Trump Wants Special Session of Congress to Repeal Obamacare, Hillary Strikes Back, Male Birth Control: P.M. Links


  • Trump
    Todd Krainin

    A minority student says her use of the word "hence" got her in trouble—her professor said there was no way that was her own language.

  • First college administrators killed Halloween. Then they prohibited students from holding mock funerals for Halloween.
  • Trump wants a "special session of Congress" to repeal Obamacare.
  • Clinton now using the "grab them by the pussy" remark in a campaign ad.
  • Here's some other people named Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that maybe aren't totally despicable.
  • Don't expect female priests.
  • A male birth control shot had too many side effects to continue testing.

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    1. Robby’s on time this afternoon, Krayewski was late this morning? It’s dogs and cats living together!

      1. It’s a rift in the space-time continuum. Like something from one of Sug’s stories.

    2. Hello.

      “A minority student says her use of the word “hence” got her in trouble?her professor said there was no way that was her own language.”

      Wonder what happens when they use ‘thus’ and ‘fuck off asshole’.

      1. Well, “Fuck off Asshole” is clearly sexual assault.

      2. “Fuck you, cut spending!”

        “Hey, quit appropriating the culture of the Hitnrun tribe!”

    3. But you could smell them from down the street.

  1. …her professor said there was no way that was her own language.

    She culturally appropriated it.

    1. That is brillant, Fist, because that’s what she was being accused of. The lack of self-awareness on the part of progs is just stunning.

      1. Its pretty funny – that’s what I think the professor was doing yet the linked article treats this like its a remnant of old-timey racism that’s permeated higher learning for generations instead of a natural result of the very modern policies pushed in academia.

        1. Anybody who ever saw The House Bunny would know how to use hence.

    2. Larry Bird was pretty good at basketball.

      1. It was invented by whites.

        1. Nope. It was invented by a Canadian, actually.

          1. That’s the problem with white racial purity, innit? Used to be Irish and Italians and God forbid the Greeks weren’t considered white. Now even the Canucks get in!

            1. Luckily you at least have Slavs to look down upon.

              Yes, I thought we finally made it among The Whites. Then Brexit happened, and it turns out it was all about The Whites being racist against Poles!

              1. Hey, we have a bunch of East European immigrants located around the old mines in the Iron Range and the only thing every other group in Minnesoda agrees upon is that we should send tons of “redevelopment” tax money to them in order to keep them up there and not ruining migrating to other parts of the state.

        2. I thought basketball was invented by Canadians. Are Canadians considered whites?

          1. We’re off white.

            1. White walkers, eh?

            2. Make of a Zoolander what you will – nobody’s wrong, nobody’s right.

              Canadian it is then.

            3. Good Day. Cooo coooo….cooo. welcome to the Great White North…eh.

              Bob & Doug MacKenzie

          2. Both sports started out with a lot more denim.

            1. More flannel.

          3. I knew a black guy from Canada, he was whiter than I was. So, they’re beyond white, if that helps answer your question.

          4. I don’t know what I’ve been told, Eskimo pussy is mighty cold.

  2. How ya doin’ ?

    1. Unauthorized Rufus impersonator.

      1. Guilty as charged.

    2. What a puck.

    1. I’m having breakfast for dinner – sausage and eggs.

      1. It’s rude not to say what kind of eggs.

        If it’s an egg white omelet, you’d better duck.

          1. That’s the right answer. Julia Childs’ method.

            1. Can’t stand scrambled unless there’s a tortilla wrapped around it. Much prefer over easy so I can let my little sausages swim around.

              1. Are you trying to restart the abstract masturbation euphemism thread?

        1. Chicken eggs, I’d guess.

          1. I assumed he was going to lay his own.

            1. I thought maybe you were working up to some kind of joke involving duck eggs.

            2. All the eggs that I lay taste like shit.

              1. Collecting them is the worst part.

    2. Why don’t you do both?

    3. Go straight to drunk. And then cook in your slippers and underwear.

      1. Grease spatters on the underwear is not cool.

        1. Same with hot oil on the skin. I NEVER cook with my shirt off anymore.

          1. It’s good for you. Exfoliates Immolates the complexion.

        2. So cook in the nude? I don’t see how that helps with grease spatters.

          Just one more reason I like to simply eat meals prepared by others. I am a swallower, not a spatterer.

          1. Nude?Don’t be ridiculous! You’re not nude if you have an apron.

          2. Nude?Don’t be ridiculous! You’re not nude if you have an apron.

        3. So cook in the nude? I don’t see how that helps with grease spatters.

          Just one more reason I like to simply eat meals prepared by others. I am a swallower, not a spatterer.

    4. Ah. The Food Lab.

      Good man.

      1. It’s the way to do it. Trial and error.

    5. I’m going to make this, because unlike you nerds I eat carbs like whoa. Thanks for the site share.

  3. Clinton now using the “grab them by the pussy” remark in a campaign ad.

    Ok, but is she for it or against it?

    1. Are you looking for her private or public position?

      1. I wouldn’t want to see either but thanks for the mental image.

        1. “Ewwwwww, *gross*!”

          /end teenage niece

      2. You mean privates or pubic position. Either way, I believe the position is known as “scissoring”.

    2. Trump should have texted dick pics to an underage girl, and then Hillary would be defending him.

    3. Oh, the fun the commentariat would have if we controlled the ads and messaging for a campaign.

    4. “Grab them by the pussy, and their hearts and minds will follow.”

      Because “balls” is so sexist and patriarchial.

      1. I have a buddy who has a print shop set up to do t shirts, bumperstickers, etc.

        I think I’m going to get him to make me a “Grab life by the pussy” bumper sticker.

        1. “Grab life by the balls!”
          “But life’s a bitch (and then you die).”
          “OK, then grap life by the pussy!”

  4. Trinity Western University Law School wins legal battle in B.C. court

    The B.C. Court of Appeal has upheld the right of future graduates of the faith-based Trinity Western University (TWU) Law School to practise law in the province.

    The ruling upholds a previous decision made by a B.C. Supreme Court judge who ruled the Law Society of B.C. was wrong to deny accreditation to future alumni of the Christian university’s proposed law school.

    At issue was the school’s so-called community covenant, which all students must sign, pledging to be sexually intimate only with a member of the opposite sex to whom they are married.

    1. Onward to the Supreme Court! Which will hopefully be informed that it is Current Year.

    2. So while I would NEVER sign that document in a million years, what the fuck is legal problem here? What is the difference between a pledge like this, and say an honor code? Or a commitment to do social work in exchange for student debt relief. OR ANY OTHER CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT?

      1. Complaint was that there is a limited number of law school spaces province-wide. So the gay guy who sued claimed that he’s denied access to 40-somethign space TW has, and thus he’s being discriminated against. Because other universities totally never discriminate in any way when accepting applicants.

        It’s a religious private university. But dammit, they WILL sacrifice to the Emperor or it’s lions for them!

        1. I don’t think the Emperor cares about gay law schools, he’s too busy sitting on the Golden Throne and worrying about tyranids and what-not.

          1. Definately something delegated to the Arbites.

            1. Schools belong to Administratum! This does not concern you, Arbite!

        2. He was more than welcome to go to the law school. He just had to remain abstinent, like every other non-married person. Having sex is a choice, despite what many people seem to think lately.

  5. Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial – Gary Johnson remains the best choice for president, Part I

    Also from the RTD: A vote for Gary Johnson is not wasted

    RTD, usually a conservative bellwether, was the first paper to endorse Johnson this election. I’m wondering if Virginia could become the libertopia of the South?

    1. Start in Petersburg! Housing is very inexpensive.

      1. Petersburg would be ripe for libertarian takeover if it wasn’t for the large number of poor people. Hard to lower taxes when you have all those welfare checks to cut.

      2. That’s because nobody wants to live in Petersburg.

        1. A whole lot of Black people disagree.

          1. Many of them wish they were elsewhere, particularly those who own homes that have devalued because the city government failed to provide basic services, etc. It would seem that places like Detroit/MI and Petersburg/VA would be perfect places to try to recruit black libertarians.

            1. It’s a shame because Petersburg should have so much going for it.

              I like the hot dogs at Andrews Grill. King’s BBQ too.

      3. Why wouldn’t people want to live there? High crime, failing schools, can’t get your water bill on time, hopeless budget situation… oh yeah okay.

        1. And don’t forget getting your water shut off because the city didn’t send you a bill.

          1. Yeah. Good times…

    2. God, i hope so.

      We’ll have to secede from Occupied Northern Virginia, though. Everything north of Fredericksburg is a lost cause.

    3. OK, I’ll say this again: RVA commenter meetup after the election.

        1. The Confederate White House?

            1. Taylors out in Midlothian. It’s one of those bars whose clientele mostly works at other bars, restaurants and hotels. The burger is cheap and excellent, the beer cheap and cold. You can smoke everywhere.

        1. Who?

          He’s on first, so I suppose that’s where the RVA meetup will be.

      1. I’ll go if it’s not in some place infested with VCU hipsters

        1. I hate trying to park in that area. (I don’t live in RVA)

    4. Find it hard to believe anything that elects a Terry and so close to the Vortex could be a libertopia.

      1. Your point regarding the northern portions which are dependent upon D.C. related jobs and careers is a good observation.

        Additionally,, there are a lot of military bases and military-related jobs in Virginia along the coast, which necessarily infuses those parts of the state with a very diverse group of people.

        At least that’s my impression from living there (in a van down by the river).

  6. A male birth control shot had too many side effects to continue testing.

    Like the side effect that MEN CAN’T GET PREGNANT so why bother.

    1. That was in the past. Now anyone can get pregnant – He, She, Xe are all having babies out their wherever.

      1. Loretta approves of this mesaage.

  7. Trump wants a “special session of Congress” to repeal Obamacare.

    Well, that would be special.

    1. Most members of Congress are special

    2. Wait a second. Would that special session be pay-per-view?

      1. Congress-Dome!

        435 men enter… Now seal the doors with concrete!

        1. Hire a lobbyist with a large suitcase of cash to lure them in.

        2. No Designated Survivor?

    3. They’d replace it…with Special Care.

      1. TrumpCare – the classiest, most luxurious health care anywhere.

        So what if the bills are ‘uuuuge.

        1. They’re huge already, why not throw in some luxury?

          1. Why that sounds suspiciously like a “Cadillac health plan”, which as you might recall from 2010, is a type of health plan that kills a poor person every time you meet your yearly deductible.

            1. For my $21,000/year premium, I should get a Maserati, but instead I get a dented Yugo that burns oil.

  8. “A male birth control shot had too many side effects to continue testing.”

    Like what? It makes you sterile?

    1. Man breasts.

      1. Moobs? Bitch tits?

        1. Some poor bastard in the universe had to shave to answer that question about himself.

          1. Yes, we’re all familiar with Crusty Juggler.

    2. You know what else makes you sterile? A vasectomy.

      1. Also that faulty microwave oven in my dorm room at college.

        1. I would worry more about that prostate of yours that’s about to pop, Fist of Movember.

          1. Meh, all those sharp stones that pass through it on a constant basis keeps it deflated. It’s science.

          2. Groovus you are a credit to humanity. Keep looking out for his ass.

          3. Why aren’t prostate exams endoscopic? Seems barbaric that we still need to shove fingers in places to finger it out. Er, figure it out.

            1. Because one needs to physically palpate the prostate gland, which, unfortunately an endoscope can’t really tell us. It’s a tactile test, and one where you know you’ve hit a bad one d/t all the ones presenting within norms that one examines.

