oz. for Fusionist::

    2. When Salon calls you sensible, you’re doing it wrong.

    3. William Weld’s vouching for “reliable” Hillary Clinton shows libertarianism is morphing into something else

      Well, they’re certainly correct here.

      1. Libertarianism hasn’t changed.

        The LP though….

        1. I just say I’m Ancap and they stare….

    4. Weld also strongly commended the integrity and competence of Clinton, saying that he considered her “a person of high moral character, a reliable person and an honest person.”

      (screams internally)

    5. Salon is now praising the LP? Yeah, I think some soul searching might be in order here

    6. “more focus on competence”


    7. Sounds like liberaltarianism is back on! First step, embrace Hillary Clinton.

      Second step, celebrate! Mission accomplished!

  19. If the Cubs win the world series it will prove we live in the dankest timeline. Or is it the darkest timeline? I can’t tell at this point.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s the derpiest timeline

    2. Why did their bats have to wake up?

    3. Dank is good, so No

    4. The fact that the last game of the World Series was played in November proves that we live in the dankest darkest timeline.

  20. Weld doubles down – here’s what he said to the New York Times:

    “I’m sick and tired of seeing [Hillary Clinton] dragged through the mud by a man who makes absolutely no demands on himself as to moral behavior, including common decency or truthfulness”

    1. I’m sick and tired of seeing [Hillary Clinton] dragged through the mud

      Not a “lesser of two evils” argument. Just straight to defensive.

      1. I would pay good money to see her actually dragged through mud in her white pants suit.

    2. a man who makes absolutely no demands on himself as to moral behavior, including common decency or truthfulness

      Doesn’t that also apply to Hillary herself? Well except for the “man” part.

      1. You sure about that?

    3. Is Weld dissing on the Bubba now?

    4. “I’m sick and tired of seeing [Hillary Clinton] dragged through the mud..”

      Hillary digs a huge moat of mud that completely surrounds her. She going to get muddy at some point.

  21. Esquire praises Weld’s statesmanship:

    “At a time when far too many elected officials are willing to mortgage the country for personal gain, Bill Weld is a breath of fresh air. The former Republican Massachusetts governor joined Gary Johnson’s Libertarian ticket as the vice-presidential nominee, but now that it’s all hitting the fan, he’s taking a step back to see the bigger picture. Last night, Weld joined Rachel Maddow on MSNBC to express support for Hillary Clinton, because “it’s high time somebody did.”…

    “Predictably, this has raised the ire of someone on the Internet, in this case a libertarian Wikipedia user. It’ll be a tough blow when this netizen discovers, perhaps in the campaigns to come, that most people just don’t like libertarian ideas:”

    [shows post by a libertarian complaining that Weld is the “Destroyer of the Libertarian Party”]

    “Country before party?imagine that.”

    1. Sounds like Jack Holmes is in for a rude awakening, when he learns how much people don’t give a shit about Esquire.

  22. Johnson speaks:

    “From the day that [Hillary Clinton] takes office, it will be impeachment proceedings. There will be the drumbeat of impeachment from the first day,” “And if Trump is inaugurated, he’ll be in court over child rape.”

    1. “And if Trump is inaugurated, he’ll be in court over child rape.”

      Um, did I miss something?

      1. Yes. You missed that he’s literally Hitler.

      2. There is a civil suit against Trump that alleges he raped an underage girl at an Epstein Lolita party. But the story itself is horseshit, as far as anyone can tell. The media has stayed away from it because:
        1. The suit was filed with a made-up address. As far as anyone could tell when the story first broke, there wasn’t even a woman to interview (they have since released a video that claims to be from the ‘victim’ here in which the face is blurred out).
        2. There’s no name to the accuser

        When the media that will print just about anything anti-Trump is dodging the story, there’s likely nothing at all to it. The entire thing to me stinks of some early attempt by Clinton backers/the Clintons themselves to preempt bringing up Bill’s own connections to Epstein.

        1. I just assumed the media was avoiding the story because of the Epstein/Clinton connection.

          1. I think that is true

            1. Bill Clinton was definitely hanging around with Epstein. That’s old news. Funny how I’ve never heard until now that Trump was part of those good ol boys. I mean it wouldn’t surprise me, but I hardly think the Clintons want to go there.

        2. It’s hard to take the accusation seriously given the timing.

        3. So Johnson drops an accusation that is so baseless and vile even the media won’t pick it up. Stay classy there Gary. Johnson and Weld are just disasters.

          1. He is a politician. Just not a good one.

      3. Should add – their is a court date scheduled in November after the election. My own hunch is it quietly goes away after the election no matter what.

        1. There’s no court date

      4. There is at least one pending lawsuit alleging that Trump engaged in sexual conduct with a 13 year old. It involves some guy named Epstein who may also be friends with Bill Clinton…

        1. I honestly think trump took part in the Lolita express; that’s why he hasn’t hit hillary with it.

        2. Look at all the love the left gives Roman Polansky

  23. Long Shots: Why Gary Johnson Isn’t Worthy of Millennials’ Protest Votes

    “But more than civil rights, Johnson’s tenure as governor was dominated by the privatization and destruction of public services. In short, he didn’t care much for government….

    “Johnson criticized HB 2 and said the state [of North Carolina] deserves all the scorn it’s getting, but if you break the bill down piece by piece, it’s hard to see how a law sold as relieving a burden on businesses wouldn’t have met with his approval. After all, not only does the law prevent cities from mandating that businesses accommodate LGBTQ customers, it also prevents municipalities from increasing the minimum wage?something that Johnson wants to eliminate altogether. Transphobia aside, it’s a libertarian’s dream….

    “…pot legalization, or at least decriminalization, might well be coming in the next decade no matter who wins next week….

    “At this point, even Weld seems to have given up….”

    1. At this point, even Weld seems to have given up….

      How does one give up at that which he never tried?

