Clinton's Final Test, Paul Ryan Votes Trump, Iraqi Forces Approach Mosul: A.M. Links


  • State Dept.

    Hillary Clinton's final test.

  • Paul Ryan says he's voted "for our nominee."
  • U.S. futures dip ahead of the next meeting of the Federal Reserve.
  • A woman in North Dakota accused of shooting at officers during the pipeline protests is charged with attempted murder.
  • Iraqi forces approach Mosul.
  • Two busses collide in Baltimore, killng at least six.

NEXT: NYU Professor Criticized Trigger Warnings. Now He's on Leave for the Semester.

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    1. Hello.

      “Hillary Clinton’s final test.”

      Please connect the dots and color inside the lines without sticking your tongue out.

  1. Where is the Fist?

    1. Reason staff had a big Halloween party; thus the late links.

      They also forgot to let Fist out of his gimp-box.

      1. They also forgot to cut air holes in the box.

        1. Those holes aren’t for air. Maybe you don’t know the logger/barrel joke.

    2. he couldn’t hold it any longer and had to run to the bathroom

    3. He couldn’t hold it any longer and had to run to the bathroom

    1. I figured your prostate is inflamed and swollen. The ole’ Piss of Etiquette stream has crawled to a trickle, eh? That’s what you get for having only one kidney and F5-ing yourself like you’re riding a Robby Horse. *grins*

      Which reminds me, gents, get your prostates and T-levels checked if you haven’t done so in a few years, especially if you are over the age of 45 and never done so.

      Happy Mow-vember!

      1. get your prostates and T-levels checked

        I have a rubber glove, two fingers and a tube of Vaseline, in case anyone is interested.

        1. Dr. ZG is much better looking than you, Monte Crusto… Also, use silicon based lubricant (I understand is a surplus dealer) instead of Vaseline, since that will cause your gloves to break and tear.

          Or…*shudder*…that’s the real plan…

            1. That one never get old! *chuckles* We have that on DVD, and Dr. ZG read the subtitles, and proudly exclaimed, “THAT – ME!”

              This is closer, actually. For reals. My bleeding heart is reserved for crippled, special needs children, expectant moms, and Seasoned Citizens.

            2. Also, the most incredible medical soliloquy ever delivered. Gets me every time I view it, because it’s true.

              TW: Alec Baldwin.

        2. I’d prefer Marla Singer.

      2. This is why my primary care doc is always a woman.

        Smaller fingers FTW!

        1. Whenever I say that, the guys in the group laugh and then get thoughtful.

          1. I have an attractive young lady for a doc. Half my visit is “think unsexy thoughts!”

            1. I let the hot blonde examine me for moles.

              1. My wife’s dermatologist is pretty hot. I’m thinking I need an all-over exam pretty soon.

                1. Make sure you let her check everything. Never know where melanoma might hide!

        2. What does a woman know about prostates???

          1. Your mom knew how to massage mine. (Wait, do we only do Winston’s mom?)

            1. Why should we limit ourselves? Winston’s mom doesn’t.

  2. Paul Ryan says he’s voted “for our nominee.”

    For which office?

    1. For which value of “our”?

      1. Do you have a mouse in your pocket?

      2. It’s a negative or imaginary number.

    2. Does voting against twice count as voting for?

  3. “””for our nominee.”””

    Our as in Trump?
    Our as in Hillary?
    Our as in Johnson?
    Our as in write in for Paul Ryan?





    1. Punctuation and normal captialization?

      1. And spelling ‘capitalization’ correctly!

      2. And spelling ‘capitalization’ correctly!

        1. The sqvirrels won’t stop until you capitulate.

          1. The Squirrel Capitulation- Ludlum novel or excellent album title?

            1. Squirrels never capitulate. The only capitalize.

        2. He was going for *captial* you know. As in space captial.

    2. Poor Fisher. He had AM Links up first, only to have them wiped out by Krayewski.


        1. Harambe’s twin brother.

    3. Alt Text?

  5. Zimbabwe vs. Florida.

    As long as that monkey doesn’t have a knife, Florida is winning here.

    1. Wow. I hope dude in the Zimbabwe video wasn’t there on a honeymoon, because he’s never getting laid again.

      1. She wanted that extra dollar and hour.

      2. I hope dude in the Zimbabwe video wasn’t there on a honeymoon, because he’s never getting laid again.

        And she’ll probably be pissed he let the croc attack her too!

        *rim shot*

    2. I think I’m more afraid of the croc in the pool.

      1. You know some Florida Man would be dumb enough to do this.

        1. That’s awesome if real. I want to believe, but I’ve been burned before.

          1. I believe that is real footage of an actual ape being given a loaded rifle, but not in FL.

            1. Just a normal afternoon in Zim.

              1. I think I’ll call it Rhodesia from now on, so as not to be a cultural appropriator.

            2. That is from Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

              There’s a link in the notes.

  6. Know who would be the perfect attorney for the DOJ to assign to the Huma email case? Why, John Podsta’s old law-school pal and best friend of course!…..ust-one-pr

    1. Washington is so incestuous that it’s probably impossible to find someone who doesn’t have at least the appearance of a conflict of interest.

      1. DOJ/FBI have offices all over the country.

        If they wanted to find people without conflicts of interest they could.

        1. DOJ/FBI have offices all over the country.

          You mean like Northern Virginia and Maryland, right?

        2. um the only people who could head up the DOJ indictment are political appointees selected by the current Democratic President.

          1. You know, they used to appoint independent special prosecutors. But it didn’t work out so well the last time a Dem. POTUS did it, so imagine that it won’t be happening again.

    2. They’re not even trying to hide any more. it’s F*ck Yous all the way down.

      1. Democratic government is the nefarious conspiratorial plot we all perpetrate together.

    3. meh, nobody in DC at that level is clean. It’s like looking for a virgin in a whorehouse.

      1. but also if you actually think that this investigation any where you are going to be disappointed. This whole thing is going to be swept under the rug and the only reason Comey opened it back up is because of how stupid the FBI was going to look when this got leaked by the state attorneys office.

        1. I think there is too much information out there with the NYPD and FBI Field Agents to completely sweep it away. It will all come out eventually – maybe be studied by historians of our rapidly failing republic.