              1. Any promising alternatives on the horizon? Not a concern for another decade at least but I really hate the prospect.

                1. If you’re sure you have a normal prostate, just stick a finger on up there and rummage around, see what it feels like. Now that you know what a normal prostate feels like, do that once a year until it feels different. Or until you start enjoying it.

                  1. See, that’s not happening. Can I just wait till I’m shitting blood to start chemo?

            2. Even if you could get it to work with an endoscope (machine learning anyone?), I don’t see how a scope is much of an improvement on a finger.

    3. Article was short on details, but depression and mood swings were mentioned.

      Also a side comment from a researcher that those side effects are much like side effects caused by female birth control. Because fucking with hormone levels apparently messes up your brain chemistry, unexpectedly.

      1. Yeah, well, jimmy hats are depressing, too.

        1. So are STDs, Fist of Syphilis. Barrier protection is the best to keep Little Fist of Genitalia from falling off.


          2. But long lasting non-barrier BC is pretty great when you have a consistent and faithful partner.

          3. …best to keep Little Fist of Genitalia from falling off.

            That ship has sailed and sunk to the bottom

            1. Is that his secret to first posts? His streamlined physique?

              1. Like a ken doll!

      2. brain chemistry and hormone levels are a social construct.

    4. That did actually happen for a not insignificant percentage of the active participant group. The primary side effect cited was extreme depression, based on how the injection is formulated.

      The short and skinny is, by using certain types of female hormones “ghosting” within modified male hormones, depresses, both literally and figuratively, sperm production and feelings of positive mood and well-being. Which isn’t surprising since testosterone, is, quite literally, a helluva powerful drug.

      Dr. ZG had the same exact problems, except on the girl hormones side, with her hormonal based contraception. Now, we are both going under the knife so’s each of us are getting our tubes tied. My big problem is selecting a Dr.

      1. You tie Gospozha Groovaya’s tubes, and she can snip your vas deferens.

        1. If push came to shove, yes, I could Kleppenger her uterine tubes, since it’s not a terribly difficult surgery at all. But, I am not an OB/GYN by specialty, and it’s also generally not a good idea to operate on a spouse, unless absolutely necessary. So, no I would not be comfortable at all doing her procedure as a lead.

          Which is where my problem lies: I am not technically qualified to cauterise her tubes, but she is absolutely qualified to snip mine. Hell, she (with me assisting) circumcised our son herself.

          I am having real problems with letting her do it. It feels……weird. It’s totally irrational, I know, but the idea of being spread eagle and her, my wife, slicing away at me feels….terrifying, actually.

          For the married and not-so-married menfolk here, imagine if your wife had you strapped down and reenacting a scene from, “Hostel,” on your naughty bits.

          1. Couple of Xanax will fix that apprehension stat.

          2. Worried she might stitch some more inches?

            1. Would you trust Mrs. bacon-magic to permanently cut your pork loins?

              1. Womyn hold grudges, Johnny Longtorso did not even have to tell me so.

                1. Womyn hold grudges

                  That’s what I fear if I don’t let her do it. I know her, and she will take it SUPER personally if I don’t let her do it. She would take it as I think she is a terrible or incompetent Dr., and she would really be upset if I didn’t trust her as both physician and wife. I’ll probably end up having her do it, but man….. Talk about, “In sickness and in health…..” Sheesh!

          3. I’m surprised no one nicknamed you Otter yet.

          4. That was more than I needed to know about where your kinks do not lie.

          5. Hell, she (with me assisting) circumcised our son herself.

            *Leaves room. Comes back with popcorn. Settles in*

      2. Selecting a doctor who is willing to lie to the missus about actually snipping you?

      3. You can’t just do it yourself, Thackery-style?

      4. While I don’t have a medical degree I have seen every episode of House, and my hands rarely shake after I have had a few belts of booze, so if you need me to slice your balls off let me know.

      5. I went in for my consult. Every urologist is a fucking comedian.

        “These are the nicest balls I’ve ever seen!”

        “I hope the nurse doesn’t give you a boner during the procedure!”

        And so on…

        1. Mine was paranoid.

          You’re not going to sue right? Gotta sign this. Wife has to sign it too. You’re not going to sue right?

          1. Wife has to sign it too

            Why?! Are they being paranoid beyond all reason or what? Body autonomy/medical privacy/right to choose is confirmed Constitutional Right, isn’t it?

            1. So she can’t sue. She owns those balls.

              1. Vasectomy regret lawsuits are quite common apparently.

            2. I believe deliberately rendering yourself infertile without your spouse’s knowledge is grounds for divorce and sction against the MD who did it.

              1. Why then are men not consulted before abortion ?

                Inquiring minds want to know.

          2. My form required 2 witnesses. If you already have 1 or more kids, my particular doctor doesn’t require spousal consent. Every doc is different.

      6. My big problem is selecting a Dr.

        Physician! Sterilize thyself!

      7. You schooled me on melatonin awhile back, but I have to ask… testosterone therapy is total bullshit, right?

        1. Not as a legit replacement therapy. Low-T is a thang, but like any other medical fad, is much less common than advertised.

          Biggest downside is your risk for a heart attack and stroke goes up. Markedly and demonstrably.

        2. You schooled me on melatonin awhile back,

          What’s wrong with melatonin? Is it going to kill me? Will I die?

          1. Commodius (back then as Spittoon) was having problems with insomnia. No, melatonin won’t kill you, since it’s also produced by the body, It’s nigh impossible to OD on the stuff, since the brain breaks down any excess it doesn’t need.

      8. The short and skinny is, by using certain types of female hormones “ghosting” within modified male hormones, depresses, both literally and figuratively, sperm production and feelings of positive mood and well-being.

        Ghosting makes it sound like the progestin was incidental. It wasn’t. It was included because the researchers are pseudo-sceintific SJW asshats about all the boogeymen surrounding males, testosterone, and males with testosterone.

        They gave men a powerful estrogen derivative and the men complained of being moody and depressed. Next up, women get testosterone injections, and complain about side effects including increased athletic vigor, excessive hair growth, increased body heat and sweating, as well as an dramatically increased libido.

        The shittiest days of a cycle are the first few days after you come off. Specifically because your body has been making an abundance of estrogen as though nothing changed and, since you’ve been getting it testosterone exogenously, leaving a dearth of natural/endogenously produced testosterone. However, depending on your goals/access/doses there’s not an intrinsic reason to cycle off ever.

        1. The injection, given every eight weeks, consisted of 1,000 milligrams of a synthetic form of testosterone and 200 milligrams of norethisterone enanthate, essentially a derivative of the female hormones progesterone and estrogen referred to as “progestin” in the synthetic form.

          No kidding. By the term, “ghosting”, I was simply referring to the first dose of synth testosterone, which as explained by the article, does “trick” the body into thinking it has a steady supply of testosterone. Which allows for the synth “prosgestin” to piggyback and fill the void left by the depressed levels in testosterone. That is what I meant by the term, “Ghosting,” since the body “thinks” it’s getting a steady supply of testosterone, but actually isn’t. Nowhere did I claim that the use of “progestin” is, as you put it, “incidental.”

          One of the things I do wonder is if use of synthetic v. naturally produced testosterone makes a difference overall.

          Otherwise, your comments about what happens with sex specific androgens is spot on.

          1. So testosterone supplements do have clinical effects, but they’re not generally used clinically?

          2. Nowhere did I claim that the use of “progestin” is, as you put it, “incidental.”

            My mistake. My bias against doctors adding stuff to drug cocktails that I wouldn’t add to cocktails given to my worst enemy was showing.

            One of the things I do wonder is if use of synthetic v. naturally produced testosterone makes a difference overall.

            I’m not sure what you mean by this. Esterification aside there isn’t any real difference. Even with radically different esterification, there’s no reason to assume it’s different than the esters of any other common drug or vitamin. Suggesting maybe that you might be able to counteract the depression by supplying more testosterone or an endogenous form? Or that it’s the endocrine axis disruption/depletion that causes the depression rather than the testosterone itself? Anecdotally speaking, a one gram dose of testosterone should have you feeling pretty good for at least a day (depending on the ester) but, on a… smiles per milligram basis, nothing tops dianabol.

            Personally, the niche in the Rad-Feminist/Anti-Male and Drug War Venn Diagram has left this portion of endocrinology woefully under served, IMO. Plenty of black magic to be worked but, because DEA, you get your choice of regular or decaf.

    5. Unintended pregnancies?

    6. Like what? It makes you sterile?

      Mood swings, depression, acne, and (oddly enough) increased libido were listed in the article.

      1. Oops – I posted my comment before reading the several answers already given.

      2. “Mood swings, depression, acne, and (oddly enough) increased libido were listed in the article.”


  9. “A minority student says her use of the word “hence” got her in trouble?her professor said there was no way that was her own language.”

    She has so far refused to release her paper to allow people to check for plagiarism.

    She’s also a stupid cunt.

    1. Yeah, I suspect “her own language” was meant to say “I don’t believe that’s in your vocabulary, you little cheater you.”

      1. That was my impression too.

        “What are you trying to pull, here? You do realize that I’ve been reading your work all semester and am familiar with how you speak, don’t you? This smacks of plagiarism.”

        Having written that, Dean, I think I would have handled it differently. I would have copied the appropriate section(s) and performed an “exact word” search and had I found that she had plagiarized I would have discussed it, and the penalty for plagiarism, with her privately.

        1. Mom, a high school teacher, used to have me do this when I was in middle school and for several years afterward. She’d circle suspect paragraphs and I would spend a few minutes googling each with a the MS Word open to check the thesaurus for possible replacements… managed to catch a bunch of students that way.

          One time though she accused a student after finding the entire essay copied word for word off some geocities website. Turns out the poor girl had posted it on her personal site to print it off at school. Mom pulled her out of class and apologized profusely.

          Been trying to convince her now that she’s retired that she should ghostwrite papers for college students, but she’s cussedly stubborn.

          1. Mom, a high school teacher, used to have me do this when I was in middle school and for several years afterward. . She’d circle suspect paragraphs and I would spend a few minutes googling each with a the MS Word open to check the thesaurus for possible replacements…

            Get off my lawn!

    2. If the professor wrongly called her a cheater in front of the class, why can’t she sue for defamation? Throw in the college as a defendant because why not?

      Find a lawyer with the “courage” to defend a minority student oppressed by The Man. There should be a few of those in New York.

      Then we’ll see what’s what.

  10. My election week prediction: If Trump doesn’t say something controversial by Friday, Trump Derangement Syndrome will reach a fever pitch over the weekend. The MSM will abandon what meager shred of dignity and self-restraint they may have left and just resort to all-out lies and attacks, without regard to truth.

    To protect democracy, you see.

    1. And before AmSoc or PB or whatever Tulpa is going by these days chimes in with a comment that fails to recognize the distinction between supporting a candidate and making an observation about how the media is in hysterics over Trump: no, i am not voting Trump, you fucking dishonest piece of shit.

    2. The garbage bucket of accusations will be emptied out in a crescendo of election week derpness

      1. Nice.

    3. You must have missed this weekend. Trump is hosting a KGB listening post on his golf course or some bullshit like that.

      1. Trump is hosting a KGB listening post

        He’s bringing Hillary’s email server back up?

    4. Uh, Derp, you can’t “predict” something that happened months ago.

      1. I expect it to get much worse in the next week

      2. There is no peak derp, merely the asymptotic acceleration toward derpfinity.

    5. A FB friend is already dumping every anti-Trump article vox, thinkprogress & some other sites I don’t recognize on his newsfeed. I think he’s panicking.