    2. Huh. A libertarian who doesn’t care much for government and who privatized government services. You don’t say.

      1. It’s obvious. Until the LP has been completely absorbed into the great team purple, they’re not doing it right.

        1. Well, it worked for the “small government, real politic” Republicans.

          1. Tea Party co-opt part 2.

        2. Also, what the hell is up with Ed Crane naming his PAC “Purple PAC”?
          This, socially liberal, economically conservative bullshit is the best way to make the Libertarian Party not libertarian at all.

          1. It’s a bullshit meme. All of these socially liberal assholes want govt to pay for their free birth control, free healthcare, free college, and want to curtail your 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

            1. They also want to give all the jerbs to mexicans and muslims

            2. Right? It’s like preemptively surrendering. Saying “Hey! Give us a piece of that sweet sweet tyranny! Well represent the log cabin Republicans, and the neocon Democrats. Why, we can become the great uniter. Both parties agree on so much, let’s compromise and give the people what they voted for, good and hard.”
              Damnit, this election is going to turn me from a libertarian into an anarchist.

    1. Crusty gets on the list. I mean the other list, not the ones he’s already on.

      1. He signed up for most of them.

        1. We all did that moment we started posting here.

          1. I figure at some point the lists will grow so big as to be meaningless.

            1. Selective enforcement, feature not bug.

            2. Not with computers. Did you know, one of the original reasons for the statute of limitations was simply that there wasn’t enough room in filling cabinets keep everything forever.
              With the rise of computers, more and more states are changing statutes of limitations.

              1. When everyone is on the list it’s pretty much meaningless.

                1. Your betters won’t be on the list, so not everyone.

              2. False. Archives show that “what difference at this point does it make?” is one of the foundations of Common Law.

    2. I’ll give them partial credit for showing the black guy.

      1. Obviously not a real black guy. Hanging out with whitey and playing with scary guns = Uncle Tom.

        1. They usually play the racist angles with these groups.

        2. So, all the gangsta takers who teamed up with Vanilla Ice?

          1. *rappers
            Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with auto spell? This is what happens when the IT phone support people start programming our apps.

    3. The mid 1990s called, they want their hysterical pants-shitting back!

      1. They’re getting an exponential return on their investment.

  24. Damn, am I glad I never even really considered voting for Johnson since 1 second after they nominated that shit weasel named Weld.

    1. What did Weld bring to the ticket? Remember Johns chose him.

      1. Self promotion

        1. Well, he probably just succeeded in making millions of people hate him. I guess that’s par for the course with a politician.

      2. Obviously we’re finding out right now… I mean some are finding out right now, some of us knew from the start, what he’s bringing. I just never expected him to be a Trojan horse for the Democratic party. Oh well.

      3. Because of the narrative that “ex-governors = credibility”.

        And ironically, they’ve destroyed any potential for LP credibility in the public mind. They crow about having gotten media coverage, but in reality the LP would have been better off getting none compared to having these two clowns be the face of the party.

        1. They choose two career politicians in the year America finally had had it with professional politicians The LP really has the Midas touch.

          1. Hush, 8 years ago Eric Dondero told us all that guy is the prototypical Libertarian Republican. Cry, bald eagle, weep for those twin towers.

      4. “What did Weld bring to the ticket?”

        A punchable face.

      5. The line at the time was name recognition and fundraising. I assume Romney had already turned down the offer, because he has more of both of those things than Weld and is probably about equally libertarian.

      6. Weld brought credibility with honest liberals who were disgusted with Hillary, and by all reports, the Johnson/Weld ticket was wildly successful in attracting that support.

        Johnson voters are younger, more female, and more minority than Trump supporters, and if the LP ticket loses its credibility, Johnson supporters from those demographics will disproportionately break for Hillary.

        That may give Hillary another 1% to 2% of the vote in swing states.

        If you want Trump to win, you better hope the Libertarian ticket hasn’t completely lost its credibility over this.

        1. No doubt that Johnson is pulling more votes from Hillary than from Trump. But Weld has already successfully sabotaged that at just the right moment. The guy was a Republican from a deep blue state, AKA Democrat. Is anyone really surprised by this?

          1. I’m not talking about what he did.

            I’m talking what we’re doing.

            We shouldn’t be acting like this has ruined the LP ticket.

            We should be encouraging people to vote LP despite William Weld talking a poison pill.


            1. Let me try this:

              Hurrah for the 12th Amendment!

              If you can carry your state for the Libertarian ticket and throw the election in to Congress, the House will choose among the top 3 vote-getters for President, while the Senate will choose from among the top 2 vote-getters for Vice-President.

              So if the LP has the third-highest number of electoral votes, Johnson will be a candidate in the House, but Weld will not be in contention in the Senate, just Kaine and Pence.


              That’s as optimistic as I can get about Weld.

              1. You don’t seem to be acknowledging the fact that we’re jumping just as high as William Weld tells us specifically because he told us to jump.

                Weld wants to discredit the LP ticket and make their supporters break for Hillary.

                So we’re going to discredit the LP ticket and leave its marginal supporters to vote for Hillary?

                That is self-defeating on its face. That is doing what Weld wants.

                That is doing what Hillary wants.

                I’m not working for the Hillary campaign. Certainly not just because Weld tells me to.

                1. I’m trying to help you here – vote Libertarian, even if the election goes to Congress Weld won’t be an option for them.

                  It’s the best I can do, not having voted for them myself.

                  1. I’m trying to discredit the Libertarian ticket by citing its left-wing, pro-Hillary tendencies.

                    Is that going to drive voters to Hillary?

                    1. “I’m trying to discredit the Libertarian ticket by citing its left-wing, pro-Hillary tendencies.

                      Is that going to drive voters to Hillary?

                      If a disproportionate number of the LP’s current supporters come from demographics that will probably vote for Hillary if the LP is discredited, then yes–discrediting the ticket will probably drive voters to Hillary.

                      P.S. And your primary target doesn’t seem to be Hillary. It seems to be Weld.

                2. bravo

          2. P.S. Weld almost certainly did this in exchange for the promise of an appointment under Hillary.

            It may just be an ambassadorship to Rome.