          1. The FBI is now heading up the investigation so I would imagine they alone(well along with the DOJ) are the only ones who actually have any evidence. Anything the NYPD and Attorney’s office say’s if it’s swept under the rug will just be spun as unsubstantiated hearsay. Comey already had any evidence he needed to prove she was guilty and even if he wasn’t able to pursue further do to interference from the DOJ, he was never going to prosecute because he was concerned more about keeping his job(or as he probably justified it, preventing people from accusing the FBI of being politicized).

            1. “The FBI is now heading up the investigation so I would imagine they alone(well along with the DOJ) are the only ones who actually have any evidence”

              First, what investigation are you referring to? Are you saying the FBI has taken over the ‘sexting with a minor’ case and NYPD no longer has jurisdiction?

              If that is what you’re saying, do you have some proof of this?

              1. The minor in question resides in another state so I believe that gives the FBI jurisdiction, no?

                1. “The minor in question resides in another state so I believe that gives the FBI jurisdiction, no?”

                  I don’t know, do you? You made a very definitive statement re NYPD vs FBI and the vanishing of evidence.
                  I’m just asking what is the basis for your statement.

                  1. “The minor in question resides in another state so I believe that gives the FBI jurisdiction, no?”

                    I don’t know, do you? You made a very definitive statement re NYPD vs FBI and the vanishing of evidence.
                    I’m just asking what is the basis for your statement.


                    The tabloid site first broke the story several weeks ago, detailing the alleged months-long online relationship earlier this year between the then-51-year-old Weiner and the high school sophomore, complete with screenshots of sexually explicit messages and selfies of a shirtless Weiner. Among the more disturbing details, the girl alleges that Weiner sent her pornographic videos, encouraged her to engage in “rape fantasies,” and asked her to masturbate over video chat.

                    The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York Police Department opened investigations into the incident, and prosecutors in the office of U.S. Attorney Preet Bahara have issued a subpoena for Weiner’s cell phone, according to CNN. If the 15-year-old’s allegations prove to be true, it would be at the discretion of the prosecutors to decide whether to prosecute the case federally or locally, either in New York, where Weiner resides, or North Carolina, the residence of the unnamed victim.

                    1. I could be wrong but I would think that the FBI would be the only one’s who would have had any knowledge of what emails pertained to Clinton based on the WSJ article and siezed the laptop based on the classified material that may reside their and may even destroy it after sifting through the relevant material as they’ve done before in regards to this case. The NYPD wouldn’t have anything to do with any of this stuff and are just assisting due to Weiner residing in New York.

                    2. But again I’m just speculating and making assumptions.

            2. I think dynamic has changed into tail-wagging-the-dog. If accounts are to be believed, Comey didn’t know about this until Thursday. Which means minions were working this stuff since three weeks ago, and they essentially dropped it on upper management too fast for upper management to play the normal games. The cocktail-party circuit is reacting to, and no longer managing, the events.

              1. Seems that way, doesn’t it? There’s a feel that Comey is trying to rush to the head of the parade. I’m sure it’s too much to hope for, but I’d like to think that maybe Clinton’s alleged habit of treating underlings like shit is catching up to her.

  7. More like the late morning links, am I right?

    1. At least the article didn’t try to claim it was posted at 9am – like some late lynx do.

    2. For me they came 15 minutes earlier than usually.

      United Nations really needs to drop that Agenda 21 stuff and get on to synchronizing DST around the globe.

      1. DST needs to die.

        It needs to die the most painful way possible.

        Or just being fed through a burning woodchipper into a furnace. That would be good enough.

        1. Why do you hate summer?

          1. Blinding sunlight. Heat. Humidity. Not enough hours of dark to get enough sleep. The same reasons anyone should hate summer.

            1. Paleskins unite!

              1. I thought paleskinians loved the heat…

                1. You don’t get that much light in a sauna – and you can have dry heat.

        2. No, no, DST is such a perfect idea. We should introduce a shorter ‘winter kilometer’ and ‘winter mile’, too, as it’s generally harder to move yourself around in winter.

          /sarc (should’ve included it the first time, too)

    3. No hangover. Still drunk. It’s almost eleven here in Taiwan.

      1. Cheers from Kyoto!

  8. Weak

  9. Really shocked at how much Trump is coming back in the polls right now.

    1. Clinton still has the edge in the electoral college map. And now it seems like the D’s could take the Senate.

      1. It’s difficult to ascertain where the electoral college map is at any given time, because state polls occur less often. Many are locked into last week’s or the week before’s polling.

        According to polling averages, the Democrats are less likely to retake the Senate than they were a few weeks ago.

        1. Fair enough, and there is always the question of undersampling. I still expect Clinton to win, though.

          1. As do I. But I like a good game.

            1. oh it’s gamed, doncha worry ’bout dat

      2. Don’t tease me………if Clinton ends up winning the electoral college, my hope is that Trump wins the popular vote.

        1. dream scenario nobody gets to 270 and McMullen get’s the nod from congress with a win in Utah. Sweet delicious tears by all. Downside a schmo named Evan McMullen is president of the United States. But if Hillary does pull it out and Trump wins the popular vote the cognitive dissonance had by all would be amusing. Trump winning would also be amusing.

          1. Perhaps Johnson should have spent 90% of his campaign in New Mexico and tried to fulfill your McMullen scenario.

          2. Even if that awesome scenario happens, McMullen will not get the nod from Congress. They’ll pick Trump.

            1. IF by some miracle that happens, I could see at least 30% of Republicans are ardently against Trump and could probably get the Democrats to come around to McMullen.

              1. They won’t do it because they’re deep down most concerned about their jobs. Trump is way more popular than Congress.

                1. So is VD.

                  1. That was good

          3. Problem is that there is approximately 0 chance that a Congress full of Democrats and Republicans would EVER pick a 3rd party candidate and risk the advantage they have in their own elections from being part of the Duopoly

            1. Problem is that there is approximately 0 chance that a Congress full of Democrats and Republicans would EVER pick a 3rd party candidate and risk the advantage they have in their own elections from being part of the Duopoly

              They would if McMullen promised to change his affiliation to Republican as part of a confirmation deal.

          4. Or established his campaign office in New Mexico and chose Jesse Ventura as his running mate.

        2. So the reverse (party wise) of what happened in 2000?

    2. “New Shocker Poll: Straight To Voicemail holds commanding nationwide lead”

      “Breaking: Trump leads by 1 in latest poll of shut-ins with landlines who are desperate to talk to strangers”

      – IowaHawk

      1. The man is a National Treasure.

  10. U.S. futures dip ahead of the next meeting of the Federal Reserve.

    Read that as furries. Made it a huge disappointment.