    6. Supposedly there’s a tape of him using the N word that is going to be released Friday.

  11. What’s really driving Toronto’s red-hot real estate market

    Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is signalling she won’t follow British Columbia’s lead and slap a tax on foreign buyers of residential real estate in the Toronto area.

    People who watch the Toronto market closely say that makes sense, arguing that foreign buyers are a limited factor in driving up local prices. They’re pointing to a different, home-grown source of the surge in demand: investors who are buying houses not as a place to live, but as a place to grow their money.

    Hoarders! I knew it was them all along!

    1. Which is totally bizarre because other large cities nearby like Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo are dirt cheap. Toronto sucks! I guess it’s the biggest city in Canuckistan but still.

    2. Waiting to sell during the Great Left Migration if Trump wins?

      1. We have enough lefty derp here already, thanks.

    3. You know who else bought homes as a place to grow their money?

      1. Monopoly players.

    4. You joke, but that is a bubble itching to burst if that is most of what is driving prices up.

  12. The map that shows what the world REALLY looks like: Japanese design flattens the Earth to show how big landmasses and oceans really are

    The traditional map of the world, known as the Mercator map, may be the most often seen image of our planet but it is also considered highly inaccurate because Antarctica and Greenland are greatly distorted.

    Now, a Japanese artist and architect believes he has solved this 447 year old problem with an ‘origami map’ that represents landmasses and seas as accurately as possible.

    To create the perfectly proportioned map, Hajime Narukawa divided the spherical globe into 96 triangles that are flattened and transferred to a tetrahedron.

    This allows the image to be ‘unfolded’ into a rectangle while still maintaining an area’s proportions.

    1. Brazil looks pregnant.

      1. You’ve seen how she dresses right?

      2. Brazil was the sacrifice, horribly mangled to ensure the others were distorted.

      3. Incorrect, Brazil has a great ass.

    2. Now that is very cool.

      1. Gives me a touch of vertigo, and why center the map on a bunch of water? Oh. Japan. Got it

    3. Fun fact – the Mercator projection was created to aid in navigation because the angles for sailing were correct, despite the distortion. The compass readings provide proper headings due to the projection from globe to page.

      1. Ah, the article included that

        The distortion is the result of the Mercator projection, the map most commonly seen hanging in classrooms and in text books, which was created in 1596 to help sailors navigate the world.

      2. And east used to be at the top of maps, hence the term “orienting” oneself.

        1. … Huh. That’s a fun little fact. And probably going to get the term banned on campuses someday.

    4. Meh. Italy still looks like a boot kicking Sicily in the ass.

    5. Greenland finally got taken down a peg.

    6. May be the best of the lot, but the lateral extensions of equatorial spaces doesn’t look like my globe.

    7. So this guy is flat earther?

    8. But Japan and the US (48 states) look exactly the same as in the Mercator projection.

    9. Or just get a globe. Because that’s what the world really looks like. It’s not like it shaped like a Klein bottle or something that has to be embedded in 4D space. We already have a perfectly good way of accurately depicting the world map.

      1. I have a tough time folding my globe up and putting it on the bookshelf.

        1. Sign #482 that you need a bigger, deeper bookcase.

      2. Well, Zebulon, maybe if you don’t account for scale.

        1. That’s true. Everyone should just get their own Earth.

      3. That was my thought. Why do you need a map if you’ve got a globe? You planning on backpacking to India and need something that folds up easily?

        And in an unrelated note – helping the little one with her homework and she’s learning about prime numbers. Why? Prime numbers may be interesting – if you’re interested in math – but why not teach them armature winding as well in case they want to be a motor rebuilder instead of a cryptographer? What the hell use are prime numbers to a fourth grader?

        1. There is really no substitute for a globe when it comes to understanding world geography. Though world maps do have their place.

          What use is anything to a 4th grader? You give her everything she needs. Prime numbers are a pretty basic concept in math that are applicable in a lot more situations than knowing how to make armature windings.
          Maybe I’m biased as I am interested in a reasonably good at math. But I think it is good to introduce the basic concepts to kids when they reach an age where they can get it. It would be really weird if people never heard of prime numbers until they had to learn about factorization or took an introductory number theory course in college.

      4. Is a Klein bottle anything like a bottle of Jaegermeister?

    10. This isn’t Japanese, where are the tentacles?

    11. Has no one ever seen a globe?

      1. Does no one read the thread before commenting?

    12. “South America is actually nine times larger than Greenland”

    13. Of course, a map is pretty useless as anything other than a picture for a wall if you have to make that many corrections to draw a ‘straight’ line.

  13. Here’s some other people named Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that maybe aren’t totally despicable.

    Dig deeper.

  14. Someone needs to grab Robby by his pussy and slap some sense into him.

    1. Stay tuned. I’m working on a little something.

      1. Not involving actual physical contact with anyone, but something relative to this.

        1. Fruit sushi, sjw crazies, college co-eds and dapper dan amirite?

          1. Lifetime supply of Murray’s pomade.

    2. Grab him by his motherfucking leg.

  15. New email discovery raises question: Why didn’t Abedin know?

    A person familiar with the investigation said the device that appears to be at the center of the new review belonged only to Weiner and was not a computer he shared with Abedin. As a result, it was not a device Abedin searched for work-related emails at the time of the initial investigation, according to the person, who said of Abedin that it was “news to her” that her emails would be on a computer belonging to her husband.

    1. Aren’t conspiracy theorists saying she’s ‘missing’?

      1. According to TMZ, she’s not missing.

        1. 1 ? Reply?Share ‘
          Clinton supporter ? 35 minutes ago
          Trump is not paying taxes like his stupid unemployed followers
          ? Reply?Share ‘

          1. I hope the Hillary campaign isn’t going to actually pay for that trolling. Sad!

    2. If that is really the case, they’re fucked. They didn’t comb through the laptop and delete all of the juicy shit like they did on all of the other devices.

      1. With hundreds of thousands of emails, they clearly didn’t.

        This could wind up being essentially an unwiped (you know, like with a cloth) backup of the illegal server.

        1. Machine’s been used by Weiner, I’m wiping it with a cloth.

    3. It’s possible that Abedin did not know about the emails on Weiner’s computer, forgot about them or for some other reason did not turn them over.

      I’m going with “some other reason.”

      1. Yes. That last thing. The one with the felonies.

      2. She thought his computer was filled with nothing but dick pics?

    4. I just watched the Weiner documentary and Huma doesn’t come across as particularly bright or conniving. Anthony on the other hand is just one big ass MF, who probably just made a data dump as a cheap insurance policy. Unfortunately said policy doesn’t cover sexting underage girls.

      1. said policy doesn’t cover sexting underage girls.

        Bill Clinton has a sad…

        The real problem was getting caught before the election. That rug would have covered a multitude of sweepings.

      2. I just watched the Weiner documentary and Huma doesn’t come across as particularly bright or conniving

        She’s not. She’s just simple, dedicated and loyal, like a dog.

        1. Diane just likened a Muslim woman to dogs. Literally Worse Than Irish.

          1. Whatever happened to Irish, anyway?

            1. No idea. He and Nicky seemed to disappear right around the same time. Hm…

      3. None of them are particularly bright or conniving. Just look at the emails.

        She really takes a backseat in the doc. She mostly seems to be going along because, hey, he’s gotta do something and mayor of NYC is pretty cool.

    5. Let the Paul. introduce all these bitches to a concept called “CC, BCC” and Autoforwarders.

      1. This is why I don’t buy conspiracy theories, because people are really friggin’ dumb.

  16. Fun with government:

    Broward County, Florida’s plan to try to get us all to use mass transit: “Make them suffer”

    Faced with ever-increasing traffic jams, South Florida’s public officials have come up with a plan: Make it worse.

    Instead of fixing the problem, government officials are deliberately adding to it in hopes we’ll all walk, ride the bus or take the train.

    “Until you make it so painful that people want to come out of their cars, they’re not going to come out of their cars,” Anne Castro, chair of the Broward County Planning Council, said during a meeting last year. “We’re going to make them suffer first, and then we’re going to figure out ways to move them after that because they’re going to scream at us to help them move.”

    I’ll note that there’s a sales tax increase on the ballot to fund mass transit.

    Bonus: Reason Foundation quotation in the article

    “I have stores one-third of a mile from my house,” said Poole, the Plantation-based director of transportation policy at Reason Foundation. “And do you think I’m walking to those? I think that’s very na?ve.

    “It’s important to have mixed-use projects, but if you think that most people will be able to find a good job within walking distance of where they live, it’s foolish. It’s nonsense ? and very destructive to this local economy.”

    1. This supports my theory that government workers hate other people and want them to suffer.

      1. I know I do!

    2. What is it with people named “Castro” and central planning?

    3. It really cuts to the heart of the mindset who get into politics doesn’t it? Next time I hear someone tell me they ‘serve the public good’ I’m going to show this quote. How can you get into politics and then say that? It truly is baffling and points to what kind of cunts and cocks are in power.

      1. What? He’s doing it for their good. Which is also The Greater Good. In the end, they will adapt and learn to love Big Brother Mass Transit.
        Something something C.S. Lewis.

    4. Poole won’t walk the equivalent of three city blocks? Is he disabled? Not that I support the anti-car jihad, in which San Francisco also participates, but jeez.

      1. I haven’t read the linked article, but that’s just the problem, everyone has a potentially unique situation.

        Perhaps they’re long city blocks– different neighborhoods and design can be a good hump for three city blocks. Maybe he carries equipment to work every day, or has obligations which require him to get to and from work quickly– ie the time from leaving the house to start of business is tight– perhaps he doesn’t go directly home from work so he needs his car to go elsewhere and doesn’t want to have to take a 15-20 minute walk home before he can start his journey in a different direction.

        Don’t get your blinders fixed that it’s strictly about a 3 block walk home.

      2. When it’s 92 degrees with 100% humidity in mid-summer, I ain’t walking that far and back with groceries.

        1. 92 degrees and 100% humidity is a sign from nature that you were not meant to live in such a place.

          1. And air conditioning and cars are a sign from man that he has conquered nature and will live wherever he pleases.

      3. Depends. For a lot of people, that sort of walk *to* work or *to* the store is fine. *Walking back* after a shift or with purchases is different.

        I used to ride a bicycle to work in the morning (12 miles, so kind of an extreme example). It was great. Stopped that after about a week because the ride *back* 10 hours later was miserable.

        But if the other option would have been the bus I would have still ridden home – I cancould cover 12 miles in about an hour, buses would have taken twice as long to get me home.

    5. Instead of fixing the problem, government officials are deliberately adding to it in hopes we’ll all walk, ride the bus or take the train.


      Been done before to death. If you think this revelation will cause anyone to rethink or learn, think again.

    6. If there is anywhere that deserves a really horrible transportation plan it is wherever Bob Poole lives.

  17. I need to figure out how to cook smaller, balanced meals. I had my own cooking this past weekend, and after months of flavorless food, I nearly lost my resolve to keep on my weight loss plan. I see why the transition to maintaining the new weight will be the hard part…

    1. What are you currently cooking and how weird are you willing to get?

      1. The last meal I cooked was salmon and portabello with less than half a rasher of bacon for flavor. (and a small baked potato on the side).

        Define ‘weird’.

        1. Weird would be buying a vacuum sealer and a sous vide device and doing some advanced meal prep in vac sealed bags that can be mixed and matched, frozen and reheated relatively easily. I tend to be pretty bad about producing smaller meals, but a lot of what I make reheats nicely. I portion it out and come back to it later.