            It may be something better.

              1. If he did it for nothing, then he’s the dumbest politician in American history.

                1. LP for nothing
                  Shills for free

      7. He brought peals of laughter from me, because now US version of LP is worse than SJW Canadian version. Our idiots just wanted Lauren Southern delisted because she dared interrupt feminist protest by holding “there’s no rape culture in the West” sign.
        Your idiots are campaigning against their candidate, because he’s campaigning for his competitor. That takes special kind of retarded.

        1. Uh… um… that’s not…. ahh… well… um… shut up, you’re Canadian.

        2. Lauren Southern is awesome. I’d vote for her.

        3. Exactly.

          Suck it America, our Libertarian Party may have poor management, only appear in seventy ridings, a shitty website, only got thirty thousand votes last election, and still do worse than the Green Party, but at least our candidates actually run as libertarians and didn’t spend the last election trying to convince us how Trudeau is a genius orator and statesman.

          1. Even libertarian Canadians are insufferable.

            1. You know, I’ve never met one. Just the ones here.

            2. South Park is a documentary, they got us pegged.


      8. “More than 70 percent of [Gary Johnson’s] backers are younger than 50 . . . according to a mid-August poll by the Pew Research Center.

        . . .

        Mr. Johnson’s coalition is relatively diverse, particularly compared with that of Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee.

        Thirteen percent of Mr. Johnson’s backers are black or Latino, compared with just 6 percent for Mr. Trump.

        And while just 42 percent of Mr. Trump’s supporters are women, the Pew center found that Mr. Johnson’s are evenly divided ? 51 percent women, 49 percent men.

        Republican strategists have long said that their party must do more to appeal to voters who are younger, nonwhite and women. Mr. Trump trails Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, by almost 20 points among women, and by far more among minority voters, Pew found.”

        —-New York Times

        1. This is unpossible. There are no libertarian women. Those are just pissed off Bernie Girls, who will return to the plantation and dutifully vote Clinton.

          1. That’s the point.

            Johnson/Weld appealed to people outside the LP.

            It’s called outreach.

            That’s how Jesus took over the Roman empire.

            That’s how you make friends and influence people.

            No one is born Libertarian.

            I registered because I was pissed off about the breaking of a No New Taxes pledge.

            All these years later, and I’m still here.

            1. This is why Johnson went from 10% in the polls to less than 5. Because a bunch of pissed off Socialists declared #NeverHillary, but when push comes to shove, or when they actually research what the LP is supposed to stand for, they go running back to the Democrats.

              1. Johnson went from 10% to 5% because of single member districts and Duverger’s law.


                1. Yes, I’m the guy who is always getting crap for arguing that the electoral college pretty much ensures a two party system.
                  But that doesn’t address the specific case here: namely that polls showing the LP taking more votes from Hillary than from Trump were simply reflecting the anger of Bernie’s supporters.
                  Of course most were eventually going to go back to the duopoly; it should have been obvious that those voters would abandon the LP at crunch time.
                  Duverger’s law would suggest that the LP in the US will never gain a decent showing unless they replace one of the other two parties.
                  Was it you the other night arguing that, the best path to changing the conversation was to attempt to influence one of the two major parties onto a more libertarian path? Because, I personally think that’s the answer.
                  Rand Paul can win where Ron Paul never could.

                  1. That’s one of the drawbacks to having an LP at all. It guarantees that both of the other parties become less libertarian.

                  2. “Duverger’s law would suggest that the LP in the US will never gain a decent showing unless they replace one of the other two parties.”

                    You should read that the other way around.

                    The LP will become dominant when one of the two parties lifts our platform. That happens when a candidate like Rand Paul runs for President and wins.

                    That’s what happened when the Democrats lifted the Green Party’s agenda on climate change.

                    That’s what happened when FDR lifted the American Communist Party’s platform.

                    First the LP demonstrates its viability with the swing vote, and then someone in the Republican Party, probably, adopts much of the LP platform to get hat swing vote and win.

                    Hilarity ensues.

                    1. I think that we are agreeing. But, I’m drinking, so, you know, I may be wrong.

                    2. Free shit vs soccer moms = LP < 5% forever

                    3. You know, despite reality constantly punching me in the nuts, I’m cautiously optimistic. After all “anything that can’t last forever, won’t.”
                      I thought Rand had a real chance this year, before the orange clown threw his hat in the ring.
                      The Dems keep getting more and more straight out communistic. The Republican party base, or at least a large portion, is getting tired of constant war and New World Order bullshit.
                      Many on team red really believe in limited government and federalism, even if the party insiders don’t.
                      If Trump destroys the Republican party elite, and Hillary wins, ensuring 4 years of the sins of big government being confessed before the people… Well, who knows.
                      Rand Paul 2020!
                      And it’s perfect because he’s an optometrist, and the whole 2020 thing.

        2. “Republican strategists have long said that their party must do more to appeal to voters who are younger, nonwhite and women”

          Which means finding young people who support the war on drugs, non-ending foreign wars, and a militarized police state, because the chillins.

        3. The LP usually gets 1% of the vote from us, the hardcore libertarians.

          Gary Johnson was getting 5% of the vote.

          That means 80% of his support wasn’t hardcore libertarian like us. These are people who may never have heard of They’re not like us.

          They’re like Hazel only more so.

          If and when Johnson’s backers leave the LP ticket, they will most likely vote with their respective demographics. Certainly, if Johnson was drawing more support away from Hillary than from Trump, the LP ticket becoming a non-entity will give an advantage to Hillary Clinton.

          In swing states, where Johnson support was higher than the gap between Trump and Hillary, the LP ticket losing its credibility will probably throw the election to Hillary.

          That we’re giving the election to Hillary because we’re made that Weld endorsed Hillary isn’t ironic–not if by “ironic”, you mean unexpected. We libertarians are always shooting ourselves in the foot.

          Because we don’t want Hillary, we’re giving the election to Hillary?

          Expected or unexpected, it’s not very smart.