    1. Should say “U.S. future…”

  11. Late? And it’s not even Friday?


  12. It’s the final count down
    We’re leaving together
    The final count down
    We’ll all miss her so.
    It’s the final count down.

  13. Butthurt Kasich to vote for John McCain.

    What ever happened to the stupid fucking pledge the Republicans made trump sign? Best I could find. The striking thing is all the candidates that I forgot actually ran, the republicans really do deserve everything they get, the stupid party indeed.

    1. The guy still produces a “who?” reaction from me whenever I see his name. It takes a few minutes for recall to pick out why anyone would think I remembered him.

      1. There’s a house in my neighborhood that still had a Kasich sign in the yard until maybe a month and a half ago.

        1. You live near Kasich’s house?

        2. Then the squatters decide that it was too shabby.

    2. For chrissake, he should at least vote for Gary Johnson.

      Or Jill Stein. RINO Kasich might find her more up his alley.

    3. In sickness or in health…

      I didn’t know he was going to get that sick.

    4. Isn’t it amazing? It feels like it’s been eons since the GOP was worried that Trump would run as an independent and ruin the election.

      1. I am curious to know what his poll numbers would have been if he had run as a 3rd-party candidate

        1. I’d be willing to bet solid Ross Perot or Ralph Nader territory, at least. I do believe, had he run third party, he would have had a demonstrable and looming affect on the election, depending upon whom TEAM RED nominated.

    5. I understand not voting for Trump, but writing in McCain? Can these guys at least cast a prptest vote for someone who os not cringeworthy?

  14. Is this late because Ed was screwed over by the SEPTA strike in Philly?

  15. This is pretty badass:

    Estonia Trains a Nation of Insurgents

    Since the Ukraine war, Estonia has stepped up training for members of the Estonian Defense League, teaching them how to become insurgents, right down to the making of improvised explosive devices, or I.E.D.s, the weapons that plagued the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another response to tensions with Russia is the expansion of a program encouraging Estonians to keep firearms in their homes.

    The Jarva competition entailed a 25-mile hike and 21 specific tasks, such as answering questions of local trivia ? to sort friend from foe ? hiding in a bivouac deep in the woods and correctly identifying types of Russian armored vehicles. On a recent weekend, 16 teams of four people had turned out, despite the bitter, late fall chill. The competition was open to men, women and teenagers.

    Ignore the sneering disbelief of the author and just read the whole thing. This is some cool shit, right here.

    1. The readership of the New York Times is too effete to even consider the possibility of having to train for guerilla warfare. The threat of the local Starbucks running out of soy is enough to bring them to their knees.

      1. Which is also why they spew arguments that an insurgant militia couldn’t hope to thwart the army, so you don’t need your guns or the 2nd amendment.

        1. Thereby missing the point of owning weapons in the first place, not that civilians could go toe-to-toe with the military (theirs or ours), but that the prospect of tyrannizing the populace should be painfully dissuasive.

          1. Exactly. They bandy about this whole narrative of modern militaries being too advanced to be resisted by locals with small arms and improvised munitions despite ample evidence to the contrary since, oh, the 70s. Of course, advocating the arming of Syrian rebels also belies that opinion.

            1. ISIS seems pretty successful at holding ground against “modern militaries.”

              1. Which ones? Last I knew they were only in actual fighting with proxies.

            2. That narrative has been disproved lots of times since the 70s, for sure…the 1770s!

    2. Encouraging citizens to stash warm clothes, canned goods, boots and a rifle may seem a cartoonish defense strategy against a military colossus like Russia.

      Fortress Maximus is not so named just for shits n’ giggles…

      1. If you lived anywhere else I’d ask if that was the name of the shed out back…

      2. Encouraging citizens to stash warm clothes, canned goods, boots and a rifle may seem a cartoonish defense strategy against a military colossus like Russia.

        …unless you’ve actually shot 7.62 before.

        1. Or paid any sort of attention to the last 50-75 years of partisan insurgencies… they don’t always, win the battles, in fact they almost always lose stand-up fights (e.g. the Tet Offensive), but they almost always inflict enough pain on the foreign force to significantly effect the outcome or out right force a withdrawal. Afghanistan is the most obvious example, a backwards collection of tribes has managed to force not one but three world powers to rethink their occupation plans, all while plagued by bloody internecine tribal and sectarian violence. Granted, Afghanistan has a number cultural and geographic factors that lend the guerrilla fighter significant advantages, but it is still pretty damn impressive.

    3. Man, that sucks for the people living through it. It would take a sea change to get my wife on board with something like that. I can only imagine how bad it must be to have the government encouraging these kinds of skills.

    4. This is what a Defense Department should do.

      Standing armies, air forces, and navies should be part of the War Department.

    5. That sounds a little Robin Sage-y to me… interesting.

    6. This is actually happening in ALL the countries around Russia right now.

      They’re all preparing for WWIII.

      It’s nothing that a few no fly zones and “soft power” won’t handle.

  16. Authorities say 37-year-old Red Fawn Fallis was arrested Thursday after she allegedly pulled out a .38-caliber pistol and fired three times, narrowly missing a sheriff’s deputy. Officers didn’t return fire.

    LaVoy Finicum would find this rather confusing.

    1. I was going to post the same paragraph. I assume the officers will be applauded for not shooting back.

      1. I assume the officers will be applauded placed on unpaid leave for not shooting back failing to subdue a threat to fellow officers.

    2. Yeah, the progs be all whining about how the Malheur occupiers were given the kid glove treatment, because racism. And we keep hearing about how “peaceful” the pipeline protesters are.

    3. Article says she is charged with ‘attempted murder’. Under the new Mens Rea craze sweeping the nation, does the prosecutor have to show she intended to murder the officer? And if she simply tells them she had no such intention, will that be good enough and they’ll just close the investigation?

      1. I bet this gets pled down to reckless endangerment, because vagina.

    4. Those darn anti-government gun nuts! It’s never ever ever ever acceptable to resist the government! Oh, wait… \prog

    5. A .38? That’s just reckless endangerment.

    1. That looks like how i picture shreek.

  17. @Suthenboy – Thanks for buying my book. I look forward to your comments. My email is or you can tweet me @AuthorSingh

    @Lord Humungus – how do you crank out 60,000 words in a short period of time? I hit a wall at 12k words. I did everything conceivable to procrastinate after that.