          The last meal sounds tasty although I’d probably get my fat from butter in that case and do a classic dill+butter+lemon setup for the salmon.

          1. “sous vide”? *wanders to google* oh, an immersion circulator, that’s not weird.

            1. I mean, it’s not burying a goat to ferment in the back-yard weird, but it’s unusual for home cooks considering five years ago you had to put them together from deconstructed slow cookers and a raspberry pi.

              I only bring it up because you can batch cook several individually wrapped proteins and then break them out as needed to go with different sides. Vac-sealed stuff freezes well and with at least part of the meal pre-measured it can be hand for portion control.

              1. “…it’s not burying a goat to ferment in the back-yard weird,…”

                I am intrigued by your ideas & would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

                1. Second hand reference to Sandor Ellix Katz’s Wild Fermentation that I picked up from Jennifer Reese’s Make the Bread, Buy the Butter

                  In a discussion of kimchi:

                  There’s a bit of a fermentation revival happening in the United States now, inspired largely by a delightful and idiosyncratic book called Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz. Katz has fermented almost everything, including a goat: “As it cooked, an over-whelming odor enveloped the kitchen. It smelled like a very strong cheese suited to only the bravest gastronome. There was some swooning and near fainting, and several folks were nauseated and had to leave the room.”

                  Start with the kimchi.

            2. I’m a chef and do home meals sous vide. You don’t need to buy the circulator. Just buy a generic vacuum sealer and get the slightly more expensive bags. You can just boil or simmer in any pan. Save a few bucks.

              Pasta dishes work great.

    2. Make sure every meal includes a giant salad.

      1. A big salad?.It’s a salad, only bigger, with lot’s of stuff in it.

    3. A few tips…

      For flavor, try Indian, Thai, and Middle Eastern dishes. Spices add tons of flavor without calories.

      If you are trying to cut carbs, you can make “cauliflower rice” by shredding cauliflower with a box grater or food processor….and it’s actually really good!

      You can also make “noodles” out of zucchini, but it’s not as good a substituent.

      Lots of vegetables. I’ve taken to making salads out of Brussels sprouts (also shredded with the food processor) because they last a whole week. Kale is also good for that.

      Yogurt and cottage cheese are good protein sources. I really like the Icelandic skyr that Sigi’s makes. Greek yogurt is also good.

      Eggs or oatmeal for breakfast.

      1. I’ll try to share some of my favorite recipes when I get home from work. Check back later tonight.

        1. All right, I’ll see what shows up

          1. Also, is good for calorie and macro tracking if you need to do that

          2. Here are some recipes. Some are vegeterian so we’ll often add chicken. And if you want to cut carbs use cauliflower rice. But I’m of the opinion that if you are watching your overall calorie intake, macros will have only a secondary effect.

            Thai Green Curry Spring Vegetable Curry

            Kale and Coconut Stir Fry

          3. Chicken carnitas

            Tumeric Pork (go lighter on the oil than they call for)

          4. Mushroom Barley Soup

            Salsa Verde Chicken

          5. Some make-ahead lunch salads

            Wild Rice and Edamame (I really like this one…add a green like arugula to round it out)

            Bulgur Wheat Salad

          6. Brussels Sprout and Kale w/ Gorgonzola

            Shred the Brussels and Kale with the disk attachment of a food processor. Or just use a box grater or knife. But the food processor makes your life easier.

          7. I can’t find the link for this one but here is the recipe. It’s a lentil and quinoa salad

            5 medium, Carrots, raw
            1 lb(s), Kale, raw
            0.67 cup(s), Maple Apple Cider Vinegar Mustard
            2 tbsp(s), Syrups – Maple
            2 tbsp(s), Dijon Mustard Originale (Strong)
            4 tsp, ground, Spices, pepper, black
            1 tsp, Ground Cumin
            1 tsp(s), Spices, turmeric, ground
            1 tsp, Ground Coriander
            0.50 tsp(s), Spices, cinnamon, ground
            0.50 tsp(s), Spices, cinnamon, ground
            0.50 Cup, Chopped, (Red)
            0.67 cup(s), Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
            298 gram, Bell Peppers
            0.75 cup, Green Lentils
            0.50 cup, Quinoa

          8. BUT having posted all this, let me just toss in my own two cents that unless you are trying to go for an athletic physique or you’re some sort of weekend warrior, the keys to eating healthier are fairly straight forward. Stay away from processed foods and fast foods because they have tons of calories but aren’t relatively filling. Count calories (see the myftinesspal link above) until you develop good instincts/habits for appropriate portion sizes. Then focus on cooking at home (or leaving leftovers at restaurants) and eating slow so that you have time to feel full. Stay away from calorie rich beverages. And most of all, enjoy what you eat, just don’t go overboard. All the stuff about low-carb, no-carb, paleo, etc. might make a difference but mostly at the margins. Adopt a sport of athletic hobby recreationally. You don’t have to run marathons. Just play basketball once a week or go for hikes or something. If you are training for something specific or going for a really athletic physique, that’s when you need to pay closer attention to the details.

            /off soapbox


            1. Great comment by LynchPin! I’ll add a few things.

              1) Find a few people on MyFitnessPal to hold you accountable. Even just having the notifications pop up on your phone about your “friends” can be motivating. (My handle on MFP is redfalconf35, anybody here is welcome to friend me on there)

              2) Learn about what makes you feel satisfied. I can eat low-carb, but I need protein and (more importantly) fat to feel satisfied. Based on that, I use butter instead of margarine, whole milk instead of 2%, and try to have a mix of lean and fatty meats throughout the week.

              3) If you’re a cooking neophyte, take a knife skills class. Before I did that, I was always finding an excuse not to use up the fresh food in the refrigerator. Now that I (mostly) have the ability to use the knife to get properly and evenly sized bits of food, I don’t have an excuse.

              1. I like Fitocracy for exercise tracking. My handle there is the same save as here.

      2. Two words:


      3. Spaghetti squash is a decent alternative to spaghetti.

        1. It is?

          You people.

          1. Sorry sir. I can’t eata the pasta. Starchy veggies and pastas and breads had to go. Dammit.

          2. It’s not bad. Roasted for a bit with a healthy butter baste with garlic powder and cayenne I like it better than spaghetti.

            1. How do you people eat spaghetti? I’m getting unnerving images.

              Spaghetti squash is good – as a fucking vegetable/starch.

          3. No, it isn’t. Spaghetti squash is gross. And this comes from someone who fucking loves squash.

            1. I roasted butternut squash recently for the first time and it was really good. Also, brussel sprouts. Who knew that if you roasted the shit out of them at 500 degrees for 20 minutes they are really good. I’ve always been a big fan of cabbage, though.

      4. The Trader Joe’s near my house sells cauliflower rice for about the price of a head. Well worth it to save the bother of grating your own. And zoodlers are well worth the small investment.

    4. 2 vegetables per meal, minimum. Last night, I had asparagus and broccolini. Tonight, brussels sprouts and whatever happens to be on sale (probably red and yellow peppers). Easy, fast, and you can even use the same pan without cleaning it. Large glass of ice water at every meal too.

      Other than that, listen to Jesse. He’s lost a shitload of weight this year. I felt bad taking him out to a pork belly restaurant last week.

      1. Don’t listen to these hateful, ugly people. I’m 37, run 30 miles a week, and in better physical health than anyone you know – and I have never eaten vegetables in my life.

        Vegetables are the true killers.

    5. I just do a meat and 1-2 veggies (and a side of cheese, but I generally don’t eat much during the day so need more calories in my dinner). Usually some kind of roasted meat over mixed greens, with a steamed or sauteed cruciferous vegetable covered in a fat. Garlic salt is my lazy seasoning for meat, but go crazy with herbs or spices if you are finding your food to be bland. My tastebuds are such that I now find salt and pepper to be more than enough for most dishes.

      1. And fats are another thing. If you’re cooking bacon, save the grease. Experiment and find when you like butter (grass-fed Kerrygold!), olive oil, coconut oil, bacon grease, etc. Get some duckfat and see what that does to your meat or veggie.

      2. OK, before anyone gives diet advice, state the facts. Are you nerd skinny or a fatty? Let’s start with you, MJ.

        For the record, I’m white collar jacked.

        1. Bit of a paunch, but normal weight for 6′. My unjackness is mostly because I don’t convince myself to hit the gym.

          But that routine got me from 190 to 160, and 36″ waist to 32/33. I’ve been climbing up to 170 as I’ve traveled, gotten stressed and lazier, but hoping to turn that back around before the new year.

        2. I’m a fat bastard working my way down to sane weight. (down 70 pounds so far, not quite to the point of being able to call myself a fat bastard, though I’m less fat than I was)

          1. Listen to Jesse, and now MJ.

            Don’t listen to LynchPin until he confirms that he doesn’t look like this, which we all know he does.

            1. I would describe my physique as damn sexy.

              I run and lift regularly but am not a gym rat. I guess athletically thin?

    6. My adventures in low-carb cooking this week have wrought a decent mushroom risotto using cauliflower rice and a rather good shepherd’s pie with mashed butternut squash. Tomorrow I’m going for a savory yellow squash chicken pie with an almond flour cheddar crust.

  18. A minority student says her use of the word “hence” got her in trouble?her professor said there was no way that was her own language.

    So she was busted for cultural appropriation?

    1. Maybe it was what came after “hence” that was the problem?

      These social justice types are a dangerous combination of stupid, lying, and self-important, so i tend to not believe a goddamned word they say.

      1. Since nobody has actually seen the actual paper, I’ve kind of been assuming that ‘hence’ really just wasn’t the right word to use. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt though. I don’t understand why college professors even bother anymore. Just write “A+ Great Job!” on every paper and get on with your life…

        1. I saw a screenshot of the quoted part. “Hence” was used correctly.

          1. Every screenshot I’ve seen just has a few words and you can’t actually tell what she wrote.

            1. You can tell that it was a fable about immigration. Judging by her later public appeal using the words “people of color”, a category she believes she falls into, I’d say it was a social justicey immigration fable.

      2. Maybe it was what came after “hence” that was the problem?

        99% chance it’s something like this. I sincerely fucking doubt the professor said “You don’t know the word hence.”

        Not only that, but by this time in the semester a decent teacher has a good grasp on their students. She might have been turning in F– work for the last couple months and suddenly turned in something that doesn’t sound anything like what she’s written.

        Hell, the prof may even be using one of those plagiarism-check servers.

    2. Perhaps she meant “hens.” And she practices Santeria?

      1. You should suggest that in the comments. Tell me how long before it’s deleted.

      2. She had a million dollars, hence she spent it all.

        1. What she really wanted to say, well, she can’t define, hence the plagiarism charge.

        2. This is the second sublime reference I’ve encountered today. -_-

  19. Don’t expect female priests.

    The Spanish Inquisition of our time.

  20. Of course that’s what “dump” meant:
    Podesta urged Clinton team to hand over emails after use of private server emerged
    “Not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner than later,” Podesta told Mills.

    More details than in this morning’s link:
    Of course the DOJ assigned a Clinton crony to oversee the new email investigation
    Podesta and Kadzik, the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs, were in frequent contact, other emails show. In one email from January, Kadzik and Podesta, who were classmates at Georgetown Law School in the 1970s, discussed plans to celebrate Podesta’s birthday. And in another sent last May, Kadzik’s son emailed Podesta asking for a job on the Clinton campaign.