          1. “Gary Johnson was getting 5% of the vote”

            Johnson was polling at right around 10% of the vote right up to election day 2012. He got 1%.

            1. Do you have a link for that?

              1. No, but I remember it.

                From Wiki:

                November 1, 2012 CNN poll includes Johnson. 5.1% of 796 likely voters indicated that they would vote for Gary Johnson.

                He was close to 10% in the RCP avg right around this time if I recall correctly.

                1. Johnson was pushing 3% in September of 2012.


                  I remember his campaign pushing hard for 2 or 3% in his ads. That two or three fingers you see him in pictures on Hit & Run articles is from when he was pushing for 2 or 3% of the vote–he was gonna call that a huge victory.

                  Regardless, we want that 5% of the people who were going to vote for Johnson to continue to do so–if the alternative vote for a disproportionate amount of them is Hillary, this time, right?

          2. Because we don’t want Hillary, we’re giving the election to Hillary?

            The same could be said of Trump voters, only not just giving her the election but possibly the Senate as well. Because they’re just so angry at TEH ESTABLUSHMUNT

            1. What are you even talking about?

              If that excess 4% were disproportionately white and blue collar, they’d break for Trump.

              They’re not.

              Johnson voters are disproportionately from demographics that prefer Hillary.

              1. Trump voters generally, those railing against the institutional inertia Trump has yet and will never overcome. Trump wanted to set fire to the GOP and burn the house down around him. Thankfully that appears not to be the case, but it would be funny in a morbid way to watch Trump’s voters, so incensed by the #NeverTrump “betrayers,” hand Hillary legislative as well as executive supremacy. Fuckin’ mooks.

              2. I don’t see it. From what I’ve seen following the RCP avg 3 way, Johnson typically helps Trump by about 1%. That’s a long ways from disproportionately. The other thing I find suspect about that, is that Republicans I know are way more accepting of libertarian ideals than are Democrats who seem to absolutely hate libertarians more than they do Republicans.

                1. Again, come election day we will see Johnson well below 10%. If he gets 5%, ok, I’ll cheer.
                  But the fact of the matter is that a large cohort of Johnson voters in the polls were never going to vote libertarian. They were pissed off Socialists, telling the DNC to fuck off.
                  Then, since they were calling themselves libertarians, they figured they’d go ahead and Google “libertarian”. OMG! These people really believe this? I can’t even. And Trump is the devil, so I’d better vote for Hillary, because, after all the she does have a vagina, and she’s not some icky Republican.
                  It would have been cool if enough of them had polled that way long enough to get Johnson into the debates (or maybe not, with his debating skills), but to expect that support to continue all the way to actually voting LP was naive.

  25. Hey, Chicago-area commentors: good luck.

    1. Booooooo!

      1. This is Reason. It’s: Booooooosh!

    2. Win or lose it’s a good time for rioting!

      1. Over 600 people killed in Chicago so far this year, but tonight’s deaths will be blamed on baseball.

      2. Please destroy your own city.

    1. Wow. Now I hope she is elected.

      1. Whaddaya mean, “she”? Hillary’s 18 year plan is nearing fruition! Bill will be indicted! She’ll have the Whitehouse to herself!

    2. So who’s the fall guy/gal?

      1. Exactly. No one named Clinton is getting indicted unless they throw Chelsea under the bus, which is possible.

        1. At least the fall guy won’t be Monica because
          She didn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.

          1. Somebody give that man a cigar!

    3. We’ll see. My guess is that ‘someone’ will be indicted. But likely someone you’ve never heard of. Maybe the cleaning lady who cleaned Clinton’s office.

      Also, Fox News.

    4. I look forward to our first felon president

      1. I will allow Hillary to serve as president while doing her time, if the oval office is turned into a jail cell complete with a cement block as a bed along with a small metal toilet and a payphone that only allows for collect calls out. It has metal bars, the Secret Service protects us from her, and she is only allowed to wear orange pantsuits.

    5. I’ll only believe it when I see it.

    1. Wow. Totalitarian as fuck.

    2. Chicago Strong!

    3. And where does this authority come from? I mean, besides that they are the only ones allowed to be armed in Chicago, legally?

      1. You heard the man above you, Chicago Strong!

    4. In related news, a pissed off Polish Chicagoan told officer Dunphy that his punk ass, drunk Irish, papist sister was a whore, and that he was going to have his drink whether officer Dumbass was standing or unconscious.
      At least, that’s what Gramps would have said; i hope Chicago still has that kinda balls.

      1. And i don’t why i said “Gramps”.
        Alexander Balthazar Kolakowski was known as “Papa”.
        And is that a name, or is that as name?
        (And he died a decade or more ago, so, his real name won’t lead down some Google road of privacy invasion, so that’s his real name)

  26. Tonight in “JB’s prog friends say things”. One was going on and on about how Hillary is the most qualified Presidential candidate he’s ever seen. After I stopped laughing (took a while), I said that any candidate with executive (gubernatorial) experience — Dubya, Bill Clinton, Reagan, Carter, et al are by default more qualified. In response, different prog friend went on and on about how qualified she was (she’s been in DC for 30 years! She was first lady (huh?)! Secretary of State! A Senator!). Then he asked if I thought Sarah Palin was more qualified, because she was a Mayor and a Governor.

    I said yes.

    He hasn’t responded to me yet.

    1. He probably can’t see reality from his house.


    1. Only if you can email me 2 beers right now. No, pictures of beer doesn’t count. Otherwise, fuck off, false deity!

    2. Hey, Your Divinity, “This video is not available.”

      Pls get on fixin’ it. Thx.

  28. Weld serenades Hillary:

    Now I’m ready to close my eyes
    And now I’m ready to close my mind
    And now I’m ready to feel your hand
    And lose my heart on the burning sands
    And now I wanna be your dog
    And now I wenna be your dog
    Now I wanna be your dog
    Well c’mon

    1. I been hurting
      Since I bought the gimmick
      About something called love
      Yeah something called love
      That’s like hypnotizing chickens
      Well I am just a modern guy
      Of course I’ve had it in the ear before

  29. This has appeared on many of my friends walls. Violent urges are arising in me.

    1. That’s a rather avant-garde design for wallpaper.

      1. Thought it was an eye chart at first.
        “Better or Worse?”
        *Flips lens*
        “Better or Worse?”
        “Um, is experiencing rage considered ‘better’?”