    1. I don’t know about Lord H’s method, but I get a lot of words by getting lost in the story. I keep typing because I want to know what happens next.

      1. Maybe it’s the difference between fiction and non-fiction? I haven’t written any fiction longer than 2k words, so I don’t know if blocks would be easier to deal with in that context.

        I found that I was most effective cranking out words when I just couldn’t get up and do something else, like waiting my turn at a doctor’s office.

        1. That might be – I don’t know how I would manage to write non-fiction. I have a hard enough time finding non-fiction books that can hold my attention. Writing fiction I can just let the characters be themselves and run wild.

          1. I love narrative non fiction especially about the Age of Discovery and the Age of Sail.

            A narrative non fiction about something like Robert Falcon Scott’s failed attempt to reach the South Pole and the true life or death bravery of real men much more page turning than reading the same old plot dressed up in a different setting with different costumes that has been told 1000 times before.

            Different strokes and all I guess..

        2. Last year I tried my hand at NaNoWriMo for the first time. I knocked out around 18000 words in about 20 days and just pooped out. I don’t know if I’m going to revisit the story again, or if I care about it at all anymore.

        3. (Squirrels devoured my first comment)

          Last year, I tried my hand at NaNoWriMo for the first time. I bashed out 18000 words in about 20 days, then just pooped out. I don’t know that I’m going to ever revisit the story, or even if I care about it anymore. Maybe I need to re-read it and see if it’s worth salvaging.

          1. …and I guess they promptly regurgitated it??

          2. I never head of NaNoWriMo and had to look it up. It looks really cool. I’ve had a novel in mind for a while. If I end up doing it, I’ll post here. Thanks for the tip.

            1. My wife has done this the last several years. She has hit 50k every year thus far, but it actually takes a lot out of her. Some of her friends are ridiculous and get to double that in the month and write lots more besides. And have full-time jobs. It’s…scary.

      2. And then you end up in a cup-de-sac with a person holding a really long machete.

    2. It was an old book that I started last year but never completed. I was at maybe 40k words, did a rewrite to refresh my memory, and then started to write again.

      Ideally I like to churn out 1K words a day, but with work and a personal life it can be a hard target to hit.

      1. 1k a day. Wow. You have to be disciplined to do that much.

        And by the way, Happy Authors’ Day to you, UnCivilServant, TICC Jr. and anyone else here who writes.

        1. Do HNR comments count?

          1. No plorable publisher would take a second look at our comments.

        2. It’s not necessarily a quality 1K but fodder for rewrite rewrite rewrite.

          And I consider myself a hack writer with some uneven output. I really love some of the books that I put out – like Horror America, aka Of Ghosts and Gunpowder but some were just ideas taken to conclusion because I hate leaving a project unfinished. And this latest book is that – a novel I started last year, gave up on, but finally decided to finish since it’s been bugging me.

          1. I am so pleased you are back, My Liege! The Ayatollah o’ Rockanrollah returneth!

      2. And AM links commitments….

  18. Here’s a question for whacked-out feminists. As my daughter goes through life, I discover more and more how ‘cattiva’ girls can be with each other. There’s like a mean-streak of cattiness in them you don’t generally see among boys. I sit there listening to stories and can’t comprehend it.

    1. I don’t know about anyone else non-canukistani, but I don’t see an actual question there.

      1. Here’s a comment. THERE.

        In Canada ask questions in the form of statement because it makes us feel like rebels.

    2. Internalized misogyny. Patriarchy forces women to compete with each other while encouraging men to cooperate, thereby keeping women fractured and men unified behind oppressing them.

    3. I view it as evolutionary. Boys have more tools to inflict physical violence, so they are more physical. Girls are less physical, so they are catty and never, ever forget a slight. Two guys can have a fight and get beers afterwards, two women have a fight and never speak again, but perpetrate the conflict through social media and surrogates.

      1. I was going to write basically the same idea so I will just say


        I can’t do the up arrow thingy

      2. I think its more social.

        Back in the day, not so long ago, a woman’s future was largely determined by who she married, and she had a short window and lots of competition for the good catches. The pressure and stakes were high, and women did what they could to undermine each other FTW. Those kinds of cultural habits die hard.

        1. I think the hypergamous competition has a very long history – so much so that it may have ended up genetically wired in due to past successes.

    4. Ah I see you have yet to be introduced to the wonderful non falsifiable concept of the patriarchy.

      It is the most wonderful thing because you can blame EVERYTHING on it

      1. Replace “patriarchy” with “global Jewish conspiracy” and feminism suddenly makes a lot of sense.

    5. There are so few desireable alpha males like Johnny Longtorso out there than the competition is utterly ferocious.

    6. Girls are mean.

      Was this not obvious from your own childhood?

    7. I wish a satisfying answer to your comment existed, Rufus.

      I have a daughter that just turned 13 and, for whatever reason, our home’s ended up as a hub of sorts for her & her circle of friends. On any given day, any number of these strange little creatures will be flittering about doing whatever it is they do (running up my grocery bill, chief among them).

      I honestly have to say, before puberty befell these (previously) delightful little ladies, having them around so often was fine. Fun even, sometimes. These days it can be like a fucking episode of “The Real Eighth Grade Schoolgirls of Dallas”, or whatever. I don’t understand it but, thanks to vodka & cranberry juice, am making my way thru it.

  19. “Covered California starts taking signups but it’s staying quiet ”…..ery=health

    Paywalled, but the CA O-care bureaucracy is not putting a push on for sign ups until “after the election”.
    Now, WIH would an election have to do with health insurance? Maybe it’s because that supposedly ‘non-political’ bureaucracy doesn’t want to remind the voters that the D’s have made something that wasn’t very good into a total shit-sandwich?

    1. Remember, Sevo, poor people have a tough time getting to the voter registrar, the polls, etc. I guess that means they have a tough time getting to the place where one signs up for o-care. My take-away from this is that they would rather those people vote than have health insurance coverage, since it’s apparently not possible for people to do both those things within a short period of time.