    1. To be fair, law school classmates isn’t usually a sign of a friendship. Most law students hate each other.

    2. Kadzik also defended Podesta against a criminal investigation. Which means it was almost certainly an FBI investigation.

    3. Be sure to wipe after you dump.

    4. Dump, like with a truck?

  21. A male birth control shot had too many side effects to continue testing.

    Mix 151 with seltzer, put into tumbler, place napkin over top, slam on countertop, quickly chug foaming mixture

    It is guaranteed to prevent successful copulation.

    1. After about 10 of em, maybe.

      Bobarian’s body used to go out and do things for 2-3 hours after Bobarian’s brains had went into a coma like state.

      The natives would tell folk stories about those adventures!

  22. Clinton now using the “grab them by the pussy” remark in a campaign ad.

    “‘Grab them by the pussy’? That’s just deplorable. When I grab somebody, I grab that somebody by the wallet, and I hold on tight. I squeeze the sweet, precious juice right out of it.

    “I’m Hillary Clinton, and I approve this message.”

    1. That’s because she’s all out of juice.

      1. “I want to cry so bad but I don’t think I can spare the moisture.”

  23. Starbucks’ new green cups are causing an uproar ? here’s why you don’t need to panic

    customers found themselves being served festive drinks in green cups. The cups feature an illustration by Shogo Ota featuring the faces of more than a hundred people, drawn with a single continuous line.

    “The green cup and the design represent the connections Starbucks has as a community with its partners (employees) and customers,” Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said in a statement. “During a divisive time in our country, Starbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each other.”

    Why didn’t you link this one, Soave? Huh? Are you in team green cup? ARE YOU?

    1. Maybe businesses should back off the ‘maybe we could help bring unity’ crap and stick to what their business models are designed for. How about that?

      The only company I’ve seen actually use the unity angle better than anyone and not look insufferable or fake about it was Benetton.

      1. You do not find Benetton ads to be insufferable?

        You, Sir, are a monster,

        1. I do but it just *worked* with them for some reason.

          Other than that, yeah, the ‘Imagine’ of ads.

    2. Starbucks’ new green cups are causing an uproar ? here’s why you don’t need to panic


      1. Eeeewwwwwwww.

      2. Damn you, Playa! Damn you to Hell!

  24. Don’t expect female priests.

    Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get one!

  25. A minority student says her use of the word “hence” got her in trouble?her professor said there was no way that was her own language.

    Internet-journos everywhere dishonestly pretend this is an insult to her “race”, rather than an accusation that she had cut-pasted the sentence from her assigned reading materials.

    1. Bitch, you di not say I ain’t know dat word. Honky puta bitch! Hence, I will cut you.

  26. The Guardian may be a useless lefty hack rag, but every once in awhile, it prints something decent:

    The emails currently roiling the US presidential campaign are part of some unknown digital collection amassed by the troublesome Anthony Weiner, but if your purpose is to understand the clique of people who dominate Washington today, the emails that really matter are the ones being slowly released by WikiLeaks from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. They are last week’s scandal in a year running over with scandals, but in truth their significance goes far beyond mere scandal: they are a window into the soul of the Democratic party and into the dreams and thoughts of the class to whom the party answers.

    The class to which I refer is not rising in angry protest; they are by and large pretty satisfied, pretty contented. Nobody takes road trips to exotic West Virginia to see what the members of this class looks like or how they live; on the contrary, they are the ones for whom such stories are written. This bunch doesn’t have to make do with a comb-over TV mountebank for a leader; for this class, the choices are always pretty good, and this year they happen to be excellent.

    1. They are the comfortable and well-educated mainstay of our modern Democratic party. They are also the grandees of our national media; the architects of our software; the designers of our streets; the high officials of our banking system; the authors of just about every plan to fix social security or fine-tune the Middle East with precision droning. They are, they think, not a class at all but rather the enlightened ones, the people who must be answered to but who need never explain themselves.

      … We learn how a Hillary campaign aide recommended that a policy statement appear on a certain day so that “It wont get in the way of any other news we are trying to make ? but far enough ahead of Hamptons and Vineyard money events”. We even read the pleadings of a man who wants to be invited to a state dinner at the White House and who offers, as one of several exhibits in his favor, the fact that he “joined the DSCC Majority Trust in Martha’s Vineyard (contributing over $32,400 to Democratic senators) in July 2014”.

      1. We all knew this to be true, and Democrats desperately need to be reminded of it.

      2. I read that earlier. It is a good read.

      3. I just finished that piece, and i have to differ from the consensus = he managed to write a piece about the Podesta emails while never actually citing anything that actually demonstrated clearly-unethical conduct.

        Its mostly just a style-piece that bemoans that “powerful people hobnob with rich people and this is how politics works”

        Its not critical of anything particular to individuals or Democrats as a party, but rather is just a faux-anti-elitist jeremiad; and this is *Thomas Frank* we’re talking about. Not exactly a ‘man of the people’ entirely unfamiliar with the Martha’s Vinyard set.

        No mention of “proof Obama lied” about Hillary’s server.
        No mention of the contradictions in Hillary’s own campaign promises = where she markets herself as an “Anti-Globalist” while selling herself to investment bankers as a Free-Trader;
        No mention of the piles of evidence of collusion between the supposedly-independent news-media and campaigns

        He does mention in passing some of the pay-to-play/access-peddling, but more as a problem endemic in political culture, rather than something that Clinton has a particular track-record with

        I think its a nice piece to burnish Frank’s populist credentials as a Lefty political writer. As actual analysis, its insubstantial culture-moaning.

        1. Solid points; you’re certainly not wrong. There wasn’t any serious analysis of the scandal, sure, but Frank’s hypocrisy aside, the piece highlights something I suppose we already knew – that the Dems stopped being the party of the “Little Guy” a while ago. Just odd to read something like that in the Guardian, of all places.

          Brits are way more class conscious than Americans, so maybe that’s got something to do with it. And I don’t suppose they’d miss an opportunity to look down their nose at us, whether it’s “their team” or not.

      4. “…but far enough ahead of Hamptons and Vineyard money events”

        Cocktail parties?

    2. The emails currently roiling the US presidential campaign are part of some unknown digital collection amassed by the troublesome Anthony Weiner

      Who will rid Hillary of this troublesome Weiner?

      1. …and four Lorenas answered the call…

  27. Liberal blogger Ed Brayton, writing at Patheos, urges fellow liberals to NOT link to the following liberal websites because they are just too embarrasingly unhinged and factually wrong: Occupy Democrats, Bipartisan Report, Winning Democrats, Blue Nation Review, The Freethought Project, Addicting Info, LiberalAmerica, etc. Also, I believe that Brayton founded Freethought, so that makes it extra delicious.

    More bonus irony – the friend who posted this link got a comment “but, Dude, those sites are like your entire feed.”

    1. Occupy Democrats, Bipartisan Report, Winning Democrats, Blue Nation Review, The Freethought Project, Addicting Info, LiberalAmerica, etc

      And then Facebook was VERY quiet.

    2. But without Occupy Democrats, who will build all those memes devoid of wit, truth and humor?

    3. I don’t have Facebook, but I assume that if people follow his advice this would be a great public service.

    4. Occupy went off the fucking rails on Friday. Even worse today.

      1. Yes, go on.

      2. And you’re not linking anything!??

      3. Thanks for the blue balls, Playa.

          1. Looks like an open and shut case.

            1. I wasn’t sure what the whole thing was about until they clarified, “(Yes, Donald Trump)”

    5. The left has a real sophistry problem says the leftist. I think I can take him at his word on that one.

  28. Dan Burfeind = retarded asshole with a vagina.

  29. Im out of gas amd overheated on 285! Having fun

      1. 287, this phone went too fast

  30. Cape Breton University to offer bursaries for refugees

    Cape Breton University is offering 10 bursaries to refugees settled on the island in hopes of encouraging families to stay.

    The awards are for the value of tuition for one undergraduate program.

    Local Syrian families have expressed interest, especially parents who have never had such chances, settlement councilor Sohila Abdo said Monday.

    The proposal for the bursaries was put forward by the CBU students’ union a couple of months ago. The university’s board of governors approved the idea last week.

    The university has offered $1.5 million in scholarships to all students in recent years. The school has also publicly urged the federal government to move toward making post-secondary education free for all students, backed by taxation at the federal level.

    1. How many bursaries to a $1 Canadian?

    2. The school has also publicly urged the federal government to move toward making post-secondary education free for all students, backed by taxation at the federal level.

      Maybe they can start teaching what ‘free’ actually means.

  31. So, a prog friend posted a photo of her Halloween decorations – pumpkins carved to spell out “Hillary.” Those people just do not understand that they come across as humorless scolds.

    1. Pretty scary pumpkin designs, gotta give her props on that.

    2. And this is why we need teenagers busting shit up on Halloween.

    3. To be fair, I don’t think they realize it because they truly are humorless scolds.

  32. First college administrators killed Halloween.

    And I said nothing because I’m not nine years old anymore.

  33. Beards, Bitches, Bismillah

    After Islamic State conquered villages in northern Iraq, it spelled out in minute detail the rules of its self-proclaimed caliphate, from beard length to alms to guidelines for taking women as sex slaves.

    Islamic State documents and posters, obtained in villages captured by Iraqi forces, highlight a tight and comprehensive system of rule by the militants, who went to great lengths to explain their extremist philosophy.

    One of the pamphlets begins by defining a beard as “hair that grows on your face and your cheeks”.

    There were few forms of entertainment under Islamic State, which banned the internet and music along with cell phones.

    A ban on satellite dishes deprived Iraqis of news of the outside world. In a huge slick poster, entitled “Why I Should Destroy My Dish”, the jihadists provided 20 reasons, revolving mostly around the immorality of satellite television programs.

    Reason 8: “Because satellite channels show stories of love and naked women and inappropriate language.”

    Reason 10: “Because satellite channels normalize men being effeminate and sissies.”

    1. Reason 21: “But shagging underage boys is totes not being effeminate or a sissy, and is allowed!”

      1. Always be pitcher for he is unburdened of filth, for catcher there is only filth because woman something etc. etc.

        -Surra 26, al-Baqarab

      2. The Middle East runs on the classical definition of homosexuality, i.e. if you’re the pitcher is masculine and normal, if you’re a catcher you’re the feminine faggot.

        Read a great article a couple years back about Saudi Arabia’s apparently rampant underground gay sex scene.

        1. I have it on authority that it’s only gay if the balls touch.

      3. Reason 21: “But shagging underage boys is totes not being effeminate or a sissy, and is allowed!

        But what if it’s a sexual emergency?

    2. Reason 10: “Because satellite channels normalize men being effeminate and sissies.”

      The best way to show you’re a man is having lots of sex slaves and no Modern Family

    3. “I admire them for being able to get things done.”

      Things Justin Trudeau would likely say.

    4. I don’t even have a TV.

      /All That Is Man

    5. Jesus Christ. Especially the last sentence.

      Islamic State’s inclination to codify its system of rule extended to what it called the spoils of war.

      A pink and red pamphlet includes 32 questions and answers on how to deal with female captives.

      A senior Islamic State cleric has the authority to distribute female captives among its fighters, it said.

      “Non-Muslim women can be taken as concubines,” according to the leaflet.

      Militants can own two sisters as concubines but only have sex with one.

      “Pre-pubescent girls can be taken as concubines. You cannot have penetrative sex but you can still enjoy them,” the leaflet added.