    2. As I said here the other day, Hillary’s emails were only a problem initially when the issue was sloppy/negligent practices involving national security. Emails are not the issue now, they are *evidence* of wrongdoing.

      1. Yep. What’s all this fuss over a few missing minutes of tape?

      2. This is true enough in a sense, but I still have to call bullshit in general if only because there are people whose lives have been ruined by our government over ‘sloppy/negligtent practices involving national security.’

        The entire email scandal obviously ties back to the rampant, unprecedented corruption of the Foundation.

        1. Just to clarify what I meant: even if there weren’t any emails, Hillary should be in legal trouble. Referring to all these related crises as an “email scandal” as straffinrun’s linked pic did is downplaying the seriousness of them.

  30. Sorry, I just gotta say:

    How’s that libertarian pragmatism working out for you? Bet you’re glad you rejected purity tests!

      1. Fusionism the philosophy, not the phony coalition-politics definition.

        1. You’re still getting roofie-ed, though.

          1. Aren’t we all? Warty lurks everywhere!

    1. To even call Johnson’s positions on things like religious liberty pragmatic is really an insult to pragmatism. Take the gay cakes thing as one example. Johnson didn’t just argue that gays shouldn’t be discriminated against, but actually argued that Jews should have to make cakes for Nazis. He moved way past discrimination based on a set of defined characteristics and went straight to banning discrimination based on any criteria.

      Would Johnson pass some sweeping law to accomplish that? Doubtful, but what’s alarming is that he didn’t have a basic, fundamental understanding of the issue at hand. I saw someone earlier defend him by claiming he didn’t want to be Goldwater’ed (which is stupid – there is nowhere near broad consensus for the progressive agenda on this, and there’s some distance between coming against the CRA and expanding discrimination laws), but when you listen to Johnson, he doesn’t actually understand the issues.

      I like the guy personally. If he were a Republican running for office, or had a legit shot of winning this election, I’d get off my ass and vote. But he’s a shitty protest vote. He’s not ‘pragmatic’ or principled. He’s just mediocre.

  31. What incredible timing. is suddenly running media buy ads on Reason H&R!

    1. Fuck all those hipster Cub “fans”.

  32. As an anarchist. I FUCKING LOVE THI ELECTION CYCLE !!!!! =D

    The idea f Government has totally rejected the rule of law, and completely embarrassed itself.

    I LOVE THIS SHIT !!!! =D

    1. “Uh, Uh, Skippy!”

      “Aw, man. What color was it?”

      That’s quality right there. Still laughing.

    2. *suspects that Jimmy is drunker than he is, starts shooting whiskey

      1. Starts shooting whiskey with ya. =D

  33. It’s the 8th inning of game 7 of the world series. This is when I start watching my first MLB game of the year.

    1. Tell me I don’t have good timing.

      1. Dammit. I wanted to go to bed!

        Chapman is getting lit up.

        1. I don’t understand why Maddon had to take Lester out.

        2. Was going to go shopping, thought I’d click it on to see Chicago finally win one. Now it’s pouring rain.

          1. That was just a quick shower. If this thing goes to extras, there’s a whole mess of awful coming.

      2. Wow. If Cleveland pulls this off, that Wrigley webcam scene will get interesting.

      3. Hey, this is why you don’t get into an altercation with your wife, then run to your garage and empty out a pistol.

      4. It’s Cleveland versus the Cubs. There’s so much bad karma involved, anyone with half a brain and an inkling of sports knowledge could have seen something weird happening. That goes for when Cleveland had a 3-1 series lead to tonight’s game.

        God is real. And he is vengeful and hateful. AT least when it comes to these two fanbases.

    2. Ditto.

      Rooting for CLE and they just tied it.

      1. Good lord, did this thing really start over 3 hours ago?!

        1. That’s the great thing about baseball: it’s so action packed and fast paced that you lose track of time.

          1. You just aren’t drunk enough.

            1. I don’t think anybody has ever said that to me before.

  34. Cleveland area commenters: be safe.

      1. Jesus… 8 years in Buffalo just flashed before my eyes.

  35. Bad form:

    “Dexter Fowler hit a leadoff homer in Game 7 and backpedaled his way from first to second”

    1. This is the first time a font choice ever felt life-threatening.

      1. Do I have to post all the cat videos here?


    Foundation investigation from two sources inside the FBI. He reveals five important new pieces of information in these two short clips:

    1. The Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far and has been going on for more than a year.

    2. The laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson have not been destroyed, and agents are currently combing through them. The investigation has interviewed several people twice, and plans to interview some for a third time.

    3. Agents have found emails believed to have originated on Hillary Clinton’s secret server on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. They say the emails are not duplicates and could potentially be classified in nature.

    4. Sources within the FBI have told him that an indictment is “likely” in the case of pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation, “barring some obstruction in some way” from the Justice Department.

    5. FBI sources say with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton’s server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that information had been taken from it

    If this is true, it is game over for Hillary. The country is not going to elect someone President who is about to be indicted. The rank and file FBI has decided to take the Clintons. That is worse than the Russian mob being after you.

    1. Read this. Sounds too good to be true. A few rogue FBI agents basically sticking it to their senior leadership and the DoJ. I’ve been posting it of late, but when the whole Chinese donor scandal happened, the FBI agents in question testified about how corrupt the investigation was to Congress. The DoJ, in their words, sabotaged them, essentially. Nothing happened.