      1. One of those things might require a valid ID?

  20. In other news
    “A German ex-police officer convicted of murdering a willing victim he met on a website for cannibalism fetishists went on trial again Tuesday after the verdict against him was overturned on appeal.”

    Assisted suicide must not be a thing in Germany, but double jeopardy is ok.

    1. Its Germany, so he’s probably on trial for lacking the correct paperwork, not murder.

    2. after the verdict against him was overturned on appeal.”

      I guess this means Germany is so weak and lefty they’re trying to appease cannibals.

      1. Tasty backstraps. FTW.

    3. Moss: Look, I’ve got your advert here. I printed it out. “I want to cook with you.”

      The German: No, my English is not so good?

      Moss: Oh! You want to cook with me, using me, you mean.

      The German: Ah, yes! Yes. You see.

      Moss: I see where the confusion was. I thought this was a cookery course.

      1. The episode about “Gay the Musical” was one of the funniest bits of comedy I’ve seen.

        1. They had terrific chemistry. Jen turning away from inexplicably-wheelchair-bound Roy and seeing Moss tending bar is one of my favorite moments in the series.

    4. An appeal court overturning a conviction is not the same thing as an acquittal, or at least it’s not in US or British courts.

      I assume it means the same in German courts.

  21. Is this the fewest words ever to accompany six links? Does FiveThirtyEight track shit like this?

    1. Ed was trying to placate the braying commentariat.

      1. The Braying Commentariat would be an excellent name for a band, or possibly a Warhammer unit.

        1. +1 Yertle the Turtle.

        2. Who would write the band’s lyrics?

  22. CLEVELAND’S UNTHINKING RACISM!!!!!…..acism.html

    Jesus, can liberals ever ENJOY ANYTHING?!?!? They’re less fun than fucking ISIS!!!

    1. Neo-puritans. They live with a pain in their guts all the time, suspecting someone, somewhere is still having fun.

    2. If the Indians are right out, can we at least change our team to this?

    3. How is this not on the road to thought policing?

    4. “New York City’s Myopic Self-Importance” is a headline that always seems to be a propos.

      1. Um, the NYT doesn’t speak for all New Yorkers kthxbai.

        1. Sorry, I paint with a broad brush at times.

    1. Good news for people who will be needing antibiotics twenty years from now.

      1. There is a new way to identify natural antibiotics that was published a couple years ago.

        I think it’s a game changer.

      2. The article mentions 3D printed prosthetics.

        The high school in Brenham, Texas has successfully done so for several people.

        I listened to an interview of the teacher. She assigned one class a challenge to build a working hand for one of their classmate who otherwise could not afford one. In one semester they had managed to print a hand who’s fingers opens and closes by bending the wrist. It cost $50. The little girl can now dress herself without help.

        They have made numerous one now for people who can’t afford commercially built ones.

        A fucking high school.

    2. +1 MedPot.

    3. Speaking from the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry, “fuck off you techy twats.”

      It’s not like we don’t spend literally BILLIONS of dollars every year on this shit. Some asshole invents a new way for people get be mean to each other and suddenly he knows how to invent drugs.

  23. This is supposed to be a dolphin stomach infested with parasites.

    I think its more SugarFree channeling H.P. Lovecraft.

  24. And that darn Trump:

    “Report: Trump avoided paying millions in taxes using questionable method”
    “Donald Trump avoided paying potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes in a way even his own lawyers considered questionable, The New York Times reported Monday.”…..ork-times/

    The shock! He told his accountants to go ahead and even the IRS….
    found it legal.
    Congress later changed the law

    1. According to that article, Congress voted to change the law in 1994. The article later says Hillary Clinton voted to change the law when she was in the Senate.

      Ummm, what?

    2. Trump knows the law better than Hillary.

      No shit.

  25. “A woman in North Dakota accused of shooting at officers during the pipeline protests is charged with attempted murder.”

    She’s getting a better deal than LaVoy Finicum.

    LaVoy Fincum never even drew a gun.

  26. Letter of Recommendation: Buicks

    Standing in line at a Manhattan lunch spot a few months ago, I eyed the footwear of the nearby 20- and 30-somethings to ensure the next pair of Nikes I bought would be stylish enough. I’m 46. But the truth is that I’m sick of trying. Now more than ever, I find myself drawn to the traditional signposts of American adulthood ? the blue blazer from Brooks Brothers, the four-bedroom colonial-style home, the roomy sedan. Maybe it’s because I’ve always found adult life too overwhelming to navigate. Maybe it’s easier to use my parents’ wants as a compass instead of my own.

    1. Just give up on life and buy some Rockports

    2. Maybe it’s because I’ve always found adult life too overwhelming to navigate. Maybe it’s easier to use my parents’ wants as a compass instead of my own.

      What a fuckin’ dweeb.

      1. I’ve always found adult life too overwhelming to navigate

        Just end it, already, if your Manhattan lifestyle is so oppressive.

      2. “Waaa tell me what to buy!”

        The internet is revealing a bit too much about my fellow humans.

    3. I’ve never understood people like this. Do you like the Buick? Yes? Then buy it. No? Then don’t buy it. It’s not complicated.

      1. BTW it’s hilarious that they use a picture of a white 1985 LeSabre with the article, because that’s exactly what my dad had in the mid-80s. White with a blue vinyl roof and blue velour interior.

      2. Yes, but do they WANT the Buick? I mean, do they think that other people think they SHOULD want it? That’s what the question really is.

    4. Betty Page?

  27. White Indian Hardest Hit

    Let’s set the scene.

    You walk into school/work/a Halloween party and are having an awesome day because it’s Halloween and you’re wearing an awesome costume that has something to do with a current event (without doing something like this or this), or a play on words, or a nerdy reference? because those are the best kind of costumes, duh.

    Then, in the middle of your joyous revelry, you spot it. Across the room. A friend (or acquaintance, or stranger ? let’s not discriminate), dressed as an “Indian.”

    You know what it looks like.

    The “buckskin,” the beads, the feathers ? probably a headdress of some sort. Maybe some warpaint. Then, if you’re anything like me, you mentally go, “Aw, @#$%.”

    1. The “buckskin,” the beads, the feathers ? probably a headdress of some sort. Maybe some warpaint. Then, if you’re anything like me, you mentally go, “Aw, @#$%.”

      If that isn’t followed by “They have a much better costume than I do – grats, man” we are nothing alike.