      1. It’s quite nice to see an actual Rape Culture. Just so we can compare and contrast.

      2. “Non-Muslim women can be taken as concubines,”

        In this one sentence NO women on the planet should ever on any terms ever claim ‘Christians or Jews or whatever’ are just as bad. EVER. Including that moral and faux-intellectual relativist in TWH.

        1. Yeah but CROOOOSAYDZ!!!!! /herpaderp

        2. You’re right, Christian nations are much worse cuz wage slavery!!!1

    6. A ban on satellite dishes deprived Iraqis of news of the outside world. In a huge slick poster, entitled “Why I Should Destroy My Dish”, the jihadists provided 20 reasons

      Excellent, even the Jihadis have embraced Buzzfeed clickbait.

  34. Progs have just discovered that blacks get slower pickups on Uber than non-blacks, so of course the service must be destroyed. Uber lets drivers see passenger info before they accept the fare, unlike Lyft where you can’t see passenger info until you accept the fare.

    1. You don’t want to give Trayvon a ride to the ghetto? Racist?

    2. You have it backwards. Lyft shows the user info before the drive accepts the ride so they can’t tell if Lyft drivers are racist. Uber has a higher rate of cancellations for blacks because they don’t show that info until after the ride is accepted by the driver.

      Therefore, Uber must be destroyed (in addition to being anti-union).

  35. “should be to educate not to insight frustration/anger in people”

    FUCKING COLLEGE DEAN. “insight frustration”?

  36. Clinton now using the “grab them by the pussy” remark in a campaign ad.

    The Clinton campaign wants to grab this one by the dick.

    A minority student says her use of the word “hence” got her in trouble?her professor said there was no way that was her own language.

    Cultural appropriation, ?se!

    Don’t expect female priests.

    You can’t even expect the Spanish Inquisition, and now this!

    A male birth control shot had too many side effects to continue testing.

    The subjects wanted to talk about their feelings…. “Quick! End testing now!”

    Trump wants a “special session of Congress” to repeal Obamacare.

    Don’t tell me. He’s going to renegotiate a better deal for all of us. I can’t hardly wait.

  37. For no reason, other than it’s awesome, here’s the Civ 4 version of Baba Yetu. Notable for being first video game song to win a Grammy. Also notable because it’s a running gag that most voters probably thought they were being super-progressive multi-cultural affirmers of diversity, without realizing it’s Pater Noster/Lord’s Prayer in Swahili.

    Trigger Warning: Civilization series is literally Top Men Are Awesome: The Game.

    1. In particular, one top man who rules for like 6000 years (unless Gandhi’s backstabbing gets to him).

    1. I wonder if they would do my birthday party.

    2. I’d certainly like to play bass as well as she does.

      1. I’m pretty sure you could after about 2 hours of instruction and some practice on your part.

  38. “grab them by the pussy” – who promoted that as a winning line of attack in ads? Sounds snarky and a little petulant, with a whiff of loser. As a rule, don’t use the choir as focus group. Unless you’re losing your base.

  39. People Who Plead Guilty to Charges Malheur Occupiers Recently Acquitted For Want Do-Over

    A prominent conservative activist from New Hampshire wants to withdraw his earlier guilty plea for his role in an armed standoff with federal agents in Nevada in 2014, his wife said on Tuesday.

    The decision by Gerald DeLemus, 61, follows the surprise acquittal last week of Ammon Bundy, a leader in the Nevada standoff, and six of his followers stemming from their role in the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon earlier this year.

    The judge in DeLemus’s case would have to weigh whether to accept any change of plea.

    “He felt the jury saw the truth and recognized the truth,” said DeLemus’s wife, Susan, a Republican state representative in the New Hampshire legislature. “When dealing with a government you feel is unjust, seeing justice come from the people was, I think, encouraging.”

    Susan DeLemus said she speaks every day on the phone to her husband, who is in federal custody in Nevada.

  40. Progs in meltdown mode, if Queen Hillary doesn’t get elected, the polar caps will melt!

  41. Im out of gas amd overheated on 285! Having fun

    Now that you’ve gotten the Toyota to start, you might want to have a look at the gas gauge.

    1. It works most of the time. I cant think of the style it is, but it uses resistance at the gauge. Works a lot better above a 1/4

      Its more reliable to go off hours in this thing.

  42. Muhammad was a feminist, says Huffington Post writer.

    Of all the founders of the great religions – Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Islam and Judaism ? Muhammad was easily the most radical and empowering in his treatment of women. Arguably he was history’s first feminist.

    Now see, this is a good example of how progressives try to push the envelope too far, and it explodes in their face. If he had said something about how relative to the status of women in pre-Islamic Arabia (with all its female infanticide and what now) Muhammad’s beliefs were a massive improvement to the status of women, you’d actually have a hard time arguing against that. But instead he has to go off the deep end and proclaim that Muhammad the bestest at women’s rights. Even though Islamic law in regards to things like female inheritance and legal representation pale in comparison to say, the Romans from six hundred years earlier.

    Also, his mention of Aisha conveniently ignores the whole ‘she was six’ deal.

    1. Well he was a mama’s boy.

    2. Can we NOW say we are at peak derp??


      1. It’s a myth.

      2. Nope.

    3. Muhammad did a lot for women’s rights. Some of my own religion’s figures, notably the poet Tahirih, pressed for full equality of the genders. I would not call any of these people “feminists”. Feminism is a movement born long after any of those people, and to compare some pre-feminism people who fought for equal gender rights “feminists” would almost be an insult considering many of the pre-feminism equal-gender-rights promoters were notably BETTER at promoting women’s rights than feminists are.

      “Also, his mention of Aisha conveniently ignores the whole ‘she was six’ deal.”

      Hadiths (being Hadiths and therefore largely contradictory bull) give like four different ages for Aisha. Personally, I’m not of a mind to blindly believe any of them, being secondhand accounts of speculation on a couple’s sex life from 1400 years ago. Basically no one knows how old the girl was, some sources even claim she remained a virgin despite the marriage until her death. The Hadiths are terrible sources, you shouldn’t trust one (especially while ignoring the others) merely ’cause it fits your narrative.

      1. It was what, the 6th century? Where was it, the Arabian peninsula and/or the Levant? Yeah I don’t find a child bride to be all that implausible or outside of the moral norm for the time period. So I don’t give Muhammed too much shit for that. But I also don’t venerate the guy or live my life by his “moral” code either.

      2. Fine, *Also, his mention of Aisha conveniently ignores the whole “numerous texts of Islamic tradition define her as underage, while some do not or indicate otherwise.”

        Still doesn’t change the fundamental error of the piece, which is framing Muhammad as some massive innovator of “women’s rights” (which in itself is an anachronism) in comparison to other belief systems, when in reality he did move away from traditional Arabic standards but was still lagging behind other cultural groups.

        1. I should also note that I somewhat agree with Free Society in regards to the ‘possible child bride’ thing, I don’t really consider it a big deal because different historical standards, so it’s not really about ‘muh narrative’. But when you’re trying to frame Muhammad as some super wonderful feminist icon? Don’t mention the potential child bride’s name, then skip over the controversy. That’s like me saying that Charlemagne had an interfaith dialogue at Verdun.

      3. The Hadiths are terrible sources, you shouldn’t trust one (especially while ignoring the others) merely ’cause it fits your narrative.

        But mom, all the cool kids do it.

  43. A minority student says her use of the word “hence” got her in trouble?her professor said there was no way that was her own language

    The recent case involving a first-generation Latina student, Tiffany Mart?nez, at Suffolk University, is but one example.[…]Furthermore, it is categorically unfair that students of color are routinely targeted and attacked with allegations of academic dishonesty due to the limits placed on their genius by the white imagination. Not only are white students not subjected to the same scrutiny and humiliation by their same-race professors, but they are also regularly excused and validated when proven to have committed the very offenses that the academy abhors.

    Setting aside the complete bullshit about white students not getting punished for plagiarism (my German prof didn’t believe I could have known the word ‘p?dagogisch’, which has a direct English cognate, I was acquitted of misconduct by the department chair) and the bullshit about “students of color” being routinely singled out for fraudulent charges of academic misconduct (a black student in that same German class got a pass for cheating on a test because of her “troubled background”) the story itself seems like naked pandering at worst and an exaggeration at best.

    1. Sounds like something a professor might say to someone whom the professor did not believe had achieved fluency in the language. It’s not a stretch to imagine that first generation immigrants are well represented in the category of people who have not achieved English fluency. It’s also not a stretch that a first generation immigrant could have used the word ‘hence’ or that they looked the word up in a dictionary and used it in their paper even if they hadn’t a great grasp on the language. Now since I can’t find any video or audio of this particular first generation immigrant, I have no way to gauge her English proficiency for myself. So this story is a pointless exercise in “white people are so racist” theory, provided to the commentariat courtesy of Robby Soave… of course.

      1. Ugh white people. Right!?

  44. From the CNN article: Both men and women are responsible for pregnancy, yet the burden of preventing it often falls on one gender.

    Right, and men have no incentive whatsoever in preventing little Lilly from getting pregnant. You know, they should set up a system to make sure these men pay their fair share, perhaps we can call it “child support?”

    1. As long as that system doesn’t give a flying fuck what the paternity test says, or how much money the mom makes versus that of the dad, it sounds like it could work.

    2. Both men and women are responsible for pregnancy, yet the burden of preventing it often falls on one gender.

      With great power comes great responsibility, and women by nature cannot escape that.

      Sorry ladies.

  45. Hey, Spectator! Dalmia called and she wants her shtick back!

    A poll of Asian-Americans’ political leanings conducted last month found that just 7 per cent said they would vote for the republican candidate. But while Trump has largely failed to mobilise Hindu supporters in the US, he has found strong support from from an increasingly zealous and loud-mouthed group of Hindu nationalists based in India.

    Since the election of Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) in India two years ago, Hindu nationalist narratives have grown increasingly emboldened in both the domestic and international arenas.

    1. How many people did Trump genocide to death this time?

      1. More than Stalin, but less than Bush.

    2. Gotta go after that all-important Hindu voting block.

  46. A minority student says her use of the word “hence” got her in trouble?her professor said there was no way that was her own language.

    Did you invent the word, professor? And aren’t students supposed to be using new words and expanding their vocabulary? I’m sure you’re an awesome teacher.

    1. I still have no idea how the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary would have placed the word “hence” into one their chalkboard sentence diagrams. But I won’t be surprised if someone does…

      1. Mainline… Sisters of IHM…

        Villa Maria?

  47. Clinton camp: FBI must say what it knows about Trump’s Russia ties

    Funny part is that they just did, and it didn’t amount to shit…..Bjrk3-a2po

    1. I think, at this point, I would be tempted to vote for Putin, if he could run against Hilary.

      If we go to war when Hilary is elected, can I root for the American troops, but still hope for a Russian victory??

      1. Someone’s got to put the US federal government in their place.

    2. Putin’s regime is known for stoking the anti-American sentiments in Russia. And yet he himself is actually more subtle about it than Clinton with her Russian conspiracy theories.

  48. A minority student says her use of the word “hence” got her in trouble?her professor said there was no way that was her own language

    I’m confused by this story in general, and that article doesn’t help, and the student is way too biased to take seriously: was she accused of plagiarism or not? Because both this article and the student claim the teacher accused her of such, but then also turn around and say it’s really just institutionalized racism for a latino student using the word ‘hence’. ‘Hence’ is obviously not grounds for a plagiarism claim, so was she being accused of plagiarism and the teacher is stupid, or was she being accused of plagiarism and is trying to spin it into a race thing?