      1. In the 1990s, they played by the rules and never leaked anything. Not they are not. They are leaking everything. So DOJ can’t cover it up. And it is not a couple of rogue agents. It is entire rank and file. Unless you know those people, you have no idea the kind of anger that has built up in the Intel Community and LEO community over this. The thing is the voters who will change their votes and decide elections didn’t like it that they let Clinton off in July but they figured it wasn’t a big deal ofr the FBI would not have dropped it. Once Comey re-opened the investigation, they no longer could think that. “under investigation by the FBI” is still a big deal to a lot of people.

    2. Can’t this wait until after baseball?

    3. Hillary Clinton could eat a live baby on live TV, and still get 49% of the vote.
      Her backers simply don’t care. Their team is good, and Republicans are evil; if they weren’t evil, they wouldn’t be Republicans.
      And, how many votes have already been cast?
      In this day and age, November surprises need to happen in August.

      1. *October surprises
        Can’t blame that on spell check, so I’ll blame alcohol.

      2. Not true. The bottom has fallen out of her poll numbers. It is not obvious yet, but it is there if you look. This weekend Marquette did a huge poll of Wisconsin. It was done Thursday-Sunday. If you look at the daily results, it looks like nothing changed. The daily totals are not what you look at. The day to day results of the poll are not reflective of the state of the race that day. They are reflective of whatever area or sample group the poll was doing that day. The four days combined give you a picture of the entire state, but each single day doesn’t. So, you are not necessarily going to see a shift in the electorate that happened during the taking of the poll by looking at the total daily results.

        1. You will see a shift by looking at the daily results for certain groups, like Republicans, independents and so forth. And when you look at it those numbers, you get this

          When results are broken down by party identification, there is little change among Democrats, who supported Clinton by 88 percent on Wednesday and Thursday, 88 percent on Friday and 90 percent Saturday through Monday. Among Democrats, Trump received 6 percent, 2 percent and 3 percent on those days respectively.

          Among Republicans, Trump received 73 percent support on Wednesday and Thursday, 87 percent on Friday and 86 percent on Saturday through Monday, with Clinton receiving 8 percent, 9 percent and 4 percent among Republicans on those days.

          Independents shifted from a 41 percent to 34 percent Clinton advantage over Trump on Wednesday and Thursday, to a 44 percent to 34 percent Trump advantage over Clinton on Friday and a 43 percent to 35 percent Trump advantage in Saturday through Monday interviews.

          Unless there is something special about Wisconsin that causes people there to care more about this than other states, Friday was a complete disaster for Hillary.

        2. Again, how many votes have already been cast? In Colorado, 95% of all ballots are mailed in. 95%. I’d bet that most ballots have already been mailed.

          1. Which speaks to my opposition to pre-voting. You never know what is going to happen.

            1. I agree. Voting before election day is bullshit.

          2. 22 million votes have been cast. And at least judging from Florida, they appear to be a lot more Republican than they were in 2012. And 95% of the ballots in Colorado have not been cast


            And it is the only state that allows mail in votes that early. We won’t know until election day. But you might want to at least prepare yourself for the possibility that Hillary is going to lose.

            1. Well, we know that some of the polls are oversampling democrats. So it’s possible that Trump is actually ahead right now. As for Florida, I heard a couple of days ago that around 17,000 more early votes had been cast by Republicans than Democrats. And Trump has been in front in the polling of FL for a couple of days now.

              I’ll say it again, if Hillary wins I think PA will be what saves her. Trump is probably going to win FL and OH.

              1. The ABC News Washington Post poll that came out Monday, had a Dem +10 sampling bias and still had Trump up by one. And that was taken mostly before the Comey indictment. Hillary was losing ground after the third debate. You know that because Nate Silver and RCP, who are always a week and a half to two weeks behind reality, show it radically tightening up. Nothing on RCP or takes into account the Comey announcement and even they are showing Hillary falling like a rock. . If Trump is ahead by one in a Dem +10 electorate, he would be up by 6 in the Dem +6 electorate of 2012. Given all the shit that is happening, do you honestly think Hillary can pull off the same turnout that Obama did in 2012? And even if she does, she is still significantly behind if the ABC poll is anything close to accurate.

                Look at the Wisconsin poll I just talked about. It shows her ahead, but if you look at the numbers and how they changed after Friday and do the math projecting that change onto the entire electorate, Trump is up in Wisconsin. And now we are getting all of this. And don’t forget, it is only Wednesday. Wikileaks still isn’t done with her. Anything can happen, but it is not looking good for her.

            2. I read he *has* to win Florida or else…/makes throat slashing motion.

  37. The intertoobz is on fire with this Clinton foundation probe stuff.

    1. A treatment of antibiotics should clear up the burning sensation from the Clinton probe.

    2. It is not completely true, but it will make a great myth and be all anyone remembers. The Clintons after getting away with so much shit for 30 years nowfinally going down because of one of their flunkies sending dick picks to underage girls is too much karmic justice not to happen. It is just too perfect of a final scene of the Clinton drama.

      1. I must admit, it makes me laugh. Also, the rumor is that Hillary introduced Huma to Wiener.

        1. I would totally trust Hillary Clinton as a matchmaker…

  38. Always back up at second base.

  39. There’s no crying in baseball.

  40. So I flipped over to baseball at the bottom of the 8th and I’ve seen my first 2 Trump commercials. Thanks Faux!

  41. Jesus Christ. That’s not even the heavy stuff!

    This is not going to end anytime soon. If that big blob gets here, this game is not restarting for a couple of hours.

      1. Participation trophies for everyone!

  42. Rain delay, bottom of the ninth, tired game, winner wins world series.
    I guess, a little bit of crying might be allowed.

  43. I have enough whiskey to survive extra innings, and I have a very important meeting tomorrow, and I’ve had a few sleeping pills, so this is not going to end well.

    My thoughts and prayers are with me.

    1. Your thoughts and prayers are with me.

    2. I have tomorrow off and I’m just catching a buzz. Neener neener.

  44. Hirschbeck is a liar. There’s a fucking mess coming behind this little thing.

  45. Who schedules the world series during rain?

    1. You’re lucky it’s not snowing and 34 degrees.

      1. *checks opensnow*

      2. Why am I lucky? I’m not playing not at the stadium, and the only reason i even give a damn is because that’s what all the drunks at the bar are yelling about. Stupid drunks at the bar
        *does shot, slams beer, yells at bartender to set ’em up again.