    2. Step #6. Go Get Another Pumpkin Cookie

      In other words: Go be fat somewhere else.

    3. “I’m Cherokee Indian, so get off my back!”

      Alternatively, this could be worded as “My great-great-grandma was Cherokee (maybe even a princess!), so get off me.”

      This is my favorite. Because then I go, “???! ???! ???? ??????” (“Osda! Osiyo! Tsalagis hiwonisgi?” “Good! Hello! Do you speak Cherokee?”), which is really about the limit of my Cherokee language, but usually is plenty to freak them out.

      Wow, your costume made me think you were supposed to be a [insert costume description] when, clearly, you’re just a giant asshole. Report back to your people, let them know that you’ve made contact with the Cherokee, that you speak their language as though you were an anus and that you’ve successfully demonstrated your moral superiority over the simple and peaceful indigenous peoples of this land.

    4. “Eat cookies to deal with how triggered you are, wait until you have a bunch of buddies to back you up, then mew at them and glory in the ‘higher standard’ of your racial superiority while denouncing them as racists.”

      1. The meek shall inherit the earth.

        1. Or Nutter Butters.

    5. The “buckskin,” the beads, the feathers ? probably a headdress of some sort. Maybe some warpaint. Then, if you’re anything like me, you mentally go, “Aw, @#$%.”

      I guess, unlike you, I don’t really concern myself overmuch with cultural sensitivity implications of other adults’ Halloween costumes. I find most of my intellectual effort is occupied with stuff like work, taking care of my family, handling finances, making sure I’m polite to strangers, trying to be considerate, stuff like that. I’d love to be a supercilious, patronizing, meddlesome busybody but I find that at the end of the day I just don’t have the time or energy to ride a high horse.

    6. “Then, if you’re anything like me, you mentally go, “Aw, @#$%.”

      I am nothing like you. I would raise one hand, palm out, and say “How!”

      This chick sounds like a real blast at parties. There is a kind of narcissism with these people that borders on psychotic. Really, who takes themselves so goddamned seriously all the time?

      Chick, just fuck off. No one gives a shit about your opinion.

      1. You know who else raised one hand, palm out?

    7. “So now let’s shift to what I go through in these situations, and all of the steps and checks I go through before I engage.”

      One of the check list questions she asks herself is the dirty racist her boss or anyone in a position of authority who could cause her pain in her own life ?

      In other words she is a SJW fighting racism unless she may have to pay a price for her beliefs.

      Then, not so much.

      1. In other words she is a SJW fighting racism unless she may have to pay a price for her beliefs.

        Or, in less flattering terms “can I bully this person with impunity?”

        1. Maybe. I just found my handcuff keys.

  28. In rare move, China criticizes Trump plan to exit climate change pact

    China on Tuesday rejected a plan by U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to back out of a global climate change pact, saying a wise political leader should make policy in line with global trends, a rare comment on a foreign election.

    The world is moving towards balancing environmental protection and economic growth, China’s top climate change negotiator told reporters, in response to a query on how China would work with a Trump administration on climate change. . .

    “If they resist this trend, I don’t think they’ll win the support of their people, and their country’s economic and social progress will also be affected,” Xie Zhenhua said.

    “I believe a wise political leader should take policy stances that conform with global trends,” China’s veteran climate chief said.

    1. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now he’s messing with our money!”

      1. This being the climate change agreement that immediately ties the hands of the other industrialized powers, but which China can opt to never actually implement?

        1. Exactly. How are they going to stay globally competitive if the US isn’t outsourcing our polluting industries to them? Or worse, pushing for everyone to comply with the same emissions standards.

    2. As if China has any interest in honoring that sham of an agreement beyond hoping the US self-sabotages itself in following the provisions giving them(China) a better standing globally

      1. I got less of a, “Comply with the pact, or else” message and much more of a “Dude, put your mask back on!” message.

        They don’t really care if Trump complies any more than they themselves do.

    3. Translation: “Keep subsidizing and buying our shitty solar panels while we built coal plants.”

    4. The agreement is not in the best interests of the United States–and that’s why Obama supported it. It was an attempt to force the people of the United States to make sacrifices for the climate. Using the coercive power of government to force people to make sacrifices for the common good is what being a progressive is all about.

      Meanwhile China is still building more coal plants like crazy–even though they have a big problem with overcapacity in the electricity market.

    5. Hey now, China is trying to rig the election! I can’t wait to see cnn go apoplectic over this!

    6. Somehow I think letting China set American policy would not be a winning strategy, election wise.

    7. You mean that treaty which was ratified by the U.S. Senate? I assume it must be such a treaty, or else there would be nothing to withdraw from, since it takes a treaty of that nature to affect our environmental standards vis-a-vis other countries.

  29. The Latest Trump/Russia Conspiracy Theory

    Last month, Yahoo News reported that US intelligence officials were probing the links between Page and senior Russian officials. (Page has called accusations against him “garbage.”) On Monday, NBC News reported that the FBI has mounted a preliminary inquiry into the foreign business ties of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chief. But Reid’s recent note hinted at more than the Page or Manafort affairs. And a former senior intelligence officer for a Western country who specialized in Russian counterintelligence tells Mother Jones that in recent months he provided the bureau with memos, based on his recent interactions with Russian sources, contending the Russian government has for years tried to co-opt and assist Trump?and that the FBI requested more information from him.

    1. This might be convincing if Harry Reid hadn’t blatantly lied about Mitt Romney’s tax history. Hell, in the version of this story I read the author even cited Reid’s habit of making outlandish and false claims just to get the accused defensive.

      If this was a GOP pol making such an unfounded allegation there’d be a linked story to the Pants of Fire rating from Politifact.

      1. Even for a politician, Harry Reid is a particularly loathsome asshole.

      2. It’s not in the least convincing. The Russians have been working Trump for years? Because Trump was such an obvious contender for political influence?

        If that were true, the Russkies are unbeatable because they can obviously see the future.

    2. So the Russkis thought HRC’s prices were too high and were searching for a better deal?

    3. The FBI has just stated that found no links between Russia and the Trump campaign. Which confirms what everyone knew all along, the “Russians” bullshit was made up out of whole cloth to deflect attention from the substance of the emails that were leaked.