    1. Hence, I don’t give a shit.

  49. I haven’t fully sussed this thing out…

    but it appears the argument being made on behalf of a “Cop Who Shot Guy Trying to Flee” is that “Running Away” puts the officer’s life in danger.

    Opening arguments in the trial of a former University of Cincinnati police officer charged with murdering a black Ohio man during a traffic stop focused Tuesday on whether the victim tried to flee from police, putting the officer’s life in danger.

    Body camera video of the stop in July 2015 showed officer Ray Tensing, 26, shot Samuel DuBose, 43, in the head after pulling him over for a missing front license plate on his vehicle.

    DuBose attempted to prevent the officer from opening the door before the car started slowly rolling forward. Tensing, who is white, pulled his gun and fired once.

    Tensing said he was being dragged by DuBose’s car and believed he would be pulled under the vehicle. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said multiple times on Tuesday that the officer’s version of events was false.

    Shooting a guy in the head of course would guarantee his safety, because dead people never step on the gas and drive off the road.

    1. Tensing said he was being dragged by DuBose’s car and believed he would be pulled under the vehicle.

      Then let go of the fucking door handle and step away. Hell, every day I run into cars “slowly rolling forward”, and I manage to escape the parking lot without being injured or killing anyone.

    2. Running away is openly flouting the orders of the officer.

      Disobeying the orders of a police officer challenges that officer’s authority.

      A officer without authority does not have the tools to effectively do their job.

      Sending an officer out with the proper tools puts them in danger.

      1. On the other hand, a cop is just a guy with a family doing his job. Standing still and raising your arms is all he wants you to do, He may or may not arrest you. If he does the latter the paper trail starts. I’m telling you: Don’t start the paper trail.

    3. The trouble is that the usual progressive types see self-defense as an inherently criminal act, while shooting someone “to enforce the law” is a legitimate use of a firearm, at least when done by the police. But the law doesn’t agree.

      So we see stories about how a cop shooting a guy who is running toward him with a knife in his hand and murder in his eye is a brutal, criminal example of police abuse[1]. Because it’s self-defense: Inherently criminal and ought to be against the law, not to mention a betrayal of the trust put in cops by giving them special permission to have guns. But because self-defense is legal, it has to be twisted into something other than a case of self-defense to make the charge against the cop stick.

      And also stories like this one, where shooting a fleeing suspect is a totally justified and laudable use of a firearm by a heroic police officer. Because it’s enforcing the law, and therefore something the law ought to allow (when the cops do it). But because the law doesn’t allow this but perversely does allow shooting in self-defense, it has to be twisted into a case of self-defense so that the cop can be vindicated as he deserves.

      [1] It’s only us libertarian types who take the wacko position that self-defense is legit, but that cops claiming self-defense ought to be judged by the same standards as ordinary proles and peasants.

    4. So, the horrifying aspect of this is that it began because of a missing front license plate. Maybe it’s a case of broken windows policing and the victim also happened to be a notorious child rapist or on his way to shoot up a church or some shit, but the cop didn’t and couldn’t know that. A reasonable person not hopped up on adrenaline and horror stories about cops being killed by thugs in the street would think that the car rolling forward was a case of driver negligence: he was holding the door shut (maybe he didn’t trust the cop, maybe he had a warrant, who knows?) and took his foot off the brake, say. Yeah, he’s committing a crime. Is it worth killing him over? Idling forward isn’t presenting a real threat to any bystanders, and the cop could avoid being run over (which is bullshit if I’ve ever heard it) by letting go. Call it in with a description of the vehicle, driver, and the rear tags.

      This is what they mean when they say that police are being asked to do too many things that aren’t really “peacekeeping”.

  50. FBI must say what it knows about Trump’s Russia ties

    FBI: OK. There really aren’t any. Now about those millions donated to your foundation by Russian mining oligarchs shortly before you approved the sale of US uranium reserves to them . . . .

    1. The FBI would say that. They’ve been infiltrated by the KGB.

  51. Trump wants a “special session of Congress” to repeal Obamacare.

    Pffft. All he’ll need is a phone and a pen.

  52. Last night i heard an argument i’d not actually heard before which i found at least *funny*, if not also self-evidently true…

    …but it was basically,

    “You’re doing far more environmental-good buying a used gas-burning car than you are buying some new, shiny electric vehicle = because all the resources tied up in the construction of that legacy vehicle have already been extracted, and the cumulative environmental impact of the mere-construction of new cars far exceeds the marginal benefit in emissions impact between old and new vehicles.”

    that was not even considering the possible environmental improvements that can be gained by retro-modding older vehicles to make them more efficient and higher-performing.

    1. Probably can’t be sustained on a large scale. Ignores that old cars break, are less reliable, etc. In the long run, it’s probably a good thing that electric cars will begin to replace gas burning cars instead of them being replaced by other gas burning cars.

      1. Doesn’t that depend largely on the source of electricity? Coal burning for electricity is likely dirtier (methylmercury, etc) than a reasonably modern/clean gas engine. Nat gas, hydro, etc would be a different story though.

        1. True – but I would imagine that a even coal plants tend to be more efficient than automobiles.

          1. Nope, at least not from a carbon emissions standpoint.

            Coal 206-216 lbs CO2 / million Btu
            Gasoline 157 lbs CO2 / million Btu

            Thermal efficiency of coal-fired power plant – 35% average in US
            Thermal efficiency of a gasoline-powered car – 25-30%

            Even before considering the transmission losses to get from the power plant to the car’s battery charger and inefficiencies in storage, and the electric car is a loser from an CO2 emissions standpoint.

          2. Nope, at least not from a carbon emissions standpoint.

            Coal 206-216 lbs CO2 / million Btu
            Gasoline 157 lbs CO2 / million Btu

            Thermal efficiency of coal-fired power plant – 35% average in US
            Thermal efficiency of a gasoline-powered car – 25-30%

            Even before considering the transmission losses to get from the power plant to the car’s battery charger and inefficiencies in storage, and the electric car is a loser from an CO2 emissions standpoint.

      2. it’s probably a good thing that electric cars will begin to replace gas burning cars instead of them being replaced by other gas burning cars.

        I doubt it. We’ve already seen greater improvements in the efficiency of gas-burning cars in the last 30 years than we have in the EV market.

        I also have never seen any analysis of EV efficiency which accounts for all the E lost in transmission, as well as the necessary expansion of the Electrical-Grid infrastructure that would need to happen to truly make EVs a practical cross-country-travel option.

      3. I’m not saying that, in general you don’t have a point = you probably do.

        Its just that the types of comparisons made are always very narrow and hardly ever consider the inclusion of all the changes that would be necessary to support a complete transition to EV, as opposed to a more-organic evolution where combustion and EV’s probably co-exist for the foreseeable future, which is the reality we’re actually facing. IN the real world where the combustion engines still compete, the ‘cost’ in terms of resources and energy efficiency is still far far better than most pretend.

        Which is why all people try and look at is stuff like CO2 emissions = as though that shit is what ‘really matters’, when in fact its just a tiny component of the aggrigate environmental cost.

        1. The market is still the best mechanism we have for evaluating efficiency, global cost, etc. Assuming the market is relatively undistorted.

          The fact that even subsidized current-gen electric cars have minuscule market share tells me that no, we are nowhere near ready to junk all our internal combustion cars for a bright shiny all-electric future.

        2. EV’s could be practical for self-driving Ubers that make pickups for local destinations once the manufacturing cost, battery charge/range, and charging infrastructure problems get worked out. When the self-driving Uber EV’s charge gets low, it just goes to the nearest charging station before taking a new passenger. Passengers would be completely unaffected. Owners would get the EV’s benefits for short hauls with none of the EV’s disadvantages for long trips.

          But real cars — cars that are practical for long trips at high speeds — will always run on a hydrocarbon fuel.

      4. While you’re technically correct about older cars, but what Gilmoore is referring to are recent reports which do show this. The comparison of the environmental impact wasn’t made against all types of older cars, but those which had historical evidence of still having a fair amount of life left such as older Honda Civics with 100k miles.

        And given the tremendous environmental impact of battery creation, the claims are true and verifiable.

        Lastly, even new cars are very, very clean. Given electric cars get their power from the grid, I’d think the vast majority of electric car power generates more air pollution, including greenhouse gases, than does the power used by burning gas in newer vehicles. It’s also cheaper.

        On what the internal combustion engine may be eventually replaced by, I doubt seriously we’re at a position to believe we know what will replace current engines and we’re not close to trending anywhere near a point where one cpuld seriously predict the transition has already started and electric cars will be the replacement product.

        More importantly, we don’t really know what the best alternative will turn out to be.

        Now this isn’t to say society won’t transition to electric cars. We may. I’m saying the evidence that we are doesn’t exist. There are still a ton of obstacles to overcome and given very clean vehicles are cheap fuel for the foreseeable future, electric is growing, but still minimally adopted and too expensive/problematic for large scale use.

        1. I’m saying the evidence that we are doesn’t exist.

          How about the profusion of mass produced electric vehicles that are starting to hit the market?

          1. Profusion with respect to what?

            1. The cars, that automakers are starting to manufacture and sell.

              1. You mean, the electric vehicles currently capturing a sub-5% market share, even with subsidies? That “profusion”?

              2. You mean, the electric vehicles currently capturing a sub-5% market share, even with subsidies? That “profusion”?

              3. Yeah what makes it a profusion is what I am asking within what context

                1. The definition of profusion is a large abundance or quantity

          2. You should read before commenting as I stated, electric is growing, but it’s still too expensive/problematic for large scale use.

            An example, per wikipedia:

            The plug-in segment reached a market share of 0.75% in 2014 and fell to 0.66% of new car sales in 2015. The PEV market share increased to 0.83% during the first nine months of 2016.

            This is roughly 525k electric vehicles registered in the US. That’s total number, not the number sold in a single year. For comparison, Ford sold more than 477k F150s and more than 700k trucks in the Fall series line in 2014 (see here for more info).

            As stated, this is due to numerous obstacles such as max mileage per trip/tank, ability to refuel/repower quickly, and availability of refueling stations. There’s also the issue with higher purchase costs, higher maintenance costs (especially those requiring battery replacement), and higher fueling costs.

            Of course we may in time transition to electric cars, but given there are only 525k electrics out of 260 million total registered – there is no identifiable tend away from IC cars at all much less evidence of a transition to electrics as a replacement.

            Note too – if the batteries in Note7s represent an environmental catastrophe, what will 500 Tesla batteries be?

  53. Don’t eat beans before laser surgery.…..g-surgery/

    1. Was it wrong of me to laugh???

      1. Only if the level of tragedy is greater than the level of comedy. I come down on the side of comedy here.

        1. *chuckles and hits bong*

        2. Only if the level of tragedy is greater than the level of comedy

          Comedy is tragedy plus timing (and Farts)

          1. If it bends, it’s funny…

      2. I did. And I am damn sure Drs. Anacreon and Contrarian P, along with Florida Hipster, would too.

    2. It’s pretty clear from the article that it was a queef, not a fart.

    3. Believe it or not, OR fires are one of the biggest risks of surgery. There’s a lot of flammable stuff in an OR, often a few devices fully capable of lighting it on fire, and limited to no firefighting gear (blasting an open wound with a flre extinguisher being not consistent with the standard of care).

      1. Correct, RC. Which why the grounding pad must be properly placed for any Bovie driven electrocautery. The only thing one really has is lots of saline to douse the fire, should one occur. Whenever LASER surgery is done, depending upon the type of laser, will determine the type and finish of the instruments (matte black, non-reflective finish).