        1. You’re at the bar posting on Hit?


          Anyway, it’s a normal turn of phrase, silly.

          1. I forgot about squirrels and their ampersand appetite.

            “Hit y Run”, it was supposed to say.

  46. Just remember, some FBI guy is handling Weiner’s actual PC. Wonder which keys are stuck.

    1. That’s why god made interns.

      1. It’s gonna be their go-to hazing ritual for years to come!


    Secret Recordings Fueled FBI Feud in Clinton Probe: Agents thought they had enough material to merit aggressively pursuing investigation into Clinton Foundation. “Amid the internal finger-pointing on the Clinton Foundation matter, some have blamed the FBI’s No. 2 official, deputy director Andrew McCabe, claiming he sought to stop agents from pursuing the case this summer. His defenders deny that, and say it was the Justice Department that kept pushing back on the investigation.”

    McCabe’s the one whose wife got big donations from Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe.

    How long before they shut down the Beltway because the cops are in a low speed chase of Hillary in a white bronco?

    1. Ah, the sweet smell of corruption.

      1. The WSJ article that links to is behind a paywall. If you read it, Instapundit, leaves out the best part. The “secret recordings” were done as part of an unrelated organized crime investigation. The FBI was investigating the mob and stumbled onto information about what was going on in the Clinton Foundation. That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

        1. I thought the Clinton foundation was the mob.

        2. I’m pretty sure there’s a surefire way around the WSJ paywall (and maybe it’s because they don’t care about the loophole):

          Copy the headline of the paywalled article, then paste it into a Google (and only Google works, unfortunately) search box.

          Click on the first result. Boom.

    2. She can’t drive, so maybe a white huvaround?

      1. A white mobility scooter down Independence Avenue and across the Memorial Bridge.

    3. An all-pantsuit jury will never convict her.

  48. It is now November 3rd. I thought that the World Series was played in October.

    1. I was wondering the same thing.

  49. I don’t hold grudges – my father did, and I always resented him for it.

    1. Took me four minutes, but I figured out what you did there.

  50. America’s collective productivity is going to be way down tomorrow.

    1. But the FBI has to read 650,000 emails in five days!!!!!

  51. Schwaber ends it. You heard it here first.

    1. You can’t end a game in the top of an inning. What are those pills you took and how can I get some?

      1. I will ask my buddy Scorpio.

      2. Well, it’s the top of the 10th and it’s now all but over.

        At least it was a hell of a game.

  52. I don’t know why Hillary’s commercials make me want to vote for Trump.

    1. Hillary is in them?

      1. Well, yeah, there’s that. But it’s mostly just bleeped-out clips of Trump cussing. Really?

        1. That’s pretty lame.

        2. There was a “Think of the children!!” ad and a “Trump is gonna get us nuked” ad. It was the sort of cliche political commercials that everyone mocks

          1. That meme infuriates me or cracks me up, depending on whether I’ve been smoking or drinking. Sometimes I’m furiously cracked up.
            Hillary Clinton makes John McCain look like a pacifist, but Trump is the one who’s going to start wars?

            1. It’s such bullshit and demonstrates how any claims of moral superiority by the supposed anti-war left are just virtue-signaling. Hillary has actually started wars.

              1. Yes, but, remember, Trump has said mean things
                The people deserve the government they get, good and hard. But, the stupid bastards are going to drag me along with them.

          2. Hillary talking about Trump getting us into a war is just ridiculous coming from one of the biggest war mongers around.

    2. I’M WITH HERP!

      1. *slowly backs away*

        1. *laughs at Rhywun’s lack of entrepreneurship, adds Warren to mailing list for Tinfoil Hat Monthly

  53. CLEVELAND — Jim Mowery, a lifelong Cubs fan who grew up blocks from Wrigley Field, was 12 years old when he attended Game 7 of the World Series between the Cubs and Tigers in 1945.

    Now 83, Mowery wanted to make some history of his own while his beloved team tried to do the same on the field against the Indians. Mowery wanted to become one of the few people to attend both Cubs Game 7s, and after he reached his upper-deck seat Wednesday, it’s safe to say he very likely is the only person to hold this particular distinction.

    1. That’s beautiful. For the love of sport.

    2. Man, I’m not a baseball fan by any means, but is there a sport that can match it for pure mythology? I don’t think even rugby comes close.

  54. Rajai, you fucking tease…

  55. Awesome! No more talk of goats, or Bartman or anything else.

    Now maybe Chi-town will burn down. That will be gravy on the taters.

  56. Goat’s been slaughtered.

  57. Which rag is going to compare the Cubs coming back and winning the series to Hillary coming back and winning on Nov. 8th? I’m guessing WAPO but George Will may come up with a Hillary/Cubs analogy that somehow makes it all seem boring.

    1. Gotta be WaPo. They are political hacks and bad writers

    2. Frank Bruni with NYT is the guy for the job. Or Friedman. Maybe the 2 of them will co-write an article. Peak derp may yet be achieved.

      1. It’s coming. I can hear the hack clickety-clacketing on his keyboard now, tears streaming down his face as The Male 10,000 year run of dominance comes to an end.

      2. Oh, God. Friedman. He’ll probably find a way to liken this to some sort of hot-flattening China spooge.

        1. “So as I was talking to the cabbie as we passed Wrigley Field, he observed “

          1. Fuck you squirrels

            “… he observed {insert just-so bullshit that Friedman could have made up without an editor being able to fact check}”

          2. STOP IT THIS INSTANT!

      3. David Brooks.

    3. The NY Daily News makes those two rags look like pikers when it comes to Hillary tongue baths.

      1. I really doubt that anyone can beat Brian Beutler at New Republic at cankle slurping.

    4. Hillary is originally from the north suburbs of Chicago, and supposedly a Cubs fan. Something I never heard about until this year.

