Watch Anthony Fisher on Kennedy Tonight Alongside Gavin McInnes and Bonnie McFarlane

Topics include Bill Weld's divided loyalties, Trump's prognostications, and what might happen if no one gets 270 electoral votes.


We get delirious…
Andrew Heaton

Tune into Fox Business Network (FBN) tonight at 8p for three rollicking Kennedy party panel segments featuring your humble correspondent, comedian and author Bonnie McFarlane, and the wackily irascible Gavin McInnes.

We'll be talking about Libertarian vice presidential nominee William Weld going all weak-in-the-knees for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump's very unscientific polling, and what happens in the event of a divided electorate.

The show re-airs at midnight. I know Game 7 of the World Series is on, but that's why Al Gore invented DVR.