        Which is the real problem, the source of the fire being electrical or thermal.

        The best way to fight an OR fire is to not have one in the first place.

      2. Oh, and smothering the fire with blankets from the blanket warmer first.

        1. You guys don’t require an anus bung when you’re running pure O2 and lasers? If nobody has thought of that already, I need a patent attorney. I just need to come up with a catchy name for marketing purposes.

          1. I just need to come up with a catchy name for marketing purposes.


            oh, wait, that’s taken

            1. Something like Fart Catcher, but more mystical and Native American sounding.

          2. Nope, actually. Flatulence shouldn’t be a problem when general anaesthesia is used, since the patient is required to be NPO for a certain period of time before the procedure.

            For me, or any of my colleagues FTM, this one is a one-off. Never heard of it happening before. Which is why I initially chuckled.

            I dub your new product, “Wind Blockers,” (Like Wind Talkers, but different.)

          3. Yeah, this is freaky. I’ve never heard of one like this. Its mostly cauterization gone wrong.

            Of course, the fact that we have pure O2 being piped to the patient doesn’t help.

  54. Here’s a map detailing the percentage of people with no health insurance………html?_r=0

    Boy, look at California!

    1. I look at that and see a ton of people shelling out a ton of cash for a mega-deductible plan they didn’t want.

      1. Guess which states expanded Medicaid?

      2. Well, I look at that and see a paywall. Thanks, nytimes.

        1. Open in an incognito window. I don’t know why it defeats the paywall, but it does.

          1. It means their paywall blocking is cookies based. They probably give you a number of free articles and use a cookie to track how many free articles you have left. Incognito mode will accept cookies for the session, but doesn’t keep them and doesn’t allow access to current stored cookies, so as far as the NY Times is concerned, you’re a brand spanking new visitor every time you visit.

            If you don’t want to have to go through incognito window every time you visit the site, just go hunt down all the cookies that the NY Times has stored on your computer and periodically delete them whenever you reach the limit.

    2. Hooray, worthless metrics!

      You must work in management.

    3. I love how they think they’re making progress. Of course they are – it’s coerced action.

      A more relevant question to measure its actual strength is how many people who were forced into it wouldn’t want it?

      It’s as if only if everyone is covered regardless of choice is considered success. It’s retarded. You can get 100% by force – think 100% voting records in non-democratic countries.

      1. Who’s forcing them? They can pay the penalty.

        1. So no one forces you to pay your taxes right? No one forces you to stop for a red light? You can choose to simply pay the penalty.

        2. Never change you adorable moron

        3. There’s that ole’ communist penchant for punishing the lumpenproles!

        4. You’re an idiot.

    4. Hahahaha!!

      “Estimated”, you dumb fuck.

    5. Amsoc – people on Medicaid don’t have health insurance. Its welfare, not insurance. Just like people on SocSec don’t have jobs, even though they get a check once a month.

    6. Being forced to pay for insurance doesn’t mean you now have access to care. If your deductible is 2-4 months pay, well, forget it.

  55. “Running Away” puts the officer’s life in danger.

    Any refusal to bow down to a cop’s authority is an outright negation of his personhood. His feelings of self worth are erased, and he is reduced to an empty shell. Failure to Obey is an existential threat, and must be treated as such.

  56. This Stuff Never Happens To Country-Western Promoters! = Ergo, Racism

    *no mention of 50 Cent’s involvement here, but he was the premier artist connected to G-Unit

    **and yes, i giggled when i typed “artist” above

    1. I am a Germanic neo-pagan and a lover of metal. I have never seen, nor heard of anyone killed at an Amon Amarth concert with an axe or a sword.

      Yet, hip-hop and rap accept shooting each other as par for the course.

      1. hip-hop and rap

        begins to point out… decides not to bother

        accept shooting each other as par for the course.

        yes, but its not the ‘music’ so much as the people involved that’s to blame. I mean, hiphop never hurt anybody! Though its definitely tried

      2. One two three
        The crew is called B-D-P

  57. You’re doing far more environmental-good buying a used gas-burning car than you are buying some new, shiny electric vehicle

    “Batteries are clean zero emission energy!”

    That always elicits a bitter laugh from me.

  58. Guys,

    I need some help. I’m going on vacation to go to my wife’s friends’ wedding. Boring. It just so happens that Donald Trump is going to be in the area and I wanted to know how best to bring in a “Donald Trump is a child rapist” sign. I’d like to do some guerilla theater on ideas revolving around standards of evidence and inchoate rage. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks.

    1. Have fun on the trip, and please, whatever you do, don’t come back.


    2. If you have to ask, you are better off not going with the plan.

      1. I will never again miss a wife’s friend’s wedding. Last time I missed, a member of the bride’s family (who was widely described as an asshole) decided to take a swim in the ocean…and washed up two days hence.

          1. I wasn’t there. But it is a cute story.

        1. and washed up two days hence.


          1. Let me check…white…cis-male…yes, yes I have.

        2. So… you missed celebrating 2 occasions?

        3. Let’s not bicker and argue about who drowned whom. This is supposed to be a happy occasion!

        4. Hope you had a good alibi

        5. Hence ?

          I’m not sure that’s your language.

          Please report to the cultural appropriation education center. post haste.

    3. Guys,

      I need some help.

      Understatement of the year.

      It just so happens that Donald Trump is going to be in the area and I wanted to know how best to bring in a “Donald Trump is a child rapist” sign.

      You weren’t on Scott Foval’s mailing list? Here I thought you were some kind of somebody.

      I’d like to do some guerilla theater on ideas revolving around standards of evidence and inchoate rage. Any ideas on how to do this?

      Wander around the middle east wearing a wedding dress.

    4. If you’re so concerned with your own self-importance making a statement, why don’t you self-immolate like the Buddhists in Vietnam?

    5. Hold out for the $1500 from the DNC. Don’t do it for free.

    6. Ah yes, the bullshit case brought by a former producer for Jerry Springer, who earlier hit the news by claiming that Courtney Love murdered Kurt Cobain. His first suit was thrown out because he falsified the legal papers. He’s got a tape from the “victim” that he’s trying to sell for $1 million. Even the Guardian thinks it’s bullshit.

      1. I’d like to make a statement on people who think Juanita Broadderick and 650,000 emails are important issues.

        1. amsoc, ca. 1973: “Watergate was just a couple of nobodies horsing around in an office building”

          1. I always thought that Nixon should have been impeached for bombing neutral Laos and Cambodia– not for trying to convert the FBI and CIA into his own protection force.

            1. Why should Nixon have been impeached for doing the same things Obama does?

              1. Because ISIS and Al Queda aren’t neutral parties and have killed thousands of American civilians?

                1. Libyan government… not ISIS or al Qaeda
                  Syrian government… not ISIS or al Qaeda
                  Yemeni Houthis… not ISIS or al Qaeda

                  1. *crickets*

    7. If you see a fork in the road…take it. And never look back.

      1. Are you telling him to go fork himself?

    8. I highly doubt this is true, but you have to be a massive loser to think throwing a hissy fit about Trump is a better time than just getting drunk at someone’s wedding.

      1. Let’s be clear. I’m mocking them.

        1. I’ve seen your attempts at ‘mocking’ and they’re more reflective of your own rotten personality than anything else.

      2. ^ This. Pathetic leftist, everything must be politicized, politics control all else.

        1. To be clear, i was agreeing with John Titor and not the lying scumbag

          1. I had your back.

        2. You’re the ones jumping up and down about Anthony Weiner’s computer and how this means Clinton is a criminal. That shit makes me want to take a nap. Let me know when there’s an email advocating an invasion of a country for the benefit of a private company or when someone puts an active CIA agent. I’m a libertarian so I’m not obsessed with the government like you guys are.

          1. I’d rather be Valerie Plame than Chris Stevens…

            1. Maybe you can tell me exactly what you think Clinton has done.

              1. Does setting the world aflame count as an accomplishment?

          2. You’re the ones yadda yadda blah blah…

            Rule of Law: How the hell does it work???

          3. “You’re the ones jumping up and down about Anthony Weiner’s computer and how this means Clinton is a criminal. ”

            It’s not his computer that shows she is a criminal.

            It’s the content of her emails on his computer that will do that.

            “Let me know when there’s an email advocating an invasion of a country for the benefit of a private company”

            See Blumenthal, Sydney and his request for Hillary to boost his private security business after her take down of Libya.

            “or when someone puts an active CIA agent”

            A dog red sunlight through fireplace

            “I’m a libertarian ”

            No you are not

    9. I’d like to do some guerilla theater on ideas revolving around standards of evidence and inchoate rage. Any ideas on how to do this?

      Being a socialist, you should already be acquainted with rage and violence.

    10. You want to fuck up a wedding?

      1. You just know there was a lot of heavy sighs and eye rolling before his name appeared on the invite.

    11. Your tears are still delicious. Bottle some for us.

    12. …”Donald Trump is a child rapist” sign. I’d like to do some guerilla theater on ideas revolving around standards of evidence and inchoate rage. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks.

      Hmmm. I guess you could take one of those creepy Anthony Weiner dick-pics where he’s got his toddler in the frame, and use your Trump-rape one liner.

      You might even get to work in a ‘yuuuggge’ line in there for the text. As a bonus, Weiner himself would feel a tiny bit of pride at such an allusion if he sees your sign on the news.

    13. “I need some help”

      First step buddy. You have my prayers

    14. First you should contact the replacements of the people who have recently been fired for arranging these very type antics.

      There is a high probability that you could get paid for what you consider fun.

      Remember, if you find a way to support yourself doing what you love you never have to go to work.

      P.S. watch out for hidden cameras

  59. I wanted to know how best to bring in a “Donald Trump is a child rapist” sign.

    This is a trick question, right? You could probably smuggle a billboard in your ass.

  60. Hey, anyone want to talk about Gary Johnson?

    1. AmSoc, the workers at the facility must be very proud that you’ve learned to stop smearing feces on yourself long enough to go on the computer.

    2. He’d be the best option of the lot if he were an option, but he’s not, so what is there to talk about?

  61. So why do liberals think Obamacare is a success because 7 percent can check the box that they have insurance? Especially since it is mainly medicaid

    1. They are desperate goal post shifters

  62. I am alive.
    Radiator is shot. Head gasket shot. Made it home, almost. A nice man picked me up and brought me to the gas station and back. Got to the light by work and overheat-death.

    1. You hopefully followed The Code (gas, grass or ass)?

      1. I did indeed. Didnt have much in my pocket, but itll do. Hes here working on a nat gas pipe. Good conversation about it, i don’t know much about the industry

        1. These euphemisms…I mean, I’m glad you got back home!

    2. That sucks. Get yourself a cold one.

      1. 5 minutes, then i close shop.
        I cant catch a break with this truck recently.
        Theres a sanitas black ipa waiting in my fridge.

    3. How did running out of gas cause that ?

      You ignored the temp gauge didn’t you ?

      1. It started climbing after i left the airport. Sometimes itll climb if im at idle too long. 4th gear and 45 mph cools it off nicely.
        But i was distracted by gas

  63. Hence? Did I write that? Yeah, you’re right professor, that’s not my word. I misspelled Fuck You.

  64. ‘Recommended’ lists are idiotic.

    I’ve been buying some stuff for the motorcycle – new helmet, camera, intercom, tank pad – and now my ‘recommended’ list on Ebay is full of helmet’s, cameras, intercoms, and tank pads.

    Which I already have, since I just bought that stuff. And its not like these are things you go through fast so I might need another soon or something.

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