    4. Hillary’s operation takes in tens of millions from Russians, and its Trump with the Russian problem?

  30. Alcest, my favorite Frenchie shoe-gaze metal group, is having a North America tour this winter. And they’re playing in Michigan too. *faints*

    Their latest album is quite good, returning to their metal roots – including some “I need a throat lozenge” screaming.

    1. Why do they gaze at shoes?

      1. from looking at all the guitar fx pedals?

      2. Why do they gaze at shoes?

        Bad posture?

        They’re unwilling to face the audience?

        It helps them focus?

    2. I’ve been playing Kodama a lot. It’s fucking excellent.

  31. I just had the realization that trump is a rich version of Archie Bunker.
    After decades of PC and sjw nonsense, and with the corrupt 2 major parties needing to be destroyed, yes, Archie Bunker is the hero this country deserves.

    1. According to this morning’s links, he’s against paying for NATO countries’ defense and climate change agreements. I’m sure he’ll suck in other areas, but it won’t be all bad. Well, that’s if he keeps his promises.

      1. He’s awesome in one regard – he’s a cheapskate who hates bureaucrats. There is at least hope that he’ll go through DC like a wrecking ball.

    2. I’m slowly coming to accept the notion that in order to put a stake in the heart of Progressivism, or at least the “social justice” aspect of it, it may be necessary to make a deal with the devil. Electing Trump is like trying to do a controlled burn.

      1. Think of it as FDR buddying up to the Soviets. Only defensible if you are ganging up on Nazis.

  32. I might have believed woman shot at cops but them not returning fire is really hard to sallow.

  33. It was still the AM. You got links.

    Nothing was late.

    1. You get an E for effort, but your trolling atempt was itself over an hour late.

      1. Of course you think that, because you’re one of the retards who also thinks there’s some kind of stupid magical deadline for morning links.

    2. This is my philosophy about going to work. As long as I make it in the AM.

      1. Also, checking in with the missus after a bender. “What? I said I’d call!”

        1. See, the other two tried, yours is just stupid.

      2. And if posting links was your job, that’d be fine.

        Except for the crying retards.

  34. I will just check in to report that creepy clowns were everywhere in my neighborhood last night.

    There’s some marketing genius out there that stirred the clown panic up, just at the right time, to sell clown makeup and accoutrements for this halloween. God bless him. I hope he’s filthy rich today.

    1. The local Halloween shop – soon to turn into a party or fireworks store – had tons of clown costumes for sale.

      1. Well, looking at the election, that was a given.

      2. Big Clown always wins…

        One of them penumbras in the Constitution

    2. So, Juggalos aren’t so bad after all?

  35. Local political sign update: Last week in my neighborhood there was a big surge in Hillary yard signs. This is a college-educated suburb with a heavy upper middle class population – lots of teachers, engineers, computer programmers, etc – dual-income professional types.

    Guesstimate : 7 to 1 over Trump.

    Last year I saw a lot more Romney signs over Obama so take it as you will.

    1. Weird that you saw a bunch of Romney signs in 2015, but I guess people get nostalgic.

      1. derp on me – it’s been a long long year.

    2. Last week?

      Did a Hillary campaign bus come around and plant them themselves?

      Is this what they mean when they say the DNC has a superior ‘ground game’?

    3. SF sightings:
      One (1) Clinton bumper sticker.
      Zero (0) Trump bumper sticker.
      Window signs tied at zero.

      1. I’m still seeing Bernie stickers.

        No Hillary stickers or signs.

        Several Trump Stickers.

        Some Johnson signs that got disqualified because people were holding them on public ground rather than planting them on their yard.

        1. A handful each of Trump and Hillary stickers, maybe a few more Trump.

          Fewer signs, but I don’t drive through much residential most days.

          No visible Johnson support.

    4. I live in a liberal college town and there are hardly any Clinton signs anywhere. It’s the least amount of political signage I’ve ever seen in a major election in my lifetime. Granted, this town was feeling the Bern during the primaries.

    5. My neighborhood has one Trump sign, one “Hillary for Prison 2016” sign, 0 Hillary signs. 2012 had a handful of Romney signs and one Obama. On the other hand, the road that runs along the western edge of my neighborhood had a ton of Obama signs on the telephone poles in 2012 and no signs of any kind this time.

    6. Hillary signs just cropped up in my neighborhood about 2 weeks ago. Zero Trump signs. This is in Prius driving suburban LA. There are still some Republicans around here. They put up yard signs for Mike Antonovich ( a Republican State Senate candidate ), but not for Trump. We have a fixer-upper house here and I joked with my wife that we should post a Trump sign on the front lawn this Friday and go away for the weekend. The house will be burnt to the ground come Monday and the insurance deductible with a rebuild will be less expensive than the remodelling cost.

      1. I live in a fairly blue neighborhood. There are two houses with Johnson signs, and until last week there were two with Hillary signs (and one Bernie holdout). About last Wednesday there were suddenly Hillary signs everywhere. It’s depressing.

        Someone wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper complaining about how the local Democratic office wouldn’t give them a Hillary sign for less than a $35 donation, which might explain the delay.

  36. Looks like a campus of 60s radicals still allows some free speech…

    Link was too long, so if you don’t trust tinyurl you can google for the story in the Washington Post.

    Short version, annual Madison Halloween party was occurring after the UW-Nebraska game, so many fans arrived in costume. One person (in Trump mask) had a noose around the neck of another fan, who had a double-sided mask of Clinton/Obama. Photo went viral, pearl-clutchers tweeted UW-Madison, Guest Services at the game requested the noose be removed, fan in Trump mask complied, nobody ejected. I’ll bet you can guess whether that was sufficient for the original complainers…

    The Post comments are actually less clueless than the twitter ones. Apparently no matter how many times Volokh explains that there’s no hate speech exception to the first amendment, progs continue to invent one.

    1. They’ve been quibbling for half a century over the plain meaning of the Second Amendment against both common sense and longstanding precedent, so there’s really no inconsistency in attempting to carve out exceptions in the First.

    2. If you change https to http you don’t get the same character limit for urls.

  37. Trump last week: “The election is rigged!!”

    Democrats (and reason!): “How dare he impugn the angel pure democratic process? He wants to turn us into a banana republic with his paranoid fantasies. The people’s true voices will be heard nov 9!”