      She’s probably as much a Cubs fan as Obama is a Sox fan (ie unable to name any players on the team).

      1. “This pic just doesn’t ring true. She’s in bed and who TF watches the #WorldSeries in a pants suit in a tent.”

        Hillary? She probably sleeps in a pantsuit. I don’t think it’s removable, it just changes colors. Taking it off might rupture the cankle gaskets.

        1. The comments do not disappoint.

      2. Good grief, it looks like she’s struggling with a really hard shit there.

        1. She needs to be careful not to blow the cankle gaskets. They’d have to call the hazmat team. Things could get ugly.

      3. Practicing her Benny Hihn impression?

  58. Right on Cubbies!

  59. Fantastic game. I think that rain delay killed Cleveland’s momentum, but goddamn, that was great.

    1. It was a hell of a series. Given that the Tribe was super-banged up and were not even expected to get past the Red Sox, much less sweep them and only drop one to Toronto, I’d say this is somewhat less painful.

      Also, the Cavs winning the fucking NBA championship takes a ton of the sting out.

      But seriously, fuck the Cubs (mostly their douchey fans – Bill Murray excepted).

      1. That they made it this far with those injuries is a feat onto itself.

        1. I think a lot of people are optimistic for next year for that very reason. And genuinely so, not like the stupid 1980s Browns naivete bullshit that infected everyone.

          We’ll see if Gateway is a crisp cinder in the morning, but aside from Bolivar Av./Gateway Plaza, I think it should be decent. Unless Cubs fans get mouthy.

    2. Very fun. Maybe next year I’ll watch more than 3 innings of MLB. It’s odd given I was a pitcher through high school and loved baseball until I turned 30. Fully enjoyed what I saw tonight.

      1. I fucking loathe baseball but I enjoyed the 3 innings I watched this year. If it was two teams I didn’t a shit about I doubt I would have even bothered.

        1. I can miss sporting events by teams I like, but I never miss them when a team I hate is involved. That’s why I’ll have a giant tub of popcorn ready for next Tuesday (Wednesday for me).

          1. I’m a soccer fan which is way more dominated by a small set of teams I hate. I get disappointed a lot.

            1. And now the fucking Cowboys have a chance to actually reach the SB in a watered down weak NFC.

            2. Fucking ManUre.

              1. This week’s Champion’s League was like a parade of every team I hate winning at the last minute. Ugh.

                1. Ah, so you at least don’t hate the Right Team (Man City, winners over Barcelona 3-1 – and I was pretty damn surprised to see that – Gundogan is having a great week!)

                2. But you only get to see the English teams win on the Fox channels. 🙁

            3. The best soccer game I saw all season was one my team lost.

              (Atl?tico 1, Bayern 0, in case you’re wondering. The return leg was just as good.)

    3. My brother is a huge Cleveland fan. He called me last night and was all fired up about it. I feel bad for him right now, but I’m sure he can drink off the pain in a few days time.

      1. I think most people will take it a lot better now (and it will weigh on the psyche much less) since the Cavs broke the cherry. You have no idea how huge that was for us.

        1. He’s strictly a baseball fan, doesn’t watch the hoops or the foozball. Well, oddly, he does watch foozball but only college. Anyway, I bet he’s taking it pretty hard. I would call him, but I don’t like hearing grown men cry.

          Myself, being a long time Raiders fan, I have it easy. I just expect them to lose and when they win, it’s a nice surprise.

          1. The thing about baseball, is that there’s like 200 freaking games. I don’t have time for that. With football, it’s 16 games in a year, so I can fit that into a busy schedule.

            1. baseball is best on the radio. i listen to most of the games driving home from work or while doing work around the house. Very rarely do I sit down and watch a whole non-playoff game (I’m 30)

              1. Best sport to listen on the radio without a doubt.

                Especially on lazy summer evenings.

              2. Baseball is made for radio.

                  1. Oh yeah??? You have a BUTT for radio!

                    Or something similarly South Parkian.

                    1. You have a face for internet commenting.

                      (Stolen from LAP83)

                    2. Ok, that’s hard to beat.

            2. I’m starting to get into hockey but yeah why are there so many damn games?

              1. And hockey is the best sport to watch live.

              2. baseball has so many games because baseball is life. don’t think of them as individual games, but a continuing story for 5 months

            3. Football is very stupid.

              Baseball, really, is a tedious game, but if you like numbers – as a kid, it was so awesome to nerd out on it – it’s pretty great. But it’s pretty stupid as well, really.

          2. Heh. No crying here. I’ve been through this too many times.

            The crying happens when you win. Like, sobbing. It’s weird.

            Hell, I watched the Cavs raise the banner before game 1 of the WS, and I was getting all misty. Then I had a laugh-cry fit because I found it so fucking ridiculous that Cleveland had won something for the first time in 52 years and I got to watch one of my childhood teams put on rings and raise an honest-to-God championship banner. FOUR MONTHS after the fact.

            It’s a disease, really.

  60. Real conversation that I just overheard

    “The Cubbies finally did it! They won the series”

    “No one cares”

    “HEY FUCK YOU! “

  61. Now all the formerly-closeted Cubs fans are going to be nauseatingly annoying for the rest of eternity.

    Let’s see if Wrigleyville burns down in a series of artisinally created hipster-fires. At least that would be entertaining.

    1. As a Cubs fan, I’m embarrassed by the boorish idiots waving giant W flags around in another team’s stadium. Have some class for god sake.

  62. Well, I don’t follow baseball at all but I must say congratulations to any Chicago fans that might be here. If you haven’t been shot yet. In that event, get well soon or rest in peace as the case may be.

  63. The Mark Cuban owned Dallas Mavericks are 0-4. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  64. Pretty sure the extra innings and rain delay were a conspiracy between Breitbart, Trump, the KGB, and possibly the KKK to get more Trump ads on TV.

      1. Love the pic of her with a Yankees cap on a couple of years ago. What a carpetbagger.

    1. Well obviously we’d be hearing just that if Chicago lost.

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