    [Comey finds emails on Carlos Danger’s dickpic device]


    1. What I can’t understand is how the KGB co-opted the GOP and the FBI to deprive Hillary of her throne.

      I can understand how Russian intelligence services got into that idiot Podesta’s Gmail account. That was pretty much Hacking 101 spear phishing. And I suppose it wouldn’t be that difficult to hack into Hillary’s server to download her e-mail. But how on earth did the KGB upload 650,000 e-mails to Weiner’s computer, entice him to sext with a teenager, and manage to get the FBI to investigate him? That’s what James Carville has, in effect, actually alleged. It’s especially difficult to understand how an organization that was disbanded back in 1990 accomplished the time travel necessary to do this.

      The Hillary campaign narrative is so ridiculous that it is beyond parody. Yet the talking head repeat it without a trace of embarrassment and people just eat it up. Apparently the 1980s called and said we’re welcome to share their foreign policy again: America has always been at war with Russia.

      1. It’s outlandish. It’s the kind of thing that, if it was in the plot of a spy thriller, would turn people off because it’s so far-fetched.

        1. don’t sleep on the Tom Clancy / Granny Porn hybrid genre.

      2. “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine”

        Disbanding the KGB just meant no one was watching it anymore, so it could do anything!


      3. The Hillary campaign narrative is so ridiculous that it is beyond parody.

        Whereas the Trump narrative is somewhere between on point and vaguely inaccurate.

        It’s like the polar opposite of the conspiracy theory spectrum. Clinton’s practically advancing the notion that the Illuminati and the KGB conspired to lose, first the Space Race, and then Cold War in order to lull us into a false sense of security. Trump is suggesting that Bush lied.

        If the KGB and the Illuminati have teamed up, hacked your email, and taken complete control of the FBI, just give up.

    2. This kills me, because people who buy into it are, in the most positive, understanding light, completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy. Trump was making claims that the election might be rigged; I think that there’s some justification for suspicion given the collusion between Brazile, CNN, and the Clinton campaign, not to mention the very obvious bias in other news outlets, the treatment of Clinton by the DoJ, and the various revelations about Podesta et. al.

      Democrats are implying that Vladimir Putin ordered Russian intelligence to take an active role in sabotaging the Clinton campaign. This would require that Russian hackers targeted the DNC, Huma Abedin, and Anthony Weiner, but NOT Hillary Clinton (because, of course, the private email server was just a misunderstanding and there was no security issue there whatsoever) in what would rightly be considered the most complex hacking operation of all time.

      But Trump’s claim is the outlandish one. It beggars the imagination.

      1. The problem was the use of the term “rigged.”

        People hear “rigged” and they think voting booth tampering. They don’t think systematic bias by the media and national parties.

    3. Occam’s Razor says that Huma’s emails to the Clinton basement email server ended up on Anthony Weiner’s computers because he was spying on his wife. The KGB is not responsible for that one.

      1. Lolita -> Nabokov -> Russia -> KGB -> Irrefutable logical connection,

      2. Simpler explanation.

        Huma was responsible for reading and managing Hillary’s email. This is common and typical.

        Huma doesn’t understand how computers work. This is common and typical.

        Huma logged in to Hillary’s email using outlook on Weiner’s laptop. This synced Hillary’s email with Weiner’s laptop without Huma paying attention. This transferred classified information to Weiner, which I am pretty sure is a felony.

        Huma did not know this had happened, or there is NFW she would have failed to delete them during the original investigation.

        OR, she thought she was being clever by keeping the emails on a laptop that wasn’t hers. In which case she is probably guilty of several felonies.

        1. Bzzt. She’s guilty of felonies by opening classified info on Weiner’s computer, period. The archiving of those emails on an insecure device is a separate set of felonies. No knowledge needed that archiving was happening, just negligence, to convict.

          1. I’m thinking that the emails on someone else”s device was Huma’s version of Monica’s blue dress.

  38. Everyone seems so focused on Pres, but how about Congress?

    Checked out my options for US House.

    I think a kindred spirit of Justin Amash is running against the incumbent Dem troll in my district.
    Claims to be skeptical of foreign interventions, opposes mass surveillance, wants to wind down the drug war and asset forfeiture, reduce our mass incarceration, supports (actual) free trade.

    He’s probably doomed since this is Iowa and he also appears to oppose corn subsidies.

    1. I don’t know about the House, but I’ve got some poor sap running against Moobs.

    2. Some guy I’ve never heard of keeps sending me stuff saying Scott Garrett (another Liberty Caucus member) is racist and awful. Even received a mailer last week telling me he hates pets – because he voted against using federal funds to find lost puppies or some such idiocy.

      I’m still voting for Garrett and I expect he’ll win. Northwest NJ is very conservative (in the old, small government meaning of the word).

    3. I’ve got Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and a Republican opponent that I know nothing about but voted for because he’s not Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

      Second time in my life I’ve ever voted Republican (other time was to vote against Hillary in the 2000 Senate race when I lived in New York).

    4. There are two democrats running for Senator here in California, Loretta Sanchez and Kamala Harris. I don’t think either scored a perfect 1600 on her SATs like Senator Moobs did. Why are there two Democrats running against each other you might ask? And why does a person of Spanish descent foul the spelling her wonderfully succinct language with a double ‘t’?

      1. Why are there two Democrats running against each other you might ask?

        I think Trump knows the answer to that one.

    5. A quote from my guy in debate:
      “We can’t export democracy into the Middle East and drop it there with a Blackhawk helicopter. ”

      He talks the talk at least.

      1. Need to use an F35, obviously.

  39. From Hillary’s Final Test:
    ‘Trump, after all, remains Trump. And so does Clinton. ‘
    Clinton remains Trump?
    Perhaps one can only write so much Clinton hagiography before brain melt sets in.

  40. Obama’s DoEd adopts rule forgiving loan debt for students whose universities “substantially misrepresented” their graduation or post-grad employment rates. It’s called the “defense to repayment” rule, but I move we rebrand it the “amsoc privilege.”

    As usual, bureaucrats double up on problems bureaucrats caused. Top. Men.

    1. I assume this rule also levies fines against such universities in an amount sufficient to make lenders whole that they must pay or lose Federal funding?

      1. That’s the idea. In reality I suspect the department will use it as another cudgel for compelling Title IX compliance. Solid Title IX backers who meet their quotas will find complaints dismissed, those that attempt to hew to a meritocratic standard will find themselves in the crosshairs.

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